Paul Nehlen Campaign Manager Exposed as Gay Jew!

You couldn't make this up! What the hell is going on? He goes by Emericafirst and he is Paul Nehlen's campaign manager but his real name is Nusbaum and he has been exposed as a degenerate grifter

"The case dragged on, and Nusbaum moved into the home of a boyfriend he’d met online. The man owned a local business and shared an interest in bondage and sadomasochism. “I was the submissive one,” Nusbaum later told another court in a different proceeding. "

I'm not linking to the (((Huffîngton Post))) but you can look it up yourselves.

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You're surprised that everytime somebody is lauded as (((/ourguy/))) they turn out to be a walking representation of the poorly drawn swastika on a synagogue?

at least hes in shape

They will not allow a real white nationalist movement to exist. Look at the lengths they go to just to stop us talking about basket weaving.

Its why we can all guarantee Trump is kosher.

He's fat now, that's an old pic

Do you have any proof hes gay though? It just looks like hes showing off his abs like a faggot. I honestly don't know anything about this and would like to know more.

Here's the article


Big surprise, turns out Nehlen is an agent of Zion after all, who would have guessed?



We will realize our own Utopia user. Never let the enemy succeed in demoralizing you. We have to keep the info war going too, we ALWAYS win because our enemies cannot even MEME properly.

Emmanuel Goldstein's manager is a gay jew?

Nehlen allowed this thing to assist in his campaign as a volunteer (claiming to not have known it was a gay jew). The jew was the one who created the '#shallnotcensor' legislation and potentially has enough 'evidence' from private conversations to bury him. There is the indication that Nehlen has intent on removing this thing from his campaign, however, the lying and deceit has already burned what support he did have from Whites on Twitter. As we know, Nehlen was a temporarily useful cog in a highly-complex wheel moving toward the Great White Awakening. So with that said, he dug his own grave and is now of little use to the greater cause.
This should serve as a clarion call for those who are intent on forming movements external to this platform. You must be extremely diligent and vigilant when recruiting assets. The jews will fill any void (especially leadership roles), they are psychopaths that will mold themselves into what you desire in candidates. Depending on your desired level of investment this may be a highly risky choice and should not be taken lightly. Take the time to thoroughly vet everyone you associate with and trust. Nehlen is new to this, as many here are now, don't allow yourself to be subverted.


Wtf I love the Overton window going left now

I'm still voting for him.

Study history before engaging in politics

I'm more surprised when somebody in the aut-kike turns out to be a straight gentile.


At this point we should just call our group the basket weavers.

I know more about history and the Jew than you do or will.



Self-hating Jews might be on our side sometimes, but we must keep an eye on him. We shouldn't drop Nehlen just because of this though.

You can tell how genuine someone is by the amount of effort put into assassinating them.

wasn't he Ebolamerica before that? This guy was a freak and really showed his hand the first time Nehlen was suspended with the retarded twitter rant he went on. The guy was a liability. Has Nehlen commented at all? Choosing him as campaign manager shows bad judgement on Nehlen's part - again. Good riddance tbh. To both of them.

Hillary must be very genuine then.

Hillary is middle-management, if she ever threatened to spill the beans in court she would be on the pavement in a pool of her own blood just like GLR. (Or died from a heart attack)


Same guy, total freak. People are defending him on twitter

Ey faggot, if you were from here you'd realize that Hitler said it himself. "I too had to create my own utopia, It was realized"

I never understood why Hitler killed the SA. I always thought I guess it was due to power struggle or something. But now I understand. For some reason degenerates are attracted to fascism. Something must be done.


they have come to realize that their trust in me is well-placed

No link, no archive, just a faggot making a shitpost. Go back to reddit cunt.

Try to keep up

Checked. Also, he was definitely not open about being a Jew nor a faggot.

Truly jews are our greatest ally in genociding the jews

George did nothing wrong.

Not even close to what I said, kike.

This. It was already fully known. Fuck Huff Post and fuck faggot OP.
Nehlen will win.

(the manager of his campaign)

You're not fooling anyone. You're advocating working with jews and genociding them, can't have it both ways Moshe.

You're quoting a post saying that now is the time to discard Nehlen since it's been definitively proven he's an agent of Zion. Stop supporting Israel you fucking mongoloid.

So you don't even find it a little suspicious that "anti-Semite" who's supposedly running a pro-White campaign has a jewish compaign manager, was mentored by Goldman Sachs/Kikebart Bannon, and visited Israel in 2016?

wtf i love Paul Ryan now

What does that have to do with what we're discussing?

Fuck off nigger, Holla Forums is Ryan territory.

I'm not advocating working with Jews, I'm advocating someone pushing our interests. I can have your sister both ways, you dumb shitskin dwarf.

People should have realized right away, that he is either batshit, or the jews stooge candidate. Get people on the 'fringes' who would normal vote Republican to go for their lackie instead and that tips the balance to their Democrat puppet. He also has TWO jews doing his PR. Kek type boys really took to this faggot and his tired old game. We've seen assholes like this before. It's a typical Shlomo trick.

Nehlen hadn't even read Culture of Critique yet.
Actions speak louder than words.

This information is relevant, and I hope that Paul responds.
However, we MUST realise that this is a MOVEMENT of FLAWED individuals.

Nehlen is NOT one of those TRSodomite 'Racist Liberal' 'Libertarian' Fedora-tippers.
Throwing him under the bus is EXACTLY what (((they))) want us to do.

Actions speak louder than words.
As long as Paul keeps up the momentum, there's no reason not to support him.

If we could shill so hard for Trump, who WAS LITERALLY MENTORED BY A GAY JEW, ROY COHN, then we should be able to get behind Nehlen, who is for all intents and purposes /ourguy/, and the Kike's latest attempt to sabotage him here only serves to prove that.


You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the Huffington Post. There’s a lot of inaccurate and downright false stuff in that article.

What was inaccurate? Is he a jew? Is he a fag? Does he have mental issues? I don't see anything false in the original article. He refused to answer a bunch of the questions. Nothing was denied

Well well well. I thought Nehlen stunk like controlled opposition when he starting "naming the kikes" while simultaneously defending them, and not only is he married to a spic, it now it turns out his campaign spokesman is a gay jew. Case closed. Nehlen is indeed the fraud I pegged him for at first glance.

The time for damage control is over. The jig is thoroughly up. I love how (((Nusbaum))) calls homosexuality degenerate while absolutely refusing to deny that he's gay. Excellent jewish argumentation right there.

Give it up, Chaim.

The amount of shills in every Nehlen thread is shocking, it is funny to watch them squirm though. I used to fear genuine newfriends might be influenced by all this consensus cracking being pushed, but this is turning into an excellent demonstration in jewish argument tactics.

Made this maymay just for you, CIA.

I gave them the thinnest benefit of the doubt before. But at this point I'm now going to consider each and every pro-Nehlen poster an incandescent CIAnigger.

You should make one condensing all the bullet points into a single image with sources.

People shouldn't have been surprised, I know I've posted this before.

It's hard to condense all that info into a meme that's still readable in thumbnail form tbh

Jesus, that picture.

Hm. So he's known this guy for 4-5 months. Does anyone know when Nehlen started naming the jew? The CNN memes for example came after this date. Have they ever even met, given Nusbaum lives in Pennsylvania?

what is it with kikes and the inability to make memes, even simple infographs, I will never fully understand………..

No damage has been done.

Nehlen’s campaign is pro-White and America First, not full-on “gas the kikes, race war now,” you fucking retarded JIDF shill.

There are not “purity requirements” for his political campaign at this time — other than being smart, unapologetically pro-White, and committed to the America First agenda.

You’re owed no denials of anything the Huffington Post alleges, you dumb fuck. Consider Smith’s responses a courtesy; anything not in those responses is unsubstantiated bullshit, and you’d be a moron to believe anything some degenerate from the Huffington Post tells you.

I think I can see who the real kikes are in all this.

Hah. That's some delicious CIAnigger butthurt. You should be mad at yourself honestly. Nehlen married a spic and hired a homosexual heeb to be his spokesman, yet you picked him to be your controlled opposition? How stupid are you? He's even more obvious than Richard Spencer. He's Mike Enoch tier levels of obvious. He might as well walk around wearing a sandwich board that says "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" in giant letters.

Shilling for him at this point is funny but pointless. Paul is 200% confirmed to be an utter fraud.

>b-but you're trusting those jews at (((huffpost)))…

(((Nusbaum))) happily admitted that he's a kike in his own "rebuttal" and couldn't even bring himself to deny the fact that he's a literal faggot. Everybody even remotely redpilled now knows Nehlen is a fake.

He's an admitted jew.

Sounds like a guy who has a serious chance tbh. I'd take Nehlen over this guy.


There's no allegations! Everything in the article is apparently true. He declines to answer a couple questions which only lends additional credence.


Alt-Right as fuck.

There's a foolproof method of unmasking political hustlers who claim to be on your side. Are they running for high office in the 2-party, 1-syndicate, crotch-groping security state that sucks half a trillion dollars from our paychecks every 30 days? If so, then yes, they are hustlers.

These guys running for office are like the pedophile who, when caught, claims he's running a sting operation to catch pedophiles. The corruption is systemic and marrow deep. There is no way to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

This ends by rifles, not votes, as the perfect historical record of that sad fact reveals. But keep prattling on about "Jews" and "ethnostate", if that makes the nonstop degeneracy any easier for you.

Was that barry goldwater at 1:02?