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The whole thing is a god-damned act.

This kikery must be exposed.

*Correction* NOT on CNN

There is no way they could be this sloppy. Hogg also has the video on his own YouTube channel with 600k views, it’s one of the suggested videos underneath, as is the recent CNN interview about shootings. This is verging into reverse psyop-psyop territory. Something else is afoot here.

Like what?


He's definitely an attention whore and a muh feels tard.

Are they even trying anymore?

Two more images that I have not verified the efficacy but may be useful for anons.

I doubt any school lets students dress that casually for senior pictures. He was probably a freshman in that 2015 yearbook, and graduating this year.

t. 90's kid

if you dont pay extra for a fancy QB chad/Cheerslut stacy senior photoshoot you get lumped in with the rest of the plebs.

Here's a twitter thread referencing an email from a State Representives aide.


you are correct and i had a full beard at 11 years of age.

Here's the second video in that twitter thread.

So many drills every time there's an (((event))).

damn. fuggin SAVED. Just. How? how can anyone believe any news anymore?! But then again, enlightenment cannot come to all, I suppose…


So this Jewish actor just happened to transfer the high school where there would be a school shooting? Surely coincidence?

Apparently Mommy got a VIP tour of CNN in 2016.


He's never mentioned transferring…

pic related


As funny as your rampant paranoia is, you really do need to start taking your meds again.

How old is this kid? 17-19? He's spending his golden years as a crisis actor to push the leftist anti-gun agenda? Does he seriously have nothing better to do at his age than to exploit mass shootings for his handlers? Where are this kid's parents? How fucked up is this?

Drown yourself in semen.

He wanted to be an actor and work in TV news. Now he's acting on TV news. Both life goals achieved.

How many life goals have you achieved, stormderp? Made any of those fabled Aryan babies yet? I thought not. :^)

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Why didn't you just embed?

Interesting, but 99% of normalfags won't buy it.


Ah. Of course.

Yeah, that seems to be the rub of it.

So they were told there was going to be an active shooter drill, and then this happened. What a (((coincidence))).

Holy shit, are you suggesting… That Jews have influence in media? Or that, no, it couldn't be… Jews want to be in media?

Hmm. This sounds like more fake news.

It is a genuine travesty that this shit is still allowed and that its perpetrated by the people who should be performing a service instead of shitting up random threads. Go to reddit or cuckchan if you want to shitpost, you fucking faggot.


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Kek I actually agree with you for once. They're spreading the yearbook thing on normie channels to discredit the whole thing.

ok berkay…. keep sucking dick

>>>/cuckchan/ is that way, you stupid piece of shit.

checked, and this kid is a class A cocksucker

Don't know what to make of this sloppiness (see: ) There have been other incredibly sloppy things in similar incidents, almost like the people designing them are not making them perfect enough to say they were truly deceiving people. It really is bizarre. Also there is an element of a fail-safe premise (e.g. drill) for plausible deniability.

Does anyone have that picture of the mom from Sandy Hook the exact one of which was used in another major shooting?



Brian O'Neill‎
Ben Shapiro
45 mins ·

“David Hogg didn't attend #Parkland high school. I went to school with him at Redondo Shores High School in California and he graduated in 2015. Here he is in our yearbook from 2015. He always wanted to work for CNN and be an actor.” #GunReformNow #NeverAgain #CrisisActor @LagBeachAntifa3

Fucking Boomers.

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Christ, now that I investigate it more, its not even a Boomer - it was probably fucking antifa, given that it appears the page has since been deleted.

Literally pushing fake news.

Responding to it doesn't make it stop, you pleb. Its a fucking mod and its not going anywhere.

And neither are we.

[citation needed]

Drown yourself in semen.

Next time make sure you burn all the yearbooks before you carry out another fake shooting fuck face.

His father is FBI.

Redondo Union is the regular school.
Redondo Shores is for fuck-ups and pregnant bitches.

I can confirm, in addition to the video , that the students are not from Redondo Shores.
Not enough Mexicans and one too many Africans.
The actor is a tweaker, tho.
Not the pookie like that rat-haired tweaker from other threads.
Eyes don't match.

Giant fucking lol at last pic

Giant lol at this pic***

Same guy? Tweaker is from SC, does not add up.

Check out his other video too.

They are shilling this theory hard on 4pol. Multiple posts that he graduated 3 years ago in cali. Zero evidence. Apparently its trending on youtube

Zero Evidence?
Looks like the kikes in the CIA are trying to create a "meme" on 4chan then prove it wrong on CNN tomorrow night.

This is called "Poisoning the Well".

"My sister is crying so much (looks off and to left) she lost her three best friends she can't even fucking speak"

This is literally so fucking bad of an acting job that I seriously think the psyop here is to identify the fucktarded gene pool in society to make sure they cannot reproduce. The test is if you believe this shit…. you are fucktarded gene pool confirmed.

Zero evidence? Sorry bucko, you were too late and people who went to school with him in CA have already been spoken to and have pictures. Nice try…. better rethink that narrative very soon.

holy fuck is that real? are they addressing it??? they might as well legitimize it holy fuck!

this will allow me to sleep easy.

goodnight guys.

It appears Rachposter is actually correct this time.
stopped clock

Actually, in this situation the rapist Rachel Maddow poster is of use, because it identifies the polarities.

They do seem to have the strategy of a mole on a tightrope.

They skipped the normal mourning period. They come off as complete nincompoops.

More than 2% jewish involvement? Check
Simultaneous drill? Check
Alphabet agency involvement? Check
Unbelievable contradictory witness statements? Check
Witnesses/victims involved in media/ acting? Check
Absent timestamped cctv? Check
Law change planned due to event? Check

"This is Alex view, this recording was taken at 9:32 on February 14, 2018."


The tweaker angle is like the earlobe thing, meant to derail real talk. Ignore it.

Definitely is the derail attempt. Stick to the facts.

looks like bullshit to me

Need another mirror on this. As many as we can get as there is no doubt it will be gone from the main source soon.

guys, i just looked it up online. It seems like for every day, there are two 9:32s
I'm not sure which one he is referring to, but if it is one before the shooting this loser is going to get exposed big league. just a matter of time>>11290466

There are only two 9:32 in a day. Either way he outed himself. This video right here, his own words, he exposed himself. It's over, this makes it over, need to spread this and ignore the derail shit, this is the gold end of story fuck you bottom line shit right here.

The girl saying she campaigned for gun rights and wanted to hunt and be a member of the NRA but now finds that repulsive is obviously a set up. Your brain isn't going there for weeks or maybe months after a traumatic event like "this".
She also slips up and says have a gun on my bodice (although the subs say body). Whilst that is a corset I also believe they use that word in relation to concealed carrying for women. I think she glows in the dark.

If it's 9:32 AM the shooting hadn't happened yet. If it's 9:32 PM that means it had been 6 hours since the reported evacuation ended which means they would be in a closet on the premises of an active crime scene. No chance either way. It's over, game over, he is exposed.

There is also enough shadows that an autistic user will be able to give you a pretty good idea of the actual time he is taking that video. By discovering which way north is by lining up those buildings on google maps and using the shadows as sundials.

he does 2 interviews

Yeah I was about to do that and will if need be but in my eyes we don't need to, it's over. There is simply no logical explanation that covers what he stated in this video in conjunction with his other statements. He is exposed, plain and simple, and there is nothing they can do to explain this shit away.

That is why CNN and these idiots are turtling up so hard core last night. Because they knew this video was out there and we would eat it alive once we saw it.

They will say that although he had the presence of mind to make a video about the evils of the NRA and the lack of gun control he got confused about the time because….scary.

He won't do this of course because he thinks he knows everything and is being controlled but his best move would be to come clean and completely hose the fuck out of the prime movers. At this point his career is over that he wanted since he is now exposed globally and it will carry with him forever. His best move would be the turn this to his advantage, out those who put him up to it, and come away looking like the poor young man who was manipulated by the evil media.

Short of that, his entire journalism and FBI career are fucked because this event here will always follow him.

He wants a real story? He wants to be remembered and set himself up to be fucking adored by the majority of the planet? Fair enough kid, make a video and expose those who put you up to it, show the evidence, and it will be yours.

It's just that simple.

We live in a world where Anderson Cooper is paid to tell people the news and give opinion. He lies low in israel for a couple of years he comes back reinvented, besides he's probably a member of a blood oath organization as well. They will swear the sky isn't real and the earth is flat. No way he's coming clean.

Yep, there was a drill that day keek

The real story is he's CIA :^) This is how they are. Talk about a rabbit hole…

I've downloaded the video, however this site is utter shit, so there's no hope uploading the whole thing. I'll record the critical snippet and upload this.

yes they can
Being sociopaths with superiority complex against all others makes a crappy end product. The failure is built into their personality type.


Bump, because this is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

At 50 seconds he says "we're not actors" then forgets his line.

The true gold is this one:

It's the wrong fucking time. It's in stone. Hammer this one home. No need to mess with the rest. Yes, that's how we, as more intelligent people, are able to detect something is amiss. Emotionally, for example, it doesn't add up. On and on. But this we can hammer home, stay on message, and grind this fucker's reputation to dust, because we have the smoking gun: the time is wrong :^)


He chose the day because they had monthly fire drills.

Do you think Hogg was in charge? He seems scatter-brained, like he's on LSD or something.

So infuriatingly fake that it verges on comical. Who had the wherewithal—16 year old or otherwise—to conduct interviews while their school is being shot up? Is there no teacher to tell them to shut the fuck up? In such a scenario, your brain chemistry is on high alert, prey instinct, waiting to hear the slightest noise. You would have guys standing near the door with chairs or something in case the attacker walked in.

Right. When fight of flight kicks in conducting interviews becomes out of the question. Even hardened war reporters can't pull off interviews in the heat of battle.

Prove that those shots (of the womyn being interviewed and of the students walking outside the school) were taken on the same day by the same pyrsyn and not stitched together, because it looks like from the sloppy cut that they were.

Also prove that the audio didn't take place at 9:32 PM, after the shooting, because while the room they're in during the interview is completely dark, the shot of the kids walking out of the school was obviously taken during the middle of the day.

No, this isn't (((proof))) of anything, except stormderps manufacturing "evidence" to "prove" their insane kinspeercy theories.

The fact they have to even respond says it all.

Which means tons of evidence.


Well hello there, rapist.

Not for that rapist, for those curious:

It's an official IB Times video:

This IB Times:

So the anti- messaging must be proved… but not the pro- messaging? keeeeeek


You got me. 10/10.

You're dodging :^) That's because you're paid to astroturf BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Good joke, ignore the literal rapist loser rachel maddow poster.

It's edited. They admit as much at the end. Plus, the young womyn we see on camera in the clip posted here is not Alex View, didn't want to be an NRA member, etc.

You boyim are so ignorant. You can't even check your own sources. There is no evidence to suggest that the 9:32 audio wasn't recorded at 9:32 P.M. the day of the shooting, and your source makes no allusions to this either.

In the first pic, the post is from a troll twitter account Laguna Beach Antifa. The picture itself is from the Stoneman Douglas High School 2016-2017 yearbook. As for the second pic, it's from a search, but no way to prove it's him really

"edited" doesn't mean what you think it does. It just means they removed the boring parts.

The only reason to mention the time is because something is actually happening. Nobody does that during the times where nothing is happening.


We checkmated the whole narrative. And now the sea change begins. Other false flags are gonna fall.

So when are you going to go back to being an Aryan Stacy godess Rach?

stop talking to it

all these rapists

Didn't see this posted.

David Hogg's Youtube Channel:

omglol that saying

jewish man



hope the limelight comes crashing down on these roaches!

Did they really fucking blow it this hard lmao dumb fucks put the shit on CNN

Just replace Youtube with Hooktube in any Youtube URL.

The point is to have them get shoah'd keeeeeeeek Links getting shoah'd is the most redpilling thing ever keeeeEEEEEEEEEK


"Manipulators often play the victim role" - many CIA operations explained.

Eyes down and to the right. The complete opposite of what people do when they are recalling a memory of an event. It's what they do when they are recalling a rehearsed narrative though.
See how he looks straight at the camera with wide eyes when he states his father is an agent. Truth. When he looks down and to the right it's something else.

Hooktube is YouTube, stormderp, just more easily fiddled with. It still accesses Google Video, the same as YouTube. Google still knows what videos you're watching, what pages you visit, how long you're there, where you pause and rewind on videos, etc. Hooktube hosts zero content, they just run a few scripts that let your computer manipulate Google's content better.

There is no escaping the botnet.

Filtered. When you watch jt via hooktube, mpv plugin, viewtube, etc. Jewgle knows which videos you're watching, but as long as the video is buffered they don't know where you currently are, if you are paused, skipped or rewinded. Stop posting about things you know nothing about. In short: Stop posting.

Drown yourself in semen you worthless trash

Have any anons looked over the WMSD TV production videos. This should confirm of deny the students and staff of Stoneman, including the “Crisis Actor” Dhogg. Go forth and REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >

he looks like a grey alien hybrid

Post the pictures then, you fucking shill.


This kid has been live on one of the news stations almost 24/7 for over a week.


Apologize anons. Look what we did. Good thing CNN doesn't know about Cuck Chans big brother. Top kek niggers. KEEEP DIGGING. Nick and ZACK r depending on /us….

Im surprised they didnt run with the "victim" deflection tactic from day one
Their biggest fuckup was to make this psycho looking kid their front face

ah so that is who is pushing the mugshot picture all over.

Is Cruz a retard? The dude has that halfway homofag halfway retard look going on. I am serious, I don't think this guy could even tie his shoe.

hides face with face scratch at the lie, laughs


I can download any of these videos but this one


Many of these threads and links are getting 404'd today it seems.

Before/After Cultural Marxism: Parkland Edition

Just because the media uses shills "crisis actors" does not mean the crisis did not happen.

Any know about uber driver? Was it an illegal? Maybe thats why we never heard anything about the person

I think she was indoctrinated from the beginning, remember this is Broward County, one of the most liberal counties in the state filled with niggers, spics, and kikes.

I have irrational disgust for this woman for the sole reason that she's a living symbol of what the cabal wants for the human race: Raceless, genderless, LGBT puppets. I look at the "before" pictures with sadness because despite living in a liberal shithole, it still looked like there was a chance to escape the brainwashing.

It's hilarious how women are so fucking stupid they watch a "muh empowered" woman in a movie and suddenly think they're tough as nails and can take on men with little issue.


Nathan "Dread Knock" Damigo
Nathan "Fist to Antifascist" Damigo
Nathan "Smack my bitch up" Damigo
Nathan "My PTSD creates gender equality" Damigo
Nathan "Same height? Same fight!" Damigo
Nathan "Dyke Destroyer" Damigo
Nathan "Face Fucked her" Damigo
Nathan "Gender Equal Beating" Damigo
Nathan "Letting His Hands Go" Damigo
Nathan "Illuminati initiate destroyer" Damigo
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Nathan "Female Satan v1.2 vanquisher" Damigo
Nathan "punch her and never look back" Damigo


look at that fat fuck using the myspace angle; here's what he really looks like

Best video explaining this from Wolfgang Habig, former threatened Sandy Hook whistleblower