No wonder we had a massive level of shilling and DDOS attempting in the past 12 hours
The Krystalnacht 2.0 is now in session
Bwt usa

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Yep already on it, just needed to get the original link in


Why did he hire Jeff Sessions in the first place then? Why hasn't he fired him or at least requested his resignation? Nobody is interested in the show. Get results or get fucked.


Too many cucks and too much rot. Going full bore out of the gate would have been met with impeachment. Sadly this shit takes time.

Appear weak and divided when you're strong and together

Instead of asking Sessions, why don't you just fucking fire him and get an AG who will investigate dem crimes?

Jeff Sessions is either pretending to be a useless faggot, in which case Trump's refusal to fire him makes perfect sense, or he actually is a useless faggot, in which case there's no explicable reason why he still has a job.

what did he meme by this? he's that guy's boss. tell him to shit or get off the pot!

I think old Jeff pretended to be a useful faggot but it's actually useless.

Exactly. If Sessions really wasn't doing what Trump wanted, Trump would have fired the ass. We've seen several times that Trump will do this when he isn't getting results. More likely, if he's still there, he's doing what Trump wants. Whether you think that what Trump wants is for Sessions to quietly build a case that will take down the whole Clinton cabal, or to cuck, is yours to determine.

I personally think it's time to grill the fuck out of Sessions at this point, he's been strangely kikey as of late.

Shills are going bananas. Good luck, Anons.

Make sure to keep your shill bingo cards ready, they're gonna swarm this thread soon.

I love you Donald J Trump

Trump believes that he can't order the DoJ to do anything, and he's too much of a zionist to do his job and actually enforce the law.

This user understands. Additionally Trump can't do this all by himself. The Midterms matter, bigly….don't slack off.

Pedo faggot shills are hard at work. Look forward to a knock at your door.

Hi Shillberg. Its all about optics, not just for the public but for the major players as well. Trump has spent a year exposing all the corruption and collusion within the DOJ and FBI, and given them every oppertunity to clean up their act. Even CBS had to admit 75% of people approved of his recent SOTU. Timing counts for a lot, and Trump has position his pieces for an inevitable, crushing victory.

Anyway, you excited for the new AG?

This line of defense is old and worn out. He is the command in chief. It is well within his powers to recall America's military, impose a blanket ban on all immigration, and utilize existing federal assets/departments/funds to build the wall and deport all ~11-30 million illegal immigrants. Results, not excuses.


Probably a modpost. They love to sticky their own threads.

trump should leave twitter and move to gab.ai. would rekt twitter so fast.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is an anti-White Controlled Opposition psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.



I agree with the premise. But I do think that legal reforms such as tax reforms, fixing healthcare, etc. require the cooperation of Congress and the Senate. The possibility of court interference is also very present and he needs to play nice until he can get his own judges in place. I hate that we can't go full Trumpenreich, but there are goals that the president needs to accomplish which require that he not cross the rubicon prematurely. The people-from-dangerous-(Muslim)-countries-ban was a test of his actual executive authority. How much more would they respond to him building the wall without funding? How much more would execution be stayed by the courts? His legal authority is still stymied by frivolous federal courts.

>>>/reddit/ is that way, dick sucker.

Interesting bot activity. This link is showing up in threads on every board.


Thanks for making the same statement I am.

Get gassed, faggot.



Please try again or just kill yourself and return to reddit.

More shilling ahead

Pick the latter.

Loving the butthurt sage. Keep it up, fagboy.

Thread is already stickied, why are you still here?

Really makes you think.

Not an argument. The alt-right is controlled opposition. You're a jew if you disagree with facts.

Lies don't get to go unquestioned.


But user, the ZOG will arrest the ZOG because Q said so! MAGApede!

Yeah ok, I'm a jew. I'm just going to filter your sorry arse now.

Reported for obvious ban evasion and for claiming that jewish paid shilling is not jewish paid shilling.

Gowdy is the definition of all talk no action. Besides, he endorsed Ted Cruz, called Trump a clown and said Kasich was "okay". He's like Randlet, all bark and no bite.

Too much too soon will get rack up a ton of Democrat seats, not worth it. Even Hitler played politics at the beginning.

Why do you keep sageing a stickied thread?
Your boss is gonna demote you if you keep being this obvious Joseph.

We got DDOS'd, it'd been so long I almost forgot what that was like. kek.

No shit, its like someone really kicked the hornets nest again.

I don't think this had much to do with it. It was more likely all the shooting stuff.

Holy fucking christ, get a goddamn argument. Reported for supporting lies.

"really makes you think" isn't a fucking argument, you dipshit

You would like that, wouldn't you?

but he's trying to get rid of guns though

Really. makes. you. think.

Think before posting.


kill yourself chesscuck

What a faggot.

There was recently a cp spam in another thread which some retard got so assblasted by everyone that he decided to use this strategy. Then later on he alleged that it's the mods who done it and he told that he'd show these images to the police.
What a fucking dumbass. Even right now he went to spam in /polmeta/ all out of frustration.

You posted bad things about Trump. You will be banned now.

Sadly, I've yet to see any salt on that.

ImKikey is IP hopping in a rage fueled astroturf campaign to distract from all the gun grabbing, amnesty offering, & Zionism pushing of Trump's shitty term.

Except he literally didn't do any gun grabbing, instead suggested teachers should be armed.

I hope Kushner isn't paying you because you're not worth it.

Someone seems desperate.

ATF under Obama admin already concluded that a bump stock does not convert a 'legal' rifle to an 'illegal' machine gun.
You really are trying hard to D&C but your shitty attempts are becoming comical at this point.

Except, clearly he's trying to distract his voters from this matter.
I don't like that one bit.

Even if they are shills, you cannot deny that this statement times perfectly with the concessions trump is making with the anti-gun lobby (i.e. crying mothers and brain-dead students).

That said, if Trump wasn't in, we wouldn't even have a gun lobby at all at this point in time. Part of me thinks that's part of a grander strategy however.

Do you really want to focus on yet another school shooting in which the democrats and celebrities use the death of the kids as their ammo for gun control?

WEW this sticky saging autist has to have bingo by now

Holy shit! thank you thank you thank you for reminding me why our God emperor is so fucking based! #magapede4lyfe

Hope ya'll ready for them dacapedes joining up soon.

Yes, because don't you think this is all coming together as "part of the plan"?
It times perfectly with the statement.
He's hiding the increased gun control with Clinton/Obama bullshit. And I get the feeling they ain't exactly independent of Trump, considering the Russian narrative seemed forced to divide Russia/US, with the Clintons acting as the trap for them.

He seems to be tugging, but in reality the goal posts moved left when you read in between the lines.

Realize that 2018 elections are on the horizon. If Trump just outright says, "I am not even going to consider any proposed gun legislation". Think for one second how that would make him look in the eyes of any disillusioned Dems. He wouldn't be able to sway any potential swing voters.

Kill Yourself, reddit.



Eh you sound like a typical libtard shareblue shill. We ain't falling for it, Trump would never sell out you faggot. He loves his base more than his jewish family kek he's a white nationalist in disguise and you libtards are shittin yourselves kek. Kys

Man ever since we made that dumb little bingo sheet they've started practically trying to fill it in on every thread.

Gowdy has ruffled a lot of kike feathers over the years. He was clearly threatened into backing down over the "Secret Society" claims a while ago. He was visibly shaken on national television sweating profusely, the next day he announces that he won't run for re-election and immediately stops talking about the "Secret Society" claims.

Fuck swing voters.

An iron fist is what got him in.
Where did that confident stubbornness go? People went his way because he gave NO FUCKS about swing voters.

You sound like the shill. You're ignoring the issue and saging a fucking sticky.

Kek had it on from saging a bunch of you libtard faggots in a other thread. How about postimg your shareblue employee ID? kek you fucking shill

If they don't properly discuss the issue, ignore them.
There are shills on all sides here. It's how they herd sheep.

Do not come back when no bans are enforced. Next time also try and have an intelligent reply.

While I would normally agree with you 100%, until we have at least 30% of the country on our side we can't play hard ball when it comes to election season. Everything we fought for could easily be lost by one single political decision, then the overton window would shift back in the kike's favor.

I'm just arguing a point.

Stop with this ad hom.

Thanks for admitting you're a coordinated shill-efffort from the_zogald

There's nothing to discuss, he's a zionist cuck who will never go after his establishment buddies

It was never out of their favor user. It's all fucking coordinated.

Just bump stock ban, and Im okay with it. A man doesnt need more than a shotgun and a bolt action rifle. If Trump gives the go ahead I'll follow him. Thats what youre supposed to do with your leader you faggot shill. Hell I even eased up on Israel after Trump visited the wailing wall and made an announcement about his jewish daughter. Trump will save us you stupid faggot nigger shareblue shill.

If he comes down with an iron fist, perhaps I will change my mind.
Otherwise, I can't believe he's any good for us at this point. He's diminishing the people's ability to rebel against him. That's how I see it. That's how we should see ANY gun restriction.

0 tolerance to the anti-gun lobby.



Reddit is the only one who supports trump at this point, head on back there.

But user, I have no dooubt the restrictions will get WORSE as time goes on.

He's given leeway to this anti-gun lobby. Now they will use this as a foot in the door for any further attacks.
And that attack was clearly suspicious. I mean, they're destroying the evidence of the building.

Nice try faggot. Molon labe.

Fellate a shotgun, Oliver.

Can commie scums ever meme anything right? Or is this some buffalo queer syndrome?

upvoated, fellow ziogoblin

Fuck off, Holla Forums

go ahead, dump your folder.

Do you do anything but misrepresent anons as reddit?

No gun control will be imposed. You think the ATF will just say,"oops we made a mistake. You know those letters to manufacturers of bump stocks that we said were ok? Well we guess they aren't."
"And while we are at it AR15 pistol braces aren't legal now either" "Ohhhh and also auto profile bolt carriers are no longer legal either."


you better be baiting

But we’ve gotten nothing we fought for. It’s not like we’re losing anything.

Global report.

user, be serious here if you're trying to be a baitman, do you honestly think the ATF has any integrity or interest in the american people?

The ATF is not the ones we have to worry about. It's Trump. It's the conservatives that are borderline with the issue.

The hell are you replying for?

Like them or not they enforce the regulations.


Stop letting jews dictate your language.
Conservatives are not borderline. Conservatives want to kill anyone who tries to take any of their gun rights. RINOs and Republicans are borderline.

To point it out for other anons. Is that a problem?

Then stop saging stickies.
My mistake though.

Top fucking wew.
I never thought I'd live to see the day Holla Forums started supporting the fucking ATF.

They don't enforce shit, they can change anything to suit the larger agenda. These freaks have no consistency or integrity. This is the future trumpniggers like this user welcome.

Well, you were saying as if you were accusing me of calling everyone a redditor.


you're a redditor.


You didn't ask for it, Oliver.

Stop talking to yourself again, faggot.

I never said I supported the ATF in the first place. You just jumped to a conclusion. Tell me how did full auto profile BCG's become legal to possess again? How was it manufacturers were able to build pistol braces and bump stocks?
They just did it no fucks given?
They sent letters to the ATF asking if it was legal to possess and manufacture.
Now you are just being a faggot for jumping at me for stating a fact.

lmao, kikes play both sides.

Yes that is a fact but if a bump stock ban were ever implemented the ATF would have no problem enforcing it.
They would in fact say that those letters they sent years ago are now invalid.


Of course they would't have a problem enforcing it, that is their job. Imagine trying to reclaim all those sold within the past year alone. It would be an impossibility.
Also if you could please stop with the (((Koresh))) posting would be appreciated, not hitting the feels like you may think.




Breaking out the bingo card. Looks like there are a lot of salty posters in this thread who itch from having to take "navy showers" to keep what little fresh water they have from vanishing.


Nothing he said is a lie. He’s not a jewish shill. Stop being a retard.

research Waco you faggot. They weren't even real christcucks, it was all a front for a white militia and they smeared him with accusations off being a christcucked pedo cult.
White children died there, you uneducated kike.

nope, reclaim Holla Forums or abandon 8ch.

I don't give a fuck about Secretname, I'm just out of bypass images.


You realize that "ban" was enacted by Obama right? Trump just brought the same place back. It also isn't a Muslim ban because there's a whole plethora of sandnigger countries which aren't on that list, it's actually a non-racially fueled list comprised of countries with high concentrations of radicals.


Love to hear how you plan to do that in any capacity.

Did you actually type all that out?

Names himself after the king of the jews and one who freed them from captivity, calls himself messiah and was going to set up a new Jerusalem.


Jesus Christ, this is just sad. kys

get reddit to fucking leave by constantly and consistently reminding them of how fucking jewish they are.


Part off the christcuck front tbh, you still can't refute the fact that the ZOGGED ATF killed white children that day.

the_zionald is always the problem. this is your average zogald supporter

They will never leave. Ever. They are protected. Explain how you plan to take power when you have zero power and zero ability to get power. There is ONE thing and only ONE thing that will change Holla Forums, and there is no evidence that it will happen, ever.

Yea then
I can't stand to watch these retards argue amongs themselves without popping a vein and sperging out.


Easy, you ban evade.

No shit BITCH
Doesn't mean the ban isn't undeserved

It is absolutely certain too many white children died there. Unfortunate as fuck.
But to say that Vernon Howell was fronting all the bullshit he preached is bullshit in and of itself. Vernon actually wholeheartedly believed his own bullshit.

no shit, eventually hopefully something will change and they'll stop banning anti-zionists.

ebin. simply ebin.

Drumpftards are cucks, but so are you staying here. Idgaf then, enjoy!

if the mods aren't removed - it shows that 8ch is complicit and allowing literal paid shills to run a board.

Who gives a fuck, there's many to make. Holla Forums isn't Holla Forums.


Cite a single one… you can't because there are none. Calling for any sort of committee or investigation in situations like this is always political speak for "stop bothering me about this". Nothing is going to happen.

Are you two faggots in cubicles next to each other?


did the trumpcuck spammer turn into a putinbot?


putin is also a zionist cuckold.

Not my point dumbass

dumb jew.


t. Ukraine

>t. correct

Your logic is infallible.
Your intellect, and vast political experience is astounding!


Choć do domu brachu
Russia u too :3c

You sure are proud of (((your people))), Spermakov.

Blah blah blah these threads are all a fucking waste of time. Shills arguing with kikes arguing with reddit niggers arguing with smarks.

Go train you fucking pussies.

What happens in Washington will not stop the coming storm. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

Good shit, polandbro.

And i bet you think drumpf is BASED don't you.

t. Semenovich
Cut the fighting brothers! We all know Polish snipers started maiden. Ameri-mongrels are the true enemy.

rip this thread

You completely miss the point of my statement. I'm saying the move to Jerusalem isn't good for the kikes, as Jared Kushner's position proves. Yes they have wanted it forever, but the timing is not on their side, this does nothing but complicate things for Israel as the rage of the enemies that surround them is coaxed to a boiling point.

Look how you're kvetching when your pozzed race is being brought out. Ukrainians aren't slavs or any other descendants. You are the equivalent of a tyke, a mongrel dog, a half breed bitch. You fucking even elect a chocolate factory pig to be your president, give all of your bank money to kikes and then prostrate yourself in front of a wimpy faggot of a PM. You're even worse than a red-haired kike.


very obvious tbh, he's your boss after all.

simply ebin

at least im not american tbqh


It's all so tiresome.

Bathetic, backbone already broken like a true Ukrainian. Can't even protect Krimea. Instead of fighting for your country, you just shitpost on the internet 24/7. What a joke. Have fun of being a bitch to America and EU.

damn he really is an assmad putinbot.


only g-d's chosen get guns if blompf gets his way

What's the matter, is the baby gonna cry. You can't even fucking defend your country, sucking kike dicks whom you've elected and you still have the audacity of brushing it away and pretend as this didn't happen. What a fucking faggot you are, truly laughable. The only thing you have left are just insults and name-calling. And you want everyone to take you seriously?

I have no desire to engage with putinbots and trumpniggers that complain about jewish politicians while supporting their own jewish politicians. Kekworthy.

Lol it's great at getting them to instantly out themselves.

Sure is Shareblue in here.

You were screeching for attention for hours like some cunt. Replying to everyone like some suicidal maniac. Being nothing more than an obnoxious bitch to everyone. And you call it "kekworthy". Nigger, your very existence is "kekworthy", watching some faggot wasting his everyday life on derailing threads for years. That sure shows everyone what a "proper citizen of the society" you are. A big fat zero who doesn't figure out that he's being laughed by everyone.
I guess that's how it goes with your family genes of an Ukrainian. Especially in history.


top wew you seem pretty invested in keeping a pro-zionist narrative alive on 8ch

Daily reminder that shills also get paid for replies, if you feel like making fun of them at least don't give them a direct reply, they'll know who you mean anyways. They're already underpaid and Trumps constan winning drives them insane, but if you directly go for their pay that's where it really hurts. In any other case, use the filter.

Would you rather have had Hillary Cunton?




God you sure sound like a true die hard Clinton faggot. Or are you that faggot who screamed in every election threads in which you accused every candidate being a kike? Well, it wouldn't be a surprise coming from such a distorted mentality of yours who types like some limp-wrist faggot with its greasy fingers.


Based drumpfy isn't a kike right?


the trumpnigger spam has turned into putinbot spam
top heh




the_zogald go home

Someone really wants that BLACKED premium subscription.




Guys I think it's triggered



What a fucking joke, moving your goal posts again? My, my, my~ how courageous of you. Every time when pinned to the corner, you try to distract it by running away like a coward, again. How can a EU kike bowing mongrel ever fool people to take him seriously? What's next, are you going to call yourself being a whiter than an American with your "memes"?
And every time you get broken, you start panicking, clutching your fake pearls and spouting everywhere with your cancerous filth. How is this called again? Oh yeah, a dying howl of a commie pig.

Whiter than zogald supporters and putinbots tbh

deserved dubs tbh

He's a grade A moron and the only reason he got so far is because he's literally a puppet of Zionist jews.


You talk like a fag, kikefy.

That's all you got? Dear lord, you are beyond help. Go back to your mental hospital. Your kind is more pozzed than a AIDS filled faggot party.


All because of some bingo card

No, it's afraid.

What would you have expected from a half-breed faggot who comes here every day only to get BTFO as if he's some freak masochist. And as usually, it ends up of him screaming inside his pillow like a true wimp he is. Rinse and repeat.

Why don't you guys face it?
You should never place your trust or faith with a politician.
They all work for the same agenda

Anyone who is really fighting for justice must live as a private citizen and not as a public figure if he is going to survive even a short time - Socrates


Sessions breathed hot fire when he was a senator; the only legislator besides Ron Paul who I was subscribed to. Now that he actually has the power to get shit done, he's shuffling his feet.


Holy shit, he actually came back for more beating. You sure are some sociopath. Are those pain pills working after your ass being continuously being torn open as usually? Or were you in your usual EU altar, praying of your shithole country becoming another poz drinking Sweden?





Daily reminder you've failed at this tactic for 23 months and counting.

wew, he's breaking apart again. What a joke.

Now what would motivate a Ukrainian to kvetch so hard against the president of another country I wonder.

the_zogald cucks ruining my favorite board tbh

holy fuck this place is cancer now, wtf happened? nazi-themed the_donald now? he was supposed to be a stepping stone, not someone whose cock gets sucked when he takes 1 step forward and ten steps back literally every week

smart frogposter

just fucking political theaterx all talk and no bite. hillary getting jailed? took all of 3 weeks to call the flintons great people in that interview after getting elected!!

Prampf is a Mason just like all relevant world leaders. Prepare (((yourselves))) for dehumanized bloodshed.

any proof of this beyond hand signals?

What's the matter, is the little faggot afraid of me now? What happened of replying to everyone like you usually do. Oh, don't tell me that your faggy genes of a whore holds you back in an instinct of fear. Don't worry, I sure hope you sitting behind a computer with your fat ass surely provides some satisfaction. Even if you're afraid of looking at the mirror and accepting your disgusting heritage, at least you aren't afraid of pretending in the internet.

only a zionist russian could hate ukraine so much tbh.

this is D&C

No proof other than autistic intuition, Mr. Nigger.



im literally convinced this place is filled with trump shills who get paid by his online team (his gersion of Correct the Record that started during his campaign)


that and a bunch of basic bitch conservatives who believe in liberal demofracy who mention jews only when its convenient and has nothing to do with trumps jewish family

Are you pulling your topics right off the bingo card? That's pretty lazy.

im sorry i dont come here anymore since almost a year ago, but even then there was at least anons being critical of trump when he deserved it and praised him when he deserved it

now, it is literally any criticism of him gets you called "SHILL XD SHILL XD BINGO XD". it's just fucking weird how compromised this place seems nos lmao

Fraid I'm not buying it friendo



You fail to even understand checkers let alone 4D Chess.

Anything that Trump can just unilaterally make happen with a stroke of his pen, a Dumbocrap can undo just as easily. This was mistake Kang Nigger made, thinking he could rule by issuing royal decrees (executive orders) that Trump has for the most part already undone.

Trump doesn't intend to make the same mistake, which is why he's taking more time first, to get more Republicans voted in during the midterms, so he can get actual fucking laws passed that are nigh impossible to reverse.

Once THOSE have been accomplished, and his legacy is truly safe… THEN he can just sign a bunch of EO's to solve any remaining short-term problems.

This is true, but he was playing all-in at the time. The midterms are different because he's already President, so he has the largest amount of skin in the game right now, and subtlety is in order now because it's not Trump himself up for re-election yet, but the better the R's do in the midterms, the better it is for Trump.

Reminder to filter shills that hate this place and "drumpf" but stay to post almost 50 responses instead of replying to them.


Typical jew, you insult an entire nation of White men in order to provoke lesser men and drag them down to your level. As a Ukrainian, I am well acquainted with your behaviour.


Okay, my filter just ate 28 faggots. Where is this raid coming from? One mentioned frogposters and that's a confirmed /int/ meme. Counterattack when?

Oh, just like the Las Vegas shooting review ban? Literally shoah'd the 2A there! Wew!
And the DACA amnesty? Let in 6 gorillion spics now, didn't the?
And Assad is literally 6ft under now after those strikes, right? Assad is a lampshade now


Kek the low cost, terrible shills are obvious as fuck again with their (40+), ITT

The only thing now left is the faggots daily "I need a gf" thread



The most quintessential shillpost ever.

It's possible Sessions is working with the President against the deep-state, but I'm not entirely sure.
Remember, the President is tap-dancing in a mine field when he goes up against these traitors…they are dug in deep, and there's no telling who they've managed to mole into our government, and at what levels. The only thing that is certain about them, is that they do NOT work for the American people, they work for international cliques.

Sometimes purging parasites takes time, you need to root them out, sure, but you need to find them all first, so they can't fight back behind the scenes.

And never forget, the media is also in the employ of these international cliques, so any action against their moles in government will be met with a massive propaganda storm on ALL networks.

When the moles are identified, then one massive strike should get rid of them all, before they can react. One huge de-worming pill, to purge them all at once.
And then, strict laws to insure they never get replaced.

His job is not an easy one. And the smart man sets things up in advance, and considers all the possible reactions from his foes.
This will take time.

dont mind me, im just here for the 4D chess. carry on

So organic.

lol. Im glad someone capped my post

None of what was mentioned would prevent further legislation. Once the wall is built, it's built. It doesn't matter what agency you do it with or where the funding comes from, it is either staffed by people who will defend it or it isn't. If you deport the illegals and you have a wall built, they are gone.

Your entire premise is predicated on removing people who are illegal and keeping them out will in the future, after they have been removed and kept out, lead to a voting population that will bring them all back in or produce representatives who will not impose the stricter measures you are calling for.

It's nonsensical. Doing it your way just buys more time for the invasion.

This faggot shits up every single Trump thread, posts all day long
Get a better job, nigger.

Yeah, keep voting in cuckservatives, they've definitely got the interests of White America at heart. How long have we already had a recucklican majority? Half of them or more are neocohen kikes who are former members of a communist party

I see the CIA meme machine has upped their game

You're a naive child.

I hate this "sleepy Jeff Sessions" meme. He's not sleepy, he's in a fucking coma. He's not doing shit about rampant government corruption and he has never been /ourguy/. He supported Trump early because he could spot a winner. The second he recused himself from the Russia witch hunt, he showed his true colors. Establishment tool, through and through.

Mods have always allowed Trump shills to post here newfag

alright, so i made this.
attack vectors
-the zionald
-gb 2 reddit
-zog emperor
-chabad lubavitch
-bibi netanyahu
-any meeting with israel politicians which is standard diplomacy
-bump stock ban
-kushner shills
-children are married to jews this somehow implies they control him
-daca (which Don is fucking ending)
-wall not built (which is getting built)
-jerusalem acknowledged (which is causing massive turmoil in the middle east) muslims say they may lose mecca
-amnesty don
-88d chess
-go back to r_thedonald
-you're controlled by jared kushner
-don't vote
-trump has betrayed us
-two parties, doesn't matter who you vote for
-trump is controlled by jews
-over the top calling everyone jews
-alt-right sliding
-trs eceleb shit
-calling everyone trssodomites
-every real movement is CIA/controlled opposition (without any proof)
-character assasination related to former (without any proof)
-character assasination by association (i.e. this person met that person once, therefore they are jews/subverted/untrustworthy
-dicky spencer eceleb shit/slide
-any eceleb aggressive slide

-shareblue/ mediamatters / american bridge21 / David Brock PAC former CTR
-various antifa

These attack vectors demand immediate ban and deletion. Save this and have it open while you mod. I suggest increasing site presence to 24hrs. Anons are possibly willing to fund increased manpower, work effort.
I also encourage everyone to go through the list and add something I might have missed.

keep posting it, Jared.

Thanks for acknowledging it is spot on.

(or how I learned to stop worrying and shill like a bitch)

Holy shit, are you having a stroke?


wow, that sure is some major sperg



You sure are a big boy in this thread. Are you lonely?

back to the zogald

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That's some ass-mad faggot right here. How many years has it been since you were laughed by everyone?

Fucking idiot.

Because the rest of the GOP like Sessions and will sabotage Trump if he fires him. Grassley publicly said he would refuse to confirm a replacement.


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Doesn't do anything. All spam can be deleted with one click. Nothing changes about the type of content that is deleted. Nothing changes about moderation. Come up with a new plan.

You spam with bots i spam with my hands like a true spammer would

spam more consistently? idk laddo.

Oh please stop it, I can't take it. You showing everyone what a "man" you are. wew.

How is this a « Krystalnacht 2.0 »……..?

Legitimately kill yourself. Holla Forums is 100% co-opted and you have absolutely no comprehension of how to fix it.

Maybe stop helping him spam by replying to every one of his posts instead of filtering him ?

Maybe understand what the conversation is about.

you're right, what the fuck do we do?

In after. I already stated the sole action which will create change. Absolutely nothing else, ever, in any form, will make things the way they used to be in 13, 14, and 15.

Aww, are you screaming of anime girls raping your little safe space? Giving you some CP trauma?

did you just admit that it was trumpniggers spamming that trash?

fucking hell m8 /polmeta/ is full of it and it's all to slide the thread where imkampfy posted his hand

Why the hell would you go to polmeta? The board is run by the same people who run this board. You're complaining about them TO them. They aren't going to change anything. THEY'RE PAID TO BE DOING WHAT THEY'RE DOING HERE. THEY'RE PROTECTED BY JIM HIMSELF. You are screaming at the fucking wind.

I want the alt-lite cucks to leave. Go back to your tard pens on plebbit, you dickless faggots.

You can't even defend yourself. What a bathetic man-child. Talking like a woman, acting like a faggot.

Commit suicide. Legitimately blow your brains out. You're fucking worthless. You're not a Holla Forumsack. You care more about your feelings and maintaining the narrative than abou truth. People who post truth here which goes against the narrative set up by the site owner and board moderators are banned. Always, 100% of the time, no exceptions. No truthful content may be posted here for any substantial amount of time which goes against the narrative. A narrative which is disturbingly like the paid shilling narrative on reddit, et. al.

Either you accept this, meaning you're an enemy of truth (and therefore Holla Forums) or you do something about it.

mods are truly the cancer that is killing Holla Forums

shitting up the thread with off-topic garbage is not a conversation.
Im getting the feeling you are sitting in the same office he is.

Fuck off, then.

Not happening.

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This thread got shills really asspained.
It's oddly entertaining to see these fags try to D&C and fail at it.

Reminder that we're not losing, they're just oversampling polls

Today's YouGov poll- D+8

Reminder that WE aren't republicans, you fucking redditor.

No-one is a republican, but no-one is some pansy who will allow democrats getting power.

Get the fuck out.

Could you just once, just fucking once stop using that shitty hasbara text writing? It's almost as annoying as that spam faggot.
Give a solution, if you are oh so wise of knowing everything. Who should get the support then that has a chance of winning.

Cry more, paid shill.
What the fucking christ are you even saying? Do you know what greentext is? Reported for being a newfag.
Reported for ADMITTING to being from reddit. You have no argument. You have no comprehension of what Holla Forums is. You are a milquetoast piece of shit. You are a fucking neoconservative. We will kill you right alongside the jews.

And yet you still remain passive aggressive and demand you being taken seriously.
You are just spouting some gibberish words for now. And "white nationalists"? Give me name that can win, faggot. Or are you that dumb that you don't know?

Who exactly?
I'm curious
Voting anything that got DNC pissy helped so far, I for one like the idea of dividing the votes and giving democraps more inflience

Are you literate?
Confirmed for non-native English speaker.
Kike paid shill doesn't know what white nationalists are.
And jewish shill talking point #45 hits like clockwork!
Try reading it again.

And jewish shill talking point #45 hits like clockwork!
Helped in what way? What has changed? Is the Constitution being enforced? Are faggots illegal again? Are deportations of illegals happening? Are the people who have committed treason being arrested? Is anyone in the public even getting upset about this? Nope. None of this is happening.

You posted no arguments and i didnt try to refute anything.

you just outed yourself, kike.

Okay, jew. Run along now.
Thanks for admitting everything I said is correct. Run along now.

Look at the IDs and think for once
I was asking a question. Who is the person worth voting for?
Well, things would be ten times as bad as now if DNC had it's way.

Look at the IDs
Don't care.
And your question was called out because we've already covered that.
No, they wouldn't. We would currently be in a civil war if the Democrats had won. Hundreds of kikes and shabbos goyim would already be dead, and tens of thousands of nonwhites along with them. How is the current situation better? How is neoconservatism better than fighting back? How is zionism better than fighting back? How is civic nationalism better than fighting back?

Voting for white nationalists is pretty vague, WN candidates and congressmen are rare and few. With midterms coming up, this question is more than relevant. In absence of proper WN and other options, it's a matter of lesser evils. It's the harsh truth, not everyone has the privilege or opportunity to vote for a WN representative

JDAM their houses, imo.

Not for anyone literate and not a paid shill. The concept is exceptionally well defined.
No fucking shit. How about that.
No, it's not. You just don't vote. If the choice is between a jew and a jew, you kill the jews. Voting is acceptance of jewish control. Not fighting back is acceptance of jewish control. Falling for the false dichotomy is acceptance of jewish control. You are a coward.
They do, you're just too stupid to understand how.



Blow your fucking brains out.


Say it with me, folks!



Blow your fucking brains out.

Brunette in the last pic.

These shills are fucking ridiculous. But worse than the shills are the newfaggots who so easily fall for their shit. Stop being so quick to swallow black pills, you dummies.


well user he can't just do all these things at once as he will be seen as tyrant, all in baby steps

It's like the king here actually have veto rights for well everything, but he if he had been using that all the time instead of just a last resort of security against mad politicians, well that wouldn't fly with people for long. It's different, but you get my point

I am dumb? You’re the ones paying a kid with drugs like nigger faggots.

You advocate Jewish cannibalism and blood drinking you fucking crypto likes. You say you’re not Jews, but you’ve become the Jew.

When you become the Jew, you lose

What you're missing is that if all illegals get deported then they are functionally out for good. In 4 years a democrat president won't be able to re-import them all at will.

Honestly something needs to be done soon though. At some point the psychological health of this nation and our race will flatline. The time is now.

natural & organic memes

Seems pretty obvious that Trump's setting up both Gowdy and Chaffetz for positions inside the DOJ. This is what the shills fear, hence all the 'Gowdy is a useless faggot' shitposting.


Have esoteric memes gone too far?
Have esoteric memes gone too far?
Have esoteric memes gone too far?
Have esoteric memes gone too far?
Have esoteric memes gone too far?
Have esoteric memes gone too far?

Just passing the buck i'd imagine. He said the same thing in response to when I got the "Lock her up" chant started at the rally he had for that GOP cuck Luther Strange.

tremendously underrated post

Agreed. Fucking pussy. Should have gone after them no matter what. Fuck them, fuck death.

90% of the populated world is a shithole.

Anyone who says otherwise is not only wrong but selling you something.

Remember the soft bigotry of low expectations. It is the tool with which the neo-political machine destroys communities and undermines racial identities.

We have cloaked ourselves in the hardened bigotry of those who value our tribal group, the white race, over all others but we must never forget that our enemies are not full of fire and blood as we are. Instead they are full of saccharin sewage, pushing an emotional agenda based on the falsehoods of equality and "good government".

I don't know anymore..

Hey guys the memo and Fusion GPS unsealed indictments it's happening. What. Nope.

Why is Manafort indicted again?

Shit related to his dealings in the Ukraine with Podesta and the Obama admin while Clinton was Secretary of State.

It has nothing to do with Trump.

Danke, Tor.

I want to believe, but FUCK THIS. FUCK THIS. FUCK THIS. ENOUGH. These people destroy evidence and kill witnesses. This all has to stop NOW. FIRE SESSIONS NOW IF HE DOES NOT ACT.

These people literally raped children in massive sex trafficking ops, sold plutonium and highly enriched uranium to state sponsors of terror, sold special access privilege (essentially above top secret) info on nukes and logistics, etc. to dictators/state terror sponsors, spied on a challenger candidate to stop him, tried to usurp a president by escalating tensions possibly leading to nuclear war with a big nuclear power, had Pakistani spies taking every bit of classified info from Congress and effectively everybdy who corresponded with them, and engaged in massive blackmail, bribery, money laundering, and drug and weapon trafficking. It is the most massive treason that has ever occurred, by far, in American history, yet friendly ol' southerner Jeff Sessions jess dont wanna be rude nah!

FFS Sessions. What the FUCK is he doing. FUCK

baffling, it's like he is intentionally trying to lose

What am I supposed to do, then?

I forgot to mention murder. These people have committed countless murders in the course of these crimes. The level of evil is cartoonish, almost, and it's the entire government. Yet the man tasked with taking them down is doing nothing. It's revolting.

What the hell are we the normies supposed to do in your opinion other than bitch? Actually asking.

WTF does that even mean? Buying into marxist bullshit?



oy vey

You can't just spaghetti all over the plebians. You have to ease into it like a concerto, with grace and dignity. He has to make their demise beautiful and full of agony.

So people won't be able to buy guns until the age of 21, is this what Trump is saying?

Gowdy sucks. Literally

Gowdy has fluffed a lot of johnsons over the years.

Feminists are waiting in the wings to raise the age of consent to 21.

iPads are off limits.

There was no excuse for allowing these kikes to walk free and generate a coup for even a split second after Trump took office. Arrests and trials should have happened right then. Martial law/military force easily prevents useful idiot nigger spic cunt uprisings.

Instead, it appears there has been a series of psy ops employing techniques like fake leaks (Q) or characters posing as journalists (George Webb) to make people believe bullshit like what you're spouting here–as if there is some elaborate plot and genuine need to fuck around. This is a fucked strategy. There should have been no leaks of any type or any indication whatsoever that a takedown is imminent. The takedown must happen immediately and brutally.

Trump didn't do the investigative work. He campaigned better than Hillary and won. But individuals connected to NCIS, DIA, USCYBERCOM, Air Force, and other DoD connected orgs were responsible for fixing this from the start.

When the judges in civilian courts are clearly compromised, the solution now is the same as it was right after Trump took office. It's a military situation where martial law to repress violent resistance, and trial via military tribunal, are absolutely required. Nothing else will cut it. Trump already has enough simply to arrest major media figures if he likes.

Officers swear loyalty to the Constitution. They had a duty to intervene and restore the Constitution by force long ago. Somebody, maybe Trump, Sessions, or whoever, is dragging this out and putting us at risk for imagined political gain. It will be equally shocking now to have martial law, just as it would have been the day Trump was inaugurated, and the shock doesn't matter. The military will control all resistance. There is no excuse for any of this delay and allowing leaks and for these people to kill witnesses and destroy evidence and continue to put America at risk with endless false flags.

Just put the military in charge now. Fuck anyone else who says to delay this for some imaginary reason they can't cite. It's a military matter and nothing else. Not political anymore.

looking forward to the night of the long knives

Now, investigating Obongo and Dems is great and all. But why does he give the "THE RUSSIANS!!!111" meme any credibility?
Why does he do this shit?

When you're arguing with a schizophrenic, you don't try to push 100-percent sanity on him all at once. He'll kill you. Instead, you agree that he's Napoleon and tell him to put down the knife.



https:// youtu.be/p9R5SrRgB1Q

Leader Technologies miller act could instantly KILL the Sillicon Valley tech mafia that hates freedom of speech and BRING FORTH the free press.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, pick up your twatter accounts, your 4chins and START SPREADING THAT. Tweet at POTUS en mass and this could be a MASSIVE WIN.

Do it, for God and country!


Lol, keep being a shill, I hope your data for payroll being associated to organizations connected to human traficking gets your ass in prision with some ebin RICO charges, lel.

DJT didn't took away the guns and Jesus was not a jew, he was an Israelite.

He supports gun control.
No difference. dead kike on a stick.

Your transparent tactics amuse me shill. You'll be in for a rude awakening. God have mercy on your soul you poor child.

i hope trump gets impeached just to piss redditors like you off.

Lol, you are a pittyful child. Have 2 more cents for your sex change operation.

that's all you have, dismiss everyone who's against zionism and gun control as a shill. get fucked.

you're the shill. anyone pro-trump is a shill at this point.

try harder with that weak ass attempt at consensus cracking.


ebin. simply ebin. pro-trump is code for anti-white.

Lol, so cute. Stay salty shill. When the CIA-MSM-FED get defanged and drained try not to kill yourself.

You better start getting rid of your loser mentality, because wellfare and Sorosbucks are going to go bye bye little guy.

And even if you manage to start a civil war just because your overlords want their purple revolution, prepare to be outgunned, outskilled and outnumbered. Lol

nice redd*t spacing, trumpcuck. stay on reddit.

Whites are going to become majorities in their countries again. You want to know why?

Sovereign Debt Crisis = No more social programs and aid to idiots = Darwinian event

So glad, it will even take out the idiot r-selective whites out along with the disease ridden fags and non-whites.

yep, it's reddit

not if zogald has anything to say about it

Even if you weren't outgunned, outnumbered and outskilled, you would still be at a disavantage regarding morale and cohesion, because you're literally a bunch of suicidal dick choopers ,,aids ridden faggots, soybois, teenage commies, criminals who only think about themselves and will rob each other just because, druggies who will betray for their fix and fat useless land whales.

And even if DJT was getting the guns, people would report them lost and stolen. Lol


nah, Holla Forums's original userbase before reddit infested the place hates him now too.
back to the_zogald

Lol, the moneyjew calls out the JQ and your bosses are afraid of him.

https:// youtu.be/-Q8BLfefGtg

I know you're not a jew because they are smarter than the little puppets they use as shills like you little guy.

Hope you get a better job in the future so you can stop being a loser that needs to lie for 2 cents a reply. God be with you child! :)

moneyjew is a literal jew that believes in the holocaust
stay on reddit

back to the_zogald

Lol, you are so transparent little one.

You don't even know what he decided gun wise and its implications, you are using desingenuous wording and not debating because you are a dumb shill little one.

DJT is not perfect, he supported traitor Mitt Romney, but you stating that 1488 crowd hates him is just an obvious lie. DJT is just the beggining, not the end little one. Get ready for whiteness to permeate the West in the future. Nice try thou, at least your trying to make money legally 2 cents per reply. Just don't get no RICO charges on you because of your boss :)


if anyone's going to jail, it's drumpf. he's the one with connections to pizzagate vie epstein.

Lol, keep at it little champ. Have 2 more cents :)

He stopped socialising with him when he found he is a pedo. Your heroes on the democratic party on the other hand… :)

Try to resist having a mental break down when eventually you find out you have been working and getting paid by pedos and you start to obcess if you are going to get RICO charges brought uppon yourself just to make 2 cents per reply. It is really sad to see people getting used like that like you are. Remember this post, and my words. I include everyone in my prayers, and will pray for you too my lost child.



ban trumpniggers mods

You do not need to have a mental breakdown right now little shill.

Here, read this, and if you really are 1488, tell me your opinion on it:



https:// youtu.be/p9R5SrRgB1Q

Leader Technologies miller act could instantly KILL the Sillicon Valley tech mafia that hates freedom of speech and BRING FORTH the free press.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, pick up your twatter accounts, your 4chins and START SPREADING THAT. Tweet at POTUS en mass and this could be a MASSIVE WIN.

Do it, for God and country!

Trump just needs to take a look at the miller act, approve it and order the payment to Leader Technologies.

This results in a couple of hundred billions per year to create a trully free press and results in the tech mafia getting fucked by having been using stolen code for over 17 years.


https:// americans4innovation.blogspot.pt/2017/07/leader-technologies-files-trillion.html?m=1

Destroying the MSM and taking tech from the left with a signature. THIS IS YUUUGE!

the only shills here are pro-trump shills rom cadre and the_zogald


ID: 8a6dd9 Paid Kushnerbot

i want reddit to oleave

You gunna start spamming CP again?


You faggots have been wrong so many times, e.g.
Muh Syria air strikes killed Assad
all nothingburgers
Now you want to push the drumpf stocks horse shit. But you will ignore these points like every other thread, even one where you posted CP because no one believed your shitty shilling. Fuck you must have a terrible life dealing with Holla Forums.

nice media buzzword, paid zionald shill



Sounds like the Holla Forums meetup guy who wants to destroy Holla Forums. He spams CP so paying someone to DDOS the site wouldn't be out of the question.

Try to make your samefagging less obvious

Kek, I guess he had a melt down and started spamming Fuck Drumpf in the catalog.

Have you taken the drumpf pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The drumpf pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald drumpfffffffffff, who presents and narrates the attached image.

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Swallow the drumpf pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin reddit maymays, this one is the readl deal.


Your country will always be a cuckold to the EU, Spermakov.

Yes, yes… Fight amongst yourselves, kurwa.


because it drives you commies insane

There was never any doubt that it was true. Take what ever you are picturing in your head, make it ten times worse, that is the truth. The kikes have been raping, killing and eating our children for thousands of years.



Explain him sacking the temple of kike commerce and getting the JFK treatment afterwards.


you'll be out of a job, out of steam, out of friends when Soros is put in jail and all his assets are frozen and used to build our Southern border. I say our wall because I hope and pray commie scum have their citizenship stripped away and are deported to any country that will take you or you just live on a ship the rest of your days. America is for American citizens, citizenship should mean something.

Apparently the right to keep and bear arms isn't one of them any more though.

Be careful with Gowdy, he says a lot of smart things, but then he turns around and DOES the opposite. Just look at his voting record.

Yeah, Trump banning epstein from his golf courses is all the proof one could ask for.

He also appointed the prosecutor in Epstein's case, the one who gave him a slap on the wrist, as secretary of labor. Epstein's defense attorney, Alan Dershowitz, has also turned into one of Trump's most reliable defenders.


he also is cozy with the new head of dyncorp

No. But yes for the new Special Prosecutor. Dems have assiduously avoided mentioning him in connection to the FISA Memo(s) because they don't want to poke the bear.
>either that or he's compromised in some way, like the rest of the House and Senate; (((Chaffetz))) taking a knee much earlier would seem to beg the question

The "look into mg conversion" memo was bald faced no-guns b8 (what, to make an AR pattern belt-fed?)

Could easily have been "Do not comment on active investigations, faggot. The fate of the Country is at stake." shookery.

Don's CPAC Speech: "They've committed ALOT of Atrocities."
That, and alluding to kneelers, "Can we call that Treason? I think we can."

Expected more of this to have come to pass around Summer. Flynn perjury trap seems to have shifted the timetable significantly (in the end, more rope fed to them with the Mueller probe, to the point where maybe even deliberate.) – Motion to retrack Guilty Plea for prosecutorial misconduct will go through, Mueller withheld exculpatory statements of Strozk and Comey.

Admiral Rogers briefing Trump immediately after the Election was auspicious. The only institution that could properly be tasked with countering sedition on this grand scale would be Military Intelligence, and joe blow on the bottom of the command hierarchy within the alphabet soup Africans. And you couldn't have a civilian trial with the DOJ compromised, or with the possibility of a hung jury. Obama wanting to close down GITMO becomes clearer. Civilians guilty of treasonous acts can be tried by military tribunal. The CPAC speech allusions to the "'LOCK HER UP''' chants were encouraging on this angle. This
The Dec 21st Executive Order have us in a state of emergency. Mattis - and others - press coverage always "be ready" with North Korea braggadocious brinksmanship running interference.

This is a call to all my brothers who died in WWII fighting for our Führer; It is time to fight fire with fire; We must use (((their))) own tactics against them; We must raise a 4D battle against our (((enemys))). We must be discrete with each other. When we see someone in a suit and a nice haircut, we have to be identitarian, it is the new national populism; And if we add the socialism aspect, then it is neo-national socialism... with all the aesthetic that comes with it. No more /Alt-Right/ we must come up with an image that is esoteric alt-right but with out homosexuality and transgenderism and degeneracy. Start being an alpha male; However, do not be arrogant, ignorant or an ass. We must be humble nationalists like our Führer! We must speak in buddhist symbols, since the Führer knew the Aryan (Hyperborean) race was white and conquered all major cultures around the world. We must seek peace through strength, we must be smart, we must not humble and most of all we have to be gentlemen. As well, we must put a large portion of our energy into being race-realist and we must not be prejudice; We can be racist; Everyone is racist. And only those are aren't racist are liars. Don't prejudge, judge with a grain of salt. Judging is our instinct, but not our right; Although, you should only judge someone if they're a threat to your life. If no one poses a threat, than do not antagonize people. Especially, liberals, as they are delicate snow flakes. Be a man, not an ass. If you could not be an ass, that'd be great. We're all gonna have a bad time if you're an ass. The alt right is dead. But Kek is not dead; He is just awakening. We need to establish a presence in the World Economic Forum too.

You do realize what he proposes effectively makes ==Right Wing Death Squads possible to go hunting on Chicongo Safaris?==

Hormone ridden teenagers can join the army and serve if they grow up early.

nice spacing, the_zogald


Nah, not R​eddit cancer pal, I forgot the line break before the double equals for red text. Otherwise it would have come out normal. See for a zogald example.


"Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself. He has no control of the government he represents because he is not asserting his authority. Whatever excuses his fan base might have, don’t really cut it. If other leaders can do it, why not him?"

Your (((Emperor))) has no clothes. Enjoy your nuclear annihilation….


False. Even if Samson is activated, the jews STILL get exterminated down to the last unborn kikel. Launching all nukes on Earth wouldn’t create a nuclear winter.



Funny how he said nothing about reddit and you decided to out yourself anyway. You’re obviously from reddit. You’re too stupid to actually discuss the article. You’re too stupid to be able to prove its contents wrong. You can’t even ADDRESS THE POINTS LISTED THEREIN, because the very idea of ENTERTAINING something that hurts your feelings scares you SO MUCH that you refuse to do it. You’re terrified that you might have your mind changed. You’re terrified that you might be wrong. But being wrong HURTS YOUR FEELINGS, so you hunker down in your fake worldview and refuse to think or expand or learn.


Get help.

Sessions was the best on immigration in the whole senate, so he seemed like a decent choice compared to the other cucks, nobody expected him to cuck out this hard.

fuck off boomer

the citizen-ship didn't exist before the 14th amendment and reconstruction

TRUMP 2020

TRUMP 2020