France to reintroduce military conscription

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to plough ahead with a campaign promise to reintroduce compulsory military service to France nearly two decades after it was scrapped.

During his election campaign Mr Macron pledged to give all young people “a direct experience of military life with its know-how and demands” and said restoring national service would inspire patriotism and social cohesion.

Between 600,000 and 800,000 young people are year would face military training and spend at least a month with the armed forces – at great cost to the French state.

The policy has caused a rift in the French cabinet after defence minister Florence Parly said last week that the policy would “probably not be obligatory” for young people.

But a spokesperson for Mr Macron overruled her on Tuesday and insisted that the service would be both “universal” and “obligatory” and that there would be no U-turn on the campaign pledge. The spokesperson left open the possibility that the service could involve “civic engagement” and said specific proposals would be outlined by a government taskforce in April.

I would say JVPITER ASCENDING but we like to keep first posts kike-free.


This is an attempt to stamp out racial unrest.

It has nothing to do with a need for military service, making men stronger, or making the country stronger.

He's far from being called some Jupiter. As a joke, true. But for real, hardly.

Oy vey, it is anti-semitic to choose not to die for Isnotreal.
We choose for you.
We chose death.

That will work out well.

1) I'll believe it when I see it. So far all the Macron Gov' done has been the strict opposite of what they announced.
2) If this actually happens it's only because bodies are needed to kill evil ruskies.

Reminder that "france" is in the center of what was once, and will soon be
From the Pyrenaei to thr Rhenus.

Yeah, I don't think you can get much boot camp out of only a month. Maybe some brainwashing, but nothing productive.

They already have the training. Every waking moment being bred to hate white people for the day they attempt to take over.

he's not Jupiter he's Saturn

That's one way to force the stinkbeards out. They won't want to be conscripted to fight for whites and pissrael.

I think even 1 month of brainwashing won't give any results. You need at least 3 months for the basics, like usual.

Seriously this weird little granny fucker is an odd duck.

soldiers today are a joke, at least the rank and files. I see the national guarders in my city and they're 5 and a half foot chubby spics, half of them are women. Maybe he and Trump are conspiring to start a massive war and sacrifice all these brown people on the front lines. Fingers crossed!

One month of service is next to nothing. You need way more time to mold someone into becoming a soldier. 1-2 years used to be the norm.

more like training for arab terrorists to commit more terrorist attacks in France….

Glad somebody said it. The military is pure trash, nothing but smelly parasites.

I know, in my country I've seen some American soldiers in food stores when they're outside their base. And they are tiny and very rounded, filled with muscle and fat. But the funny part is that there were short niggers, not a single tall nigger.

Can't have martial law without a big army

They may act like faggots half the time but once they finally get started they are mean fuckers. I have hope the whites are pissed enough to finally do something and make it hell for any stinky that thinks it might be a good idea to stick around. Both in "training" the stinkbeard, and training the white man.
Everyone is waking up and finding it more acceptable to stand their ground and it is only getting worse for the kikes. Sure media is trumpeting the opposition but we know it is just theater to demoralize.
Soon white man will take his rightful place.

Free training for DOTR! All hail JVPITER!

Her come the "omg le based banker" posts. Look at the demographics of France. He is building a muslim army.

"You think you can leave the EU, goyim? Not when we send our army to occupy your country for (((peacekeeping))) actvities!"

All your algerian and moroccan friends get free training too :)

This is a terrible idea given how many non-whites are among the French youth now. The state is now paying to teach future terrorists how to use weapons.

There's no EU army. The EU wants to, exactly for "peacekeeping" in countries like Hungary and Poland.

What are you fucking saying.

A reminder that there exists this French Legion. Main part is that it consists of foreign soldiers. Everyone is allowed to enter into this training course which is very difficult. After finishing and pledging your allegiance, you will get a false name and probably a mobile also. And especially these people, then spread out and doing their usual business until a call will be made to them and some tasks given.

Whats to stop them from using blacks and Arabs to crush whatever is left of the native French?

They could do it now without training. Forced servitude is something shitskins balk at.

Free gibs,license to kill,rob, & rape white civilians.
Also no doubt they recruited many french women into the army which means weak command structure than Jamal or probably Aziz can take over.
Niggers:"ooga booga where da wyte womenzz at?"
Government: the army.


Shilling this hard against making whites get some training. Weu, they are fucking terrified.

France is like the US in that among the age groups who would be required to participate, there basically aren't any more White people left.

La France est un pays de merde.

It has to do with either:

1) Suiciding as many white french kids as possible into Russia.

2) Destroying their military from within by adding "refugees".

3) Finding an excuse to give military training to "refugees" before putting them back into France in preparation for civil war.

Fuck. Do you think they could do all 3 at once?

Macron's trying to be the next Napoleon. Small man, big ideas, and he'll fail in the end.


War is here.

I'm not ready and I did everything wrong.


Leave your house.

people voted for this?
goddamn, france

This mean that tens of thousands arabs and niggers will get free military training, just as Legion Etrangere started rejecting all muslims at gestapo. Pure cohencidence.

So now they're getting trained to professionally surrender

Oh yeah that's smart, arm and train a bunch of muslims, embed them in your country, access to all your crucial defenses, inside on everything. What could go wrong?

Are refugees even eligible for draft without any citizenship papers?

That so called "military service" will be only one month long. No that's not a typo, one month.

It's always like this with Macaroni. He makes a grandstanding promise and some pathetic little nonsense comes out.

Kek. Still I would say France is gearing up for war with this move, but for war with who? Russia?
Even 1 month is enough to give people some basic training though. While it's not really a long time, so people won't get pissed, it still means that the new generations are getting military training. Maybe macaroni wants for France to be able to replace the burgers as Europe's main military protector, should America collapse economically.
It just goes to show that we are headed for a war in Europe and that the peaceful times of the previous decades are over.

1 month military training is just worthless. Maybe and that's a big maybe, if there could be strict WW2 tier discipline imposed during this 1 month, maybe then some learning could occur. But in current conditions? Impossible. Creating individual soldiers takes time. Then creating functioning units with those soldiers takes additional time. And even just the physical fitness side is retarded. You can't become good at rucking for example in 1 month as your feet joints ligaments must adapt etc.


Well. At least it can fire back.

So? The French military will just draft a bunch of niggers and reduce the quality of their armed forces even further.

Poland better take notice. The French are not of the west any longer and Poland better be ready.

Late news, 1789 was long ago


Ok Jamal.

Maybe this will re-introduce some testosterone back into the French Men. FFS they are more effeminate than our soyboys.

What is this, 1920?

You'd think that people might've learned their fucking lesson back in the 1400s when the idea of "professional volunteer armies" completely stopped out any and all opposition.

Or did the French not learn from the last two Great Wars?


It always triggers my Latin autism to see JVPITER and not IVPITER

Good now reintroduce sanity.

Poland and France were allies then. Poland supporting (((Bonaparte))), liberator of the jews, founder of the sanhedrin and the (((French))) revolution. Just like today.

He’s Uranus

I don't know where you are from but Soy culture is an american thing.

it said training plus one month of service.

Personally, I prefer to address him as IOVE, or, as the heebs would spell it: יהוה‬

basic in the US is only 6 weeks

So this conscription is going to give weapons and training to muslims in france, what a great idea.

No, it didn't.
>Between 600,000 and 800,000 young people are year would face military training and spend at least a month with the armed forces

If you want to see the real Soldiers and Marines, go to the Brig.

You fuckheads need to realise that these politicians are kneedeep in financial bubbles that need to be kept alive.
This isn't a positive. This is another setback.

Oh I wish it was the racial unrest that was the issue here.
Nope. It's gonna be the economy as always.

Fucking this

Wrong. It's conscription to reduce the risk of potential social unrest on all fronts.
They need to protect their shekels user.

This, on the one-hand military conscription is beneficial to a homogeneous culture because it builds camaraderie and prepares men to defend their homeland. On the other hand France is not a homogeneous country and doing so would be trying to forcibly integrate non-French, non-white invaders into the military and train them while possibly indoctrinating the youth to serve the current country despite it being slowly taken over by foreigners.

Start training now, what are you waiting for it to be immediately on your doorstep when it truly is too late?

I wish we had something like this instead of P.E. in highschool here in the USA

no doubt the savages are exempt of course.

Make no mistake about it. That EU army they're building will be full of muzzies to be used on the population at a later date.

surrendermonkeys never learn

…well I guess I scrap my plan to move to France… At least Canada doesn't force you to fight for the Khazar Mafia.

Good Anime for French anons.

At what point in the past have laws actually mattered to these people?

France has been willing to ally with Arabs since the time of Charlemagne, specifically for the purpose of harming their rivals. 16th century France was particularly bad, as they used Ottoman pressure on one side and Protestant rebellion on the other to rape a disunited Germany.


They went to ultra kikes from banks EU lobbys big corporations, the bottomless kike pit that all wealth goes to. (((They))) need to be addressed before any wealth goes to any people. Wealth isn't going to rapefugees, the government pays corporations to host and provide for them. Those corporations benefit from it because the government is purchasing their services to help rapefugees. Rapefugees benefit of course but the real ones getting value out of this are the corporations who lobbied for rapefugees in the first place. And you know how kiked up that lobby is.

It has always been about economical system and shekels with kikes, nothing else matters to them at all. Solving the problem with the elite exploiting people through a protectionist stance will get rid of most of the kike infiltration through distractions like multiculturalism, migration etc.


Fun fact about niggers in the french army:
Back in ww2 when they returned to congo well dressed(suits vs loincloths) they made up a club "La SAPE" "well dressed niggers association.

I recommend the rt documentary on this its hilarious and shows how niggers can't think of the future/plan ahead. (Someone link that nigger linguistics thread).

Seeing a nigger in what is basically a JoJo costume walking in literal shit whilst his starving family looks on is very funny (one guy instead of buying land, bought a pair of leather oxfords), (another inherited a farm but sold it for clothes, etc).

Maybe if macron is ourguy this is his plan? Make niggers starve their families to get shiny trinkets?

Great subversive sandnogs in French army


They are anticipating needing good goy loyal to the government to control unruly disloyal goy.

Maybe some kind of war will kill off all these young white men without jobs and the blacks and muslims can overtake the place quicker.


Oh non… non non non non.
They're training future terrorist, but at least we might be able to fight back effectively. It's a double edged sword.