Ohio parents lose custody for not allowing daughter’s transgender hormone therapy


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Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

Boomers are bad, but Gen Xers do shit more often than boomers. The only thing worse than a boomer was someone raised by them


I think we all can agree that boomers & Gen Xers are a useless generation.
At what age are you considered an adult in US? Is it 18 or 21?

Glenn Beck thinks he's being clever by blocking archive sites

No fuckstick, the majority of us didn't bother with kids because we saw our older siblings and the hell they went through with their kids and the fuckery the kikes were pulling 20 years ago. That isn't to say Gen X didn't have some problems (every generation deals with niggers) and teen pregnancy among niggers was a huge issue. Amazing how it always comes back to the shitskins fucking things up for the rest.
Millennials were raised by boomers AND left their kids to be raised by their parents which were boomers.
GenX will continue to support what needs to be done but our generation isn't one to rally a group of anons. We don't want to be noticed. We would rather handle shit quietly and permanently. When our children are ready to rise, we will be there at the front clearing a path for them to take the heart from the enemy.
We know our place is sacrifice for our family and we will do so.

Parents who allow their children to do HRT are guilty of sexual child abuse and should have their children taken from them at the very least. Instead it's the other way around. Sad!


Kill yourself child. Get educated. 18 you are no longer a juvenile. 21 you are no longer a minor. Maybe when you can search for easy shit like that, then you can wax eloquent about the generations coming before you.

Age based divide and conquer is communist/maoist. If you want your students revolution, you can get the gas.

Canada does the same thing to Christians which is a recognized form of genocide.

At least webarchive works for now. Until they pull the archive because feels.

apparently you didn't search, yourself, faggot. the age of majority (aka no longer a minor) in the US varies from state to state, but in most states it is 18. asshole.

BIDF (Boomer Internet Defense Force) is out in full force rn

==>>11287272 Was the girl/boy already transgender?
how does that work exactly?, you change the hormones in a girl so that she can feel and appear more manly?

Does it grow a penis? ==I NEED ANSWERS !

*sound of a neck snapping* well what do ya know, I guess SHE didn't survive. We'll always remember her dream to have white babies.

Boomers are over 70 years old, they were the generation born after ww2 ended and all the soldiers came home to have kids, mixed with modern advancements in medical practices. Youre either a larping hobbyist kiddo, or youre a malicious shill. Whatever you are, you dont belong here. Cuckchan is for you.
National Socialism is for whites, not old whites, not young whites. All whites. Whites who arent race traitors. Whites who dont break other whites up into groups and say "This group of whites dont matter because X ridiculous bullshit" - those are race traitors carrying water for kikes.

my mother is around 60 and shes a boomer


Your bother was born after 1950 which means she wasnt a child of the baby boom, all those children were born 4 years earlier.

They turn into men. Physically, with their clothes on, you can't tell the difference. Grown women are like men whose puberty was interrupted early, in many ways. Hormone therapy finishes the process. See pic related – that's a female.

The one thing it doesn't do is give them a dick. The clitoris might elongate, but we're talking Bernie Sanders territory for size here.

Cherry picking won't help. While the states (((technically))) set the age of majority, the feds through their various kikery set the precedent of 21 which is why the laws are applied differently based upon age and why they are given different labels.
Juveniles are anyone 17 and younger. Sometimes they can take an adult charge, like with murder. They are clearly not adults
Minors are anyone under 21 and include juveniles but they receive charges differently and for various laws they are NOT considered ADULTS which is why they receive the charges in the first place as "adults." So, for drinking, STILL A FUCKING MINOR, but you receive a charge at adult daycare instead of juvenile court.
Get fucked.

Fuck off cunt.

If they dont know boomers means the baby boom which directly followed ww2 when the soldiers came back to their wives who were all so glad to see eachother that they collectively all had kids, then they are a retarded /r9k/ larper and should just be reported.


Horseshit, Boomers are from 46 to 55.

It couldn't wait a year?
That bitch can't even buy cigarettes yet

A statement needed to be made goy!

Come on, there are some pretty blatant uncanny valley things going on there. The face looks very feminine, the shoulders and hip ratios are wrong, and what the hell is with his nipples?

Trannies are pretty much just wearing skinsuits.

Can you imagine a judge saying that in a child sex case?


Damn, I meant her. Can we have the DOTR now so we stop using subliminally programmed language?

No, it cannot wait a year. The important thing is to set a precedent. First, a 17-year-old gets (((necessary medical treatment))), then a 15-year-old, then we go 12, then 5.

It's like you've never seen (((genderqueer activists))) at work before.

these days?
depending on the (((defendant)) )


Even soyboys look more realistically male. Sewing together a Frankenstein monster is nothing like growing the real thing, however little testosterone it gets.

I thought the legislature DID consider a set of standards and it was the kikes trying to reinterpret those standards that is causing the problem. Can't wait to be rid of these jewdicial fucks.

Would you rather. . .?

Don't fall for divide and conquer based on age.

Meant to link this:

wow, liberals have actually created a societal scenario where brutal murder of ones elderly parents after you have long moved out of the house and became head of your own household is entirely justified.

now thats what i call progress.

I hate boomers so much. So goddamn much. Fucking us up wasn't enough was it? They have to put their cum-crusted old fingers all over our children too, don't they? Fuck. I'm livid.


I had this issue in my own home once. My Boomercuck mother (whom I took in when she couldn't sponge off my siblings anymore) became a bad influence on my developing white child. Lots of fool ideas in that old gray head of hers.

Out she went. Never looked back.


Remember when we saw this shit coming years ago and we were called "Conspiracy theorists™"?
There you go.

Judge's Dox?

If you only knew how bad things really are.

Activist judges need a dox list just like antifa cucks.

Checked. That would be very nice to have. Much more useful in time than the antifa list.

This. There needs to be better documentation in regards to lists.

But although the tranny in the pics resembles a guy there a ton of tells that it isn't a real man IRL. For example height is a dead giveaway. A lot of female to males are short as fuck and look like manlets. Another dead giveaway is their voices which always sounds like a nasally faggot's voice.

Most trannies just seem off. They rarely ever look like the opposite gender when all is said and done. Wrong proportions, off-sounding voice, wrong height, wrong shoulder width etc etc. I can spot a tranny from a mile away just by paying attention to the little things. But those little things all add up.

t. dyke with excellent gaydar and a master tranny detecter

Don't bother with the tits, just GTFO degenerate.

It's always a kike behind such degeneracy.

fucking kys

They're short and weird-looking. Also tend to be fat. If you're not aware that trannies exist the possibility might not occur to you, but you'll still notice something is wrong. White trannies, of either sex, basically never pass. White people are too sexually dimorphic for it to work. Asians and niggers sometimes succeed (for a particular value of "succeed"–a nigger tranny still looks like a man, but he doesn't look that much more like a man than a nigger woman does, which is why Michelle Obama got away with it).

Alexander the Great systematically exterminated his father's generation so that his could get into power. We must do the same to baby boomers and generation x (everything before millennials and maybe the early millennials as well), but we can be totally open about it because of how detestable boomergoyim are. Baby boomers are the most pathetic generation of human beings in the history of the world; there has never been a weaker, more foolish brood of molluskoid spawn in any land, in any culture, to any race, in any age. This is easy to see and should be agreed upon. Baby boomers are a grave impediment to correcting humanity's trajectory and the only thing they will contribute over the next 20 years is unprecedented medical costs as they cling desperately to their meaningless, faggot lives. Don't forget: baby boomers fear death more than anything, because on their death beds they will all realize that everything that they have done has been fundamentally parasitic and childish.

Generation X is not as bad, and I don't think they need to be eradicated like the Boomers, but they NEED to be physically removed from positions of power. I feel sorry for this generation, because through no fault of their own they have become just as weak and idiotic as the boomers. They were fully immersed in the height of boomer delusion from birth into maturity, and they didn't have the tools and knowledge to resist it. Some of them are alright and have done their part to serve to the truth, but this generation is not capable of a violent adjustment to the architecture of our society.

Millennials are looking to be just as bad and probably worse than the boomers,BUT they still have the malleability of youth. There is a sliver of hope, even for the oldest millennials. Lots of this generation needs to be purged, but efforts must be made to reverse the damage that has been done before the gas switch gets flipped on. The younger millennials could become the eldest of the "strong men from hard times" meme/saying.

Generation Zyklon is fully malleable. I'm born in 1995 which, from what I understand, is the first year of Generation Z. This generation should be our primary focus; they/we could be the last chance that humanity has to remove the Jewish Menace PERMANENTLY, before this species is irrevocably transformed into genderless blobs and Israeli cannon fodder that exist only to consume.

The situation is dire, gentlemen. There is no time to reconcile the Baby Boomer and GenX custodians of this Jewish, niggerated fag nation (and the feminized clownstates in Europe) with the truth. Every day that goes by while Boomers continue to mismanage the wealth of our nations and the bounties of the Earth and the futures of our peoples under their Jew worshipping, avaricious adminstration is another day that bolsters their tactical and strategic advantages over us. The only hope is to start fighting the most difficult and heroic war in the history of the world RIGHT NOW and depose these vermin along with their yid masters and confiscate all vestiges of power from them and denounce their acts in our historical texts so that they may be shamed by all of our posterity for all time.


State did them a favour. Who the fuck wants a mentally defective bitch in their house? 17 years of work down the toilet thanks to talmudvision.

Where the fuck is Trump on this shit? This should not be allowed.

Sadly this isn't the case. You have the younger boomers and their cohorts hanging onto power and they have been grooming millennials to fill the vacancies. They know they can't fool Gen X or control them and we are pretty black and white thinkers that prefer to follow the letter of the law because we were beaten over the head with it for so long, so they don't utilize them as often.
Gen X keeps its head down because there isn't enough of us to do what needs to be done on our lonesome. We're smart enough to wait until we are the most effective.
If you would look at the birth dates of generations you will see Gen Z is a product of X. X is actually doing a damn fine job making sure their kids aren't fucked up like their parent's tried to do to them and succeeded with millennials. The "in-betweeners" that people like to cherry pick would be the nigger teens of Gen X that had their millennials "early."
You know nothing of Generation X.


Turn it all to ash.

faggiest ban evar?

Too the boomers: If you have problems with any of the younger generations, you should have invested some time and foresight into raising us better. Fuck off and die already. Nobody likes a hedonist 20 years past their shelf life.

To the Gen Xers: You chose grunge and nigger music 'lifestyles' over starting families. Own up to the apathy you've manifested into the world, you sorry fuckers.

Millenials: If you've made it far enough to discover Holla Forums, then a lack of parenting is no longer an excuse for your faggotry. DYEL bro?

Gen Zyklon: History is watching you very, very closely. Don't shit the bed, little dudes.

On topic: Pic related.

Yes, because Gen X was full of faggot, emo haired, 3 inch wide wrist, wispy 120lb communist, COD playing, worthless, tranny fapping, pussy mother fuckers who talk about bullying on neogaf. Gen Z has some potential but they fucking better with how fucking worthless their left wing contemporaries are.

Generation X (approx. 1965-1985, so 32-52yo.) is the generation that seems to be caught in between the Boomer mentality of 'having it all' and the hard realisation of struggling between careers, looking after kids and paying for the Boomer's lavish lifestyle.
Gen X are the stressed mothers trying to juggle a career and a family.
Gen X are the workers who had a steady career in their early years and are now forced to work in retail or some entry level position.
Gen X are the generation who embraced the moral decline in the 80s and turned to nihilism in the 90s.
Gen X really should be the most red-pillable generation because they've literally lived the decline and should be able to recognise the societal consequences of actions like feminism, globalism, mass migration, immorality, greed and nihilism.

The difference of 1 year and the "child" (young adult) would do it anyway.
We should all notice this as a problem because it sets the precedent for continually younger children to now be taken away for their parents trying to keep them from permanently mutilating their bodies

Some people might be done puberty by 17 but their brains and skeleton are not actually done growing, various development continues into late 20's. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thymic_involution#Age-related_Involution also interesting

So expect, in the next 6-12 years to see young humans as young as 15 taken away from their parents who refuse gender reassignment processes like hormone therapy.
Eventually a jew or a (((fellow goy))) will make the argumen that transgender therapy is best done before puberty so children as young as 10 will also be pushed into this.

All according to plan.

Daily reminder that soy which contains many phytoestrogens also harms females. Phytoestrogens aren't the same as estrogen and so in some tissues they will cause accelerated estrogenic effects and in other tissues it will simply bind estrogen receptors and inactivate them. In some tissues binding estrogen receptors will make the tissues much less responsive to native estrogen. In other tissues it will cause a surplus amount of receptors being produced.
Soy to men creates effeminate men. Soy to women creates imbalances.

I feel we aren't doing enough to reach out to GenZ right now, they need us. I had a millennial geography teacher tell my high school daughter that whites shouldn't breed but should adopt niglets from niggertopia instead.

t. Middling, disaffected genX who raised 2 racially aware daughters and a 1488 son. Even had to kick out my woman after she went full retard 3rd wave fem marxist after doing university in her 30s half a decade ago. No prisoners, repent or be outcast.

Some of the 60s one's act very boomerish, there's always overlap on the cusps. I would define it more by behaviour than exact dates.

This, so much this. I had my kids early but most gen X are having kids in their plus 30s. These GenZ children and their X parents are prime ground for recruitment. Goddammit, we watched in slowly creeping horror as the tidal wave of kike degeneracy crashed into our generation and even then, it was only the beginning. Fucking goddamit.
We gotta come up with a campaign that strikes a target right in living room.

And you didn't make sure your daughter records this by initiating the topic repeatedly until she could?
If you want a viral video of how bad antiwhite marxism is getting, get a recording of this.
Of course none of us should put our children in public or private schools but someone has to record this and expose it.

I know, it's just one of those things that happens so quickly there's no time I guess. Ye, I homeschooled my daughters for 2 years and the boy is being home schooled as well. Science, tech, olympic lifting etc etc.

Plastic is a much larger problem than soy. Children are wrapped in polyester blankets and clothes all day. Fucking plastic (((microwaved))) bottles. There is no part of an average child's life today that is not estrogenic.

Congrats, you did a very noble thing.
So your children should be immunized to the jew if you did your job.
Get them initiating related topics and ready to record at any time. Get us these words recorded of the teacher saying shit like this. It will go viral if you get something less than 3 sentences. Her face would be nice too, but that could be gained by a recording taken at another time with obviously the same voice, just to show her face.

I second this

It is all important to remove, I agree wholeheartedly. I was expounding on soy, which comes under various names in foods such as vegetable oil or lechitin (if lechitin isn't named as egg lechitin it is almost 100% to be soy).
High density sugar foods, like primarily all "snacks, treats, candies" should be avoided too. And that is harder to sell with the public culture of "halloween" and "christmas" and even "easter" being all about chocolates and candies.

Has Mr Clean been memed into a white supremacist yet?

While I don't want to contribute to this shit I'd like to add an anecdote.
Some "oldies" in their 50-70s are the most leftists I've ever seen. That is why when I hear peple say "America will go more leftist as the old folks die off" all I hear is lies.

it's totally gay and if you don't expect it as a normal healthy lifestyle choice you are a NORMAL HEALTHY PERSON. also

yes I can see a (((judge))) being a humanitarian for LGPTOQ rights everywhere


As much as it hurts to separate like that, you did the right thing.

Holla Forums is always right

Phoneposters get the rope too.

as much as I would like to agree, some of us do work long days user

That's sad, are you even single?
Planning to work in South America, hopefully will meet a Nazi descendant and marry her.

It looks like pic related all grown up. Absolutely disgusting.

So if a girl wanted a boobjob the parents would be forced to pay for it or lose custody? The state should stay the fuck out of the home unless there's clear abuse going on, and she's 17 already, just wait a year and she could do whatever without killing her relationship with the only people on the planet who otherwise would always have her back.
Also is it a her or a he? OP's says daughter but often they use the pretend sex.


Holy shit, it's all coming true.

I graduated high school a year early in 1994. The very year Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. I've hated every single person that voted for that piece of shit since that very day.

So many deluded GenXfaggots itt hahahaha

If you're over the age of 25 you're a faggot and your chance to change history has mostly passed. If you're over 33, forget it hahahaha.. GenX are the cucks sitting in the corner watching niggerball and listening to hair metal. You haven't done anything. If you're GenX on Holla Forums then you're a failure; you should be leading the charge against the kikes, but no, instead you're smoking pot and content with the irrelevance that has characterised your generation from birth. In a way you're worse than boomers because you should be the only ones who have enough power to fight them, but, again, that's not the case because A.) you got fucked by boomers, but B.) because you're a generation of complete irrelevant retards. Like I said, you don't deserve death, but your chance at being remembered favorably by history is passed and you should get out of the way. Shame is your punishment, not gas.

If you're a millennial in your twenties, your time is running out. If your GenZ in your twenties(the eldest year of genz are turning are 22-23 right now) then embrace the upcoming war against the most intimidating enemy in mankind's history: the ZOG.

I'm probably going to get b& for d&c, and I'll take the ban. I know that I'm causing discord. But telling the older generations how faggy and pathetic they are, and how history will press S to spit on their mass graves is so deliciously satisfying that I cannot resist.

To any of my fellow GenZykloids: point and laugh at all your elders, for they are all enormous faggots. Only the 92 year old ww2 vets are worth respecting, and if you're not German, they died for the wrong side.


GenX just took control of Hungary, and declared a Christian war against Religion of Cuck™, Rabbi.

Like I said, almost worse than boomers. The arrogance of what you just said is so pathetic. You're irrelevant.



Pls pls pls pls pls stop pleasuring yourself over the fact that you voted for something. It proves that you're a bluepilled worker insect for the ZOG. If you're GenZ, then pls start shooting up stadiums full of ZOG fodder; you've got nothing to live for anyways.

Actually I'll go so far as to say that the only way for history to soften it's scathing gaze on GenXfaggots is if they become a generation of late blooming mass shooters.

*If you're GenX, start shooting up stadiums

If you're GenZ, then start coordinating for Day of the Rope

Here the rabbinical GenZtard proves the Communist reeducation system works. He's illiterate, and can't do basic math. He thinks I said I voted for Clinton when I said I graduated high school a year early in 1994. That would make ~16yo. I couldn't vote.

Omg top lel I'm cringing so hard for you

And I'm referring to you claiming credit for "GenX voting for crusade in Hungary". Not voting for Clinton (I haven't been following all of your retarded posts it, sry my self-centered, irrelevant GenX friend)

Anyways, pls tell me more about how relevant you are and about all of the monumentous achievements of the legendary GenX

He posted a picture of a knight and said deus vult, don't ya know? Big stuff, changing the world.

Cool digits and cool ID. Also yeah it's just typical GenX butthurt. In fact, "butthurt" is probably the most appropriate adjective for that whole generation.

as long as it isnt racemixing, its ok

Great feminist tension point to push.
What if a woman does not feel female enough without breasts? Can she get some hormone and breast therapy?

Nice defeatism (((fellow hwhite man))).

Hello fellow (((1))).



A tragic comedy.

Not sure which box I fall into born in '79 some say Gen X, others say Gen Y, whatever, but my generation are typified by the abundance of faggots who put their mentality on cruise control at about age 25, and refuse to deviate from it. So fuck ym generation, and I wish you younger guys the best. I think its looking good to be honest, as far as the younger generation. Sure you go kiked up retarded goyim all over, but from that sewage some of the brightest minds are emerging, and THIS is what is important.


I wish for ethnic cleansing.


Canada needs to be saved forcibly.

Thank you.

How much force, and by which army?

Don't wish it (checked)
Bring your own cleansing tools to purify your counry and make it spotless.

Enough force to stamp out every Jew, shitskin and race traitor, and by the 88th Division of the Holla Forumsmerican Army.

It looks like a genetically unblessed manlet on roids that had gyno surgery.
Quite frankly, once you take their hair and make up away, most women just look like feeble men. That one doesn't look uncanny valley. It just looks like it's compensating

MtF are the ones that really look fucking creepy.

This gets a ban but that fucker who spams cuckchan facebook frog MAGA shit and calls out repeating digits in IDs walks freely.

Pics related are the 'results' of giving a woman a 'penis'. Looks like the dicks 8 year olds draw on school desks

the prophet

I dunno about striking the living room exactly, but Gen X and Z pop culture is typified by the vaguely un-PC nihilism of South Park/Rick and Morty/Bill Hicks/Transmetropolitan/Deadpool/Grunge/Metal/"rap = retards attempting poetry" etc.
Metal music (at least prior to the last few years) itself for example is a stronghold of white, (admittedly sometimes pseudo-) masculine nihilism. If Metal ever goes through a large Gamergate type event, I can see our side gaining a much greater following.
From my own experience with these type of people the best way to reach out to them is to first of course be a strong mentor figure, and then depending where they are along the following spectrum, move them from South Park/Rick and Morty nihilism, to anti-SJW/Jordan Peterson-type philosophy, then to Nietzsche-tier philosophy, and then to the redpill from there.

I swear every male actor is a tranny these days.

pls end yourself


What does "Present for care" means? English is not my native language. I am assuming it means: "Goes to the doctor to diagnose something"
Because holy fucking shit:
from the ruling document: scribd.com/document/371667957/Ruling-from-Judge-Sylvia-Sieve-Hendon-on-transgender-boy#from_embed

Argentinian here, expect it sooner than you think because a couple of years ago a jewish tranny pushed a law for minors havig hrt and reassignment surgery without parental consent because it argues that trannies bloom between 8 and 13 years of age.


Gen X reporting in. Kill yourself, nigger.

Trannies don't "bloom". They aren't fucking cherry blossoms. Jesus Christ.

Sorry my vocabulary is shit.

stick a funnel up your ass and pour orange soda into it or else transgender cyber nigger space pirates will come and kidnap you in your sleep and turn you into a cum dumpster, you faggot!

Today it's parents losing custody of 17-year-olds. Tomorrow it will be child neglect charges for not taking your 12-year-old to the tranny clinic.