Language and the Negro Brain

I watched the RC Maxwell, Nick Fuentes Civic vs Ethnic nationalism debate today and it made me think about something I had a feeling existed but haven't fully investigated yet. Maxwell is a well read and educated black but he kept mispronouncing and misusing words that sounded similar to the correct word, sometimes even making up words on the spot. I've noticed this tendency for malapropisms in Negros but it's rare that you get to observe one on the farther right side of the bellcurve.
This reminds me of an Amren talk by Eugene Valberg which basically said that the lack of depth and complexity in the African languages is a window into the thought processes, or lack thereof, of the Negro. The vocabulary of African languages is almost entirely comprised of words that are used daily with very little capacity for expressing abstract thoughts.
youtu. be/ WAoNhacojmM (sorry for the poor quality)
There are many words in my vocabulary that I seldom or never use but I can properly recall and pronounce when necessary. Do any of you have insight or information on the differences of the language centers of the brain between the races?

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Language and the extent of its breadth is what kikes try to limit so that definitions are diluted and mixed together, causing words that should not be synonyms to become synonyms, and the end result is that the quality of discussion is diminished. Poor language is like having a poorly optimized program running on excellent hardware. This is what the kikes want so that whites' language skills and the thoughts they produce are brought closer to the depths of niggers.

We have had wonderful past threads on that effect and so that's certainly related to this. As far as race goes, there's hasn't been recent discussion on that but I do vaguely remember seeing it brought up over the years.

Language is the purest expression of an ethnicity's thought patterns. Every single bit of a language's grammar, structure and vocabulary is a complex manifestation of its native speakers' logic, creativity and psychology. There is a reason why German is so regimented yet precise; why Italian is so poetic and expressive; why Japanese is so mechanical and nitpicky. Every language is a mirror into a people's soul; the fact that niggers could not progress beyond "me go there, me take that" speaks volumes about theirs.

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Reminds me of the Island of Dr.Moreau. The ape started thinking itself as clever as the man when it made up new words for the ones it had just forgotten.

To this day I have yet to use quintessential or osmotic or glandular, all these odds and ends, but they still exist in my brain, and I know what they mean. To have them degrade as math skills do would be a slow form of suicide.

I wonder what that boils down to in Koreans' context. The whole 'massive concept in one to two words' deal.

High verbal IQ nogs are out there:

Isn't modern Korean a very recent re-invention of their own language?

Could be habit. Could be affected to win 'based negro' points for 'keeping it real' as a bookish nigger. Tens of thousands of years of tribal subsistence living, cognition for them is centered around managing social relations/dominance hierarchy within the tribe. They're social creatures, as against the zoo politikon of Europe and Asia. When they go raiding/feuding, it's more about the spoils and internal wealth distribution resulting than the rival entity being Other.

In irish, theres a saying:
Tír gan teanga
Tír gan anam

It means that we have nothing without our language, that language is the soul of a people.
Now look at how the negro destroys our language, and how the jews push it into the western lexicon.

They want to make sure that we can never have a home. No land, no history, no language

There are primitive tribes who don't really have a concept of time or the future. Perhaps that's why niggers have so much trouble with delayed gratification.

lacking a concept of time or the future can cause trouble with delayed gratification.

did you figure that out yourself?


30 yr old
Seriously believe all my friends my age and younger cannot read over a 7th grade level
All white
A bit of an over exaggeration
But no child left behind really fucked us

Yep, and if they were all like this guy, or Thomas Sowell, or Larry Elder, then they wouldn't have a problem coexisting in our societies - but they're not.

The proper place for these high-IQ blacks is as the ruling class for black societies. White societies are built around expectations of individual behaviour that the majority of blacks do not conform to. The low-IQ black masses need a much more structured (and disciplined with real consequences) society to keep them living productive lives. They will not accept this being imposed on them by whites, who they will always see as keeping them down, no matter how far from reality that is.

This fundamental truth is understood by the leaders of groups like Nation of Religion of Cuck™. I'm quite sure they don't believe their own nonsense about "white devils", it's just a fib they tell to encourage their people to keep separate for their own good. mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Ali was a powerful advocate for this. When you see how he spoke, it's clear that he just wanted the best for his people.

South Africa might have turned out very different if Mangosuthu Buthelezi had won the day against Nelson Mandela. He was a Zulu nationalist that argued for a separate Zulu nation, and was willing to work with the apartheid government towards this goal. The Marxist ANC condemned him as a collaborator, but this model of separate nations was the only one that could have realistically offered a peaceful resolution, rather than the rapidly deteriorating mess that we have now. The "revenge" they are taking against Whitey will not benefit them in any way. They will end up like Zimbabwe, desperate and starving and wishing for the good old days when evil Whitey kept them fed.

Don't park up this language argument please OP. It inadevertently allows Muslims to say you can't properly translate the Quran into English.

Thank you. Very informative

What are you on about? Obviously the races are different. I'm not retarded. Technically you can't translate a text with 100% accuracy because you lose the nature of the original language. It's a good approximation but not an identical meaning. Why are you so worried about Muslims and the Quran anyway?

blatant crypto-jew e-celeb advert.
Who gives a shit what's inside of a nigger's skull and how does it further White survival?

how "white" is english, I wonder?

My whole life, I've always felt that I've been speaking an alien language.

That's true though. For the same reasons any serious bible study involves constant reference to the Greek and Hebrew. Some words can't even be translated because they embody concepts not present in the target language.
Bullshit. This applies to any text in any language. Translations are always imperfect and inferior.
Does that make Religion of Cuck™ any less vicious and evil? No, but it does mean that if you want to argue over minutiae, you cannot meaningfully do so using a translation.
Translations are one of the kikes favourite tools. Millions of Christians are under the wrong assumption that God forbade killing, as the English rendering of the old testament would have you believe. However if you look at the original, the word used is a closer fit for murder and murder is a very specific sort of killing.
tl;dr kikes take advantage of the leeway which is always present in any translation, to twist the intended meaning of the original author.

English is a Germanic language with a lot (a metric fuckton, in fact) of Romance and Greek substrate. So it's pretty damn White.


They've been torturing the language for years. To the point that most millenials nowadays can barely comprehend English texts written less than a couple of centuries ago.

Structurally, being Anglic, it's in the same class as Frisian. Literally can't get more white than hailing from Doggerland beneath the waves. Heirs to snownigger Atlantis.
Word wise, a huge sum is Latin by way of French. We know the words of the Greeks and the Romans second-hand.
Beyond that English picked up thousands of words as the British Empire made its world-wide galavant.

Or literally cannot read the text itself, for they can neither read nor write cursive script.

But Bantu languages actually have some grammatical complexity with over a dozen genders (noun classes), verb conjugation, plurals, etc., and everything having to conjugate and decline to match up depending on the noun classes involved. Meanwhile, Chinese is exactly as you described, with no conjugation, no plurals, no genders, etc… Grammatically speaking, Chinese is infinitely simpler, yet Chinese are infinitely smarter than niggers.

I see this a lot with jealousy. Envy is almost forgotten. Covetousness is forgotten.

Here's the difference between those three:

Jealous. It is mine, and I deserve it, and I am guarding it.

Covetous. It is not mine, I do not deserve it, but I want it.

Envy. It is not mine, I do not deserve it, neither do I really, in truth, want it. It's just that I hate that other person for having it, and want to see them come to harm.

Nowadays people use "jealous" when they mean envious or covetous, and rarely if ever use jealous in its actual sense, in which it is a positive attribute we should guard what is ours.

No. It's hangul that is engineered, and it was half millennia ago

Nigger, what?

What's that?

every mean must protect his family
So every man should be jealous.

O ole Zip Coon he is a larned skoler…
By definition nationalism cannot exist without an ethnic identity and national consciousness. Pic related is "civic nationalism".

I believe only in those statistics, i forged myself
By that make-believe, pie-in-the-sky, English is actually a Romance language, which is terribly wrong. Loan words are ubiquitous (plentiful) in any language (tongue), particularly (in defined cases) in science (know-how) and technology (crafts).
For sure it is Germanic.

Excellent talk. Posting here for those who haven't seen it. The audio was fucked for two-thirds of the talk, but nothing unbearable.

I just want to take this opportunity to post this thing that I wrote years ago.

Only if you assume language family is defined purely by the origin of the majority of the words. It is not.

English is a West Germanic language directly descended from proto-Germanic. It inherited it's structure and it's most commonly used vocabulary from it's ancestor.

English is known for it's extensive extended vocabulary, which borrows so much from French and Latin you get the pie chart above. If you were to chart just the few thousand words you need for basic conversational skills, the chart would look very different.

There was an old comedy skit I dearly remember that was a romance drama. The characters spoke normally, but then started replying to each other in short sentences. The subtitles kept getting longer, and longer, and longer until the female lead spoke two words and the bottom half of the screen was blotted out, then the male lead spoke a single word… Delay for effect… And the whole screen was overlayed with the proper translation for the context of the scene.
They may have embellished it a lot, but I know the Asian languages have fewer words that potentially need to be all explained if the multiple definitions are all intended.
Like if you called a grey haired lumberjack "Silva". Referring to both woods and silver.

Kikes are running that game right now on the parkland hoax threads. They hop ips and call the hoax a false flag, psyop, shooting, real, fake, conspiracy, so on. They never use the proper word for it, hoax, because it's unambiguous, shows falsehood, guilt and complicity in one quick mental image. One even told me to stop saying hoax and call it a simunition live fire exercise, as if notmoes would understand that better.

I'm gonna make a video this week where I explain this in plain language, with compelling images and pacing. My guess is kikes will try to shoah it. Hell they're trying to shoah this whole site right now because of how hard we're resisting their language poisoning attempts.

The structure of modern English is nothing like old Anglo-Saxon, let alone proto-Germanic, so you can't really say that English inherited its structure. We don't even have declension.

That's an embellishment for sure, but it is grounded in fact–one of the hardest parts of learning Nip is keeping up with ever-shifting context and how even simple words can have radically different meanings depending on when they are said and who is saying them. I know korean and Japanese are linguistically similar, but I'm not certain about dog-eater language.

A guy at amren did an entire article on this.


the jews killed this in the alte 1800s, early 1900s. Brocca is your best bet, see mind brain and double brain theory by harrington.

Other good place to go is linguistic books, language culture and society is pretty red pilled.

big thing you want is frontal lobe development.

You don't know what substrate means.

Every language and its speakers has a concept of the future, you retard. Languages are living phenomenons that change with their speaker's needs, so if someone needs to express the idea of the "future", they find a way. English lacks a future tense on verbs. Does that mean we can't understand the future?

Japanese is mechanical and nitpicky? What the fuck are you talking about? What exactly makes a language "mechanical", do the nips have to speak in bleeps and bloops or something?

Languages are tools. If they don't fulfil the speaker's needs, they change to suit them.
Christ, 8pol, I love you, but stop trying to be linguists.

Language also codifies cultural norms. Arabic is also very complicated. Maybe if you are intelligent enough, you don't need a complex language. Well, the Chinese Char system is a hell and sorts out dumbfucks pretty well since 3000 years.

it means the language of their Lord is evil and wicked and makes your brain mushy.

Mechanical in a sense of being based on templates. Any sentence you might want to compose, any emotion you might want to express, any information you might want to relay, Japanese has a template for that. It does not allow for much variety, you just put the necessary words into gaps and voila. And it is extremely nitpicky because it insists on specifying even the most irrelevant things, such as shape of objects when counting something.
Also, it does not have a future tense, it's more like present+future tenses combined, with context being the only thing differentiating them.

Explains how they're able to have full range vocal programs like vocaloid, and scrapped the English attempt.

>pol i

What you call nitpicky others would call specific and precise. I would argue that Japanese is characterised by politeness.


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Great read, but that isn't the entire article. See link below.


There's a reason they are made retarded.
substrate (n.)
1810, from Modern Latin substratum, noun use of neuter singular past participle of Latin substernere "to spread underneath," from sub "under, below, beneath" (see sub-) + sternere "to spread out, lay down, stretch out," from nasalized form of PIE root *stere- "to spread."

Keep posting the fucked up wojacks though, I'm enjoying your self-portraits.

Kinda explaining in other words (and images) what you just said about their ego and how any minor slight is taken as the biggest personal offense anyone has ever done in the history of the universe.
Plus funny as fuck

I'm in my second year of studying German and precise it is not. I won't get into detail, but there are plenty of examples. I don't know if I'd even say it's "regimented" anymore than any other language. I feel that the grammar is about on par with English in terms of it just having its rules.

Ich liebe dich, user. Deiser Welt gefält mir nicht. Wenn denke ich über meine Kinders Welt, Ich weine. Aber, ich will mit dir bleiben und kampfe für unser Volk. Wir müssen nicht müde werden. Wir müssen stark sein.

Read a book like Ivanhoe for an understanding of Norman-French and its integration into Old English.
For an example, compare:
pig (Germanic) / pork (Norman-French)
cow (Germanic) / beef (Norman-French)
By instinct, you should know that pig/cow are uncouth words for a wild animal. But if the food is to be tabled and eaten, it is referred to by a gentlemanly word such as beef or pork. This is due to the Norman-French being the language of the upper classes after the Norman conquest. As an English speaker, you should by instinct recognise English words of Norman origin as being "upper class" and words of Anglo-Saxon origin being common. This extends to aristocratic family names such as Darcy, for example, which is Norman.

Recommended reading.

This is 100% accurate. No sympathy for Biehl though, she had it coming. Stupid fucking people that can't use their heads! She paid the toll. These things do not have a consciousness… at least they have no conciouns in anything they do. Not even toward their children. Africans outside of SA tend to be more caring, or here and there you will find child-carers, but that stops after a short period of time as well. It's a very savage world we live in man. It's fucking horrible but the west still has a chance I hope. The jews are weary and thus are exposing themselves more and more to the normies. Never left my beloved homeland which rightfully belongs to those who were next in line, and find me a khoi san today - then we can talk… however, always wondered what it is like in say, Chicago, or Detroit… I reckon it's probably pretty much the same as living this side if you're middle class like most of us. Pity because when the tourists visit they get the pampering and don't see the flip side of things… They may do a township tour or some other shit like that without understanding that there's a merc parked behind the corner and to them, that's their homes so they don't really move out or improve their situations when they can… Then you get the ones that try to better themselves but they are brought down by their own and called out as uncomely toward the african culture. Women do the work, men drink beer and sleep - at least that's how it goes in the the rural eastern cape. No matter where you go, the same mentality is plentiful except for the odd one out who you can sometimes sympathise for or at-least thank God that you were born white. The SJW will not see this and project, they'll blame the victims and fuel hatred toward that odd one out who simply wishes to improve his life. It's all a shit-show to be honest. But trust us when we tell you that this screencap is the truth and it's something you should be weary about (we all are in this place, aside from the shills and kikes and glow in the darks) but it should be spread, especially to those who are getting flooded by barbarians/animals/ghouls that are criminals in their own country and/or unwanted.

Sorry for the bad english.

It's called Africa time and there's no timezone. Now, Now Now, Just Now.

Wenn ich ueber die Welt meiner Kinder denke, weine ich. Ich will aber bei dir bleiben und fuer unser Volk kampfen.

Ich kann nicht so gut Deutsch, aber probiere ich. Danke.

Niggers are too dumb to use formalized rules for language. Its same with their "music"(Jazz/Rap). Just play or say whatever and its "good".

I wonder if Jazz is at odds with whiteness. It's very amorphous music. There is hardly a discernible melody in most Jazz songs. Your "just play whatever and it's good" idea really sums it up.

Some would say that it is a quintessentially black form of music. I think there are also many Jews in Jazz. And many Jews seem to praise it.

So this might be another example of Jews latching onto, and promoting, a black thing for anti-white reasons.

There's probably some great white Jazz musicians. I wonder what their political views are.

Wasn't Jazz forbidden in Nazi Germany? Or maybe I am confusing Jazz with a different style of music. There was forbidden black music in Nazi Germany, at least.

Isn't there a thing about non-whites having difficulties with actually like, how would you phrase it, dimensional space? Like you know how depth can be seen within a painting? The only other race I've seen besides Europoids being capable of depth within such a context would be East Asians, but from a historical context very flat in the beginning, though stuff like mountain paintings for example from like China shows they knew what depth was and was able to replicate it (ie with the fog you see in a distance, etc) Maybe I'm thinking of spatial awareness/visual acuity, but I do know there's an issue with that and shit skins.

I wonder why, I mean how can you not notice such things? How can remembering faces and the like be so difficult?

I heard a really interesting talk a few years ago from a linguistics professor who studied African languages about how lots of African languages don't have a future-tense. He didn't expand much on it in his particular talk but that always stuck with me, the idea that these tribes didn't even have the concept of "I will do X" - it's either I am or I am not doing.

I think the word you're looking for is perspective. Even early european art couldn't figure out proper perspective (pic related). It wasn't until people figured out angular geometry that perspective in art really became a thing.

Ah yeah, I just woke up it was on the tip of my tongue. But what's weird though, clearly the perspective is fucked up in that selective piece, but there's still like detail that I guess shitskins can't comprehend? Like how the light hits the robes and such. Even though the perspective is off well more than just off, like they're being sucked into some strange void off the canvas, it's endearing and mystical in my opinion.

I guess it's just fucking hard to draw when you don't got much to go on on, but that doesn't explain how ancient civilizations were good at sculpting. Could just be the person in question doing a rush job, I'm just perplexed that other races seem really infantile when it comes to stuff like this. Makes me feel like a fucking alien you know what I mean?

The issue is translating 3 dimensions into 2. People have a tendency to paint what they want to be in the painting, rather than what they see. It's hard to put this into words, but this is common in new painters as well. The people are all the same size in this painting because people are all about the same size. So, the artist reasons, all the people should be of similar size - since, objectively, they are. However, in terms of the perspective, those closer to the forefront are larger than those in the back. It took people a long time to figure out how to paint what they see. Sculpting is different, since it preserves the 3D nature of the object. There's no perspective needed to sculpt, and no dimension to try and collapse across (if this makes any sense).

The negroid vernacular is very interesting. Look at the concept of Ebonics. Ebonics is very descriptive and almost poetic. Ebonics is wholly emotional and in analogy. Watch this satirical video, which shows the Peanuts speaking in Ebonics, and you'll see what I mean.

It is the white man that speaks in a combination of poetic and logic, while the negroid seems to lack the logical part. This is why their poetic-talk is humorous to us.

This realization requires a very meta-outlook at the two, requiring the archival of the sixth-circut of consciousness to be activated. NPCs aren't at this stage, but some of us are near, around, or above the sixth. I personally believe myself to be reaching the seventh, but I digress.

No yeah I understand what you're saying. I think what I'm trying to get at is, Why is it that niggers just can't into art? And like lower form mongoloids? Can they not comprehend more dimensions? Are they missing something in their brain like a protein or enzyme? I know they're not human and that explains most of it but holy shit, least we bothered to correct the error of compressing 3 dimensions into 2 and vice versa.

bump for linguistics

That has nothing to do with it. Italian would probably be as easy to make a "singing TTS engine" for as Japanese.

One interesting thing to note is how Chinese specifies so much on how you should pronounce something, and in Japanese, they don't even differentiate "Ra Ri Ru Re Ro" and "La Li Lu Le Lo". Thus, Chinese people sound like robots uttering a series of binary encodings, and their singing has no melody. Meanwhile, Japanese is so loose with speech that they break words in the middle while singing, which gives them a lot of freedom to sing whatever lyrics however they like.

I mean, in Chinese you're so restricted by the language, you can't add any feeling into it, lest you convey the wrong meaning. It's like "feeling" was decimated out of their vocal bitstream. Might be why they behave like robots with no opinion or emotion.


This strikes me as bullshit. English is more based on templates than Japanese, as it is an analytic language like Chinese. Take the following sentence for example: "The cat ate the food."
The standard way to translate it would be:
neko-ga esa-wo tabeta
"The cat ATE the food."
But there is great flexibility as the parts of speech are explicitly marked. You could rearrange virtually any of the words in any order, including even the verb if it is marked as the main verb with a particle.
This is often used for emphasis where English uses stress and intonation instead.
"The CAT ate the food."
esa-wo tabeta-zo neko-ga
neko-ga tabeta-zo esa-wo
"The cat ate the FOOD."

Also, Japanese has a future tense just as much as English does, utilizing helping verbs. And there's the volitional which can be used to declare one's own future actions, but can't be used to talk about others. The thing is, the use of these is optional and not required in every description of a future event.

The real reason is that English phonology is much more complex (more vowels, + more consonant clusters and codas = many, many, many more possible syllables.)

Only a minority of nigger languages have tense, but in general most seem to conjugate for a variety of aspects at the very least. Of the minority that do have tense, some even have mutiple past and future tenses.

"Chapter One
Grassfields Bantu
(61 varieties)
Some GB languages
(e.g. Aghem) have two pasts and futures, some
three, some even four or five (e.g. Bamileke), depending on the
interpretation of P0, The morphology involved in past and futures
morphemes also varies from group to group, even language to
language. "

Chinese language was actually non-tonal for much of history, and tones developed later on as a replacement for dropped consonants. There is still a variety of Chinese which has no tones and has a pitch accent system like Japanese or Swedish or ancient Greek instead.

Negermusik ("Negro Music")[1][2] was a pejorative term used by the Nazis during the Third Reich to signify musical styles and performances by African-Americans that were of the Jazz and Swing music genres. They viewed these musical styles in a racist fashion as inferior works[3] belonging to an "inferior race" and therefore prohibited. The term, at that same time, was also applied to indigenous music styles of black Africans.


1 Nazi Germany
2 Swing kids
3 World War II
4 Post-War period
5 See also
6 Literature
7 References
8 External links

Nazi Germany

At the time of the Weimar Republic during 1927, Ernst Krenek's opera of Jonny spielt auf (Jonny Plays) contained jazz musical performances that caused protests among some right-wing ethnic-nationalist groups in Germany at the time. In 1930, the American musician Henry Cowell wrote in the Melos journal that jazz interpreted a mixture of African-American and Jewish elements, stating that:

"The fundamentals of jazz are the syncopation and rhythmic accents of the Negro. Their modernization is the work of New York Jews […] So Jazz is Negro music seen through the eyes of the Jews." [4]

Such views were readily picked up by the Nazis. Their criticisms have included "gratuitous use of syncopation" and "orgies of drums".[5] More statements from the Nazis included such things as "artistic licentiousness" and "corruption seed in the musical expression" with "indecent dance forms".[6] They went on to scrutinize all modern music of the 1930s as a "political weapon of the Jews".[7] On 4 May 1930, Wilhelm Frick, the Reich's newly appointed Minister of the Interior and Education for Thuringia made a decree called "Against the Negro Culture — For Our German Heritage".[8][9]

In 1932 the national government under Franz von Papen pandered to the Nazis by banning all public performances by black musicians. After Adolf Hitler gained "seizure of power" in 1933, the Reich's Music Chamber[10] was also created in that same year. This was then followed by a full legal ban on this music on October 12, 1935 across all German national radio.[11] This ban was spearheaded by the German Reich's radio conductor, Eugen Hadamovsky, who purportedly stated:

"Mit dem heutigen Tag spreche ich ein endgültiges Verbot des Negerjazz für den gesamten Deutschen Rundfunk aus." (in English- "As of today, I am speaking on a definitive ban on the negro jazz for the entire German Radio.").[8][12]

In 1938, the Nazis organized the 'Entartete Musik' public exhibition in Germany, mainly held in Düsseldorf. This exhibition included a poster displaying a cartoon caricature of an African-American male playing on a saxophone with the Star of David on his tuxedo lapel. The overall theme of the exhibition was defamation of contemporary American music as "Negro music" and as another Jewish 'plot' upon German culture.[13][14]

Swing kids

The "Swing Kids" (German: Swingjugend) were a group of jazz and swing lovers in Germany in the 1930s, mainly in Hamburg (St. Pauli) and Berlin. They were mainly composed of 14- to 18-year-old boys and girls. They defied National Socialism (Nazism) by listening and dancing to this same banned music in private quarters, clubs, rented halls and vacant cafés.[15] Jazz music was offensive to Nazi ideology, because it was often performed by blacks and a number of Jewish musicians. The Swing Kids gave the impression of being apolitical, similar to their zoot suiter counterparts in North America.

On 18 August 1941, in a brutal police operation, over 300 Swing kids were arrested. The measures against them ranged from cutting their hair and sending them back to school under close monitoring, to the deportation of their leaders to Nazi concentration camps.

The 1993 movie, Swing Kids, gives a fictional portrayal of these same youths in that period in Germany.
World War II

Prior to the D-Day landings, during the German occupation of the Netherlands, Joseph Goebbels's propaganda ministry published pamphlets written in Dutch named "Greetings from England - The Coming Invasion". These pamphlets contained in-between statements, such as "old jazz-records" and a further full statement declaring "at the celebration of liberation your daughters and wives will be dancing in the arms of real Negroes".[3] This further equated Jazz music with 'blackness' during this time to stir up racism and anti-Allied propaganda within occupied Europe. Ironically Goebbels managed to create a Nazi-sponsored German swing band named Charlie and his Orchestra whose propagandistic purpose was to win over Nazi support and sympathy from British and American listeners through Shortwave radio.[12]

Additionally counter-propaganda was used by Allied forces which played upon the fears of the Nazi's banned music. One such example is Glenn Miller,[3] who was a White American Jazz musician, that initially provided Jazz music, through radio, to Allied combat soldiers for the purposes of entertainment and morale. His same music was used as counter-propaganda by AFN radio broadcasting to denounce fascist oppression in Europe with even Miller once stating himself:

"America means freedom, and there's no expression of freedom quite so sincere as music."[16][17]-Glenn Miller

Post-War period

Even in the Post–World War II years in 1950's Germany, there were some protests from churches, school authorities and politicians against the "obscene Negro music" of the newly emerging rock 'n' roll genre with such acts like Elvis and Chuck Berry gaining new popularity amongst youth.[18] This attitude also continued right up into the 1960s carrying the same derogatory term that not only maintained its resentment by older generations and conservatives but also was an aggressive defense against a then new contemporary American culture.[19] Dance halls in East-Germany often displayed "Affentanzen verboten" notices (lit.: monkey dancing forbidden).[citation needed]

If you literally translate russian into English it would sound crude like that
"Where hammer"
"I hungry"
"Putin president"

I study Neural Networks, and view the brain from that perspective. I am going to answer this question from this viewpoint.

To say "niggers brains are less good than human's brains, so they can't speak English good," is an answer. If you're satisfied with that, you can stop reading this post. However, if you want to understand intricacies of this, please continue.

A number of researchers speculate that neural networks "denoise" the functions that they learn somewhat naturally. A network that has more layers is going to denoise the function less, but it is going to have higher accuracy. A network with very few layers is going to learn a very, very smoothed out version of the desired function.

Learning a formal language should be likened to learning a function - if you have a thought, there should be one (or a few) ways to express that thought. Different languages require different depths. For example, German is very, very rigid and structured, while English is full of exceptions and contradictions, and Chinese requires knowledge of a large number of characters. German requires fewer layers to learn, English requires a normal amount of layers to learn, and Chinese is basically a language of rote memorization, so it takes a lot of layers to learn.

When you do not have enough layers to learn the desired function, you naturally "strip away" parts of the language that are "harder" to learn. There are a lot of humans who start sentences with prepositions, despite that being technically wrong. There are a lot of humans who cannot remember when you should use "its" or "it's." There are a lot of humans who are unsure if you should put the period before or after a quotation mark. All of these are rules with clear-cut answers, but most humans do not know them. The majority of people on this board can sympathize with this.

What happens is that we've managed to "denoise" the problem of communicating to each other. We are not overly concerned with very deep rules like the ones above - instead, we only care that our message has gotten across. If I were to write "their is a cat over they're," everyone here knows that I meant to say "there is a cat over there." The two sentences look the same to a lot of people, because most of the message has still been transmitted.

So, it is clear that natural language is very "denoised," there are many rules that we just do not follow, and it is obvious that more intelligent people are capable of following more of the rules more of the time.

Consider the nigger's brain. It has far fewer layers than that of a human - it cannot learn as many exceptions, and the number of rules it can learn is far lower. So, what happens is that we end up with niggers saying sentences like "yo can i axe you a question?" - the nigger brain sees "axe" and "ask" as almost the same word in much the same way as many humans see the words "there" and "their" as almost the same word, despite this being clearly wrong. Their grammar is wrong, but many people can still make out what a nigger has meant to say.

What we call "Ebonics" is not a language in its own right. It is a heavily denoised version of English, and the study of Ebonics is valuable from a Neural Network perspective. I believe, unironically, that a Neurobiologist and an Electrical Engineer/Mathematician/other technical AI researcher could exploit this to better understand Natural Language Processing.

If only we could admit that niggers actually have poorer facilities to learn, we could develop many worthwhile breakthroughs in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

I forgot that I was speaking to a less technical audience. Here is an introduction to Neural Networks. Please watch it.

Native African languages lack a way to express future tenses, because the black can't think ahead. They're well known to be terrible long term planners, and their language reflects that.

Makes sense. Also capped.
You see an interesting lack of precision in African languages. Like Xhosa and Zulu only have one term for future tense/events.
There's no varying degree of time passage it is either now, past or future. Rather than now, past, far past, future, far future.
And you'll see niggers constantly fucking up their timekeeping even in the western nations. They're either ludicrously late or stupidly early.

Yes but Russian IS crude.
It is primarily a language of serfs. Until the mid 1900s the overwhelming majority of the Russian population were illiterate even among the ruling class.
And a serf is a very simple individual with simple needs and focus.

Do keep in mind that I have been very informal in my language. It is far from perfect, but if you wish to keep it around, feel free to do so.

Subverted by corrupt mods aiding the invaders. While there was an obvious decline as it grew in popularity, the whole signal/noise ratio, it didn't get absolutely fucked until the mods started actively working against anons. It wasn't at all organic.

Anonymity is our greatest strength but also weakness. Most anons don't want to be mods or anything like that, it just doesn't appeal to them. But subverting communities and institutions by weaseling into authority positions is the go to method of our enemies, and that kind of shit appeals to them on a base level anyway. Petty tyrant little fags. Tripfags are the sort of people that seek moderator positions, even though their values don't line up whatsoever with those of the community. And once one of them weasels their way in, they open the door to all their faggot friends.

Yes, because imagine being strapped to your mother's back and all you see is a flat wall for the first 3 years of your life when depth perception is supposed to be developed. They are shit drivers and they can't tell depth. Strongly believe this is also somehow genetic but honestly believe the back-riding assists in this lack of perception.

Actually Russian royals were taught French before their own language, as an attempt to modernize and Russian even borrows certain French grammar rules, you fucking kike.

It's quite precise, but possibly not very in your face about it.

Also, commonly used words aren't necessesarily deep or precise words.

Helicopter, for example. The standard German word for that is Hubschrauber.
Which translates to: Thing that creates lift via rotation.

A bit like choplifter, only better.
For most other countries Helicopter is the standard, even if they have better, more precise words for it, too.

Raccoon, a raccoon is a Waschbär.
A bear that washes things, and they are, indeed, members of a small bear family.

Et cetera.

Look into Anglish Ænglish to get a glimpse into a more precise English.
It sounds weird as fuck but generally makes more sense.
There are exceptions but it's pretty good overall.

Probably won't take off, though.
But that's fine, someone has to be linguistic master race.

English is generally a good language as its flexible.
It can incorporate new words and concepts very easily and can be utterly mangled but still understood.

No. Stop thinking like this. They are still "the other", not like us. Even if they were polite and intellegent they would still be our competition. Look at high-IQ high agency groups like East Asians and jews. They treat us as competition, or a resource to be mined, not as friends or co-inhabitants.

This is a pipe dream. The mob must respect the rule of their betters. White people respect intelligence and reasoning, negroes do not. A society of whites would work along the grain with their intelligent rulers, negroes would not. It is like expecting that you, a human, would "rule" over a band of apes. They do not understand how things should function, so they cannot accept someone we would believe is functioning. If Thomas Sowell was plopped into an African tribe, he'd be ruled over by the warlord, cannibal negroes. Aggressiveness, physical strength, and virility are traits Africans respect, not intelligence or forward-thinking.

It does. You're thinking in terms of material wealth. All non-whites put their group pride and solidarity over everything, even their own personal well being. They are actually much happier living poor and deprived without whites than living like kangz with whites around. It's just when you dangle all the treats and trinkets the white man has in front of them, they can't help but want to steal it.

That's true but let's not pretend those traits aren't valuable as well. Asians are more docile than whites, that doesn't make them better. Whites are superior because we're smart, can plan long term, AND value strength and conflict.

Yes, but I am specifically talking about these starry-eyed novice nationalists who haven't yet conceived just how different other races are.
This user writes and thinks like he wandered away from civic nationalism yesterday.
I think with these newcomers, they still believe that blacks can be "redeemed" or could have been redeemed if only they were slightly different, slightly more tolerable, slightly less destructive. They think that with enough coaxing, blacks can live by a white moral code in their own nations.

The truth is, no non-white cares to behave like whites do. They do not see value in what we value. A lot of white people cannot understand that white values are not universal, but very specific to us.
All whites behave like this really, even the most liberal ones. They believe that their ideals and their morals are the be-all-end-all of humanity. Everyone wants to be honest, considerate, intelligent, logical, and pragmatic, right? No, absolutely not. In fact some of these traits are seen as defective for other races.
It's only when you finally understand that non-whites function as a different species can you separate your white idealism from them.

Thomas Sowell and all the other "based blacks" that whites admire, would be the absolute bottom rung in a traditional African society. And it's going to be like this for thousands of years. If you really want to see the blacks "improve" their condition, then cut them loose and let them kill themselves in the jungles for another 500 generations. They'll never reach us, though, and in all honesty they may just devolve like the Koalas in Australia. But then again… it's no concern of ours. They'd probably be happier and better off if they reverted back to proto-human apes.

By the way, when I hear them talk this way, their solutions are almost always in the short-term.
"We need to prop up black leaders" "we need to end single motherhood", "we need to remove the negative influence of gang/rap culture", "we need to give them access to better education" As if one or two generations of culture-farming would ultimately transform these stone aged people into humble, self-reliant, (though slightly less advanced) genteel race.

I agree, the races are fundamentally different as much as folks like to pretend otherwise. Some are more similar than others, whites and Asians can get along for the most part, but it's important to remember that we're still competing with each other. The struggle has become annoyingly abstract these days, but it hasn't ended and won't until only one race remains. And even then, it'll probably break down into conflict along ethnic lines. This seems depressing but it's not good system, it selects for the best of us to colonize the stars. Assuming we don't wipe ourselves out by then. And also, whites and Asians will be the only ones going to the stars. If anyone else wins, it's game over for mankind.

Again, you sound like you just graduated from civic nationalism yesterday. You talk about meritocracy and a solution to ethnic conflict as becoming one race, and then show your disdain as "ethnic conflict" would once again return as this unified race becomes divergent.
You act as though human nature (to self segregate, to be tribal) is a lamentable reality, a shameful act, something broken that needs fixing. I would argue the opposite. I am happy that I can prove my race, and my family, can achieve great things. In the past, present, and future. I see my race as an extended family with a story to tell, and a goal to achieve.

You sound like you are sad to be forced into this predicament. That you only wish humans would set aside their differences and advance indefinitely, leaving our prejudices behind. I don't think it's a noble pursuit, or even as beautiful, lofty, and poetic you probably imagine it as. I see it as soulless, unfeeling, meticulous, and completely devoid of anything "human". It is like you see all human animals as unthinking, unfeeling cells that need to be forced to become one organism to achieve anything of note. Rather, you should think of your race, your people, as one extended family. Each generation building upon the last as we ascend to conquer the unknown.

Listen to this audio by WLP, he explains it better than I could through text on the internet.

We sure do love conflict, or there would be no reason to bring terrorists to our homeland.

You misunderstand me, probably because I accidentally wrote
Instead of
Which is what I meant. But yeah I don't think it's something to take joy in, just something to recognize and act accordingly. I'm with you, I'm glad to fight for my family and race, but that doesn't mean I look forward to the necessarily bloodshed. Good men will die, but unfortunately that's the way it has to be and it's no use backing down or hesitating, that only hurts your own kind.

It's really the opposite right now. Whites today are so docile and domesticated they import their enemies so they can avoid the conflict of being called racist by a bunch of swarthy desert rats. Whites are living in the turmoil of their own minds rather than the real world. To them, it is more important to feel safe than to be safe.

If you don't love it, you won't do it. You have to enjoy the struggle, to be a better man. Don't continue your path just because you feel like you're obligated, do it because you are driven.

I hear what you're saying, but I love my family and my people and I won't hesitate to do what needs done for their sake.

That's solid inspiration to kill that particular group completely off.

Fukken saved, user. I think we all get it, but I like your breakdown.

I really wish we could return to a real language that wasn't a hodgepodge of an embarrassment.

We weren't subverted, nigger. I am right here. J00t sold out. Speaking of which, Poole's closed.

I've always said that English is Latin words in German grammar. There are still a lot of Germanic words we use every day. At one time I did feel that English wasn't White enough because it just didn't give the same impression as other Norther European languages.

English is a good language, but it's undeniable it's suffered some mongrelization. Nothing wrong with adopting useful words and phrases from other languages, but there's a limit. Take from the good, and tell the bad to fuck off.

This is largely correct. Consider that Shakespeare alone made up nearly 100 words, almost all of which were latin in origin.

But this user used a big word that I don't understand so he's probably more correct.

Looks like I learned something today.

That's a "dialect" issue, not a brain issue. Though the stupidity of most negros installed that "dialect" within their communities in the first place.

He merely learned a different English.

Some would argue that the British Empire's strength was helped by it's complex language system and depth.
Some would also argue that the reason why they push so much atheism and degeneracy today is to keep you blind so the language you understand is limited.

So why are we mixing people of different backgrounds again when they literally have different concepts of "morality"?
Hell, they even have differing interpretations of our legal system. How is this "progress"? Seems like destruction to me.

Anglish managed to cover a scientific essay with only Germanic words despite science having its roots in Greek etc.

In other words, the flexibility you might think of might just be the Germanic soul of the English.
No need to incorporate any romance languages.

Yes, of the tish kind.

Blop bloo badoo


We still use Germanic declination systems, but they've been simplified. The genitive case has turned into the 's, past tense verbs undergo I-mutation, and there are even remnants of a verb-second system in dependant clauses as is found in German and Scandinavian languages.

Basically politicians.

I doubt it. They were just faggots that didn't give a fuck and wanted to do their shitty paintings without any criticism and get on with their goat milking and horse fucking after mass.

Spatial awareness is an, ahem, "Indo-European" specialty. They figured out chariots first, then rode around conquering everyone, so it makes sense. A charioteer's language should be good at expressing movement and position in three-dimensional space, and sure enough, the Indo-European languages all have tons of vocabulary for this.

We should start teaching this, speaking this, learning and expanding on this.

These are called nominal sentences– there is no finite verb so it is implied that the nominative expression in the predicate position is the object of the present tense form of "to be".

While these examples sound crude in English, they make sense since "hammer", "president", etc. are all in the nominative case, where as any other verb would take an object in a different case.

Ancient Greek does the exact same thing, and Russian, as an inflected language, is a lot closer to ancient Greek than English (or even German) is.

However, I can't deny that Russian expressions in general are more blunt than English. When you ask someone how they are doing, the standard answer is "normal," not even "fine" and certainly not "good."

In general though, it has far more grammatical complexity and precision than (at least modern) English does.

Forgot to add, in Ancient Greek they don't even use personal subject pronouns with verbs, since the subject is completely determined by the conjugation.

e.g., the verb form in "We go" and "I go" is ambiguous, so English needs to specify the pronoun. But Greek doesn't because the equivalents of "go" have different forms– are you going to argue that the language of ancient philosophy is more primitive than modern English??