Parkland Shooter is Half Negro

They are biological brothers. Meaning Nikolas is a mulatto himself. Not quite the "white male terrorism" leftists are so eager to push.

Excellent opportunity to shatter the narrative with this picture, goys. Not a bad time to combine it with black crime statistics either.

Or their mother was just a degenerate kikess who race-mixed with a nigger and a spic

Yes goy, no chance this fellow white person is intermixed with African ancestry. Go ahead and waste this opportunity to redpill the masses on non-white crime rates.

My parents are the boomeriest boomers I've ever seen in my life and even they didn't fall for the white nationalist narrative. I can't imagine who outside of any given liberal shithole would believe this crap.

There's no point in making yourself look stupid when even a drooling moron can come up with the idea of "Maybe they had different fathers." Fail.

Its even in the official narrative - same mother, different fathers.

Depends on how much white admixture the nigger has.

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It's Mike Enoch.


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Literally the 56% meme come to life. The kikes did it to themselves. Little Nicky is 56% kike, Zachariah is 56% Nigger.

Both those niggers are whiter than anyone in the Caliphates of Britbongistan, Germanistan, Cuckoldistan.

Any pure blood English or German is white, that is the majority, because colonizing those countries happened only some decades ago.

No Merican is pure blooded save for some very recent immigrants or cults like the Amish.

This mischling looks like a zika baby.

Reminder lefty/pol/ is raiding the board with the 56% meme and to report each individual post which uses it.

Reminder youve got carte blanche on anyone who says that, they are a race traitor and are of negative value to our race.


El Abominacion and El Goblino

This is me.

You're the most drooling idiot I've seen outside of a circus freak show.

Remember that this is a psy-op and everything is scripted. Nobody knows who his real mother is, if she is alive or dea and if he has any siblings. His mothers ame is supposedly "Kumbatovic".
-ovic = son of
Kumbat = Combat
Someone must've had a good chuckle when he picked that name.

White is generic, „not a shit skin“, but that is a slippery slope. The English are a race, at least for a thousand years, same with the Germans. While the English and Germans (and Dutch) are close related, that makes no white race, or do you want to tell me that a Greek and a Norwegian belongs to the same race? That makes the Greeks not niggers, but mixing Greeks and Norwegians is race treason. Mixing Irish and Italians is no better. It did happen one very few occasions in European history. Due to the very low degree of this mixes and the still very close relationship of all Europeans versus all others did this no significant harm to the European races.

This all whites are the same ideology is not much different from the (((Pan European))) ideology of the (((EU))) made by the USA

I see that Americans from the (((melting pot))) have problems with this and use White as a fall back, but that creates problems with “white supremacist killers” like Zimmerman and Cruz.

They're Jews sowing dissension, or the puppets of Jews.
Hell, when I was traveling overseas I was mistaken for German, with people coming up to me and speaking to me in German. I actually have a lot of Dutch in my background, the rest Celt, so I really no different than the very people our D&C kike is claiming are the only "true whites."

Just remember: all whites are kin, all non-whites are not.
It's simple, really.

Nice jewfro, Mordechai. Bet you are even uglier in pics that are not 30 years old.


They are the white race, yes, but if you're trying to say they are an ethnicity, then you're wrong.
They have Pict, Celt, Saxon (germanic), Welsh, Roman, etc. in their genetic background.
Why do you think their teeth are so messed up?
Americans are the same to greater or lesser degrees, but normally Americans are genetically Germanic/Scandinavian and Celt, with some Italian thrown in, on occasion. They is also a mixture of Slav, but I'm not really convinced that Slav is all that far removed from Germanic, actually. I certainly can't SEE the difference between Eastern & Western Euro's, and some of the most beautiful blondes I've ever seen came from Eastern Europe & Russia.

So all this D&C is utter crap in the first place.

Try 40.
And I have no Jew at all in my background.
Lousy pic, I know, but I'll not post what I look like now, so I can't be identified by it.
Nonetheless, I look pretty much the same, with the exception of shorter and greyer hair. I've lifted weights my entire life, and never quit when I got older.
If you want to stay good looking, and want to stay strong, I'd advise this for everyone. It really doesn't take that much time out of your life, and all you need is a little discipline.
Also, stay away from booze.

sage sage sage

how about his mom was a jew whore and they're half brothers

Burger here. The mutt meme is hilarious and is some powerful memetics. I say keep posting them.

yeah, remember how the boston marathon bomber's name was dzhokar? dzhokar = joker = another batman reference. bunch of fake, made up spook nonsense

I think it just means his kike mom burnt coal as well as tijuanan mesquite or whatever le 56% admixture that goblinigger is sporting.

No, you are just repeating the deconstructivist nonsense of the jews, which declares that because something is historically, long ago made of different parts, it not new, distinct, totally different to the original parts.
Ethnics are a different thing than a race.
See that is a total skewed jewish argumentation; jews made on many occasion, pseudo-historical mix up which is not really backed up by how the events evolved. Spoiler: The Romans had very little impact.

Historically, in prehistoric times, before written records, Europe was inhabited by Proto-Europeans before the Indo-Germanics arrived. They created the megalith culture, still visible today, like Stonehenge. We don’t know too much about them, but it were relatively few people, in low population density Europe, were only recently northern Europe have become inhabitable after the ice ages. That makes their accomplishments even more impressive.
That were the people (((they))) try to sell us as niggers today, even if they are not related to negros in any way. (((They))) try to skew perception by black facing an (((reconstruction))), with the argument their genetic make up is not like modern Europenans. They were as much niggers as the Japanese are, lacking the same genetic marker for white skin. In contrast to the Japanese, they (some) were blue eyed. They first had to become modern Europeans, ten thousand years later, go figure! They originally did maybe come from the Levant, Golden Crescent or some other climatically more privileged places, but as Darwin observed, a population separate and isolated from its origin becomes quick a distinctive species.
We know other pre-Indo-Germanic, Proto-Europeans, like “Otzi” the glacier mummy, who certainly, evidently was no nigger either.
When the Indo-Germanics came to Europe, still in pre-historic times, the Proto-Europeans didn’t go extinct, but mixed up more or less with the newcommer, keep in mind that were still very low population numbers and pop densities, so space for everyone but loot of work to do. Indo-Germanics were not just the Germanics, but Celt and Greek and Latin as well.
Celts settled in much of central Europe, from the Balkans, the Alps, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the British isles. They don’t replaced the earlier inhabitants in all of the places. The Iberians, maybe the Pics were maybe still close related to the non-Indo-Germanic Proto-Europeans. They coexisted and maybe cohabited to a degree for quite a long time, thousands of years until the times written records started.
The Basque people are maybe the last people who do speak a Proto-European language. Genetically and from the looks they are not distinct from other northern Spanish, like the Galicians. They are also genetically close related to other people living around the Bay of Biscay, like the Irish or Welsh. They are often of the Atlantide phenotype, pale, black haired people, think Catherine Zeta-Jones or Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan.
I suspect much of the “Celts” of the British Isles were as Celtic as the Brazilians are Romans, in a cultural, only slightly genetic way. There were for sure “pure Celts” as well, but the Romans destroyed Celtic culture everywhere they went in Europe. They for sure didn’t replace them genetically. The Romans were few in numbers and much of today's Italy was inhabited by Celts, who became “Romans” if they didn’t flee. With the import of many Celtic slaves, it were the Romans who became more “Celtic”.
With the end of the Roman Empire, the Germans replaced the Romans as the new rulers in Europe. In Britain too and they had a massive immigration of Germanic tribes to the now undefended Britain. How much genetic impact that had, I’m not sure, because I think that originally Celts and Germans were very close genetically, but very distinct culturally. I’ve come to this conclusion, because the Romans mixed up, could not make clear distinction who was Celts and who German just from looks, many times.
Anyway the “Indo-Germanic” genetic heritage increased significantly, also at place were before the Celts had not dwelled, in the North of Scotland, the northern islands. If that were Angles, Saxons or Vikings makes not much genetically difference. Since then, for thousand years, the genetic make-up of Britain hasn’t much changed until after the second war, the post-war (((regime))) decided to flood the island with nigger, pajeets and inbreed cousin-fuckers.

You do know this is a meme, right? There are indeed some British people with terrible teeth, there are also people from every nation with terrible teeth. The only reason you think of Brits having bad teeth is because of American media, coupled with the fact that for whatever reason America seems more concerned with dental hygiene than much of the rest of the world (which again is something you will notice in the media with a host of the nerdy/dorky kids wearing braces). These days with braces and dental hygiene being common/important in most places in the world, you will see more people with good teeth (the examples of Brits used are usually from day-time television programs where the most impoverished of society humiliate themselves for the entertainment of everyone else - you will actually see the same thing on any US show that goes to poor areas, rural areas or groups that do not use modern technology like the Amish).

I have read about mixed people feeling like they do not belong, and often acting out violently and criminally because of it. I've not done enough research to say whether it is true or not, but it could be a good angle for us to investigate. I also personally find them to look 'evil'. There is just something off about most mixed-race people, especially those with dark skin/features but blue/green eyes.