Whose side would he be on today?

And what would he be saying?
Towards the end, Hitch was definitely beginning to clash with the Cathedral line on Religion of Cuck™. I even remember a video of him floating the idea that Muslim fertility is a weapon in the hands of Religion of Cuck™ists, allowing them to take over Europe peacefully and inexorably over a few generations. This is radical stuff, especially for 10 years or so ago when the Overton window was so much more intact.

On the other hand, he spoke proudly of sharing a platform with liberals, conservatives, leftists of all stripes, but never with a fascist. He made fun of feminists, but more to epater le bourgeois than from any real disagreement - he preached that the solution to the world's socioeconomic ills was 'the emancipation of women'. He was utterly cucked on colonialism and the nigger question, and had a weird Trotskyite Jewish complex which was triggered by his discovery that he had Jewish blood on his mother's side.

Was Hitch's self-professed iconoclastic contrarianism real? Would he be mouthing off stolen Moldbuggian insights as pompously as he once spewed the purest Whiggery, namedropping Carlyle as he used to Paine and Voltaire? Would he have become a columnist for Unz? Or would he have turned out to be the edgy bullying faggot he appears to be, and today be diligently denouncing Jordan Peterson and inveighing on the necessity of total war against recrudescent Nazism and white males in the name of the Party?

What the fuck is with this faggy word replacement of the religion of peace

Hitchens was a stooge for israel and a waste of everyone's time.

An attempt to stop us from talking about islaam.

A waste of everyone's time when he was shilling for Whiggery and (((atheism))), sure. Bullshitter supreme as he undoubtedly was, you can't deny he had a way with words which might have added to our side if he'd found the balls to join us against the dildocracy.

go back and ask r/atheism

Who gives a shit.

New I take it? Or just returning? Cuz it's been that gay ass filter for a while now. Someone had made one that actually wasn't faggy, it was "Imkampfy is a fag" that shit made me laugh, but ones like this are dumb, V-e-gan also changes to "fag"
Oh and on terms with the thread…Fuck Pisslam, nothing but savages (which all sand niggers are).

Welcome to Holla Forums newfriend. With that out of the way, the mods are faggots, that is why there is that retarded word filter.


Religion of Cuck™ haha

Religion of Cuck™


Kikes are really pissed today.

It's pissssllaama or semite or goatfucker fun time


Have you read any of his books? He talks about being Jewish throughout them. He would be on whatever side benefits Jews the most. He was anti war until it came time to invade Iraq. What do you think?

a jew joining "us"?
Where do you think you are? What planet do you live on?

The first step to wisdom is calling things by their proper name. The word filter here is apt in this instance.

I slam, you slam, we slam, WELCOME TO THE SPACE JAM

He'd probably be a Jimmy Dore tier edgy liberal.

He was consistently outing Hillary (and Bill) and their crimes, obscure to dick-out-in-the-open ones until his death. For being in the 'former Trotskyite as an edgy Boomer teen' Neocon cohort, the least egregious, easily. A degree removed from a Powell or Mosely; flawed in playing into the Greater Shillsreal project with Religion of Cuck™ic stance; – but considerably and incorrigibly uncucked aside that, and very good in live interviews making his case.
> His No One Left To Lie To is a good concise summary on the Clintons (pre-Benghazi) – most of his animus is reserved for Hillary, particularly in her brains behind the Dick for Waco, Yugoslavia.

Boom! 2 degrees! This should be the new Kevin Bacon.

to stop MIDF from doing retarded muh based Religion of Cuck™ threads that used to be regular already on cuckchan

gee I wonder.

Hitch said he thought the greatest shame in Whoish history was when the Whos rebelled against the Greek Empire they were at the time a part of. He was a strikingly effective persuader, although perhaps not always right, and probably comp'd in some ways.

Is this true, how can this even be possible?

You don't remember his pro invasion at the appropriate time?

I honestly forgot about this guy he turned me into a edgy atheist at around 2010 I think, then I eventually got into philosophy myself and grew out of it (edgy atheism) and completely forgot about him. I just remember him being against circumcision and winning the argument with HUGE emotional manipulation.

Does it even matter?

Hitch was a leftist, no doubt. Now, he absolutely wasn't a neo-marxist cretin, but he was left leaning and how.

Yeh, Hitch tended to ignore a lot of the argumentation side and go "Yeah but you're evil and I'm offended'.

That works when you're arguing the morality of religion…not so much it's intellectual validity(of which it has none).

By the way did you find WASPism? I hear that's in vogue these days.

He called himself a "very conservative Marxist" towards the end.

True, but he had little to nothing to do with the Landwhale Collective.


He was almost a big a faggot as you and would probably be on the OP side.

Reminder Christopher Hitchens was a neocon Jew
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Religion of Cuck™

fuck Islam

No - they are those fucking 'Q-faggots' who come over to Holla Forums when they need material for their research.

What do you think user?

fuck this wannabe ZIonist

Before institavistocking a war with mods, try investitavistocking unicode.

Religion of Cuck™

He is a literal kike neocon. Who's side do you fucking think, slidey McShill?

Oh and this user saved my webm from during the election. Hitch was smart but he ultimately was a jew. Said anti-semitism is a mental illness.

I missed the period where this meme got introduced but is there any real context to it? I know pisslammists are savages and mostly beta types, but it's pretty far from being 'cuck'.

Once Hitch discovered his kike parasite's blood it was all over for him being in any way a purveyor of truth (save for on the atheism issue on which he was/is absolutely correct).

Were he still alive today he'd be a typical warmongering neocon piece of shit but let me be clear he'd be a "system" neocon which means he'd have to pretend to hate Jew controlled Trump in the latest con game the Jews have got going where they've fooled a majority of you Holla Forums members into thinking Trump is a legitimate pro white candidate and savior of the white race.

Thus Hitch would be calling for the impeachment of this "nasty little man" to the frothy approval of braying libtarded jackasses everywhere.

Again he was only ever tolerable (and highly enjoyable) to listen to when he was laying the smacketh down on Christcucks and related religious mental primitives.


"help oh god help I've had terminal cancer for years and can't die"

Planet Rebel Media.
Think how many crypto-jew /ourguy/ and /ourgal/ that not only have, but still do get shilled here on a regular basis.
When you also think of the trannies worshipped as "hot babes" then the prospect of a known jewish zionist getting hired by Rebel and accepted as "BASED AND LEGIT" by the same types who not only accept but defend the aforementioned dross from those who would expose them for what they are, really is sadly believable.
Compared to something like Lauren Simonsen, an obvious man, photographed at 16 years of age with male pecs and not a trace of female nipples (not even budding, which is normally present from around age 10), and who just 2 years after that photo was taken, has magically sprouted a full rack of silicone, which is the more ludicrous, really?

Hitchens would've been inevitably eaten alive by the permanent revolution of the left, at which point he would've either adjusted his world view or end up as a nobody. And given the kind of deeply narcissistic bully he was he'd definitely chose the first. After all ge only made the jump to the US because he and his politics were completely out of touch and there's only so often you can verbally abuse mild-mannered Angelican church officials who are further on the left of the PC axis than you are.
In short, yes he'd railing about Nazis and Jordan Peterson in alliance of convinience with brainlet postmodernists like Thadeus Russell.