Was Jesus a mischling?

It's popular to refer back to "Jesus the Jew" a 1973 book by Geza Vermes (a Jew, no conflict of interest there!) to support an argument of Jesus being Jewish.

My guess is it probably relies on Joseph being the dad or something. This can obviously be thrown out by anyone who believes Jesus doesn't carry Joseph's DNA and instead carries god's DNA.

I've gotten to wondering, do we know if Jesus carries Mary's DNA at all? I bet a lot of people assume God mixed his DNA with Mary's but what if he just made a 100% clone of his own DNA and then used Mary as a surrogate without utilizing her eggs in the process?

God is not a Jew (sure he created the humans which begat Judea, but so what?) so that's 50% non-Jew right there.

Assuming Mary's DNA did become involved though, and she was 100% Jewish, that would only make Jesus a mischling.

There were many "Jesus the messiah" roaming Judea 2000 years ago. At least one of them, the one related to the Essenes sect, could be the illegitimate son of a Roman soldier nicknamed "Pantera". However since Mary was jew the resultant offspring is to be considered a jew. Should we kike-shame the Roman for fucking a kikess?


When the bible refers to Jesus as being the son of David, could that mean ADOPTED son?

What is the term for gentiles adopted by Jews and raised by them? I thought Jesus communed with God so that he wouldn't need a surrogate father.

David was basically cucked by god, if you cuck a Jew and impregnate a Jewess to produce a Mischling clone it's kind of cool.

I'm skeptical about Mary being a Jew though. What actual facts exist to put her in the tribe of Judea?

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Jesus is Mary's biological son. He has to be one to fulfill the prophecy about being a descendant of David, which he did by being born from Mary, who was a direct descendant of David. Not to mention he also has to be Man and God simultaneously, and if he's a 100% clone of God that wouldn't apply. This topic has already been discussed some 1500 years ago. It ended up causing Religion of Cuck™ to pop up and taking over the southern half of the ERE. There were 2 heresies, one of which morphed into Religion of Cuck™ and the other is modern Oriental Christianity that is practiced in the Levant and Ethiopia. One stated that Jesus was only Man and the other that he was only God. Both got rejected by the Nicean council.

No, it literally means being a direct descendant of David.

She was as Jewish as they get. Its part of the prophecy.

Line of David was from Joseph - ergo, in name and law only. God usurped the system without tainting Himself with their DNA.

[citation needed]
[citation needed]


Jesus didn't start to exist ~2000 years ago, so Jesus earthly form does not define him, just like it wouldn't make sense to call Zeus cattle because he appeared as a Bull in a legend.

No, communists/militant atheists (kind of the same thing) are fags. Pagans are LARPers with their heart in the correct mindset, but a completely oblivious idea of how the world works. Its almost like they're cute to watch until they get slapped in the face by reality and join us in Deus Vult'ing.

Kikes did not have access to Legions registry as far as I know.
Deus vult anyway, it does not matter who really was Jesus. It would be silly by us to deny that our religion is a marketing stunt brought out by St. Paul. Faith and truth are not relatives. I would weaponize anything to get rid of the kikes, but I am not blind.

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Not everyone living in the area was Jewish. There was a Greek colony like 3 miles from Bethlehem.

Note that this is almost certainly where Jesus picked up the Cynical philosophy that is on display in his teachings plain as day if you know what to look for.

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The Holy Ghost raped Mary in her sleep. So Jesus has HG DNA and also Mary DNA because HG blew his load inside her (cumed all upon her, even her face). HG was allowed to be human for one night of party rape.

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There were four major branch of Judaism and a small offshoot of reformists and wanderers called the Apocalypticists. This group included John the Baptist and Jesus. The biggest branches were the Sadducees who controlled politics and the temple cult (they had Jesus killed for not giving them proper tribute) and the Pharisees, Jesus's main ideological opponent, who embodied everything that was wrong with Judaism. The Apocalypticists roamed around preaching about salvation and how the end of the world was nigh, and they were sort of right since shortly after Jesus's death the Romans burned down the 2nd Temple and kicked the Jews out of Palestine where they wandered for 2000 years. For all intents and purposes this was the Jewish apocalypse oy vey anudda shoah

A group of surviving rabbis belonging to the Pharisees got together and formed the basis for the new Jewish religion based around the ideology of the Pharisees. They were the ones who wrote the Talmud, and insisted their interpretation of the Bible was more important than the word of God. As such, modern Judaism is younger than Christianity, and all modern Jewish ideology comes from the doctrines of the Pharisees. So yes, Jesus was a Jew, but a very specific type of Jew who was in opposition to most of the things we refer to as “Jewish” today.

Considering he stole the idea from Iranians that came long before, yeah, He was a jew. Hebrew jew. Followed the laws of Moses. JEWY FUCKING JEW.
Their god wouldn't have used her as a surrogate without mixing blood because of the unclean nature and the filthy aspect of female blood jews hold. The baby would be unclean being born rather than a holy being that shared that same blood. If he had to go to that effort of separating DNA etc. he could have just manifest christ whole as a baby somewhere for the adoptive parents to "find" with holy inspiration.
The whole story reeks of a jew covering up historical infidelity after the fact once people actually heard the lies spoken and weren't buying it.
Kikes are very particular about their blood.
At any rate you should head back to reddit. It is obvious you don't belong here or want to fit in with following post guidelines.

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Jesus claimed to be a Jew. Did he lie? He was a Nazirite itenerant community organizer.

The laws of the kike demon says it is ok to lie to non jews. So by the laws he was kosher. He never made the actual claim in front of the sanhedrin. He always left it to them to use the words or his followers. He was very much a jew.

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He was Judean, not a jew.

It's all Semitic in my eyes. Abrahamic religions are no better than one another.