Izrael crate a new propaganda movie to show they do not agree with new polish law. Situacion in Poland just blowed up. On every TV channel we can see debate aout polsih "contribution" in holohoax. Poles are redpill as fuck now.
They incite jewish and American people to sign the petition against Poland.

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Remember some Jews collaberated with the Nazis in the camps as well.


(((Soros))) was a collaborator, somehow it's OK for a foreign "nazi collaborator" to spend $18 billion dollars to influence our political process, but it's WW3 if a few Russian troll accounts do it with like $5

Time to turn it against jews and start pushing Jewish holocaust of pelestinians meme

Putting people to work? Or are you going to pretend the holohoax happened?

Petition against them? And? Words on paper? The fuck do we buy from them? We going to boycott pierogi and lazanki? This is not going to turn out well when people bring up all the legislature preventing boycotting of pissrael etc.

Gas yourself and stream it, kike.

How about you goatfuckers all leave and let white men handle business.

Oy vey! Evil nazis made me stuff alive jewish babies into ovens! Oy gevalt, THE HORROR! My Auschwitz is bleed to this day!

They make cream for that I am told. kek



He should go to jail for lies. They would jail any man they could for speaking truth.

wat is this

im showing everyone in my polish family this right now. I dont think this will register well with even the normiest of normies.

Don't try to derail thread.
There was no polish death camps unfortunatly, but Izrael is stupid as fuck and normies belive them without shadow of doubt. During 2WW there was no such country like Izrael. This people were polish citizens so Izrael shouldn't even think about reparations. They want to push us into their holohoax narrative and force to change the law because it don't fit to their version of history but all of you know it. Now we have to wait for Trump's move i belive he will do the right think and support Poland.
gas the kikes

(((Oy Vey!)))

Reminds me how some Poles housed a few kikes to keep them from getting lynched by soviets when they ran in.
Then the jews ran off to Israel.

Seedless grape vines.

I never said deathcamps you useless fucking cunt. How about you get the fuck out and don't come back until you can learn to read.

These attention whoring newfag poles need to go. They are fucking invaders and act like niggers.
Where did all our normal Holla Forumsacks go to?

He wasn't a "collaborator". His father paid a Hungarian traitor with a jew-wife to claim Soros was his gentile godson so he wouldn't be interned, and he went along with him when inventory was taken on seized property. Stop repeating Jonestein's lies. George Soros is a "holocaust survivor" and of the same racial character as the other 6 million who weren't gassed.

Stay in the Pale where you belong, polish rabbi.

This is a pic of you. This is a thread about polish people, like us.

BASED Shlomo

That video is so cringe its kino.

Found the jewtube link for easy spread.

He obviously didn't mean you said anything about them, he was saying it sadly DIDN'T happen. And English(obviously) isn't his first language, don't be a cunt. I agree with him, Palestine is an important factor right now, especially with the case of Ahed Tamimi. This meme should be pushed, it'll show the disgusting hypocrisy of kikes. So, I'm saying it as kindly as I can…don't be a nigger. Just join the discussion like a quality user.

*forgot a sentence cuz I'm retarded, but he was implying that normalfags believe that rubbish without a second thought.

i hope the polish accept me if i learn the language and pretend to like aks in 556


Holy shit, this seriously doing the most damage to the holocuast narrative I have seen in my entire lifetime
They are turned Poles, who were the most sabbos goyim historically, into people ready to rev up the gas chambers

This is not the original video, it's an upload by an user from 4chan and it's banned in Austria. The original was removed.

jesus christ, the sheer audacity
and they expect people to fall for this?

this, nothing makes people more antisemitic more than jews themselves

It's funny cause you could immediately turn this around and complain about there being laws against holohoax denial


It's literally a shakedown racket. They're literally mobsters.

World is crazy.

I think they are fishing for reaction ,It will only take that amount of time before some polish or (((polish))) guy decides it's enough and kills a jew .Then the media will run it 24/7


The media doesn't have a stranglehold on the average Pole like Poland does.
And do you expect other countries to go to war aganst Poland over a handful of jews?

Hi "user"
I know that polish people like to fight and defend so patriots might fall in for pic related as revenge
Do I expect other countries to go to war against Poland over a handful of jews ,not exactly ,but I don't trust them one bit , If anybody ever attacks us again even the stationed usa troops will find a reason to not fight

They honestly think this video is productive?

Deja vu, this thread

…hmmm where have I heard this before?

At least they put the subtitle on so the deaf people can read them. Some deaf anons are complaining about the lack of subtitles so here is the subtitled video for them!


It's all the same. The only difference is whether people are keen to their bullshit this time around. They did it uncontested in the past because they controlled the newspapers, but now we're in control of information


cuckchan doesn't have a catalog or something?

That is some quality meme potential right there. Just the right amount of cringe and audaciousness.

What really should happen is they should be torn from limb from limb for what they've done–just the shit we know about.

The kikes don't even get the phrase or grammar right.
Polish Holocaust has the implication of Poles being the burnt sacrifice, the outlawed phrase under a huge fine and/or prison is "Polish Death Camps" with the phrase having an implication of Polish ownership and responsibility

I don't really understand what's going on because president Duda made some agreements with Abraham Foxman of the ADL and so did Prime Minister Szydło with Netanyahu and friends. The topic and end result of those negotiationts were not made public so most logical assumption is it was a conspiracy to let jews take over Poland through financial power acquired from asset seizure.
Was there a change of Plans or did Morawiecki (and the rest of the government) get angry with kikes over something he torpedoes the holocauster industry, makes kike show their true colors in how vile, greedy and spineless they are.
Also, Poland is designated by NATO (and Russia, but Russia doesn't pretend they're Poland allies) as a nuclear strike zone to deny area for Russian troops attempting to cross over to the West.

Doesn't seem likely considering all the kikes immediately joined the (((Liberator))) and became the #1 communist oppressor until they moved to israel in 1968 because people started connecting facts.

When you control the media you will make the rules.

oy gevalt its annudah shoah, they gonna gas 6 million jews again we needa stop the nazis from coming back!

saged accidentally

You mean they turned other jews to lampshades and shrunken heads and soap?

dam russians tho

I'll have you know that my ancestors had to sew together discarded foreskins to make lampshades for ICBM's; you Antisemitic, raycciss, prejudice, ashkeNAZI you