Kim Dotcom told Mueller about Seth Rich

Kim Dotfuckingnothing shared claims of attempting to provide evidence to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who has allegedly failed to respond to Dotcom’s lawyers.


Kim Dotfuckingnothing:

The 360 pounds is clearly a retort to Trump’s “400 pound genius” comment.

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This bears more discussion.

I didn't know Kim dotfatso was involved, but I think everyone on Holla Forums knew from the very beginning that Seth Rich was the leaker. Seems like the only people that don't know this are the normalfags. that dude got murdered, and its unconscionable that this hasn't been looked into more

I wonder if he'll ever get some damn justice. makes me sick they're all free after killing him.

His name was Seth Rich.

Then why don't you fucking release it publically and then they don't have a choice, you fat fuck?

What world do you live in? Nobody involved has a fucking conscience.


this, tbh

you'd think there would be some level of law enforcement that would actually cue in on it. but, then again, if the local police declare it a mugging, then why would anyone else bother? Kim fatass needs to release the data publicly like other user said, force the issue

indeed. may he have justice in our lifetimes

Seriously has anything this dude claimed, about anything… ever… ever panned out?

You're missing the point entirely m8, and I don't say that to be a dick.
I repeat: Nobody involved has a fucking conscience. I don't think anyone in any position of power in the US does at this point. They're all fucking scumbags. Thus the idea that something would be 'unconscionable' is laughable.


Nice that you posted a complete list of the attentionwhores accomplishments right there in your post.

I find it nuts how the average person will probably never know who Seth Rich is or what he did. RIP

months old video explaining possible connection b/t rich and fat kimmie

Unconscionable: shockingly unfair or unjust

The use of that word has nothing to do with the moral compass of the actors. Its also hard to believe in that there's always some moralfag or whiteknight (or political enemy) somewhere who rats shit out. I doubt the local police knew he was a leaker and are covering this shit up, but it could be true. Usually, though, conspiracies don't work like that; most of the conspirators are dupes (too stupid, lazy, uninterested etc to ask questions).

there was also a turf war between the capitol poolice and the dc metro police over the rich case which muddied the waters…>>11292931

Stopped reading there.
That faggot has proven time and again to be the least reliable person on earth. Every single fucking time that cock gobbler throws himself into the ring he manages to cuck out when people actually press him for the info he claims to have.

Then let us discuss, komrade.