Here we go again

Here we go again

jidf, goons, int, CTR, shareblue, shills etc hammering on a fracture point.

I personally won't like it IF IF IF IF (shill bingo) Trump goes thru with this ban.

Maybe it will even cause enough divide to ensure a 1 term presidency maybe

But do not let shills win. Do not let threads devolve into retards calling each other kike back and forth for 300 replies.

Filtering is counterproductive to shills (pay-per-post, consensus building/cracking)

Other urls found in this thread: and release numbers were included in statistics pre-2015&oq=Catch and release numbers were included in statistics pre-2015&gs_l=psy-ab.3…751.751.0.1782.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.SyyU3YiGDEw are less illegals crossing the border over the last year&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1!QAkEQbaZ!khdY4blGnbcNg_NhFbgv-4gZKTa0vg3D9je6iLyFP9A!tJlBUaxT!rZZiY6sagL39DM1a1bg5YKmrrXwuAfPtqnTD3nwllZQ!sMtWhTxK!d2uVwMlHdd9eHkxb8MXV9nYZpLlcNG-klxBp3eD_XzM


Its always false dichotomy with these bots/faggots/whatever

Even if Trump is just doing lip service, they turn it into OMG DRUMPF ISN'T GOING GTKRWN IMPEACH!!!1

You do understand any Holla Forumsack who has been here for a while know this, right?
Slide threads still count as shilling, by the way

And on cue, the concern troll anti-shill thread slide.

Seems legit. Nice reddit-spacing my man.


OP is a cuck.

not necessarily true
The recent tactics are the best I've seen yet (at least in terms of autistic determination and sheer noise/thread derailment/disruption)

I've heard of a troll. And I've heard of a concern shill. I even heard of an anti-shill.
But I've been deceived about everything when I see a concern troll anti-shill thread slide.

Based zog emperor.

It's same shit every time whenever it's Holla Forums, endchan, TRS, Shariablue/TRS or resident kikes. Hell even Scientologists lurk Holla Forums to this day

You have be pretty fucking stupid to be swayed by shills

Yeah but just like the syrian airfield event, these bastards got really good at imitating Holla Forumslacks to cause d&c-Holla Forums infighting

Until people started looking at the whole of comments by certain user and realizing they weren't from here, that shit was rough.
Even if it only lasted a few days.

Long term effects didn't last or cause permanent D&C.
Also why aren't you saging and reporting?

reminder to have your markers ready, lads.

I'm OP why would I sage my own thread?

I tend not to bother reporting the imitator-trolls, especially since they always say "reported" sometimes for no reason at all like a broken bot.
I just filter them.

why did someone put "syrian airfield" in that list?
Bringing up how certain "pollacks" freaked out over that event and acted like Trump had betrayed us all - is bad?


The elections fucking ruined this place man.

Also if Trump goes thru with the bumpstock ban he's gonna piss off the 2nd amendment fan part of his base

Don't forget the reptiloids, the Church of Satan, Scientology, papists and intl

They are all posting here and they are all out for YOU OP. Better watch out for black vans in the next few weeks!

It's Kikefy, man; he ruined this place. r/thedonald are just his weapon.

Based zog emperor.

I already got a visit once.
Was not impressed

Friends it's obviously a ploy to see how controlled this country is.
* he has only acted as if he's a zionist shill.
* Remember how smart he is and his mastery of chess - giving the enemy everything they've ever wanted
* He married Ivana the jewess not to have full jew kids but to study the enemy
* He went to Epstein Island not because of pedo reasons but to get mad enough and achieve the perfect red for the MAGA hat
* He's building a US military base in Israel to strike at them later
* He gave them the embassy recognition to let them believe that they control him
* He will background check all non kosher goys so that they don't have guns, but actually he'll airdrop tanks and F-35s for all based patriots when the time is right
* Anyone who doesn't blindly follow is obviously a shill, jeez don't you learn anything from comic book films?
YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER, VOTING WAS THE SOLUTION. Go to sleep and when you wake up everything will be normal again.


7 more years.
Also fucking mods get your shit together

Here is a (2), now fuck off and apply some critical thinking skills as to why anons are getting fucked off with Trump.

start killing people

t. the fucking fbi


Mods are subpar.
Fucking faggots need to hire some pajeets or a bot to do their work.
Fucking lazy bitches

Stay salty pinche puto

Bumpstocks are nothing but a fucking toy for the worst kind of rednecks, no self respecting gun enthusiast gives a fuck.

If anything its a great way for him to look like hes doing something, after the media has been crying about those for a while, while at the same time really doing nothing about gun control.

lol he says "here's a 2" before even making his 2nd comment
his 2nd comment here

these have to be bots, they're too stupid

7 more year prasička jokasta. Obriši solzice ko te fukam


That's fine

But if Trump I know I know, "IF" even touches high-capacity mags, optics, grips, or AWB 2.0, he's done.
He's done

The election didn't help but this place had its fair share of tardmonglers before that. Remember the massive CP spam the mods were barely capable of handling?

I'm phoneposting and my mobile data got the IP changed jesus christ you know there are people on here with other opinions than yourself?


You guys need to get a new script. Phone posting isn't gonna change your IP that much or that quickly.
Hell the thread's only been up for like an hour.

Has for me. Don't fuck with guns. I don't care so much about bumpstocks (even though they still shouldn't be b&) but banning Veprs was the last straw. If I wanted this kiked up antigun horseshit I would have voted for Jeb and his goblinwife.

See you guys after the ban expires.

Don't you have some black vans to make jokes about?

i thought was to do with russian sanctions, not any type of firearm ban.

Derailing a thread with meta talk is the best way to have the mods lock it. :^)

point taken

Import bans are the same shit lad, laws that make guns inaccessible to the common man that will never get repealed.

Weś, nie można nas od kupić, jusz odrazu nas spszedal do żydów pszez "POLSKIE OBOZY ŚMIERCI".

So you don't know anything about mobile networks or IP addresses, lmao. Good to know you have a standard American education and will add nothing of value to any further conversation.

Please educate me on mobile networks

oh on second thought

Love it when you chesscucks do this where everyone can see it, top kek.

But import bans affect all goods from said country, not just firearms.

You can't really count that as a firearm ban.


now you're filtered

Do they when they are specifically banning "Molot" for trump admin "Kalashnikov Concern" for Obongo and "Norinco" for Clinton?
You think the import bans were ever about hurting Russia economically? No, it is virtue signalling about Russia while pulling a fast one on the burgerstani citizenry.

Every unrepentant Holla Forums poster will die on the breaking wheel.

just filter the retard
he/it was larping as a techie, instead of what they usually do "I DON'T WHY MY IP CHANGED GUISE, BUT IM LEGIT AMIRITE"


But was this the act of the Treasury Dept or directly from Trump?
I know Treasury falls under executive branch, but if they did this shit on their own Trump might be a little busy with other things to worry about an add-on to a preexisting sanction list.

Stop acting like a dramatic faggot just because you are dumb as a rock.

I'm sorry here is a list of words with cuck suffixes as approved by /ptg/ themselves

And bants has been a Holla Forums meme for fucking ages you retarded newfag jesus christ.

7 years of asshurt crying.
We need some.pajeets to do.the.modding tbh.
This crew is dumb retarded and incompetent.
Present on site maybe 6 hours a day

And I'm supposed to be a bot? I mean just fucking look at this shit.

This is what happens when you have retards as mods

Ti dam robček?

Fucking Turkish monkey has no fucking idea what he's doing.
This shit is direct consequence of fucktarded lazy mods

And users

Co to 2016 znowu?

Do your job or GTFO.


Could it perhaps be that anons legitimately got pissed off at Trump, for committing a neo-con act of war? Naw obviously only shills were posting, Holla Forums is one great hive mind that worships daddy Donald and doesn't actually care about his policy's.

Ostrich Syndrome.



Get fucked yes if you don't support are a shill. It is that simple.
No 2 ways around it.

Get fucked we won and you lost.
7 years



For me it's entertaining watching him kvetching in every corner. And after being BTFO by everyone, again, he runs to Holla Forums to bitch there all alone, again. For example the recent one >>>Holla Forums1157194

With somewhat decent modding this shit would be fixed in a day.

lol look at this faggot sockpuppeting

Yes some anons were pissed at first following the first reports of the syrian airfield bombing, as it SEEMED a precursor to invasion of Syria.

But it turned out to be NOTHING.

And within 2-3 days the shills who were amplifying and d&c were outed.

PUŠI mi kurac )

Nice straw man nigger. But I suppose its always easier to respond with sarcastic hyperbole than admit that Trump is cucking to the left.

Yeah we won! Only to implement our enemies politics!

This cult of personality is fucking retarded.Some of you faggots like OP would argue in support of putting whites into gas-chambers because:

so this is all just 1 deranged faggot autist?

No. Go to hell.
Trump (WE) won and you lost.
Deal with it.

I hate neo-cons so very much


I'm fucking sick of trumpniggers shitting this board up. You're only on here to shill for your president and post normalfag twitter-tier garbage.

Let me tell you something that used to be alex-jones level of introductory redpilling: Hegelian Dialectic'

Trump's effect, intended or otherwise was to get a group of individuals that was once vehemently anti-establishment to support the US Government regardless of zionist-occupied status.


If it's that in Holla Forums there's no ID and UID's, then you can probably make an easy guess why he posts in Holla Forums since Holla Forums toppled Holla Forums


There really is no fracture point. We are stronger than ever.

Minus the absolutd shiet tier garbage modding

While I agree somewhat, you can't expect the guy to brute force his policies. The 5d chess meme is stupid but nobody ever said /pok/acks are smart. Especially the kind that found this place via Reddit.

He's still a better option than Hillary.

My bad

Yeah you are, filtered. Gtfo to leftypol

Kill yourself

Catch-&-release padded numbers from past years, PLUS less people crossing border AND those here hiding scared as fuck = less deportations.
So disingenuous.
Why isn't drumpf going 1488 on day one?
What are separation of powers?
It must be so easy to rationalize in your mind. No consideration to how entrenched the deep state/establishment/swamp is.

Gosh Assad is doing so well despite having a sizeable chunk of his air force destroyed a year ago

A sophisticated well-worded rebuttal as one can expect of r/The_Donald

I wonder if he's waiting to post "#FreePalestine"
He quite sounds like some half-breed roach.

Ameri-mongrel solutions to the JQ.

Yes, remember that everyone who question Trump is shareblue and must be banned. Trump is the god emperor and everything he does is right. If Trump thinks we need background checks then that's based because it's chess. Remember chess. Shills btfo.

(That's shareblue, kek XD)

But do not let shills win. Do not let threads devolve into retards calling each other kike back and forth for 300 replies.

Ok you're right any time Trump or one of his staff, say something that goes against Conservative American values, its a lie.

have a OC mutt

You're not very bright

Ameri-mongrel reading comprehension.

Oh sure, it's not as if there's no problem about 5 similar threads being created in Holla Forums in which it contains countless (1) of some coward faggot and a valid criticism with the same "zog emperor, BASED, drumpf btfo, go back to reddit" as if someone is huffing all the air to its lungs.

King Nigger did it, Bush did it, every other republinigger and demokike did it, why can't Trump?
This board used to be smart, we used to have interesting threads with interesting posters populating them.
Election niggers ruined this place.

I just want to know how much Jim Watkins - owner of cuckservative clickbait site that incorporates heavy saturn symbolism (named after (((Barry Goldwater))) ) - is paying you cucks.

I guess the GRIDs from sharing needles with BASED and FASHY filipino ladybois is rotting your brain though.

Can't argue with this one, objectively true

check your own lack of reading comprehension


Ameri-mongrel rationale.

Fuck off shill. God Emperor does no wrong. I want his babies. 56 MAGA.

JEB 2020


That why Obamacare went all the way to the Supreme Court and took John Roberts selling out "HURRR ITS A TAX" to be enacted????


You forgot to change your ID…

If you think banning a video game toy accesory for guns will cause Trump to lose normie consevatives youre too far down the shit hole. The dink minority who will swear him off will come back around less than a month later, having absolutely no other options.

retard filter engaged

Air superiority means nothing in a guerilla war dumbfuck if it did america would have won in Vietnam and Afghanistan

u mad redditard

Hello newfriend. Fresh in from the_donald to help? That's awesome. These shills need btfoing. Shariablue are trying to get Hillary elected instead of Trump, so now is not the time to criticize. We have to get Trump elected first, then we can hold him accountable later.


citation please

nice circular thinking, i thought i was filtered. or are you too new to figure out how this site works?

Every time Trump says something Jewish you niggers do in fact defend him so its not a false dichotomy. Nigger.

Ameri-mongrel expertise.

I can't figure out if you're agreeing with me or calling me a mutt.
If all of amerizog's fancy toys meant anything, why do they keep getting rekt by armies-for-hire running around in toyota trucks?

cuck-chan faggots should go back.

You're not very good in your acting, I guess.
Oh well, a broken doll stays as a broken doll.

The DACApede wakes up at 8 PM, covered in sweat. He'd just woken up from a dream where all the redpilled SPICpedes had been deported and the ZOG Emperor had been forced to nuke Israel by anti-Semitic shills on Holla Forums. "It was just a dream", he said, shuddering at the thought of our greatest ally not getting 6 trillion shekels a year from the Based Baby Boomer slave caste. "Hopefully the Don nukes Assad instead" smiled the MAGApede, as he rolled out of bed and stumbled over to his MacBook Pro. Eagerly opening up ZuckBook, he let out a disappointed sigh, "Oh Tyrone.. Why won't you accept my friend request? Our AWOOOOvement wouldn't be here if it weren't for based black men like you!" Next, he went to Reddit and checked to see if he had any likes on The Donald. He'd gotten 700 likes on the picture of his new tattoo: Laura Southern breastfeeding Pepe with Sargon of Akkad wrapping a fatherly arm around her shoulders. "Take your time, Laura. Harvest the SJW salt first. White Babies can come later." The MAGApede smiled at the thought of all the adventures Laura was having around the world. He said a quick prayer to Kek, and his prophet the God Emperor, "Please Lord Kek, help Laura find a large based black MAGApede that can breed her tight, supple, white boipucci and produce beautiful mixed mini-magapedes that will grow strong and healthy so that they can die for Israel one day! In the name of the ZOG and the Don and our Greatest Ally, Amen."

After messaging his friends and followers on Reddit, he learned that there was some pesky shill activity over at Holla Forums. So he reached over his desk, knocking over a cumstained portrait of Jared Kushner to his trusty tube of Orange Based Paste. He took off his clothes and started to smear the paste all over his body. It smelled like McDonald's burger perfume and dead skin, and when it mixed with the soggy dingleberrys that were slowly melting in his asscrack it became quite pungent. But the MAGApede kept applying the substance to his body so that he could channel the power of Kek. Soon his whole body was dripping with Orange Based Paste and he was ready to BTFO some antisemitic CTR shills. It took him a while to find Holla Forums; he kept trying to type in "Holla" and he got distracted by a new exclusive video he got from his BLACKED subscription. Eventually, he found it and made his way over to Holla Forums. "Awoo!" said the MAGApede in dismay "these shills sure took the anti-Semitic meme way too seriously! Where would we be without Based Shapiro?"

His thread was getting weird, antisemitic shill replies; they kept talking about "sage" and "the ZOG" and "white birth rates". He really wanted to take a break and go play on his Nintendo Switch, but his wife had hidden it from him because he was playing it too much. And she was out with Tyquall, her personal trainer. So he decided to get the last word on the shills on Holla Forums:

"Don't listen to the shills! I've been on Holla Forums since based gamergate! Trump hates Jews so much! (BTW u guys aren't serious about the Holocaust are you haha?) .. anyways it's 6 billion dimensional chess! Trust in Kek! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

He screeched Awoo! aloud as he pressed enter. But the exertion caused him to shart, sending feces and Orange Based Paste splattering all over his Kekistani flag and Jordan Peterson body pillow. He started to cry bitter tears of frustration and confusion. Then they turned into tears of sorrow for the 6 million that were murdered by Hitler that the shills were making fun of them. After three hours of rolling around in a puddle of defecation, he rubbed his eyes and said:

"Shills BTFO. At least Hillary didn't win!"


What's that? Did that stung your shivering little fee-fees?

Well there are still tens of millions of illegals on your streets openly so I really don't know what more proof you need that ICE are up to fuck all.

Vietnam is jungle & afganistan is mountains.
Syria is desert and rebel forces have vehicles, or are you implying that planes are no use against trucks and tanks?
You got so mad you basically admitted to being

And your comparison to Trump here
is "trump can't even get ICE to do their fucking job"
which you have no citation as proven here

now you're filtered

Ameri-mutt justification.

Mods ban plz. This person is going to get Hillary elected by saying wrong words.


yet everyday its some sob story on the news or twitter about Jose getting deported and breaking families apart

I guess playing "House" all alone in Holla Forums has resulted into dementia.

And who do you think is protecting these rats in the first place. City mayors, house members, governors, judges. All of them connected to with the democrats.

If there is one story per day then ICE averages 365 deportations a year. Wow such hard work.

that's a false equivalence on top of being a bullshit counter-point

Filter the shills and the idiots dumb enough to reply to them. Filter slide threads too. On the other hand the mods here are compromised so don’t bother reporting anything, AFAICT this just gets you a ban.

feminists and social justice warriors watch out, it's the DACApede!

And most of the territory Assad has gained since trump attacked his air force has been urban, which fits into the same category of asymmetric warfare

No i'm implying that Assad has been okay since drumpf bombed his air force because he's mainly dealt with urban warfare which just like mountain and jungle warfare amerizog sucks at.

He's right, do you believe based Mattis? He's a drumpf supporter just like you. What happened to based DACApede solidarity?

Not justifying it, just trying to explain why trump fucking up his air force didn't cause him to lose too much ground. It's still interventionism and still irredeemable.

Really activated the old almonds. Why would someone hop IPs to spread a Holla Forums tier meme?

>Not justifying it, just trying to explain why trump fucking up his air force didn't cause him to lose too much ground
Ameri-mongrel sophistry.

lmoa go back to reddit

Instead of doing nothing we need to get an user in the Senate and if Trump becomes a major problem we primary him out
Always remember we're all Alparius
Are you using some black-pill mindset?

You said there are a lot of deportations because

Do they no longer teach the MSM redpill over at Reddit?

f-uck off shill ;-;

I had to reply

syrian airfield - april 6, 2017

Central_Syria_campaign ends sept 2017

breaking of Siege of Deir ez-Zor late 2017

lotta urban areas out there in east syria

Lmao keep it up for another 200 years and you might have made a dent

The gay posting style you’ve cultivated and your shallow image pool out you every time. I bet you think you’re quite the little memer too.

Because you don't know how to filter, cuck. Interventionism is BASED

Don't worry about reddit, the 8/pol/ redpill is a blue pill suppository with a thin red veneer.

As far as I'm concerned we don't have a literal hitler on our hands anywhere in politics.
I'm not an accelerationist because I value my life.
Trump is good for what he is doing now.
We just have to keep the momentum going all the way to nationalism (there is no civic nationalism thats just cuck patriotism).
So, I never argue with idiots that shill these fracture points.
Great thread.

200 x 143k = 28 million

that's a little more then a dent, that probably all of them times 2 or 3

Jesus Christ. And I thought for a second that maybe responding to you was worth the time.

Not counting the 200 million descendants of course.

Ameri-mongrel basic maths.

Which is nothing.

but drumpf isn't going to be president for 200 years, he's going to be in for 4 (hopefully less)
4x143k = 572k
we have 18+ million. not even a dent.

at this point i unironically want him impeached to salt-mine the pledditors.


I hope you are a bot.
No human should be this retarded.

Well, that sure hit the nerve.

wew indeed.

where's your reddit bookmark based dacapede?

ID: dece

so what exactly is going on in this thread
looks like a generla discussion to me

Nothing good.

my OP and 2nd post basically sums it up

Its fine to criticize Trump. But some people are very disingenuous with their arguments and come off as shills just trying to hammer a fracture point.



Good victories over ATT AKA CNN today and appointing lifelong Federal judges. They are way more important than the Supreme Court because they rule over the majority of decisions that never get to the S.C.

Trump is filling the backlog of appointees Republicans held up under Obama and it will help for 20-40 years. Trump throwing the enemy a bone like bumpstocks is to keep them distracted.


quite possibly
But don't let the shills hear you.

The real question should be, why are there "fracture points" for shills to hammer on coming out from your based emperor on a weekly basis now?

What's next, proclaiming of leaving Holla Forums, again?


It's kikey and resurrected_tranny.

I summarized my thoughts on that here:

then shills in your thread:

where did you get 18 million?

Am I doing it right?

congrats, you're either a paid shill or a demoralized cuckold.

Jim is a freemason that sold out 2ch with his business partner Hiroyuki and has a dubious military history, he owns a fake news site named after (((Barry Goldwater))). Kushner is a kike that owns 666 Fith Avenue. They're both zionist shills.

Jim also recently cut his hair like Michael Aquino. Get Fucked.

Math. 11 million known illegals + their descendants.

Man that top pic is so painfuly acurate.

Still bitching, and refraining from bringing a solution as always
My~ how black-pilled.

and it's responding to me in a manner like it reset and forgot the previous exchanges ITT

Still being a turk. My, how turkish.

ban redditors
It's that fucking simple. If I was blackpilled I wouldn't be here fighting these cucks. I'd be shitposting with the psych-ward escapees over at endchan.

If you ban everyone who supports trump without questioning his actions the board will be infinitely better.


If you don't want to be gamergate2.0 this is what you should do.
Also you have shit taste in animus.

No shit we're blackpilled you fucking cunt. Our entire board has been overrun with these civic fucking cucks who think le based god emperor can do no wrong.

Stop LARPing as a girl or I'll suck your feminine penis faggot.



Gun control like weapons bans or (((enhanced background checks))) would be a problem but bump stocks are not a big deal. Any larger/more gun control would be a big deal. For instance look at radio talk show host Michael Savage who just called for banning AR15s. He is working for the (((other side))) for sure. you have to look at these moves in the context of the larger world and the pressure to move to the right should always be on Trump but he's holding the line so far, relatively well.

just filter them user
Its probably the same bot/poster, using the same excuses for IP-hopping
yeah , that's intranetwork, that wouldn't change your IP


Hwhat about the descendants of hwhite people?

Listen fuckhead stop talking about shit you have no idea about. The vast majority of carriers have a pool of PUBLIC ADDRESSES that are leased out via DHCP to mobile users, when a session is ended, the IP is no longer assign to your device and when you reconnect it leases you a new one from the pool.

What does it matter with 18 million illegals? Demographics are fucked unless major deportations happen.
Do you want your kids growing up with the absolute bullshit we're dealing with now? I fucking don't.



Are you joking? You fucking /ptg/ morons use 'we' all the time. Just neck yourself you piece of shit, at least apply your 'rules' for identifying shills to yourselves too.

Holy shit, you sure are some triggered faggot with constant autism spasm coming.
Now, let me see what there has been in this thread

Yep, surely sums it all up on your characteristics. Obnoxious and sad to the core.
How laughable, months of throwing shit around like some chimps with zero progress and you still demand attention like some pozzed commie faggots in a parade.

triggered trumpcuck lmao

2/10 Back to Reddit.

Poopoo peepee

He knows trump is a zionist shill and is perfectly fine with it but thinks we should support him anyway because:

That's all you got? Truly sad.

God, I'm watching some soap opera or something.

a newfag too. excellent.

Is on their bingo card. Drumpflings just can't decide what they want.

No, so get to it son.

You can call me whatever you want because I don't want people banned for having a different opinion, unlike you braindead cucks screeching for mods to ban the meanies saying bad words about le based god emperor. It's just embarrasing when you don't have a point to make, you just call people names and pretend you win.

Same with muh empty airfield and "BASED"
It's pathetic tbh.

Clearly you do because you keep supporting trump who has no plan for mass deportations despite what he ran his entire campaign on.
I'm not American, it's not my future - you get to it. It's your country, you act like a goddamn boomer.

hmm, let's look. Started with screeching like some asperger. Uses cuck chan related image and clipboard images. And still continues screeching like some asperger. Yep, you surely won, big boy.

Your response to ICE data was truly "intelligent" way. And oh your manly acts of calling everyone trumpcucks surely showed your advantage in discussions.


those were on here.

All of a sudden 6 planes = 20% of 200?
Mattis lied, if you go do your research you can prove it to yourself.

This, just like Syrian Airfield, DACA and now MUH BUMP STOKS REVIEW (just like after las vegas - a nothingburger) OY VEY ZOG ZOG ZOG ZOG ZOG DRUMPF OYYY VEY MUH SHARENIGGERING etc etc

This is tired shilling and I'd say the only people it might possibly, even potentially influence are the few dumb newfags who may be lurking for two years.

Any Holla Forumsack with half a brain can read, comprehend and figure it out without some blackpill faggots constantly shitting the place up, with the same tired old arguments.

>redd*t spacing

This bingo shit has got to be satire

It's hilarious how your cult of personality fills in most of that bingo on other threads you post in if I change a few of the meme posting squares around. It's almost like it's such a generic format you can use it to discredit anyone who disagrees with you!

Congratulations on being special.

Oh sure hun, you sure are well known in the cum guzzling prom stories. That sure shows your high standards and how seriously you should be taken.
However, you will keep bitching again. Because that's what you do in every day, with zero fucks being given.

post discarded, go back to twitter chaim

First its chess, then its real politik, then its lip service, then its etc etc etc. These retards just HAVE to delude themselves. They're like little autistic children stuck in their own world.

I was pointing out how his believing the media is fucking stupid because it never accurately represents the real story. How fucking dense are you?


Absolutely Reddit tier.


143k x 4 = 572k
18 million - 572k = 17.4 million
exactly 1.03%

99% of illegals will remain, if he's in for 8 years 98% will. It's nothing.

Relax friendo! You're dealing with a Lady PEDE!

Redditors assimilating to reddit pocket culture rather than original board culture.


You're hwhite so make kids.
The alternatives to trump are full marxism.
No, I don't want that.

Stop it, I can't take it anymore.

20% of 200 is 6

>B-but seriously, goyim guys, this is the end, drumpf is finished and his nuclear codes too, he's going to ban knives and guns, he, he said it!!!11111111

youareall obviousshillniggers

Hahahahaha, are these faggots serious?

What ever reddit touches, turns to shit. They have a shit-midas touch.

This is the reason why Holla Forums hates you fuckers. You are incapable of making your own points and just copy paste whatever "sick burns" you saw on /ptg/ this week.

Hello reddit.

No one is saying that. Shitskins are not people. They get into accidents all the time. Sad.

Fucking hell. I knew the invasion was bad, but not this bad. Burn it down and start all over, we're terminal at this stage. Congrats impkikey, you have you're BASED MAGA-PEDE civinat wonderland so don't worry when the time comes they wont care that you're non-white and even worse a turk.

Wow, you truly have no reading comprehension. Where did I say that you pathetic Ameri-mongrel?

If you can make boards again then someone make /European/, I can't for some reason.


You can fuck right off to where you came from, faggot.

You can't even argue the facts, you just keep up your tired, thin worn script to D&C and shit the board up. It's not working because you faggots come out every fucking time there is a misreported or easily understood fracture point.
What you niggers don't understand is when you come here like this, it makes it so fucking obvious. Because you don't normally post here.

It's all you have. No arguments of facts, just baseless shitflinging like the low rent, brainlet faggots you are. All you can do is (20) and (30) threads up with detritus.

These posts are still unrefuted, just lots of D&C and shilling, never address the points or you'll be docked sheckels, eh?

It was implied, Jew, and you know it.
Something cannot turn to shit which is already shit.

Wew lad.

Planning to, assuming I don't have some already.

We're dealing with 17th century ""'white""" people who skipped out on extra 400 years of wars and evolution. They're our Neanderthals. They might look like us to a degree, but don't be fooled, they're not white. They act and behave just like niggers, jews, spics do. Hell, most are 1/8th Chereooke!


Neat, Jew.

I don't want to start shit since we seem to agree on everything, however I do dislike second exodus anons since they're the ones who cared more about j00t having his six gorrilionth spergout more than mod censorship.
They came here because they were the butt of a bad joke, not because the site was compromised to its core.

Although - like you - most of them assimilated and learned that cuckchan was compromised. I'll take second exodus'ers over this current garbage any day.

I think they live and feed out of their very own autism.


>interventionism is BASED

Keep crying shareblue.

trump is a zionist cuck.

That's the core of your argument, right there, and its valid.
Of course, the rest of it is just empty accusation - and the fact of the matter is that this board is likewise compromised, yet here we are.
You smell like a late-comer who projects his own assimilation onto others.
In any case, fact remains: Cuckchan was shit long before reddit arrived.


He's also your President. ;^)

What else is new?

Your Dead Sea tier salty tears, Schlomo.

Only some of them m8. We've been over this.

Like every liberal hipster.


They can't even argue against it, just muh drumpf, yuo reddig, etc. Pathetic shills, low grade. Even JIDFniggers would put more effort in.


I'm not trying to argue that lad - my argument against you is 99% just taking the piss, I left cuckchan when j00t axed /new/ for "turning into a stormfront outpost"

In the most literal sense, he's not. I'm not american.

Why would JIDF hire someone to dissuade support from the most openly zionist president in Am*rican history?

They'd blend in with the pro-trump shills and try and get Holla Forumsacks to support the ZOG - just like they have been since 2016.

Trump paid off the mainstream media to talk shit on him so that people like (((You))) would think he's anti-establishment.
He is the establishment, and used his well established media ties to trick you.


Obongo was part of the democrap junta and Bush was a useful idiot to them.


And let me guess, drumpf really isn't part of the establishment?


Fuck Mark btw. All the mods on Holla Forums are getting super heavy handed with bans. Don't like a game? If you argue with someone in a thread about why you don't like it? B& TOWN

What rock were you under during 2016?

>Trump paid off the mainstream media to talk shit on him so that people like (((You))) would think he's anti-establishment.
Maybe you should follow your fellow goons' advice and take your meds.

Remember, dont vote goy,everyone is a zionist kike shill, unless you're a subhuman that votes for (((our))) candidate!


The establishment isn't a unified group. I'm sure he is or used to be on first name basis with a lot of the same people that now oppose him but it seems to me that if you aren't 100% on board with honkeydeath you won't ever "belong".

Heres a tip: Fracture points are based on valid complaints that half the people fail to understand the importance in. Its like when you, the OP, the shareblue muh oliver niggerposter - suggest the alt-kikes our friend and that being a fag isnt such a big deal. Faggotry is white genocide and banning bumpstocks is infringement.

nice argument.

tbh i stopped caring about vidyas when certain events happened irl that made it harder for me to play them but i can totally see that happening with the general culture that started developing there mid-2015 and that whole debacle with 314chan.

these days i mostly just replay super metroid once every few months.

go ahead and call me a conspiracy theorist too, chaim.

As if it wasnt obvious these were lefty/pol/acks advocating voting for civic nationalism.

Take a look, this is your aut kike civnat vote for a nigger style poster, spreading lefty/pol/ communist anti-white memes. This is who is so butthurt at the idea of revolutionary National Socialism that they would rather vote for niggers.



t. you.
Youre a race traitor or never were white.

I made that meme up.

Ameri-mongrels aren't white.

pick one

pick one

I bet you didnt even post that behind a vpn, the Jews wont control the internet infrastructure forever and you will be found. Everyone knows thats a lefty/pol/ meme, its earns you an instant ban here. Its message is that no Americans are white and to stop only caring about whites. Its communist in nature, it seeks to break down racial barriers and promote mixed race societies. Its the peak of anti-white propaganda and anyone who even jokes about posting it will suffer in due time.

56% of America is 100% pure white. Anyone who goes around saying Americans are all 46% nigger blood and that no white americans exist will suffer worse than Jews.
Just as there is a gap between posting and punishment here, there is a gap in the real world. The real world punishment for race treason is much worse than being removed from a forum and having to switch your shill vpn.

Have a report for obviously being part of the lefty/pol/ 56% raid.


Its going to be so much more fun knowing you thought this was all a game and that you genuinely will be horrified to find out were ready to save our race by handling you permanently. When it shows up at your door, you will beg, you will plead, you will probably even cry. We wont care.

Spotted the autist.

Spotted the cultural marxist.


Spotted the_zionald.

>absurdly overcomplicated conspiracy theories about Trump's motives are "chesscucking" only when they refer to a position I disagree with

I didnt say what Im saying, you should get used to that when talking with revolutionaries.

fuck right off.
learn to argue on reddit, homo?

all i heard was:

Theres a lot of subtlety in language. Just because someone is attacking the concept of voting civnat doesnt mean they want you to vote for something else. This voter mindset is cancer, people are all united lockstep in following democracy off the racial suicide cliff. It doesnt work, whites dont vote together and we need a majority to vote for National Socialism. Obviously were not giving up on National Socialism.. so we need to adapt to our mixed race society which Germany didnt have. We need to think about plan B. Some of us already are, others would rather stick their head in the sand.

Would your plan B be 'keep supporting drumpf who cares if bump stock bans is infringement because he does so much for the movement' ?

No…! Leave us Aryans alone, mutts! We've done nothing to you…

Plan B could include the formation of a political and… not so political winged organization.

did you just fuck up and post your face?

As long as the political wing isn't some cucked trumpnigger faggotry i'm all for it. Best of luck to you.

Dont wish me luck, were all in this together. I obviously suggest a National Socialist political organization which advocates policy based on what whites need, not on what the system would even allow in its current configuration.

Still by voting civcuck IN AN ERA WHERE A CIVNAT OPTION IS NOT AVAILABLE has resulted in much better political climate than voting for the usual establishment cucks. If I could vote for Trump Eurofag I'd vote a million times for him again and again until Hitler or at least Rockwell would become available as presidential candidates.

Yes. Do you have a better suggestion?

Or perhaps it's just stalling while le 56 face is dropping right on the kikes schedule. Seeing how… you know… nothing is happening except business as usual.

You dont solve incrementalism by lowering the increments, you would waste time focusing efforts on things that will have no real effect in the longrun. Voting for Trump was buying time, we have time now. Now you focus on important things, like figuring out how to deport the non-whites who have 12 kids each that are already here and who have citizenship so cant legally be deported.
If youre not prepared to move on to that stage, youre not in the right place.

I'm from eastern europe, right now we're playing a different angle since our national and racial sovereignty isn't being threatened to nearly as high a degree as it is in the USA.
When you form an organization, you will have my full support, I already am supporting my country's version thereof - no civcuckery involved.

The system's current state will never allow pro-whites to succeed politically and the trumpcucks need to get that through their heads.

Yes, listen to

So what are your suggestions?

Voting is at most 10 minutes drive or 30 minutes by bus once in every 4 years.

What's the harm with securing the least cucked among the available options?

Okay. When he runs himself as the new Hitler candidate I'll make sure to vote for him.

Im beyond convinced race war is inevitable. All conscious whites should be reading up on how to survive in such a situation… even if we dont have a fighting organization when it breaks out - which we should - we will be all the better off with our pool of knowledge.

That wont happen because expecting all whites to vote for "the new Hitler" is delusional, and anything else is civnat cuckery. Non-whites will never vote for their own political disenfranchisement also know as the fourth point in the 25 points of National Socialism. Only a member of the race may be a citizen.

If I told you it would blow your normalfag mind and you'd call me FBI. Nah, my advice for you is to keep pressing that voting button and select between the candidates kikes give you on the talmudvision. One day you will prevail. le_56_face.jpg

There's like 5 same autists here everyday. Who gives a fuck at this point.

Trumpcucks need to understand that the system will never allow pro-whites to even attain a position from which they can be voted. You need a movement, not a ballot.

Especially in the USA, yes it's inevitable. I don't necessarily want this to happen so much as I see it as the inevitable outcome of multiculti society.
Western Europe could theoretically prevent it if they went full on systematic deportation mode since their demographics aren't nearly as dismal as america's.

A general strike is what should be pushed for in the normiesphere. 100% legal, cripples the economy in days if our demands arent met.
Self defense patrols in no-go zones which are also called security vacuums should be advocated among radicals. In the US thats actually legal in some states, to open carry rifles around and patrol neighborhoods making sure no white women are being raped, children kidnapped, or acid thrown in peoples faces. Drugs sold, prostitutes etc. That would shut the opiod crisis down pretty fucking quickly.
Also, a parallel organizational structure to fill the political void when the government collapses under the weight of diversity (and likely sabotage)

This… is actually good advice. It's time to detatch from the corrupted and kiked out nationstates. Why plant your flag on a sinking ship? Prepare, inform, organize. Don't waste time with talmudvision illusions.

Its also worth mentioning that actual communists like Heimbach are positioned to fill that gap if we dont form an organization ourselves.
"No man should have more resources than another"

I'm still here after all, and if people get paid for this shit shareblue better find me and send me a cheque xd

In that case I'll make sure to vote for Trump and Trump equivalents while we organize our **awo*ovement.

Yeah, thanks Imkikey

You can't. If you try, CIANIGGERS will coopt, corrupt and ruin your organization. If you make it to where they can't, the ZOG will just kill you. A general strike is impossible too many people have to work constantly in order to afford to eat.

There never was any hope. All has always been lost. Samson. Looms. Ever. Forward.

Ashes. Echoes.

Jim is a MASONICNIGGER and he's the one running Kampfy. And nothing will ever be done about it.


You can't. The normies have to work every day or else they don't make the bills and don't get to eat. The lemmings outnumber everyone on either side.


At this point, every single action Trump has taken has been propped up as the genesis of a calamity that always ends up not actually happening.
Ordinarily, I'd denounce anyone who joins the enemy effort to chip away at the Second Amendment, but I have basic pattern recognition skills. World War 3 didn't happen the last dozen or so times that Trump supposedly started it, so it's probable that this won't be anything either.

Any movement will only be infiltrated. If you don't let them infiltrate, the ZOG sends tanks and bombs like with Waco or Serbia.

Yes, just give up. Help me get 15.6kg of U-235 and a ticket to Jerusalem and it'll all be over.

Trigger Samson Early. Nobody gets to the bunkers in time that way. Destroy all life on Earth to solve all problems permanently. Omnicide is for Everyone.

The same thing the kike media is doing you mean?

Didn't think that one through, did you now.

No, it'll be worse. It'll be more slow boil into browning.

General strikes only require a percentage of people, its not like you can expect 100% at the best of times. They had or have one in Greece recently/right now. It all depends on how effective it is, you could make it a repeat thing if the demands arent met, or just call it a white genocide awareness rally or something. Its not as hard as you make it sound, we are being genocided, 1 in 3 people according to a source leftists cant deny - the ADL - believe the holohoax is a myth. That should obviously signify a swing in the right direction.
Defeatism is next to treason, its our duty to at least give our 100%. Anything else is unacceptable, knowing what we know.

Kikes play both sides. Trump is a duck and he loves Israel too much. He won't stop his favorite daughter from launching the bombs on behalf of Nathan Rothschild

You simply will not have the numbers, ever. Go ahead and try it. Watch what happens.

Demands won't ever be met. They'll just give the shitskins guns and let them kill us.

What else is there but defeatism for the defeated?

I know myself. I can't give anything because Every Effort Always Fails. If I'm still alive by the time it happens, Fate and the gods will damn your attempt just to punish me.

There is nothing that happens in this world that is not also punishment.

I'd like to clarify that you and people like you are specifically the ones responsible for me giving Trump more slack than I'd normally give anyone. If you're genuinely opposed to him, you're doing a terrible job. If you're in his pay, you deserve a bonus.


Email me at the address [email protected] if you care to know specifics. I'm the most demoralized person you'll ever meet. Because of my failures.

Like a general strike is better than revolutionary sabotage efforts.. they cause more damage to the economy, no one risks capture, no one dies by accident.. and its legal. It effectively achieves the same goal however. Jews wont just start deporting if we ask. A thriving economy isnt exactly helping our efforts.

Youre not from around these parts, are ye.

Yea whatever, go post your sorrows on Reddit, defeatism and blackpilling isnt allowed here.

I am from here. You're just too new to recognize my posting style.

Ashes. Echoes.



The blackpill is all there is. Go try to proven me wrong. Watch what happens.

Ive provided a valid solution, mods can show up and hammer you for ban evasion and 9 other things any time. We dont care what you have to say, youre obviously a shill working in a shitty supermarket.


And you never addressed the people who have to constantly work in order to eat. Are you going to feed them? With what rations?

Im not even going to reply that, it only serves to show what a willful idiocy you are performing.

Not really. You said general strike. I asked, then how will we eat? Then you called on kampfy to ban me.

I'm not the wn meetup fish bol shill. But, believe what you want.

C'mon that was funny

With rice and beans if need be. Its a stupid question from a person pretending to be stupid.

The SAS survived for I believe it was almost 2 weeks on powdered milk in the Falklands before their supplies were restored after being cut off. Whites can protest nationwide for a couple days on their own savings, I think.

What are we talking about again.

He wanted to know how whites would feed themselves if they protested nationwide for a few days, implying it would be like some hunger disaster where no one has any food as soon as we started striking. Obviously it would be a thing that was planned in advance and you would need people to know about it, you cant fucking flash mob a nationwide general strike if you tried.
Not YET.

he's a schizophrenic from reddit.
that isn't even "take meds goy" shilling, he's some guy from some mostly white rural town who's never had to deal with niggers and urban cosmopolitan kikes that hears voices that berate him constantly, of course he's blackpilled - completely unaffected by the ills that blight the world and stuck in his own personally designed mental hellscape.

i unironically feel sorry for him, as he's compelled to post things like this by a neurological disorder.


is that why you muttpost user?

Jesus fucking Christ.

On another note, you say that Trump should be deposed. I am not so sure, but even if you're right, we need to choose a successor. Remember, the Democrats have nothing ATM. No figure head, no raison d'etre, no direction, and no money. Sure, the kikes will begin pouring cash into the DNC soon but they do have major disadvantages. Not to mention that Trump still has a pretty solid support base and he has incumbent's advantage.
If we want to replace him, we'll need a successor. You can't just meme him out of office without meming someone else in. And frankly I'd rather it not be someone who will instantly censor the internet.

Another problem is, yes many Trump supporters will oppose the bumpstock ban. However my experience with regular voters tells me that many more are apathetic towards a device that they don't own. I've been asking around and have yet to find anyone with strong opinions about bumpstocks or even knowledge about what they are beyond what they heard on the MSM.

republikikes and democucks are two sides of the same shekel.


It’s pure shill bullshit. No one on the right cares about banning bumpstocks

left and right are also two sides of the same shekel.

that's the shill bullshit, maybe zionist republiniggers don't care but anyone who cares about self-preservation does.

No shit Sherlock. Next you'll be telling me that unless something changes, Whites will become a minority in less than 30 years.

Who replaces Trump? And what does it do for our race?
You can't just react to things. You need to think about the consequences.

tl;dr: reddit is kosher you goys
then how about you fuck off back you subhman


precisely why

Who cares? Neither republicucks or demokikes are going to reverse demographics or benefit our race in any way.

Elect anyone and the results will be the same anti-white trash.

What has Trump done for our race?

after trump shills turned Holla Forums into a ZOG republicuck news aggregator, the consequences will never be the same.

lmao tbqh


I'm bipolar, ocd, adhd, psychotic, gender fluid, and asexual. What's so funny about my torment?


Everything. Now ram a knife into your throat.
Seriously, we both know you think about it every day. A short moment of pain, and then it all fades away. Just think of the liberating feeling of the knife penetrating your skin and muscle. Would it even hurt, or would it be a feeling of pure bliss? Find out! You know you want to.

is overly violent edgy posting a new meme i missed out on or is the FBI so underfunded that they're hiring literal niggers that inject SSRIs directly into their eye sockets

but I love life

I wouldn't in your place.

It's not edgy to encourage people doing what's right.

stop projecting and kys no ones coming to your kool aid party I've already got a place in heaven reserved for me

Yet hardly any pro-Trump in this thread are calling for that.

Yet your buddy here who you agree with its probably you under a vpn is calling for the same thing
Where's your moral outrage directed at him?

no need for bans

No, that's not how this works. I clearly and hilariously pointed out how very stupid you are. You actually claimed that Trump proved he was a Jew by not abusing the Constitution like a Jew would. That is actually what you said like the stupid, stupid nigger you are. Here, I'll remind you of the stupid thing you said one more time: You actually claimed that Trump proved he was a Jew by not abusing the Constitution like a Jew would.

You don't get to talk anymore, because you are too stupid to say anything a person would want to hear. So now you shut up and kill yourself for being such a stupid, stupid nigger, you stupid, stupid nigger.

Fuck, now I am actually angry that a such a stupid fucking nigger like you is alive.



The entire goal of NatSoc is to abolish the constitution. A true national socialist would do as his enemies do and do everything within his power to enact pro-white policies

Rules for Radicals applies to all radicals. Muh constitution is enlightenment-era faggotry.

He proved he's a kike by openly shilling for zionism, interventionism, amnesty, and gun control. He backs up that proof by not abusing the already weakened system of checks and balances to enact the pro-white policies he campaigned on.

There is no honor in demographic warfare, and if he gave a single fuck about demographics like chesscucks claim he does - there would already be a deportation force that he would've most likely had to abuse the constitution to implement.

Eat a tide pod, reddit cuck.

Sheldon Adelson

mad you can't downboat me?

Someone seems to be mad.

It's panic because the school shooting narrative and the crisis actors are being caught out.

Here, have an Alexa.

The thing about the bumpstock ban is that some states are already doing it so it's an issue for the courts. Not accessing a bump stock right now is a non-issue. It serves ni defensive purpose, doesn't assist in combat, and banning it doesn't prevent anyone from purchasing firearms.

A small non-concession. How do I know? Was a bumpstock used in Florida? There you go.

There's 7 or 8 IDs that make up the vast majority of these kinds of posts. And I wouldn't be surprised if its the same bot/person/group using vpns

Once you filter them the thread gets alot better

Is that bridney spears?


I'm getting tired of dealing with the script about how deportations are lower than ever because Drumpf cucked out.

1. Catch-and-release & "[email protected]" numbers were included in statistics pre-2015. This padded numbers and made it appear govt was being more effective than in reality (typical).
> and release numbers were included in statistics pre-2015&oq=Catch and release numbers were included in statistics pre-2015&gs_l=psy-ab.3…751.751.0.1782.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.SyyU3YiGDEw

2. There are less illegals crossing the border over the last year. ICE statistics themselves say the numbers are down. Beaners are scared and not coming over to begin with.
> are less illegals crossing the border over the last year&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1

Between these facts, and common sense telling us that beaners are scared so they are hiding out/not crossing to begin with more, OF COURSE deportation numbers would be low.
There's less beaners to deport.

Yeah, less spics being caught at the border obviously means less spics are coming in. That's just basic chess.

We've heard nothing to make us assume that Trump is restraining ICE / Border Patrol from doing their job, unlike under the Obama administration.

In fact we have heard quite the opposite during the last year


Why do you idiots bother reading TORfags?
they are ALWAYS shills.

Not true.
They are based like 15% of the time



Have we officially invaded Syria or NK?
Oh that bill passed and democrats didn't fuck themselves in the ass?
lip service at the moment and bump stocks suck

Implying (((they))) wouldn't assassinate him if he makes those kinds of moves.
Only non-goyim get to circumvent law, don't you know?

wew. Give me a break, pigchan has become nothing more than shills shilling ZOGbots shilling republican dead-enders. If you're still clinging to drumpf the politician it's just proof that your allegiance never extended to the white race, you're just another pathetic civic cuck willing to sit back and watch the white race
die by inches
just as long as you can keep voting for whitebread politicians instead of actually doing something. Obama was a release valve for black anger while still carrying the banner of ZOG, and this Holla Forums is nothing but mod-enforced worship of drumpf's pressure release valve. Every single one of you 103 IQ drumpf supporters is an embarrassment to the once-mighty hate machine.

You're not getting a wall.
You are getting amnesty.
Hillary is never going to prison.
If this weren't the truth they wouldn't have to ban 90% of Holla Forums for saying it


no because thank god for russia and china in the UNSC.

reddit is literally BLM for that ZOG patsie

>Implying (((they))) wouldn't assassinate him if he makes those kinds of moves.
>but its okay because its kosher 180p chess

welp he switched IPs again

This tread seems to be quite offending to a certain group of people. Some nice related pasta:

See, you can tell how pathetic this whole thing is.
They're putting in so much effort into this current spree of shilling, and yet their foundations are shakier than Hillary's 57 murder alibi. It just doesn't add up, making it very, very fucking obvious that they're just complaining to shit everything up, instead of taking the matter into their own hands and fixing what they perceive is wrong. Every single one of the complains they have about the board can be fixed in a very simple and easy way. Stop browsing the board, make your own. There you fucking go. No more kampfy, no more whoever, no more paid kushnerbot neocon jewloving shilling shills from the suburbs of tel-aviv Israel, all of their complaints fixed, and all of the "oldfags" will obviously, instantly go to their board, since they obviously have such strong support, and the mods have banned literally every single oldfag ever to exist, according to them.

And yet, they won't do that. They'll just complain and complain and complain, because that's what they were told to do. They've built the Taj Mahal of shilling through sheer volume and output, and yet they've placed it on a foundation made of cardboard and bad dreams. It just doesn't work because the entire narrative collapses at the first step.

Why don't you just ban TOR you fucking faggot? There's still too much wrongthink up, I'm not sure how many of the white goyim are going to turn out and vote for Amnesty Trump next time around, you're gonna have to call up your friends at Diebold to rig another 15 million votes to keep drumpf in office, we're sure not headed to the polls next time.

Stopped reading right there. You have to go back, Josez

Go ahead keep using tor to shitpost.
Clearly you will sway our minds with such brilliance.


I support Trump 150% he is doing an awesome job.

Mods however are lazier than niggers and about the same intelligence


We need to get AI modding.

These mods are incompetent lazy retarded sacks of shit

Triggered mod.
You are a lazy incompetent nigger tier intelligence dubm sack of shit.

Some fucking chink or pajeet would do a better job modding the board.

You are a complete utter fucking disaster.
Present on site 4 hours or leave it unmodded for 32 hours.
Remove your dirty lazy nigger fingers from the dashboard

Everyone has feet. WTF is that even supposed to mean?

Bumpstocks and echo triggers are stupid range toys that serve no practical purpose but I still don't like any attempts at "appeasement" when it comes to gun control. Those 2 accessories are the only things I'd ever be comfortable with banning but only in trade for a guarantee that no further restrictions will ever be placed on firearms. Since that's never going to happen, I can't support this ban without some trade for increased freedoms.

He really should use this as an opportunity to trade away "scary" bumpstocks for something like removing suppressors from the NFA or national concealed carry reciprocity. I know trading away rights sounds cucked but over-the-counter suppressor sales or CCW reciprocity are actually relevant to the right to bear arms whereas bumpstocks and echo triggers are nothing but bait for anti-gun hysterics.

Don't forget a piece of string can also mimic the effect. The ban is meaningless.

This post reeks of JIDF
Back to the >>>/oven/ kike.

Or just bump fire from the hip by looping your trigger hand's thumb trough your beltloop while pulling forwards with your supporting hand on the foregrip.

It's about optics. Fake news wants to use fake shooting, so Trump "appeases" with a fake regulation.


This is how you outjew the jew.

Go suck kike cock somewhere else. Reddit is where you hero worshippers belong.

Except he's not doing that.

Its like you haven't heard of cokefag.

Yep this is it


Yet again proven right.

They are concern trolls not concern shills kike. Get the fucking terminology right if you're going to be picking up the rest of your tribe's slack.
To reiterate: Concern trolling, "anti-shill" (because let's face it, digging in the folders for the scripted SLIDE is shilling for something you aren't against it, if you were you wouldn't keep doing this every fucking week) thread. This thread is one of your many slides you keep in your folders yid. It doesn't change. Even the order you fucks post these fucking slides remains the same.
We will see your folders dry up right before shabbat as you run for "new" orders at temple, then Saturday night tel aviv takes over until the rest get done with temple. Then it starts all over again.

You act as if Ivana was some 18th century teenage virgin that Trump arranged to marry a jew. She was 28 when she got married ffs.

Reddit, please.


That would have been a great financial and political move for him. Can just see the Jew York Post covers after Ivana and the Kushner's tell the press that Trump has cut her out of his life because she married a jew. Would have literally ruined him as a businessman and political figure.


Reddit. Please.


Yeah we should call it /trump/ so all these delusional Redditors can get the fuck out. Honestly how does anyone even get redpilled by Holla Forums anymore when the entire catalog is being shit up with this garbage?

Holla Forums is not a board of truth. Holla Forums is a board of narrative. Go against the narrative and be banned. Truth does not exist, after all.

Not chess. Common sense to not draw a gigantic target on your family business empire so that kikes can crush it because your nearly 30 year old daughter decided to marry a kike. Simple cost-benefit analysis.

Since we have all those fashy goyim for his position.


I would if I was the BO.

You are a week too late, Schlomo.

Posting in a pre-exodus life support thread. You are going to Sheol, Jim.

This is actually how bored the zog shills are at this point. I gave you fuckers /zundel/ to hate on for the rest of eternity, but you still aren't happy. You gotta come here with this "kill the shills" (let's role play as Holla Forums oldfags) reproduction.

Amazing. Your very existence is a joke, man.

Um zurückzugehen müsste ich erst einmal dort sein wo du mich vermutest, Knabe.

Don't fret, the_donald, this is exactly what is happening. There's only going to be emberor memes and love for zog as far as the eye can see in this kikehole.

It won't be to a new board of course, Kushners Holla Forums campaign caught us off guard and we missed the window of exodus. Oldfags are scattered to the winds and have no platform to organize. You didn't think the Turk is going to let people advertise for a real Holla Forums on this board did you?

So all in all, it's no problem for you. You faggots and the turkmod killed Holla Forums. Long live the_donald.

Naww, look at the CIA anons.

no i didnt you mongoloid.
you autistic redditfags dont even know how this place works

they have it. its on reddit



Beware of Imkampfy/Rach/Learningcode/Hotpocketx and his smug grills folder.


Pick one, kike.

We need a counter-meme for when Imkampfy does this IP-hopping astroturf shit

How many IDs on Holla Forums are just him shitposting? Go back to 2016 turkroach.

How did you manage to fuck that up?
You don't deserve those trips.

Needs an "hates smug anime girls"

About what? Things that haven't happened? Why do you think they're called "if" threads? The only rare legit criticism i see is within threads where things actually happen, when he DID something and not just SAID something.

>(((trump))) shills go muh 4d checkers
Sage and report all shills.

Pedos run Holla Forums.

It's called "magapedes" for a reason.


What's a reddi?

blah blah blah NO YOU'RE THE KIKE

Yeah OP was proven right yet again

I notice you left out the window. Didn't want us seeing your Hola widget on the menu bar?

It's especially funny how all the "no we are the real Holla Forums"-shills tend to disappear the moment something big happens and threads become civil and constructive again.
Right until they get their new marching orders, their new topics to push from their masters.

Look at this back and forth sockpuppet bullshit

Please show who has been banned ITT for speaking out against Drumpf

Oh wait you won't answer because NO ONE HAS

Lmao desperate kike

What mods should be doing:
Have an atrack vector list and list of organizations that attack us.
It is not that fucking hard make one in an excell sheet. (I offered to make of insted of you even)
And delete threads /posts so we don't have to lose our time with it

What mods ARE doing is:
Banning you for calling out obvious shills and derailing their fucking threads

I can not say how much I resent you for beiig incompetent underqualified, complacent lazy stupid fucking failures completely incapable of doing their job let alone hold 24h presence

The majority of that "300+ shitposts from shills out in force" is Imkampfy talking to himself. Check the IDs, newfag. Oh wait, it is you, again.

Kill yourself, Alt-Holla Forums.

That sure lured some serious brain damaged autists here.

Stop projecting, Berkay.


You are clinically insane.

They ARE the organizations which attack us.
user, you don't understand. They ARE doing their jobs.

It's like you hate yourself so much, you are trying to create a cult of contempt around yourself. You're the new smiley, dude.

i left out the window because i have email and some other things pinned in mozilla. and noone ever screencaps their entire window because of doxxing you retarded newfag

Now why do you think that I was pointing at you in the first place?
Or are you some drama faggot who hungers some attention to gobble all those replies like some bitch in heat?

But Holla Forums is totally the alt-right! Reddit said so! Am I right, fellow magapedes?

Eat cyanide and die from internal bleeding

what? every fucking thread gets jumped by redditfags that fuck up the entire thread with their ZOG apologism. even if the thread has absolutely nothing to do with the US (((theyll))) just wait for someone to mention america or theyll irrelevantly spam their cucked memes themsleves to fuck the thread up

Stick a magapedo up your fucking ravaged disease ridden shill sphincter

Are you illiterate or something?

Kill yourself.

what is cucking

Die of internal bleeding

Eat shit+die

But user, you don't understand. If you don't believe what Holla Forumsacks believe and you don't behave how Holla Forumsacks behave, you're STILL a Holla Forumsack if you SAY you are! And even if OTHER people say you are, too!

You can't read English. You're a cocksucking faggot. Go back to reddit and worship your hero.

Who"s Reddi?

Stop projecting, Berkay. He is not the only who see's through your machinations.


Stop lying to yourself. Sell your Mike Enoch t-shirts and stop being a pro-zionist anti-jew cointelpro mutt. Become Persona Non Gratae.

oy vey torpedo rabble, repoted and filtered

I am talking to Heil about this right now. Be careful you little cunt. We are onto you.




Inability to parse sarcasm is an indicator of autism.

alot of people. an entire general thread series was killed because they didnt buy the chesscuck ZOG bullshit




Get cancer

Reported for continuing to spam and bumping an anti-Trump thread. For someone who agrees with literally every single thing he has ever done, it's strange that you'd want to bring attention to this thread.

Fun fact: you will bump it again because you are a shill.



what is being a puppet
yes, usually to the dumbfuck masses such as yourself


And here you are, bitching…

are you illiterate redditfag

Kill yourself.

i know, i wish this board could get chemo to kill the reddit

Please kill yourself immediately.

Why does it require an argument for a cunt who constantly moans like some massive faggot?
Go back to your fucking /sudo/ and bitch there all day if you want to.

The chesscuck is also a modcuck. How surprising. Tell Heil to go fuck himself from me.

that homosexual wanted to see who got banned for not being cucked. i showed him.
and if you get banned for not being a ZOGcuck on Holla Forums that shows somethings not right

Thanks for playing. You have now admitted that he is correct.

somuch reddit screeching in this thread. i hope it makes them go back



Well what do you know, you aren't banned right now for bitching in some fetishist meta thread. Congratulations!

You sure are a big boy, aren't you?

Global report.


because mods are asleep, which the redditors have been crying about this entire thread. because now they have to face arguments instead of just shitposting the logic out of a thread


God, is this what you do in your free time, being obnoxious while begging to put a bullet into your brain? Get the hell out, creep.

You are the BO of /zundel/? If you want a laugh, based moderator-chan was accusing me of being you on /polmeta/ the other day. Pretty funny considering you replied in that very thread.
Just letting you know if you want to go have some fun over there

Shill faggots seem to miss the point Trump is the only thing keeping them safe. We would have civil war if Killary was elected.
By attacking him you are cutting your lifeline. You are.going to get murdered.

As far as your attempts at trying to sow discord among his support base-they really aren't working. They have the opposite effect. I support him more now than I did during the election.
He is doing an incredible job and I am extremelly thankful for it.

It's not "if" when chesscucks do it.

Always archive -

Global report. Thanks for admitting that you have no argument and that everything we've said is fact.
Yes, global report for avatarfagging and being clinically mentally ill.

why do you think calling people names and posting weeb pictures is gonna make the truth go away?

Welcome to Persona Non Gratae.

Why the fuck would you go to polmeta except to spam porn? What good do you think it does? Go to sudo and make the board unusable. Make jim incapable of ignoring the problem.

i fucking wish that were true

I love burning your 18bl sorosbux as much as I love your triggered sjw whining


I go there to watch our based moderator-chan do his amazing work. It's truly a wonder to behold.

afu fu fu ~

Why even torpost when you're a mod anyway?

This. He better not stab us in the back like that. If we wanted a gun grabber we could have let Hillary in.


If you think I'm the mod you are sorely mistaken. The only reason I replied in this thread was so you could go give the mod shit on /polmeta/.

But if I can be your boogeyman for a day I would be honored tbh

I'm just pulling your leg. I hate the turk as much as you do.

You keep losing.
The only.possible outcome for you is 1. Death 2. Mass genocide.
Only you are too dumb to realize it.
In either case we win. understand that? Try to use the brain you were born with

I didn't say you were. I was just showing you guys the /polmeta/ link.

Yeah and apparenrly I'm KEK what are uids

That's some psuedo-political rhetoric, my jew.

I look forward to your slaughter.

Oh I see now. Question though, in that link it's claimed that Kampfy accepted bribes from Kushner. Not saying that's unbelievable or anything, but do you have evidence of that claim? I would like to see it and spread it if it's legit

Lol this faggot shill thinks he will get anywhere trying to undermine the faggot Turk, good. Do that. a piece of shit. Proof of that is your post still up. I would shoah you faggots in one day.
So for once.I support your fucking imbecile shill ass.

Thanks for your input

Not my claim, just wanted to show the whole thread before it got deleted. The other day I went there to show some dudes how Imkampfy was losing his mind, and the whole catalog was him botspamming. Pic 1 related.

I am genuinely worried about Holla Forums's future. I hope we can figure something out soon. Guys, watch out for anons linking to >>>/8pol/ - it is a Holla Forums psyop by Imkampfy. See pic 2.

ashes&echos? Is that you, buddy?

I also thought the bot spam was Kampfy, but it doesn't really add up when you think about it. It's always 5 pages of spam. Never enough to kill every thread. If Kampfy wanted to slide everything, he would just nuke the board or do 15 pages of spam. Also every time /polmeta/ is spammed, so is /sudo/ and Holla Forums. This leads me to believe that it is Smiley doing the spam, as he frequents those boards (and spams black cuck porn on Holla Forums). Whether Smiley is an actual individual or a group of people assuming one identity, I don't know.

Anyways I'm done with this thread. Shills again have achieved nothing but expedite their own demise and mod team has proven to be completely incapable of any semblance to do their job once again which is sad but hardly news.
150% support to Trump.
Keep those sorosbux burning. You are providing us with a nice afterglow, burning it away even faster than Jeb did if that's possible.

Thanks for your input

based zog daddy

Even if you could put his kiked moderation aside, Imkummy still needs to hang for trying to turn smug anime girls into his personal avatarfaggotry meme.
PROTIP: It doesn't matter how smug your 2D is if you only use them to transparently mask your nuclear butthurt.

You're welcome. Post your address to send the bill to.


Get a load of this guy. You gonna IP hop again because your phone just does it randomly?



Protip: whenever you read "chronic shitposting" as a ban reason in the log it means "made mild criticisms against zog emberor" in modturkish. Also, kys modcuck.

You and sure like calling people reddit alot

funny how so many of you have NOT been banned ITT

Go back to reddit if it triggers you

I am fucking banned you retard magapede. Why do you think I'm torpedoing?

show the ban log in relation to this thread

I’d love to have a discussion about the psychology of phrases like this (but of course we can’t). The way it’s used (within the context you’re presenting) is done EXPLICITLY to raise ire. I’m curious about the workings of the mind that allow it to do so, because it DOES. Fascinating stuff that you can’t actually discuss anywhere. Holla Forums used to be a place for that.

I wasn't banned in this thread. I was banned in the DACA sticky. Who cares anyways, that you don't know people who don't suck the_donald's dick gets banned around here just shows you're a fucking newfag. This is completely common knowledge.

Only because dipshits let smug anime piss them off. That's how you know they are outsiders.


You're obviously a gentleman and a scholar. Personally I miss nigger threads, but I ain't no philosopher.

why isn't the hair burned?

That's for sure

show proof
none of you shitheads are being banned in this thread
show proof of ban in this thread
youre a stupid nigger, I wouldn't be surprised if you were Oliver himself


Perhaps she has a wig made out of saudi passports?

You sound like you're having a breakdown, muh pede. Better get that Checked out.

For all of you, whom have been banned and had your posts fucked with for trying to serve the Aryan cause on Holla Forums - you have become "Persona Non Grata". Alt-Holla Forums and its jewish, pedo, degenerate, low T captain Imkampfy has excommunicated you under the false projection that you are from /zundel/. You may or may not have experienced this inconvenience. To perform the rite of initiation, go to and post it anywhere on Holla Forums.

As you may be aware, we are not all inclined to one worldview and consensus here. This is necessary for discussion and revealing of deeper information. I myself am a board owner, but I do not focus on discussion but the providing of literature and documents. To combat this, Imkampfy used the sticky system to 'Consensus Crack' the board. Using freeware and 2 minutes of his time (if you aren't a nigger), he has hidden in anonimity and spread himself out avast to single-handedly control any thread he so wishes to. This is a curse to the very integral core of Holla Forums, that has caused great losses since the election "victory" neocon zionist victory against the leftist clinton/soros golem horde. Our progress has been deliberated hijacked by the Spencer/Dugin/Milo/Enoch/Alex/Sinead/[Insert kike e-celeb natsoc larper]-worshipping numale tsunami, but they are outed. Duke, MacDonald, and other great authors/philosophers/researchers have returned from the alt-kike camp and acknowledged the jewish psyop of the 2016 election that it was. Don't be afraid to do the same. Become "Personae Non Gratae" - or 'Persons not acknowledged'. It is the only way to break through this membrane of zionist cucking and jew-servitude that created Alt-Holla Forums.

RE: Trump may yet be a hope for us, but for the moment

Nice, have this: The Hitler Photo Album - 350 Images of Adolf Hitler That (((They))) Don't Want You to See >>>/zundel/1219

Your posting style gives you away. Just like hasbarafag.

user, why are you in love with a politician? We throw them away when they become corrupted. It just makes you seem dadless.






breakdown indeed

I'm just being lazy, user


Stop losing your mind, boy. Just get in the oven.

You're not the sharpest tool in the magapede-shed, are you?

No. But you can't help yourself and will always give yourself away. That's ok though, it's a fun little game to spot you


I guess its all in the eye of the beholder.
Clearly you are the superior intellect.

Clearly. It's good we can agree on something, pede-bro.

You're confusing Ivana and Ivanka. Ivanka is the daughter. Ivana is the jew that Trump himself was married to.

Of course you claim not to care, but we both know that's false. You post as user for a reason, people spotting you as user must be annoying.

just use your capcode, faggot. the jig is up

So superior

The time for arguments is past. Now I'm just here to laugh at the magapede shitshow.

Cool story bro
The only reason I haven't filtered you like so many other IDs is because I generally don't filter tor

That's extra funny because no one actually posts on /zunde/ by design. It's a .pdf archive.

You should filter tor too. Dangerous hatefacts might reach your mind before the Turk is able to moderate your the_donald/pol/ experience. This might blow your normalfag mind like a top and land you in psychiatric care for the rest of your life.

Such great hatefacts. I'm really learning alot from you.
There are 82 IDs ITT
I have like a dozen of them filtered.
Stop being such a dramafag soyboy


I came here to laugh at you.

The same amount of time torposters are actually based as I mentioned here

Projecting is all you ever do. Projecting is all you can do.


>>>/bog/ subjectivist marxist newfag


That attitude is why we're in this mess. As I said, you're reacting rather than planning. Jews are not in power because they didn't care who was in office. They knew exactly what they wanted and why.

You say that whoever is elected will serve the interests of the jewish elite. And you know, you're right. Why would anyone risk going against the most powerful network on earth in order to help a race that has no desire to live?

As of right now only a small minority of our people are racially conscious. And only a small minority of this small minority are actively resisting the jews. Unfortunately we're not powerful. So any politician elected has no incentive to help us and every incentive to serve the kikes.
But you know, the president does matter. Trump was not supposed to win. And the jewish media is in a frenzy trying to subvert his presidency. Imagine if the jews had gotten someone that (((they))) wanted in office. Imagine the damage the kikes could do with total collaboration between EVERY branch of government and EVERY multimedia corporation.
And you know, if we really want to remove Trump from power, we need to know WHO to meme for. Holla Forums is not some rich political lobby like AIPAC. We are not an organization with a clear agenda like the ADL. All we have are meme power. You say, "Let's replace Trump" and even if everyone listened to you, they'd just start meming for random candidates.

If you want to replace Trump, make an argument and provide an alternative.
I suggest a non-White democrat.

Wrong board guy >>>Holla Forums

Have you heard about reverse psychology, the_donald? It's the stuff I use on my 4 year old kid and my dog, and the kike media uses on you (obviously to great effect.)

No we don't. What you don't understand is that Holla Forums didn't use to be a North Korean style personality cult faggot hive until you degenerates arrived. We were doing just fine with the two strengths we had, information for normalfags and self-improvement for ourselves. We laughed at talmudvision dog and pony party kike politics, not partaking in it like some retarded boomer normalfags.

I can't really blame you for being as huge a faggot as you are. With both redpill and self-improvement threads being banned by the Turk, this the_donald/pol/ is all you know. You don't know better.

You think I am a leftist? Why is that? Is it because I suggested a non-White democrat?

Stop reacting based on emotion and think about it.
Do you believe that our race problem can be solved democratically? I don't. I want to break all confidence in the System. And what would do that…
I also want to turn the Democratic party into a party of non-Whites, thus forcing White lemmings to think racially. Now what could accomplish this…

Anyway, assuming you're not as retarded as this tor faggot you can figure out what I'm getting at.

You think that my pointing out the anti-Trump media hate campaign means that I am a dyed in the wool Trump fan who defends everything he does.
The world is a little more complex than the fantasy you live in.

If you hate Holla Forums so much, why are you here? There are other boards that don't ban self improvement threads.

Do you, sir, know how many security clearances there are above POTUS? Are you aware that the MOSSAD has more power than all US intel combined. Do you know what a Little God is? Why are you so certain that we have to wait until x solution in x interval of time to achieve our goals? Politics is a jewish continuum, like war and famine. We deal in truth.

No, all the retarded bullshit you wrote makes me think you're a moron. Your stance on Trump is pretty irrelevant in that context.

I nourish the faint hope that when chess becomes too ludicrous to maintain unironically (which is very soon) you faggots are going to pack up and leave. There's not much hope, but where am I supposed to go?

Like what?


When on earth did I say anything like that? I deal in practical politics, not electoral spectators' sport.
I suspect that you think that because I am talking about electoral sport, I believe in electoral democracy and think that the solution to the race question will be solved democratically. Am I warm?
If that's the case, you are way off.

Now, you say that politics is a jewish continuum. Obviously you mean the electoral kabuki theater. In this case, you are correct.
However politics is everything. War is politics, hanging up posters is politics, assassinating people is politics, corruption is politics. If it pertains or affects how a nation is run, it is politics. And those who ignore this and just try to look after themselves are losers.

Interesting. I think that you are a moron because you still have no idea what I am saying or what my position is. And you think that I am dumb because you don't understand what I am saying.

A gym
You claim not to care about my stance on Trump. Yet you clearly do. You mention that "you faggots" will leave when "chess" (meaning defending Trump) becomes untenable. So you still have no fucking idea what my position is, even though it's the only thing you're whining about.
If being a rational person is what you hate so much, then I'm sorry to dissapoint but I will not leave Holla Forums. Not everyone here is as clueless as you are.

No, your weak attempts at pilpul aside I know exactly what you're saying and what your position is. I responded to your retarded call for
Which is a direct quote from you. What you are advocating here is what we used to call "forcing memes" around here. It's not that hard to understand why that's retarded, but you having blown in here on the summer winds of 2016 would need a serious redpilling to be able to process this.

Is that armor based off of Guts that someone edited into the Deus Vult theme. I really like the design of it and I demand sauce if it's an original.

Cuckbot stop posting

Fuck outta here >>>/polk/


Welcome to Persona Non Grata.

I hand drew it

If that's true I'll tell you that's pretty ebin. Your proportions are slightly off, but you have a good eye for detail. With some diligent practice of basic lighted form in perspective you have the opportunity to become a very accomplished artist.

You wasting your time

These "people" always respond with the same false dichotomy - all or nothing

Its a completely false narrative.
That's why quite a few of them keep crying about mods
just like freech & int on polmeta and sudo for the last 3 years

And now hatechan keeps getting BAD GATEWAY errors.
Are they so butthurt they're hiring dos attacks again like the Lizard Squad episode?

All Aryans can draw. Only jews do it for money.


Infinity Network's attack on the Holla Forums community (Updated 22/2/2018)

>Holla Forums required reading!QAkEQbaZ!khdY4blGnbcNg_NhFbgv-4gZKTa0vg3D9je6iLyFP9A

>What is everyone on Holla Forums reading?

>Holla Forums books @ /zundel/

>Zündel's Bunker

>Zündel's Bunker!tJlBUaxT!rZZiY6sagL39DM1a1bg5YKmrrXwuAfPtqnTD3nwllZQ

>Imkampfy is actively censoring books on Holla Forums


>Imkampfy reacts to 22nd November thread by making a damage control thread after 2 days of mentally deterorating

>Holla Forums mods are compromised!sMtWhTxK!d2uVwMlHdd9eHkxb8MXV9nYZpLlcNG-klxBp3eD_XzM

>4D Chess


>Holla Forums literature

>SHILLS ETERNALLY CUCKED (Imkampfy officially fucking rekt for once)

Imkampfy has officially lost control of the narrative at this point.

>Richard Spencer Defends Child Porn

>Holla Forums investigations Thread 4: Pedophile 'Boy Lover' Symbol Discovered in multiple Highlander films

>Pedo 8/pol/ mods censoring new pizzagate symbolism discovery

>Holla Forums Investigations Thread 4: Day Of Rope Edition

>Mein Kampf (Stalag Edition)


>user's View of the History between Aryans and Jews outside of the Lens of Ideology
get in here >>11257813

(Imkampfy's dear diary thread #6000000)

Large amount of anons at this point agreeing with what I am saying about the mods

Way to some up thousands of people with a few baseless greentexts. Nice conflations, too. Very unbiased.

Not much substance to respond to. Not much to gain from talking with a lemming.

You know, people have IDs here. Anyone can read my posts and see just how stupid your responses and sad attempts at strawmanning are.

Yeah. Essentially, & are lemmings. When a jew or a liberal lemming encounters someone who points out the ridiculousness of the jewish holocaust stories, the shriek "ARE YOU A holohoax exposer!?!?!?!"
The intent is to force you to either grovel or to say "Yeah" and then you look like someone who argues that no jews died during the war. They apply the same tactic with global warming, Israel, and every other topic they need to force.
It works on other lemmings. But not everyone is a lemming.


This is what happened when I spoke to Ryan Dawson. People just bitched about David Irving's figures I presented, and didn't understand the point I was trying to make: that he considered himself a "holocaust believer", but is technically a denier by the jew's criteria - a) accept the holocaust, or b) prison. I'll just leave these threads here

Holohoax Threads

Holocaust Handbooks & Related
Austin J. App
Paul Rassinier
Germar Rudolf
Gerd Honsik
Udo Walendy
Benjamin Weintraub
Richard Harwood

WW2/Third Reich History Threads

Collection - Adolf Hitler
Joseph Goebbels
Léon Degrelle
Hermann Göring
Otto Dietrich
David Irving
Alfred Rosenberg
Gottfreid Feder
Robert Lay
James Bacque
David F. Crew
Tim Ripley (Hitler's Praetorians; The History Of The Waffen-SS 1925-1945)
John Colin Campbell Jordan
Benton L. Bradberry
Heinz A. Heinz

You are supposed to know how to refute this kind of jew rhetoric. You are applying exceptions to liars. Nobody ever said "no jews died during the war (?)", maybe over at Holla Forums… You can only fall for a lemming if you don't actually know what you're talking about. People should be self-informed and not require people like me to feed them books and threads, but it is what it is, here.

This is what you get with (((Democracy))).

Good, because you shilling niggers were wrong, just like you were over Syria and will be over this. Get the fuck off Holla Forums


Thanks to.Trump

At the end of the day are achieving by attacking Trump is solidifying his support base and advocating+expediting your murder.
I want to thank you for that. I really do

Not even remotely accurate.

You are not being led to the slaughterhouse but you want to slaughtered. This is what it realy boils down to. Does this make sense? I'll let you be the judge of that.

I look forward to your disembowelment.
I really am. You expediting it is the cherry on top.of the cake.

Both parties seem rather happy to have guns back on the table. Neither side could agree to any immigration legislation and both were afraid of losing support. HA, they love having this to escape too.

Now they can ban some piece of fucking plastic (bump stocks) and go back to their constituents and declare: "OUR SIDE WON!"

It's all such utter BULLSHIT. And this is exactly why nothing meaningful ever gets done in Washington. Well, except the kike's business; oh, they'll all vote unanimous if the kike's make a demand.

No, you're just completely wrong in your entire assessment of the situation and the reactions to it.

No, we'll be killing you. You're liberals to us.

You have no power at all. I will us3 your tears to wet the blade that slits your throat


you realize half those threads just make Trump look cooler, and you guys come off as d&c

You really have no idea what hell is beyond the floodgates, do you?

Reported. Nothin' personell, kid.

In after incomprehensible nonsense.

>Trump calls out (((Allies)))

What exact reason did you report for?
Why didn't you just filter him?


It is a mystery. not a game. Your PAYPERPOST will mean nothing everything you love is slaughtered infront your eyes

Are you posting on a phone?


You are expediting your demise.
I for one love it

More likely it's a paid shill in the third world.

once again never an articulate answer, just some bullshit response like a bot

Answer the questions: What exact reason did you report him for and why didn't you just filter?

Always archive -

Say the following things.
"There are no good jews."
"The races are separate species."
"Homosexuality is a mental illness."

More like
What the fuck do you think is going to happen? NOTHING.
If this went anywhere he'd lose so much of his voter base. Just like DACA. Just like vegas but you are just here to fracture, and you do it like a dumb nigger

You got an answer. You're just illiterate.

Okay that why this thread has 528 replies?

Yes, I know that. No one is ever going to be punished for the crimes they've committed against the people of this country. The ZOG will not arrest the ZOG.


There are no good jews.
The races are separate species.
Homosexuality is a mental illness.

Notice how I can say this but you still can't answer:


Time of your death approaches. Swift

Fucking hilarious.

Q is a hoax, you stupid motherfucking kike.

Say the following things or be proven a paid shill.
"There are no good jews."
"The races are separate species."
"Homosexuality is a mental illness."

How's your angus feel?

@Shills who really have no fucking idea what they're doing

Say the following things or be proven a paid shill.
"There are no good jews."
"The races are separate species."
"Homosexuality is a mental illness."


Thank you for.expediting.your murder

So you actually typed "reddit" in your report reason?
Lol no wonder kamphy fucks with you autist

We all know the real reason why you just don't filter
Filtering is counterproductive to pay-per-post & consensus cracking/building.

Didn't happen. You got an answer. You just didn't like it. You have no justification for supporting zionists, neoconservatives, or civic nationalists. You support all of them.

Better than yours, which probably had 10 inches of nigger cock ramming it last night

Thank you for trying to turbocap the thread after failing to shill your gay thread, and giving me more material against you.

I.can't wait till you succed in your futile endeavours

This is your mod, Holla Forums.

fire up archive the autist has more "proof"

Cry moar about anime and why people won't listen to you about exodus to another site

I doubt that. Kikey has plenty of aliases and this doesn't fit any of them.

You fucking faggot, no one gives a fuck about that shit.

We have a winner. Shills can't shill when no one feeds them.
They also can't shill when they don't debate the topic and you stick to it.


Vegas gun law review nothingburger
Muh Syria air strikes killed Assad


Reported for believing in Q-LARP.

I.can't wait till you succed in your futile endeavours

You and those… you love
Will die in horrific pain

There we go bitch-made, now there's a real reason to report someone.


Reported for spam. are.doing.will.result in horrific pain and suffering.

Nice strawman, Berkay. However, it has been months that you have been ruining Holla Forums, and you're all done. You will go down in history as the most cancerous shitposter to ever subvert Holla Forums.

There you go again.

Stop projecting your cancer pain

You will.die of.diesase. uncapable.of defending your loved ones

lol I take it back
user here doesn't even believe in Q

WTF are you even talking about

The bot is broken again

You will.die of leukemia

Reported for spam.

Great going, dipshit.



horrible suffering before you die
Coming here was a grave mistake

Global report for bot spam.



If you are a human, you have to be the most retarded fucker I have met.

lol we got him spamming cp again hahahahahaha

Over 9000 INDICTMENTS on PACER database



Funny how they can't debate simple points
(zero replies to three occasions shills are wrong)

(vid #3)

Jim couldn't let the moderator post CP. Fix your narrative.

yes were sure its kamphy and not your ravaged rectum



Kill yourselves.

its probably you or one of your buddies doing it under vpn

Some of them weren't wearing a top


Who's a good goy?


You can't even differentiate between anons dumbass.
You were just on my side a minute ago here >>11293952

Global report.

Once again:



Are you braindead?
Go ahead report me.

Global report.


Global report.

Is this so you can include this as well in your little autism archive collection, later claiming that NO THE PRO-TRUMP ARE THE SHILLS AND THEY GOT MAD AND STARTED SPAMMING CP

as if pro-trump trolls have ever spammed cp, we all know who does that

I can see your nose from here.

Global report.

Who does it then?

int, freech, jidf, on some occasions I believe some butthurt nigger/leftypol types

This thread serves as proof.mods have no fucking idea.what they're doing. Does anyone have email to.Jim?
This.fucking.incompetent go.
For the first and last time I will join shills on the.mission to.remove this shit.mod.crew. and then shoah you all.
Give me one day and you will see.shareblue/ctr/goon/commies/b eternally shoahd.

MUH COMPROMISED MODS this.faghot.mod.crew.
I hate them.more than.the shills.
Visceral hate

You are retarded.

I'll.come by, sure. Link thread

And to the muh_tor newfags, Tor can be shut down for shit like this from time to time. And I hope it does, 99% of you are useless faggots who do not contribute anything of worth.


Where is nonexistent mod crrew? I want to murder you all. You can' your job. FBI should and lock you up for the criminal lack of doing your job. Kampf you shitty dirty fucking Turk, GTFO AND TAKE YOUR SHIT FAGGOT.CREW WITH YOU

They're the ones posting it.

Give dox.on.Turk. I sm.done with this shit. .I am reporting this to interpol

Here you go.


Reporting him.tomorrow. I have contacts within intelligence community.

(Imkampfy's dear diary thread #6000000)


You and now shit got.srs.

I am.not.fucking.around.



You just got here a minute ago and you're leaving already

Meanwhile at shill HQ

You shills are fucking amateurs.

Pedos have been archiving cp on Holla Forums since /hebe/, hell even fucking before that.

lol you fuckers losing your minds


This is what you get with shit.mod crew. perfectly clear I Interpol office.tomorrow. what.implications will follow will be seen but done

maybe the mods are too busy laughing at this shit, I know I am


Congrats. That only took 20 minutes. Fuck's sake.


Lmao, they think CP posting will stop them having to answer for all the other times the same bullshit has happened and been nothing.

and by they I mean the obvious shills
Mods will be laughing at the unintended redpilling this shill op has had over last week.

Berkay, you are.responsible for.this. you don't run a tight ship.and I expect.the authorities to.visit you quick EU. I AM going to the Interpol office in three hours.with evidence.

my dad works at nintendo


hey nigger I'm not a shill, I'm on your side

Wasn't calling you a shill at all, sorry user.
I had badly worded that reply.

God it feels good to not give a fuck.

lol my thread truly has become hilarious and glorious


Oh I thought I got b& again.


what are you doing?

Checking if I got b&
roach is active

well according to some "people" ITT I am kamphy

Putting "muh" in front of a valid point only makes you look retarded, retard.

The general consensus is that everyone who disagrees with you is imkikey. Do you disagree with me user?

I disagree with you.

shit I must be kamphy

You certainly picked a good thread to be a tourist in.
Breddy top kek.

Pic related OC enjoy

I'm not going to explain this shit to.some.cop.over the phone. No. I'm going to the National Crime Investigation Ministry they start at 8:00CET This shit is going to have implications for.many. DON'T bother switching ips and shit. Stuff is archived and I will show it with tab running.

They're just going to arrest YOU, you fucking idiot. If you can get imkikey arrested or killed, more power to you, but archiving CP means you're implicated. GO TO THE PHYSICAL BUILDING RIGHT NOW. Don't wait for the fucking doors to open.

What is even going on here?

Congratulations.fucktarded mod.crew

I disagree with you, so I must be imkikey.

Meh Holla Forums is boring.


We can't both be kamphy.
Welp, now I'm up on you 2-1

Fucking kek I hope this autist gets a baton up their ass



I was outside earlier and a police helicopter was circling my area (and at times flying right over house)
I don't think they were looking for niggers in a stolen ride. They usually turn on the spotlight for that.

Then it got weird. 3-4 drones started circling along with the chopper. They were hard to see (it was dark) but I could make out tiny running lights blinking.

This group did circles while moving east like they were surveying in a pattern.

Wouldn't be surprised if they have tech to see in your house via aerial

This unironically. The trump/zionist faggots are ruining the board though I'm sure the mods don't mind

Your shitty mod crew will answer.

Cops are looking at the open tab.
You have fucked up big time.

Hopefully the cops can figure out what a waste of time you are.

You are.a.complete.failure at your job. And now you will.fance the consequences Berkay

What are.

newfag here is that hotpocketx?

two years lurk it

yes or no tbh

I fucking nicely to do your job. That didn't happen. Now I'm at the police station and I to.fuck.your shit up.

Post.Berkay dox

You should fuck.with the Slav clique.
I don't give.a.fuck.about shills Turčine.
You can't run this board. I gave you many opportunities

You and your faggot 3hrs a day present crew the fuck.out

If you can't perform your duties, hire Anons willing to help you, or resign in full.

If you can't perform at your job, we don't need you.

You serve Anons not the other way around.

Get a fucking life, loser.

smiley is a lone loser who posts under multiple identities, often in support of his own lame posts.
in some threads this pathetic attention whore will chat with himself for hours.

it's the only way he can feel like someone cares about what he has to say. He's one sick, sad, delusional retard.

when you make an email shortcut on your browser it sais to what email account itll link you retarded idiot. and why are you screeching in redtext? is this a new thing you redditfags learned? maybe you could also learn the difference between Holla Forums and reddit

OP / ID dece11 / majority of IDs in the thread = Imkampfy (Holla Forums mod)

I am not ID 000000, I am /zundel/ BO who is one of the anons ITT being set up for entrapment (read thread before Imkampfy tried to get me pulled from the web using CP - have later links, but no access to files atm and this is all will show). I had over 50 posts here, and they have been removed. When the CP was deleted by Imkampfy (after he posted it under a different ID), he decided to remove the posts that exposed him (which is why this thread now looks like a pre-written piece of shit).
This whole thread is Imkampfy (Holla Forums mod) getting caught red handed trying to commit entrapment using child porn. He did this last time we got shut down and removed from google listing, but you guys were too lazy to respond appropriately. I don’t know if this other user posting imkampfy photos is going to report this, but I hope there will be support from others who wish to maintain their integrity and freedom. You had better watch your ass in the next month, anons using VPN because there have been permabans carefully set up for 100s of IPs that were ‘posting CP’ but every post is the same copypasta. The QLD police in Australia will be very interested to see what has happened here, considering they are running some of the biggest CP stings in the world. I warned about this before this CP incident occurred - that Imkampfy was laying grounds for entrapment, NOW IT IS HAPPENING. I know this Jim mason pig is behind this too, so just watch your backs anons reading this. If anyone has information that can aid me, send it to [email protected] By the way, my family was in the room when this CP appeared on screen, and that is a whole other incident I will be following up. This has been reported to the authorities, and I have links to online archived pages showing Imkampfy’s big slip up (inb4 that’s a retarded thing to do; I know my rights here you smartass kikes). I have not saved any files or data from that thread state to my personal devices, and if you guys had this thread open in that state that contained CP you need to killdisk right the fuck now or you are being set up by these kikes. No more mental illness loopholes for you, pedophiles. Next time you try to formally accuse someone (“shills” literally one person that appears to be a bot) of posting this fucked shit, make sure you have evidence. The fact that you deleted all my posts from this thread is proof that this was you. You should have known though that I was watching this thread and archiving your mistakes. How stupid do you think people are? It’s like you wanted to get v& all along. Enjoy paranoia and eventually, the consequences. If I were you gents, I wouldn’t try one more fucking thing ITT.

Rejoice, Holla Forums. We will be free from this jewry very soon.

>tfw not a fucking care in the world, because I have never used (((tor))) and wouldn’t touch it with a 40ft pole

By the way this guy is jewish cutfag, and lives in Germany.

you're a fucking spaz who started archiving cp

thrad is kill