Twitter is shilling hard for the left right now and promoting the survivors of the Florida shooting.

Look at the number of likes/RTs these tweets are getting relative to 1) their follower counts and 2) the amount of time since they've been posted (date of screenshot is on the calendar in each image).

The left wing voters are going to be flipping states like hotcakes this November and all the Trumpsters are going to be sitting at home resting on their 2016 laurels and thinking someone else will go out and vote while they sit home on the couch stuff cheeseburgers in their mouths say "MURICA"


Of course the right is going to go down. No one further right than Kikeo Fagadopolis is running, anywhere. Trump was supposed to be a springboard for electing people who are ACTUALLY right-wing, but no one is running. It’s the same RINOs and neocons as always.

They got to work tieing up loose ends right after the election. Massive online campaigns to control the information with cries of fake news, russian bots, etc. Elections from here on out will be a lot more (((controlled.))) Trump isn't doing anything about it and frankly he's going to lose 2020 unless he does.


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You came here to bait Holla Forums but just ended up making yourself look retarded instead

>The (((left))) used bots to game social media during the presidential election and it didn't work at all


I don't think this is accurate. I think what you're seeing is disengagement from Trump by people who took his isolationist dog whistling and promises for mass deportations seriously. We're over a year in and it is very clear none of this is coming to pass, nor are mass and universal tariffs. He has dredged up the same old israel first, axis of evil stuff from the Bush administration. It's a White House of, by, and for the Adelsons, Pritzkers, Dershowitzes, Sabans.

The portion of Trump's voting that is genuinely anti-zionist is greater than it is being given credit for – obviously because TPTB don't want attention drawn to that – and they are just walking away from him. He likely doesn't care because he and his donors have gotten what they wanted out of this run.

kek. I just made a post before yours addressing your stupid argument before you even made it.

Guess who gets all their news from TV? Boomers.

Guess who gets all their news from the internet and social media? GenX and earlier, especially millennials who wouldn't watch CNN/FOX/MSNBC to save their lives. This is a problem for all of us because they're hitting voting age right now or very soon.

Social media is the town square of the politisphere. If you can gain control of it, you can gain control of the narrative.

OP is a faggot, it's my Holla Forums and I'll autoban if I want to

I addressed this argument in the blackpill thread I made a few days ago.

The difference between then and now is that, during the 2016 campaign, the media had everyone convinced Hillary was going to obliterate Trump. Additionally, the right came out swinging with the dankest memes ever seen. The left was not prepared for this.

They're prepared for it now, and they're taking action. You damn well better believe they're not going to make the same mistakes twice.

You came here to make me mad but on closure inspection it appears you are the one experiencing frustration

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Speaking of "frustration" you're never going to reproduce cuckime queer.

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We need to pass a law so that kids decide all policy


yeah but they are bankrupt, have no one to run and most importantly think that they could convert half the country that wouldn't listen to their lies before and found out about how much of news is bullshit. Fake news, bots and all are normie tier talking points now and their tactics used before the elections are not going to work again. You are falling for their attitude that they are never going to lose and that they already won when a lot of shit is against them. I would be very surprised if this place actually managed to meme trump into a second term but would be more surprised if he didn't get it anyways. If I were you I would worry what happens after Trump is gone.

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They won't even flip Florida, kikel.



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Hahahaha, holy shit you're not even trying to hide it. It's like I'm watching evolution in real time.

If you can't tell, the MSM going hard on CT/Crisis Actor Threads/Fake Tragedy believers, and the High School kids themselves slowly slipping into more divisive aggressive speech, now you know you're being moved to one side.

The plan is to get both sides to espouse extreme views i.e. " Trump is Hitler and Guns are Hitlersoo " vs " This was a CIA fake plant CT actor thread by transexual lizard men" then to restore order by banning 2a in a limited capacity.

Its a pretty basic (((tactic))) that seems to have gone unnoticed. Divide the crowd to be polar opposites of another, then, move both sides to a compromise that was your original intent.

No, they're going to make brand new mistakes.

Then it will a huge redpill for everyone and the (((politicians))) who thought Trump would appease those people will be wringing their hands.

Show me successful leftist memes that have any political nuance to them.

I think you replied to the wrong post.


There are none, but this doesn't matter. Indeed our memes brought us an advantage in 2016, but social media now employs smart algorithms that can identify a user's political alignment. They're using this tactic to target deplorable shitlord accounts, downranking them so that they don't show in the main discourse.

Therefore, the left doesn't need memes when they can prevent us from sharing ours.

Additionally, as I've posted here over and over again, Twitter's suppression algorithms are geared at weakening the conservative network which impairs our ability to mobilize. Meanwhile, the leftist network has been greatly strengthened, hence why their posts get 100-200k likes/RTs in 24 hours while right-leabing posts are lucky to get 30k for all time.

Seems we're able to get our memes out just fine user, and you've not really sown otherwise.
That the enemy has a weapon does not suggest he deploys it, or that he deploys it effectively.