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Any user practicing OpSec should NEVER open direct PDF links to files they don't know of.


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The arxiv (pronounced "archive") is a well-known site for people to share preprints of research papers. It's most extensively used in the Mathematical Sciences and Computer Sciences, but it's also widely used by certain types of Electrical Engineers (in particular, signal processing experts).

It's highly unusual for a psych/soc paper to be posted on it, but the arxiv is a well-trusted site for researchers to go look up whatever they want without being paywalled.

I wish to add that the arxiv is not peer-reviewed. This is acceptable for Math/CS/Signal Processing because experiments are readily replicable (one can almost immediately discover a flawed paper), but the fact that the author published this paper on the arxiv suggests that it contains some deep flaw which would render it unsuitable for publication in a respectable journal.

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option 1:
Run Linux from a Live USB
option 2:
Run Linux as guest in VirtualBox

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