Trump Open to Raising ‘Minimum Age for Owning Certain Firearms’

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kike free first post, trump is a jew.

absolutely based.

Here lemme offload a bit on you big man. For you, Trump is this scary big guy that you think is just crashing everything about with not a single person in the wreckage. However to us, he is not some absolute mad man but instead he is bringing America back to what it once was. The roots of America have been set ablaze in a fire that was already started long ago. Now, we are changing the direction of those flames with the help of the President towards a bunch of big guys who think they are untouchable by the law.

Do you even think for yourself anymore?

jewish and masonic? sounds about right tbh


Look and laugh at the angry shill who was too slow to get the first reply.

There is nothing based in following liftist narrative faggot.

It looks like new tactic of driving board into absurdity. There is nothing in the OP making your answer sensible or related, you just praised Trump.

You’re funny. Why isn’t he exercising his constitutionally mandated powers and actually doing his job, then?

He's making fun of Trump dick riders.

boomers with inherited pre'86 MGs would hate for the average gun owner to have access to their million dollar pre'86 MG investments; they're the worst kind of kikes and it doesn't matter if Trump is anti-kike or pro-zio. This matter should be vocally opposed online instead of circle-jerking and repeating muh faww-deee chess and shariablues.

*and irl, by calling your representatives or mailing them

Trump wrote about banning assault rifles and how it was a great idea in one of his books. "America We Deserve", I believe. Anyway, the latest school shooting is another false flag in the Gladio style from this administration after Trumpstein's kike casino benefactors fucked the last one up and dropped it like a hot potato.

Old enough to die in combat but too young to own the weapon they use? Fuck that.

You're nevah too young to die for Israel, goyim.

Here boy, here! kek

Same guys that put the second there in the first place? Based kikes? dafuq?

They believed enlightenment-era faggotry at the time and foresaw no method for the average man to learn the secrets of freemasonry.

Are you retarded? How the fuck are you even addressing my point? Second fucking amendment. You know, the one that lets you have guns to stop the kikes when they pull shit? If it was all jews, why in the ever living fuck would they allow the common fucking man the right to carry the means to stop them by force?
Maybe you should go back to reddit, cocksucker.

Because it wasn't all jews, it was a secret society. Masonry and Judea didn't merge until the 1900s - this is an entry level redpill.

Quick rundown

What fucking timeline did I land in and how can I get out.



(((Trump))) thinks 18 is too young to buy a gun but invites children to give him advice.


I think it's a real shame because I know deep down Trump doesn't want to do this but realizes he has every bit of not only his reputation on the line but he also knows that if he doesn't do anything the Democrats are going to swoop in and make things 10 times worse

This isn't a chess thing, it's the opposite, it's the realization that the president really doesn't have any power and is only there to be tugged in whatever direction the mob rule wants

dumb frogposter

I want to believe this, and that he got forced to cuck for leftists but the likely hood of this being true is very little.
Republics were the biggest mistake western civilization ever made.

You should not own a gun before 21.

Very good news.

He wouldn't think twice about giving an 18 year old a gun if they were marching into Iran.

2nd amendment doesn't say anything about age. Kill yourself. Use a gun to do it.

Why you mad though?
Kids should not have full autos.

This is a great move. Thanks for bringing it up

Except the kids sent to the latest front in the war for Greater Israel, right?

Name one reason why they shouldn't
Hint: You can't

that he probably got off of facebook


Based emberor. More background checks please. The federal government is who is most suited to decide who gets to have the second amendment. Constitutions are stale, chess is the new hot thing.


dumb trumpcuck

They aren't tall enough to reach the pedals

Daily reminder to read your The Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion

"If anyone rises up we will use the guns of China, Japan and America against them"
In the infamous leaked copy from 1800s Jews had the US before they established communism in Russia.

Hey faggot the jews brag in their manual that they CREATED freemasonry.
Jews hated royalty, used French revolution, and the US to remove the aristocracy of Europe.

Read the protocols, golem.

Do Americans really believed Trump is going to be their savior? That's not how democracy works at all. You have to be kosher as Christmas to be a politician in the first place. Newfags should listen to Dr. Pierce podcasts. He warned us about conman like Trump years ago.

It wasn't just "like" Trump. Pierce specifically named Trump.


Nu-Holla Forums is worse than Holla Forums.

Get the fuck out invader.

'''Be 18 and go to war to die for (((The Jew)))
Be 18 and can't buy a fucking firearm.'''

So kikes get Jerusalem and we get our guns taken away because some faggot shot up a school.

Fuck this kike-loving piece of shit.

wtf I hate Trump now

Keep on telling yourself that

I suppose Trump has issues with his tiny legs reaching the pedals too huh? The reason kids shouldn't drive is because they are irresponsible children.

You're obviously no good at Andre Anglin's CIA-kike meme 4th Dimensional chess

I don’t want to give the game away, but it seems like the way Trump appeases the left is by mouthing support for their positions without ever providing follow through. So while one might be able to get mad at the words, it’s also evident that he knows this proposal is DOA and thus irrelevant if he supports it vocally.

Bullets cost money and kids are wasteful. They don't have trigger discipline yet.

Every turd he offers them is gilded in gold. They hate him for it and he keeps winning because he does it this way. "I'm not the bad guy here people, I "Wanted" to work with them, you saw me try." kek

Can we finally start calling the kike loving fatbody out for being controlled by Jews without getting banned

You can finally fuck off back to reddit.

I am a normalfag seeing as in im work phone posting and autocorrect capitalizes Jew jew. I mean I guess I should have put it in extra effort to make sure I belittle kikes at every opportunity but truthfully I don't care enough like you're autistic self does.

And by never teaching them responsibility you ensure that they stay that way.

If they pair this by raising the age of majority to 21, that is voting, joining the military, signing contracts, etc in order to create parity with alcohol laws, that is a discussion to be had. Its stupid and should be opposed, but its a legitimate discussion. If its just another antigun concession it shouldn't even be entertained and they should be told to fuck right off.

What a faggot. What the fuck does he think will happen if he votes for gun control? Democrats will just forget how much they despise him and start sucking his dick?

None of you fucking idiots are even talking about the other tweets. He wants to have ARMED teachers and believes gun free zones are an absolute joke

You're all being had by shariablue. Guns aren't an issue that we all had a strong stance on. Gun rights were only important under Barack HUSSEIN Obama because of the likelihood that he would impose communism, outlaw Christianity, and enforce sharia law, and conservatives would have to rise up. That threat has been completely neutralized now that Trump is POTUS.

Who do guns help now? Antifa commies who want to overthrow the government and kill conservatives.

What age do people usually grow out of communism and become right-wing? 21, when they've worked and seen capitalism in action.

Trust the God Emperor. The swamp is being drained, the storm is coming, the constitution is being restored, and America is becoming great once again, all without patriots having to fire a single shot. Ignore the shills who want to arm antifa commies!

Considering that the discussion the Dems are trying to sneak into this whole thing is lowering the voting age, I think this might be a preemptive move. They say 16 year olds are smart enough to vote on important gun ownership because that's only 2 years until they can vote and own guns anyways… So the response is, "Good point. These kids are retarded and shouldn't be allowed to own guns so early in their dumb little lives." Look at groups like antifa, after all, and how many of them are trying to stockpile weapons. Times have changed and now the teenagers of today are radicalized retards who think communism is magic that can save humanity, muslims are the most peaceful religion, and that all white people need to die. Wouldn't hurt for the laws to adapt appropriately.

Additionally, the comprehensive background check thing could turn into a win in our favor, as well. This could turn into stricter enforcement for the FBI and other groups who don't get to just shrug it off when they get a tip saying a walking school shooter meme is making threats to shoot up a school. There's no reason Cruz should have been able to buy a gun given his history, his mental state, and his behavior up to that point. The school knew he was a problem and everyone conveniently turned a blind eye to it.

And the other thing to consider is that if mental illness and medical history are taken into account, this could mean many more lefties will be denied legal firearm ownership. Neuroticism and mental illness is undoubtedly much higher on the left side of politics. When their background check reveals that they've been on antidepressants and receiving counseling and therapy for a molotov cocktail of mental illnesses, that they subscribe to an extremist ideology, and that they post constantly online about how they want to brutally murder all their political enemies and overthrow the government, no one in the nation will sell them a gun.

Hey, why not just force schools to allow Security guards to be allowed to carry concealed handguns? This is so fucking tiring. The solution is so fucking obvious but it is purposely not discussed or considered.

Read the history of the the spanish civil war of the 1940s, and see how the anarchists were useless at war ; anarchism is the absence of government, aka absence of military discipline and order, so the only scary thing about them is that they would most likely be absorbed by an organised form of socialism after clashing with them (it was the communists during the spanish cw).

The big issue with this is that we already have background checks and the fact that people were already reporting this kid and nothing got done. It is a mistake to add new laws because the existing procedures weren't being followed - and not because they weren't sufficient, but out of either carelessness or deliberate malice. If the new law proscribes penalties for when the groups allegedly trying to keep us safe (tm) don't then sure. But they won't. I assume there are already policies in place for failure to do your job but they aren't enforced. Matter of fact there's a supreme court case, Castle Rock v. Gonzales, that says police don't have a constitutional duty to protect.

The problem with mental illness removing rights was shown in the old soviet system where dissidents were deemed mentally ill because they disagreed with the regime.

gtfo, retard

The reform and changes in law, in this case, could refer to stricter guidelines and accountability for the agencies and local LE to handle these things appropriately and not overlook obvious warning signs and then give a "whoops, we slipped up. Sorry, not that saying sorry will fix anything! We're just going to go back to monitoring all of your online activity and pretend this never happened!"

This sort of thing doesn't have to put pressure on citizens and retailers. It can easily kick the corrupt alphabets in the dick for all their incompetence and laziness. Used to be that a kid couldn't even joke about school shootings without mandatory regular visits to the counselor and a note on their record. If Trump really wants to turn this around on the Dems, he could turn this all into one big public flogging for the systems that are already in place that dems fought tooth and nail to get. The reform we're looking at could easily be harsher punishment and consequences for the people not doing their jobs.

This is largely a problem when the state controls everything. Right now, there's no system in place that allows a US government official or representative of the government to make any legally binding declaration about the mental health of a citizen.

Sure, but only if the voting age is raised to 21 as well.


Nothing Trump has said indicates that's the case. He's not ideological though and that's the message that needs to be shoved in his face. Due to the track record I hope you'll forgive me for not giving the benefit of the doubt to further government reforms.

False dichotomy doesn't work with whites, yid.

We know, kike. That's what we have been saying. Stay the fuck out.

The best way to stop school shooters is the lower the age it takes to get a cc to 15-16.


Trump Internet Defense Force pls go

It must be a miserable existence knowing you're too stupid to contribute anything beyond dogmatic meme posting appealing to the most basic customs of the place you frequent. I guess someone has to do it (kind of like a janitor). Problem is too many of you lobotomized spastics are doing the same job and it's created an issue where to feel like you are contributing, you play the role when it's entirely unnecessary creating an environment only retards such as yourself think of as beneficial. If a mod could pull up your post history I'd wager 90% of your posts are variations of calling people shlomo with no contributions of your own. You are fucking this place up, save your janitorial duties for more appropriate circumstances, retard.

They are called kikes, synagogue of satan… etc. go Jew jew your Jew jews on reddit.

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There is something you can understand.

I am fine with raising the age to 21 on certain types of guns. Hand guns should be 18, but no semi-auto rifles until 21.

I also think your financial history and credit should play into it as well. If you have shit credit and/or have no possessions worth losing, you can only get a revolver handgun at 21. No semi-auto anything ever until your financial condition improves to a certain tier.

You also cannot go unemployed for X number of months/years.

Nor can you be recently divorced or have suffered through a death in the immediate family.

And you cannot like pineapple on your pizza.

And you cannot have a small pen0r because, let's face it, that's reason enough to go out in a fiery ball of shit and take a ton of other people with you.

I don't know if you're shitposting or being serious.

what do you think?

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It's also a series of tweets, not an official declaration of policy making.

Banning tons of shitposting faggots and shills will do that.

I'm still here, though. Waiting for my ban so that I can hop back on under a new IP.

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Open carry would be more intimidating and more convenient for the guard. They're going to be wearing an obvious uniform anyways.

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Oh g-d he raised the minimum age, why didn't we vote for Cruz?


shall not be infringed, idiot. Right now Trump is just IRL shitposting, but if it becomes more than shitposting then we have cause to be concerned.
That said, all these fucking >if threads are retarded as hell and shareblue should just fucking kill themselves.

They hate their dicks because they're failed men who can't have real sex. So they get fixated and self-destructive.

People (read: feminist tradthot roastie cunts jealous of teenage hotness) in these Trump gun control threads are talking about how lowering the gun ownership age will protect teens from "predators." This is what would actually happen:

I'd laugh for fucking weeks.

inb4 that one faggot comes in here and claims that puberty is adulthood. Adulthood is what happens after puberty ENDS. This usually happens at 15, so while it's correct to distinguish between puberty and full adulthood, the age of proper adulthood is still lower than the "muh pedo panic" retards would prefer.

I used to worry about shit like this. But the truth is he's posturing and he's going to make the Dems look like the idiot gun-grabbers they are. Trump loves his job, he was born to troll the dems. I just shitpost and share second-tier memes on a mongolian basket weaving board.

Only fags and dorks believe in communism. I've never seen anyone with a commie t shirt who wasn't a fat, pimply dork. Everyone else is too busy smoking weed and having fun.

Antifa is a terror group armed by the liberals and supported by most governments in the West. They'll have guns no matter what. So don't be stupid, the only people this law change will hurt is regular folks.

End your existence

Why is everything about sex with people like you? One's ability to reason and be moral isn't dictated by the amount of public hair one has. It isn't determined by breast size or the ability to grow a beard.

'Children' have had access to guns for a long time in the more rural parts of the country and I can't think of one problem that's come of it. The problems come with nihilistic, atheistic, and other hostile ideologies, and, in the context of the school shooters, the broken families that apparently result.

I guess you can arbitrarily define adulthood via biological markers if you want, but it's pretty useless and meaningless. Banning atheists and commies from having guns instead of just

Lots of reasons. Partly biological hardwiring, partly because whenever they try to restrict sexuality they end up putting the same bullshit restrictions on other things for the same bullshit reasons, and partly just because it pisses off feminists.

>Banning atheists and commies from having guns instead of just

That's a false equivocation, though, and is clearly wrong. see

Yeah, I know. It was just an example to bolster my point. Banning firearms is unlawful anyways.

Both Schumer and Pelosi were bent over the DACA barrel so hard that they're abandoning immigration as their rallying cry for the midterms, and changing the subject to gun rights. If they're choosing this hill of all hills to die on, then I have to say, they're even more fucking retarded than we all thought.

This is pretty much all it is. "I'm thinking about it and am open to discussion". Makes him look good to independents. The thing is that most people in the country get cognitive dissonance when the idea that you can go to war at 18 but can own a gun until 21 is presented to them. Liberals will put a stamp of approval on it and look like shit to 66% of the country. Then it won't pass and Trump will say "well, I tried" and then the matter will be settled again.

I never thought the narrative would switch to Trump having small legs, the desperation is too much for me to handle at times