Blackness as Disability

Woke law professor proposes that we should treat black people as disabled because of the disproportionate impact equal standards have on them
for welfare entitlements

Prof. Kimani Paul-Emile has come up with a novel approach to correcting “the racial disparities and inequality that threaten our democracy and system of justice” that exemplifies the inexhaustible inventiveness of the leftist imagination. In a paper called “Blackness as Disability?” she proposes a radical expansion of the grounds on which minorities—but especially blacks—should get special treatment.

And this is because - you guessed it - the evil Weltgeist of racial oppression.

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Have you ever felt so jealous of others, that you declared yourself a sick cripple just to blackmail alms from them?

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IQ 100 is the White European average.
IQ 70 is the cut-off for medically-defined mental retardation.

10-12% of the US Black population is IQ>100.
10-12% of the US Black population is IQ

100 is the average white IQ, therefore above 100 would be considered above average.

Still hilarious that only 10% of the black population is as intelligent as more than 50% of whites.

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They just don't want to work. You could hand them all good paying jobs and they wouldn't take them. It isn't a disability and claiming such just proves their motivation.
They need to be treated like windchimes.

85 is the cutoff for actual mental retardation. The "official" number only got dropped to 70 because niggers were chimping out over the idea that most of them were classified as mentally crippled.
And here we are, decades later, with niggers demanding that their inability to function in society be formally recognized. All it took was one of them stumbling across the idea that crippled=gibs.

My god, what are you doing ?


Take this wackademic's suggestions and run with it, but to its logical conclusion of niggers and associated browns being removed from society altogether; as will be the case with 'tards soon enough.

Holy shit, if a white author had written this article, then it would have been classified as a (((hate crime))).

Pic related is the author.

That thing on the right is absolutely a crypto kike.

Wow a nigger being correct about somehting!

There is a great psyop in there I know it.


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I thought lots of blacks were mildly retarded based on IQ scores alone

Did he ever release the full novella?

if you repost it elsewhere by naming the author as "Paul-Emile Kimani" with the pic of a random cis-het white male professor, you can probably trigger a wild witch-hunt, that will have to get debunked afterwards

This is funny because disabled people understand something very clearly. Government takes much better care of the poor than it does the sick. Most of these guys would end up on SSI rather than SSD due to lack of work credits. If they’re married and the spouse works it’s even better because they make the recipient their dependant, strip them of their allotment, then eat into the spouse for insurance premiums while placing a limit on what they can own between the two of them of 3k, one car, and no life insurance. If the spouse chooses not to work, or to work less, they have to both live under 1500.00 even in blue states. Should get violent crime back up if nothing else. Hahaha.

I'm unironically okay with this.