San Francisco : DESIGNATED pooing city

San Francisco : DESIGNATED pooing city

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“The contamination is … much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,” said Dr. Lee Riley, a UC Berkeley professor.

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Tucker did this on his show last night plus showed the bike ride homeless video in Anaheim.




A lot of homeless people have HIV/AID so if I were you then I would avoid handling them. Tbh I think they need to shot on the sight but hey USA is democractic so it won't happen unless USA collapse.


It's already a shithole. Pics related.

That's pretty fucked imo. I think it truly depends on WHY they're homeless. The sick ones like that, sure, cuz more than likely they're either drug addicts, or faggots. But some just get kiked out of their homes, which is not a just reason to punish someone, since (((they))) already did that to them. Regardless, I do understand why you feel that way, on average homeless are a problem, that's for sure.

A word about those crime rates. That graphic is logarithmic, so it's far worse than it looks at a glance. Here's the legend:

1: Less than one-fifth the national average.
2: One-fifth to less than one-third the national average.
3: One-third to less than one-half the national average.
4: One-half to less than three-fourths the national average.
5: Three-fourths to 1 1/4 more than times the national average.
6: 1 1/4 to two times more than the national average.
7: Two to three times more than the national average.
7: Two to three times more than the national average.
8: Three to five times more than the national average.
9: Five to ten times more than the national average.
10: Ten or more times the national average.

HIV does not exist. It was made up by (((people))) in pharma and teh CDC to scare everybody and justify government funds.

They're severely mentally ill and got kicked out because their friends and family cannot take care of them. Drug addiction is another cause, but is usually comorbid with mental illness. Or their mental care facilities kick them out because the family didn't pay rent for their ill relative. A mercy kill would be best for them.

Here's your (you) Holla Forums
Nope goy, it has nothing to do with generous Commiefornia gibs. It's the climate.

I hope California succeeds so I can watch them devolve even further into africa. Also watching them die of thirst without imported water supplies.


/r/ing pajeet poo in the loo comics

Volkisch lel
Get fucked, Commiefornia

This place is far worse
start at 4 minutes in to see the trash and creaturas wobbling around in the street

The archive works just fine kikebart.

Details needed. Who went around counting them? Can they count that high? Were samples taken? Were they only counting whole turds as a pile or did chips of shit count? What about the green apple splatters? Surely that is a puddle and not a pile.
Did they clean it up or just leave the shit there?
These are important questions for myself and my progeny as all decisions of life must be formed around the poo. I normally wouldn't be willing to work under such shabby conditions but if there is potential for less loos and more poos, I would be willing to provide my javascript services for just 50 rupee a day.

Really jogs the noggin, huh?

Fucking do it! I want to see California being drowned literally with their own poo.

If you were a straight white man doing that you would be a registered sex offender.

They would conciser faggots doing this as an "expression of their diverse culture"
This place is so disgusting that they'll see a plain looking person (clean, normal clothing) foreign.

Some of them are homeless by choice, real estate prices in CA are fucking insane because of all the illegal alien vermin

750k minimum cost studio apartments next to passed out bums, junkies and mexican gangbangers

vid related

everybody and his mom wants to move to LA to become a star in Holyjew and NIMBYs don't want highrises

the result: most areas full of two story single family homes just like in SF that cost a million bucks in the ghetto or you get a luxury highrise shoebox for 400k+

come to think of it, lots of homes aren't even two story, shit is ridic…

meanwhile the racially cohesive japs that actually give two shits about affordable housing for the masses have shittons of affordable home and the government gives you 1% interest rate loans

Anyone who lives in SF is insane, see vid, idk how people can live like that…


Can somebody please post that poo in the loo meme with pajit saying 'poo in it ' on his cell? Lel, that always puts my sides into orbit.

Gee let me guess, fucking over small businesses and middle class people?

Lets increase taxes on businesses, after all, if we don't prevent businesses from hiring people where are the homeless people we want to squander small percentages of our pork belly tax spending on going to COME FROM?


They always have to fuck up the video by overlaying it with songs. Thanks for vid anyhow.

Looks like the slums of India.

Nigger central.

Look how disconnected with fucking bigot is by re-appropriating african cultures by filming waste and overlaying his video with traditional panflute tropical house. Is this supposed to be a happy video? Because it looks like a holiday. Who knew you got countries where they designed entire bicycle streets and they let people camp beside them? Furthermore, the soundtrack was rather uplifting.

Saw a thread on plebbit recently about some engineer who was shot execution style while walking home in the bay area. Those fucks are beyond cucked one reaponse train started with a story about an armed robbery in the area against a family member that was shot but lived. The responses were primarily about how you should always just hand over your belongings. Everything was going well until it waspointed out that the dude was shot without amy forewarning. Then the topic switched from staying away from certain areas etc even though in had been said in that same train or whatever you call it that just two years ago the area was nice.

Its like these people are unable to look at the world for what it is and what it will become if we dont work to actually improve things.


That IS the 750k "apartment."

Imagine trying to raise a child in that city, being harassed by homeless druggies, avoiding shit in the street, and worrying about criminals every day
All for such a high rent, oh well the liberal paradise is what they make it

you first

It always baffles me that the degeneration of cities doesn’t seem to have an effect at all on property prices any more. Property goes up year on year. The less people can afford it the higher it goes because those who can earn a fortune on rental (((investments))). What a revolting world.

Then there are the homosexualists, mongrels and various other degenerates.

Under a just system those in local Government that facilitated such a putrid environment to develop would be prosecuted and executed, the whole area declared a public health crisis and shut down. I have traveled to third world countries and none have touched the level rancidness and filth that I found in San Francisco. There is an order to declared slums in places like India, San Francisco on the other hand is clearly cursed clay.



Its stain cannot be cleaned. One would have better success raising a family in Chernobyl. Perhaps fortune will smile on us and SF will disappear. It always was a modern Sodom and Gomorrah; and since 2016 has plenty of salt.

I hope so, it makes me feel uneasy just knowing it exists and I am not even on the same continent.


I feel sorry for any child raised there or a pre-AIDS resident who has witnessed their neighborhood felched over time.

Kek i feel your aggrivation bro.

They cant admit they are wrong is what it comes down to.

We need California to secede while they still don't know the shit they've gotten into.

200 years of White men curing these diseases that have been around for thousands of years and California faggots let mental patients roll around in shit and used needles.

Mental patients and foreign vermin. Remember it was plague infested rats from Asia, arriving in Genoa, that brought Europe to its knees. America, Europe, Britain and Australia have all seen old foes making a comeback; and all white children are in danger at every level from the brown scourge.

jesus christ the biker even looks like a 56%

SF is tiny, tech can pay top dollar

I'm surprised that my fellow tech autists aren't sketched out by SF so much that they don't want to move / live there, but I guess they bear with it if they can work for top (((companies)))

Impose the high tax on everything.

I'm surprised you give him that much credit. Though he's probably considered purebred Aryan stock in Brazilifornia.


So how much longer until San-Fran looks like New York in the 70s and early to mid 80s? I'm personally gonna give it until the early 2020s. And that's only if something major doesn't happen to California in general before then. Which is increasingly becoming a very real possibility.