It's not a joke Holla Forums. This shit is real.


Liberals love to do this shit. They know exactly what they are doing.

She looks like she's 40 years old.

I don't know man, she looks like every French whoore that I've ever known.

Looks like your average Christian girl to me.

She doesn't look exactly as we pictured Jeanne d’ArC, right?

Halfblood people aging faster.


:DD Benin

You are french shitskin.

(S)He found a loophole


TBH she looks portugese.

I thought she was going to be a nigger

That thing looks so old it belongs in a natural history exhibit.

Explain this gibberish.


Le 56% Face xDDDDDDD Ayayayayaya


OP complains about niggers while making a thread like a nigger.

TL;DR France has a traditional cultural festival where someone plays the part of Jeanne D'Arc, this year the festival is kiked and Jeanne D'Arc will be a 16 year old, going on 40 year old, nigger.

See OP? That wasn't so hard was it?

Is she one of the 'child' migrants? That would explain the both the age/face mismatch, and cucked tradition going on.

My english is really bad.

This thread again.

Of course it is shitskin. Don't come back.

We pulled out all the stops last year to help you. France still cucked out.

Get good. Your enemy subverts language to control your thoughts, which control your actions.

Oh really? Then it's a sage from me. Thanks user.

Where is Percolatrice?!



Nice to see another DP listener

You're welcome.
Don't despair, even if the odds are not in your favor, as long has you have truth and the vision to make it happen - you will win.

18 years ago, in 2000, Laetitia Casta was the official Marianne.

No sorry, in 1999 not 2000. So 19 years ago.

More like Jeanne Dark

Thanks for the laugh.

Western civilisatio has degenerated to the point where our own mythoi don't feel like they belong to us. What right do the liberal bourgeois of republican France have on Jeanne d'Arc? This is a tragedy in the original meaning.

Rip in piss, France.

Lol no, she looks like a dozen or so Indio muds in my neighborhood. She should be grinding taro in the Amazon tbh, ugly as fuck. Shame on France.

What the fuck? That thing can't be a day under 45 years old.


France is dead since they raped their royalty in the streets.

According to the records of her trial Jeanne D'Arc actually had black hair and brown eyes.
And being a farm girl she probably was tanned.

However, she was white and not a mestizo looking shitskin.

Probably the whitest French girl they could find.


Well done. Now let me go pick up my sides.

Europe has become so damn pathetic even Japan has more respect for European history than Europe does.

Her face makes me think half-ogres aren't just a d&d race.

Something something and it's beautiful.

Based Poland and its roasties.

The new face of France, ugly Polish niggers.

That URL!
(((They're))) not even trying to hide it anymore. This is replacement, this is rewriting our history.

She's definitely representing France a lot more these days than she isn't.


What's the problem, this is what french people look like now isnt a MSM outlet
They're pretty much french Holla Forumslacks

Btw has anyone checked if the pole mother of Janiqua Dark is actually from (((the tribe)))?


Give him a break. If he lives in France, which i'm assuming he does, then learning a language not native to his country would be a shitskin move.


Asians are weird. They want their women to be powerful and competent hence why they have a tendency to portray historical male figures of power as cute little girls who might not be perfect personality wise, but a lovable nonetheless by male standards. But their woman are never up to standards

OP isn't even French, he's a fucking shitskin. He is well known among the French imageboards community for spamming the same pictures again and again.

That’s not the best Jeanne d’Arc.
See pic related.

Heroes of Might and Magic III flashbacks.

Source please. Polite sage because off-topic.

Jeanne d'Arc from Granblue Fantasy, one of the less shitty mobages out there.
There's a general on Holla Forums if you want to check it out.

Thank you, kind user!