Scientology Thread

How important are these guys? How have they avoided getting WACOed thus far? Just how powerful are these people?

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Same way the Clintons have avoided getting investigated for murdering tons of people. They're rich amd powerful. Now kill yourself niggerfaggot.

Are the Scientologists recruiting and importing immigrants and illegals?
Marrying immigrants and illegals?
Birthing Anchor Babies by the dozens?
Giving Illegals Sanctuary?
Feeding, Clothing, Health-caring, Housing, Day-caring, and etc. with non-profits partially paid for by the Taxpayers, immigrants and illegals?
Example; Habitat for Humanity;
HfH Volunteers build small home (Builder).
HfH Sells home to X (Seller and Realtor).
HfH Leases land for the home (Landlord).
HfH Sets up Financing (Lender).
ALL conflicts of interest in the real world.
Guess who is buying these homes in the USA?
We have bigger Fish to fry, who cares what the Scientologists are doing.

For all we know, anything could be happening. We know they already recruit Jews and that anti Scientology shows exists on TV right now.

If the scientologists are so harmless, why do the Jews hate them so?

Hubbard was into crowley magick dark shit
Bad dude who wrote shit sci fi
My cousin joined up last year. He's an arrogant lefty.

Good point and Checked

melissadata has 133 listings for Scientology,
xenu-directory is a good start.

What the fuck exactly are you checking?

It’s hilarious that you think you can get former chanology members to support the cult of scientology. It will stop being hilarious if you repeat this statement.

They're not. Just a ponzi scheme with a religious label. A veritable guppy compared to the Moloch worshipers who rape and murder children for sport.

My understanding is that they're being groomed as the next jews; the kikes are inevitably getting exterminated, and the ancient Egyptian high priests need replacement for their tools. Moses was the high priest that created the jews. There's a good chance that L. Ron Hubbard was a high priest too, but it's also possible the religion got hijacked by them after his death.

Here we go…

They are funding a lot of that. So while they are not directly doing it, they are paying a lot of those people to keep doing what they are doing.

They are, that's why they're gonna get exterminated, but they've been programmed by someone else. Jews aren't the only one who control golems- they are golems themselves.

Ahhh the chanology days.
Such cancer, such fun.

Anyways. They're not.
The scientologists are half a scam and half an experiment gone wildly out of control.
They're just another whacky cult. A very successful one.
Also behind the largest infiltration of the US government in its history.

But still mostly harmless except to its members and those directly involved with it.
They still gotta burn though.


Son, are you retarded?

They do as the jew does, evade the taxing of their shekels and have that whole in-group thing going on. Jews don't like competition.

I thought mormons had the largest infil? or yid

Unimportant. A dwindling cult that's had the advantage of appealing to vacuous rich people. One of many new agey, self-improvement fads that came out of the 50's, happened to find a formula that worked, and stuck around a bit longer. Developed rigid hierarchy, employed aggressive espionage and harassment campaigns against enemies, including the Feds who didn't think it was worth the time and energy to pursue them longer, especially since all they wanted was tax exemption, which literally any religion in America can have.

I remember those days too, they were fun. Before I got redpilled in any way.
Regardless scientology was the first downfall of Anonymous, all these retarded kids showing up cause they heard of 4chan due to all the exposure.
There were hugfags even that made hug protests were they went onto some street and randomly hugged people.
Future tumblr material right there.

the largest KNOWN infiltration of the US government in its history.

Scientologists are correct about (((psychiatry))) tbh.

I guess I shouldn't have been bitching about the repeat slides. They dug deep into the matzo for this one.

They just enslave idiot goyim through kike contracts.

wow i love scientology now

Good job bumping the thread

And here is the kind of shill that re-promotes chanology to bring here all the cancer back.

The Scientologists are well-known for abusing the religious visa program to import a bunch of shitskins for slave labor and keeping them after their visas expire jsyk. It's the only way they can keep their main base in Clearwater and the celebrity center in Hollywood fully staffed in order to keep their rich and/or famous clients happy with luxury accommodations from the church.

So yes, they are in the business of importing foreigners, just in their case, It's better to have a foreigner in their clutches than an American.

(((Deep State))) hates Scientology (which had to take the label of "church" to fend off the persecution, funny) for one concrete reason: Dianetics.
For starters, Dianetics not only exposes the reality of basic mind programming (it doesn't have to be ONLY MK Ultra, which it also exposes, but it in the end, it remains a specific project), but also shits all over mainstream psychiatry, which happens to be (((Freudian))) and ZOG approved. And last but not least, Dianetics are legit and fucking work.
There's a good reason if Kikepedia is so dedicated to calling Dianetics a "pseudo-science", it mingles with a lot of (((interests))).
To understand what I'm talking about:
Go check Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and his researches and successes
Go check how the E-meter works
Go check how Dianetics work
Go check Enric Corbera and Rafaél Marañón books
I can assure that 90% of the Holla Forumsacks here have their vision of Scientology thanks to (((Deep State))) counter propaganda (TV programs shitting on Scientology, but what they really hate is Dianetics for economic and political reasons), chanology and South Park.
And no, I'm not a Scientologist, i just hate the racket called psychiatry.


Can you tl;dr it tho? Some people are busy, I did see a documentary on russians doing scientology outside of the official channels.
Dude seemed rather happy afterwards.
I am a bit versed in NLP but there just wasnt enough in the documentary to make me see anything longtime positive.

With Hamer, youre saying his germanic medicine stuff works?
Ive heard about it but ive never found any "tutorial" so to speak.
I do believe that stuff tho, especially since I have multi-organ sarcoidosis and have witnessed the same kind of situations always causing the same kind of flare ups.