Vulgar White Nationalism does not help Whites

Using terms vulgar terms such as "Nigger" and "Kike" instead of Black and Jew are antithetical to Whites and their interests

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Got another meetup for us? ;-)

I actually agree. But were not trying to sell our message to normies on this board, nigger.

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What's what nigger loving kike?

Kill yourself, commie

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Slaughter your enemies.
Fuck collateral damage.

A kike on every pike! 6 million more!

All kikes will be slaughtered. All niggers will be slaughtered. All gooks will be slaughtered. All spics will be slaughtered.

All traitors like you will be slaughtered.

It's because they are niggers and kikes.

How's the convenience store doing?

maybe if niggers weren't wrecking my hometown and hadn't shot my brother and stole my car, I wouldn't call them niggers

Vulgar jew multicult does not help Whites.

This is your home now.



I talk like centrist IRL, but here it's wanted to make it as extreme as possible to make normies gtfo

You're talking about language but you're showing photographs of controlled opposition.
Different problem, although egregious language is one of the many clues that can help you to identify controlled opposition, it doesn't apply here, it only applies when the display is made for the general public.

You sound like a niggerkike, OP.

You don't have to call every nigger you meet a nigger, but trying to seem like the "nice and reasonable" natsoc to those who wouldn't care either way about the justifications for what you believe is just giving them more power and authority over how you act

Now that's odd because I see White Nationalists all over the internet including social media misrepresenting Whites with vulgar innuendos along with the endless Nazi obsession.

Yet 99% of Whites never asked nor wanted White Nationalists to represent their interests.

You don't belong here.
Politically correct speech belongs to the realm of commies and females.
Now go back to the SJW classroom you came from.



Ask how that went for GG

So you're saying calling vidya (((journalists))) kikes would have made the movement more successful?

Don't bump the thread. Also yes. Kill yourself. The "movement" has done absolutely nothing and been completely unsuccessful so far.

Anifa can commit legit property destruction and nothing negative comes out of it. Holla Forums can mind its own business and not hurt anyone or their property and still get called vulgar. Holla Forums could act in the same way as antifa and still get called all the same names and get the exact same calls for censure and demands for legal prosecution of what we say, same as if Holla Forums actually did something in normalfag space.

Self censure for any reason is not productive and it will not make Holla Forums's idea any more palatable because the kike media will see to it that it doesn't. So fuck off, you fun hating nigger.


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lol ok whatever, you're just mad I look good in Hugo Boss.

PR-fagging doesn't work. Captcha: spyidQ

I agree. The endless hatred and extreme racism does nothing to help anyone. There are plenty of people who would be aware of the jewish question if if it didn't come packaged in with skinhead "kill all the niggers and cripples" retard cries 9 times out of 10. I'd go as far as to say that this is exactly what the jews want you to act like, you discredit yourself before a rational analysis of the facts can even take place. Good job on being completely subverted, retards.

You are right, my fellow White nationalist, I too am totally and completely disgusted by these filthy nazi go…. I mean boys that speak freely and without fearing the consequences of their words.

We must shut this down immediately, for the good of White people, of course.

I didn't say anything about national socialism. You're insane, and your insanity is a stumbling block for every person who doesn't share your mental disorder to become a national socialist or even just become woke on the jewish question

yet ANOTHER optics thread. die already

Neither did I.

Also, I noticed you aren't getting the memes.

You used the term "nazi" you schizophrenic retard

political correctnes is how (((they))) start to take over the language
first they ban you from saying nigger and kike, then they ban you from even daring to sugest unfavorable things about them
that is exaclty what (((they))) did to the world and exactly how we got the (((state))) we are currently in
Politically incorrect discource is the best medicine against the pozzed blue pilled world who doesn't even dare top question who owns all the media and who comits all the crime


People who disagree with you on the meaning of words are schizo's.

Let me get this straight, we can't use racial slurs, because that's retarded, but calling people schizo and insane, somehow isn't…

Project much?

It is out of question that you won't use those words for unanonymous communication. It's called "power level hiding".

Eat a dick you nigger kike faggot.

Kill yourself heretic.
Go back to your synagogue and never come back, spawn of Satan.

Anger is what drives our people, why shut it down.

You are clearly not from here.

You both have a point though. The subversion acts in two ways: NatSocs being portrayed as violent monkeys, Race war against blacks while Jews watch their enemies destroy each other.
This is Holla Forums though and this kind of language is part of it.

This is a partial copy/pasta from
It describes the mind of liberals and the reason why they are illogical and unhinged.
I removed the religious part for a clearer comprehension.
It is like a food for thought.


"There was a time in America and other parts of the world where liberalism probably had good intentions. Here, in the States, for example, liberalism saw what we could call the "sins" of America's past, like slavery and rightly railed against them, as well as the effects of those sins carried into contemporary times. But liberalism itself became infected with the capital sin of pride, assuming a kind of moral superiority and condemning as inferior anyone who would not agree with its agenda. It has since become the immediate knee-jerk reaction to label or stigmatize every non-liberal as racist.

We saw this in abundance during the Obama reign. Anyone who simply disagreed with Obama on anything was taken to task for being a racist. We see it today with college kids — brainwashed for decades now with the effects of liberalism that they are special, unique and superior, as they take to the streets to protest violently a conservative speaker.

Once liberalism became infected with pride, it ceased to be an ideology and became instead an identity. It has become personal. When you challenge and attack the system of beliefs of a liberal, they perceive it not as an attack on the ideas but as a personal attack on them — their indentity— thus the completely unhinged response wrapped up in a cloak of superiority. And since they are superior, you, by definition, are inferior. You are a racist, a sexist, a homophobe (which isn't even a real thing anyway; there is no mental illness of homophobia). It's all about calling you names, demonizing you, stigmatizing you.

Liberalism is fueled by pride. Whatever its past intentions might have been, it has now become incoherent and violent because it has become personal."


I kind of thought and theorized that it is somewhat better for the white race and people that want to save it to act semi oblivious to white genocide in an attempt to come across normal in their personal lives, thus attracting white women and dealing with the problem directly. Of course, you could eventually reveal your power level. Eventually the fact that you don't like to go on movie dates comes up, I know this from personal experience.