Trump wants to censor the internet

Yes goyim its totally video games and not the fact we have injected millions of violent foreigners into your country whilst poisoning your food water and medicine.


Trump is a tool of postwar zionist capital. He is tasked with governing a country that has been demographically destroyed, mired in two decades of unpopular wars instigated by a civilization-breaking lie, faced with real genuine competition on the other side of the planet just when its primary legacy population [who the government hates so much it is trying to kill] is losing interest before the new arrivals have been totally sold.

Hyper-nigged mitzvahscape was the only way this was ever going.

Trump wants to Shoah this website to protect his Jew grand babies.


This is a good thread. In this one, we are discussing how Trump is shrewdly attacking a liberal cash cow, the entertainment industry. I would love to see them lose millions. Here is another good thread. It is very much hated by the shills, because it puts a positive spin on things, and Jesus how they hate any hopeful or positive news for Republicans and Trump and for White People, namely that concessions are being made without any promise, and that Congress will be very unlikely to act, and that the concessions are very weak, and that in the process we will be assured at least #BUILDTHEWALL will come to pass:

Most of the so-called Nazis here are actually JIDF. They don't know anything about Nazi Germany, they don't know anything about the Volkisch movement, they just spam lame anime Nazi pics and the kind of rhetoric that a Jew would use if he was trying to pretend to be a Nazi.

It's really quite amusing.

Shill thread number 386



What bullshit. I’ve been gaming since the 80s and I never wanted to shoot a real person with an arrow, gun, electric bolts from my fingers, or with any other weapon. Trump is getting bad advice. The problem is rabid feminism, SJWs, and the shit being taught in schools. They’ve all emasculated males, try to turn them into females, and then wonder why some males snap?

there are 15 fucking threads now of the same 3 topics, jesus fucking christ enough. Stick to a single thread

Sage for fake news.

Life is much simpler when you judge people by what they do, not what they say. Wake me up when there's actual legislation.

What the fuck is with this DRUMPF anti-shilling these last 24 hours? Makes me think there's something that happened, or is about to happen, that someone wants to distract us from.


A bone that will get normies asking questions about just (((what))) is causing all this (((violence.)))

Hint: not video games.

Ok I'm convinced this time.

What is wrong with that? There is many things that 1st amendment doesn't cover so why doesn't add violence glorification media to that list? Murder is illegal IRL why does allow it in the games and movies?


Trump lost it. Hillary lost it long ago but damn it wish he lasted a few years longer before breaking like all the others. When was the last strong president? Milhouse? Come on.

Ban hip-hop like China did. Oh wait, jews make a lot of money from hip-hop. It's very important to the economy. And we don't want to make the black kids angry. So then it must be Playstations causing all the violence in America. Never mind that the cartoons, movies and video games in Japan are sometimes 1000x more psychotic yet their crime is relatively nonexistant.

Milhouse will never become a meme.

uh huh

This is a reaction to the society the kikes and their leftist puppets have created. There is no going back to a 1950s society. Trump cannot restore traditional values. Once a society starts to corrupt itself, there's no going back to better times. Trump cannot and should not bring back jobs from China. He cannot do so without starting a world war.
The solution is to remove as many working men from society as possible. Simply move to the countryside, learn sustainable farming/gardening and manual skills like carpentry and mechanics. Many women are interested in homesteading and simpler lifestyles. Stay fit, healthy and build something modest but cosy and you will be much more attractive than lazy bums who play video games all day and have nothing at all going for them. Leave the city workers with their fancy jobs to date and marry the tattooed bar sluts, you don't want them anyway.
Make sure to have many children and live off welfare as much as possible. Let their social programs collapse under their own weight. Let the lazy simply die when welfare gets cut off. By that time you will have developed the skills to look after yourself and your family without any assistance whatsoever.