The Crumbling Consensus That Jews Were the Ultimate Holocaust Victims

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as if anyone illiterate being mass imported to europe even knows what world war 2 is

Surprises me that Netanyahu isn't going along with the official narrative. But all that kvetching is louder than any I've heard before!

Sounds like the author is basically acknowledging that the kike gravy train is coming to an end. He admits that the holohoax was treated like a creation myth which kept white nations under kike control, that the only reason it persisted is "heresy" (his own term) against the official narrative being punished, and effectively that we're on the cusp of wide realisation that the National Socialists were the good guys in WWII. He even admits that kikes are behind communism, and that at least some of them know they deserve to be ovened.

Isn't it beautifully ironic that Kikes were so hellbent on filling up white countries with Asians and Africans, but in the end they only brought in a bunch of people without white guilt and therefore cannot be shamed into giving them free money and power.

Jews help do it to themselves to dilute their narrative. They invite a bunch of rapefugees to different parts of the world , what the hell do they expect? Dont most mudslimes hate jews just as much? Plus in parts of Asia , seems they dont give a shit about the holocaust either. The narrative is definitely mostly in the west where alot of ww2 soldiers are slowly passing away as time moves forward.

Even if the Holocaust happened it didn't, why does that give Israel and Jews the unquestioned right to decide all policy, in every Western country, top to bottom, until the end of time. If you're not a Jew, the Holocaust isn't your history and it shouldn't be your problem. If you're a German I'd understand if you were fed up after hearing these whiny giant-nosed schemers guilt-trip and insult your family and country for almost a century. Poland was mostly always good to the Jews, now these kikes want to try to expand their extortion racket to yet another country that tried to show them good will. They're a whole race of mentally ill paranoid schizophrenics who are so convinced the world is out to get them, they constantly antagonize the rest of the world so that eventually the rest of the world really is out to get them.

Bullshit. Even according to kike history, France and Britain fought hard against the Germans during World War 2.

This is just simply historical fact though? It's well known the ones who suffered the most proportionately were the Gypsies, the one in sheer number the Russians (or Chinese if you count the Pacific theatre), and the ones that were the center of the entire ordeal and that started the war was the Polish people. Do the Jews fear the educated?


The more one educates oneself about the Jews, the more one becomes antagonised towards them.

and i am pretty sure the (((author))) of this article has no idea who tamerlain was and what he did
and couldn't understand why an educated indian would find that unlikely to belief
or the committee of union and progress for an armenian

once again the yid is slaughtered by his own golem, for who could have taught that bringing in people with no knowledge or white guilt would laugh at the holocaust religion

Surprisingly close, if you replace Holocaust with work camps. Communist degeneracy and faggotry in Weimar led to the rise in resentment of the kikes throughout the land. Those who will not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it, and I hope we will witness that hatred of the eternal jew rise again.

Life is meaningless to Asians unless it is their own.

If we're lucky, we'll see the Holohoax commonly criticized and discredited in our lifetimes.

As compared to the more accurate older ones?

Play your holohoax cards too much and you still don't get why people are fucking tired, doesn't help that they notice (((You))).

The Zionist and Diaspora kikes don't like each other and only collude when they deem it necessary. They are both socially destructive but only because it is their nature to do so not due to mutual effort.

Zionist: Oy vey, da joos need a home land in Palestine to ensure the holohoax never happens again, also it was the Arabs who convinced Hilter to kill the kikes, dontchaknow. You New York Jews are alienating Evangelicucks with your atheism and faggotry and pushing for secular states in the Levant which could form an actual army and invade us, for shame.

Diaspora: Oy Vey, by setting up a nation apart you show the goyim that jews are different don't you realize that if we cannot hide amoungst them they will exterminate all of us for the shit we constantly pull. You attacking the mudmen undermines the narrative of kikes as a oppressed minority in need of protection and beyond political reproach.

They are two different parasitic survival strategies, one reliant on the US's foreign aid and another on modern society.

Hilariously enough both are destroying their host by either importing shitskins or undermining their military supremacy.

Yeah, this is a good introductory redpill for normies not ready to hear that it didn't happen. According to the (((official narrative))) the holohoax isn't even the largest modern genocide, especially given the now-admitted fact that the claim 5 million gentiles also died was a lie, let alone the biggest of all time. So why is it considered to be such a pivotal event that it means white countries aren't allowed to exist, and jews can never be questioned? Why do you literally never stop hearing about it, but not about genocides that actually happened like the Holodomor?

Plus even if they buy that it happened, the average rapefugee is going to think it was a good idea and should happen again

i had to laugh there, thank you!

Because it's Holocaustianity.

It makes Jews relatives of the Messiah, a position they lost around 40AD

Yes. And I'd argue that it is their 5000 years consistent practice of circumcision which makes them think the world is out to get them and hates them for now reason.
I had this strange sense reading this article like the author knew that the holocaust didn't happen but was nothing more than a religious myth, like other posters have said before. We are on the cusp of a great shift in white collective consciousness. The 100th monkey effect is just around the corner.

They aren't even that anyway, as the extant kikes aren't even the same race as the dead Hebrew.

The ethnology of the kikes and the hypotheses with regards to how they became what they are today is all laid out in MacDonald's excellent series of books culminating in Culture of Critique which details the kikes' interference and deliberate destruction of white civilization in impartial academic terms.

The extant kikes with a dead race. Current Talmudist kikes are a combination of the Pharisees(the kikes of the old Hebrew race), Turkish traders(mudkikes), Roman expats(kikes of Rome), and the daughters of European nobility who were so desperate for cash they sold their daughters to non-christians(so white kikes who aren't good with money). So you outbreed an already shitty portion of a population with other shitty populations, then let it stew and inbreed in urban areas for centuries and is it any surprise you get shit?

The old Hebrew where just one more nation of herders and mercenaries little different from the Hittites or Babylonians. There is little merit or fault to be found in them as a whole, they behaved like nearly every bronze/iron age population, including the Celts if you’ve read the Ulster Cycle.

The Jews failed, they were broken and destroyed for all time, the last remnant of their race is a blood-taint which barely resembles the Pharisee rats who jumped ship when the Romans scattered them. They deserved their fate because they were unworthy of a covenant with God, they existed as an object lesson. And so it was for better races to do what they could and would not.

We have kikey shit in our own race as well; or more accurately we have pussies who are vulnerable to kikery. Roundheads are certainly the kikes of England. So it is difficult to indict a dead race over having kikey faggots among them when we have some of our own. If inherently liberal whites didn’t exist the kikes would never have gotten their claws in us and “white guilt” wouldn’t exist.

Holla Forums has taught me that there are good people everywhere

I think the trick is to just be occasionally vocal about it.

A lot of Holla Forums and Nazi ideology stems from being a good, honest person, after all. So when you're silent, the Jew wins. He changes public opinion until one or two people become rooted in the wrong way of things. All you have to do is let the unknowing victims of Jewry know that you'll help

Yeah, I'll remember to let everyone at work know that the holocaust didn't happen :^)

Still, it's hilarious how many shitskins are much more likely to agree with us than the limp-wristed left. Plenty of people from all different backgrounds care about what is actually true, so that's kinda cool. Even multiculturalism could have a chance in a country without welfare and appropriately harsh treatment of criminals.

But we can worry about being nice to out-groups after we've secured a future for our own children.

It's hysterical.

Can't we just exterminate every single spic, nigger, faggot, kike, liberal, streetshitter, darkie, and saracen? It's easier and more expedient.

If we could kick them out of our countries we'd only have to exterminate them if they became a threat (even if it was a small threat).

See, I'm a humanitarian.

Well I'm not, also simply not giving them free food and medicine will kill 2 billion of them in five years if the UN is to be believed. Also massive tarrifs that any nationalist regime would impose would basically make their slave labor economies non-viable.

The kikes have been making up stories about us being monsters, every one of them a lie, for two centuries. I'm eager to give them their precious monsters, lets show them what actual genocide looks like, no stupid lampshades just brutal efficient murder.

I alway ask people if they think kin liability should be a thing or not. If a child should be punished for the deed of their parents. Everyone says no. Everyone.

Then ask them why germans and other whites are still punished for what happened during the holocaust. See how they are breaking down next and enjoy the cognitive dissonance in all it's glory.

I like white pill threads. Time is on our side now. (((Their))) time is over.

Post yfw brexit is tantamount to holohoax exposure.

they make it too easy
Reality is the easiest videogame I've ever played

Saying "the Holocaust" is a hoax is like saying "our Lord and Saviour" didn't exist historically. Call it "the jew gassings" instead.

It is ironic when you think about it. Kikes kiking kikes when one stands to gain from it. It's a miracle they've not died out before now!

No wonder Holohoax exposure/denial was made illegal last year.

Don't forget about the attempted communist coups in Germany, the red terrorism going on across Europe throughout the 20s & 30s (including burning their Senate building to the ground), and of course the many communist genocides in Eastern Europe and Spain between 1917-1939. The German public knew communism was a massive threat, and that's why they elected Hitler. Weimar's degeneracy was terrible but it was only one thing amongst many that enraged the Teuton.

I agree with the sentiment, but I'm pretty sure that video is of someone paid a couple bucks to say that. Similar to PewDiePie's stunt.

That's a great idea, I'll have to try that!

Even as a foreigner and before being 1000%NS, this shit pissed me off at one point especially.

"A rabbi was singing the Hebrew folk song “Heveinu shalom aleichem” (“We have brought peace unto you”)"

"(“We have brought peace unto you”)"

Such vermin.