Trump Administration Looking at Bankruptcy Options for Student Debt


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>inb4 kikes want to declare war on the US
They don't know millions upon millions of Nazi grandchildren are alive today south our border.

The college debt bubble can't pop soon enough. This is very good news.

>surely I can get Holla Forums to support (((debt forgiveness)))

The dumb ones who racked up dept cannot be forgiven. They must learn to never trust the jewish institutions. If the dept is forgiven then you destroy any way of learning from their mistakes. Jews love forgiveness because in this way they can repeat their scams and people wont remember because it was not bad for them in the end. Remember, most dept is held by women now since alot of men have forgone college because they can make more cash by just jumping into the working field right away and getting certified to increase the pay inthe field they are working in.

(1) debt forgiveness
(2) rates for student loans skyrocket
(3) colleges disappear

Millions of losers with shit degrees and mounds of kikedebt are suddenly freed from their Jewish chains by the President Jewmedia told them was "muh Hitler." Trump is praised, and the price of that worship is 100% carried by his Jewish enemies


On a side note… this is the face of knuckles after he found the way and further to that he found what was waiting for him.

Some of you seem unaware that this is screwing the taxpayers, not the colleges. It's literally the taxpayers picking up the tab for women's studies degrees etc.

While I agree you are only funding the real problem.

If true, he just earned himself a shit ton of dem. votes come next election.

No, you wipe the debt the college goes under, no one foots the bill.



At the same time, the same company that provisions risky loans (((Fannie Mae))) sells defaults to its own branch to trys to collect on bad debt after it gets paid from the government guarantee.


Some one pays the price, some one always will.

Pay your debts, good goy! WE OWN YOU!

Ask me how I know you're a jew.


You do understand that the true people who cannot be the golems tot he jews have no dept right? The ones who hold dept now are no help to us.

No he will be BTFO'ing everyone who actually paid for their college education. Fuck the redistributionist bullshit.


esoteric quints!



The colleges have already been paid, idiot. The taxpayers will be eating most of the cost, since most student loans are federal.


HAHAHAHA That's right it just ''disappears'


Boomers deserve to have their social security canceled and to be sold to china for dog food.

What's another trillion in federal debt compared to the destruction of academia?

the boomers deserve it

Good. Fuck the banks


This x1000. As soon as you pop the cork on student debt bankruptcy claims, loans have to be issued based upon real value to lender. Most lenders see goyim as only valuable two ways: work at Starbucks or a strip club to pay off an (unbankruptable) student loan, or buy and improve house which is collateral against mortgage loan. All other credit is hard to come by for gentiles.

Making student loans bankrupt-possible would put them in the category of a business loan with suspect chances of payoff and a super long maturation period. No one would touch them with a ten foot pole. And asking to pay college with taxes would cost us a chunk of gdp every year on top of the federal gibs budget (let's say one third military two thirds nigger gibs and imaginary portions for everything else), which even Democrats would have a hard time because it would be a pure extra income tax.

Colleges would be forced to ask what departments pay for themselves i.e. give kids steady jobs after school or create wealth through research. That means stem basically, but that's being eroded hard by online cert schemes and on the job training. The rest of the departments would be forced to offer courses at market rate or disappear. Given their worthless state most would.


Yeah that too their heads would explode if evil Trump was their savior.

Trump should instead implement more stringent requirements for what will qualify a school for its students to get government loans. This will help future students by preventing them from going to glorified commie daycares, while at the same time letting the current commies lie in the bed they've made themselves.

it is the first step to killing the college scam:

How to destroy the left:
* destroy academia by canceling government funding
* humiliate the legacy media by calling its bullshit
* replace the legacy entertainment media
* send all foreigners back, including third-generation mud foreigners
* gut welfare, ban ngos
* cancel social security, execute boomers without families to take care of them
* end rule by popularity contest. Replace with monarchial rule by a son of a soldier who wins a boxing tournament or whatever.

You're saying leave it alone but make enforcement more strict? The standard that matters is the loans, dipshit. If students can't get them then colleges can't function. The loans ARE the funding.

exactly this

I am all for fucking the colleges and their kikery. I don't see how allowing college debt to be bankrupted will do that. The loans are backed by the government, not the banks, so they don't lose a nickel. You and I do when they just keep printing money and handing it to the colleges, now never to be paid back. Most private school kids will just declare bankruptcy immediately upon graduation and poof it is free.



Absolutely. If the student can't qualify without government guarantee then there are other avenues. It may mean that some Jew in the higher education system is let go but sacrifices have to made for the greater good.

it will be funny to see dems scramble after trump has either eaten or made them appear to betray all their talking points for 2018.



Of the $1.4 trillion in student debt, $1.29 trillion is held by the federal government. In other words, you and me, user.

They can't keep doing that if the loans are bankruptable. You missed a key step in the process:
1. Govt issues loan
2. Student takes money
3. Loan is sold to a third party lender.

People, or I should say (((financial institutions with the rights of people))) love buying dent, especially student debt because it's such a sure thing. How many people will drop out of the above board economy just to default on student loans? Not many.

But if they can now, no one will want to buy the debt. So the government won't just be able to issue it, they'll have to balance their books at the end of the year and they won't be able to, this loss will have to be accounted for in budget. So either put all of college into budget with all the transparency and wrangling that brings (legislature now by proxy controls how college money is spent) or ask for huge tax increase on whole nation. Impossible scenario even with Democrat control house.



lmao typical nu-Holla Forums
burn in hell you yuppie faggots

Government guaranteeing them =/= owning the debt. Govt "guarantees" the validity of the paper currency, fdic in theory insures your checking account. But private parties really control all that. Making private investors not want to buy the loans means that the government will not just have to "guarantee" loans, but honor them again and again. Allowing bankruptcy would set themselves up to go insolvent on the process, like a run on the bank. Which sets up the runaway college devaluation (or "market correction").

You are joking right? The federal government has not balanced an annual budget in my lifetime. They won't stick the private banks with the loss, they will just print more money like they always do. Then they will just work even harder than they already do to fake the inflation statistics so you don't know your money is becoming worthless.

It does if you murder the people who try to collect it.

ehh, between this and talking about outlawing bump stocks I am not impressed at all besides I am comfy knowing liberal arts majors become bums on the street and are suffering in debt with no way to pay it because they are retarded and went with some b-but muh humanities BS instead of getting a STEM degree and paying their own fucking way because they earned it.

Golly, I wonder if one of the "options" is that the universities are responsible for students not paying their debts? Oh, it is.

>>Trump has stated that he does not want the federal government profiting off of student loans any longer (and blames government for driving up tuition costs) Jews BTFO

He wants to restructure student loans but says government “can’t forgive these loans” outright… 0.0001% Interest, Kikenburg

>>He wants to return student lending to private banks and away from the federal government (in order to improve salary data and allow students to make more informed decisions about whether the tuition costs are worth it) NO MORE TAXPAYERS

>>Proposed tying student loan decisions to the borrower’s future job prospects, an assessment likely based on the student’s major Women's Studies BTFO

>>He wants to punish schools financially when their students fail to repay their loans, adding that he wants colleges themselves to have “skin in the game” and would be on the hook if too many of their former students defaulted on their loans Accountability for Jew Professors

>>He wants colleges to set more stringent standards for who is admitted, denying access to those it deems unlikely to succeed aka niggers


Think of this as the government taking $100k out of your retirement fund and handing it to affirmative action Harvard graduates in Women's studies and you will start to see what is going on.

A better solution would be to simply stop backing the loans altogether and forcing the banks to cover it and subject the colleges to real price competition.

Well stated. But the effect of a government guarantee is that an investor (no triple( this time) means that there is no pressure to decrease tuition rates and that any dullard can go to higher education… at any rate the government will support. I, for one, would love to see a negative change in tuition rates because of… a correction in the market.

There would be some marginal loss that could be recovered with fetching back books and other computer/hardware that was bought.

Get fucked lib indoc center

So 1.29 of the 1.4 trillion in student debt isn't held by the federal government?

Groups that deserve to get fucked in this deal:
1. Colleges, & their employees, donors, and endowments.
2. Private banks buying up any student loan debt.
3. Students who borrowed a shitload of money they had no prayer of paying back.

Groups that do not deserve to get fucked:
1. Taxpayers
2. People who paid for college without selling their souls to the jew.


The system is so fucked they made it so the kikes can steal from social security checks for life at the taxpayer expense. Once someone is considered permanently disabled that shekel voucher should go bye-bye and there are rules that allow it. There has been a concerted effort by the kikes on all sides to make sure they find any reason they can to deny discharging the loan.
Every defaulted loan due to disability guarantees shekels for life. Plus they already made money on the debt that was defaulted on because it was insured for just that eventuality. They are getting paid several times over and passing the debt around so more coins are shaved.

I'd hate to be a taxpayer…

Daily reminder to remove yourself from the system and form sustainable communities.



This. Let academia burn.



As another user said, there’s two different ways to tackle student debt:

1) discharge debt (basically erase)
2) forgive debt

Scenario 1 is basically universities get the middle finger from the government.

Scenario 2 is the taxpayer picking up the tab of every nígger and woman ever. Scenario 2 is the Bernie pipe dream. Big and important difference.

i'm op not him. you sound scared.

if they did this universtities would have less incentive to keep all these stupid communists on staff

It's not really the universities because they already got their money for the most part. The fucks that get shafted are the kikes that lent the money the government is backing. This is the option we want. We don't want the taxpayers making kikes rich. The government will survive without kike indoctrination centers being funded on taxpayer money.
The universities will have to adapt to the change. I'm hoping they start specializing more and run teaching institutions that are hands on and research, trade, etc. oriented. If not, someone will eventually buy their property for pennies on the dollar when they foreclose. kek


almost no one discharged their loans this way before the law was passed. apparently, there was a habit among medical students for doing this, so that's how we got the law. literally everyone should be able to discharge this way if they fall flat on their face.

personally, I think the Universities should be held liable for a portion, since there is almost no career counseling these days. They tell you to study whatever makes you happy and don't worry about it, because the degree itself will get you a job. Not true at all. It just raises the glass ceiling in the future ie. many jobs require a BA/BS for you to become a manager and/or district manager.

The point is, you still start out cleaning toilets, and they never tell you that. We all expected to get out of college with the opportunities our parents had (or would have had if they'd gone), but that's just not the case anymore in today's economy. Schools need to keep up to date. fuck them

this will most likely stop it from popping, though. It'll release some of the pressure. Most people will probably get their loans restructured or only partially forgiven. That's an option in bankruptcy court.

How? Bankruptcy is an expensive and painful process. And, your credit is fucked for like 7 to 10 yrs. Better to let them file bankruptcy. If that happens, those holding the debt are going to take a big hit, and demand change so that people are helped into a career so they can pay.

there's literally nothing bad that can come out of this

Reminder that Obama took over the student loan business.


also this

best post in thread tbh, so many young people get fucked by their High School councilors/ helicopter boomer parents into studying whatever and then when they hit 23 everyone drops them like wet paper on the ground after micro managing every aspect of their life from birth until then. all the undergraduate courses feature little in the way of prep for work life. I have met plenty of young people who don't know basic things for adulthood because university stole all their time. university wants that cashflow but they need to start acting as High School 2.0 and actually show initiative in where their graduates end up instead of just calling them every other month for donations to the alumni association.

Bumps have a cooldown here new friend.

also the fact that so many people have loans they can't pay working starter jobs with high cost of living. the housing market and car market are going to bomb (again) because no young people can afford their meme houses and meme cars (unless they just want to import shitskins to buy them)


Not an argument.

So, uh, what "blow" is there?

Debt forgiveness != Employment
This might be an even bigger wake up call to the idiots that took out loans for worthless degrees. Sure, their debt is gone, to be replaced with new debt that is entirely their fault, as opposed to the debt that was the fault of them being young and their parents being weak.
Is American enrollment in college dropping and he's trying to boost it?

t. brainlet

i bet we know (((who))) these medical students were

also true. i like how this point seems to be (((conveniently))) ignored. debt discharged in bankruptcy does not suddenly mean your life is perfect. bankruptcy remains a black mark and you will still need to work hard to recover.

The point is that Trump will make it harder for the lenders to hand out free money to anybody who signs up for college, as they will scrutinize the applicants more rigidly to ensure they actually get paid back.

Perhaps introduce apprenticeships in more areas.


Without the gravy train, the universities will be forced to produce those that can actually contribute to society and produce. Kikes won't pay for goyim indoctrination themselves.

apprenticeships and internships tbh

Then I'll make the big jump and say it must be American enrollment in fields that matter, since foreigners still bend over backwards to go to American universities, and usually do it with minimal debt and occupy the STEM and Economics fields.

I won't go into how university staff also tend to actively discourage American participation in fields that matter. But then again, might be wise given how American students tend to behave.

yes. teach real job skills / trades. reminder that you should always seek out gatekeeping positions.

Well hippies that welsh on debt was a liberal's professor's bread and butter. If the government is backing the free shekels anymore the universities aren't going to pull shekels out of their own pockets to keep the indoctrination going. That will hopefully sort itself.


Heres a real solution to the issue

Government requires colleges to offer education up front with the stipulation that once you graduate, you pay back X amount (agreed upon between the student and college) over time, with the same overall repayment options offered by current loan repayment/guarantors or w/e they're called. And finally, you do not allow them to charge an interest rate higher than the inflation rate, and you allow students to discharge that debt if their job opportunities are sufficently limited that they are unable to find work at compensation rates that will allow them to pay off their college cost within 20 years at reasonable repayment rates based on current standard repayment rates using things like income-based repayment options and forbearances.

Its really two big overall changes, but effectively you completely gut the system in multiple ways all at once by doing that.

First you cut out the "loan company" middle men who take on the managing of these debts while charging 6-7% interest rates, those "businesses" are gone and those jews can starve.

Second by requiring colleges to essentially put the cost on the back end, you allow students to obtain an education to improve their potential futures right away without giving a bunch of college jews money up front, so students can focus on getting through it quickly, and getting to work. Only afterwards are they allowed to take a bit of that profit from the student once they are earning enough to do so, which means the system is encouraged to ensure you are successful, not just that you attend. You're essentially changing the system from "we offer you the POSSIBILITY of a better future, if you pay us $30k now, but really we don't care if you succeed or not because we got our shekels already," to "we have a vested interest in making SURE you have a better future, so we get paid."

Which brings us to point three, colleges will begin drastically reducing the amount of "fluff" in their degree requirements, because it doesnt do them any good to have people in school for 4+ years for a degree they could earn in 2 years, because thats 2 more years before they start getting paid. They would be incentivized to streamline what is needed to be qualified to work in a field of study, cut the fluff, and educate more students and make them successful. Net prices wont change I suspect, those 2 years will cost the same as 4 does now, but you'll have a lot less bullshit busy work thrown in designed to keep you in the system longer, they will instead have a real interest in getting you educated and working ASAP rather than keep you as a perpetual student. Leaving the college jew the choice of indoctrinating you, or making shekels. Which do you think they'll pick?

And of course they'll stop spending money on "student life" projects like gyms and parks and making the place look flashy, because they wont have the money for it, AND because they dont want you hanging around there forever, they want you out there earning money to pay them back.

The next change, allowing students to discharge debt from a worthless degree that doesnt enable them to pay off the degree at a reasonable rate, will immediately gut all of the fields from sociology and below, so no more "intersectional womyns gender euporhic stoodies" degrees, because they're worthless nonsense and won't allow the college to make their money back, they'll basically have been spending their own money for you to sit around listening to some indoctrination professor and read shit text books full of propaganda, theyll be wasting shekels to do this rather than making shekels to do it.

Going with this, is that colleges will increase their requirements for admissions. No more 1.8 GPA jamals juking and jiving into class 15 minutes late and talking behind you the entire time, smacking his lips, and trying to get some thot to suck his dick under the table. Which will DRASTICALLY improve the ability of students to focus during class

ALSO with the increased pace of degree work will come increased class requirements, so no more scantron tests any jamal can pass, nope the teachers and school will have a direct interest in making SURE you know the material so you can use it later, so students wont have time to waste partying and fucking around, and itll push out the "college party culture" bullshit because students will be to busy studying to waste time getting high every night.

Next up is that it will force them to stop hiring worthless "professors" who only wish to brainwash students, because those "teachers" wont be actually helping advance your ability to perform in your field, and thus will be a waste of time. Not to mention they're all shit anyway and have the dumbest, easiest to pass, classes that don't teach you anything, so they'll be on the chopping block since they're wasted time.

Of course theres also the bit I added about not being able to charge interest rates higher than the inflation rate, which means essentially you get a $20k degree in todays money, itll still be worth that same $20k in 10 years, it may cost $25k to pay off or something, but by that time the degree will be costing $25k anyway and your pay should have gone up over time, so you're making more anyway. Rather than the current 6-7% which is drastically outpacing the average pay increases or inflation rate.

And finally, with the lower admission rates, higher standards, more stringent and fast paced curriculum, removing the fluff classes, firing the useless teachers, and so on… will come a golden age where the college is focused on YOUR success, and focusing on quality over quantity, which will usher in a golden age of higher education wherein people will WANT to succeed and do their absolute best and be focused on that from the start, and will not WANT those shit people in their way, they wont want nuisances in their classes, and with fewer people going to college you wont have giant lecture halls where you don't get jack shit out of it while a "professor" reads from a power point slide, instead there will be interaction and discussion in smaller class rooms to ensure students fully grasp the material by intelligent teachers so they can succeed (so they dont get expelled, which the college will also be vested in making sure doesnt happen, because we could attach "if you are expelled for poor grades, your debt is written off" so the college will be invested in making sure you learn and dont waste time getting high, but a mistake or two during your time there wont get you kicked out right away, instead it will get them to focus on you and try to help you more to catch back up so they can ensure they get their shekels)

There. I just fixed higher education. I gutted the financial aid jew, I gutted the "loan company" jew, I kicked out all the jamals, I kicked out all the thots, I kicked out all the blue haired tumblr dykes, I increased the value of degrees, i reduced the public debt caused by the current system, I reduced the useless fluff, I removed the vast majority of the propaganda machine, I destroyed college "party culture," I kicked out all the stoners and libfags, I increased the quality of degrees teachers and the environment, I created an environment where colleges are invested in taking the ones who want to and deserve to be there and ensuring they become successes in life, I shifted the environment back to one of education rather than whoring it up in your early 20s, and probably some more shit I'm forgetting.

And I did it all with .. what two real changes? 1) Colleges offer degree work up front and you repay the college AFTER you graduate AS you are working and they cannot charge interest rates higher than the inflation rate, and 2) the repayment plans have to be similar to how they are now allowing you to lower payments based on income and/or while paying on a home*, but if you cannot find sufficent work or pay to be able to reasonably pay off the debt within 20 years (could lower this number to 15 or maybe 10) then you can file to have the debt discharged due to the education being insufficient to provide a prosperous career (you'd need to show the degree you got + job opportunities within your ability to work =\= being able to pay the loan off within 20 years… easy enough by finding out pay rates of jobs your degree can get)

*the stipulation on this is you couldnt find a good job, then take out payments on a million dollar home and go "oh, I cant pay off my student debt, I dont make enough," nah there would need to be some argument room here to show you DO make enough money but are trying to skirt it by taking out a huge mortgage)

Like I said… two major changes with their own little criteria each, and suddenly the system as it stands dies a horrible death, and a new, golden system is born from the ashes

Perhaps someone could also put a stop to the fuckers that push books they don't use, or changing editions because you add a paragraph of irrelevant information, etc. and charging so much for them. Some teachers go so far as to REQUIRE new books. They won't let you use used. They all have to go. It's a huge racket.

Some people have been importing Indian versions of textbooks, which are identical but usually printed on crappier paper, and cost only a few bucks. US Customs has tried to stop some people from getting these but it's apparently not technically illegal to buy a book from India.

It doesn't help a lot of teachers are part of the scam and get kickbacks so they are on the lookout for this.


I've been deferring payment on my loans for 7 years waiting for this type of thing to come. I'll gladly take the credit hit. I have plenty of good credit lines to hold me over for 7 years.

After this,

Checked for my sentiment exactly. Its a tough call…


You're thinking in too short a time frame. Yes, there is an immediate cost to the taxpayer; but that money was as good as lost, because in all likelihood it would never have been recovered anyway. The benefit of changing the rules is long term: if the government relaxes conditions for students to default on debt, then it must necessarily tighten conditions for loan approval to compensate for future risk.
Right now, the problem is that the university system is being flooded with people who should never have enrolled in the first place; people who do not have the academic capabilities to benefit from tertiary education - i.e. STEM - end up taking worthless liberal arts degrees that offer no opportunity for employment, but plenty of opportunity for social conditioning. The groups that benefit from this are (((lenders))) and (((academia))), because every degree undertaken fills their coffers, regardless of how worthless it is.
Restricting the number of prospective cash cows cuts these kike institutions off at the knees.

Universities don't get fucked over by people not paying their loans. They already get the money. Although, more risk for loans = less loans given out.


no such thing

no such thing

The University is divided into Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities. Please use proper terminology. thanks

Most of the individuals I know who majored in the natural sciences (who didn't go to grad school) are working at starbucks with the arts (ie humanities) majors. A BA/BS is a BA/BS, when it comes down to it. Most of the jobs out there aren't specialized enough to care exactly what your major is, though being in the right "ballpark" of course would help. Really, the emphasis needs to be on job placement, interships, etc - and they should give you credit hours for it. Right now, they actively discourage you from getting a job while in University. It's preposterous.

Some of the people I know who are making the most money are the ones that worked full-time jobs with no time to study for tests, but just took straight C's like fuck it. By the time they were ready to be promoted to manager, they had that BS/BA that Corporate required you to have in order to get that job - Corporate didn't care, at that point, that they got straight-Cs. Teaching University to the job market is extraordinarily difficult. That's why people should be getting jobs first, then taking classes that improve their skills in that field, or improve their chances of promotion. In many cases, that will just mean getting the degree, and the major won't matter. But, the point is the focus on job placement that the University lacks

That's kinda where I was going with "More risk = less loans", but education needs more nukes than that. The dependency on a degree to get a job is what will keep the cancer alive.

STEM is not safe. It's always the same thing. First 1-2 year teaches you everything you need to know, next 2-3 exist just to drain money. The teachers all have tenure so they do the shittiest job they can, and in electrical engineering where I went some didn't even understand the subject but still wrote tests. They had questions on their tests that did not make sense on a fundamental level, simply because the teacher had no clue what they where doing. Computer Science is even more of a fucking joke. I taught myself how to code and learned more about the subjects with a deeper understanding that way then from the actual classes (which where shitshows), for things that mattered at least not shit like "how machine computers running off punchcards worked", The only open marxist teacher I ever got was also in STEM, although one of the lesser stem fields "geology". Math is the only thing that has been consistently quality.

yes but this is a good step in the right direction.

i never had any in stem that were openly marxist. they did exist in the filler classes but i tested out of most of them. what was more prevalent were worthless professors who, as you observed, don't even understand their field. especially pajeet and chinese professors who don't have any passion for teaching or student success and are only concerned with being paid and being published, more interested in their research than their students.

No need to be a pedantic faggot - STEM is a widely understood term.
Because most individuals don't excel. The vast majority don't; that's the point. The university system as it operates today is a debt generation and social conditioning machine, taking advantage of people who should never have been admitted in the first place. The majority of students would be far better off attending a technical college, going directly into the workforce as you suggested.
Of course there are other societal issues that make this difficult, and it's not as easy as just cutting off university enrollments. For this to work it must occur with a simultaneous push to reinvigorate domestic manufacturing, a drive for renewed infrastructure projects, and a dramatic halt on immigration, all of which Trump seems to be aiming for in the US. Ultimately, the goal should be to increase the barrier to entry for women entering the workforce. The presence women has contributed enormously to wage stagnation, not to mention all the social problems their presence causes: dropping fertility rates, #metoo and feminist cancer, etc.

Umm, I didn't take a loan, how is that "my" debt?

It's not just pajeet/chinese. All teachers are like this after a certain point. Especially fucking boomers.

That's how much money is at stake for the fed gov/taxpayer to lose should the loanees default.

My loans only allow for 3 years total.

by far the best teacher i had was 65+ and about to retire. hated the school administration and always ranted how much they were jewing the students. i grant he's not your typical professor though. the worst teachers i had were always foreign.

I OWE $250,000
I only borrowed ~80K.

Got fucked by trusting the system.
We Cant Stop.

Cancel only the accrued capitalized interest that exceeds the advertised rate.
If you cancel anything.
We borrowed it, we owe it.

A better fix would be preventing annual capitalization or forcing the advertising of the final interest percentage.
This would apply to APR shit for autos.

There's always outliers. I remember there was an EE teacher who was an ex-military pilot and worked on one of the govs, at the time, secret projects, who would just fuck with people and call students he didn't like cock-suckers. Even infront of the department chair. I also had a CS boomer who was really REALLY into mainframe and really tried to engage the class. But the vast majority of boomer teachers don't give a fuck.

yeah I hate those idiots that racked up debt to be a pretentious faggot getting a useless degree too…but this would be funny because jew bankers and all the kikes that run schools and jack up tuition would be mad as fuck. the only reason you cant declare bankruptcy to erase student loan debt is because kikes. You could seriously just blindly always do the opposite of what jews tell us, and be doing pretty good. this is gonna be funny to listen to these jews panic.

If the Fed keeps spiking interest rates all the debt bubbles will pop. Might as well make sure the kikes are left holding as many bags as possible.

I think this is between great and okay honestly.

Because of the federal government getting into the loan industry for the students and never ending money to the colleges themselves, costs for education have skyrocketed for everybody. Colleges used to actually work within their means and students could pay shit off within a reasonable time or they would go to the banks and negotiate a loan at a reasonable rate, nowadays, good luck getting a loan for college at anything else than 7.5%.

As some anons have already mentioned, if you take away most of the colleges money faucet, all those useless degrees would dry up, people who actually want to learn and teach would be headed back to colleges, instead of LGBTPRIBKTI faggots, communists, SJWs and feminists. Colleges MIGHT actually go back to doing what they were intended to do, teach, and be dominated by men again.

You used to be able to discharge anything you wanted in bankruptcy and it was even a part of financial planning for rich people, buy a big house, load it up with expensive shit, get a bunch of nice cars and other shit, then just have crappy credit rating and no loan available to you for about 7 years, until Bush Jr. closed up those loopholes.

I'm not big on letting people get off of their loans for no reason, but this is a natural consequence of the federal government giving away money to whoever wants it and as much as they want.

While I'm quite cynical of the college situation, people I've met with this attitude have largely been more costly to employ than the value they provide. A lot of these self taught people overestimate their skills after they get a few basic things to work for the first few times. Proper design patterns, Dynamics, maintainable long-term structure, and code that is practically self documenting tend to be foreign concepts to these people.

You clearly don't see the effect of how badly student loans fucked all American Universities. Maybe you grew up in a time when a college degree or 30 years of experience wasn't required for a white collared job. Allow me to spell it out for you.
This is the root of the problem, with shit like marxist professors, feminist brainwashing degrees and bankers taking advantage of the requirement for a degree, thus the requirement for a loan, springing off of it. 31% of the government assets are fucking loans. Think of how much money is feeding into this cancerous system. The only solution is to destroy the need for a degree to get a job if you are already qualified. However, that will never happen unless the entire education system burns to the fucking ground. Debt forgiveness is pretty much the only way to kill the problem, aside from making the universities themselves take the risk for handing out loans which will never happen.

I hated that in undergrad and in law school, books get more expensive as you stay in and there is zero point to it. The best professors are the ones that tell you just stick with the previous edition or a certain edition from the past they like and prefer, if its a professor who requires a new book every year they're probably a faggot.

While I agree, I'm much more interested in seeing the entire education racket come crashing down on these (((universities and academics and administrators and lenders))) than I am in not having the taxpayer fucked over. The taxpayer has already been fucked over. When I plan my finances I plan on the government taking 25+% in taxes, plan on any pension being looted, plan on my 401k being looted, plan on social security being looted. If you don't plan this way you still have faith in the system and need to take more redpills. I'd rather foot the bill now now for a better future that these fuckers play no part in.

Student loans are the only loans that exist where you literally don't get out of them even in death. If you die they'll still come after your family. There's no such thing as a guaranteed return on investment yet that's what these student loans have been treated as. Department of Education loves student loans because they actually turn a profit when students default. What Trump is talking about right now is "clarifying the meaning of 'undue hardship' for discharging the loans in bankruptcy" which has never been clearly defined (And so has been interpreted as "oy vey no such thing as undue hardship goy!"). The balance needs to be dischargeable in full in bankruptcy in order to force schools and lenders to be more selective and reduce costs.



That's a given, always user.



Who the fuck else knows what is going on, and half the time the facilities are poorly maintained/things get cut. Schools really do siphon money like it's nobodies business.

No held =\= "guaranteed"

That's about what % taxes are of the US GDP.
The US would be much different if everybody paid 25% in income tax no other taxes, no write-offs, and this 'everybody' included the poorest of the poor.

Matches are theft.
As are company insurance pools.
Is theft.
Unless you opened an account on your own.

This is not correct.
Co-signers, who are often your family, are expected to make due payments. Your grandparents, parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren are not. Only those who, of able body and mind, enter into a debt are responsible for said debt. If you have any assets tho…

I don't agree with canceling debts, either.
That's how jews jew the republic.
They cancel their debts.

I would like to see greater assurances provided to the borrower, the sole reason lenders exist.
Simple doesn't have to be stupid.
Complex doesn't have to be complicated.


Or a gift.
Depends on how you look at it.

Good move

Didn't take long for Goldstein to come here for daily kvetching. Drown in semen.

I wasn't sure if you where pitching it as a really good deal or as immoral, which I see a lot of on this board. Like the anons who sage bomb the bitcoin threads because it's fiat despite the fact all money printed by the US gov since Kennedy is fiat.


It can be done but a disability discharge has to be done directly through the department of education, not the bankruptcy courts. The department of education is skanky and will delay the process as much as they can, claiming they sent you forms they never sent, claiming they never received packages from you, rejecting forms from your doctor on technicalities, and even sending time-sensitive forms that are already expired before the date they sent them. They are hoping that the process will be too frustrating and that you'll simply give up, but you must NEVER. GIVE. UP.

Here's what you do:
1. Keep records of every contact you make with them, especially phone records. Date, time, person you spoke to, subject you discussed.
2. Keep every letter they send you, including the envelope, being careful to save the postmark.
3. Read the instructions carefully on every form they send you. Make multiple copies if the blank form before you start filling them out. Every form must be perfect. Before you sign, make 2 copies and sign them both so you have 2 "originals". This is in case they claim they never got the package, so you don't have to wait months for them to send you another copy of the form.
3. Make a suggested "template" of every doctor's form as an example of how to fill it out. Tell the doctor's staff that they can use their own words or simply get the doctor to sign a copy of the template if they want. Explain to them that you're doing this because the department of education is picky about forms and will reject them if the form is not formatted properly. Make 2 copies of the doctor's form when you get it back. 9 times out of 10 the doctor will simply sign your template.
4. Make a final copy of the whole package exactly as you intend to send it before you send.
5. Send everything return receipt requested. This means that whoever accepts the package at the department of education has to sign for it. It's amazing how many "lost" packages get found when you say "Well, the return receipt from the post office says you received it on June 6th and Harry Ballzack signed for it."
6. If they send you stale forms, make a copy of the envelope showing that the postmark is dated AFTER the expiration date on the form, and include a copy in the package when you send the form back with a short note of explanation. Call the department and let them know they sent you an expired form before you fill it out and send it. Make sure you have date, time, and the person's name you spoke to for this particular conversation. They will tell you that using an expired form doesn't matter, send it anyway, but they will reject it upon receipt if you don't include the postmark and the call log data of the person who told you to send it anyway.
7. STAY ON TOP of the department of education. They will delay months before telling you that a form has been rejected or sending you a packet of blank forms. Call every month to see how the process is going or your completed forms will gather dust on somebody's desk. They will not send you a letter saying they need more information in a timely fashion, they will wait 6 months until the whole package is expired and make you start again. STAY ON TOP OF THEM.
8. Never believe anything they tell you on the phone, they will lie shamelessly, figuring you're too stupid to keep phone logs. Talking to them on the phone is for harassment purposes and to show due diligence. Squeaky wheel gets the grease, etc.

Good luck with all this, OP. My sister went disabled with a $6,000 balance left on her student loans, went through bankruptcy court, and spent a year trying to deal with them herself before she asked for me to take care of it. It took an additional 6 years to get the loans discharged. Of course, at the beginning, neither of us knew how the department of education operates, so the first four years or so were wasted time, with us under the false impression that the department of education was going to handle my sister's case in good faith. I hope the above advice can save you a bunch of time and headaches. Godspeed user.

Please elaborate more on how 401k matches are theft.

Not him. But essentially it's free money.

Savings is a private thing.
Company should not pay.
Company should pay for travel to and from tho.
Travel is covered in my overhead.
Employees are equal to business owners.

subversive meme

I swear I've seen that exact pic before and before Cruz made a school lose a few jews

That's retarded. If a company wants to give a savings bonus to entice employees to work for them that's their choice. I suspect it's actually more sinister than that though, because they could just give you the money outright. It's probably done this way because they know only 40% of potential employees care about that sort of thing, so they can offer more money but only the employees who cared in the first place will take it

That's one of the things communists say when arguing their ideology. In reality they're not. Usually a business owner or CEO's business is their fucking life, where as an employee just mindlessly clocks in 9-5, then wonder why they get laid off when they are largely expendable.

not only that, they actually set you up to take a 4 year degree in 5 years.

Good thing I stayed debt free. I could have just borrowed the money and got it "forgiven". Fuck this shit.

Goes back to the original point. If they have to justify the loss as part of the new budget, it becomes a budget line item. Then Congress essentially has to pass a bill paying off everyone's defaulted student loans ever year (this would be just about half, meaning by proxy Congress would have to approve paying for college). Same diff you derp, no one has shown willingness to go that far, and even if they do it becomes a legislated issue, whereas right now it's a weird grey area where they only hammerfuck individuals who sign up for loans by throwing them to the (((courts))).

Of course Congress could cave and start paying for everyone's school but that is it's own can of worms. My guess is they won't, and even the slightest backslide spells doom for academia, they are a voracious money pit as it is, they have nothing in place to deal with real market forces.

Essentially college is one of the last huge false economies. Like real estate agents taking 6-7 percent or care salesmen taking 25, they sit at the gate to careerhood and charge you six figures plus interest, no tack backsies. Yet given that the internet exists, they, like estate guys and cat dealers have no viable business reason to exist. Lower cost / free alternatives exist and are kept at Bay by legislation.

It's not really that loans have to come crashing to a halt to kill the academic monster, they just have to make a chink in the armor. Even better might be if they allow moves to start letting kids test out of entire diplomas, or have online only schools at 1/10 the cost give real accredited degrees. Once kids see the cost difference it will open the floodgates to people skipping the "college experience" altogether.

Kek imagine that irony.

If I see student debt forgiveness you better believe colleges won't die. Ill get my doctorate in everything if it wasn't stupidly expensive

Declaring bankruptcy isn't fun or simple, but if there is any time in one's life where it could be said to be "easy" in terms of consequences, it would be the age of 18-30. It's not like most young adults can afford a house or new car until they're in their early 30's, so the 2 largest impacts of bankruptcy aren't really going to be felt by them. The only way I could see bankruptcy causing any pains greater than its benefits are in securing good housing and in being able to take that next step in one's career. Most apartment management groups and landlords of decent rental properties reauire a credit check before a lease is signed. Also, any job where one is responsible for a budget or p/l will likely run a credit check which means one is likely stuck in an entry level role(s) until the 7 year bankruptcy reporting period is up.

I'm not a fan of the tax payer footing the bill (Although I'm a bit salty that the bank and auto industry got that luxury, fuck you for being a citizen goy), but something does need to happen.

Student loans are literally financial feudalism in their current state. The thing is, Feudalism at least was a legitimate and necessary model at the time. This sort of Feudalism is entirely artificial. Kikes push propaganda that boomers need to hire college grads, kike run schools raise tuition to an insane rate, and you are forced to take out a loan that will literally take your entire life to pay off.

That's Boomer static thinking that led Boomers to give up table manners and marriage as an institution and thebUnited States as a country.

If student loan debt is forgiven, there will be no student loans. If Texas is full of Mexicans, it will be Mexico. If everyone is getting divorced, marriage doesnt exist. If no one eats at the table together with a fork and a knife, no one ears at the table together with a fork and a knife.

All Trump needs to do is stop guaranteeing college loans. If colleges produce shitty degrees, and graduates default, why should the gov't pay the colleges off? The colleges shouldn't get the money for the shitty degree.

Fuck the gov't forgiving the debt. Make the colleges suffer.

And watch affirmative action admissions disappear when colleges need to assess the credit worthiness of potential students.

Q: who pretends that student debt is worthwhile enough to underwrite it
A: the govt
Q: what would it mean for the govt to acknowledge that it isn't worth anything
A: write it off
Q: what would happen if the govt wrote off all student debt
A: there would be no more student debt, because STEM people don't need classes, they need pirated books and junior positions, and non-STEM people don't need classes either, anything else can be explained in youtube vidz and podcasts, and STEM researchers don't need classes either. School isn't just subversive, it is entirely worthless.

Unfortunately businesses like to pass their taxes onto the consumer as well.

Dude, I know the process I have lived it for 7 years. I got a federal fucking judge to declare me disabled. Dept of Education works for THEM. They will not acknowledge any contact by me except to state they are taking money on Navient's behalf.
Every reason they have that qualifies you for discharge comes with several caveats that are near impossible to fulfill. I have a full permanent disability but because the judge writes that all cases can be reviewed, Dept of Ed/Navient say nope. All because of a paperwork technicality that judges will ALWAYS add to the approval or denial. Because SS REQUIRES periodic reviews even for permanent disability.
It's fucked. They were holding out on me for the 7 year mark. This was their last bit of theft.
Believe me I know. They should be required to pay all that money back to the fed/person they stole it from once the permanent disability is resolved and found to be true.



Jill Stein BTFO

The real reason it's sound to attack the universities is that they're an instrument of the communists, so if you deplete the colleges you reduce communism.


Israel doesn't have bankruptcy. From Haaretz, Jun 2012:

Moshe Silman, a 57-year-old Haifa resident, set himself on fire Saturday during a Tel Aviv demonstration marking the anniversary of last summer's social protests.

As thousands marched down Kaplan Street to mark a year since the start of social protests, Silman poured gasoline on his body and set himself on fire.

Silman was evacuated to Ichilov Hospital shortly afterward.

"The state of Israel stole from me and robbed me. It left me helpless," wrote Silman in a letter he left at the scene.

"Two Housing and Construction Ministry committees rejected me, even though I had a stroke," wrote Silman in the letter, adding that the facts could be checked with a public housing company in Haifa.
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In the letter, Silman wrote that he blames the state of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, "for the humiliation that weakened citizens go through every day, taking from the poor and giving to the rich."

Yonatan Sahar, a protester who witnessed the incident, said that he was standing next to the man, when suddenly he set himself on fire.

"I saw him holding something burning," he said, Suddenly he poured gasoline on himself and immediately caught fire. "I didn't know what to do," the Sahar added.

According to medical officials, the man is currently in serious condition.

Dozens of protesters arrived at Ichilov Hospital after hearing about the incident. Police forces prevented their entry, while filming the protesters who held signs condemning the Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai. Protesters also remained at the site where the man lit himself on fire.

Ofer Barkan, a social protest activist from Haifa, said that the man was an activist in last years protests. We met him last summer, Barkan said, he was a completely normative person who lived in Tel Aviv but then his business went under. He became a cab driver and suffered a stroke which left him unemployed. He moved from Tel Aviv to Haifa because he could not afford life in the city. According to Barkan, he had threatened to light himself on fire multiple times. We felt that he was close to doing it, but we didnt know, he added.

Activists are planning to march from Silmans home to the Haifa municipality tomorrow.

Earlier on Saturday, thousands of Israelis gathered in several cities throughout the country to mark one year since the start of the social protests.

Thousands protested in Tel Aviv, while hundreds took to the streets in Haifa, Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem, and Afula.

Daphni Leef, the woman who launched the social protest, told Haaretz on Saturday that one year later, the activists' message hasn't changed.

"We want a fair society," she said. "Today we are also celebrating. Suddenly, when people take to the streets they understand that they have power and that they are right."

Less defending them and more wanting everyone who jumped on the liberal wagon to suffer for it. If they can ALL be taken down the better. jews first but the libshits need a smack in the mouth.

jews have jewbilee.

I see you're illiterate.

look at all the buttmad shills ITT

No they don't keek. That's ancient history now. or ancient myth.

from wikipedia:
"Silman's self-immolation act led to a Werther effect, as a number of other Israelis attempted to commit suicide due to financial distress and emotional despair over the Israeli welfare system. Akiva Mafai, a 45-year-old wheelchair-bound IDF veteran, set himself on fire at a bus station and died of his wounds only two days after the death of Silman. On 11 December 2013 a memorial event was held for six people who had self-immolated in the past year."

Fucking global report. Don't call me the mod, either.

We are witnessing a miracle.

two btfo in one week, damn lads it's looking good.

No it isn't. The "problem" is the jews are using it to jew jews. There is interpretation that ALL tribes must be present in Israel for a jubilee to take place. This is why the hard-core jews that want out of their debts are pissed. They are getting out-kiked.

Not what global reporting is for, kike.

You replied to the wrong person.

That's not even fucking REMOTELY what he said, you OBVIOUS FUCKING JEW.

Yeah, we do. Answer my fucking question.

You clearly
Try again.
I see quite clearly. My mother was able to afford private school by working during the summer between the school years. The same thing would have cost me an average entire year's worth of wages from a 40 hour job.
Yeah, I know. It's not directly relevant to the topic I was discussing and is not exclusively solved by the claim I was refuting. In fact, it won't do shit to solve the problem you've outlined. Now, Trump actually doing what he said he was going to do and DENYING student loans for everything but STEM, on the other hand… But he's not going to fucking do what he campaigned on.
See, you even agree with me. He's not going to fulfill his campaign promises.

You seem to be suffering under the delusion that I give a shit what a jew has to say. Cry harder, moishe.

hilarious. Kikes really are astoundingly stupid in point of fact.

btw, kikes get really salty if you accuse them of foot-dragging :^)

No, I replied to you. You said:
> (((debt forgiveness)))
In the echos (parentheses). That means you are saying that debt forgiveness is a kike thing. In other words, the Jubilee. But the Jubilee has never been observed, and is only in myth and legend at this point.


Guide me master


Fuck you Baby Boomer. No one from Gen X and younger can even find a fucking real job and will work until they die.

Definite kike ^

So, in America we all know that everything the President does involves the legislature. But you will see how the kike rushes to attack Trump, because kikes are kikes, and oh the goddamn seed of hell which is in them. May Jesus Christ slit his throat.

The oy vey chorus is here in force keeek

dafuck is that?

They can not. Debt collectors try, there is no legal backing for them. Idiots that pay even a cent do legally take on the debt, but that is a legal loophole.

I agree its a mixed bag. You can get nearly anything. For example, people who self-taught themselves javascript.
In general, people who conflate computer science with being able to code.

This. Don't feed our enemies. Divest yourself and become self sufficient.

>surely I can get Holla Forums to support (((debt forgiveness)))

Suck my debt free white cock Baby Boomers! Deflation for all your stocks and bonds! I'm not paying for your Boomer-run FUCKING INDOCTRINATOIN CAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY GOD DAMN MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

checked and

Wrong. No specific event. Forgiving debt of any sort simply allows more debt to be gained. Do you think the sort of people who put a $120,000 (((education))) on a fucking loan are the sort of people who AREN'T going to do exactly the same for a (((new))) car or a (((mortgage))) (look up the etymology of the word) or fucking online clothes shopping? Of course they are. Debt forgiveness for student loans simply moves the debt to a DIFFERENT bubble, which will then also be forgiven. It's marxism. It's RETENTION of jewish control. If bubbles never burst, they can be created infinitely. And it breeds (literally, epigenetics) a society of people who are INCAPABLE of personal responsibility.

Children. Or, in more apt terms, cattle.

This is what you want, is it? Or would you prefer to keep taking ZERO time to think about a statement before replying to it? No critical thinking. No deeper message. No higher-order behavior. Just memes and stimulus-response.

Am I really the only one left from 2013?

See. Children.

Well it has always been about retaining their power. They would never do anything that benefits the rest of the tribe that doesn't directly benefit themselves in some way. They being the ruling class of jews.
Well they should have studied their own bullshit more because there's something about reaping what they sow and they did this to themselves. They had thousands of years to deal with the problem themselves but were content just fucking the gentiles because their leaders left them alone to do so. Now their poor jews are an inconvenience all around and not just financially.
This promises to be a shitstorm of epic proportions.

Pay for our social security kids, we spent all our money on Israel and Mexicans.

How dare you lazy bastards not pay back your loans! Muh tax rate investments!

Lol! Trump just got re-elected and so did Trump Jr.

The Jubilee hasn't ever been practiced, so far as anyone can tell. No other debt forgiveness has ever been practiced.

You're CIA, and it's so hilarious to watch you go with the propaganda device of combining that hated with that to be attacked.

Yes, I know you are attacking freedom from the bonds of debt.

However, the association you have created is utterly without meaning. Utterly. You have been smote by the holy wrath of the Righteous (me).

(((LBJ's))) "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years" comes to mind but somehow I think the response to everything Trump will still be "fuck you!"

Checkmate Boomer

And it doesn't stop them from fucking with your credit, selling the debt, applying another credit hit, selling the loan, etc. and harassing your credit into oblivion.

Well, that's certainly another position.

We can all dream, can't we?

This seems to make them a little bit less mad than the thread on esotericism. If we learn to create our own visions of the cosmos, our own deep beliefs, they know they will not have any control left.

Everywhere colonialism went, Catholicism went, to brainwash the locals, making them BRAIN SLAVES.

I'm referring to the context (is the concept of contextual statements new to you?) of jewish society, culture.

Do you really expect anyone to believe that?

The education system, since 1950 (college) and 1970 (lower schools) has been fully co-opted by marxist teachings and forms of indoctrination. Less position, more fact.

this will permafuck the "you need a six figure degree to work" kike scam right in it's fucking ass. Anyone who disagrees is a kike with his nose in the college education trough.

actually implementing and maintaining this would be the hard part; commies don't die easy

No one disagrees with that aspect. But what is the scam they will have in place for this eventuality? Trade certs? You know how expensive it is to get a welding ticket? It cost me over a grand just for a vertical fillet 30'90ft (underwater) that was tested and registered with Lloyds of London. That was just for the ticket that let me apply for the fucking job. You will have to foot your own certs until you get established with a company that is willing to pay for yours.
It is a shell game until there is a way to eliminate all the holes in the walls that allow the rats in.

In judaism.


Inflation is controlled. It can be prevented, but they keep it at what they deem an (((optimal))) level.

Jews and Boomers ITT

You can't remove debt, goyam! That's never been done!

OUT reddit.


"Muh money"
"muh taxes"
"muh high end"
"muh thinking I'm better!"
"muh vacation this year in mexico!"
"muh new car upgrade!"
"muh expensive hobbies!"
"muh daddy paid for muh college!"
"I was a dishwasher when I was 19, I deserve a free ride!"
"fuck the Volk"
"Fuck all your liberal artists, yall should of studied labor or been math wizards!"

Leafs have this great thing called set-off.

Congratulations, you are finished! You have not only paid off your loan, you have uncovered a fundamental truth the government never wanted you to find out!

You convinced me.

I wonder why do this? Does it have something to do with responsibility and foresight?

fucking this

Still falling back on the 18 vs 21 argument as if that is somehow relevant to anything at all?
Rental car companies have nothing to do with the fucking laws and age of consent etc. They don't rent to kids because of their insurance.
As for drinking it's actually 18. The LAW is 18.
>In 1984, the National Minimum Legal Drinking Act, written by Senator Frank (((Lautenberg))) (D-NJ) and influenced by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), required all states to enforce a minimum legal drinking age of 21 or else risk losing 10% of all federal highway construction funds.
The only thing making them do it is a jew threatening to steal federal funding. Same fucking jew that pushed through the Lautenberg act that fucked with gun rights.
At 18 you are old enough to make your own decisions and live with the repercussions of those decisions. You are old enough to be held accountable for breaking laws, even bullshit ones.
Trying to cast off responsibility because of an "age gap" is very jewish. They do it with pedo defending, they do it with personal responsibility.

november is shaping up to be a fun ride

Also, the education time gap tends to miss macroeconomic trends so the "Hot" industry you chose to study is often in the shitter by the time you graduate. Petro-chem and military industries are famous for fucking engineers that study specifically for them.

Printing money to discharge this debt would essentially cause an immediate ~10% inflation hit and thus make you 10% poorer, whether you had student debt or not.

It makes everyone holding dollars poorer, and since the dollar is the reserve currency, the world subsidizes the hand out, in fact there are more dollars outside the US.

I have a better idea. Eliminate federally subsidized student loans.

That would certainly make a college education a unique achievement…

Is that what they told you? Well it's not true. They could at the same time quit loaning to so many garbage institutions like merchant banks.

4d chess :^)

I think bankrupted student debt should be charged back to the institutions that sold the defective education. I would be fine with that solution.

It isn't defective education, mostly. Mostly it's just all the foreigners who are coming in. So what they do, they come to a US university, get a degree, then go back home and get a job, because a US degree is respected there. Then they come back to the US and get a job, having picked up experience.

I'm not being pedantic. It's substantively important that you understand this. STEM is a political term invented by the NSF in order to get gov't gibs. Other countries copied this strategy, but have their own versions which include/exclude different fields. STEM has nothing to do with either how knowledge is organized, nor how the job market is organized. It's preposterous to use the term: period. It's even more preposterous to lump the whole rest of the University under "liberal arts" and call it worthless. The American University system works off a "liberal arts" model - meaning they try to give you a broad rather than specialized education. That's the only way in which you should be using the term "liberal arts." You people are sitting in your little circlejerk lying to yourselves.

No, they did quite good. The point is "STEM" doesn't guarantee you a job. It doesn't make you any more fit for the job market, in general, than other degrees do. That's what everyone on imageboards don't seem to understand.

I agree with most of your comments about the problems in Universities. There just isn't some magick subject call STEM that gets you a job. There needs to be more emphasis on internships and specific job skills, that's true. But, really, its hard to teach for the job market, since most jobs that require a college education basically require intelligence and motivation, along with general skills like critical thinking, literacy, basic office equipment skills (PC, copier etc). Most of the skills are specific to the job. That's the joke about TPS reports in office space: what's a TPS report? No one knows. Its just a company-specific acronym for some bullshit paperwork you have to fill out. (actually, there are things called TPS reports in software engineering, but iirc Office Space folks were not software engineers). I've been an auditor at several business and the paperwork is always different… the concepts, ideas and (somewhat) procedures are the same (or similar) but there's no way you could "teach to the job" beyond a certain general point.

That's why Universities should be massively involved in job placement. That's the key, here. And, in my understanding, Unis in other 1st-world nations do this. Some places, like NZ, don't operate on the liberal arts model at all, and if you want to be a social worker, then you study pretty much psych only. Maybe that's how it should be; maybe not. There are arguments on both sides. However, the main point is there is no magick panacea to all this called "STEM" – "STEM" is gov't gibs/lobbying terminology, not a field in any sense of the term.

employability, I think, should be considered a job skill in and of itself. they should have classes on it… how to deal with shitty managers, how to deal with stupid employees, how to manage office politics etc


STEM refers to disciplines kikes struggle in.

For example, there are lots of kikes in medicine, but something like 95% of kikes in law wanted to do medicine, but didn't have the chops.

Forgiving student loan debt will force lenders to consider with more scrutiny who they lend to. But the majority of the poor are whites, with blacks as the new struggling Middle Class. This will mean more educated blacks and less educated whites. Everything POTUS is doing is against the interest of the still (hopefully) white majority.


The money is already gone, user. We just have a fake accounting entry under the "assets" column. It was never going to be paid back.



I wonder if they know now that the reason there are no niggers in Asia isn't because of the white man.

It has essentially been a free ride for hangers on in college administrations.

Western society has made them honorary white supremacists, didn't you know?

Trust me when I say some people shouldn't go to college and get into debt, colleges take advantage of stupid and culture "you must go to college goy" and people fall for it because it's socially ingrained.
I'm all for personal responsibility and the stupid failing, but I forgive the brainwashed. It's like hating pureblood capitalists, commies, totalitarians (sorry Holla Forums) and ideologies like muslims, jews, christcucks etc, I don't hate them, I hate their ideas.
Unless of course said ideas are given life by genetic predisposition in which case I do actually hate them.

I doubt this. Jews just like to do jobs that are high prestige, low work, and high income (or power). Law is one of those types of fields. Medicine has prestige and money, but you still have to do work.

No man, in the kike world you're just a slob if you're not in medicine. A lawyer is next best, but it's doctors that are favored.

Medfag here. Even within medicine, the stereotype holds true. Jews are less likely to be found in the surgical fields that require astronomical amounts of work-hours and physical labor but are instead in fields like internal medicine, psych, or neurology.

The question is who takes the hit: The banks or the taxpayers?
Everyone in here seems to be convinced that Trump would not going to bail out the banks and make taxpayers pay back student-loans, but remember that Trump already added a trillion dollars to the deficit, made (((Steven Mnuchin))) Secretary of the treasury and Wilbur Ross (Rothschild Group) secretary of commerce. I am not the only who thinks that it's much more likely that we will see quantitative easing & current-year bail-outs that will include government guarantees (read: tax-payer guarantees) for student-loans among other things. Popping the student loan bubble would be fantastic, burdening the taxpayers with the losses instead of idiotic students and reckless bankers would be a serious crime.

As an employer I have had the opposite experience. Those who have the ability to teach themselves are the most cost effective, and those who had to be babysat on the subject cost me shittons in wasted labor hours and terminations. Sure, I will give you that those with this attitude do not play well with others, and my departments are mostly each a solo show. Still better than hiring a single idiot who thought college was a good idea, hell my engineering department is 4 guys, 1 with a degree and can legally call himself a professional engineer (and is so gone mentally, he thinks minimum wage is great because he is stuck in 1966), and 3, 17 year old 'paid interns' that grew up as friends autistic about engineering. Guess who does the actual work?

Why would WE think that? Of course he will, and the taxpayers will pay for it. This isn’t fucking reddit.
Fucking lol, you think laws exist? We have proof of LITERAL TREASON from the democrats in the memo that was released. No one has resigned. No one has been fired. No one has been arrested. No one has been charged. No one has been imprisoned. No one has been executed. And no one ever will. I said this days before it was even released. I was proven right.

Crime doesn’t exist. Laws don’t exist. Nothing is going to fucking happen.

Why would WE think that? Of course he will, and the taxpayers will pay for it. This isn’t fucking reddit.
Fucking lol, you think laws exist? We have proof of LITERAL TREASON from the democrats in the memo that was released. No one has resigned. No one has been fired. No one has been arrested. No one has been charged. No one has been imprisoned. No one has been executed. And no one ever will. I said this days before it was even released. I was proven right.

Crime doesn’t exist. Laws don’t exist. Nothing is going to fucking happen.
Thanks for fucking up the site again, Jim. Just take it down completely.

< idiotic students
1. The US invites to the US students, given student visas, from all over, particularly India
2. Such students complete their degree & return home, impress employers with their US degree, which is nigh worthless here
3. The students return to the US, having gained experience, and take all the jobs
3. (cont.) For there are no jobs for graduates, for Americans. They are all for foreigners.

So you, you lying shithead, may Christ Jesus slit your throat.

Excuse my ignorance, which memo are you talking about?

He's referring to the fact that a foreign spy was used by Democrats through multiple shells, that is, from donors to campaigns to DNC state outfits to national DNC to a law firm, to Fusion GPS, to the foreign agent spy Steele (and probably others, possibly involving money paid to Russian literal spies), who talked to 2 Russian Kremlin (KGB) literal spies by his own account, and used a number of strategies for disseminating it, which indicates they were attempting to hide the source, which was, again, a foreign agent spy, Steele.

Yep, that's treason. We just have to prove Steele was part knowingly of a plot of a hostile government.

who says there has to be a "hit"? If you compare T-bill rates to the rates on those student loans, you could easily forgive huge portions without anyone actually "losing" money. It may be an economic inefficiency, don't get me wrong, but taxpayers aren't actually having to "pay" (out of pocket) any more than they already were. Also, huge portion of those loans will be forgiven after 20yrs anyway. Might as well restructure them now.

Do we need to prove that? He worked directly with king nigger, who interfaced with Russian agents. I thought it was already laid out.

You fail to understand the monster you are replying to. You see, he is someone who is full of hatred, and wants others to have pain and misery. This is the truth about humanity. People aren't nice.

It's better for the crimes to go unpunished, and for the case to be laid out before the public. Perhaps the Boomers will never be educated, but with any luck we may be able to convince Millennials that the news cannot ever be trusted.

I need citation for that. My understanding is that you can't default on student loans.

Call it whatever you want, someone has to pay for the dorm rooms, weed, beer parties and all that good stuff. It would be better and more just if students, universities and banks paid for all of that instead of taxpayers & holders of US dollars.

Are you saying that because i'm not sufficiently respectful towards your lord & savior? There's nothing in my posts that fits your description.

< dorm
Cheapest housing possible
< weed
rarer than you may suppose, at least of Gen X
< beer
alcoholism also rarer than you may suppose
< all that good stuff
You ran out of stuff.

The majority of money goes to the schools.


Congress shall have the power […] To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States

But anons. This would cost some banks a lot of money. That's bad, isn't it?

polite shitpost sage

False. Student loans never just go away like private loans can and do. You can bankrupt out of them but it's insanely difficult.

You will notice it does not say "right to bankruptcy" - that's because it was assumed to be a Natural Right. The rule was that bankruptcy be uniform. It makes clear that this law weakens the Natural Right of bankruptcy for the purpose of creating national standards.

You can default on them, but its really hard. It's called the "undue hardship" exception. You have to file for bankruptcy, and even if they don't discharge them there's a good likelihood they'll forgive a large portion of them and then refinance them at a lower rate.

But, what I'm talking about is loan forgiveness on the income-based repayment program. They limit your payments to ~10% of your income (after deductions for dependents etc) and then after 20 yrs they discharge the loans. The larger the loans get and the shitty job prospects become, the more people will take advantage of this program. Almost everyone I know who went to grad school is doing this, if they aren't doing the public service discharge plan (loan forgiveness for working for a non-profit/government for 10yrs).

There are actually tons of ways of getting you student loans discharged or restructured. You should look it up. You'd be surprised.

I can't remember the exact math, but its something like this: if you finance your loans at market rate (~8%), pay on them for 20 years and then default, then the gov't loses zero dollars, since T-bill rates are so low. In effect, you're just using papa government's low-interest credit card and then paying him back. So, you're wrong: no one has to pay except the student anyway. But, the benefit of forgiveness now is that those students saddled with debt can improve their credit score and perhaps start a business or buy a home or engage economically stimulative behavior.

Also, schools are subsidized in a myriad of different ways. Why bail out the schools with direct subsidies rather than the students? If you're going to complain about something, complain about the direct subsidies. Complain about the wasteful expenditure at the Universities that makes tuition so high. Don't blame the student who was sold a sack of lies. Sure, things need to be changed in the future, but we're not talking about a theoretic perfect world, here: we're talking about the shitty position we are in now and what to do about it.

Bullshit. See above. There are a myriad of ways to discharge student loan debt in whole or in part. What I was talking about was the income-based repayment program where you only have to pay 10% of your income for 20yrs and then the loan is forgiven.

also, you can work for a non-profit or the government for 10yrs and your loans are forgiven. There's lots of ways! You should look it up!!!

In the older days of Common Law there was to be a Jubilee but no individual bankruptcy.

They didn't practice the jubilee.

The Founders didn't realize the power of the banks, and I fault them here. They did fail us, because they only said on the subject, which they thought would make certain that there would be such laws (they believed elections worked, and that the debtors would assure they were made).

But perhaps I give them too much mercy, as the likes of George Washington were lenders, and doubtless did not like to see anyone go free from their bonds.

What came of the shoah of one of those archives?

They most certainly did, it's a part of Common Law which descends from or dovetails with Roman Law even in the Germanic regions.

The Founders saw the danger of banks, this is why in our early legal history a corporation could only be chartered by Congress. We were infiltrated, see The Great North Western Conspiracy and so on.

they were all for a limited time and purpose as well. the modern corporation would probably horrify the Founders (except perhaps Hamilton)

To hell they didn't. They knew the two great powers of the King were the standing army and the central bank - hence why the US gov't had neither. Hamilton argued and argued for a bank, but most of the Founders were quite skeptical.

wasn't that only because if you couldn't pay your debts you went into indentured servitude, and that could be max 7yrs?

Yes, it has to happen. No-risk lending to students is what has ballooned universities out of control and allowed indoctrination centers to grow and fester within them. Once loans are given on real future potential (i.e. to people who will likely graduate, be productive, and pay them back) all that shit will shrivel up and die. Many universities will have to scale back. Many will simply go away. It will cleanse the whole shitshow with fire.

It has to happen. It is going to happen. The only question is when and how painfully.

My only comment is that when the ex-students declare bankruptcy that we, as the debt holders of the federal loans, go after the Universities to recover our losses. Sell their shit. Take possession of the now-empty "social science" and womens studies buildings and turn them into metal shops and welding schools. Public planning and public works buildings. In which the ex-faculty will be enrolled into to learn something useful.

dude, military is half of discretionary spending. nigger gibs are actually pretty small by comparison. what's most fucked up about nigger gibs is how much of it goes to administration.

why shouldn't they be in this category anyway?

The key word there is "discretionary", user. When you add in non-discretionary spending, the share of gibs balloons up.

95%+ of nondiscretionary spending is your grandmother's social security check, you dipshit. And, most of the rest of that is SSDI. I don't consider insurance programs that you pay into to be "gibs"

Rabby, wanna lend money with no risk? Contract has two parties after all.

Would it kill you dyslexic mongoloids to spell anything correctly?

No, those who were caught in their scams DO remember it, and avoid debt like the plague.
In the 90's, people were borrowing money on their homes for home-improvement, buying cars & boats, etc, using their houses like banks, because asset-backed loans are much cheaper.
Now…after the crash…they could be doing the same, but are not even coming close to the level they did before. They learned, many of them almost lost their homes, many of them watched friends lose their homes…they fear this debt now, and rightfully so.

You saw the same affect after the crash of the 20's & 30's. It will take a few generations for the kikes to abuse another generation of rubes with their usury, again.
This period of vulnerability is the time to strike, eliminating the central bank & usury, altogether.
If you are not on social media educating the normies about the usury scam they were brainwashed to think is "normal," then you should be.


There's a trillion already existing that isn't effected by any of that. Everything you posted provides reasons for colleges to disappear based on how unwise it would be for them to keep the loans going once they have skin in the game. Nothing there prevents the present bubble from bursting if bankruptcy is allowed on existing debt. If the bubble wasn't allowed to burst, and all future loans were under this new agenda, we'd see a blatant generational divide in 15 years. Academia in its modern form of bastardization would die, AND commies who took on loans for worthless degrees would pay, with no detriment to the taxpayer.

pathetic boomerpede mentality right here guys.

im one of these 'dumb people'.

i went into college straight out of highschool with no guidance. i was under the impression that there was no such thing as a corrupt / shitty school. i made decisions based on markets that dried up immediately in 08 (went to college in 06). there was absolutely nothing illogical about my decision at the time.

now that im much older and have been through some shit in my life, yeah its easy to say i was a stupid fucking little shit and i 'deserve it' but at the end of the day i was an ignorant kid who was baited into a trap. this kind of shit shouldnt really exist. schools should have some fucking integrity or not exist. this is pretty simple.

have i learned from my mistakes? yeah, dude. ive been homeless for a good chunk of my life. i figured out that the world is garbage.
anyway, theres absolutely no reason for the jewlords who run these scam institutions to get a single fucking dime from anyone. stop defending their shekelgrabbing. the fact that you can rack up a million things on a credit card and go bankrupt no problem, but cant get a fucking decent education, instead rather a shit education with a free debt slavery side-dish, is bullshit.

tl;dr eat a dick jewdefender

i personally was promised internships and assistance with job placement. there were no internships, the office that handled contacts for student jobs gave me apps to burger king and taco bell. 4 year degree. by the time the econ nose dived i was nearly done with my degree so i didnt drop out. 3 year program with no breaks, starting in 06. graduated in 09 with fucking nothing going for me basically.
i worked at a car dealership BDC for a bit and got laid off after a year. couldnt find shit for work after that unless i did random shit for people under the table for low pay. couldnt afford the 900$ monthly student loan bill. got pretty depressed and became an alcoholic and spent 2010-2016 or so doing fucking nothing but wanting to die. got tired of being poor, and in/out of homelessness. found a not-super-legit job in late 2016 as a janitor for some shady asshole and got paid 5 dollars an hour. worked that shit 70 hours a week. finally found something better, lifting rocks at some landscaping gig for 13 bucks an hour. currently laid off for the winter. its a struggle.

They will NEVER admit anything he does right. I'd think that is painfully obvious by now.

ugh.. meant to tag

to follow up a little more though, the point is that you grow up expecting shit to work like everyone tells you it does, but it doesnt. these garbage systems need to disappear. my debt will NEVER go away currently. ill be paying into it well past what i should owe. interest is absurd. im certain that if i dont start making 6 figures that this debt will still exist when i die.

im glad to hear that this MIGHT change under the current president.

people that want to force debt to be paid back that was taken out at ages 17-20 based on the recommendations of EVERYONE AROUND US are sick people