Nelson Mandella reported dead

I'm sorry, but this has become an epidemic, and I think it needs to be addressed.
It all started with a fucking terroist nigger. Did this fuck literally become some kind of meme-stealing nigger who's literally robbing the fabric of reality itself?

Or is there some erroneous cosmic quantum bullshit going on because of a faulty active observer?


is there any connection? only pop culture and food?

Nelson Mandela is the only one of those that's true.

What the fuck? No way. Monopoly guy had a monocle. I could picture it before I read monocle.

wrong tbqh, it's black at the base of the tail.

timeline navigation signposts for those of us who value memory over media

Check out "mandela Effect Decoded" by John Lamb Lash on youtube, audio is also at
In summary: the planet itself is communicating to us to get rid of the infection - which is, of course, kikes.
It is good shit and checks out. May your attention be rewarded by the truth.




maybe, but probably not

daily reminder that increase in shills always points to Holla Forums getting too close to the truth on something

I'm convinced no one thought the monopoly man had a monical because I never did. What you're seeing is just symptoms of faggotry. Sage for obvious slide thread.

OP believes bullshit "news" articles engineered to make the idiot masses doubt their own memories. Typical tricks.

Billy Graham died yesterday. I heard it reported on the radio. Thing is I thought he died more then 10 years ago.

So was James Earl Jones.
No they don't.

No he had a top hat and cane. Mr. Peanut has the monocle.

"Choosy moms choose Jiff!"
It was always that. Jiffy Lube doesn't make peanut butter.

The rest are things I don't care about, Mr. Berenstain.

This one can be explained as rebranding after a merger or sale causes change of ownership. It's the same way well known restaurant chains will change their logo but not the name when they change hands. This is for corporate wide sales, not the sale of a few retail stores in the chain.

This is real, all of it. I am GenX and distinctly remember JIFFY Peanut Butter. It was NEVER “Jiff.” I know my goddamn peanut butter. Stop fucking around John Titor.

ME TOO!!! WTF???

t. Time Travel shill.
Now we’re getting shills from other timelines. Praise Kek.

But user….there was no “rebranding” with Jiffy.


If I'm a time traveler please send me back. Your timeline is shitted up with jews and shitskins.

100% convinced that we are in deep shit.


Going through the gate wasn't so bad I guess.
I wish they'd told me what was going to happen, but I guess telling a kid something like that would really fuck them up, and that kinda defeats the purpose.

You think you stupid fucks have it bad. I remember Hitler winning world war 2.

I once thought the same until I watched an episode of Mr Roger's.

Shit changed.

lmao, honestly though lads most of these things can be explained away with remarketing and remastering/editing etc for rereleases. Stop trying to turn it into everything like some kind of lame creepypasta, sure there's a few valid cases but that could also be explained away by pre-emptive and faulty press releases that made daylight when they shouldn't have.

human memory is fallible you gullible retards. as for why we're the first generation to come up with this shit: we've spent 10+ years being abject meme-loving fucks.

She said magic mirror on the wall. Disney changed it to mirror mirror on some popular ride at disneyland because of the christcuck "anything that even mentions magic is the devil" mentality that went around the the 80s and 90s that caused these cucks to ban fucking pokemon because it mentioned evolution.

Don't ever think they had it - they used to have it on asian packaging because Kitto-Katto in Japanese means something to the effect off "success is ensured" so people started putting them in their kids lunch boxes so they'd succeed in school

That's Pichu.

Never was Jifffy, you remember it wrong because it's Jiff!

These are the funniest threads.

berenstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain bears

That feeling you have is called "cognitive dissonance." It means that when your brain creates a "fact" (all old rich cartoon men have top hats, monocles, and poofy mustaches) and then encounters something that defies your "fact" (Uncle Pennybags does not have a monocle), it causes you mental anguish.

This means you are special, because a normal brain adjusts to reality, but you would rather adjust reality to your brain by creating bizarre fantasies. Did I say special? I meant nuts.

I remember both Jiffy and JIF peanut butters, but wanted to throw that info out there for other instances. Like how the PizzaHut logo image changed about 2-3 years ago.

There is JIF, and there's also Skippy. They probably merged in the noosphere at some point.

Keep facebook-tier discussion on facebook.

NO fun allowed on Holla Forums. Take it back.

I always remember the Oscar Wilde novel as "A portrait of Dorian Grey"
Now it is "A picture of Dorian Grey"
When he wrote the novel the only way you could get a "picture" of yourself was to commission an artist to paint a portrait for you.

deepstate quantum computing is reversing and playing with our experiences in realtime

I distinctly remember watching Nelson Mandela's funeral back in my 5th or 6th grade. And there was some shit about the translator translating bad - any other anons remember?
Is Nelson Mandela still alive?

Wow this is truly a shocking development OP. Please keep us updated from your padded room.

The Mandela effect is real. I distinctly remember some woman in a pantsuit winning the presidency two years ago. Now I turn on the TV and it's some orange haired real estate developer called Drumpf..
What the fuck?.

Human brain is a wonderful thing, having few petabytes of information in your head (unsorted, just stringed together to emotional events you remember, or by association to other information) is easy to get it fucked up, especially on "association to other information part".

The monocle of monopoly man? A stereotype of wealthy tycoon from 1920s and 30s
Pikachu having a black tail? You are thinking of pichu, his form before evolution

Other ones I will not even try to evaluate because I don't know information you have stored in your head.

Mind you, human brains were never made with intention of rapidly changing cultural and informational landscapes we are living in today. It having shortcuts to combat this that throw errors is perfectly normal in my opinion.

Instead of getting angry and fearful from getting to the unknown parameter of your own abilities try to push forward and see something cool emerge from it. I, for instance, have been playing this game called "Simon says" on my phone 4 colors, adding one color to order after every turn of Simon, on your turn repeat the colors in order
It's a pretty good game that made me sharpen up the association of information.

Thank you Holla Forums now we need /a/ to check the season 1 show.

Isn't is strange how everything that has "changed" are all very minute details that could easily be misremembered. It's not like the Golden Gate bridge disappeared or something

There was a Pikachu (not Ash's) with a black thing at the end of the tail in either Pikachu colony or one of the movie shorts. I remembered it as 'asshole Pikachu'
why do I remember this

Bullshit. My wife's son works for Nintendo and he gave me an original Pikachu Special Edition. When you beat the Elite Four, there is a small glitch which shows a Pikachu with a small feminine penis. And this penis is black at the tip, so there goes your argument.

Remember the fake sign language guy? I do.

Yeah, I thought he was long dead too.

BTW, it's Sex in the Shitter. They're all whore who suck guys off in the stall and prefer anal.

You think you're hot shit, dontcha?


Mandela effect in a nutshell:

I believe the origin of the mirror mirror thing is from the stage play where the line was in fact mirror mirror on the wall.


"Mandela Effect" could be a psy-op to distract from what happened. Wink wink.

I am not sure what explains Mandella's death. But what about all these product changes? Is it possible that Jewish corporations are purposely changing products without announcement as part a broader campaign to gas light the population as we are dispossessed?

I once read a mystery novel involving Mandela, Mandalas and brainwashed assassins. Look into it?

Most probably explanation tbh.

*probable ffs

This board is fucked. The Mandela Effect is the planet/galactic creator/sophia/whatever telling us to gas the kikes and Hitler was right. You faggots don't know how to interpret. Go listen John Lamb Lsh - he'll fill in the details of what I just said.

that game was once called “simon”