CNN Reporter Harasses Elderly Woman Whose Facebook Group Was Targeted By Russian Trolls

CNN continues to embarrass themselves yet again.

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Almost perfect OP. Well done for the most part. Include an archive if you can and you may want to consider a redtext title next time.

Maybe we can start a MeToo campaign for people CNN has harassed.


Even got her middle name like she's a Presidential assassin.

Holla Forums will defend her.

Goldfarb is one l've never heard before, so l looked it up. Wikipedia lists it as German, but goes immediately into a list of kikes. Ancestry lists it as pure ashkenazi, no real surprises there. But the thing that caught my eye was urban dictionary had an entry for it as well.

To directly affect, or have a large impact on, a person, event, or process.

Most often used in a teamwork setting, in a joking manner


Because all German names are stolen and held only by jews now. Gruen is a VERY german name.

There are a few instances of it being used by jews (like the pissrael politician Alex) but it's a pretty German name.

I wonder though. It isn't hyphenated but it is uncommon for a middle name. Perhaps she married a jew that stole the name? And unless they are calling her a killer, why would they state her middle name like she was?

The German last names have been tarnished in my perspective. How can you tell if a person is of German or Jewish descendant? Of course, the facial features will help lots. But what if these doesn't help, then what? There are also Jews who have adopted the national family name in countries that they live.

Err on the side of caution. When in doubt, throw it out.

Step 1: Set up astroturf leftist group
Step 2: Use Chinese VPN to make it look like you're a Chinese person trying to manipulate the group
Step 3: Have a fake 'hacking' which leaks a bunch of data which confirms the Chinese IP addresses
Step 4: go on Holla Forums and show everyone how you 'discovered' that the Chinese influenced this group

Anything wrong with this plan?

Needs something to drive home the point. Piss was used already so maybe some S&M? Or some woman punching?

Agreed. Local "german" mechanics turn out to be skinflints…

But who the hell knows? Maybe all Germans are basically kikes.



>CNN harasses (((Goldfarb)))

Good, I can watch kikes eat each other

Hey Ruskies you did a good job at trolling the lying lowlife media scumbags.

What they do, very frequent might I add, is when they move from one country to another, they change their name. If not the first then at least the lastname. This seemed to have happened with a lower freq when they moved to the us, compared to when they did it inbetween european countries.

So if a jew lived in poland, he might have a polish sounding last name, moving to germany it suddenly turned to a german sounding one.

Here comes the thing, these names most often did not exist there before, so they change it something that sounds german but at the same time it stick out. Take all the -berg names for instance, these names reflects a place name. I dunno about germany but here they are the name of a farm. So the general rule of this is, if this place or farm does not exist, then it is a jew. It's right 90% of the time. A native can tell with once, but for you as a foreigner it gets hard. We don't got so many juden here, but there are another rule here that I noted even before I knew all this shit.

We have this ultra feminist kikelord here, she killed feminism by overkiking lol but that's another subject. Anyways her family came from Algeria. So obviously they had aimed at moving here on england already. So first they have an arabic sounding name to blend in there, then when they come to france they change it to jaquesson. Now the same shit here. There is nobody name jaque nor jaqueson neither here or in england, well at that time.

This name is so abnormal, but here they take -son ending. So you see, yet another rule so they do it deliberately to attempt to sound native, yet stick out at the same time. I have never heard of one that just took a native name, not once. When it comes to those with -berg whatever names this rules applies though
If the place does not exist, it is a jew

Best resource I've found for cases like this:

The interface is clunky but it effectively gives you a measure of how likely a name is to be kiked or not, by how many databases (if any) it appears in. Goldfarb lights up like a menorah, which still isn't proof but is grounds for being very suspicious.

The kikes can't follow their own rules.

Pic related.

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