The Brilliance of Trump's "Gun Control" Tweet

The shilling today has been through the roof.

He is not breaking any promise and he is NOT going after your guns. Trump knows Congress is Republican dominated right now and that none of these recommendations will go trough not with Rs wanting to secure their base for elections. But Trump gets to give the appearance that he cares and if another incident happens he can blame Congress thus keeping normie support.

Also, by making the mid-terms about gun rights it will motivate Republican voters like nothing else causing a giant red wave come election day. Maybe you shills should stick to checkers.

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How many threads do you want to make about Trump and guns?

kill yourself you jew rat

The only shills here are the ones actually defending Trump over this horseshit.

fuck yourself, nigger

How is he a jew for correctly pointing out you're shitting up the board? Their are plenty of trump-gun control related thread, post in those you faggot. But you're obviously seething from getting BTFO in those threads so you're making this thread to shill and control the narrative.


this only works when it's a democrat in power moving on guns
if republicans cuck who exactly are they getting up to vote for?




Nobody. Republicans shot themselves in the foot and they did so intentionally. Democrats, full-on retards tho they are, have celebrities to bank on. The Republican Party is officially dead, Trump won't be getting a second term, but this board will still sob and cry over their God Emprah just being misunderstood. Hilarious. You'd think a board that was all about truth would've been able to not be deceived like a bunch of faggots, but my oh my if they haven't given the Jews a good hearty laugh.

Oh man if only we had enough MORE based republicans then things we'll surely get better.

They don't like your thread. It's worthy of a sticky :^)


Hear this, faggot. This site won't die, this board won't die, only commie faggots will die within their increasing debts to Sanders #norefund. 3 years of buffalo queers.

I would add that this will make it much more likely that we can get the wall.

Remember, in negotiations, you always wind up giving up something. Say you want to buy a car. You have to give up something you have to get that car - something. You will give up something you like, too. You have to. The trick is to pay as little as possible, and to make sure the quality is there in what you're getting. This is the master deal maker at work. He knows deals are made this way. Something for something. The trick is to make the other side think they're getting so fucking wonderful, when it's actually less than you thought you'd have to give up.

Are you looking forward to Oprah and Zuckerberg for 2020?

So, you're saying you find stickies to be an enemy? Remember, if you hit Catalog why, you don't have any issues with stickies - stickies are an old complaint, by people who aren't from around here, and don't know anything about Holla Forums.



I'm looking forward for Ossoff. Oh wait. Who was it, Biden? No, Hillary again? No, maybe that Kennedy again? Or was it Sanders, Warren, that spic who cries often.

^ kike's afraid.

We're winning, friends. WE WIN IT ALL.



During the campaign the mass bannings cleaned out all the opposition and drowned them in red texting bot spam. Never recovered.


Oh sure, that cp spam yesterday sure showed that (((you))) were winning.

Shills are thicker than niggers on chicken today. Must be a lot of corpses floating down the river for them to get their pussies so sandy over muh Tinyhands Orange Drumpfenkiker.

Reminder spam is 99% by CIA agents.

Yep, and they hate this thread. The others are theirs. They're attacking us, you know, trying to divide us. They have people who go in screeching like goddamn animals, as if they are hard-line right wingers "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" - like it's those whites in Harold and Kumar or whatever their nigger and curry names are.


Or maybe there are those of us who have been around since /n/, watching this board betray everything is said it stood for to defend a Zionist.

The cp, "remove Holla Forums mods", "Waaah, I was banned" spam?


^ CIA agent, taunting the people, who are afflicted by them, that rapist, he, the sager, filtered.

checked and lol

Fuck off.

The funniest thing about web boards and comments sections is that 90% of the liberals are hired hands, because they're all degenerate rapists, drug dealers, sloven animals and trash, cowards, doers of all kinds of disgusting depravities.

Oh nu/pol/, you poor stupid child. All you have is your memes and delusions, can't you see that?

God I remember this pro NK threads in/pol/. Absolutely cancerous. They were literally supporting Little Kim, all because their hatred towards Trump winning the elections. These people are miserable.

Why do you talk like such a fuckin' communist weirdo? You sound like you're North Korean or something.

I have yet to meet an intelligent Democrat or Liberal or Communist.

Shall this be the day they produce anyone of sound mind? I doubt it, but perhaps it shall happen, one day, in all of history. But it is naive of me to think that I'll be the one to face such opposition.

Rather, all opposition is of idiots, but admittedly they have but imbeciles to fool, so they need not be competent.

This is a nice image.

Can you tip your fedora any harder?

"Fedora" refers not to mere intellectuals of the logical kind, but specifically to atheists.

And, I would add, nice way to start out, with a fallacy ha-ha-ha

What the shills don't know is that their unsuccessful pushes create greater and stronger trust in Trump.

Blindly supporting someone no matter what and creating rationalizations for behavior that goes against previous promises isn't healthy for the board at all. Half of the "shills" here are most likely just anons who are pissed off at Trump going against his word and campaign promises. Having the board led by its nose by what is /at best/ a civic nationalist is not going to help Holla Forums reach its goals of Gassing the kikes, and Race war now.

this is the truth of the decade

The board's support for North Korea precedes Trump's campaign.

Nobody is rationalizing behavior. We are analyzing a master at negotiations, and his negotiations, which are not precisely behavior.

He openly stated he is pushing for bumpstock bans you fucking cocksucking cretin.

Some of us voted for Trump so he would protect America's interests. You clearly just want to suck his cock. Wonder how much you are getting paid.

That is, "behavior" is a weasel word, especially here, and cannot really be trusted. It is better to write out precisely what types of behaviors you're referring to.

Those nice digits force me to take your word for it.

Right, statements.

"rationalizing" is a biased word. It presents as impossible the notion of intelligence and strategy.

I, as a White Man, find repugnant the lie that I cannot, and my White People cannot be of strategy.

This is your mind on chess.

ahahahahahahahah how can you attack intellect? What sort of woman-nigger are you?!

It's because NK is one of the last "successfully implemented socialism state" that Holla Forums has left to admire. And those threads during that time lacked any "best Korea" comedy. These people literally took NK seriously.


Well autismd.

Your fallacy: ad hominem

There has yet to be 1 intelligent Liberal that I have found…

No. It's because North Korea doesn't recognize israel and is 99% Korean. The board's support for North Korea predates Holla Forums's existence.

So basically you are calling Trump a liar and telling me to trust him in one breath.

Neck yourself, you mindless drone.

But there are, commies that shot themselves.

Well intellected, muh pede.

That must be it, and definitely not because they're Israel's enemy.


It's like the same three pictures every time. Just make a copypasta my dude. Save yourself from getting all worked up.


You can paste an image, but you are incapable of articulating a position. Your view is there is something like a contrast, and a contrast is invalidation, but of course this is fallacious.

Sure thing dude, only oldfags have to point out how much of an oldfag that they are.

Hello. How nice of you to have come here. We are not that many, you know? It's always exciting to have new visitors hanging out with us, that understand us at least a little bit. Feel free to browse around, most of us were like you when we arrived here, and we do understand if you reject our words… we would wish things to be different too, you must know. I hope that you will one day too, strive to act in goodness, not expecting reward or praise. Perhaps you will be our next super-hero, who knows? I think you have it in you. Always listen to your heart, and don't let anyone pressure you doing otherwise. Take care :)

Still, best korea is best korea and every true Holla Forumsack supports best korea vs. JewSA.


Whatever faggot, get ass cancer :^)

Bumpstocks are used by low IQ untermench
Oh no age limit raised to 21. Whatever we shall do when Billy Bob Jr from bumfuck nowhere can't buy a full automatic for his 18th birthday?



Yeah, restricting guns is great. Now defend more background checks too please. Tell me how great they are.

You don't know what ad hominem is. It's not mere insults. It's insults which pretend a conclusion by them.

And, I would add, that you demonstrate my point, that I had to explain this to you, and furthermore that you are none the wiser by my educational. Indeed, I have not met an intelligent Liberal. I know of one that exists in the world, and that is Dershowitz, but he has been labeled a sellout, by Liberals, so perhaps he doesn't count as one anymore.

Yep. Minor concessions. Anyway, it should be the authority of the household that determines what happens in a household.

100 IQ normalfag the_donald with fedora delusions of grandeur detected.

Betcha $100 that stupid faggot winds up on crack.

Gg faggot, you played yourself.

Welcome to the logic school for retards (Liberals).

Funny how these are the exact same arguments Obongo supporters were spouting after Sandy Hook. It's hope and change all over again.


ahahaha no they weren't, you liar! Jeepers, you people are CREEPY. God damn you. May Jesus Christ himself slit your throat.

Or just ignore them.

Just keep burning through those IPs, chaim. Four fucking years of this shit.

He unequivocally promised to NOT attack the 2nd Amendment.
He just used his podium to suggest revoking the 2nd Amendment Rights of those in the 18-20 age bracket.

He and the kikes he rode in with can go fuck themselves.

Are you one of those "it's not the jews, it's the commies" B'nai Birch Society revivalists?

shall not be infringed.


oh wait, the exact fucking opposite happened.

Well they seem to be begging quite fondly for the attention.

CIA nigger confirmed.


Hahahaha gas yourself

I didn't even see normalfag posting until I was already a man, faggot.

According to the same jewish media who told you 20 guys in a cave pulled off 9-11, Saddam had nukes, and Bashar Assad hid those nukes for him? Filtered.

the fuck does that have to do with revoking the Rights of Americans?
and why are said beaners STILL fucking HERE?

Whoever you're talking with I have on ignore, for idiotic and rude behavior. I have no time for garbage, and there's a lot of garbage humanity.

We aren't in an ideological struggle, we're in a racial one. Anything that's good for the jews, is bad for us.

Yeah, neck yourself too faggot.


Are you trying to make this sound as some sort of "think of the 6 million" holocaust?
Are you seriously doing that?

You're not a man, faggot.

Give it up, Moshe. North Korea isn't exporting their ideology, but they are arming Israel's enemies. Once the last jew's been gassed, then maybe we can worry about clearing up the remnants of the ideologies they created, not before, and definitely not in a way that benefits them.

Oh, just like the Las Vegas shooting review ban? Literally shoah'd the 2A there! Wew!
And the DACA amnesty? Let in 6 gorillion spics now, didn't the?
And Assad is literally 6ft under now after those strikes, right? Assad is a lampshade now

WRONG, faggot. Every enemy is an enemy. Be it commie, a faggot, a liberal, a nigger, a spik, a half-breed or a Palestinian mudshit.

discord is calling you, tranny kike.

Remember how those kikes lied and pretended like their kike spy was an American Christian? Remember that? And then when the kike came back they denied an autopsy, but an external examination proved the kike parents had lied, as he had zero dental damage, but the kikes had lied and claimed they had been pulled out. It was literally the Holocaust all over again.

You Holla Forums niggers have completely lost focus. You don't even see how what you're saying makes fundamentally no sense.

You mean jewish? Stalin ran a jewish mafia which murdered tens of millions of white Russians. The 'communist' part is irrelevant. They were by and large kikes.

You mean like fighting wars for the jewish enemy because they're against a communist country that poses no threat to us nor has any influence?

Stalin didn't run anything, he was a shabbos goy frontman.

You created me, now you have to live with it :^(

Karl Marx was a kike. It's literally the same thing.


Because communism is a Jewish invention

Fuck off with your #freepalesting. Cut your arteries to show your red color to your comrades.

Yeah you've lost it m8. You deal in black and white like a child. Holla Forums confirmed retarded.

You kikes ruined yourselves by being utter shit. White people aren't responsible for shit people who can't make themselves not shit. Subhuman.

Exactly, but naming the jew is always more important than calling them 'commies'.

No, I'm advocating the position of op. It's smart. Trump has made a brilliant move, and he deserves recognition. The other threads are theirs, which argue in opposition to this position, and I think we, by coming here, place up a banner of our truth. We are not like you, you kike cowards, who ban from Twitter, and FB, and wherever. We are prepared for you. And you have proved unable to take on the challenge.

I have never met an intelligent Liberal in my life. Perhaps today it shall happen. It hasn't yet, today, however.

JIDF certainly isn't sending their best and brightest.

The tormuld says we will win in the end. Zion and the_donald will fall, but kek will remain. So states the tormuld.

They are more concerned with their toys and ideology. I think they got used to it by being called out in a way. So both maybe.

Read it out loud. Communism failed. It failed so hard as your life and attempts here. Get a job.

I think i will start making skeletons for each new "if".

Ok, thanks for stopping by.

This is such an incredible problem. I don't know the correct way to handle the JQ, because people are conditioned to be repulsed by anyone, regardless of their intellect of morality, who challenges the kikes. But I think you're right. It's just that you're going to become alienated, and designated persona non grata. Who can really do this but the independently wealthy? Those who are starved by the system of political oppression, for we are oppressed by the kike overlords who brigade to complete ruin any who oppose them, even if they just work at a hot dog stand, who are put out on the streets, and have very little, are ignored, and hated, as trash. Those who suck kike cock are rewarded, and, having money, are the instant love of all the women of society, for they love more money than their own babies, and their future, and have nothing in their hearts like what is right, or righteous.

Don't forget, 18 is alright to die for your country and vote but not good enough to own a gun to protect those rights.

Shills hate this!

You saged. You don't belong here, because you're not being respectful of White People.

A 14 year old can intentionally get pregnant, with no repercussions, but is barred from working at a brothel. Compare this to your "army-18" argument.

And another thing. That's not a meme.

Now who doesn't belong here?
Here's your (you), faggot


I fucking hate you so god damn much.

Eat shit kike.

Every single time he doesn't go through with their vague threads they back off and try again when something vague about betraying his voters occurs. Everyone on Holla Forums should be used to this by now. Shills are desperate because this is their one move at this point.

Kek. You couldn't make this shit up. Proving the point that this board has basically become a civnat, neo-con version of twitter, reddit and FB.

This is a good article from years ago that details the jews falling out of love with the communist bloc [though not out of love with using the same tactics they pioneered to get the ball rolling in the first place] because they ended up being stripped of the privileged positions they set up for themselves in the aftermath of the October Revolution.’s-1937-counter-revolution-against-trotskyism/


This makes sense but it could also act as a rallying point for the left. Definitely playing with fire. He needs to keep the left tearing at each other over DACA.

Saved. Make more.

This may be more 4D chess. Hear me out:

The legislation would probably call for a database of mentally ill persons, compromising medical privacy for the mentally ill. By voting for it, Democrats will piss off voters who champion the rights and dignity of the disabled. The legislation would also include heavier restrictions on purchasing firearms. By voting against it, though, they piss off voters who want scary-looking guns to go away. It's all calculated to put them in a lose-lose situation: sacrifice mentally ill people's medical privacy for gun restrictions, or sacrifice gun restrictions for mentally ill people's medical privacy.

This explains why Democrats been ignoring the mental health aspect of mass murderers for all these years, and directing their mindless voters' blame and anger at the weapons used. It's much easier to get their constituents angry at an inanimate object than at the mentally ill, because 1, liberals balk at stigmatizing the disabled, and 2, without mean ol' rifles as a distraction, Democrats would be forced to answer questions about mental illness that inevitably conclude that the real threat to public safety is unmonitored mental illness, not firearms, destroying their whole anti-gun platform.

you need to work on your act a bit more, nigger


well thought out, now if only it would play out that way irl.

Trump and a REPUBLICAN congress are about to do more damage to the 2nd amendment than Obongo ever could, and you're cheering them on. Eat shit you fucking r/thedonald moron.

no it's not. you are >pic related

he is out there emboldening the attack on the 2nd amendment. he's worst than obama for the fact he's (((bipartisan))) and any legislation with his kosher fucking seal of approval just needs a few turncoat republicans to vote it into permanency.
really shouldn't be much of a surprise. reagan did this as well. probably should never trust a (((republican))) out of a libtard state.

^ that is a CIA agent shill.

First of all, nothing has happened.
Secondly, nothing has happened.
And thirdly, nothing has happened.

:^) But you CIA boys are butthurt that we've realized the genius of our leader.

^ CIA agent

Note how the post lacks real memetic content, isn't anything that makes sense in context, but contains the implantation of thoughts of suicide in White Nationalists (this is an op of theirs, under their main goal, killing of White People, the main goal of the CIA - consider, dear reader, pic related).


He's not a king. Nothing in America works like you Liberals and foreigners think it does. It all has to go through Congress, and nothing happens fast around here.

ahahahahaha so the attack "you're having a meltdown" is exclusive to those who hate White People. I'm not certain why that is…


Here is a very good example of what is happening:
Liberals are telling us, through their astroturfing and insults and so on that we must not be willing to allow even a tiniest concession so that we may win in November.

Why would they want us to lose in November? Is it because this will increase our rights? Or will they decrease. This is all so transparent, and, while we may prefer to have everything without any strategic withdrawals (or those which are merely symbolic, such as meaningless endorsement of de minimis measures), to give up little to keep 99.9999% of what we have, as the alternative to losing 100% of what we have in the way of gun rights is an easy and very WHITE bargain to make. I am a White Man. What are you?

and what exactly are we getting for these new gun control measures? what are the liberal concessions here?

But you see, it goes through Congress, and then it always comes with changes and attachments. They can't leave well enough alone. And now there's an excuse to get rid of it. Plus, Republicans will be forced, finally, to #BuildTheWall, and get it started before 2018, which is so LOLOOOO I can't even believe it. And for what? Cheap plastic garbage in the form of "slide fire" crap and having to wait 2 years until you're old enough to buy an AR - but your parents can buy you one. keeek it's nothing, niggers.


Hell yes I, as a White Person, will take a damn fine deal. I'm White. What the hell are you?

We don't have any gun control measures. We don't even have an agreement in principle.

Nothing has happened.
In addition, nothing has happened.
Also, and in summary, nothing has happened.
Addendum: nothing happened.


i hope so, not feeling nearly as confident here

I literally went to the_donald and copy+pasted the first bs thing I saw just to see if anyone here would bite. Kill yourself you gun grabbing neocon shithead. You have less than 3 years until this retarded amnesty pushing kike puppet is out of office.

But do you understand why at least the sense of compromise is necessary? The reason is women. Women get scared, and they use proxy power, so they think they can just get whatever they want from men, no matter how shitty the tools are. Perhaps there's a way to communicate with them, but women are weak in this area. They prefer safety and such. Anyway, we have to throw right-wing ladies a bone, and that's just how it is. But how it gets done is another question (women don't actually know if anything happens, they just want to feel safe).

But women still have the vote. They believe the FBI wouldn't kill their babies, and they, even right-wing church women, suck hard on government schlong.


compromise to me, means we get something and we give something, what are we getting here?. If we have to appease right wing women's need for safety, we have to figure out a way that doesn't trample our 2nd amendment. There is no point in appeasing leftist of any strip at all, they will vote to impeach Trump as soon as they are able, let alone vote to reelect him, he needs a pumped up base to win the mid terms, not a deflated one

fuck off you "strategic withdrawal" faggot. Nobody wants it. Not a single white republican woman wants this. Only you do.


Not everyone who disagrees with you is Shareblue.

When the airstrike in syria happened, I remember that there were posters here saying that Trump had turned traitor, and that the morons here amongst us would defend him even if he came out in support of gun control. At the time, I assumed that these posters must be shills. Yet, here we are.
For fuck's sake, if there's one issue where we cannot cede ground, it's the 2nd amendment. The fact is, that Trump has supported gun control up until the period just before the election, and even during the election, he pretty much only paid lip service to the issue.

The OP is, at its heart "But-but he didn't mean it!" The fact is, endorsing gun control (regardless of its likelihood of success) will lose him more votes from his core supporters, than any that will be gained from a few normalfags. This also ignores that any centrist normies who would possibly vote for him are somewhat against gun control. If this is a tactical move by Trump, it's a fucking stupid one.

Yep, the no-compromise astroturfer, namely:

Is deceptive and refuses all right of the White People to debate, compromise, and ideas, and strategy.

But you ARE a nigger.

as fast as that dumbass.

Make the Dems actually run on Gun Control and DACA. If framed right, Republicans look like they offer a solution to both and Democrats offer no solution.

tens of thousands of people are dropping him if you take a look anywhere on (((social media))).

However, nothing has happened. Additionally, banning slide fire isn't "turncoat".

All or nothing thinking is the hallmark of a nigger.

The only ones left on social media are CIA shills, retard. But as for dropping him, it's not 2020 in November, it's 2018, and so this is a matter of Congress trying to get reelected.

So here's the question: Will their wives vote for congress who didn't vote for symbollic big nothing legislation?

You see, most men don't know their wives. But women are by nature very communist. It's how they are. Do you think there is some great number of women who consider gun rights a #1 priority? Perhaps 1/100,000 considers guns a top priority, yes, that few.

muh 175907152709d chess
the solution is?

Liar. Illegal immigration came, first of all, from Abraham Lincoln and the Republican rump legislatures, and their various phony elections.

That's where your spics came from.

So fuck you, liar.

no. i was referring to jewtube. you can tell the post made by obviously shills and genuine post. i'm raising the fucking alarm so trump knows his jewish masters won't save him from a voting chopping block.
really makes you think

>he's having a meltdown
strawman btw

This is precisely the problem. Liberals think like niggers and negotiate on a all or nothing basis. Conservatives compromise. This means that sometimes liberals lose big but sometimes they win big, while conservatives just try to lose as slowly as possible.

You know chess has come far when the best they can chess up is "it's what women want" chess.

^ CIA shill. Not a real meme (they don't understand our culture)

kike tube is controlled by the kikes, who censor like crazy. Only useful idiots and controlled opposition remain - literally. Consider the censorship, recently, of Medium. Cernovich and Loomer got kicked off of the platform. But this has been going on through a million methods, on all the platforms.

Here's the situation - shall we be White People or NIGGERS?
1. Niggers cannot comprehend the idea of: wait to eat the banana, instead plant it, that it may grow into another banana tree and feed you excellently
2. So niggers refuse even the slightest compromise
3. Niggers also don't have a theory of mind, so they think women are exactly the same as them, somehow

^ shareblue
I can tell because of the image name.

There isn't a single white republican woman who wants more gun control, and not a single white democrat woman who will switch to voting Trump if he pushes more gun control.

A republican pushing gun control is not only an attack on America, it is a bad election strategy.

You are the only person who wants this, you faggot.

It has happened before. 1986 ban was Reagan, and most of the import bans were Bush the first.

Banning anything is in violation of the 2nd amendment, and therefore the constitution. Trump took an oath to defend the constitution, and by infringing on the 2nd Amendment, is an oathbreaker.

Take note, I have not yet met up with an intellectual Liberal. Still none on offer. I remain uncontested, without a doubt more intelligent than 100% of Liberals (Dershowitz definitely seems incredibly intelligent, but nobody has claimed him as a Liberal, anymore, and Christopher Hitchens is dead).

I don't think you understand how bananas work.

trump sycophants need to eat a bullet. same for the mods gobbling up his cock

keeeek I actually do, but I like the idea of convincing niggers to plant bananas - this is actually an example of the point I'm making, about being a White Person

i know that. reagan got machineguns banned in the 1986 FOPA, the bush sr ban was on "assault weapon rifles". yeah. confusing as hell. bush could have made all .50 BMG rifles "destructive devices" but did not.

he's having a meltdown. the /r/the_donald shills are on suicide watch.

If you look at Trump's donor base, it's very clear why he is trying to get the ball rolling. Zionist capital wants an increasingly isolationist and resistant American population disarmed.

You are threatening to kill members of Congress.

So you're that faggot.

Who's your mother? Didn't she teach you any manners?

He should be pushing for LESS gun control, not more. Gun control costs lives, it does not save them.

I tell you, so many niggers of Shareblue.

trumpcucks everybody

when women get emotional you slap some sense in her, soyboy

But what about women? Remember, women vote, and Republican church-going women are weak on guns, and pretty much worship the government.

^ kike. They kill Christians.




Donald Trump won the primaries and the general election while calling for nation wide conceal carry. Your little theory is false.

You speak like a drunken Slav.

owned. :^) You're an astroturfer. I can tell because you abandon arguments to your cozy home of shit slinging, because you are shit, shit made. From shit you came, and shit you shall ever be.

I don't even think that's legally considered a threat


I just joined the NRA. Feels good man!

No, that's not how he won. That was something that attracted MEN, not women! Women don't really like guns, really. Even if you take frontier-type women, they only kind of are OK with them. You have to have a realistic assessment and realize that women having the vote means that our policies are necessarily somewhat pozzed. And this is how politics are. We have what we want, and we have goals, and we have this alternative, as I discussed, with the banana trees. It's a joke, but it's also an idea, and you will notice how the astroturfers ignored the concept, and just mocked bananas, because they are just a bunch of niggers.

But the truth is we give up small symbolic but meaningless things so as to win elections and put into place substantial things which we make for our allies powerful and significant, but which we make to seem small and insignificant to our enemies.

Sun Tzu covered this idea, and I can quote from him if necessary.

Hell yeah.

What about women? You simply do not promote gun control and call yourself a well developed human being.


I refuse to believe this is not trolling. 10/10 for being convincing.

For once even the NRA aren't cucking out. I recommend joining/donating to the GOA and the SAF too. The SAF especially is fighting (and winning, a fair bit of the time) in court.

It is how he won. He won with both male and female voters.

See this is the shit I'm talking about. It's like I'm having a conversation with Polandball.

"gun control" is a retarded kike brand.

Everyone is for "gun control" - they put a safety on their guns, they check the chamber for empty after removing the magazine, they use safes and holsters, and have household and range rules.

someone check if he's just taking this from the_donald

More name-calling. Filtered.

^ shareblue / CIA (hard to tell, but it's a woman, because she's telling someone else to do her damn job for her)

Nah, for a while there I entertained the possibility that this was someone's the_donald grandma who had bumbled onto Holla Forums somehow. But this must be a troll. 10/10 on emulating naive boomer magapede lady.

I'm talking about you, retard

No, absolutely incorrect. You haven't talked to women. This whole thing is so little understood by especially unmarried men, but many married as well, that it astounds me. They don't know women, their nature. Women are, in their nature, socialists. Those who are somewhat reformed still have the tendency, and you can see this plainly enough by how they defend law enforcement.

You know that's not what is meant, faggot.

It is an empirical statistical fact, your gay little theory has no evidence.

Look, you may suppose I wish for a friend such a whore as you, but no, your womb is the pit of hell, a kill hole, where you slay your own child. And so no, I have no respect for you. May Christ slit your throat.

Ah, it's this guy. It's not a troll, he's just insane.

No, they voted for him, but for other reasons. Women definitely want the wall, but they're not much comforted by niggers and crazies having guns, and they believe in the miracle of 24, the TV show, where the government saves everyone just in time, and are only very rarely bad apples, and they get weeded out. Truly, you know nothing of women. Look at the stats, on what they consider their #1 issues. Look at their voting patterns. Women are genetically socialist.

Trump WILL lose more votes from his core, which despises gun control, than he MIGHT gain from women and normies.

it's not.

he won't gain anything from him. to them this is a win/win situation.


It's a kike brand designed to hide the subtleties. It makes everything one and the same. Example, someone buys an apple. According to kikes he's bought a supermarket. That's how bullshit it is. You know it and I know it. There are things that are just annoying (like banning pistol grips on long arms) and there are things that are a real problem, and so on, and the point here is that I am a White Person, and I stand up for the right of White People to make shrewd decisions. I refuse to be stuck making shit decisions just so the kike John Oliver will pause 5 days in calling me a redneck. Fuck you niggers that acquiesce.

What tipped you off?

tbqf instant filter namefags.


Trump doesn't actually care about being re-elected. He cares about preserving the preeminent position of zionist capital and the postwar order. If he can achieve some things to that end and slink off after he's been burned, that's just part of the package.

So they voted for him. You want to lose votes from pro-2A people in order to get votes from women who are already going to vote for him "for other reasons".

Caring more about banning Muslims and illegals over gun rights does not mean you are against gun rights. Not a single white republican woman wants to further restrict gun rights.

I believe you are either stoned, drunk, or simply of a decreased mental state.

Then you tell me. Will you give up 1 penny to keep 99? Or would you prefer to pretend like you can keep all and lose all?

Women are in favor of safety and security. They are not convinced anybody has a plan for dealing with this situation that would work. The guards at schools idea is a good one, but so-called 2A advocates are far too stingy to spend on that, don't you think?

I'm seeing some real nigger choices being made here. They choose their own doom. Who can respect those who do that? Who?

Actually, what you are suggesting is to give up 99 in order to gain 1

Not you! (((You!)))

Well that's just a damned shame. You could have been the friend of a genius, but now you're filtered.

I don't know how many of you actually follow normie Trump supporter sites, but this issue has been getting a lot of traction in the past 24 hours.

Personally I kinda dig it, and it would create a ton of jobs. Having an actual Marshall instead of some security guard nitwit like they did in Florida might actually help the situation a lot.

Well, be honest, though. 2 years bumped to 20, for personal purchases, but not ownership, and a ban on those retarded slide fire piles of shit is no massive loss. It's definitely not even 1 cent on what we have. As far as the "mental health" provision, if it involves a screening by kikes, it could be incredibly problematic. But if it means people who have been committed to a mental institution, or who are are certain medications, are prohibited from making purchases, again, not even 1 per cent. Not even.

And, yes, I can see why you wouldn't want to give up even that little bit. But it isn't a situation where we are strong white men voting against the niggers, but there's the problem of women, who are the nigger sex.

Sounds about right.

I agree. guns aren't as big a priority for right leaning women as they are for men, but they aren't anti gun either.

No, you stupid faggot. We're on the last penny, and some kike is shaving off the edges.

The problem is, armed security and better entry control would actually solve much of the problem, and then there'd be no more sad dead children/crisis actors to parade on CNN.

Take the bridge you mentally ill retard.

Exactly. Problem solved.

I agree too, but there's no way in hell Congress is going to back it, because the real controllers of this country are stingy billionaires, and don't let anyone tell you they're all kikes, because they're not. They're stingy cuckolds who like their mistresses and their cuban cigars and their imported wines, and their schmoozing.

Or we could just deport all the racial tension that makes students nervous wrecks, stop with the constant marxist propaganda that creates incurable cognitive dissonance, while also pumping them full of pharmakike poison to make them tip over the edge. No reason for having communists and niggers with guns going around scaring the children when there are easier and safer solutions.

Well, at least we here know what the actual solution is.

gas chambers?

AKA another state nigger we put around White females. The problem in the US is a degenerate, violent culture of zionist military worship and an internalization and normalization of African patterns of behavior. Armed security everywhere is reinforcing that, and skimming off the taxpayer to do it, because the root cause will never be addressed.

Yes, don't pay money to keep your kids from getting killed. Christ, how much of a nigger cuck are you?
May Jesus Christ slit your throat.

And here we are again. I still have not, in all my life, met an intelligent Liberal/Socialist/Communist.

They've been that for a couple of decades at least that would make it official and give liberals one less issue to use as a crowbar on the 2nd amendment.
Children should be homeschooled or sent to a private school anyway.

Firstly, for the reason I stated >11298462 here, no solution will be implemented. However, armed guards is a solution that normies like, removes the focus from guns, and is within the overton window. Normies don't like being told no, and could cause a fuss for their congresskikes in the future if a "reasonable solution" is inexplicably denied.


profit in this case is that niggers and feds get the blame, instead of white gun owners.

Sure, but like zog emperor says, think of the children. Nah, but seriously, of course white men are going to get the blame no matter what. We always get the blame. Even this latest drugged out spic was blamed on us.

In some ways, perhaps, like that the current school shooting high score was a gook with a glock pistol, yet school shooters are a white thing in the media. However, that same media loves to go after law enforcement, and will incite the niggers to riot the minute a niglet gang member gets shot by school security.

try on-duty sheriff's deputy.

This is the biggest point. Midterms are going to be a fucking bitch. 88D magachess back in action. TBH I was starting to get worried

Trump just alienated his core of support.

Hitler, as always, is right.

I never agreed with the notion of "we have to love what the kikes hate"

North Korea and Syria are non-white shitholes full of hostile subhuman filth. It should have exactly 0 value to any white, national socialist. The absolute most you should be rooting for them is purely to see the kikes fail and get destroyed and pushed back with heavy losses. Beyond that, those countries could get glassed by nukes for all the shits I give.

The kikes also hate their women breeding with niggers. Does that mean we have to support coalburning now?

I'll check that id.

Well, so much for our finest…

Ignore the whispers of the nonce, post id ending in 88.

I still think it's hilarious that CNN decided not to inform people that those kids had already been to CNN and had been their anti-gun shills, prior to the shooting. What were they thinking?!

Where'd all the shills go?

You don't have to love them, but you definitely shouldn't be in favor of going to war with them. Using your example, should we go to Israel and form militias to protect jewesses from nogs just because we hate niggers?


President Trump needs to tread lightly. He is dangerously close to pissing off his base. I don't want him to be a one term President, but if he pushes this, he just might lose us. I couldn't care less about an age minimum, but chipping away at guns by banning bump-stocks, silencers, etc….not a good idea.

He already has pissed off his base. Big gun channels on youtube (including some with 500k plus subscribers) who were extremely supportive of him during the election are now criticizing him heavily and instructing their subscribers not to vote for him.
Any gun control is bad gun control, and Trump campaigned on defending the right to bear arms, not infringing on it. The age ban may not affect you personally, but it's yet another blow to our rights, as (((they))) continue to chip away at them.

Yep. It's a problem. But if he doesn't give anything to the church ladies who vote Republican, they'll just stay home, or leave it blank.

There are more in his base that he's pissed of than he will gain from the mythical church ladies.

Most of them aren't shills just kids and idiots. Trump can't do wrong hes the daddy they never had

Interesting psychology, but it verges on name calling, because you treat them as if they're idiot animals, and they're not. You seem to hate White People a lot, and that attitude is indicative of an astroturfer. Odds are, you're same-fagging.

Look, 0000 id nonce poster I have you on filter. No nonces.

tbh some people hate themselves, and want to hurt themselves, and so they choose the losing side. Some, frankly, chose Trump because they thought he would lose, and they wanted to be losers. Trump warned us that we'd get tired of winning. What he meant is that there would be engagement after engagement where there would be resistance, and then we would win. And some people don't have the psychology to be winners. They want to be losers. They want to wallow in misery and pain. The ones who are winners will be coming to our side, and if there are losers, well, they'll be leaving to go and suck and lose and be in misery and be full of faggotry and hate, and that's fine, they can go and get gassed for all I care, because this is about winning, and we are winners - we are winners. This is the place for us: Winning.

You can call me a nonce until the cows or in your case, your foreskin come back, but you're still full of shit, and by the way, there're several posters using tor, even if we appear as one ID.

I loved this gun control tweet, reading the 'age to 21' is fucking hilarity and watching him wind up to punch the Dems in the cock come Nov with a gun control corpse hung around their necks. Fucking brilliant long view negotiations, if anything gets put together by congress the CCW national license will be apart of it and fuck in the ass CA and any other liberal shit heel state and their faggy gun control laws.

That's how it is. Some people just hate themselves and want everything to suck, and to be stupid, and that's how they are, they're losers, and they want to lose

But we are winners, Trump's a winner, and he's going to win so much it's amazing, and this is happening today, and yesterday, and tomorrow, and over and over we're winning and winning, and we can't stop winning, and we're winning so much we can barely stand to win so much.

Was my first though

Love watching the elected officials twist and turn and totally unable to even process the battlegrounds they find themselves on. They're always going to opinion polls to make decisions, always looking to their next election and what moves they can make to secure their win votes and keep themselves in office. They are incapable of fighting off this President in their status quo bureaucratic job when they are so guarded with their words they are afraid to make comments to the press when they get ambushed. They have yet to realize those that oppose him in office today, have already lost it all.

^ spam bot

He gets it

i'm not a spam bot ass licker

I think you're saying that people basically get into a personality cult and are stuck with degrading quality. I understand, but it's actually the reverse situation with Trump. Who the hell knew Trump was a Republican, 5 years ago?

real sneaky with the anti-Trump bullshit plebbitfag
But you still have to go back.

Wait. Now I think it was really a spam bot.

The fact is that Trump gave ground to shitlibs knowing that they cannot be placated and they will demand more. Even the smallest crumbs attract ants. In the meanwhile, his favorite Plebbit sub has gone full cult of personality and now mainly exist, like OP, not to tell Trump how to represent his base effectively, but to go full on apologist for bad decisions and mistakes Trump is making while squelching anyone attempting to put Trump back on the right path.

WE put him in that office to represent OUR views, and OUR views haven't changed. He is the one changing. His job is to negotiate with shitlibs to get the best deal for us, not to negotiate with us to get the best deal for shitlibs - and they are getting the best deal; they get to undermine gun rights yet again in exchange for fucking nothing.

The demoncrat party is dead. The left has no ground left to stand. Why in hell is Trump pandering to the left? T


I miss when Holla Forums wasn't a whole bunch of gypsies and tea-leaf readers predicting the future and we made decisions based on hard facts.

No, he wasn't. He wasn't elected to be a retard who demands the impossible, and by so doing destroys everything, and gives up everything.
As a White Man - and not a nigger, and you talk like a nigger, boy, you sure do, you talk like a nigger - I demand strategy, for this is my patrimony, and if you cannot understand this, move to Africa, because that's what you are, a goddanged nigger.

And you might say, "wow, you're being salty about it", but no I'm not. I have stated my case, and that stupid-as-a-nigger guy can fucking read what I wrote. I made clear the possibilities here, and the difficulties, particularly re. Women, who are the nigger gender.

>>>/poal/ if you're sick of spam straight from the_zogald

Agreed. /x/-tier shit took over in many regards and it's compromised our ability to root out facts. We went from

What do these people think is going to happen if we criticize Trump for bad decisions? That an inter-dimensional portal is going to open up sending us back in time to vote for Hillary? That shit's over, the voting has happened, he's President now. This is not the time for us to STFU for the sake of unity. This is the time for us to hold Trump to his promises.

Barring that, at this point if Trump keeps going the direction he's going, the only purpose I see for him is to hand shitlibs victories in the midterms so they can impeach him and we can use him as a pawn to boot Civil War 2.0. OP seems to believe criticizing him is a bad move, I think we need to go the opposite direction. We have to get him back on the path and get some tangible victories; otherwise people will be demoralized and not vote in the midterms.

>infringing the second amendment is strategy
translation: muh chess based zogald can do no wrong

The truth is America is full of shit people. They are called Democrats. But there are also shit people who are too nigger to understand strategy, particularly re, because I'm not typing it again, you goddanged niggers:

you're glowing.

Answer this question. Assuming it's a
What is Trump getting us, his base, in exchange for this play?

Then I challenge you, because I don't think you're white, I think you are a NIGGER:

What is the reason for such strategy? State my suggestions, and you may give others.

checked. The CIA is really attacking Trump a lot. I figure they ran that false flag and everything. Praise Jesus, may their operations be revealed utterly!

Americans aren't white.

Trump isn't giving ground. He has explicitly written about banning guns in his books. He makes a few stump speeches and puts on a show in the wake of ultra-zionist billionaires getting spooked that King Nigger was only putting his tongue half way up israel's ass and suddenly people think he's Ron Paul or something.

It is in the interest of zionist capital that people be disarmed. There is no benefit to White people having the means to defend themselves if they are collectively getting cold feet about continually dying for israel and coco-cola. If you won't go to war because based Trump told you to fall in line, then you're an enemy who needs to be dealt with.

First, explain why you mock the word strategy. Are you a nigger?

kill yourself

women are stupid cunts that exist only to get fucked and impregnated, who gives a damn what they think you fucking faggot

Hi GCHQ/CIA/NSA/FBI/ShareBlue. And may Jesus Christ slit your throat.

I'm not mocking the word "strategy", I'm quoting you. Now answer my question.

Hi mutt.

You used a script to get dubs. You're CIA keek. Wow you are such losers. But your organization's secret purpose is to kill all whites, and I know this, and you don't even know your own purpose for existing (the real you, not the persona/alias).

A strategic withdrawal is indeed risky - yet the greatest commanders utilize this tactic, because it yields the greatest of returns.

I prefer Master Race Superman.

Protip: it's not. You're either for infringing the second amendment or you're not. There can be no middle ground, there can be no compromises.

I don't accept jewish challenges and have no reason to engage with an anti-gun kike like you. Get the fuck out.

>>>/poal/ - if you're sick of chesscucks

Why would you use a "quote[…]" of a single word? That's completely weird.

I quoted what was of interest to me. Now stop stalling and answer the fucking question.

< I don't accept strategy
Well fuck you because you ain't nothin' but a goddamn nigger. You may reasonably argue that this is an ill-conceived move, but that strategy is not permissible, you are no white man to me! You're a N-I-G-G-E-R! A NIGGER! A GODDANGED NIGGER!

I can smell the stink on you
it smells like. . .
burnt tendies.

>infringing the second amendment is strategic goymo-kun
It's not strategy, it's cucking under the guise of strategy. True strategy has benefits where this has none.

I hope you'll enjoy slowly becoming brazil, you fucking parasite.

OK, mutt.

Reminder, there are no white republican women who want to further restrict guns. Zero.

This retard has been shilling for gun control based on the idea that it will get so many votes from mythical republican church ladies who want gun control that it will outweigh the losses of votes from pro-2A people and thus be a "strategic withdrawal", and he has been doing this for 72 hours straight with no sleep.

You don't know what the word strategy means. I can't figure out if you're just hot-headed and a child who should not, being too little of wit, be allowed near sharp objects, much less firearms, or if you are truly a nigger. Have you any idea what strategy is at all, lad?

I can't tell if he's some sort of shill, or just a crazed mong.

lol @ you using a script again. Filtered, tho…

It's pathetic, same mentality behind "lets give all the beaners amnesty because they'll vote republican in 2020"

Ask ronnie raygun how well that worked, on both the gun control and the amnesty count.

Strategies are only valid when they work, a strategy that hurts more than it helps is just shooting yourself in the foot.

Lol @ your schizo screeching.

That's so untrue. There are very few women who are strong on guns. You really know nothing about women at all. Right-wing women are strong on military, and police, and religion, but they are weak in many areas. Our founders did not intend women to vote. Yet here we have cucks who think they can have a full 2nd and women voting.

So this is not a play to gain anything from the shitlibs, but a play not to lose anything from the republicans? How is this any different from what I said earlier - that he's not negotiating with the shitlibs to get us anything, he's negotiating with us to get shitlibs something?

No, the issue is women voters. You are completely out of touch, because you don't see how this is the issue. And regarding amnesty, the DACA rats, we have the same situation, it's women who are soft, feeling sorry for those poor babies. The polling reflects this, by the way. Women are very different from men, and this is the issue. How do we, in the face of a believed-in shooting convince women something has been done about it? Don't, lose their votes, just like what happened in Alabama.

And another thing, criticizing chess, strategy, is literally nigger talk.

This isn't strategy, it's strategery.

There are zero white republican women who want to further restrict guns. zero.

We already went through the issue of priorities earlier. That they said on some survey that they care more about banning muslims than gun rights doesn't mean they are against gun rights. You are inventing fairy tales.

Repeat: there are zero white republican women who want to further restrict guns. zero.

He's negotiating with women. Women voters. Republican women voters. Republican, church-going or not, women voters are real pearl-clutchers in some areas. It's a real issue, and I'm not joking.

Now, first, help me figure this out. Is the following guy a shill, an astroturfer, or just boneheaded:

He thinks women consider gun rights important. Now, it's trivial to prove they don't, just by going to any shooting range. You'll find some women with handguns. They go to learn to be capable of self-defense. They're not strategic. They don't care about how one goes about defending a homestead in the event of a nigger hoard from the cities arriving due to outages and a food crisis or whatever SHTF thing. They don't know, and they don't like to think about such things.

You're a fucking retard lad.

Consider this: The elections won't matter if Trump infringes the second amendment because nobody that voted for him the first time will vote for him again

fucking sad m8

still not a spam bot
We differ slightly in his 'you'll get tired of winning' because just as we seem to put to bed that last issue he's already running head first into the next. Health care was a ricochet, jumps into tax reform, swigs right into DACA and the budget, just when people catch their breath these school shootings happen and past administrations wouldn't charge into the middle of it like Trump is doing, once again.
Trump is going to use his 4 years in office to really punch the establishment in the face, like all past opportunities he's jumping at it with both hands and feet in motion.
Going to go crash out in a bit user, still not a spambot…


They do you MGTOW virgmeme. Women are a lot more scared of their local nigger breaking into their house and raping them(something a gun will prevent) than they are of the slim-chance some kid has a bad reaction to his prozac and brings a big scary assault raifull to school.

You are a paid shill, who cares more about sucking trump's jewish cock than preserving your rights.

Too true. The thing to remember is that women are inconstant. Even the firmest Second Amendment-supporting woman can be bent to the side by a (((heartbreaking picture))) of some 7-year-old spic kid with an accidental bullet hole in his head. After that, she flips over and starts calling for semi-assault pistol bans and licensing for ammo purchases. Then she votes for unlimited immigration. Then she gets raped to death by niggers while the men of her tribe scratch their balls and sniff their fingers.

No. It really has to be said once a day in every forum /we/ use:
Women's opinions are worthless. Ignore women

This to me means 80% are OK with stricter laws, and 10% would be uncomfortable with them stricter, and 10% would be happy with them stricter. Thereabouts.

They voted for Trump. They will continue to vote for Trump. Not a single White Republican woman wants more gun restrictions. Not a single white Republican woman would stay home if Trump doesn't support gun control.

You've already admitted that they voted for Trump for "other reasons", so even if your incorrect theory were true, you're sacrificing votes to try to get the votes of people who are already voting for Trump for "other reasons".

I mostly typed it out to sperg the zogbots. tc

They may not want them, but they'd be OK with them:

This too, muh elections and muh women are all this shill has. Neither matter as much as your right to bear arms.

hopefully less tbh

And it looks like something like 10% of Republican women would like them tougher.

And I'm not happy with it being this way, but this is reality.

Can you marry your gun? Society matters, because without it you have nothing to defend.

Honestly, he would do more good as an impeached martyr. Might even make the cold civil war go hot.

I haven't seen the stats by gender but you are right in suggesting there isn't as much support for gun rights in conservatives as many here seem to think - a slim majority of republicans support banning so called "assault style weapons", but these polls have a lot of variance to them. I don't see the point of making this move now. Wait for things to die down first. He doesn't need to do anything, what we need to do is convince the women otherwise - but it makes that difficult when he fucking pops off with concessions and then the Cult of Personality crew squelches further discussion on the matter because "the GEOTUS has spoken". If that's his play, the timing only helps shitlibs.

Funny you mention that there was an incident where a gun chick at shotshow said she would not be mad if the government abolished the 2A. She was fired that evening. It is also worth noting that the Florida AG proposed seizure of weapons from gun owners without due process if they are thought to be a danger while Trump sat there and nodded next to her.

Trump does not care if he gets re-elected. If he needs to be the fall guy to keep the zionist postwar order in its entrenched position, he will be. Being a one-term president doesn't make his money and buildings evaporate into thin air. Moving to erode gun rights is beneficial to zionist capital. It is necessary to build and complete the society they want. Oligarchic societies need a disarmed population.

See, if I had my way, we'd have constitutional carry, and I'd be able to buy a brand new SAW, but guess what? We're a long ways off from that, and we're not going to get there if we keep making wave after wave of literal dick-sucking soyboys.

Can you defend your woman from a pack of wild niggers with your bare hands?

Watch how fucking fast society goes down the shitter once zogald implements gun control.

You will be Brazil-tier in a year, then you'll really have something worth defending you spineless queer.


it makes it that much more difficult

the non-white Republican women. There are zero white republican women who want further gun restriction.

And even if 10% of Republican women want them, far more than 10% of Republican men don't want them (like, 100% of them). It's a horrid strategy.

True, he's just a stop-gap on all the rage that was building up. Make certain people think they'd won so they let down their guard.

Whole thing fucking sickens me - almost fell for it tbh.

This isn't an erosion. Slide fire are stupid shit you can make yourself if you need, in the event of SHTF. Nothing here is a catastrophe, and you know it, and if you say otherwise you're a shill. The stubborn "I never give an inch" bullshit isn't true. You haven't actually gone out in the streets to take on the military, because they didn't give you full constitutional rights. You know that's bullshit, and you're a total phony.


And exactly how will you deal with the Millennials? They're a massive population of soyboys and blue-haired kikeloving dykes. How are you going to get them to get on your side, even if you have a fascist revolution?

What the shit.

White women. This image is women overall, not broken down by race, but you can pretty much figure there are zero niggers who are pro-guns, and then extremely few spics:

This could be the new machine gun registry.

I, for one, could marry a SAW. #MGTOW

My point is that we're still fighting to keep what we have instead of fighting to get something new on this issue. You can't win a tug-of-war by staying where you are. There is no pulling back, the only thing GOPfags are talking about is giving inches to the shitlibs and maybe putting more cops in schools. This doesn't benefit us in terms of our rights - it only benefits the police state and the shitlibs.

Sick of reactionary politics. 18 year olds fight in the military. If they can be drafted they should be able to buy a room full of bump stocks and rent a hotel room at a casino.

14 year olds can get pregnant without any repercussions, but are not allowed to work in brothels.


Zogald knows this, which is why they won't stop with

Any rate increasing device was the wording used by the ATF meaning any binary triggers and if you get creative like they did with banning "armor piercing ammo" by stating since it is in a pistol it is not sporting and there fore illegal how long do you think it will be before they say that 30 round magazine is a rate increasing device. You are a fool if you can not see what is coming.

My belief is that women will refuse to vote for Republicans unless they feel they've done something to make them more safe, keep their kids safe. This is the way women are.

Zogald knows this, which is why they won't stop with modifiers and will ultimately extend his ban to all semi-automatic weapons. Then general weapons. *

Welcome to the new slippery slope. Sure feels like WINNING

My SKS is pretty cute now that you mention it.

If the future of our political aspirations hinges on women, then fuck this lost cause. Let's get the civil war started while the government is still ours. Trump was sympathetic to the Bundy plight, I see no reason to not do the same.

What about the next time? And the time after that? And the time after that? If you keep making concessions then you just slowly bleed to death.

Correct. Trump is looking to get the ball rolling. The interests of his kike family and the kike capital they front for require a disarmed population. The urgency is moved up a notch because not quite enough of that base has gotten on board with PNAC 2.0 just because Trump told them to.

Your all-or-nothing thinking is like that of religious spergs. It's like equating masturbation with fornication. Sure, the former is undesirable, but the latter is actually a legitimate violation.

An age restriction is hardly any issue much, the ban on dumbass slide fires is completely boring (they're stupid trash). The insanity provision is merely sensible, but there are kike problems possible here, but the system hasn't been described (someone who has been on psychotic drugs, or who has been committed, should be forced to wait, quite sensibly, before being allowed to purchase a firearm).

Remember, at common law, women, children, and idiots, were not able to enter contracts, and basically had protections, but not such rights, and there's no reason for them to have them now (though women are a protected class, thanks to Abraham nigger-lover Lincoln, as well niggers).

Someone start the civil war already.

It's a fake sample. It's a democrat propaganda rag.

They have an article written by Hillary Clinton herself to accompany the survey data.

Sure, they don't stop. So? The issue here is getting women to vote. The issue isn't appeasing the kikes. How would you go about it? See this:

Women are the nigger sex.

The question is, does this only mean that Don is going to be a one term president or will this feaver catch on and completely splinter the Republican party and maybe give the Democrats power forever?

They already vote "for other reasons". Your strategy would simply get the men to not vote - and many women as well.

It's not fake. This is their strategic assay. That is, they know the Republican's bedmate better than he does. It's time to get wise, and…

hell, maybe start a campaign to get men to talk sense into their women? I don't know. Do women listen?

But oh Jesus, don't nig out on me here, they know their divide-and-conquer politics, and this is a fracture they have laid out like a map of a battlefield. They know our cleavages like a pervert knows his asscracks.

There cannot be a white race without white women. The only demographic more pro gun than white women is white men.

This user gets it.

You are demoralized. There is nothing worth giving your gun rights up for. Nothing.

They predicted that white women would prefer Clinton over trump, they predicted that white college graduates would prefer Clinton over trump, they predicted that white women don't like guns.

They were wrong and will continue to be.

There already is a uniparty. I'm not sure doing away with the pretense matters much since nothing so far has gotten people to start shooting.

I picked up a nicely finished one a few years back. The picture does not do it justice.

That's one possibility. But it wasn't those hardest on guns who won in the primary, you know. Notice this? That is, women are less interested in such issues than you have ever supposed. And so how are you going to win in November, with women already so far apart from men on this issue? Remember, women have seen that there was a shooting, their heart-strings have been pulled, and they believe SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! Now, I disagree, but if you knew a thing about women you'd know if they feel it, it's real, because women are the nigger sex. Dems know. They play biches like cheap kike violins.



This faggot argues like reddit, and cares more about muh women and muh votes than he cares about his right to bear arms.

I want glowies to go and stay go

I mean nigger sex in the sense that the nigger sex cannot be distinguished, often, from niggers themselves, in charts.

No one mentions that Florida has had this law since 2013 and it was signed by the current gov. It did not prevent the latest shooting. In fact I would not be surprised if as a gun owner this kid was aware of that law and would not meet with someone that might have been able to help him because his rifle would have been taken away based on that Florida law.


Well, he only got psychological treatment days before the shooting, I think, because the school is retarded.

It's not all or nothing it's
Bump stocks get banned, age limit for rifles is raised to 21. This affects all gun owners. The shitlibs have offered nothing tangible in exchange for these concessions that I can see, and at best Trump seems to be indicating he wants to end gun free zones and let some teachers concealed carry.

OK fine - so what do I, not being a teacher or a high school student - fucking get out of this? Since it would seem I'm having another small chunk ripped out of my gun rights in exchange for nothing.

HB 1355 passed in 2013 btw


I hear you, sure, it's not ideal, but women have to feel like they're getting something that's making them safer.

Nice get.

no shit, nigger.

This is the same logic used to justify letting the spics stay. Kill yourself.

Agreed. As long as the checks keep arriving, and the movies and televisions keep entertaining, nothing will be done.

But user people get to feel good after they felt bad. Surly making some people feel a little better is worth another slice of your cake. Don't worry it will be the last slice we take I swear! After this slice you can keep the rest forever.

Just filter it.

What's your feeling on it, then? How could this problem be overcome? Women are required to get elected, and thereby preserve the 2nd. To get enough women to vote, enough of a compromise must be achieved, because women are weak on guns.

That's your alternative?! To lose all, with the pretense of attempting to preserve all? While you are not a kike plant, you would do well to be one! It's called being a USEFUL IDIOT.


The thing that annoys me the most is that he's making actual moves to give shitlibs X and only making statements about getting Y in exchange, and even provided he could get Y (which is a wholly separate deal to be negotiated because he didn't package them together in some kind of agreement), Y is not something really that useful to me - it's a bad deal even assuming it's a deal at all.

I don't want GOP faggots to give up more and more of my shit just it helps their own political careers. Fuck their political careers. They're basically standing in front of me telling me that I have to sacrifice so they can win elections. What's the point of helping them win then? I don't get anything I want, they'll always sacrifice. We got pulled right back into cuckservilism.

id __55bc guy I have you filtered. You must have transgressed.

I'm over elections. I was over them when Ron Paul lost and the fed never got audited.
Trump almost gave me hope, but now that he's cucking on the second there's no reason I have to support him.

Preserving the second amendment is the only reason a lot of us voted for him, it's the only thing he could definitely do and now he's not even doing that and his own version of Reagan-zombies are defending their rights being further infringed.

As said, fuck their political careers.

gee, I wonder who this could be

How will you get women to vote for Republicans in November, if you don't lend the impression you've done something about the shooting problem in the US?


Only niggers use reaction macros.

Good, I don't want zionists reading my posts. you can go suck cocks back on reddit.
Keep filtering people that tell the truth, you'll get bored and leave our thread eventually

still filtered, lad.

Psst, stop telling people who aren't from around here about convenient things like the c*talog

I hope republicans lose just to piss "people" like you off. Both parties are accelerationism at this point.

In some ways republicucks and trumpniggery is worse, because they've tricked whites into thinking that gradually cucking out is somehow good for them.



get gassed

fuck off kike.

Still filtered.

still a kike.

Why would I even want them to vote Republican if it's just (shitliberalism - 5 years)? Republican women are supposed to follow our lead in between Amazon purchases and putting up wallpaper. I'm not going to tell my wife to vote again for a cuck. If you want to convince a woman to vote your way, go marry one and knock her up.

Because you'll get your children taken from you because you have right-wing views? idk, if you have anyone you care about. That kind of thing.

kill yourself.

Look, all I want is Trump to get something out of this exchange and not make it about abstract things like
Feels are not worth shit to me. Shitlibs have more feels currency to burn than anyone on the planet.

What I'd like to see is a deal like
or something like that. No more exchanging our rights for shitlib feels.

That horse left the barn long ago when we started putting our children in shitlib indoctrination centers. I just want some pushback on something. Since you mentioned taking our children, how about private school vouchers? Something.

More like bumpstocks for a complete, ironclad moratorium on any further gun control.

Well the good news is the ATF was collecting comments on a potential regulation ban for bumpstocks. The reason we have so many nonsense agencies is so Congress can keep their jobs by not voting on contraversial shit like this. If the President it putting it in Congresses court we have much more of a say in it and it puts Congress right in the tough position we want them in rather than hoping the ATF which is an unelected body does Congresses bidding and Congress gets away without taking a hit from one side or the other. I am not happy about this shit but i would rather have Congress looking in to it than the ATF who are already writing up vague regulation that can be used in the future to ban more items.

Here's what you get: liberty still.

How is this complicated? You have but two choices:
And to get Republicans election you must convince republican women, whom we have established to be the nigger sex, to vote Republican.

Again, two choices:
Get the Republican elected, necessarily finding White Women to vote for them (here I believe the compromise is the only way Republicans will tolerate - spending on security is another, but they won't tolerate spending).
Get Democrats elected, lose everything.

Is this not the choice? Surely you will explain to me the third option then, and how you may achieve it.

Again, though, that means money. Boomers put a lot of lip-service into these things, but they aren't willing to pay higher taxes for non-cucked purposes.

That's a promise that can't be kept - a new congress will come in and say

It just buys us time. I don't want to stop the clock, I want t reverse it.

As I said earlier in a tug-of-war standing your ground does not win, nor does giving up inches. Victory on every front is best, horse trading is fine, staying where you are is shit, giving up ground is a double helping of shit. Just my opinion.

Either way you lose everything you dumb shill.

still have you filtered, satan trips.

Vouchers don't cost extra though, they just attach public funding to your child instead of your school so you can spend that amount on a private school instead if you prefer and get them away from niggers.

And how do you propose to do that? How will you educate women, the nigger sex, in this area? And spics? And what about these Millennials, who are all faggot cocksuckers?

i don't care to engage shills, i'm not here to argue with you. I'm here to convince people that you're a fucking shill.

But we all know what will happen. Schools will receive less funding, then start bitching for more money, and they'll get at least some.

If you have to burn a little more liberty every time in order to Relecr a Republican then eventually you end up with no liberty, which is exactly same result that you would get if you elected Democrats only slower and more excruciating. Better to die by a swift blow to the heart than to be vivisected wile still conscious.

I agree. That was just a hypothetical example of the type of negotiation that would give me pause for consideration. It would have to be something of that magnitude for me to even consider it.

You know we're going to torture you to death right? You're going to die screaming, so maybe you should consider if you're being paid enough to shill against us.


Sounds like you have already given up in you heart.

Ow the edge.

Why participate in these charades if we the choice is between losing less and losing more? "Burn out or fade away" is a raw deal. If that's our choice, then perhaps the only option we have left is to maneuver shitlibs into starting a civil war so we can genocide their asses.

The two that replied to you are case officers. I have them filtered.

Some people don't want their kids to wind up assraped by fags, but whatever, you have your priorities, they have theirs.


Fuck off.

No, user, it's coming back into style.

You're probably right. We're still going to brutally execute them though. Shills die first.

Pick one and only one you kike bastard.

This IS about my kids. If there's going to be Civil War 2.0, I'd prefer it sooner rather than later so their future and the future of our people is secure.

Fuck off trumpcuck, shall not be infringed

the only shills i'm seeing here are pro-trump cucks shilling amnesty and gun control under the guise of muh chess.

This. Both parties are accelerationism, but one will lead retards like these to run around saying that having our rights eroded is secretly pro-white. Pathetic.

Just because the kikes don't like the norks doesn't make them our friends. The kikes and Muslims have been slaughtering each other for centuries and Muslims are very arguably threat number 2 or 3 to the white race.

Fuck you user. Just fuck you. White women are the most beautiful thing on this fucking planet.


Their minds aren't.

i hope trump gets impeached just to piss "people" like you off.

Reported for intl.

just kill yourself.

Go to sleep, and when you wake up, everything will be normal again.



more anti-zionist that drumpf.

but it didn't - we constantly help israel expand and sent more troops to Afghanistan.

Say Drumpf one more time and I'll global report you.


israel did 9/11, and who are those weapons being used against? not ISIS, but anti-zionist forces in the middle east. simbly ebin.

impeach drumpf

Lol, this fag is a troll form /brit/
Somebody is mad his country has zero guns.

Physically, yes. They are also integral to the survival as without them reproduction is impossible. However since they hold the power to vote, and their lesser intelligence and emotional nature is being exploited to enact anti-white measures, we must always strive to weaken them as political entities whenever we can, especially by means of propaganda to make them give up on their own accord. Hopefully women are naturally predisposed to submit and and obey instead of struggling.



impeach drumpf




Behold the eternal Anglo.

I'm an American. Britains hate Americans, and think of them as "mutts" and "56%-ers", and they hate Americans, and Britains don't think of themselves as White People anyway, they think of themselves tribally and nationally. The goal of UKIP is not to care for White People in the UK, but to establish the classes, and oppress White People the world over, they only want power, a return to the cruelty of colonial times. They are NEO-EPIRICISTS, not Fascists, and they aren't pro-White. They don't care about White people, not even their country. See this.

I bet the libs are fucking screaming right now

Apparently there's only one thing you can't do - here or there - and that's criticize pic related. Can't criticize these. They don't care what else you do. Post pics of Rachel Maddow all day? And bait people to commit a felony, why that will get yourself a sticky. Figured out what this is yet?

LIBERALS didn't take your guns away from you. Republican WOMEN took your guns away. They don't care about guns. See here:

And, if you can't into statistics, I'll help you interpret the implications of this.

And, for the hell of it, did you know The Grugq is a Russian spy?


You're a faggot

Jesus fuck, you reek of reddit.

This part is interesting. The kinda checks democrsts are going to whine about?

Is that the brilliant part?

remember when the democrats shipped busloads of niggers into a state to win an election?
remember when shitloads of illegals voted in the last US election?
well. background checks, in order to mean anything, need a linked ID - a national ID.
That's what this is about.

fucing checked.
and please explain



you are acting like everyone in america is american. All the niggers, beaners and commie fucks, like us.
Well, they aren't. Fuck them getting guns.

If you were paying attention you would realize that what Trump says, and what he does, are two very different things.

Let's go over his m.o. for the hundredth fucking time.

Call me a 4d chess trumpcuck all you want but he's literally been doing variations on this same exact thing for the past year. When something bad actually passes into law then shills will have a point.

Remember Americlaps?
56% is being pushed by the same group.

niggers and spics don't get their guns legally anyway. the background checks couldwill be used to fuck over white veterans with ptsd and white men who were medicated for adhd or depression as kids, as well as political undesirables (remember sluggish schizophrenia from the soviets?).

I'm a Brit and I fucking hate this stupid 56% forced meme.
Seems like some idiots on /brit/ love it so much that they've even made shit tonnes of OC for it, but the way I see it, the sole purpose of the meme is to destroy the relationship between Americans and Europeans and help (((their))) d&c scheme.
Yeah sure banter is great fun and is definitely needed to lighten the mood, but this ridiculous meme isn't even funny. It just creates a rift between our countries.

I think it's fair to say that /brit/ does not represent English or British nationalism.
t. dual citizen

I thought /brit/ was a communist kike board, wasn't that why the general was kicked?

You know Trump is doing the right thing if all of these shills are kvetching this hard lol

I'd describe them as a pseudonationalist british /r9k/ but with more shitposting.

Full-autos shouldn't be restricted either. Weapon restrictions for citizens
are not good
you fucking retard.

Get a load of this kek, doing the complete opposite of what he promised is just a 'contrast'



Trump supporters in 2018 are a joke. HE'S AGAINST GUN RIGHTS YOU FUCKING IDIOT. You've been fooled. He's obviously a puppet. This is what happens when you idolize the person more than the positions and beliefs he holds.


Trump should have just authorized delta and higher level kill teams to — live on air —- execute enemies of the state like the entire intel org called cnn and every human that supports the clintons.

I think there's a lot of purging of the officer class to be done before that can happen. Don't forget that Obama took an axe to the officer corps for 8 fucking years, then Dubya Bush before him, Clinton before that, Heeb Bush before that. There is so much to be unpozzed, who knows how long it'll take.

I'm a Brit and I fucking hate this stupid 56% forced meme.
Seems like some idiots on /brit/ love it so much that they've even made shit tonnes of OC for it, but the way I see it, the sole purpose of the meme is to destroy the relationship between Americans and Europeans and help (((their))) d&c scheme.
Yeah sure banter is great fun and is definitely needed to lighten the mood, but this ridiculous meme isn't even funny. It just creates a rift between our countries.

Pics related. Collected over a year of lurking /brit/.



Post shanties


I'm have you anglokikes know I'm more white than you could ever hope to be.
My blood runs THICK with IRISH blood. The same Irish blood that kicked your asses back then and I won't fucking hesitate to kick your asses again, along with millions of other IRISH AMERICANS.

You dare to question how white we are? Hitler famously ADMIRED us Irish for our determination and will in the face of your evil kike empire and he would have allied us too had you not been in the God damn way.
I'm going to visit Ireland soon and look up my name to see where my roots lie. I plan on immigrating from Nevada where I currently reside in exile to my homeland and setting up my own farm where I'll grow crops and have an Irish QT porcelain white wife for "breeding" ;)))) hehehe… Before you say anything no id doesn't fucking matter than I'm "half hispanic". Hispanics are caucasian and therefore white. Fucking anglocucks.

Poles out NOW

It's gonna suck watching presidente perez do all those things in a few years.

Nice try anglokike. Work on your b8 then come back, okay sweetie?

Btw these anglokikes on /brit/ are a fucked up bunch. They all tripfag and/or flagfag and I'm convinced at least a quarter of them are closet homos and/or pakis. Pic related.
Keep in mind when you're dealing with them that they're still in a state of shock. They still think they're a global Empire and maintain some sort of hard power. The truth is their economic center (London) has already been sold to the saudis and now they await their swift displacement as the BASED pakis spread outwards from the city centers. Thankfully they care more about the immigration from those pesky former soviet bloc nations instead.

I'd be laughing at them if wasn't so damn sad…

Post more lad, got any good Harris?

I've got the dox of one of the mods there named Helmer.

Can confirm /brit/ hates whites. I browse there as I do Holla Forums to look at our enemies. They hate everyone who isn't British, white or not. They want a European world where it gets divided by the great powers Europe. Essentially they are racist against white men like us Americans as we are post-European, they are the worst sorts of racists where they are so racist they hate everyone not themselves.


^ another anglokike false flag.

This tbh. I reckon by 2030 it'll hit them that they're fucked. Until then just enjoy the mozzie rape gang news etc while they're posting memes about those 'damn I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss'.

Go into their threads they hate whites



I reckon they got 5 years max, they will beg us to save them and join the Ethnostate after Trump starts the race war in his second term.

We from /brit/ are civic nationalists, we don't want your fucking racist bullshit in our country

The UK caliphate will be beautiful but it will take longer than 5 years to form more like 10-15. Also Trump is ZOG so feel free to kys.

SA, the tripfag you screen capped is a total retard christcuck and is himself a source of memes and mockery

Found the kike shill.

Keep in mind one of /brit/s leaders is a known pedo.

Nah I went to Paris last year and they haven't got any time left. They are so cucked even if they did have guns they'd give them to the Muslims.
Fuck off TRS

Filtered sweetie, but feel free to switch VPNs and try again.

American whites are whiter than the British, or the French, or the Germans, or the Scandinavians, themselves. By mixing these three Americans have become SUPER-WHITES.

heh 3+


There's a reason the majority of inventions and major innovations in technology in the last 200 years have come from white Americans.

Honestly this, how can Brits even compete?

I've heard that too. Their only hope is for the IRA to save them. I'm 1/32 Irish so I know they'll be begging for me to come over when they establish the ethnostate.

As a brit that left /brit/ because of the homos and spastics I just want to say I disavow the chavs on /brit/. They are mostly antifa and/or PREVENT spies. Ok ty.



Fuck off Anglo kikes

Infiltrated the Eternal Anglo community for years tbh. I'm willing to sell their secrets for a price

The BASED brits over at /brit/ got NA shutdown because they were "jerryphiles" instead of philosemites.

What is Brit/pol/ raiding? Based Brits.

literally nothing wrong with being a philosemite


Fuck off kike.

Apparently you don't realize how inferiority and primitive Italians once saw the English. As for white, I'm not sure what the basis of his usage is, but in the modern sense white means ethnic European. Attempting to divide any further than that makes you a kike. Europeans are a tiny global minority, and dividing any further makes those minorities even smaller and even more helpless. Most of us with sense see a common good in allying with those who are ethnically similar to us. Europeans are all relatively ethnically close to one another, far more so than they are to any other people on this planet.

But you don't understand how genetics work. Let's say you want a white mouse. How do you get the whitest mouse ever? It's really quite simple. You take somewhat white mice, and breed them. You're looking to take out the non-white bits. Then you take the whitest ones, and you breed them, on and on. Then you have the whitest mice. You don't get whiter mice by sticking with an existing line :^)

No thanks.



You've got nigger-tier taste.


Filtered for showing that ugly kike. What a fucking disgusting skull shape and smile.

wew lad

b-but lad…

we loved you as one of our own…



Try again spic.

/brit/pol makes me hate the British tbh, and I'm British myself


(((civic nationalists))). wow. barf. enjoy your White genocide jewish prison, brits. or rather, don't and FUCKING SAVE YOUR PEOPLE. of course, you are probably some paki or jew or whatever. cue CHEDDAR MAN WUZ BLACK AND ALSO KANGZ.

when White America takes its country back we will, among other things, drive all muslims and jews from Europe. I truly hope, anyway. (cue 56% D&C bullshit). Also, no more brother wars.

you are either retarded or a shill. jews are literally the arch-enemy of the entire human species (although their crimes against Whites are what concern me mostly). they are genetically predisposed to all manner of vile behavior (degeneracy, lying, stealing, manipulating people with evil intent, promoting jewish solidarity while also vehemently opposing White solidarity, and many other things). jews utilize crypsis to blend into White society and destroy it from within, the worst part is that this is exactly what the most "sacred" jewish scripture, the talmud, tells the jews to do. the jewish cult is the most evil society ever to exist in the world. judaism must be stopped and their zogbots must be redpilled and deprogrammed. they are trying to KILL OFF THE WHITE RACE. THEY FUCKING ADMIT IT.

D&C is a weapon used by the kikes to demoralize and weaken Whites. there is no "ideal" White. there is only "close enough." close enough does not mean "browns are White," obviously. it does mean that Italians, Greeks, Spanish, Slavs, Hungarians, and so forth are White (if they are the genetic stock from these locations, not brown immigrants) despite what some D&C shills try to push. and also, no jews.

>(((civic nationalists))). wow. barf. enjoy your White genocide jewish prison, brits. or rather, don't and FUCKING SAVE YOUR PEOPLE. of course, you are probably some paki or jew or whatever. cue CHEDDAR MAN WUZ BLACK AND ALSO KANGZ.

Calm down lad, he's just a /brit/tard wind up merchant.

This will be a problem. European Nationalism has been so profoundly warped. They're very hardline Civic Nationalists. Ethnicity is irrelevant to most Europeans; hence why brits would sooner shit on Polish people than sand-niggers or actual niggers within their country. There's no ethnic or racial consciousness in Europe like there is in the US (which is because we've been living among niggers for 400 years, so old-school racial/ethnic social views never had a chance to die out). People still subcconsciously prefer to be among their own. That's instinct. But I'd say the United States and South Africa are the only places where you find a sizable portion of the white population who are conscious and aware of race and acknowledge it as important. Civic Nationalism can work, in the case of a country like Poland, because they haven't let the hordes in yet. Once they're in, Civic Nationalism works to your detriment. Europeans better wake the fuck up. They better start becoming racially or ethnically conscious again and stop shooting themselves in the foot by attacking other European peoples.


I don't fucking care if they don't bow to the kikes, NK is a shithole, fuck the entire Korean peninsula.

It's both retard, we are in a struggle for ideology AND race. The two issues are inseparable.

Naming the jews as THE COMMUNISTS is far more effective.

I agree, but not in the self-destructive manner you are thinking.

Great, so leave. All you want to do is screech, though.

Didn't the NRA cuck on bump stocks not long ago?

Does this official narrative even blame Germany for WW1? Neither my public education history books nor the (((historical documentaries))) I've watched support this idea. This kind of shit is made by the worst of historically illiterate scum, who are insanely gaslit against Germans.
Except that Ben is patently false and stupid as all hell here. He can be forgiven for making this mistake at the time, but Tacitus pre-dates Franklin you kike. Not so surprisingly however, he was 100% right about (you)


Reported AND filtered for being retarded.


Obese jigaboo in government sanctioned pajamas ran away thinking he won't ever taste KFC ever again. Then Sheriff Challos pressed and his posse spent 20 minutes to iron out their uniforms for the cameras, drove on to the scene, and stood around, and held back other first responders 45 minutes when the Jewish halfbreed decided he was finished. Gun "Free" Zones and school resource officers don't work. Armed staff, a non-politicized police force, and a rapid response militia are the only acceptable solutions.

Fuck the op. Trump is doing the same thing As Hitler. Hitler took the guns and…. you know the rest


Fuck off with this "pandering to women for votes by throwing away everything that matters" bullshit. What's next, are we going to adopt niglet orphans from Africa "so Republican women will vote in 2018"? Fuck off, you stupid faggot.

Their body is beautiful. However, like all women, they are nothing but ugly on the inside.

White women are breeding stock, nothing more. Once we are mass-producing millions and millions of genetically-engineered white male babies via artificial wombs, they will be useless. Until then, yes, we must wrangle, tame, and breed these beasts.

It's "Imperialists", dumbass. Brits have anti-American sentiment because we declared independence; Americans consider it justified, Brits consider it treason. They did invest a tremendous amount of resources into founding a colony here, only to have it sever itself off in a destructive conflict. Think about it from their perspective for a moment and it makes sense why they think the way they do.
>>>Holla Forums

The Poles that move to other European countries are pretty bad. Not worse than Pakis, that's ridiculous, but they're still trash. The good Poles stay in Poland or come to USA, I've met some pretty smart ones.

No they don't, they just consider themselves superior to other whites, and don't want them on their islands.

The greatest share of White Americans descend from the British Isles by far. The American culture is of Anglo-Saxon foundation for a reason; the country was founded by renegade Englishmen. There are indeed a lot of Germans because of the Midwest, but French and Scandinavians especially are minor and regional.

She looks white. The Jewish phenotype is horrifically ugly. Every "attractive Jewess" has overwhelmingly European genes and features.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

Holy shit, I know you shills get paid by responses and engagement but you are so obvious they really should fire your dumb ass.

You forgot also hilariously poison pilling shit too.

He got Feinstein to fucking fillibuster AGAINST a Daca bill. I don't care who you are, that's fucking 4d chess.

Fucking kill yourself subhuman. This kind of rhetoric goes way beyond not pandering to women. Go back to /r9k/ your kind is not welcome here.
But that's fucking wrong, you idiot. Before the Mestizo invasion pure blooded Germans were the most common ethnic group and still are the most common Whites in this country.
What is wrong with you? Too many mega milk memes?

No, King George can kiss my White American ass.

Women don't care about men, our wants, or our needs- they are only interested in what they can extract out of us. Money and other material goods, attention, entertainment, pleasure, etc. This was fine in our natural environment where the contract was essentially, "I kill thing, you cook, we eat, then fuck", but now that women are (((independent))) they don't need men to survive and can exploit and discard us as they wish.
No, it's not. "American" on the census is like 95% people of British/Irish ancestry, mostly English. If you combine, "American", "English", "Irish", "Scots-Irish", "Scottish", "Welsh", etc. it's definitely way more than "German". German-Americans are mostly in the Midwest, and the West in general, which is more sparsely populated than the eastern half of the country. New England, Appalachia and the South are mostly people from the British Isles. Your confusion stems from the fact that the census divides Brits and Irish whereas "German" is always one thing.
If looking at that woman's rack doesn't make your heart pound in your chest with lust, I don't know what to say to you.
I'm not saying we were in the wrong to declare independence, I'm just saying that if you look at it from the Brits' perspective it make sense why they would be tremendously butthurt to this day.

t. MGTOW-/r9k/
In the natural environment, men lead and aren't blue pilled cuckolds. I will concede now before my views are misunderstood, that women shouldn't lead and are weaker in the face of such destructive propaganda due to their more overtly empathic and caring nature. We should most definitely not concern ourselves with pandering to the emotional nature of women when it comes to firearms.

We did create a new American race on the frontier distinct from the Anglo-Saxon, much like the Afrikaner is only Dutch in origin, or the Anglo is only German in origin. Just wanna get this out of the way first.
We had this same fucking discussion when some stupid newfag talked about how much Germans look like us Americans. Upwards of 44 million people identify as German, Irish are not fucking British either, and they would tell you that. I'm telling you this as an Anglo-Italian from very English Utah. Those of us with strong English descent are actually rarer than you think. (except for "Americans" apparently)
Eh, they all come from the area known colloquially as Germany, and are ethnic Germans

From the 2015 American Community Survey:
1. German 46,403,053 (14.7%)
2. Nigger 38,785,726 (12.
3. Beaners, but might also include Whites, it doesn't say. 34,640,287 (10.9%)
4. Irish 33,526,444 (10.6%)
5. English 24,787,018 (7.8%)
6. American 22,746,991 (7.2%)
7. Italian 17,285,619 (5.5%)
8. Polish 9,385,766 (3.0%)
9. Frog 8,272,538 (2.6%)
10. Scottish 5,409,343 (1.7%)

There's more but this is the most relevant data.
Now it appears, going by the obviously British in origin 6.9% of "American" that it tallies to 16.4% I would argue that many Americans don't know what they are and just pick and choose from their family, I did this with my Italian ancestry since it's in my eyes, name, and family even though I am mostly English. If we add Irish and I won't, its 27%.
14.7% - 16.4%
Unless I'm really arguing semantics here on "American" ethnic groups (even though the Naturalists are right in a sense) or the fact that Anglo are technically German, you are correct, and I am retarded. I was right about most common ethnic group, but wrong about majority of Whites being from Britain, and the British Isles in general. This post went through several stages of development and I'm glad I took the time to make sure and I apologize for calling you an idiot.

Now this, hahaha. The Bong perspective doesn't make any sense to me, so neither does their butthurt. They later tried to force a central bank on us and succeeded (temporarily) in getting the Rothschild's bidding done. If anyone still has complaints about us going Independent they can kiss my White American ass none the less.