Get rid of your smartphone

Smartphones have resulted in the downfall of society. Their easy access to the internet has allowed for this liberal hivemind that thinks everything that could go wrong is currently going wrong. I'm sick of seeing people constantly engulfed in their phones, with little regard to their surroundings. People have become more impatient, self-centered, and generally more cunt-ish since the rise of smartphones and mainstream social media. It's honestly become a fucking drug, everybody I know thinks they can’t live without one. It’s absolute insanity.

Really think about what you actually need for a cellphone. The only time you should need GPS is on a long car trip. There's no reason why you should have to post your every move online. You don’t NEED constant access to the web, it’s just been there for so long that you forgot what it was like without it.

Instead of constantly needing to look things up, just try using your head. Try and solve whatever problem it is you have on your own.

I highly doubt you can't get by with a laptop (and even that’s a stretch for a lot of things) and regular cellphone.

A cellphone should be an object, not your entire existence.

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OP can't inb4, if he has to it means he knows his argument is shit. Only jews would push forward knowing they have a shit argument.
Thanks for the slide, kike.



They are a symptom, not the actual problem. People want to mindlessly dive into trash that alleviates them from thinking about the modern world and how we got to this state.

How am I supposed to get fresh teen poon? You kind of need one if you want a sex life these days.

Thats retarded.
Theres alot of useful things you can do with a smartphone, having one doesnt make you into a vapid cunt.
I dont have any social media app on mine, because thats retarded, but theres plenty of useful ones.
Yes theres alternatives to most things a smartphone can do, but i dont want to lug them around everywhere i go.

sage because OP is a faggot

You can make your own "phone", user.



I have one but rarely use it. It's handy for GPS and actual phone calls. Most people are fucking obsessed with them, yes, but most people are fucking retarded. Let the retards be retards.

If we get rid of smart phones, only liberals will have smart phones.

I am in favor of not buying smart phones for children until they're in high school though.

You niggers disappoint me.

No one is here to impress you, faggot

Come on, it's not that hard.

Yeah, my approval, that's what you should be worried about with that six hundred dollar tracking device/dopamine hijacker you carry around in your pocket 24/7. You ridiculous cum recepticle.

You're still paying too much for what you're doing.

Also you can buy GPS tablet things for your car on the cheap, plus they have a nice big screen. Or you could not be a ninny and use a map.

And why should I care what you think, soyboy?

Next you'll call me a cuck for making fun of your "poly" lifestyle, right? :^)

Smartphones are bad, yes, but your simplistic understanding of the problem using such broad language shows you're an idiot who has nothing to contribute to the discussion that you, yourself, want to have.

Oh boy, the projection game. Calm down, Brian, and go drink your soymilk. It'll make you feel better.

No one is worried about your approval you dumb nigger.

Nigger, it's no different than people blaming guns for mass shootings and other crimes, yet obviously, only retards believe that. So that speaks a lot about your comment. Regardless, as of now, smartphones (while being a quality invention, just happened to fall into the wrong hands for their obvious uses) are far from being the direct cause, it's the shit (((they))) put in them, that is the issue.

I have a custom os on my phone, encrypted out the wazzoo, use it for trading while I sit at cafes, connect to it as a local vpn, et cetera. It's more useful than all my other devices combined. Also, as always, OP is a faggot.

I don't own a laptop, but I do have no choice but to own a smartphone because work requires an "app" for two-factor authentication. I don't take it anywhere other than to and from work, and at home I store it switched off in a soundproof, RF shielded box.

I doubt you'll find many of the kikebook-using, selfie-taking faggots who can't go thirty seconds without looking at their phone on Holla Forums. You're preaching to the choir here.

Damn that's a great idea, I'll have to look into that, what OS do you use? But yeah, I agree, OP is a massive faggot, as well as others that agree with him.

Come now, theres no need to lie here, this isn't reddit.

I got one for work and there's no other way I'd feel comfortable having it in the house. They're literally NSA bugging devices. It's not even hard to make a suitable enclosure.

This thread is infested with boomer normalfaggots clinging to their matrix plug in.

Oh I know, its usually tinfoil and some other household materials. But people keep making it sound like its some sort of life or death situation. Besides, the harder you try to hide, the harder (((they))) will look for you.
>implying any of use are worth spying onyet

Cars have resulted in the downfall of society. Their easy access to other towns has allowed for this liberal hivemind that thinks everything that could go wrong is currently going wrong. I'm sick of seeing people constantly engulfed in their cars, with little regard to their surroundings. People have become more impatient, self-centered, and generally more cunt-ish since the rise of cars and mainstream travel. It's honestly become a fucking drug, everybody I know thinks they can’t live without one. It’s absolute insanity.

Really think about what you actually need for a car. The only time you should need car is on a long trip. There's no reason why you should have to drive everywhere. You don’t NEED constant access to transportation, it’s just been there for so long that you forgot what it was like without it.

Instead of constantly needing to drive, just try using your feet. Try and get where ever you are going on your own.

I highly doubt you can't get by with a bicycle (and even that’s a stretch for a lot of things) and regular pair of sneakers.

A car should be an object, not your entire existence.

You don't really have to pay for anything when using a smartphone if you know what you're doing. Including the phone itself, like me.
I do everything this user does Mine is practically a gameboy/mp3 player at this point. I use a brick phone for calling/texting.

In other words, smartphones are malleable little machines.


It isn't the same. People don't stop talking with other people to look at their car.

You're right, they stopped riding their horses and walking.

No, you dumb bitch nigger, sit down and shut up. This is the same Luddite shit that you autistic faggots have been spewing for centuries. IT'S SO FUCKING BORING

That's retarded and the only people who shouldn't have phones are people not on this board anyway.

Too bad you don't find everything exciting, young one, but such is life. If you want to make the car argument it should be driverless cars. Even then it isn't the same since while the car will report back where you've been it can't know your exact location nor can it listen to what you're saying after you get away from it, and nor does it weakens social interactions like phones do.

Smartphones are a net negative on society I agree BUT more pressingly they are tracking/ surveillance devices and probably the most crucial periphery component of the incoming tech facilitated dystopia. That said I don’t think that they will ever be abandoned by any sizable portion of the public.

Reported. I will now post this image so that you can't strawman with it.

Young one? lol so on top of being too stupid to use technology, and having nobody to text anyway because you're so ugly and never shower, your abundance of hairy, sweaty chins has convinced you that you are wise.

You're not even at Kike or Shill-level faggotry. You are just at inbred nigger brony level, barely even faggotry at all my child

Creating tech is literally my job. Hence how I know your and mine as well phone is a spying device.
I don't know how I hit you in a nerve, but calm the fuck down you retard.

How am I supposed to read Holla Forums?

Smartphones are just tools like as guns are. The people who use it are at fault for problems, not the tool.


I want to strangle you all for bumping this.

I have a laser aimed at your window and as you talk the sound waves cause the laser beam to oscillate and I have a device that converts those oscillations back into sound waves that I can hear.

starting with yourself?

Those certainly exist, as do a host of other covert listening/observation devices. The key difference between them and smartphones is that they are targeted at a single individual or structure, while smartphones are part of a massive dragnet designed to watch everybody at once. There isn't going to be a spook sitting across the road pointing a laser at your windows unless you've attracted some fairly serious attention. Same deal with break-ins to plant bugs, or watching your electricity to see what you're printing on a laser printer, or filming the light on your modem with a high speed camera through. That shit exists, it's just far too expensive and time consuming to be suitable for mass surveillance.

There's nothing you can really do if fucking James Bond is trying to watch you eat your tendies and browse Holla Forums. But eliminating the indiscriminate surveillance is sufficient for almost everybody.

Hear hear! Ban the loser low attention span phone posters from this site and quality will go up 1000%

Wew lad

Nah we just have to restrict smartphones for smart people.
Lots of retards with access to the internet is what ruined everything.

Sorry, yeah I use Flyme right now, it's pretty much the only android os that is google free, and has been kept in-house by its creators since its inception. It's basic as fuck, but fast, and is loaded with cool security features out of the box. For example sandboxing, different accounts locked to different fingerprints/passwords etc. Otherwise its just a simple ass vanilla os.

Also worth noting they have their own version of the appstore with all kinds of dodgy tools/pirated shit there with no fucks given.

That's a real funny way of spelling "roasty tinder chad-leftovers" my dude.


This is a shitty argument against smartphones, and you are a faggot.

First, simply because something allows for a liberal hivemind doesn't mean that non-liberals can't use them.

Second, instant access to the internet is something that settles petty arguments rather quickly. I have used this to my advantage to shut my boomer mother up more than once.

Third, sometimes access to a fact, rather than just reasoning, is valuable. Logic is good, but it must also be tempered by evidence.

Fourth, some people's jobs actually do demand they use a smartphone. Laptops are relatively bulky, and there are group-messaging apps that facilitate work away from a proper terminal.

Now, there are many, MANY better arguments against the smartphone.

In my earlier days, I did own one of these devices, and I am not going to deny that they are useful. However, there are quite a few problems with them.

First, everyone puts it in their jeans pocket. Your jeans pocket is right next to your balls. Modern smartphones have batteries that have a significantly higher chance to explode than normal batteries. This is an argument for not putting a smartphone right next to your balls, and not for just not owning one, but it is worth mentioning.

Second, owning a smartphone makes everyone think you are more available than you might wish to be. If you own some sort of dumbphone, or even don't own a cell phone, then people are going to leave you alone more often. My cellphone is a simple flip-phone - it has the disadvantage of not receiving any images or group texts. However, this has had the advantage of me not being pestered with people's photos of them getting drunk.

Third, not owning a smartphone - but owning a cellphone - projects an image of seriousness. You are telling people - "I am not overly social. I just want to do my job and go home and enjoy my life."

Fourth, dumbphones are cheap. This gives you the distinct advantage of feeling like it is OK to put it in places other than your pocket. It's not always with you. It's not always tracking you like smartphones do - how can it track you if it's not there? It's not always melting your balls.

Last, but most nebulous, is that you are sometimes away from a computer. This is something I've found psychologically very healthy. I can sit down and just have coffee. I can get real work done and think about real problems. There are times when people are not pestering me.

Now, everyone needs a phone, and everyone today expects you to have a cell phone of some sort. But there is no reason to buy a smartphone - in fact, it's quite a bad thing to own.

Also, the counterarguments "it is valuable to be able to look things up whenever" and "GPS is valuable" are worth addressing.

If you're in a petty argument with someone, there is a very good chance they own a smartphone. Just use theirs. If they're also smart enough to not own a smartphone, then both of you are patient enough to wait for your argument to be settled until you get to a terminal.

If you need GPS, there are specialized devices for this that work better than smartphones. You probably don't really need GPS, but if you do, there are better solutions than the smartphone.

bro do you even graphical interface

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Epic strawman faggot

You have a warped understanding of safety. Nevermind the sterilising microwave radiation, right goy?

Everyone, even normalfaggots agree smartphone addiction / attention problems are an major issue for an healthy individual. And any user whom is awoken to anything should be very leery of becoming either dependent or even open to using them much for a host of reasons even normalfaggots ignore.

But there is one major thing that gives smartphones an redeeming factor in our lives. Our meaning the collective society, not us here individually, we are good on this issue mostly. It opens the pathway directly into the minds of the normalfaggots, even the most obtuse and bluepilled of faggots cannot hide from our works or memes. Their friends pass around our talking points and the funny pics generated by the chans, even died in the wool liberals are constantly exposed to our wrongthink on many different levels. Whenever there is an discussion about anything of interest to us, our words and thoughts are pushed out and intersect almost all the places they visit and discuss topics as well. To not be exposed to us in this day and age is the equivalent of being the new technological Amish of today's culture.

The elites thirsted for this shit tech for this very reason. Now, their dream has become their very own nightmare scenario. While many don't want to accept our constant redpills, the truth is delivered, and eventually, reality does get thru into the minds of even simpletons that what our masters claim is wrong, and what obscure internet trolls are exposing is almost always true… The smart phone allows this, the rise of the internet gave a massive boon to intercommunication outside of the media and government talking points, the smartphone put such on steroids when distributing awareness of issues.

Today, right now, the media is directly addressing YOUR talking points about the celebrated youth from our recent false flag the media is worshiping are in fact nothing more than crisis actors. And they have no choice but to chase our impromptu thoughts like an dog chases an car. For everyone can be exposed to our wrongthink in a moment and vet our claims in seconds, watching the videos you have dug up and pointed out. Allowing even the idiots of the world to point and laugh at the pathetic mewlings of the government and media's attempts at guiding our future, and failing like an fat girl dancing and crying about being made fun of.

Smartphones are not an 'good' thing, and likely are unhealthy physically directly by the e-m emmissions if nothing else, but by Kek, its our kinda bad boy play toy now. Even if we don't like it ourselves.

Say goodbye to your dumbphone, because 2018 is the year of the GNU/telephone.

vid related

Who do you think you are addressing?

Some tools are better than others. A nail gun doesn't spy on you, a toaster doesn't emit light that harms your eyesight, and a wrench doesn't emit electromagnetic pollution. A good tool has no undesired side-effects.

Some tools are better than others. A nail gun doesn't spy on you, a toaster doesn't emit light that harms your eyesight, and a wrench doesn't emit electromagnetic pollution. A good tool has no undesired side-effects.

So you mean when I planted a black box on my local universities campus and made a bunch of social "science" faggots read the 25 points of National Socialism when trying to login to the campus wifi that was a
Get fucked kid.


This is actually good advice, you should walk more and become less and less dependent on technology. This thread reads like it was entirely manufactured post by post almost

The only counterargument that isn't completely kiked is this post
-Using any and all available means of technology in memetic warfare: Good
-Being glued to the normienet 24/7 to the point where you don't even pay attention when you cross the street because your wife's boyfriend just uploaded a funny vine you want to watch: Bad


Where does that line of reasoning end though? Should you walk barefoot so you aren't dependent on shoe technology? Not carry water while walking so you aren't dependent on the technology needed to make and work whatever material the container is made out of?

I'm on board with people's dependence on smartphones being a problem, because it attaches them to the kike distraction machine 24/7. But avoiding technology for the sake of avoiding technology without regard for what it actually does seems counterproductive.

The exploding battery is more illustrative of why you shouldn't put these devices next to your balls. The radiation is a problem as well, but it is more difficult to get across to people.

To the point that, in the event that you don't have modern technology, you can always have a biological/analog alternative, in this case your legs. Of course, for things that matter, not for redundant comforts. Besides, walking a lot is healthy.

Yeah, it's definitely phones. You know those things like feminism, the emasculation of the western/white male, cuck propaganda and mass third world immigration that have been going on for decades? Smartphones.

Don't get me wrong, I think people use them far too much but what an asinine thing to start with.

< implying those people would be talking to each other if they weren't using their phones

He said too stupid to use, not to make. Using a social device requires social skills, which you obviously lack old one. You're still the same pathetic Magic the Gathering nerd you were in high school, blaming outside causes for your sad life instead of evaluating your own sperg behaviors.
But please tell us more about how being a cubical fungus hunched over a hot Autocad makes you not a fat, ugly loser with zero friends.

As long as the technology we are surrounded with is not used to directly destroy us we should continue to utilize it to subvert the kike NWO agenda.
Luddites like you are more than likely agents of the enemy trying to deny us an avenue of attack.

Kill yourself, faggot. Right now.

This. Got a kid on the way and the wife and I agree that they wont have a phone/tablet until at least middle school.

I have a Blackberry burner phone. A bit more expensive per minute/text, but no GPS tracking, no apps. Not the center of my universe.

Lot of Verizon reps ITT

I never had a smartphone because I'm not a worthless nigger.

The only thing I use my phone for is to make calls to family and friends.
I don't even have internet enabled on it.

But you're wrong. It does exactly that.

Never used a smartphone, never owned one, never will.

This nigger.
Do you even Sage?

I will not betray all of the technological progress our ancestors worked towards, smartphones are wondrous devices, portable encyclopedias to almost the entirety of human knowledge if you want it to be.

Returning back to "simple life" is just embracing the ongoing death of our culture.

Smartphones are a net negative on society.
I know there are a few relevant arguments like having the knowledge of humankind in your palm 24/7, but human tendencies (natural or not) has turned the devices into hubs of self-centrism, data collection, and all the other bullshit.
I am a young millennial and have only had flip phones in my life. This, I believe, has made me more patient and outward. Not to mention I actually know my way around my own city because I had to learn intently, rather than being spoonfed directions by a fucking machine
Like said earlier in the thread, smartphone addiction is symptomatic of the larger decay of society. Smartphones are definitely not to be blamed for our state of society more than the kikes themselves.

blogging stupid slide

Enjoy having all of the agencies spying on your every step, along with listening in on your conversations even if the phone is turned off.

It's common rule in nationalist-groups in Europe to leave the phones at home. Or if there's a phone present, that the battery is taken out of it beforehand.

Are you sure it wasnt boomers selling out this country for cheap viagra and higher 401ks?


This benefit cannot be understated. I ditched my smartphone about a month ago, and one of the most noticeable improvements was in my ability to just sit somewhere, calmly, without the need to be constantly occupied. I'll admit there was some strong anxiety at first, particularly in busy places, but the worst of it faded after about a week or so. Funny thing is: now, watching other people as I wait for my coffee, I can actually tell the difference between the ones that are engaged with whatever it is they're doing on their phones, and the ones that are otherwise engaged in "purposeful distraction", because they can't handle the social environment.
I'm never going back to using smartphones. The moment you give them up is the moment you realise just how much they've taken over your life.

Completely correct. When I think back about my friends before and after they got a smartphone it's honestly scary. They HAVE changed, they act and behave differently.

Besides you're not supposed to be glued to a screen 24/7. You're supposed to be sociable with real humans and enjoy nature.

Smartphones are far more than a symptom they are a problem by themselves. Imagine you have a perfectly healthy society and you introduce smartphones. Even then it would harm society as it would at the very least cause isolation and delusionality.

Smartphones may not be the reason of society's downfall, but surely have a role in making people dumber and apathetic to what's around them in the real world.
You can take these people their rights, their jobs, their country and their future and spread any kind of injustice, corruption and degeneracy and their only answer will be "yeah whatever" but take their beloved smartphones, "selphies" and social media apps away from them and you would these people with blood coming out of their eyes, holding torches and pitchforks in the middle of the streets.

Exactly, thank you.

✡️✡️✡️They✡️✡️✡️ are mad lol

Technological Enslavement; Escapism to forget the horrors of reality.

Yep. Definitely not related.

Reading Heidegger on technology is helpful here. Smartphones are an inauthentic mode of Being-with. It's easy to see they have enabled man's alienation from nature and affected the way we interact with the world and engage with people. Technology no longer serves us but has become an extension of ourselves, people are literally becoming their phones: people feel lost without their phones because their memories and knowledge are part of the phone itself, they need them to remember information; their literary skills (which includes creativity as well) have atrophied because of dependency on spellcheck etc. Their very identity is stored on their phone. I'm not saying all technology is bad, but smartphones are completely passive and ever present in the background, they've definitely harmed our creativity and individuality.

>Give up the one tool that has helped us back (((them))) into a corner
Yeah. Nah.

My phone is my main net access

Polfags are in almost zero danger of being turned into faggots by cellphones, so why should we get rid of them, schlomo?

Nice try you glowing Jewish CIA nigger.

If you can't live in the moment and are constantly looking at your phone I'd agree that you should consider getting rid of it, but for anyone who has a modicum of self control and is mindful of the issues that can arise just sticking with the practical uses should be fine.
It's one thing to suggest people develop the skills independent of the technology (map reading, asking for directions & using context clues, learning a bit of a language before you travel etc), but it's absurd to suggest everyone stop using a tool because retards misuse it.

Rate my phone, even has the sexy rubber outer pad for the number dials, Pretty spiffy huh?

I work in an industrial coffee factory and pretty much all day I keep the battery OUT of my phone, disassembled in a drawer. It's an older smart phone where you can remove the battery.

As a side note, I've casually made it OK to say "retard," "nigger," and "faggot." They're starting to learn now that gun regulation is gay and that if prohibition didn't work with their goddamn faggot drugs, it won't work with my guns, either. Once I explained how easy it would be to make one, or something worse, they started to understand. Who commits most murders? Wonder…

imagine how much poopoo is on that guy's face on the keys it's disgusting.

I trade crypto and shitpodt on Holla Forums off my smartphone, eat a dick OP


Smartphones are handy. I'd like to have one that's completely disconnected from the internet, literally physically unable to connect to any network, and then a phone without a camera that just calls and texts.

Regular cellphones are still bad.
You shouldn't own a "Stalin's dream" at all.

You're a 400 pound faggot in pyjamas living in your moms basement. Nobody cares about you and the tinfoil theories you hold. Go back to /fringe/ conspiritard.

I'm thinking of getting pic related. Also, what do we do when 2G gets shoahed?

Congrats you just named another problem.

Reminder that OP will still be a friendless beta virgin even if we stop using smartphones.

That isn't the reason no one talks to you, it's the excuse they're using.

I agree with your sentiments and see the same argument against porn. But for many it's not practical and even then, this shouldn't be a focus for many users here. This will make us virtually look like we're a 100 hundred years behind and keep us a political minority. We should embrace technology as we did with memes which are social technology, to enact change we want to see.

Unless you're over 40, I doubt you've been laid in the last ten years.

Fuck off with this leftypol tier thread.

Learn what leftypol is.

Listen you old fogey. While you are shitting yourself in the nursing home waiting for the young nurse to come change your diaper, I am shitposting remotely away from home.

I can keep up to date with what the kikes are up to in real time.

this looks like a cuckchan post.
really makes you think


proud 56er like yourself, is cuckchan our real home?

My fav. is when I see people looking at their phones while driving, during a turn and not even looking up.

There must be a frequency that addicts most people. Hence, the addiction to smartphones. And plus they track your every move. Even if you don't have a smartphone, back doors can be opened and face recognition, voice recognition, can find you. It's scary.

Smartphones have utility. They allow for networking, propagandizing, banking, managing, working, navigating, entertaining, et al in a manner and on a scale which is unprecedented in world history. If an user uses a smartphone to be more effective, he is doing a good thing.

Smartphones have detriments. When people use smartphones to chase social validation, watch meaningless videos, play video games, or shitpost on cuckchan when they ought to otherwise be reading a book, or lifting weights, or socializing, or studying, or praying/meditating, or honing a skill, then that person using their time to produce waste and entropy rather than growth.

If you're an user who needs to get his shit together, you would likely benefit from ditching the smartphone. If you're an user who has his shit together and has the time, energy, and resources to make use out of a smartphone, you would likely not benefit much from switching to a 90s era nokia.

I'm an user getting his shit together. I don't own a smartphone. Getting rid of it was a good decision for me. There are other anons here like me. I will get another smartphone in the future. I spend much less time on the internet than I used to. I've consumed enough redpills to not buy into lies and (((propaganda))). I don't need to spend hours on Holla Forums to learn how the world works anymore. I don't need to post on /bane/ from my phone to occupy myself while I sit in a waiting room. My time is much better spent learning how to hunt and use tools. A smartphone doesn't preclude me from maximizing my time, but it wouldn't help, either.

OP seems to be suggesting that anons here who have wives, children, and careers are contributing to the destruction of our race because they carry a Samsung Galaxy around. OP has a point, but he is a faggot.

They have contributed, not resulted in.

Completely agree - pic related



Not only do I not use a smart phone, I don't use a cell phone either. Use a land-line, you idiots. Also, pay-phones still work.

Step 1: Stop being a gay fag.


I can't be the only one to have a regular phone… Or am I?

A land line phone? No, you're not.

Both a fix pone at home an a mobile phone that make phone, give the hour and have an alarm.

It amazes me how people put so much stock into owning a smartphone when everything about them can be summed up as like a computer but worse. The only thing I use my phone for is an alarm clock and checking on my parents.

Well, it IS a computer.

Just because it's flat and ave the keyboard on the screen does not change it's nature.

Granted, let me fix that

Find me an unlocked 3G/4G dumbphone that works on AT&T's network and I'll be happy to use my smartphone for target practice.

What you are describing is called a console.


I've been looking for nonburner dumbphones for a while but it seems like every major carrier is purging them.


It's because they can't convince a dumbphone owner to buy a bigger data package.

on my quest to purge all the degeneracy from myself, I too have included the phone. Its quite nice but I never really use it anymore unless I have something important to plan, someone to call or whatever (which is very rare). Apart from the tracking. I also saw human behavior being manipulated by them (or rather as a consequence of it being so popular, being used by anxious humans). People tend to use it as a mental retreat of sorts, instead of fidgeting with their thumbs, just not doing anything…they go into that fucking piece of shit.

In case you dont notice it, it means that in some sense the body language for "being idle" will never develop. (some people, girls especially will not puff up their face, and then wiggle back and forth slightly in an agitated state, which is also fairly cute) because they now have a phone to retreat into. So its no wonder that these machines from hell are contributing to depressive symptoms. Without some of the more natural body language developing, one does not have behavior part of the natural, neutral mental loop that feeds more neutral thoughts into the brain.

If you have to deal with phone users, you basically have to deal with constantly manically depressed and weird losers who do not have a complex array of emotions.


They're scrambling to stop this unauthorized information but this will just fuck them harder.

Cass Sunstein must be kicking himself.

I have a smart phone but it just collects dust. It's one of the ones where you pay as you go or whatever. Cellphone tech. is one of the things I just never gave a shit about. I don't carry any tech. with me anywhere. My last handheld console was a GBA. I never carried it around with me. Never carried around an MP3 player. Never carried around cameras, laptops etc. I don't carry anything with me except a wallet. I don't see the appeal. I'd rather get lost in thought then look at a screen or listen to music or something. I suppose when you're sitting in a waiting room or something it could feel a little less awkward having something to look at, but other than that, I don't see the appeal. If your job doesn't demand it, why bother? I don't need to talk to people every minute of the day. When I sit at the computer I get ADD pretty much, hopping around the net from one thing to the next. The last thing I want is that feeling everywhere I go (I have an addictive personality, so I imagine I'd be the type to constantly check my emails and updates on sites I use). Fuck that…

This was what made me ditch the phones, i know of some impatient fucks that want an answer .5 seconds after you received their message, and if you don't you're getting 3 to 5 other messages in less than a minute and getting called in less than 5.
Fuck that shit.

GTFO shill faggot

I can remove the battery of my phone. I don't know how it would spy on anything while there is no power in the device. I really don't.

2G never gets btfo completely and worldwide. It is being emulated by 4G equipment and many frequencies are being reallocated but only one band is enough to deliver 2G for the last holdouts and some dead spots where fidgety 4G can't reach. One provider at least in each country will keep the frequencies for 2G alive, I guess for years to come. It apparently depends on where you live.

Otoh, who needs 2G when you can phone over other frequencies with a new featurephone/handheld for a few bucks?

Liberals have been dominant since the Counterculture movement, which penetrated government in America in 1970s, Canada in 1980s, Europe and Australia in 1990s.
It has nothing to do with the internet, which didn't become ubiquitous until the early 2000s, or smartphones, which didn't capture the market until 2010s.

If anything the internet has made it HARDER for the Jews to hide their lies, and access to information is redpilling the generation born from '95-'15. We need to take this brief moment of time when internet has any semblance of free speech to redpill as many people as possible.

Therefore OP is either:
A) Shill
B) Dumb
C) Misinformed

Many electronics have small hidden batteries on the board itself now for a host of reasons. Some phones it is very difficult to open them up now to remove the battery. Ultimately an em resistant case is now required if you cannot vet what the fuck is in your hand.

We are so connected we don't even notice each other.

That dont matter
cell tower triangulation works even better then gps and is built in the system.

Fixed it for you OP