Dave from EEVblog goes Holla Forums on livestream, and it's beautiful

Starts by talking about Sweden and London, veers into SJWs, rips into the two party system, claims "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong".

Used to watch him. He was always more smarter than your average makerfags. I'll be watching more of him if he isn't ironic.

When? I don't have 1 hour 40 minutes to watch for some 30 seconds of HDNW joy.

Discussion about no-go areas & snowflakes starts at around ~40 min.

"Hitler did nothing wrong" @ 49:00

Hes genuinely one of the best channels on youtube and that was before the knowledge that he is red pilled.

I think its an insult to group him with 'makers'.
Hes not a kid doing DIY stuff to learn about it, hes a professional electronic engineer who has worked at a high level on multi million dollar projects.

Pretty obvious that "Hitler did nothing wrong" was something he read back from the chat, not said for himself.

That said, he didn't seem at all offended by it.

I think he's just a moderate, he's good friends with a trannie named fran.

a.k.a e-celeb branches to reach new audience.
If you think that he just started ranting about these things "organically" then you're a fucking idiot.
Rebel media has its kike tentacles in many pies.

No, he's just an e-celeb shill who will say anything for shekels.
So fucking what? You think people with technical skills can't also become rebel media e-celebs? Look at the weapons channels like Skallagrim, same shit.
The way to know for sure is to trace the cross-promotion. I haven't bothered to check and I'm not going to, but if you look through the history of these channels you will notice cross-promotion of known shills, even if it's done using reverse psychology, i.e "look what this awful person said! let's make a full length video about someone I claim to hate, and also include links directly to their channel."
Wake the fuck up Holla Forums. Wake the fuck up.

Oh good, another eceleb thread to distract from actual news.

Too bad I'm not into soldering electronics. Neat though.

Sage for e-celeb.


Occams razor says its the second one.

Everyone's claiming Hitler did nothing wrong. Even Sargon was forced to admit he was a great guy.

Skallagrim is such a fucking faggot I hate that guy so much.

Skallagrim is pretty much a cuck on every issue except gun control. There was some other guy from Britain that is a 100% card-carrying commie. His latest videos are literally about "the non-existence of race" and how ethnic groups don't mean anything because 2000000 years ago your grandfather was from Kenya.

I knew it when he lambasts gooks once and a while. Electrical Engineers are the builders of siege weapons for the next major conflict.

my grandfather was from the vedas.

That's a colossal leap in logic Moishe. It starts at 34:40. He picks up a pair of side cutters that were made in Sweden, says he heard Sweden had been going down the toilet and asks if any of his viewers live there. Seems pretty organic to me.

What the fuck? Context? He says a lot of ironic stuff.

A lot of engineers are so spergy that they won't really flip out about something like that, even if they don't agree with it.

Some intresting poz comments on the chat. Pic related, what a fucking dipshit.

That's awesome cause Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong and lived until late '56
Also the holocaust never happened but it sure should happen

Really, cause I use to watch him a lot. But stopped when he started to get really repetitive shill like. I also remember more then a few times of him giving off an extreme shitlibly vibe. Though I guess that could have just been him trying to be funny (which he's not very good at). A lot of the time him trying to be funny just comes off as him being an asshole. You sure this wasn't one of those times?

What are you? Some kind of faggot?

To be fair, he's an Australian.

I was just getting ready to post those very words.

I saw that stream, kek.

Of course you did, Satan.


kill yourself

He spoke positively about Thunderfoot on the Amp Hour podcast years ago.

This but unironically.