The Norwegian Olympic Ski Team's official sweater is filled with "nazi runes"

And surprise surprise the kike overlord of Norway is angry about it!
Ervin Kohn is the one that said Norway is too white and that "there is a job to be done".
This isn't the first time this has happened, Jews went wild after the Norwegian Olympic Skijumping Team got a """"fascist""""" advertisement made by Norways biggest weapons manufacturer Nammo. Note how it says securing the future. "Oy vey this could have been made by nazis!"

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Yes please

I'd buy it, especially just to spit in the face of how pozzed the American athletes have been.

too bad norwegians are just as cucked as swedes.

Jews want to genocide this

They want to make everything as ugly as they are.

Aesthetic as fuck. Makes me wish I was nordic.

That's a nice sweater.

I want to buy those sweaters.
They look comfy as fuck.

You can buy it here:
But it's _extremely_ overpriced.

Only 200 eurobucks a piece.
Go ahead.

Too bad you're not white.

You are right

Extremely overpriced if you don't work and only want to buy clothes made by sweatshops.

Every time.


The fuck are they made out of to justify that price? A virgin's cunthairs?

Worth it - except winter is almost over

Glad to hear it, Norway.

Now let's see if they will cuck out or tell the kikes to fuck off.

They're made using white labour in a country with a very high standard of living. They say their wool is only sourced from Europe and New Zealand. Your perception of what various goods cost has just been skewed by the overabundance of shit quality goods made by gooks using trash.

A few years ago I resolved to wherever possible only buy products made in white countries using raw materials sourced from white countries (the latter part can be hard to verify without contacting manufacturers). The price shock is real, but once you get used to not buying as much it's a great feeling to have much higher quality possessions and know that you're supporting white industry. I buy Japanese when there's no good white option, usually for tools. At least they're honourary aryans

Feels good reporting that racist to twitter. kek

This is the exact same as a scenario where a kikel can use one of their letters, but need to be "careful" about the use of three.

I will put you kikes in such a future. Rolling for single kike rune on future ovens.

Fuck off nigger.

They don't have gooks making them between jewish blowjobs?

Yeah certain things are worth spending for the quality. English and Japanese tools (German tooling has taken a beating) The clothing you get from the Nordic countries are very well made and warm. Like the fuckers know how to dress for cold fucking weather. Who knew. Iceland sells some very nice sweaters too.
Unfortunately the US isn't historically known for much besides guns and cars and we shipped most our automotive manufacturing away a long time ago. We're bringing it back but people should be prepared for the "sticker shock" of buying american made as well until we normalize and have our factories etc. ready again.

Public transit is anti-semetic now?

Are Danish sweaters kosher, rabbi?

It's upside down, just like the "peace symbol"

They have a habit of inverting things.

No, it is not. There is no controversy. Just some piece of hooknosed biowaste infesting Norway is throwing a hissyfit and his fellow globs of slime trying to amplify it.

These sweaters are great, by the way.

Looks a lot like my fiance except the eye colour. Mine has green eyes.

No, I get that much, but the price is still ridiculous. Wool is actually quite cheap here in Ukraine, so I assume it's just the insane cost of living in Norway that jacks up both the cost they can demand and the wages involved in making it, assuming it's made in Norway and not China. Just for comparison, that sweater is essentially an entire month's worth of middle class wages here. While certain sweaters may be worth that much, there isn't anything special about this one that would make it so. It does look quite nice though.

Nice Hitler dubs, but I'm not a nigger.

The "craftsmanship" page on their website says it's actually made in Norway. The ones linked are made from merino too, which is what they say they get from here in New Zealand. NZ merino is pretty damn expensive on the export market.

Now that you mention it, I think it's true that it mostly just comes down to just currency and wage differences between different countries. Down here that sweater is less than three days on the legal minimum wage (ignoring tax, so something like 3.5 days if you allow for it), and as far as I know wages in Norway are quite a bit higher again.

Well, it's something like 4% of an average monthly salary here in Norway, which is the market it's aimed towards. I do agree it's overpriced in an international sense, but everything is overpriced in an international sense in Norway. But this isn't really the most kiked example, because it's actually produced here, by some people who have to be able to compete with that salary/price level too.

That's legitimately impressive. Goodjob.

Sue the kikes for their impotence.


what the fuck are these (((assholes))) going on about?

Shaming tactics on any white nation celebrating its ancestry and culture.

Yeah, awkward. I'm retarded. I meant their chutzpah. Sue them for their chutzpah.

For that price I'd expect it to have been anointed by the fucking Blutfahne.

It's actually not overpriced for a real wool sweater.

I love the runes used too. The Warrior and Protection. Very appropriate runes for the situation at hand in Norway, and the west in general. The rise of the warrior spirit will also give rise to the sense of urgency regarding protection.

I want that sweater.

The jew fears the viking.

No, buy MY sweaters bjforyim!

jk ily Denmark

I love that loophole.

Please tell me the general Norwegian reponse is to tell Kohn in no uncertain terms to go fuck himself.

She looks a lot like Katheryn Winnick in the second pic.

Impudence, user. Impudence.

meant for

You're nigger as fuck.

As do I. Those runes are powerful and of great use to anyone who sees wtf is really going on in the world.

Good on Norway.
Now to annexing Sweden and kicking out the invaders.

Where can I get a replica of such a sweater?
It genuinely looks comfy though.

Jeg elsker også dig

"Peace symbol" is literally a strategic bomber, symbol of nuclear war.

Any white symbol is classified as racist. Kinda funny how the (((cross))) isn't

She looks like a man in the first pic.

where can you get one ?

If Kohn can't tolerate other peoples culture and then why should people tolerate his?

People need to be shown what the end goal of this nefarious agenda is - to remove their culture.

The memetic flashback potential from this is tremendous.
Meme related.
Spread it

>Kinda funny how the (((cross))) isn't

Jelly soyboy detected

Remember goys its antisemitic to point out that israel could contain over 200,000,000 goyim if every square inch of israel was built vertically like New York city, its borders opened to nonjewish, nonwhite mass immigration, all antimiscegenation laws repealed and gay marriage legalized.

Thats for goyim only! Not israel!

Kek is helping them winning the most medals

Obvious contrived controversy operation.
It is not credible that this could happen "by mistake".

That symbol is hardly known. The only thing credible about this story is a hystrionic kike kvetching, "oy vey! its annudah shoah!"

O-o-oy vey, it's like I am burning in the oven again

I just have to know…

Simply filming white people existing is now white supremacy.

It's genuinely disturbing to me how imageboards have made it impossible for some of you to tell the difference between women and traps.

InB4 they cuckout and ban it.

The audacity of these kikes. How about kikes stop using their artificial language because it's being used right now to kill Palestinians?

>Kinda funny how the (((cross))) isn't
Outside Jewland it isn't, but, no joke, kikes don't use + for adding numbers because it triggers them.

technically inverted runes have no significant meaning

although they might believe that inverting our symbols carries some meaning, so who knows

The fuck are you talking about, kikes have been destroying the cross for centuries.

SEAS, a loudspeaker company, is actually competitive priced

Cheaper than Morel of Israel, copyist of Danish Dynaudio speaker.