big thanks to user who thought of this
mods really are lazy pieces of shit so lets do this ourselves.
Watch the shill faggots recoil:
attack vectors
-the zionald
-gb 2 reddit
-zog emperor
-chabad lubavitch
-bibi netanyahu
-any meeting with israel politicians which is standard diplomacy
-bump stock ban
-kushner shills
-children are married to jews this somehow implies they control him
-daca (which Don is fucking ending)
-wall not built (which is getting built)
-jerusalem acknowledged (which is causing massive turmoil in the middle east) muslims say they may lose mecca
-amnesty don
-88d chess
-go back to r_thedonald
-you're controlled by jared kushner
-don't vote
-trump has betrayed us
-two parties, doesn't matter who you vote for
-trump is controlled by jews
-over the top calling everyone jews
-alt-right sliding
-trs eceleb shit
-calling everyone trssodomites
-every real movement is CIA/controlled opposition (without any proof)
-character assasination related to former (without any proof)
-character assasination by association (i.e. this person met that person once, therefore they are jews/subverted/untrustworthy
-dicky spencer eceleb shit/slide
-any eceleb aggressive slide

-shareblue/ mediamatters / american bridge21 / David Brock PAC former CTR
-various antifa

These attack vectors demand immediate filtering and mockery. Save this and have it open while you browse. I suggest increasing site presence to 24hrs. Shit mod is clueless and lost as to what their job is
I also encourage everyone to go through the list and add something I might have missed.

Other urls found in this thread:

Kike free first post.

wtf i love Zionist presidents now

Much appreciated user

It's funny, once you call them out on being Holla Forums discord trannies, they either flip out or stop posting.

They usually run to another thread or move their goal posts.

Thanks for your confirmation I'm spot on

No criticism of Trump of any kind is allowed here on Holla Forums.


I've noticed that once you post the bingo card they usually go full retard and start saying as many things on it as possible.

did you just defend reddit?
he did give them Jerusalem
even Dubya didn't go that far
the religious nuttery of the presidents son-in-law and advisor doesn't matter? even if it affects the opinions he voices and policies he supports?
he did
which he proposed and said is ready to support if congress acts
they openly admitted that Ivanka crying about it was partly why Trump bombed a country for the benefit of her husbands true homeland
judges say otherwise
nothing has been build yet and no funding has passed congress even tho it's controlled by his own party
muslims are cowards and haven't done shit but cry to the UN
reddit and redditors are cancer
he sure is surrounded by them
this is Holla Forums
which is it?
are you defending (((TRS)))?
this can get a bit retarded I have to agree

There's criticism every day, dipshit.

We've been over this, Chaim
is not criticism.

Call me when your "criticism" is something other than thinly-veiled death threats.

You forgot the newest one
Based on an offhand comment.

Yeah, I noticed it.
Systemization of the attack vectors is what we need. Think Tay:
We're Tay. There is incredible amount of intelligence with true Holla Forums Anons. I am humbled by it many times although I'm 156 iq.
Bottomline we need organization to keep us focused in important things insted of giving into chaos various organizations seek to wreak among us. In an ideal world mods would be doing their job. They clearly aren't but that is hardly an obstacle. We are more than capable of rising above this ourselves.
That's the purpose of the thread.
Love you all
no homo:^)

Oh and don't forget Applied Memetics under your list of enemies. They were the one that came up with Trump_merchant.png and also very likely "magapedes".png.
And you also forgot "if you don't hate Trump you must work for muh cah-dray!"

At least TRS is openly shilling for the Zog Emperor now.

Saged for shill thread for Trump.

lel, sage negated, roach

You want to know the secret, stop giving them (you)s and if you must, just dimissively deride and mock them but don't over do it. 8ch has a shill feeding problem I don't know that can be solved tho. Tbh halfchan has a better shill filtration system. I think because more anons are on there and can back their shit up with sources and good OC.

go back there then >>>/cuckchan/

The reason of why 4cuck is less shilled, is because it's already beyond shilled. Infested with reddit faggot and dick sucking commie trannies.

I do, all the time. Its where the action is. Also, filtered.

This thread will likely be locked if not outright deleted.


And they're constantly getting shit on or btfo. Such is Holla Forums. This place has the same problem in its own way, hence this thread, so I don't really see your point anyway.

Fuck off nigger. Filtered.

I just don't like libshits who go after my 2nd amendment rights.

back to redditchan with you

The problem is that the moderation in this board is very shit in which the spammers and shitposters took this as an advantage and will act in specific time.

I will start bitching if something has been done, starting with the congress vote, faggot.


That is why you are a cuck.

OP is that IP hopping image spammer, and this his third time making this thread today. The goal's to equate any criticism of controlled opposition with anti-Trump shilling.

And by "met that person once" you mean married to a B'nai B'rith faghag who he brought onto his supposed "WN" podcast multiple times.

Did the republicans voted for DACA that you so hoped? No? Then fuck off.

they did vote but it didn't pass only thanks to dems being retarded not thanks to the republicans

Its been like this for a good while now. Is say it really went south not long after the election. I don't know specifically what it was that brought it on but it was really apparent along with a huge lack in OC being made and board activity in general. I can honestly say I've been banned for some menial bullshit that really turned me off toward 8ch.

This is what I'm talking about though. You just keep feeding them.
They were filtered long ago.

Jewish people pretending to be Nazis on my Holla Forums? Its more likely than you think


It is pretty obvious, but only now is it truly annoying.

Likely that Holla Forums being mad about their board being a waste of sewage that they decide taking everyone down.

Please add:
false equivocation

Had a similar idea quite recently. Glad someone took the initiative. I've been real busy.

Eternal Anglo and Britkikes needs a mention. Shills fall back on blaming whites for what jewish parasites have done in the name of white countries. Example:

> story is something bad happening from (((UK lawmakers))) decisions
> oy vey The Eternal Anglo strikes again

>story is about US military or US foreign policy being especially (((bad)))
> oy vey that's what you'd expect from I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss of the ZOG States of Ziomerica

Both scenarios aren't mutually exclusive. Shills pit brits against americans and basically whatever white country is the subject against another. They usually devolve into WWII disinfo and try to pin all of the blame on either the US or Britain instead of the jews. This type of D&C falls under the "It's not the jews" category.

This should become a regular thing here so you can insta filter.

pic related

Glad to see "ameri-mutt" is filtered. (((/int/))) posters are zionist stooges that unwittingly foster D&C on behalf of their jewish handlers.

Now that's an ID that truly defines the poster.

you mean those discord faggots who have over 5 times of failed board jumps?


discord tranny detected.

newfag get out ree


How about your suicide note of post-election?

Would you like to explain how this is subversive when categorizing shills has been a part of what makes Holla Forums, Holla Forums for years? Or would you rather fall back on leaving your implications there and hope someone takes your lack of explanation as valid criticism. We've been due for a thread like this for a long time and thanks to the constant shills in the past week, they're the benefactors of this thread, and all past threads, really.

shills gonna shill (and have tranny sex), user.

You can never unfuck that tranny, Zerosugar.

They are useful idiots in a way. Wasting lots of their energy posting here.

Anti shill posters post election campaign do more damage then what they claim shills do:
Divide and conquer by means of baseless affirmation
Undermine board culture by attacking poster validity - undermining the anonymous culture of ideas
Enable newfaggotry by forgoing newfag shaming in exchange for political unity (what little they have) ie immigration voting tactics
They attack each other and derail threads more than any paid antagonist could hope for.
It's useful idiots in action, the epitome of why people have come together against progressives.
This place is a shitshow. I can't believe this shit got stickied.
Extremely impolite sage.

Because the kike OP included calling out controlled opposition as a sign that someone is really a shill.

That's the whole point of the thread, after he was banned repeatedly for spamming the thread outlining Eunuch's intelligence ties.

This is the subversion of Holla Forums culture.(>those mental gymnastics)

So two sides of the same coin is bullshit now? Most of these are legitimate. Is this a Trump board? You just got your shit stickied while attacking mods. Hm. The only thing you have right is not freaking out when someone met with someone before.

Mods in full on damage control. Yesterday it was only (((if))). Today trump fully confirms it's ==FACT== that he's coming for your guns and mods have been working overtime to push a narrative and ban and delete countless posts and anons critical of this obvious cucking. Hmmm very organic, no agenda here goy.


You get what you pay for faggot. The mods aren't here to hold your hand.

Oh right, and don't forget

I'm looking for an argument, but I don't see one.


They like to pretend there wasn't a pro-Trump consensus here soon after he announced his plans for the Wall. Other than the occasional Cruzfag, Randfag, or "I'm not voting"fag, it was virtually unanimous.

Are you that fucking stupid? You must be.



You should ask your boss to provide some new material.

No problem! Here you go, lad. Keep sucking that jewish dick

you seem to have left a tweet out there, here let me grab it for you

Won't lie, I got incredibly heated when this happened.
To blindly follow someone like you're a sheep is foolish.
Likewise, liking everything Trump does is foolish.

sage for off-topic

you seem to have missed the only important tweet in what i posted.
good one, more legislation to restrict who can get guns, but at least those on paper who have already worked with the government can have access to them! truly expansive policy right there

this is my problem with this board. I like things trump has done, but the moment you criticize him you become a kike. i have been saying this for a while now, this board has a really weird feeling to it for a while now

why is this pinned ? Like I know you're getting off on your control of the forum but my advice is you're being too obvious

just say what the rules are, it's a pro trump, pro israeli forum and if you disagree you'll be banned, you're being that obvious anyway. no one really wants to join in on your moronic bias to the point it becomes a jewish mental illness. If you really don't care and what the forum shut down anyway, just do it because it's useless like this anyway or get someone that actually wants to put every into their skullduggery

When someone is "ousted" as a shill, the authenticity of their post is questioned, since they are believed to not be normal people participating in a thread topic.
This is of course a baseless accusation. The little evidence gathered from the investigation threads does not support the contents of the OP.
It's the anti-thesis of this place to jump over the contents of someone post and instead attack them on a personal level. It's why people don't like reddit.
Yes I believe you are from reddit, and that's why I said newfaggotry.

no, just trying to keep you from being disingenuous. I don't agree with either of those, but he didn't just flat out go full anti-gun like you made it seem, what he has suggested is stupid, I do however highly agree with arming teachers.


no the moment you say things like
is when you become a kike, because lets just set this straight, Trump himself is not a kike even if you think he supports jewish agendas. This statement is just retarded, and you seem to be changing your narrative between your posts as if we can't just go back and read what you said previously.

Shareblue, no matter how hard you pray to Moloch, you don't get to set the rules here.

There is no midf there are only jidf shills who call everyone midf for cheering on any leftist or Religion of Cuck™ic group that targets israel.
Midf is a jidf shill term.

pic related only angers kikes

Ahh, this ones a classic… Calling out blatant shilling is NO CRITICISM ALLOWED, MUH MODS, etc.

that does not make you a physical kike whether you want it to work like that or not. He has no family history of being jewish, or do you think its a contagious thing like a retard. Get the fuck off this board already you stupid notmad cianigger.



Did the kikes get a funding surge or something? We were more or less fine for a few weeks there and then just the past few days all hell has broken loose.

weird because the last I checked
wasn't really criticism, and I was in the other thread shitting on his stupid gun stance, still not banned, try again on a new IP though.


nowhere in his post did he say ban, he said add your stupid statement to the bullshit you niggers come up with to shill around here.


Its hard to read about anything on Holla Forums with all the shills shitting up the place, I've just learned to ignore it. I know its bad, and this sounds like defeatism but I don't see a future without shills posting posting ever. This board has clearly become the target of multiple organizations considering how radical we are.

of course, megacuck is part of the shilling. Go back to your shithole and stop coming over here already.


I prefer 'megoonka'.

You're golden user

Nice trips.

Hey fellow magapedes, don't forget to add questioning blind fanaticism to the bingo card.
I was banned over >>11297994
They deleted the post probably. The post I was responding to should be screencapped. This thread is fucking pathetic, mods ban truth seekers, and redditards act like sheep.

This used to be a National Socialist board. Nowadays newfags, shills, and mods will screech at you for pointing out working with jews is always a losing strategy, no exceptions.

I would of never in a million years believed it if I wasn't there. Banned and deleted.
Fucking awful. Holla Forums is lost, all hail Trump.

how many IPs you gonna burn in this thread today totallynotmad cianigger?

Mods don't even pretend anymore. If you aren't a fanatic for trump and have any opinions not supported by the shill culture, you're banned.
Worse than cuckchan.

If you check an archive you will discover a handful of posts not related to the fucker who got banned.
But you can't since they were deleted. Convenient.


I don't care, and watch this

I think trump's idea to raise the age of owning rifles to 21, as well as extending background checks to mental illness is reckless and retarded, he needs to pull his head out of his ass and just tell the left to fuck off and stop PRing

report me, I wont get banned, want to know why nigger, because post history and the fact that its a valid criticism. come back when you finally fucking understand why you keep getting caught out.

Probably because he said calling someone a shill was a baseless accusation, while at the same time accusing someone of being from Reddit and calling them a newfag.

It's just as dead as any bunker board, at least this site has a somewhat maintained population. They do have a good thread up called R.I.P. Imageboards.

Unless someone comes up with a new technology for true anonymous internet usage and a new communication technique, imageboards will continue to lose relevancy. Imageboards were a great technology 15 years ago, but just like IRC is no longer relevant because it is an outdated technology the same has happened to imageboards.

um lulwut? The 15 IRCs I'm in right now would beg to differ, image boards are far from dead and neither is IRC.

But they are irrelevant. Imageboards and mainly cuckchan will continue to see usage, but what is the point if all they consist of is shill, bait threads, porn, and infighting. Take a look a cuckchan/b/, literally all it is is porn. Imageboards have almost entirely lost their culture and original purpose. They are barely better than Reddit, but not for long.

You really exposed yourself with that smug "judges" comment. They have no authority to block the executive branch from not re-authorizing a previous executive action. This is a great example of concern trolling, but unfortunately you can't really filter concern trolling- just have to be able to see through the bullshit.

do you even know what IRC is? Its not just a thing people use to chat, its a protocol that is used in many things.
and they very much are not irrelevant because they wouldn't send hordes of spammers and shills to them if they weren't. cuckchan is an exception, Holla Forums is absolute cancer, Holla Forums is the only board maybe saving over there, as for here there is very much a culture on this board and its why shills remain unable to fit in.

meme it!



lots of deleted comments for such a young thread


I know, its fucking retarded.

Then how about you go back there?

Having a discussion on know shill narratives attracts shills to try to detail the discussion. Whodathunkit.

So if you call out the (((Alt-Right))), Dugin, and Spencer you're a shill now? lol


Welcome to full/pol/

Full Holla Forums defends the (((Alt-Right))) and Spencer now?



This is embarrassing.
But at least we know 'bingo' is a mod-shill meme now.


what's the difference?

Its definately been worse lately. Imo in partucular the divide and conquer angle. We must agree that a mans whiteness is more important than which side of certain issues he is on. We as Aryans are unique, talented, opinionated people. We will not all be in 100% agreement about every thing, every time. The following is what i am seeing.
1- Religion. I personally am a Christian, who believes that Jews are actually Edomites, the Synagoge of Satan, Jesus was NOT any part of this bloodline. Also that the New Testament cancells the old, it is just there for us to learn. As such i believe we are the true Chosen, and will rule Earth. Now, i get why some folks think the Pagan thing is cool, and mystical. But it is basically Peasant Christianity. I feel the road forward is a fresh take on Christianity with elements of Paganism and all the Kikery of recent years removed. We need to unite under one belief for many reasons. For now, we need to agree to disagree politely and quickly drop the subject. A kike shill won't, theres your sign.

Women- the jew really loves this. He likes to push nonsensical shit like a white woman who is raped by a shitskin absorbs dna and makes shitskin babies from white sperm. This is bogus shit meant to hinder our reproducing faster, and prevent us from fullheartedly supporting causes that do help our cause in the broad sense at least. I understand the concept, ive read into it. Its negligable and irrelevant and we need to stop it being spread. Women make decisions based on emotion, which is why they shouldnt vote, and why we neednt care how many shitlibs they have voted for, and then say they get what they deserve. Thats bullshit. Aryan Men protect our women at all costs. This clearly didnt happen! Love white women user, they are the bearers of our future. They will follow if we step up. (By that i mean get more men on our side and gain majority)

Noobs/B2Reddit- I think that the correct response is "lurk more". We do NOT want to send people back to read more lies! We just want them to shut up until they have something relevant to say.

Trump- Is he kiked? Is he ourguy? No is the answer to both of those questuons. Hes somewhere inbetween old school republican and us. Closer to old republican. He is likely redpilled, but clearly wont be changing our flag to a swastika anytime soon either. He was by far the better choice of what we had, and has given us plenty of wins. Lets just see what happens and take the wins we can get. Trump wants to push Americas Overton Window to the right, and thats a net positive no matter what the shills try to say.

Good luck out there Anons.
Heil Hitler
Gott Mit Uns
Fuck you Kike. I know you're reading this too!

Hi. Made the bingo sheet. Was sick of seeing "DRUMPF IS A CUCK BASED I FUCKING HATE CHESS DRUMPFCUCKS AMNESTY NO WALL" getting spammed in every thread by low IQ non-whites so I made a simple little game to call them out all at once and make fun of them.

I wasn't expecting this kind of reaction from them. It's like they literally cannot control themselves. They see a summation of their scripts and just go completely berserk. Like you just found a fatal error in their programming.

It's amazing. Like when people started using the word cuck and it turned every leftist into a gibbering retard whenever they saw it.

It's just a fucking bingo card with common shill phrases on it. From white, national socialists, it wouldn't even elicit a response, but since it's directed at non-white shills, well, you can see their meltdowns in every thread it is deployed in.

I never intended for it to be anything more than a little game, but I am glad more people are stepping up with anti-shilling operations.

I find issue with your inclusion of phrases relating to reddit and r/the_cuckold, given the existence of actual reddit fags on Holla Forums, however low their number may be. Those are most certainly not shill phrases, just generic insults. If I happen upon posters espousing civnat views, you can be sure as hell I'll tell them they have to go back.

I got partway through this damage controlling post full of rhetoric and lies and thought, "nah".

Hail victory, brother.

sage for off topic

Technologies and protocols can definitely become "outdated" and irrelevant. Viewing text on a page will also become outdated and irrelevant as it it replaced by a new communication technology. I don't know what it will be or when it will happen, but it will happen eventually.

The shills make the boards irrelevant, and if they left they would become relevant again, which is why they never would. Another problem is that the boards must be heavily moderated; the risk of seeing something in a legal grey area added to the allure. I would argue that 8ch doesn't really have it's own culture, there are no identifiable memes or jokes that you would only get on here. This board is necessarily too strict and focused on discussion to create much of a culture beyond a different set of behavioral rules.


Make your own board with your own mods then. I'm sure everybody is totally on your side and will join you.
It will be great, because you're not just somebody who complains for a living.

Why do you people hallucinate so much? Or do you just intentionally lie and distort?

This board is a joke now.

Anyone with a brain knew from the beginning that Donald Trump (and the alt right) was never /our guy/ to begin with, he was a tool to achieve some of our goals and a way to shift the narrative to the right a bit.

Instead of discussing whether or not he is ourguy and accusing people who defend him to be shills and also people who DONT defend him to be shills, we should stick to how we can use him to further our goals and keep him in line and loyal to his voter base.

And don't get me wrong, just because he isn't %100 ourguy doesn't mean I don't like him. His ability to enrage his opponents and make cucks suffer has been the most entertaining thing I've witnessed in a while.

That's how we got all our crooked white leadership
No more worshiping Jewish comic books, rabbi gods, or anything where Jews become famous.
The rest I agree with you on.


We don't even take ourselves seriously it would seem. This thread it a joke. Kike mods are laughing at us while we struggle with intra board cohesiveness.



What a fag

/sg/ (both on cuckchan and in here) is also infested with (((faggots))) that are deeply entrenched with the charlie browns over here
- poltards, Holla Forumstards, trump/magatards, (x)tards
- you're a deep state/zog shill, not me :^)
- shareblue is just a political group/myth/whitey's excuse for amerizog (cianiggers and neocons) losing in da middle east, fuck off amerizogmutt puppet
- drumpf is just putler's/bibi's cocksucking bitch

What part of my post was a lie?
What am I damage controlling?
Remember, this is over behavioral bingo.

You can tell people to go back to Reddit and not be a shill. The point of including it there is to highlight that actual shills try to use "go back to Reddit" as both a way to shut down people that call them out as well as an attempt to fit in without knowing when the right time to use it is.

Like leftists calling people snowflakes. They see phrases that show up when they get BTFO and try to implement them in their own speech to try to look smart like the person that blew them the fuck out, while having no fucking clue as to the implications or actual meaning of the word.

They're basically just parrots. Except actual parrots are smarter than they are.

^add this one as well

I think they're trying to do a shittier version of pilpul, except it doesn't work.

also add
who do these go-guys think they are?

You know a board has become reddit when laughing at reddit cucks becomes a “fracture point” KEK

Oops am I going to be banned for being a little to spicy to our epic magapede brothers?

So, from image 3 the following is the opposite of shilling

Good to know newfriend. Many of us have been here for years and really needed that redpill. Maybe you can make a daily thread telling us what to think so we don't accidentally break your rules.


You'll never erect your walled garden here new friend. I exist as a being of pure hatred to undermine your attempts.


Hmmmmmmm maybe the people who said that the mods were working with the T_D mods to share userbases were actually not so far off base after all.


Posting reddit frog should be a ban-able offense. It's pony tier at this point and would flush the undesirables out.

Touched a spot?



Do you think having people from reddit here is a good idea?

Alters can’t speak for me. Only I can speak for me, and you know why already. Stay off the tablets. You don’t own it.

That’s not Harmon, and Mexicans are not allowed. This is not Mexico.



Nice deflection. So do you think having reddit people here is good or not?

the only reddit people around here are narcissistic gutter trash like (((you)))

Sick argument kikefy, so answer my question, do you think having reddit magapedes here is good or not?

Shill confrontationalism is Marxist ideology for an anonymous culture. Those who do not bend the knee to the approved narrative are excommunicated as invalid participants. Because how could a valid poster ever be AGAINST the narrative? He isn't, he's an unwelcome antagonist supported by the enemies of the narrative.
You're a useful idiot and you love it.
It's literal reddit ideology to skip over the contents of the post and look for a common ground through blanket ideology. The OP has ZERO evidence for the use of these tactics, they are poorly extrapolated from known techniques of actual shills, shills who love the intra board flaming over poster validity. The anonymous culture of ideas has been undermined and that is why you're reddit.

hi kurt

You are x, there's no denying it, you have no proof while my bs non-argument insults are superior like how zerg rushing is superior thanks to glorious comrade stalin, my shill friends including myself agree with me :^)

It's like you faggots don't even try to be convincing

Shoo shoo kikefy

I'm not trying to convince the unwelcome cancer, you already know you're an idiot.
I grandstand because my autism demands it. As long as my toaster laptop runs crisp and my semen keyboard is encrusted, you'll always know you're unwelcome.

Please make a ghostbin and add what I might have missed


Divide and conquer by means of baseless affirmation.
Shill confrontationalism has undermined board culture by attacking poster validity - anti thesis to the anonymous culture of ideas which is/was Holla Forums
Enable newfaggotry:
Shill confrontationalism has triumphed over the shame tactics used to root out redditfags and newfags. Where there was once a poster seeking to preserve board culture there is now a shill trying to undermine it. It is akin to the use of illegal immigration to build a voter base. New friends who feel no tie to the culture are eager to find a place in the new one.
Shill confrontationalism has been more damaging in the cohesiveness of Holla Forums than any shill could ever be.

You are an idiot.

Touched a spot?

Holla Forums used to be a white ethnonationalist national socialist board. What is it supposed to be now?

My mistake, I'll try and contain my posts to 3 words like you do.
I'd spam imageslike you do as well, but I got banned and have to use tor.


You are a paid shill. You spam every single thread on the board.

Do you need a hankie?



You are so funny, good sir! L.O.L

There is no need to be upset

I think you might be mistaken, sir! I was simply expressing my gratitude for your funny comment.

Where's the >maddow avatarfagging

I'm sure I missed something. I'm OCD to a point it bothers me that I didn't list everything. Just add to my ghostbin (make new one and post). I want to say it's an honour being a part of what we do. I've got to thank you alone for what I have learned. Offsite, I couldn't have done what I did without you. And I have achieved so much I changed the course of history. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I've got some

Someone should infiltrate for the lulz

Touchy subject?




That's more ironic shitposting than shilling, although they may be goons.

That "your mom and every famous actress is a tranny" shill should be included, though. Unoriginal and unfunny.

t. shareblue
When you decided to support the Don you made a pledge to stand by him no matter what. Fuck shills and fuck antisemites that are trying to consensus crack here.

RIP this board.



All shitposting is ironic you retarded meme sprouted. Do you ever think on what you're saying, or do you just repeat.

Fuck antisemites especially.

The word of law for these places use to be
When a group of intelligent men get its kicks by pretending to be fools, eventually they will be flooded by actual fools who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.
I gawked at it then, typical Holla Forums >muh oldfag is old shit
Day of reckoning user. Shill confrontationalism has destroyed everything. The useful idiots garnered to wage a war of ideology have been picked up by someone else. Life goes on, history repeats. Time to sit back and watch it fall apart. These new friends don't know what's coming.
He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.
Proverb 13:20

Are you that German user?

>>>/poal/ is de wey

I'll visit if you go on >>>/evropean/ xD follow 4 follow?

im the guy that told you to remove the per-post captcha :DD:DD:DDDDD

the difference between our boards is that mine allows burgers to post, which can work in tandem with yours since you don't want them about.

I'm allowing them now because I felt pretty bad for the one rational American I banned, which was only for a day anyway. I've removed the ban now, but still. I'll visit your board user.

Oh yeah, Trump betrayed us all right - By not running for office 12 years prior and pre emptively removing king nigger and the deep state.

It's a joke, you dingdongs. Trump is what we desperately needed but it's a shame it came to the absolute state of things before it started to turn around and get better. At least the salt-left is fucking crying every day

My tor sessions tells me I'm currently from Canada.

Back to reddit faggot.


Commit suicide.

Appeasement without any actual change?
Words without actions?
Continuance of ZOG?
Continuance of white genocide?
We needed this?

and i'll keep visiting yours.

>>>/poal/ - we don't sticky trash like this


Wrong. Long time Holla Forumsack been here since the 2016 elections.

Is it because the previous one died out?
Which number of attempt this one is now, 4th, 5th, 6th?

I was starting to think this place got emptied of all the original Holla Forumsacks but thanks for confirming you’re still here. This whole bingo thing and attack vectors is retarded and probably the product of a newfag from t_d or a shill itself

/polk/ is a serious buisiness board that (((Jim))) promoted
>>>/poal/ can be fun too.

i will ban for spamming niggerdicks though

lel, fuck off.

Jim posted it on twitter, it was his board probably.

source please or I'll call it bullshit.

I'm still waiting.

Sieg heil, my brothers.

Trump is moving the Overton window.

We're almost there.

Hail victory.


Rest in peace 8/pol/, Hail Victory and goodbye

Shills hate this post, I wonder why… :)




Leader Technologies miller act could instantly KILL the Sillicon Valley tech mafia that hates freedom of speech and BRING FORTH the free press.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, pick up your twatter accounts, your 4chins and START SPREADING THAT. Tweet at POTUS en mass and this could be a MASSIVE WIN.

Do it, for God and country!

Trump just needs to take a look at the miller act, approve it and order the payment to Leader Technologies.

This results in a couple of hundred billions per year to create a trully free press and results in the tech mafia getting fucked by having been using stolen code for over 17 years.



Destroying the MSM and taking tech from the left with a signature. THIS IS YUUUGE!

shills like you?
archive and hooktube or nobody's going to click that. get the fuck out of fhere with your honeypot, trumpcuck.

So see something, say something?

Thousand Year Reich


Not gonna lie, long time gun owner here its been fun shooting with my bump fire stock. But in all seriousness we can't let civilians own assault weapons.

There's a fine line between:
One is actual criticism, and the other is just baseless sperging. Can you tell me which one is spammed here more often?

the consensus crack




Leader Technologies miller act could instantly KILL the Sillicon Valley tech mafia that hates freedom of speech and BRING FORTH the free press.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, pick up your twatter accounts, your 4chins and START SPREADING THAT. Tweet at POTUS en mass and this could be a MASSIVE WIN.

Do it, for God and country!

Trump just needs to take a look at the miller act, approve it and order the payment to Leader Technologies.

This results in a couple of hundred billions per year to create a trully free press and results in the tech mafia getting fucked by having been using stolen code for over 17 years.



Destroying the MSM and taking tech from the left with a signature. THIS IS YUUUGE!


Touchy spot?

Exactly. And it is paying dividends

Kys you nigger loving faggot.

State of the catalog at the moment. I want it on the record that all those "fuck drumpf" threads are obviously mods shilling and spamming their own board to false flag and force a narrative that any and all anti-trump sentiment is low tier Holla Forums trolling. Pathetic and so transparent.

Very true user. We need tk keep our heads ontop of the disinfo shilling.

Sarcasm yes? Faggot.

If I used twatter, I'd reply with this.

Doubt it's the mods, but were definitely being falseflagged to drum up support for the wrongthink instabans that OP is suggesting.

Straight from the sub-90 IQ of our brain dead mod Moonman


That said though, OP IS correct that every person who critiques Trump is immediately called “shareblue” (or Oliver who is/was an employee for them). I’ve been called this many times when I veer off the Trump sycophanism path.

This is a kike controlled board that advocates for a kike controlled president.
This is, literally, a kike controllled site.

When's that wall coming I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss?
Oh sorry i meant fence.
Oh sorry i meant "increased deterrent on the boarder"

I liked having flags on here because every time you post an I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass meme you get this sea of american (non white) flags calling you a goon/shareblue/kike while you get the white europeans laughing along.

Interesting, especially considering some of those "vectors". Reads like a poison pill to me.

t. fed94b

Lol all the shills having a meltdown over their bullshit getting called out.

it's good to have bingo, but these thread was stickied in the wake of BUMP STOCK BANS which is some weak liberal tier shit. just remember, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

I've seen at least three of them type out replies to every single bingo item. Of course, it was all the same few canned lines they always repeat, but they're clearly not happy about this.

that's not true at all you retard, spamming TRUMP IS A KIKE SHILL HURRR DURRRR over and over isn't criticism it's shilling.

that's why most of them stay on 4chan none of the mods give a fuck about blatant shilling there it's all left up

What happen to you, Holla Forums? It's like each day you drink more and more soy trying to appeal to the normalfags.
nu-Holla Forums will soon become Weimar 3.0 Sad!


How so? (((Dugin))) and the aut-kike are controlled by FSB/CIA.

Do you need a hankie?

Turkish mods, kikes, and boomers destroyed this place.



Need a hankie?


Going to cry?

Hello gxys!!

JUST passing in here to invite you to your sisterboard, >>>/soyboys/

Also, f*ck fascists! I'm so glad that /Pol has changed, the 56% thing is very offensive and untrue!!


o i am laffin.

You guys are what the OP is talking about btw




We are fascists and you normies are cattle. Enjoy being controlled opposition, makes no difference for me, all untermensch die regardless of ideology.

This place is dead and the election combined with a compromised mod team is what killed it.

kinda hot tbh


Is it over?


Lurk 2 years before posting, user.


what site is this, exactly?

You shills never address these three points because they don't fit your narrative. Last time you spammed CP because of those points..

So this is essentially mod approval and support for just shouting shill at everyone who has anything negative to say about Trump or who mocks the retards who really bought the God Emperor thing. Fantastic.

This is a leftypol tier meme. Go back to reddit

You will never be white lmao

It's funny watching you non-white shill cucks screech as you continue to lose control. If only you were white you might be smart enough to deal with a white ethnonationalist, natsoc board.

Fuck off back to Tel Aviv.


His children aren't the President, torkike.

You have no points you dumb fucking kike!

Yeah because I am using your old points, which you faggots have been ignoring and shitting CP up when posted for the last week. Do some work you lazy fucking shill.
all nothing
Don't forget that LAS VEGAS GUN REVIEW went to nothing. And you faggots shilled those points using the same tired tactics, for weeks around each event.

Are you really doing this? Are you really going to push kikes in your family as a non-issue on fucking Holla Forums?

With how much Ivanka and Jared prance about the White House dictating policy, that’s not entirely accurate either

OP actually sounds like a very sophisticated shill from one of the intelligence agencies attempting to drive a wedge into known areas where the board has a broad spectrum of opinions.You're attempting to divide the board into pro-Donald and anti-Donald/on the fence. You also don't prove any of this, and the majority of it doesn't sound shilly to me. Easiest way to tell who is a shill: shills don't make arguments where they undeniably prove what they claim with facts.

Attacking use of Tor is the strongest indicator I have found of someone working for western intelligence (Tor stops all of their passive data collection on your browsing), and I honestly cannot say I recall a single shill using Tor. Shills have their own VPNs because it's a lot faster and they're only concerned about masking their identity from the websites they are shilling, not so much about posting things that could get them killed (which is what Tor users are worried about). You attacking Tor is pretty sketchy.

Proof intelligence agencies hate Tor:

Shills, now is the time for adhom, unproven statements, and other disruption tactics that we can screenshot for future reference.


fuck off trumpniggers



Yeah, and where to now? that is the next great journey.



You can tell who they are by the fact they never filter anyone else.
FILTER is counterproductive to pay-per-post-shills and consensus cracking/building

personally I think some of them are bots, their responses way too retarded, even for a liberal

The best way to handle a shill is to completely expose them and their tactics. Prove that what they are saying is wrong with facts, and then call out specific consensus cracking methods being used, so that everyone else learns to recognize them. The more fact-based discussion and refutation of false claims, the more consensus building can be done.

The fact is that most of the shills here are pro-trump retards that are paid to shill for their president in order to declaw a board that was once vehemently anti-establishment.

The only other people supporting trump at this time are demoralized cucks that think that the voting for the lesser-evil is somehow going to dismantle the ZOG. These people most likely came here during the election and stayed for the memes.
They are not National Socialists and they do not oppose the ZOG in any meaningful way.

The fact is that even saying you support gun control is shifting the overton window to the left. In fact, I would argue that this board has shifted left ever since it started supporting trump. Telling normalfags that a bump stock ban, or more background checks is a good thing is shifting the window in the direction that the enemy wants it shifted - it is cultural marxism at work.

Even saying that we need a deal on DACA and letting untold numbers of illegal spics stay is shifting the window in the direction that the enemy wants it shifted
Even saying that interventionism in the middle east is acceptable - ANY degree of interventionism - is shifting the window in the direction the enemy wants it shifted
Shills need to learn that
Shills need to learn that Holla Forums is not a republican news aggregator, but a pro-white anti-zionist political discussion board
Shills need to fuck off back to wherever they came from and stop defending the fact that the overton window is being shifted further to the left

only a faggot shill uses that buzzword
fuck off to >>>Holla Forums where you belong


Its actually a National Socialist board but apparently astroturfing is totally fine these days.

nice copypasta psyops newfag

Most of them are pretty much here because OP post hits them at a real sensitive spot.

This is the kind of mentality that's allowing the overton window to be shifted left.

Problem: The goyim are waking up
Reaction: They're going to start advocating for the complete dissolution off the zionist occupation of the US Government
Solution: Push trump as pro-white and convince them that anything he does is part of some secret plan to slowly but surely dissolve the ZOG

The reality is that he doesn't oppose the ZOG, and that he's pushing for all the things they want. More amnesty, more gun regulations, and he's continuing the wars in the middle east and sending more white men off to die for israel.

There are some Cambridge shills here, but not many. The fact that you even recognize this means you're smart, but that means you're smart enough to know about JIDF, Operation Earnest Voice, GCHQ, Shareblue, and the others. In other words, you can't be this smart and simultaneously be this ignorant. Let's try to figure out what you're up to.

And now you've exposed your tactics. You are drawing ridiculous lines in the sand for the pure purpose of division.

1. Anyone who supports Trump is a "cuck" (false)
2. Trump was a lesser evil and didn't actually enjoy broad support (false)
3. Stating that the entire board must agree with your vision and strategic implementation of National Socialism
4. If Trump doesn't get all of the policies you want implemented immediately, he is an absolute failure

Last I looked, the number of illegals has dropped dramatically with millions self-deporting, the economy is growing, we dismantled the CIA's ISIS project, avoided a war with Russia, have purged some of the worst Saudi actors, and billions of dollars in investment are pouring in since we instituted a more rational tax policy.

The troop surge in Afghanistan is to protect the CIA's poppy supply, which is responsible for a significant portion of the federal budget, and the antagonism against Iran is designed to bring their oil production offline to spike the price of oil now that the US has become a major exporter since fracking has taken off. I'm not defending either of those policies, but if you're going to criticize them I want you to explain how you'll replace the revenue so that people don't starve (i.e. a space elevator).

Oh piss off with your shitty shill arguments willis, you can't even make yourself look legit without glowing this hard like what you just posted.

You are not alone. We all see the shills, and they are fucking glowing.

Disgustingly bad misrepresentation. The actual argument was

You sound EXACTLY like Shareblue right now. I bet I've run into 10 different operatives of theirs that use variations of this exact same line.

Amnesty: false. He is horse-trading a few illegals that the Federal courts are legislating from the bench right now to protect in order to get a wall.

More gun regulations: Bump stocks, maybe? I don't give a fuck about bump stocks. Trump is also working on nationwide concealed carry and has allowed a bunch of M1 Garands and 1911s to be re-imported.

Muh Middle East Wars: again, motivated by rational economic factors of protecting the CIA's drug trade and our oil exports. If you want the economy to run on something else, explain your alternative, because just ending those things will result in utter economic collapse.

Muh Israel: Literally where has he sent white men to die for Israel? He took down Israel/England/Obama's ISIS project.

Classic shill tell. Almost without fail, whenever you guys write a long post, you finish it off with a rhetorical flair that's a total stretch of the facts, if not outright fabrication. You can never just prove your point with facts, you always resort to pressure tactics like this.

Quit being a cuck, grow some balls and tell that shill why he's wrong. Better if you include multiple citations to absolutely bury the issue for all time for anyone with a brain who reads what you wrote. How the fuck do you expect to be trusted with self-government when you think shouting down opposition and posting pictures with words on it constitutes a refutation of specific policy claims?

Where I'm sitting, you're both glowing.

There probably are many, there are enough that they purchased ads for Trump's campaign in 2016 that only showed up on this board and linked directly to his donation page.

I don't think everyone that supports him is a shill - you for instance actually post like someone who was here in 2014.
Do you genuinely believe that these organizations are unaware of the fact that trump supports their long-term goals of gun control, open borders/amnesty, and establishing greater israel in the middle east?

These (minus JIDF) are boogeymen who'se involvement in imageboards are greatly overplayed by trump supporters. There are college students that get credits to shill against trump on imageboards but these larger organizations are undoubtedly aware of the bigger picture and either wholly ignore imageboards, or come here and push trump support in order to declaw us.

Should we not divide ourselves from those who support open zionists that actively shift the overton window away from a pro-white position?

At this point, anyone supporting him is either a cuck, a paid shill, or demoralized and thinks in terms of elections and voting rather than in terms of what will help the white race.
His support was broad during the election when he was actually talking about helping America rather than shilling for desert wars and background checks.
Trumpism is a losing strategy - I support the advocation of any strategy that works
Promoting an open zionist that is actively shifting the overton window away from pro-white causes will not work.
This is a misrepresentation of my point, I will state is simply The minute he even advocated for background checks and a ban on weapon-modifiers he became an absolute failure

Yet deportations are down and he's talking about letting 11+ million based DACApedes stay - ask Reagan how well that went. California has been blue ever since he cucked out. Same with gun control, all Reagan's fault.

This is objectively bad - it keeps the lemmings comfortable and lines the jew's pockets.
Israel's - but this is good.
Also good


I'm going to ignore the whole first part of this post as I've seen shitposters like that dismiss perfectly legitimate criticisms of trump as shilling. Responding to shitposting with shitposting doesn't make one a shill.

In other words, he's giving the kikes what they want so he can build the wall.
11 million + - that's enough to do enough damage to the demographics that America will never be able to maintain majority white population.

This is enough, this sets an example that it is perfectly fine for a president to trample the second amendment. Shall not be infringed doesn't translate to "infringing a small and largely ineffective modification that nobody really uses is fine just don't take my semi-autos"
These are not rational. America should not depend on foreign oil and it should not sell oil to foreigners. The CIA poppy-fields aren't being used to get shitskins in bumfuck nowhere addicted to opium - they are being sold to pharmaceutical giants who are using it to fuel the flames of the American opiate epidemic which is both majority white and created in hospitals.

He increased the number of troops sent to Afghanistan. They are currently dying in the desert over a war that israel started.

What the fuck are you talking about? You don't have any strategy. If you think you can outdo Trump, prove it instead of making these ridiculous text walls.

What's trump's strategy? Constantly shifting his position left until he's not distinguishable from GWB or Ronnie Raygun?

Tell me how banning bump stocks, and increasing gun regulations will benefit the white race?

Tell me your brilliant strategy first. Since you like to pretend that you know everything. Come on.

Why would I? You're clearly a trump supporter and therefore a facet of zionist hegemony.
never tell your enemies what you're going to do - simply do it

Now, you tell me how background checks and bump stock bans are going to help whites.

I knew you were lying.

how much is kushner paying you?

Name one thing Trump has done wrong since he's taken office.

That doesn't even make sense. How would Trump's use of advertising here be proof that he is also paying shills on the board? Weak correlation at best.

I have some inside sources, and I can honestly say that literally no one knows where the fuck Trump stands on many of these policy issues. That's his strategy right now, because he is absolutely under siege right now by the whole media, CIA/FBI, and all the rest. He's letting them hang themselves with their histrionics, and it's working.

Unbelievable bullshit. Roughly 25% of the threads and 10% of the responses on halfchan right now are coming directly from Brock's organizations. Reddit is even worse. Once again, you're way too smart not to see this, and therefore you sound like a shill that wants to downplay shilling. Can't figure out quite who you work for (American or UK intelligence, probably), but they've trained you well.

We have the docs from Shareblue showing that obstructionism is their response to Trump. This also makes absolutely no sense. The highest-level adepts are tricking the Shareblues into supporting Trump because they secretly control him, while simultaneously having the exact same labor force shill heavily against him on the rest of the internet? Think about what you're saying.

That's ludicrously black-or-white oversimplification. Example: tomorrow morning, Trump sends the army in CIA HQ and the Federal Reserve. Is his presidency still an "absolute failure"? Of course not.

Just no. Israel has supported them, and is still trying to take out Assad because of Greater Israel. But we both know Israel, like the Donmeh Jewish House of Saud, is a client state of the Rothschilds and the crypto-Jewish House of Windsor.

Kennedy was the originator of tax cuts that were designed to increase the tax revenue. And it did work, both under Kennedy and Reagan:

Overall, 10/10 for a shill. Top effort, excellent attempt at demoralization by oversimplifying the issues. We are going to build the space elevator and replace the CIA drug dealing and all the kikery, the sooner you get on board the better.

Why should I explain anything to the lying retard who pretends to have a strategy and really doesn't?

Not an argument.

Couching your demoralization in white nationalist terminology to try to fit in.

Shills don't have strategies. They just try to disrupt and demoralize.

Not an argument. Prove you're not a shill with concrete, better policy alternatives.

Not an argument.


Advocated for more background checks and a bump stock ban, further shifting the overton window in the direction the enemy wants it shifted.

Because he advertised specifically to this board, it's common sense.

And it's a losing strategy that we should not support since it shifts the overton window further towards the zionist position.
Not an excuse

See, that's where you're wrong.

what is this faggotry
get your shit together Holla Forums

Fox News Republican Party talking points.

So much fucking cringe. Especially at a time where Trump is struggling to get anything done. Last effective thing he did was the pedo purge which is still ongoing to some extent.

I'm sure you do, since you're obviously an RNC college intern.

This thread is a jewish abomination. If you can't think critically and you just want to feel good about the Orange One without analyzing his decisions then leave Holla Forums forever; you're missing the whole point.

Nobody will ever convince me that Trump hates Jews. He has openly praised them multiple times. Also he does things that make their stinking yid scrotums tingle with pleasure and glee: bomb antisemite Assad, move embassy to Jerusalem (unironically fulfilling talmudic blood prophecies), make private jets tax refundible in highly jew-friendly tax plan, banning bump stocks, entertaining amnesty in pointless sideshow fake jewish facade debates with Democrats.

Even if there were communist SJWs on this board who spewed idiocy and filth that I completely disagree with all day long (and there are, although they get banned and censored by the mods), I would not filter them. Filtering is really gay and antithetical to a world where reason, strength and beauty reign supreme.

First of all, totally turning on Trump would be really fucking funny ; the baby boomer and reddit butthurt would be intergalactic. Second, despite the God Emperor memes, Trump is a tool, not a final goal or achievement. If a tool stops working you throw it away in a totally nonviolent way, my CIA nigger friends . When Trump bends his fat, orange knee and trades his 10/10 Aryan daughter's tight birth canal to stinking zionist yids, he becomes more detrimental to Final Solution than Shillary ever would have been. He's a traitor to the kikes, and he's successfully sedated millions of mewling baby boomers and, worse, poached thousands of right wing youths away from extremism, giving them four years of smugging on liberals instead. The only reason I like him is because he generates vast oceans of liberal, nigger, queer, spic and, yes, commie jew tears. But there ARE right wing kikes that have turned this situation to their advantage and the Chessfaggots have not done enough to condemn them.

Gay. What makes these anonymous boards great is that all ideas go through an organic form of evolutionary testing. Retarded, unfunny and embarrassing faggotry gets rooted out and exorcised by more competitive ideas. If Chessfaggotry cannot withstand the scrutiny of thousands of right wing youths around the planet, then it deserves to be mocked to death. If it survives, then that's great. But I wouldn't get too attached to it considering Trump's kike worshipping and cucking.

Tl;Dr this thread is like some kind of jewish tombstone. Holla Forums might officially be dead. I am deeply troubled by the implications of this sticky.


This is up there with "hate speech".
Why the fuck is this stickied?

Seriously. This is fucking tumblr tier faggotry.
OP is a massive faggot.


Discord is what makes Holla Forums strong.

Holla Forums will become more libertarian if this "shill bingo" continues and speech is impeded.
It's almost like this thread wants this reaction.

tbqh i'd take lolbergs over hysterical republican niggerlovers any day.

- Taxed the poor, decreased tax for the rich.
- Hasn't stopped the banks from fucking everyone over.
- And minor gun issues, though I think he may have got the message of "zero tolerance to the anti-gun lobby".
That said, he's in a pickle because most of washington hates Trump. Aside from the tax, the other two he has made inroads on. I still disagree with low corporate tax. High corporate tax and tariffs are required to compete with China and the like. If it means more automation, then it'll quicken the progress to post scarcity. The high corp tax will compensate those out of work. Perhaps it will pay off a load of that massive debt.

But, criticism is a tool user. Trump NEEDS criticism. It's what makes a president a good president. Listening. Critically thinking (not the subverted left definition of "critical thinking" which is basically "progress for progress sake". I mean the original use of the phrase before it became a groupthink term).

This board needs more pragmatism and perception. That is it's strength.

I've always considered NatSoc to be a mix of libertarianism, nationalism and socialism ordered in a technocratic manner. It's a responsive machine.

Pretty sure if you still support Trump you are the shill, not me.

Your nose is fucking showing. Kill yourself.

Where's the stuff about MGTOW shilling?

Wtf? I love Milo and Cernovich now!
t. calls every meme or poster they don't like CIA (without any proof)
This board is dead, RIP

Fuck you reddit is better than this place at least they know how to listen and believe!

no wonder you can't meme

Touched a spot?

i hope you get raped by a pack of wild niggers

This discord is the point of shilling. This robust narrative sertting is just to keep the discussion dysfunctional. They don't give a shit about changing our mind.
These lefty ZOG puppets are pulling all their weight since they know they're losing.

It would be easier to manage if all the mods weren't kikes as well and would do their fucking job once in a while.
This cancer is flooding Holla Forums becouse they let it.

i hope they ban trumpniggers after he bans bump stocks and lets the spics stay

This enhanced version consists of real life examples.

Not an argument.

Fuck yourself, Shareblue.

Remember when this was a NS board?

He did not raise taxes on the poor. Poor people don't pay any federal income taxes.

Anyone who knows anything about tax policy would tell you the corporate tax was an abomination making the US completely uncompetitive while raising less and less revenue each year as firms shifted to pass-through entities or offshored to avoid paying the highest-in-the-world 35% corporate income tax rate.

Cutting taxes on billionaires may have been a bit silly, but there's also no question it will grow the economy by increasing capital investment of people currently shielding their money in tax-free bonds, and perhaps attract/retain high net worth individuals.

These policies would accomplish opposite goals. Tariffs protect American industry and raise revenue at the expense of Chinese firms. Higher income tax on US firms discourages American industry and raises revenue at the expense of American firms. This is basic Hamiltonian, Henry Clay-style American System.

Not an argument.

Not an argument.

Not an argument. Shills arguing with each other to clog up the discussion.

Remember when you had to prove your ideas were superior through facts and logic?

There's still lots of things to add. Like this part:

Remember when you could make a factual statements about a board without having retards like you show up?
Oh, wait, you weren't here.
You when me to prove this was a NS board? Fucking Orwellian.


If you want everyone to be a National Socialist, quit asking for a safe space, and PROVE why National Socialism is the best theory of governance. Of course, you're not actually a National Socialist, you're probably a left-wing shill trying to get everyone to argue about the board identity instead of which ideas are provably, factually better than the others. You also sound like a woman.

Bump so more users see. Thanks.

Excuse me?

Forgot this piece of shit was sticked. Hard to believe.

Glowing. You are not having reading comprehension problems like you're pretending. You are an intentionally lying, forum disruption shill. You know damn well I didn't say that supporting NS makes it a safe space. I said you are a faggot because you continually demand that everyone else agree with you about both NS and the identity of the board on the sole basis that "this is a NS board, REEE!"

Prove me wrong with a response longer than 5 words explaining the success of industrialization policies under National Socialism. Hint: You can't, because you don't know anything about National Socialism, you're not a National Socialist, you're just trying to disrupt the board, and you have another window open posting blacked memes on halfchan. I'd bet $100 you're Israeli intelligence.


fuck off faggot, this literally looks like a projection of all the insults people called you on Holla Forums. kinda sad to see a newfag openly reveal that he's new

The worst part is that this redditor got his autistic whining stickied.

Fact has no place on Holla Forums. What, do you think hotwheels still runs the site?

You pretend oldfags and your appeals to authority, kek. When did you get assigned to Holla Forums, a few months ago?

shill is a buzzword at this point

The best part is shills admitting that they're struggling.
Kill yourselves, kikes!

Nowhere did I appeal to authority. Are the jews not hiring English speakers to troll this place anymore?

Pretending to be an authority then basing the argument on status as an authority ("oldfag") is an appeal to authority, dumbfuck. Get gassed.

Also he used one of the items from the bingo card, namedropping Reddit.

It's just tiresome at this point. I hope DoD accidentally fucking JDAMs Shareblue headquarters. Hell, I'd settle for a "gas explosion."

They're proven wrong every time, and only ever make people violently disagree with their position by being so fucking persistently annoying. Do you think they've even convinced one visitor to Holla Forums?

Probably not, given how much effort is put into astroturf.

That didn’t happen.
That didn’t happen.

The absolute state of paid shilling.

You implied that you weren't a redditor when you most clearly are.

How about that.

Sure thing. Whatever you say, shlomo. Oh, you said the word reddit, which means you’re a paid shill according to your own list of phrases. Reconcile that.

And at this point one can no longer tell actual criticism from shills, which is even worse. Trump specifically ran on an anti-globalist platform and is not delivering in that regard.

We still won because we pissed in the Rothschilds' mouths and we are going to wake up a lot of Whites to the fact that they are not going to be able to vote their way out of this. The common people support a revolution at this point. And that is correct way to hedge your bets: no matter what the enemy does, we must win.

I listened to another user ITT and was able to put "meguca pol" into an anonymous search engine easily enough. I am not advocating that everyone only browse one Holla Forums. We need several to make sense of all this bullshit.

Fucking hell do you people ever stop?

They’re paid not to.

And then there's the people the sling back and forth
"SHILL! CTR! SHAREBLUE!" Back and forth on and on.
Come on guys instead of infighting let's ignore them and just focus on what really matters.

Okay we seriously need an ethnostate general.

Should I make one?

Yeah why not? Where else can we discuss it in depth? The blood sports of Warski's crew has done a good job to try and hash the details out. But who better than us faggots here on full chan to discuss the logistics of it?

Where did the "redditors don't post here" and "anyone" come from? Nigger, why you making shit up? You're just that bad at your job. Nice try with the projection about paid shilling, but you glow in the dark.

lol, whatever plebbit, go suck another tranny's cock.

Well if you make a White Ethnostate general link it back here for me, I'll join in the discussion. But otherwise I don't really give a shit about half of the stuff posted on this board.

Trump may be a kike puppet; he may be a secret nationalist; he may be a Russian plant; or maybe he's just a billionaire with something to prove. Whichever it is - I don't give a fuck. We voted for him because it was all we realistically had - we all know democracy won't solve our problems, the cancer is too advanced for that. But the Ethnostate is an ideal - and idealism, is how you form a political movement. That I'm interested in.

Fine I'll hash one up. But I'm using that pic.

You should make the general this is the layout if you want to make one:
/esg/ - Ethnostate General

Thread for discussion of a white ethnostate, a homeland to be carved out for the hardworking white man. The future of the white nationalists movement depends on European peoples migrating to and establishing a homeland for themselves exclusively.

In the Pacific North West, the movement has been planned for more than a decade and we're trying to put it into affect finally while the country still has a head on its shoulders. It's no longer up for debate.

ASAP. America is bubbling towards an economic collapse, it'd be much safer to get connected with like minded prepared people instead of being alone. That's the whole point of this thread.

TL;DR the point of moving into a specific area is to concentrate our numbers so that we have a fighting chance. With our current political climate it's evident that democracy is not going to work in our favor. If we do not come together now in our own interest we will fade away and become replaced quietly. Get a woman, get your ass over here.

In this general we discuss the politics that come with running a specific state on our own, what it would look like, how it would be managed and how we prepare to get ourselves from point A to point B.

We have established a network in the North West but we need more people:

Thanks I'll use that.

Here you go.

Fuck you shouldn't have said that now YOU'RE going to be banned by the kike mods.

Too many Kushner kike shills in this board. My question to them is, if Trump and kin are such of the "based" Orthodox Jews then tell me why they rabidly support Israel which is heresy in Orthodox Judaism because Jews are not allowed a homeland until the messiah/God returns? Enjoy Hell, sinners.

Ah whatever, if that's worth a ban on their part - so be it. I'm just here to discuss shit with curious people. Do what you've gotta do Mods.







No it's because it's OUR religions, not because it's "cool" user. Not because of knowledge of said beliefs but the sheer fact that it is a product of our own, and not the other. I don't pick fights with Christians unless they are mentally ill "we wuz hebrooz" types who try to get us to hate influential nationalists. Instead I stoke their flames and gaslight them against the Jesus killers.

But more often than not this
turns out to be the case.

/sg/ > everything else on Holla Forums
Nothing captured the satisfaction of watching Israel and ZOGbots get BTFO in real time. Nothing on this board has so quickly provided me with information I could use to gaslight normalfags against Israel.


/sg/ became irrelevant when they stopped providing airstrike info to Russia.

Don't care, only a literature/self-improvement thread would be better, but that's not allowed here.

I'm tired of this blind defense of Trump on every action he takes, even when it is clearly against what he campaigned on. Where did everyone interested in taking real action against the system go?

go suck some cock while you're at it

All of ZOG emperor Trump's 8 grandkids are Jewish. Fuck off.

Are they really going to post in Holla Forums only to bitch and moan about Trump?

if only they're not always infested with leftycucks from /lit/

Pretty much all they can do now since after Election Night, that and projecting, virtue signalling, and blackpilling 24/7/365 in here and spreading their (((Holla Forumstard))) memeing by LARPing on every other major board on the site. And I'm gonna bet they'll still be doing that even long after President Trump retires from office and everything became noblebright (no more kikes and soymies on earth left)

I love the damage control that people are so obsessed about doing for Trump. I haven't seen a single thread that criticizes Trump not be bombarded with fucktards trying to perform the most insane mental gymnastics or play damage control for Trump like their his personal bodyguard. If he really is the Godly President who will save world, he would have dissolved many institutions and ousted lots of important figures.
Look at the people he surrounds himself with
Look at the many assassination attempts and threats
Look at the shear amount of pro-israel statements the Pence has made
Where is the audit of the IRS?
Why hasn't he gotten rid of the sanction against Russia?

I could go on naming many issues that could be done in a heart beat

not an argument


I thought that you can't be that stupid, but it seems you bring surprises every day.

Nice work user. Blows mine out of the water.

Hopefully not too close to (((Canada))). Can't stand those fucking leaf faggots.

Calling more attention to this top notch OC

I didn't know you couldn't read. My mistake.

And you want people to take you seriously?


Every thread that criticizes trump is met with spam and people saying every cucked move he makes is part of some secret pro-white plan that will come to fruition any day now. It never does. Wake up you pot smoking goon.

I didn't put a period so that isn't where the sentence ends.
by you, the man who simple can't read and posts for free attention.

fugg I spelled simply wrong

God, you are such a bathetic little wimp. Get a life.

Take your own advice and leave imageboards forever.
Every thread that tells the truth about trump gets spammed to death by "people" like you


Dear Lord, stop it. I can't take it anymore.

no, i want you to stop posting.


This isn't reddit.

I would so love to see a shill finally livestream his suicide for us.
I mean, we got to see the goon Holla Forums BO have gay sex with the tranny Holla Forums BO, considering the vast amounts of faggotry involved in these groups, memetically we should be pretty close to having media confirming shill suicides.

the only shills here are pro-trump cadreniggers.



He's still defusing the bomb so there isn't a shitstorm once he really gets to work. Why do you think so many gang members and human traffickers are being neutralized? Meanwhile, life in America isn't any different except people have more money now.
I'm convinced a8d76d is a different type of attack. The imageboard equivalent of the guy who holds a campaign sign upside down.




This is getting better and better.


It's probably one of those greasy fat fuck down syndrome jidf retards, given the current time.

reported for being obvious shills(BINGO WINNER)

I think we're getting awfully close to a bingo.

King Nigger certainly wasn't doing anything to stop them. He was giving them guns with Fast and Furious.

You know that the mods are going to come in here and post a screencap of your post history before banning you, right?


Top fucking kek mods actually bought into this shit-tier attempt at stifling any criticism against trump and the alt-kike.

This board is dead.(>not liking your bingo prize)

I've stopped coming after election too, fucking faggots from facebook etc. flooded in and every thread is unreadable now.(Astroturf)

And what are you talking about? Check the catalog. The vast majority of Holla Forums hates the alt-right.

Ah. The "I've stopped coming". This could be an item on another bingo card.


Straight from the OP

Proof that you can no longer speak out against Trumps government without a ban. The fucking state of this place.

you're probably just a shill. reported.

The worst part is I can't even tell if this is ironic or not.

why would it be ironic? reported again for being anti-trump.

shareblue is going to jail.

Like clockwork.

kek. this thread is attracting all the shills. they aren't sending their best.

That's not how National Socialism works retard.

I love the damage control that people are so obsessed about doing for Hitler. I haven't seen a single thread that criticizes Hitler not be bombarded with fucktards trying to perform the most insane mental gymnastics or play damage control for Hitler like their his personal bodyguard. If he really was the Godly President who will save world, he would have dissolved many institutions and ousted lots of important figures instead of losing a war and killing himself like a bitch.


Trump Cites Suffering of Jewish Family in Remembering Florida School Shooting

February 23, 2018 12:10pm

WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Donald Trump spoke of the anguish of a Jewish family in commemorating last week’s school shooting in Florida.

“I had them in the Oval Office, incredible people,” Trump said Friday at CPAC, an influential annual conference for conservatives, describing his meeting with the family of Meadow Pollack. “She had a beautiful, beautiful smile, a beautiful life.”

Meadow Pollack was 18 and a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where an expelled classmate opened fire last week, killing 17 people. Her father, Andrew, and her three brothers were a riveting presence this week when Trump convened a meeting for survivors of school shootings at the White House. Andrew Pollack pledged to work with Trump to stop school shootings.

“So full of promise, we wish there was something, anything we would do to bring Meadow and all the others back,” Trump said. “There are not enough tears in the world.”

The president went on to say: “No family should never have to go in and suffer the way these families have suffered. A father drops his daughter off at school, kisses her goodbye and waves to her as she’s walking up the path and never sees her again.”

Trump, received with adoration during the one hour, 20-minute speech, reviewed some of the proposals he has offered since the shooting, including turning schools into “hard targets” by arming some teachers.

He went over his first-year accomplishments, including tax cuts, and gave prominence to fulfilling his campaign pledge to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

“We officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” Trump said to thunderous applause.

Trump said he understood why other presidents had reneged on the promise because they came under tremendous pressure not to move it after assuming office.

“The campaign against it was so incredible, but you know what, the campaign for it was also incredible and we did the right thing,” he said, again prompting cheers.

Trump also noted that he would no longer certify Iranian compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, although he stopped short of saying he would pull out of the agreement trading sanctions relief for rolling back Iran’s nuclear program. He decried the Obama administration for releasing frozen Iranian funds to a hostile country after the pact was completed.

“If somebody said Death to the jews while I’m signing an agreement,” he said, “I would say what’s going on, I’m not signing.”

You seem upset

It really is. It's hilarious. This thread fucked them up completely


Remember this guy?


How do you respond to someone saying that obongo was more pro gun than trump?

he objectively was. king nigger never took the guns over boomer crying

You seem upset.

trump is based, #taketheguns


you're only here to shill for your anti-white president. he's getting impeached.

Touched a spot?

keep spamming that chaim

you're a nothingfaggot willis

nice (((media))) buzzword, zogald

Need a hankie?

nice meme nigger, now fuck off back to leftypol where you belong

xD upvoted my fellow pede

u mad.
your anti-white pro drumpf narrative is crumbling.

You have got to be kidding me?

xD zionism is based

Holy shit

upboated my fellow pede xD

you might wanna clarify what you mean by "shilling". Spamming is generally a form of topic dilution, creating noise in an effort to ruin the signal from getting through.

Why is FSB openly operating with impunity within the US.

Wow, some of these posts are really dumb, like this one

Something about this bingo especially lights fire under their rear. Let's keep going further, and see what happens

more like it's turned any anons still lurking this board on to the fact it's a controlled op trumpnigger hugbox

Need a hankie?

It really does. This sticky fucked them up completely. can't stop laughing at their whining which is as per playbook from the op


Suck my peepee r_p ;3c

Hey guys I can't post images through Tor but I was searching for cambodian sex slaves to prove a point that they are much more disgusting than white lolis when some KIKE was saying whites produce all the weird shit ignoring how disgusting jews and chinks are and well… I found a certain symbol that you guys used to talk about a lot. I also yesterday encountered some stuff on tor about comet ping pong and I was watching the CP producers talking with each other and learned some interesting things about people getting murdered related to comet. Well today this thing I found is linked also to comet. I don't know if Holla Forums cares about this at all but I don't mind burning out fellow pedos when they are going after boys or importing non-whites into the country or doing disgusting things. Loli is for love and gentle sex not scat and mutilation and dogfucking and so on…


If anyone here is able to post without Tor, maybe using VPN or proxy, I suggest you screencap this page (don't worry not CP it's just that triangle spiral logo thing) and show the rest of Holla Forums this exists.

Warning: you have to act fast because they keep moving these sites around and just spamming stuff and using various techniques to find each other and it's a real pain in the ass, a lot of work, so this is your chance anyways to find out a lot of stuff about comet. Don't worry no images here it's just text conversations between gay jewish pedophiles.

Oh also if mods could delete this post for me that would be nice thanks because I don't fancy being stabbed to death which already happened to many like me and I assure you all that I will continue to be a valuable asset to exposing (((them))) if I am alive but I can't help you guys if I'm dead.

If only we just banned/filtered/called out those people every time in every other thread… Oh wait!

You don't help pro-Trump posters one fucking bit.

Do I seriously have to tell you why you already failed?

Anyone parroting the CNN in misspelling Trump's name should be banned.

Pretty sure at this point JTRIG has taken over the mods because of all the serious talk. Whole boards compromised, they will subvert it until its cuckchan. We already have stickies promoting the aut-kike when you would be banned instantly for suggesting thats what Holla Forums was just a month or 2 ago.
They are upset we wont just keep voting and stay silent while our race fades away.

Pill me on JTRIG.


Can I access those on Tor? Most goverment related stuff gets blocked when I try to access it via Tor :/

woo I can actually read this through Tor

This sticky is generating big amounts of shill rage


Including people who use it ironically to make fun of shills?

the day will come when it is open season for shills, it will be fun to hunt shills down irl.

Didn't like the Fink picture? Here's an Oliver Willis I just finished.

Anyone have one of the photos of Elliot Fink? I feel like I could do a lot better with the Fink picture not having to work from memory.

This is hilarious.
You know what is hilarious as well?
shareblue oliver
into google image search
I can't stop laughing

I have never seen anything other than a CIA nigger discourage use of Tor. Snowden docs show the contempt NSA had for opsec like Tor, because it paralyzes their data collection efforts. Notice also how I posted primary documents, and you posted pictures with words on them that don't even address the point being made.

There will be military tribunals for all of you, and the death penalty will be on the table.

Trump supports Israel because he needs their support to attack Iran in order to prop up the price of oil (US is now a major exporter).

Not an argument. Unbelievably kikey way of arguing, talking about the guy's grandchildren instead of policy decisions. Also implying that anyone who is "ethnically Jewish" according to the fake standards made up by the Jews is a kike. There are "Jews" out there that literally name the Jew.

Not an argument.

Worn out Shareblue strawman.

"Stop reading the board, nothing to see here goy!"

At least the e-celebs that are on the FBI payroll.

This guy fucks.

Kind of true. Barack Obama was Osama bin Ladin in the early 1980s.

Shareblue demoralizing Trump supporters while pretending to be pro-white to cover for "muh impeachment" which no one, of any political persuasion, believes has any legal basis if they aren't a drooling retard.

Hint: stop saying Drumpf while pretending to be pro-white, Shareblue. Also, you guys are going to prison, too, for violating campaign finance laws.

You posted through a fucking Tor onion. Calm down.

This is the most reddit post I've ever seen, and it got fucking stickied

Stay there.

This is an actual shill

Good. I've been saying these are a D&C /leftyfaggot/ tactic since the day they appeared.

Mutts was an IDF operation. They were trying to create an American Captain Sweden equivalent. No one seems to have fallen for it except a few Brits.

Kikes misspell the names of Gods on purpose.

Trump misspelled as "Drumpf," "drampf," "orange" etc, then they just dissolve into insults

imkampfy misspelled as "imkamphy" "imkafy" etc, then they dissolve into insults again

Frankly it just confirms for me that Trump IS God Emperor, and that Mods are Gods.

lol Holla Forums has always been Alt-Right, even here on antifachan. There's just the 1488 crew, a vocal minority that's afraid the board might one day become something other than spics arguing with each other about who hates Jews more.(TRSodomite)

This whole fucking thread, hot damn. Living, breathing evidence that this place is over run by unwelcome cuckchanners.
Over half the posts seem to be deleted. All that remains is accusations, shitposting and tor anons.
Awful, awful thread. You normalfag facebook frog shitheads really went all out.

Fixed the forehead and skin tone on Brock.

Did you actually pay Mike Peinovich 10bux?

Awful bait for an awful thread.

Just a reminder, comcast shut off people's ability to visit 4chan a while back.

Can you do one where he's clutching his chest (you know, the heart attacks)

Reminder Holla Forums hosted adverts on reddit against the wishes of the community.
People wonder why every other post is drivel from the mouth of children trying to appeal to a perceived call-out culture. Now you know why.
Literally ever other damn post in some kiddie that should be on Holla Forums.

I'm 100% sure it's not.

All the posts responding seem to ignore all the deleted posts that flood the entire thread with dead replies. You think there was anything more than speculation that had them deleted? No, they just spoke out against a stickied thread that's born of trump fanaticism.

I doubt you can even operate the filter, or even know where to find it. Judging by your filename, you're an unwelcome cuckchanner taking part in systematic censorship perpetrated by useful idiots and moderation.
Kill yourself.

The moderation is the core of the problem. Allowing a bunch of retards to keep shitting up the board with constant "muh shills" posting in response to anything critical of trump destroys any non-sycophantic discussion.

It's barely been a part since the Trump campaign, new friend. Your appeal to board culture doesn't work when you're fresh off the boat from reddit and cuckchan, literally as green as your fucking facebook frog.

t. TORnigger shill
The jews have their hands in it you worthless sack of fucking flesh. Same kind of cuck apologist who defends Enoch or Spencer, go suckstart a shotgun you nigger.

The absolute state of full/pol/ right now.

Why was this post banned? He's suggesting that each post should be refuted based on the context within it, not a handful of buzzwords to wash away criticism.
And he's banned. There's NO justification for this, no sane and truthful one.

Confirmed 2016 arrivalfag

The post said that people going above post contents and straight to personal attacks is reddit-tier, and he's right, and you defend reddit-tier arguments, openly, in your pro-censorship zealous thread.
You are literally reddit and should consider suicide.

You reap what you sow, idiot.

So where are you based? Tel Aviv? Commiefornia? Can you post pics of your self-harming habits? Any ETA on your eventual suicide?

The only thing being pushed is antagonism and internal conflict. You guys preach nonstop divide and conquer tactics and then push them yourselves. Brilliant.
And most of the criticism seems to be banned and/or deleted, so it would seem that it is not allowed after all.

Where did he say that anywhere, you fucktard? This entire board has become a glorified fucking strawfield. You turn everything you touch to shit, inverse-midas redditnigger.(Sockpuppet)

You're placing in words in my mouth to attack me on things I never said. There is evidence that paid agitators exist, but the evidence does not in any way support the contents of the OP. If you were at all involved in the unmasking of the tactics you would be aware that it's almost entirely speculation.

Just post the self-harm vids, and let me know when you'll livestream your suicides. I'll pencil it in.


Made my night.

You and that leddit moderator have to go back

I also remember seeing this on cuck/b/ way back when, tor-kun. The wisdom of those cast out and replaced by a new generation shines true now that it's happening again.

Do you go to your safe space?

You killed this board now kill yourself

I cant stop laughing

The entire thread dedicated to creating a cheat sheet for call-out culture doesn't even function properly,not even with staff support and direct moderation in favor of the whole thing. The entire thread is dissenting Anons being belittled as nothing more than shills. The only consensus crack is nobody is allowed to have opinions that the mods don't allow. This is now Holla Forums, welcome to the future of your imageboard.

People using tor can't post CP you idiot newfag. They can't post ANY images at all. You're using make-belief arguments, created on-spot from speculation, again. Typical of the new Holla Forums generation.

Do you need a hankie though? Looks like you're starting your period

Image spam to shut down dissenting opinions, how original. You're very well read on your bingo sheet.

You're bleeding profusely

This is a top lad

I cant stop laughing

This thread is the epitome of that animated gif with the reddit robots lined up jerking one-another off.



shills are utterly BTFO by this thread so their only resort left yet is to spam it to bump limit

You should let the NSA know that, then. Because they're under the impression that it is "catastrophic" to their data collection. Just head down the hall and let them know.

Responding to a post where I literally refer to people like that as being "on the FBI payroll."

Most of the "dissenting" anons are, in fact, shills. And not because they're dissenting. Because the whole purpose of their posts is not to communicate a proposition, it is merely to scream loudly in hopes of creating chaos and disruption. How many of the banned posts were making a solid, logically sound, fact-based argument?


Actually no. They needed a little help organizing. And I was glad to be of assistance. SHILLS (you)on the otherhand are completely BTFO by this thread and will need to if mods make it cycle or lock+cement it.

I don't like to brag but my iq was measured >156
You never really stood a chance.
It is incredible fun watching 18 bilion Open Society Foundations money burning away. Albeit only tip of the iceberg - I will specify all the organizations whose money Holla Forums is currently burning on a different occasion


newfags can be useful tools, and OP was fairly useful.

Excellent post


How, what facts. They're labelled as shills by a bingo card stickied by the mods and banned on the spot.
How many people shouting shill made one of those? Not even you.

Obvious vol thread created specifically so they could ban a bunch of people for saying shit they don't like. Guess bingo winner is the new catch-all for a few months. Of course 90 percent of the board are so fucking brain dead they can't even recognize the purpose of this thread, instead they just jack off to the little added red text. You guys want to talk about dissent? Here, lets go over it.

arbitrary enforced, maddowposter is allowed free reign and is never banned.

blindly worshiping a person is a stupid thing to do, that subreddit is associated with that cult of personality behavior hence why people make allusions to it.

not something people say, but (((certain individuals))) conflate prepping or calls to stop trusting the goverment with do-you-want-to-bomb-a-federal-building.png

he repeatedly buckles on shit, his daca deal is blatantly antithesis to what he stated on the campaign trail, and now he's calling for additional gun control despite promising to not do that.

arbitrarily enforced, image spammer is allowed to do this with no issue.

people are angry that godawful argument is ever used, it's a flatout dismissal of trump ever doing anything wrong.

not even a fucking argument.

not something people say, but instead conflated with people who criticize the republican parties less than stellar positions.

a blatant attempt by the vols to witch hunt people that care about their privacy or otherwise can't post because of political climate. Since torposters are difficult to ban, the vols hate them.

it's called shitposting, people post it because it pisses people off.

he was calling for amnesty for daca recipients, hence the name.

shitposting, see above

T_D posters are often into that civic nationalism crap, hence why people call them out on it

shitposting, see above

half the time it's just posters that don't speak english as a primary language, very rarely are they even bots.


don't usually see that one, but I can see why people make allusions to him seeing as he's a mega-kike that constantly pushes for zog shit and runs against the promises trump made that got him elected.

the moment it became obvious trump was not and will never be anti-israel, just like the rest of the politicians.

it's called using information to make a prediction.

he has a lot of jews on his cabinet and married his daughter off to a jew whom he takes directions from, it's not hard to see where this idea comes from.

>no you're the kike!

well no shit, when you post trash threads like this it's obvious what your game is.

memetic shitpost, intentionally designed to piss off T_D posters

a very strange and pointless thing for trump to do, claims he wants to stay out of the middle east but bombs them for pretty much no reason.

if you actively bend your own values to align yourself with a politician because you're terrified of being bullied by faggots online, you're a cuck, and the worst kind. At least leftist retards stand by their moronic principles.

This board is no longer Holla Forums, it's now the trump partisan discussion board ban incoming

If you want to over a fact-based, logical discussion of one of Trump's policy decisions that you disagree with, quit being a whiny faggot and do so. But none of you shills try to do that because you don't know a fucking thing about policy, so you make arguments like:


Racist/Sexist/Fucking White Male

Muh Russian Collusion (accuse your opponent of what you are doing -Saul Alinsky)

Trump's calls for gun control are faggy and wrong. He might be playing 4d chess, but if he isn't, he deserves to be criticized. But you're not criticizing him on policy, you're just cucking and disrupting because you're a Shareblue shill faggot who is going to prison for (at best) campaign finance violations, if not sedition. McDonald's is hiring, and it's honest work. That's why you're all getting banned.

Since TRS was in this thread, I did this.

Glass houses

Except the grants amnesty part never happened, and everyone's forgotten about the spics already. Nice outright lie.

I assume you were trying to respond to me.
I don't know what the contents of every post banned for shill was except for a few:


None of these match your description. The only ones untouched are repeat offenders of baseless accusation. Shill accusations.
Once again, you're making things up. Taking made up shit from cuckchan, bringing it here, and applying it broadly. Also you appear to be very angry.

fuck off shareblue, reported.

I like Trump when he does things that are within my interests but don't when he doesn't. Serious credit for playing the other side for chumps so many times, there's a lot we can learn from his strategies.

Stop pretending he's your dad. He's not exempt from criticism and this level of hero worship is cringe inducing. This is Holla Forums, not /donald/

Updated the Elliot Fink graphic. Based on the one photo I could find of Fink, I think my memory wasn't too far off.

So if we call out newfags, redditors and other niggers who really need to lurk moar we're shills now? So be it I'm a shill because I don't want this board being a playground for cancer and/or JIDF

shareblue spotted.

One last graphic for the day, added a bit more detail to the Holla Forums image.

kill yourself now or remain a slave forever.

I'm beginning to understand why Old people love playing Bingo so much.


I-i've been found out…






















I never thought I would live to see the day (((zionism))) is tolerated on Holla Forums, but here I am and not just that, but speaking out against zionism is now shilling? We have come to the end of days, >>>/endpol/ for me now

Mossad trying hard to drive a wedge through our movement.
















nu-pol go home. you know Trump is just another plant created by (((them))) to tamp down on opposition. MAGAcucks are ruining what we built for years shitting all over it. Boomer mongrels




Obv. false flag. Nice try with your CIAnigger tactics.



This is a weird situation we have here on Pol. We have all of these JIDF and Brietbart nutcases threatening to attack people if you don't unquestioningly love the God Emperor and liberal trolls telling everyone they're not really white (HA, even the JIDF scum joins in on that one.) and they're really shitting up this board. It's completely fucked.

TRSodomites are falling ever lower and beginning to use divide & conquer tactics out of desperation. Sad!
Read the OP

You seem upset

You're completely fucked.It appears
there is severe hemorrhage from your vagina

Why would you do this? Now they know that we know and they will just change their tactics. Dumbass.

shareblue pls

Shower time Holla Forums. It looks like the time is now to wash everything away and start over. All the non white shillfilth inhabiting our only base from which to act as guardians for whites around the world.
gas the kikes.>>11311510

the only shills here are the people questioning trump. we won the election, stop questioning the government.

Whatever you say shlomo. It seems like most of the people here are shills, I don't know what your agenda is. Oh, wait now I know! Force those who can organize opposition against the government into sacrificing their organizational capital while Trump is in office then when he goes out we have none left and the Dems / cuckservatives can do whatever they like.

fucking based!

He still thinks voting can stop white genocide and hes calling other people shills.

When Holla Forums learns this guy is a shill and starts reporting him for ban evasion and TRSodomy, then we can move ahead and his vpn swaps wont matter anymore.
Look at the edit he did to the Sam Hyde pic. Oh ha ha, lets widen the nose and make it a bigger face. The guy is 15 years old and has admitted hes for the aut-kike, against Holla Forums.


People don't seem to understand how Trump will never go full 14/88. He is just a President not a Fuhrer for life and motivated mainly by personal gain + helping out his (((donors.)))

Swampanon here, his typing style is that of TRSodomite awyattmann(not the cartoonist A. Wyatt Mann) - pics related.

how much mid-grade pot do you have to smoke to not recognize blatant ironic shitposting, chaim.

also: 'meri-mutt memes are cuckchan cancer, kill yourself.

This thread is trash and I hope everyone posting in it dies from sepsis.

"Eight lame men walking arm in arm do not make one gladiator"

Oh and also, Im pretty sure this is the same guy, he did the same thing on cuckchan before starting here.

>(((It's just a bit of ironic shitposting, goy! No need to worry about a bit of fun and games!)))
Trying to cover up obvious disinfo shilling by saying it was just a bit of ironic shitposting. Turbojew

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting but yes, the 56% meme is from lefty/pol/ and is designed to make white Americans feel like they have already lost by lying about what the 56% number actually is, the number of 100% pure white Americans.
Its a meme that says all Americans are mixed race with niggers, which is what communists do when they want whites to become communists.
ANYONE - and that includes Ricky Bobby - who posts that meme is a race traitor or more likely, wasnt white to begin with. People who laugh at white genocide you can be pretty sure - arent white.

another connection:

What is this even relevant to? TRShills are still at it, trying to make everyone defending Trump at all look like shills. It's pathetic.

They're just trying to kill discourse here, the alt-kike turned on trump and now they're trying to rub in in our face now that he's cucking on guns.

It's a childish way of saying hee-hee we were right when they weren't right since no laws have been passed and trump is just doing what he always does. They forget that anons never saw Trump as the end-goal or even a good stepping stone. He was merely better than Hillary and a device to buy us time in order to spread memes and better ourselves before SHTF.

I still think an earthquake in California is going to kick off the happening of a lifetime, the refugee crisis initiated by it will cripple the surrounding states and accelerate the Agenda 2030 / FEMA-Campening plan. Trump cannot and will not prevent the judeo-masonic establishment's greater plans. It's like these idiots forgot Israel is holding the world hostage with illegal nukes the UN refuses to inspect. You've turned into a bunch of cracked out niggers shooting dice with "how BASED is trump" and "NO TRUMPFFFF is a SHILLL" on them .

You forgot why we elected him. Now stop huffing paint and get back to work. This shit is killing the site.

big shock

This board used to allow fun. Find your nearest gas station and drink diesel.

Ameri-mutt was invented here. Ask the mutt mods, colossal newfaggot.

wew, my replies sidetracked me. Another connection: that image of moneyjew with a swastika is used by /4chon/'s DWP - learningcode's new trip.

he posted in on /newsplus/ and /4chon/ before.

tbh it's too funny to come from there. it comes from cuckchan's /int/ board.
overall agree with you though.


If by here you mean on 8ch lefty/pol/ The mods are sleeping, its antiwhite D&C and everyone knows youre lying, you get banned for it.
This is called astroturfing, it shows we are being raided. Reminder to report him for it.

It's made by shitskins like oyyman who frequent /int/ boards. Stop subtly shilling for zerosugar's cock-sleeve and trying to make them relevant.

trips for ba'al

Its a communist creation, even if it takes root on /int/ first. Its also from the flag bearers meme, its just the last guy who has stink lines coming off him but slightly modified.
Its the California guy with a different head pretty much.

This is a riff on a /fringe/ meme that rabbi moshe smileberg himself made - pic related.

now, notice how smileberg has worked with /int*/ in the past because simply because they hate leanrningcode for being a ''

i think we just figured out who made the ameri-mutt meme. a schizo sissy wizard from canada with a history of decent looking OC, who likes /int*/, and prides himself on his "aryan appearance" when in reality he is ashkenazim

Wow you downboated me. You know I can just get a next VPN right, I'm unbannable. Keep crying tho mutt.

Do we know where in Canada?

Your posting style alone is so obvious, youre nothing like any of the rest of us. You hate whites, good luck fitting in.

Also this obviously makes the aut-kike look worse, since TRS is STILL raiding us with pro-aut kike subversion and vpns.

short answer: yes.


WTF I love the aut kike now. You ARE zognald. Thats the alt-right dumbass.

Keep deluding yourself mutt. That's why your punished race will fail.

I think the link between Reddit and TRS needs to be made, they are essentially the same thing. Civic nationalists who love Jews, living next to niggers, marrying their daughters to niggers, think not all kikes are bad and that Israel is a friend of whites.

Our race will be fine as soon as people like me sort out people like you, and it wont be forum bans.

You're doing fuck all but sucking Zionist dick hoping it'll fix your shit country. That's why you're failing, internet tough guy.



Actually, youre the one whos promoting zionism through astroturfing on a National Socialist board. Im the one reporting you for being a zionist aut kiker. Youre Richard Spencer and youre complaining about Hitler.



Maybe you should file some reports on the 56% memers and aut-kike defenders if you want the mods to react. They dont just cruise the board looking for people on their own.


you dun goof'd



you shills will say america is mongrelized then promote a CIA Nigger who wants to further that mongrelization
Neck yourselves immediately

What's your strategy, acting so schizo I leave you alone?



Drumpf is synonymous with cuck.

your tactics haven't changed a bit. I love how you look just like the mutt you keep posting.

pure projection.

Shills like Wyatt here have been LARPing as anti-trump cucks to get the mods to ban all criticism off trump. Fucking retard.

The Britcuck is scared of American Populism.

Yes, the mods never did anything wrong! You schizo fucks never cease to amaze. They have either been replaced since the hacking or more likely are paid by Kushner and his team.

Leave the board forever and close the door on your way out TRSodomite Trump penis licking dogshit

You cant fight schizo boomers. We leave.

Schizo boomers
Where does this trope even originate from. Only a tiny amount of boomers use imageboards.
Take your shit, let it dry out then shove it up Kosherners' asshole

Israeli kikes just love this administration

The British system needs to fall if the West is to survive. There is no way around it. American Populism is not compatible with the British. This new wave of resistance is coming from the British and their associated infrastructure. The British realize all of their attempts to influence American Populism are failing. So now they're all out by attacking Americans whereas before their operation was to influence and direct it.

Their outburst is a victory for and sign of the resilience of American Populism not to be swayed back into their Neocon umbrella.

Never though that a single post can amass this much of autism from some miserable spergs in just 5 days.

See, he's doing it again.

nah buddy read the q LARP boards.

Just another D&C buzzword to add to the bingo list above.
Started being used after it was noticed that the Q threads were attracting the attention of a lot of old people.
If Q is legit then getting his message to as many gross old people as possible is actually important. But I don't want to get into that discussion.
Main point here is that shills use that word just like they use all the others in order to create a fracture point just like usual.

The amount of shills and the amount of people falling for their elementary level bullshit is getting quite high. Smarten up please.

It's called kill them, you fucking pussy.

Blow your fucking brains out, you cocksucking paid shill.
You are not a Holla Forumsack. Q-LARP is proven false.
Shills say shill. You are a shill now. Your argument is invalid.

I don't think you realize who sold america out to the kikes so they could retire early and sit in 50s style ranch homes and RV parks jerking their barely functioning dicks to the thought of their dead wives and pay-per-view porno, bragging to their now-chinese neighbors about how well stocked their garage is.

It's a paid shill (like the OP), user. Just ignore it.

the (((greatest generation))) is unironically better than boomers. at least they got how bad niggers were and got behind rockwell(who was a WWII vet that came home and donned the swastika)

You guys have gotten better at this since the last time I was here.
You've learned the language a bit, and your posts are decently formatted.
However, you take the edginess a little too far. It's very easy to see that you are not genuine and are instead posting in a manner that resembles what you think "edgy alt righters" would post like.
Even so, I have to admit that this type of shilling would probably work on 95% of people.
Maybe higher.

I hope they are paying you better for your increased skill set.
Or better yet, I hope you are H.A.N.K or similar.
Either way, I've made my point and won't be back, your posts still aren't stimulating enough for that.

The mutt is an IDF "creation". They stole the head off an image making fun of a Polish racemixer.

Did you know that a lot of shill employers like yours have wordfilters and omit the actual website name so you won't find this place outside of your work? This website is actually called "ten.hc8" in reverse.

They flooded here through T_D, mong. One collosal fucking faggot that mods there directly linked to Holla Forums multiple times. That's why you saw all that "YHWH" bullshit.


/r/ing an edit of that mutt with the hat, glasses, and shirt. We can repurpose their memes.

Shabbos Jones mentioned us by name, the boomers are here.

IRL Shill detector basic.

Smokes, drinks and dips excessively. Tells you to not be aggressive while getting in your face and demanding silence from you. Lies constantly about their intentions. Thinks threats of entrapment are legal means. Uses mafia and cartel connections to get their way while proclaiming legality against their choice of enemies.

I will stick with the devil I know, myself. I might be called a warmonger, but I have never started one, a fat Jew in gold did.

No one cares about you, paid kike shill.

Not going into anything you want me to. It’s not your life, get over it.

Why do you fucking redditors think you don't stick out like a circumcised thumb?

You have to go back.

Aww, did I trigger you, redditor?

You're a big boy, aren't you.

It's like poetry. We know you're a redditor EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME. How blasted is your ass about that?

Oh I wonder, how much have you posted here if you're not mad about this thread, hmm? Is it since day 1? But of course not, why would any sane person with a stable social life ever do such a thing? Screeching about a bingo thread every day, ridiculous.

Kek, pretending to be an oldfag again. You're a diaper wearing pussy just like the rest of IDF and you will die of thirst soon.

Sorry, reddit. I don't have time to waste in a paid shill thread like you do.


Cry some more, redditor.

Starting your period?
Send me nudes


Oliver Willisth of SHAREBLUE back again. Sthtop making fun of me! It'sth not my fault my father doesthn't love me!

yeah critism of Trump is totally fine, he's a US president so he is always going to have some jewish influence (although 99% of jews hate him with a passion) but posting a picture of Trump standing next to a jew like every US president for 70 years has isn't an argument, it's shilling

Haven’t had your meds today, I get it.

The whole psyop to get non-CIA niggers to use poor grammar and to reinforce poor punctuation is lame and inefficient. The only thing you accomplish is letting the rest of us known you’re either a terribly illiterate douchebag, or just a shill.

The utter amount of anti-Trump shilling on Holla Forums right now is out of control. I have never seen it this bad before.


I don't know why "third way" candidates keep shooting themselves on the foot.

Here in my country a libertarian mayor lost all his supporters after trying to tax netflix and Spotify.

What the fuck Trump, good luck with trump 2020 after you took a massive shit on the people who voted for you.

Keep crying libtard, you got no shot in 2020

Embrace the two-kiked system

Gun control is forgotten in the wake of even Kikebart being forced to report on what a disgusting corrupt cunt Sheriff Israel is.

He allowed DACA to be kept alive by commie judges and now has betrayed his campaign promises of defending the 2nd amendment.
How is this being a liberal shill?

> some jewish influence
What a bunch of crap. Liberal Jews don't make 99% of the Jews. The orthodox and ultra zionists love the guy, i.e. the scum of the scum. It's funny how you are all against anti-Trump shilling but ignore pro-trump shilling and practice it.
Trump is a zionist and a Jew slave, there is no way around it, the system is too kiked to save the white race through elections. The "Impeach Trump" shills are as much idiots as the pro-Trump shills, though, I wonder who they think that would occupy his place and how probable is it that he or she is going to be any better.

You just included yourself with that stupid post of yours, now kill yourself

corporatism is also an anglo creation that had it's roots in the (((East India Company))), that will also have to go back.

How is any of this "third way"? Also Netflix and Spotify should be taxed to death and your country is most likely a shitholes.

Why are the mods letting this board turn to shit? Place is flooded with neocons and redditors LARPing as their interpretation of a "violent Nazi monster".

Fuck off shill

Let's see how many spots in bingo this one posts hits


blame cuckchan for the recent shill flood that may or may have nothing to do with those youtube threads on /cow/

Syria still belongs to the Syrians, and Lake Kinnaret is still drying up. Only a matter of time before the desert sun and salt water turn the kikes into beef jerky. Not quite an oven, but a dehydrator works too.
I've noticed the spillover, like that pajeet girlfriend thread. At least it gets deleted here.

I can't make heads or tails of this.

False, irrelevant, and projecting.

Inflated sense of importance.

Lie less.

Says the guy who claimed "If you still support Trump, you're a shill" was a fact-based, logical discussion.

Nice concern troll, Shlomo.

Of course he's not going 1488. You're a moron if you thought that was even remotely on the table . Set realistic goals, user.

It's still not clear that this is not 4d chess.

Thank you for naming the masonic Jew.

Hit it on the head, user. Everyone needs to read Quigley's Anglo-American Establishment and understand how much kikery in rooted in the City of London.

Not an argument.

Executive branch being blamed for actions of judges. Brilliant.

We got to the point where, in this board, we have to remind how Jews always frame the debate by controlling both sides.
Some fag making a meme that calls a shill whoever calls Trump a Zionist or a kike puppet isn't gonna change the fact that he is.

watch as the angry shill struggles and cries as he is exposed


Then why don't you prove it with facts and an argument, instead of kiking around pretending you have even attempted to make an argument that would be persuasive to anyone with critical thinking skills.

And of course I love Hillary, 100% factual

Yeah of course, I have to prove that he is a zionist, like he vociferously claims, it's not you that has to prove the schizo chess theory defended by David Duke. It's funny how you Trump shills correctly identify shills like Enoch, Spencer and what not, but the same thing doesn't hold for Trump, it's always chess.

yeah the only """"argument"""" the shills who come here are "I FOUND A PICTURE OF TRUMP STANDING NEXT TO A JEW OMG!!!!" when in reality every president for the last 50 years has had close ties with Israel and kikes. Meeting with them is something our leaders have done for that long it's not out of the ordinary and it sure isn't prove that Trump is a jew

Another one crossed off in shill bingo. You might as well start shouting about "christcucks" or "ameirmutts"

David Duke worked for the State Department during Vietnam (i.e. he was CIA), and nothing in his background adds up, just like Dicky Spencer.


inb4 shareblue shill

hi leftycuck, now fuck off

add this one as well

How many based black guys in MAGA hats and BASED trannys do you see posted here retard? You get banned instantally for racism and antisemitism on /r/thedonald it's laughabale to say simply liking Trump makes you a redditor when 99% of reddit hates him and /r/thedonald is cucked to hell and back

Shareblue shill.

You can tell it's a leftist arguing when they have to resort to the laziest of strawmans

Butthurt Christian? I'm sorry that Christians are cucked, the Germans knew exactly how toxic Christianity was and that's why they planned its subversion and ultimate destruction.

< still refuses to prove claims with facts and logic

Hell I suppose

The absolute state of this board

another one for the bingo chart

Still not an argument.

Call me when your religion produces 98% of the scientific achievements in human history leading to 500 years of global political domination. Faggot.

You seem a little upset. Could it be you are not from around here and are just bleeding your entrails over this thread that gutted you?

No, Saul Alinsky. You're accusing everyone else of doing what you do. You get accused of shilling because you don't have a logical argument. Everyone can read the posts and see which side posts nothing but irrational nonsense because you're a bunch of seditious faggots that can't handle losing an election, and you're too ignorant to know you are shilling on behalf of people that ass rape and ritually murder young children.

You are shilling in this thread because your boss is extremely triggered by the open discussion of your methods. Daily reminder, you are a knowing participant in a conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws, you WILL be jailed for this, you WILL be ass raped in prison and you WILL deserve it for what you've done.

It's on this one

This is such an excellent post, I had to cap it.
Thank you user

I gotta say, I don't know if "we" won the election either. (((they))) won the election. (((they))) win most of the elections. (((they))) control both parties (false left/right dichotomy). I am rapidly losing hope that Trump was ever "our guy," even a little.

also, the idea that "sedition" against this (((government))) is necessarily wrong is laughable. we are prisoners in an occupied nation. our government is no longer our government. they no longer serve The People. especially when one recognizes the FACT that "The People" was always meant to refer to White Americans, and only White Americans. I am not defending marxists, though. they are morons.

I have come to have severe doubts if it is even possible to vote our way out of this shitpile. however I am sure that blind loyalty to Trump, or any other elected official, is a grave mistake. support them while they are on our side, do not support them when they are not. most of the elected persons do not support us in any way, however. because of (((who))) controls both parties and rigs most of the elections.

The whole thing is a fucking nightmare.

Holla Forums mods are dumbing down the board and diluting discussion.
The mods are dumbing down the Holla Forums userbase, containing Holla Forums ideas inside the board and engaging in ideological subversion by silencig dissenting views and aiding external D&C operations against different actors of the Politically Incorrect community. They have killed off literature, self-improvement and redpill threads. Mods continue to sticky, create and defend countless threads about Trump, banning all criticism of him. They have failed to curb the influx of users from circlejerks such as The_Donald. They are now classifying those who are not fully bought into Trump as left-wing shills. Many users have already began to leave over the past 2 years due to the change in moderation style.

Articles proving Holla Forums mods are compromised:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Other places to post: -MillChan (Zeronet)
g7c54d4b7yva4ktpbaabqeu2yx6axalh4gevb44afpbwm23xuuya.b32.i2p/ -Changolia (I2P)





It's not about the bump stocks themselves. It's about the direction you're shilling when you say "you don't give a fuck about" them. nose detected
Yeah, that'll pave things over.

The last time I checked, Holla Forums is of the consensus that Trump serves some of our immediate interests, but is regardless to be held under close scrutiny.
Anons shrieking that suspicion of Trump's hidden connections is "shilling" are either cuckchan imports or shills themselves.
This is a relatively new shill tactic where the objective is essentially to instill a "who is jewing who?" confusion. It's already been established, for example, that the Alt Right is civnat and probably controlled opposition. OP slyly mixed legitimate D&C phrases (e.g., amerim_tts) with a bunch of stale MAGA-tier retardation to lend his shilling some credibility. That's not to say that Trump doesn't work in our favor in some regards, but rather that, like any President with nose connections, he'll do what's beneficial for his popularity and wallet. He's not a fucking Führer 2.0.

Some shills, contrary to popular belief, aren't dumb. Use your heads out there, anons.

So I'm voting Hillary 2020?
Miley Cyrus

Just tell me Oliver

You're a Cruth Mithile now, user.

©h=©k+heavily ``kek``d

Moralfaggotry is the ultimate newfaggotry. You're self righteous and should be on reddit.

Last I check /sg/ is full of shills and literal brainlets who purposefully accept shariablue values because 'fuck drumpf and his depp staet ziocuckmutts and sheit xd', even tried to pull that 'lol just joking he'll always be a ziopuppet shill you t_d zogbottard xd' argument
Now fuck off back to cuckchan where you all belong

(((You))) are not from around here. Can I make one thing very clear to you? You can never stop us. We are the truth
Must not sleep. Must warn others. Trust blocks creep where the dust storm hovers.

Do you think shills from shareblue sign a non disclosure agreement or something like tha


This is at least partly disinfo. The niggerdick threads come from reddit user eurasiantiger.

He is a fucking crazy hapa that worships elliot rodger and made all those "roasties BTFO" comics. He thinks niggers and pure asians are superior to whites, has a massive inferiority complex, lots of money, and hires people like bui to spam niggerdicks on cuckchan all day.

There are currently 16 threads in the catalog about Trump and guns, none of which has hit 750 yet. This is of course completely organic and anyone who suggests otherwise is a reddit shill.

Don't you mean jewish shills? It's the reddit shills who are creating this spam.



Its literally is the only thing that matters. Jews and their occupation of our government/society. Everything else springs from Jews controlling our society. Remove Jewish control of white countries and remove the problem.

Your first post replied a quote by Hitler that said a big tent group is ineffective, in other words, it means cucking for the aut-kike makes us 8 lame men walking arm in arm instead of a group of National Socialists who make up a political gladiator.

sometimes shills use the term zog instead of kike as a way to avoid using the latter, not that I'm implying, but still.

Zog just means zionist occupied government. Its a skinhead term, I dont use it but its meaning is still Jews running our government. It also includes the traitor whites who are shabbos goyim zionists in government.

I know that, it's just using the term repeatedly by shills in a chain combo makes it sound obnoxious and annoying to the point that almost everytime some faggot uses it with the intent of shitting up the place with anti-American/Trump bullshit, in contrast to when addressing the kikes and cucks as a whole by anons.

These posts were found in a thread about the sudden drop in ISIS attacks.

is someone a bit sad because you kikes are getting BTFO


now gee, I wonder why a national socialist would take umbrage with the country that single-handedly created all the problems we're dealing with right now from israel to forced integration. It's a fucking mystery.


are his brother in law or something so you shitpost with this autism?

A good indication that the poster is a shill is simply jumping the gun in the first minute on any mistakes or moves done by Trump.
He proved many times over during his campaign and presidency that he plays the long game.
The Syrian tarmac treatment is the best example. DACA is another.

So if you want to act like a responsible poster wait till this actually gets passed and flood Holla Forums with told you so's.
Until then you're a dirty shill that deserves the gas treatment.


a simple way to find a shill is if he disregards everything Holla Forums has learned so far just because of some naive wishful thinking.

Everyone being mean to rump is just a normie shill that needs to drink more soy.

Wow, JUST wow.

You need to drink some soy and read a book.

The mods are our frinds and so is Trump.

No one is gonna post in those places you are shilling, me and every other veteran from the meme war are gonna stay in here,, you dumb shill.


Yeah, I am.

IOW, you have no organizational capacity, no authentication mechanism
and no secure communications. Leaving yourselves with nothing but
paranoia and ineffectual complaints to each other, against kikes.
Good luck with that. There's no urgency. It's not like you're being
out-bred 10:1 and overrun by lawless national socialist Mexican
invaders who brag of their racial purity, while lawless overlords
criminalize the act of noticing any of it. Or anything like that.

oye vato we wuz nazis un mierda

Without sentience observing and giving definition to reality there is no reality, so it’s in reality's best interest to keep you interested in it enough…..

looking for info on golf rumors.

This website related i think

Reply to this or email if you know anything

I find it sweet that you would reverse search my ip.

Makes me feel fuzzy inside

How could you forget

The sharenigger trolls are hard at it last two weeks. Half the fucking catalogue is muh drumpf shilling.

don't let the shillbugs bite

Reported for not even trying to hide your shilling.

Exactly. Up until a few weeks ago, ZOG was not a common thing to read on Holla Forums, because Holla Forums calls them kikes and does not capitalize the J or typically use jew. which you will see many shills fuck up on jew to autocorrect


Pop quiz, shlomo: If you want to talk about jews who aren't in media, aren't in banking, aren't in pornography, aren't in industry, and aren't in any field other than the government… what would you say?

Come on now you faggot.
The answer to your question is the haredi. They are the kike equivalent of niggers. that is not implying that practically all kikes are not niggers either

So no, you have absolutely no way of distinguishing types of jews–or their intention–and would prefer people be confused and the waters be muddied by your lack of accuracy.

Just like a jew. How about that. Reported.

What the fuck do you think haredi is you idiot?
Enlighten me then if it's wrong in your fucking whacko spergworld you fucking spergfaggot. You're the one playing the fucking word games like a kike.
And if you think the mods will ban someone for that post, you need to lurk two thousand more years.

P.s. you faggots were wrong on;
Syria Airfield
Las vegas GUN REVIEW
And no amount of offtopic D&C slideposting you can do will change that.

Not the ZOG, and therefore useless to the discussion and not an answer. Thanks for playing. You are a shill.
Pop quiz, SHLOMO: Is Ruth Bader Ginsberg a haredi jew? Be careful. If she isn't, you admit that you're 100% wrong.
Nope. Keep crying out in pain.
You replied to the wrong post.

You do realize not all zog are kikes eh?
Zog is a shitty normalfag friendly term anyway - just call them kikes.
Never heard of them in my life and I don't care. If she's a kike, she gets the rope too.

Just leaving this here for lurkers
Nothingburgers shilled to shit here.

>You do realize not all zog Zionists are kikes eh?

Thanks for asserting something that no one questioned.
Reported. You are too stupid to be posting here. You lack even the most basic requisite knowledge to be an actual Holla Forumsack.
Thanks for admitting that she is not haredi and therefore that you are 100% incorrect, you WATER-MUDDYING YID.


fucking lol
How about that.
Thanks. for. asserting. something. that. no. one. questioned. How about you reread WHAT YOU JUST WROTE, YOU FUCKING YID:

Still mad about the holocaust too, Herschel?

At least we have drinkable water and not an imperiled Lake Kinnaret that will dry up no matter how many "navy showers" you take.

im just a rouge OWL fag. not much to do here really besides looking at what your neighboors is saying on the internet and SMS

how does do dis plox?

speak atleast three languages, have a university diploma in security or political science, have no criminal record, get trough the background, medical, legal and psychological tests and then send a job application to your nearest state security or intelligence agency.

it was good while it lasted.
keep these attack vectors open while you browse, add possible new ones and post ITT
attack vectors
-the zionald
-muh background check
-NO, U
-gb 2 reddit
-zog emperor
-chabad lubavitch
-bibi netanyahu
-any meeting with israel politicians which is standard diplomacy
-bump stock ban
-kushner shills
-children are married to jews this somehow implies they control him
-daca (which Don is fucking ending)
-wall not built (which is getting built)
-jerusalem acknowledged (which is causing massive turmoil in the middle east) muslims say they may lose mecca
-amnesty don
-88d chess
-go back to r_thedonald
-you're controlled by jared kushner
-don't vote
-trump has betrayed us
-two parties, doesn't matter who you vote for
-trump is controlled by jews
-over the top calling everyone jews
-alt-right sliding
-trs eceleb shit
-calling everyone trssodomites
-every real movement is CIA/controlled opposition (without any proof)
-character assasination related to former (without any proof)
-character assasination by association (i.e. this person met that person once, therefore they are jews/subverted/untrustworthy
-dicky spencer eceleb shit/slide
-any eceleb aggressive slide
-shareblue/ mediamatters / american bridge21 / David Brock PAC former CTR
-various antifa

have you stopped the strike?

i speak english, spanish, german, studying ind/mnf egn and desire to be a product designer… no network security exp…

i mean how do i learn such a skill on my own?

oh and can you figure out were torniggers like me are at?

did we talk about tactical gear @perunika?
Also, greva na pivo?
I promise not to hurt u

Like this:

boomers come into indirect contact with imageboards through facebook proxy. Very few, if any, actually participate on the chans. Post that sound boomer as fuck are probably just redditfags.

One of these things is not like the others.

can't tell if really good pitpul or autism


no we arent allowed to participate in political movements or events friend

not very usefull
you dont. and services will pick up people with certified knowlidge in the field (diploma etc), not amateurs or potential bad apples

no. there was like 3 our citizens in that thread, we just monitored
thats compromising both agent credibility and the overall protocol you know. gets you fired or transfered to the police if you have lucky "freinds"

The hohols use
- putler/jewtin
- azov is totally /ourguys/, just don't mind that bit about that (((totally white guy))) in charge
- ukrop stronk
- uia (uidf) doesn't exist

can you please expose the goddamned rachel maddow posters?

those fuckers need the rope.

Yeah because when I debate things with idiots like you, I will google something for 5 seconds and then larp about it, pretending to be an expert? Sounds like something you would do, I do not. I'm not going to google that kike and pretend to know what you are talking about.

But yeah, as I said, not banned and won't be, because I'm not a shill. So fuck off with your semantics horse shit.



"Woe unto you lawyers"

Luke 11:52

no, its an american that keeps switching IPs, mostly from your east coast because its against Holla Forums rules and a direct violation of protocol
i might be bored but im not stupid or a showoff

Good to know /ourguys/ are in some of the dark, shitty pervy places.
I'm amazed you even post here openly like that TBH. Not like it's hard to track everything on the net..

its not illegal and noone cares. Were in a safe country and the only threat on the internet are leaks and Religion of Cuck™ists that usually just pass trough our borders while going to or returning from syria.
also im not political, im just passing time

Even pulling IPs and divulging area information here? Pretty sure that's unlawful search but I'm not a lawyer.
do you have operational quantum cracking?
do you care about private quantum development/black project tier shit
or just pisslams/leaks?
surely leaks would cover quantum shit..
how close is sudpol on antarctica..?
Any of them would be great ;) Thanks user.

no IPs were cited any no compromising information shared, im not the first one to do things like this, so its ok.
also cant
obviously all potential threats are taken into account but noone bothers going after hate speech and conspiracy theories
could be
its there?

im gone off the shift on friday, have a nice day

ali kaj nadzorujete rtvslo/uporabniška imena?
Tvoje mnenje o Damirju Črnčecu?

mislil sem, če ste zaključili s stavko, so z strani vlade odobrene vaše stavkovne zahteve? hvala in lep pozdrav

Sam nekj preverm - prosm povj mi četrto kitico himne sv, pa drugo,tretjo in peto vrstico četrte povodnega moža

kako je bila imenovana prvotna valuta rs?



Provzaprov sm sigurn da ne veš o čem ti zdle govorim. Kje mate sedež? Pa kako si črkoval glavn mest? Dj odjeb s temu l4rp0m.
Hahaha nisi na b-ju
Na ta post itk nauš odgovoru k nimaš blage kva t govorim

A bo šlo? Kva je pička. Mod ne ufuravej se pa larpej delej raj svoj deu

Dou ti bom še zadno šanso da se izkažeš. Kje je skrit Kralj Matjaž?
Drgač me pa ne jebat s tem pizdarijam poskrbte vi raj za Džesenajs pa Rudnik pička vam lena materina

Stavkal boste. D vs ni sram

kaj ti bluziš?

Shills use the term ZOG or jew instead of kike, and it seems like they're trying to make the zog term more common than kike (((for some reason)))

ZOG is a more common term with honeypot organizations like the KKK. They would love to be able to lump Holla Forums in with Richard Spencer and David "Secret Name" Duke.


Fuck the shills really.
It's fucking pathetic tbh.
Holla Forums wins more and more
support for Don grows
[email protected]


when are you going back? youre not making america any better, youre just making Holla Forums worse

anytime some one says 'kike free first post' this user spergs out and calls people nu-Holla Forums and posts this same image about the Jewtube comment. really makes me think

The shills love getting first post for some reason. Kike Free First Post Sniper user is a hero.

Bump because this thread angers the kikes

I've been seeing a lot of this type of bot post in threads today

These three characteristics:
Pictures sometimes appear but sometimes not.


Another one like this today.

Thread is "Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED" and post is "I'm ashamed to have even a little British ancestry."


Attached: db8.gif (500x297, 287.59K)

Only they never ever have, they like you, fight for one side of the ZOG-control grid [neo-liberals], whereas you openly shill for the ziocon side

99% of every single "kike-jew" posting here promotes jewry and Republican NeoCohen politics while calling everyone else a kike or reporting others for daring to point out they're shilling for ZOG

And yet, he never realizes his utter failure in life.




saying america is kiked isnt blackpilling, its a basic fucking redpill you neocohen dumbfuck

youre literally saying (1) shitposts are good and actual debates are bad. youre literally defending shilling and shitposting.

Attached: 1467903513713.jpg (480x621, 297.05K)

I will add my collection of rare shareniggers

Attached: shareblue ollieee.jpg (1000x1000 37.37 KB, 118.21K)

S0va, si še zmer kle?

So let me get this straight, if you didn't criticize Trump 2 months ago you were a reddit shill, but if you criticize him now your a reddit shill. that sounds like some divide and conquer shill speech right there. I don't understand why the fuck people don't realize this but the election was not about Trump. It was about electing someone who wasn't a neocon, had some balls and was different. Trump's election was a message and a principle to show (((them))) that (((they))) are not invincible. Trump was never the leader of Holla Forums nor was he the guy who sparked the new generation of nationalism. He merely gave it some hope and boosted it's popularity. There should not be one leader and there should not be one group only one movement loosely connected by ideals. Shills seek to place people into a box to make them conform to whatever benefits their employers. They also seek to divide and start infighting amongst people and the factions they created to make it so the people can not accomplish anything. The pro-Trump and anti-Trump shilling is both part of that, do not be fooled. Don't be a lemming and instead think freely and recognize the divide and conquer tactics. So in short,

No you got that wrong, Trump has not been allowed to be criticised on Holla Forums since Bannon/Kushnerstarted funding the chanboards
You can't divide and conquer between lying kike-jews and National socialist anons
Yet he's the NeoCon's NeoCon who entire cabinet if filled with more elite globalist zionist jews than Bush
I thought Holla Forums was about the Red-Pill, not playing along with jewish politics>>11374576

Attached: VoteForThisJewNoNoNoVoteForThisJewInstead.JPG (501x357, 48.57K)


Attached: YAREYAREYAREYARE.png (926x678, 127.68K)

Have you seen these threads?
When I said not a neocon, I meant he didn't behave and act like a neocon during the election. Trump wasn't a neocon initially but he is being manipulated and turned into one.


Attached: bingo.png (1000x1000 44.47 KB, 128.06K)


OP is a fag.

how is that shilling
are we trying to blue pill the average pol user here?

Jesus Christ this thread is cancer.

Its working

I love how this triggers the fuck out.of shills.

i dont know, redditors are still here.

When exactly did you come to the conclusion that this is an effective idea?

i didnt call everyone reddit, i just said that we still have those shills here.

lrn 2 reed. user said that 1 post by this id is a shitpost/shillpost

where did he say that?

What's that, someone is so assblasted by a single bingo image that he weht on autism-mode and screeching on the entire board?
Here, let me help you on that, bump.

u mad?

fucking wew

Attached: 133a7694d90c031d0.gif (500x337, 1.26M)


Oh please stop it, I can't take this anymore.

Attached: he still replies to me.gif (1558x838 658.93 KB, 733.74K)

It isn't if you take his behavior as president as a whole. Obviously his weak spot is children being harmed, as Florida and to a lesser degree DACA has proved. Whether this is his daughter's influence or it's purely the man himself I don't know but it doesn't matter much. I expect "think of the children" type events to be progressively used more and more as leverage against the Trump administration from here on out. It could prove to be disastrous given the right circumstances.

Don't reply to them, they are a shill who has been busy shitting this place up for weeks now.
If you don't understand what muh_airfield actually did to the kikes, then you need to LURK MORE.
95% of the shills do not understand this, thus are glowing faggots which makes it hilarious when they sperg out over it.

what did it do exactly? prove that the russians can down US missiles without fireing a shot?

The shills are completely ruined and all they can do anymore is REEE and post meaningles spam threads when mods are asleep
Feels good, man.


Attached: images (4).jpeg (980x742 18.17 KB, 111.34K)


working on more vectors specifically for Europe and USA

Attached: attack_vectors_2 (1)

Shills focus on the attack and the media shit + the kike talking points.
E.g. that multiple countries were threatening action/strikes in Syria over the 4th or 5th muh chemical weapons push the kikes had days prior.
Basically kikes nearly got people to start bombing Syria with their cianigger/mossadnigger white helmets propaganda and similar.
Trump says 'fuck your kike CW shilling campaign' and drops a few Tomahawks on the outskirts of an airbase, after giving RU + SY forces heads up.
He did this the 5th time a month or so later when the CW shit came up again, by dropping the CNN bomb which made the media totally focus on the CNN shit.

Kikes have since completely given up on muh CW shilling against Syria and have mostly been driven out of Syria, both ISISrael mercs and kurdniggers are utterly BTFO.
Trump also let Al-Tanf (muh CIAnigger airbase) get encircled and also did nothing while the Iraq-Syria border opened up, allowing ground resupply from Iran for Hezbollah, the kikes most hated enemy. Syrian war will be over in less than two years at this rate, three years ago I would have been expecting Syria to fall before the Russians got involved.

All Nazi posters on this board are certified Jewish.


how is the mutt meme a shill tactic

dont you know? for the last two years retards and immigrants to Holla Forums have had a new saying

hey faggot, i got a safespace for ya. its a

Kike free last post

Why not another one?

Kek. It was at 750 when I replied. The board's page 1 shows it at 744 right now. The post count at the bottom of this thread says 749. Something unusual is going on here.