‘Polocaust museum’: Polish minister calls for commemoration of non-Jewish victims of WWII


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you just cannot make this shit up, there is no fucking way to describe it. I am at a loss for words.


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P-p-polan can into holocaust?

Who knew that it'd be Poland? Especially after what Germany did to them. Guess it was a hard enough hit on the head.

They are such fucking niggers. Nationalists my ass.

Are you saying that poland being retarded and not helping Hitler was okay?


No, I'm saying that their German occupation slapped some eventual sense into them.

PolAnd is trollin on levels unseen before




They are crying Holohoax while begging amimutts and kikes to treat them like they do occupied Germany. Namely the whole NATO ordeal. And keeping the Holohoax alive.
Are you high or something?

That's actually something we pushed for all the time. Ignore the fucking jews since they fucking ignore us.
Well… That backstab from them gave the government the final push.
Now I guess Poland is enemies with Israel.

And for those who say… Holocaust didn't happen. Why destroy something you can capitalize on :^)


Give me a fucking break and go lick a toilet.

Next Poland accuses Israel of Anti-Slavism and makes them pay reparations.

Top.fuggin Kek

Time till we hear that Poland has WMDs in 5. . . 4. . . 3. . .

You are so fucking blind and retarded it is unbelievable.

This is master Troll at work.
Polska and Don compete for King Troll

It is a subhuman toilet licker samefagging.
Keep doing it.

Tbh this is downright fucking hilarious. I can't even

Meanwhile this further cements the holohoax, pushing the evil Nazis narrative. Poles are dumb niggers.

Nobody can out-troll the polaks, they are a living breathing meme.
exept for the finns, but they would rather than compete

Was du machen? Kurwaaaa

Troll level: unmeasurable

checked and heiled
pooland is a release valve. poolish nationalism is absolutely impotent. Hungary and Bulgaria did much more against the shitskin invasions.
Everybody is afraid of German nationalism. The poles dont even make the radar, especially when they keep begging NATO to enrich them. Not much they can do anyway. You dont blame a monkey for not being human.

For example this samefagging.

Baby steps, user. They've come along farther than the Americans have. You reward progress in this world. The fact that they blame the Jews for the Holohoax is almost funnier than them telling the truth about it.

My goodness, will you look at all that JIDFing going on? I guess I hate those sausage-niggers now, huh? Poland, NO!

Reported for shilling.

The troll is strong with this one

Reporting for not accepting the Holohoax narrative?
Do it retard.

Not when exposing the Holohoax is still legal in America.

You crazy crazy madmen
It takes Slav or Finn to ascend to this level of trolling

inb4 he starts attacking the German people and claiming Poland beat Germany in WWII

Oh he did already.


Proud of my Slavic brothers.
This is master troll at work

You mean that right? :^)

How could anyone not take Poland seriously when looking at this prime specimen

the kvetching in this thread should tell you something

Two birds with one stone. Jews and cryptojews playing victimhood olimpics to divert goyim attention from some important backroom dealing, at same time peddle muh 6 million. I'm fucking boiling watching those PiS kikes and kosher "right".

muffled oy gevalts in the distance.

Top fuggin KEK


they are going all in

Whatever dilutes the kikes' hall of cost narrative is good. Sure, it'd be nice if national governments adopted the Holla Forums position, but for realistic near-term gains how is this a bad thing?

Yeah it keeps the lie alive but at the same time we're starting to get to the point where "oy vey my grandparents died in the holocaust" becomes "fuck off, so did everyone else's"

it weakens the jewish position by diluting their victim narrative. this is good, especially if it shifts the spotlight towards the soviet holocausts (aka the real ones). then, shift the spotlight toward the fact that the soviets were jews…. so, yeah, the jews actually committed the holocaust (the real one, where the soviets killed tens of millions of civilians). saul alinsky 101: accuse the opponent of doing what you are doing or have done. God damn kikes.

u mad, schlomo?

oh, so poles are really jews now? is that the narrative?


You are hopelessly retarded if you think that will play out the way you think.

The ruling party of poland that everyone thinks is "based" is PiS, which means old communists.
You reek of a retarded /thedonald/ american.

No, the narrative is the Holohoax and it must be exposed directly. Your pussy kosher shit just keeps the burdens on the most potentally powerful country to turn nationalist (Germany).

The jews opened a can of worms they will never be able to close. What do you guys want to bet that the Polish government is full of men who know the truth about the holyhoax?:

No, Poles are not jews. Jews governing Poland on behalf of US ZOG are.

God bless Poland!

Now I understand why they really had to destroy germany. International shitposting.

Really makes my synapses rejuvenated

Does user have official stats on Jew squats in those places and the official sources? Inquisitive minds want to know where to drop the first bomb

All of NYC is an acceptable loss.

The US (as the kike HQ) uses Germany as their central hub to act out their machinations on the whole of Europe and the rest of the world. What better idea is there to further browbeat Germans… You think Poland stronk? Then why isn't Poland used as the central hub? Fuck you retarded imbeciles. I swear, there exists no consciousness in Poland. It never has.


Is that you in the second picture?


Even if it was is he supposed to be embarrassed making a good wage and being a functioning part of what makes modern civilization possible?

Every man who works and actually makes a positive difference should be proud.


He was implying that the ruspolslav subhuman in this thread IS the garbage.

Its like okay you wanna play the numbers game. You wanna play that card, the evil nazi card. Alright lets play that card and then the Palestinian genocide card. Lets play the Palestinian invasion card.
Oh while you are at it, you wanna play the white peoples culture is toxic card? We'll play the toxic jewish culture card, ever wonder why bankers and lawyers have such a bad rap? Aren't most of them jewish?

Oh alright then.

They were in the same camps user… for every jewish "death camp" survivor there is a pole who knows the truth about the chambers

Why do they keep the lie alive then? Why make investigation illegal?

Because Poles fear Germans more than Jews.


Did their kike PM get kicked out of an exclusive club or something? What the hell is going on over there? Is this winning or just a new angle? Some random Pole user explain this shit.

Exactly how many german guards have you heard from until you dig? None? Name all of the world famous revisionists.. if you have more than 5 I will be surprised. You know exactly why.

How many of these fucking threads is it now?

They've been attention whoring non-stop for days now. It's the kikes among them inciting them to act like niggers preying upon their sense of patriotism.

Pol was last in line on the guilt train and when you're last or losing for so long you'll get the urge to flip the table.

This is Poland trying to flip the holocaust table.

Spare us the bullshit. The holohoax is the only reason Hitler hasnt gotten Napoleon status yet.
Go shove your kosher bullshit up your ass then clean my toilet.

Kill yourself kike. This is polish jews acting like scared little cunts trying their damnedest to get us to turn on poles.

It's been such a long time since we've won anything I'm worried this is some kind of convoluted kike trick. Like all this Poland war stuff is going to roll out a whole new slew of anti, anti-kike laws in all the other countries or something.

why do american huwhite nationalists even comment in these threads?
Europe is not a country

Are you legit retarded? That was sarcasm.

Yeah this could be a trap. Poland and Hungary kikes act like they're counties' have spines in order to give the kikes in the rest of Europe something to point and scream at while they demand more anti hate laws.


A smiling myster meat changing the name of a street in Berlin to a kike lover's. I named the file "hwhite brother". And you couldnt see the sarcasm. You retarded subhuman scum are probably a pole.

The thing that takes a lot of people a long time to understand is that first you must delegitimize it's religious status before others can analyze it rationally, accept criticism of it, and dissolve it. Kikes did this with every one of our racial traditions. Please don't tell me that you still don't get it, anons.

Even if you personally had no problem with slavery, it is rhetorically useful to point out Whites being enslaved by other races to break down kikel narrative monopoly. This is the exact same thing.

The holohoax will be killed in due time.

I would bet. The Soviets butchered much of the Polish officer core (i.e. modern nobility) at the Katyn forest and blamed it on the Germans.

Indeed. I never stopped agreeing with the purge faction in that Jewbisoft title "The Division." The whole plot is "oy vey we have to save jew york." I didn't play that one for very long.

We always win the bait game, nigger.

Lots of Poles took jobs in the (((UK))) due to the Eurozone. Many are heading back now in anticipation of Brexit with (((lessons))) learned.

how many jews per kapos ??
something is wrong, how can it be just one guard per 1000 jews ?
do they not have heroism?

You're either an autistic motherfucker or a D&C shill, but either way it doesnt matter, anything to crack the official narrative the better.


Go back to wherever you came from, faglord.

Anyone else seeing loss?

You absolute fucking madmen.
Poland is escalating troll levels at an rate unseen before

proud of my fellow Slavic trolls tbqh. Slovenija is very much the same although understandably on smaller level. But same mentality Kek. Poland will run EU to the ground. And we will gladly join them in doing so



wtf does it have all those for? there are only two genders, so it can't be simply that. wtf?

4th Reich born in Poland? I did Nazi that coming

More like cleaning the toilets of the 4th Reich Haunebu's.

Six million killed in Poland during the war total. Three million Poles. The common narrative also states that six million jews were killed in death camps, which were all based in Poland. Did we just find out that RT shares at least parts of the (proper) revisionist views on the holohoax?

The amount of
D&C in this thread is incredible.
Stay mad, kikes.

(((They))) want to ignore goys looking up to Poland and continue getting blackpilled into depression

remember, kikes abandoned Holla Forumsand

Pamjentaj 6 billion lives lost in the Polocaust, kurwa. Germany and israel will both pay reperations.

On par with the Koreans complaining about the Japanese. If the gooks are kikes for that, then what does that make the pollacks?



Alive and living objects, to whom/from whom, with/without, and many more sentence requirements for different usage of certain words. Thing's in all slavic languages. Shitskin foreigners refusing to learn the language properly usually break those rules and their shitskin speak doesn't include most of those variations.

B-but Poland is Jewish, the government is Jewish! T-the country is a complete shithole!


checked so tell me her name

Missed oppertunity.

They are reinforcing the Holohoax narrative you fucking imbecile.

Inferior nigger subhumans of Europe, bringing shame to pale skin.

Cucked faggot with a Polish-Jew president exterminating your punished race while you throw internet comments on an obscure taiwanese friendship simulator.

Looks like the eternal anglo is quite pissed that other countries refuse to fill themselves with shitskins like his own.

Said the mutt.

An eternal anglo would be interested in keeping the Holohoax alive though, you mutt.

I'm Polish you cucklet. #Btfo'd.

my deepest condolences

t. kike
Said no Holla Forumsack ever

No, they are stealing and repurposing it you moron.

Uh yeah, after WW2 they just ran off and other than a fucking trololo memorial or what have it somewhere in israel no one gives a shit that their rat lives were saved

I don't think you're a shill, I think you're in the bottom 10% of intelligence that comes to this board and fell for all the shill memes. This makes you, amazingly, even dumber than shills.

Actuall yes.
The jews are hated today in Poland due to their jewish tricks.
They left us in Communism, after we helped them through the war. And then after Communism, after we regained our independence we made efforts to recompensate the jews… For some reason(many in the government were ex-commies)
So, all of this was stopped finally after the kikes dared to insult their greatest savior. Yes Poland is generally considered a savior of Israel, but the kikes don't even respect their savior.
So the savior shall bring justice!




This is a fantastically potent meme



You are all dumb fucking niggers.

What should they do? Huh /idea-guy/?

You guys are dumb as fuck

Fucking idiot.

even if it reinforces da shoah in the short-term, this is automatically good because it decentralizes the authorship of the narrative

Not to derail this wonderful thread, but does any other user possess a pressing yet irrational despise towards New York City? Surely I can't be the only one who sees it as the perfect city for the (((globalists))) to carry out their hierarchical and hedonistic ways of life: confining people from all walks of life to hyper-valued 40 sq.ft. boxes while taking up shop in Wall Street and Times Square.

You lie straight like jew

this is the biggest laugh i've had all week

Hello Aaron Lech
Yeah, more monies fo dem programs fo dem poor Slav niggers, who dindu nuffin

Next year in Jerusalem?

Wtf is this shit.




the memes lad


So they are becoming kikes. Great to hear the truth.

A retard is quick to think their betters are just as mentally handicapped as they are.

Who carried out the orders like good little dogs?

What would that make of the subhumans keeping the Holohoax alive?


By that standard, Holla Forums is made of kikes you kike.

If you're not talking about the holohoax, yes some Poles might have been killed as a result of the invasion due to casualties of war, but that is still not an argument compared to the Danzig/Bromburg massacres.

Kill yourself, kike.

same claim every thread, no source for it either

Can you guys stop derailing the thread with bullshit and discuss matters at hand? As in jews getting cucked? I swear, there's a fucking shill here

>The Ultimate Holocaust Victims


I would buy this game

https:// vndb.org/c3509
Sage for off-topic.

Its afraid


bump for based poland

bump for based poland

If it can be said of any two nations in the history of mankind that they've never been fucking mental(not of their own free will, at least), it can be said of Poland and the Czech Republic.

God, it must suck to be a faggot.


Shut up kike