What is your view of MGTOW?

Do you view it as good, bad or it doesn't matter because it's a small number of man?

In this age of feminism and poundMeToo it doesn't seem as a bad way to live.

Quitters. Nihilistic couch lumps. Hedonists. Woe is them if they're still pulling this routine when men of action regain control.

Their stance is understandable but not helpful. They think they can teach women a lesson by ignoring them but that is not going to work because women are too infantile to assume responsibility for a given situation. Instead they will cry and moan for someone to help them, mainly the state in this case.


Mgtow is men only fukcing other men right?

It works as a statement but not as a lifestyle or a movement.

I think they dont call out enough traitors and feminist men. During the metoo scandal they were actually worried about degenerates and cuck men like louis ck and george takei people who promote degenrancy and anti male bs.

The funny thing to me about that picture is that you can tell by the book mark cloth that the book is upside down.

Con artists who exploit the sense of unease that many young men have about the world by selling them a fake solution. There's an awful lot of that going around.

That's how you know it's mainly a Reddit thing. Self-indulgence and muh PR over uncomfortable truths.

My favorite part of MGTOW is how they all claim they're out living fulfilling lives doing great things and earning lots of money. The vast majority of MGTOW are hunching over their fucking computers 16hrs a day pissing and moaning about their NEET lives and watching increasingly degenerate porn.

i am one. i don't give a fucking shit about women.

but I'm an ACTUAL mgtow.
i spend 0% of my life thinking about women.
while the mgtow stereotype is someone who spends all day talking about them and spreading redpills on women.
they didn't go their own way. they spend a lifetime hyperfocused on studying women from afar.
and for that reason i think they're fucking losers and their movement is pathetic and a self contradiction.

Ask yourself about who is at the top, Self Actualization (Personal Needs), of that Pyramid RIGHT NOW?
The people that have their Bottom of the Pyramid taken care of FOR THEM, giving them the free time to be ABLE to; protest, blog, work non-profit organizations, etc?
Students, people on welfare, unemployed, Mommies Basement Dweller, Artists, the Purple-hair-faced-pierced, etc.
See the connection of this competition?
How is this countered?
Lib/Left/Dem goal is to create and maintain a large group with the free time to counter the hard working average Joe that is to busy with Survival and Safety (Basic Needs) and barely has time for Social and Status (Social Needs).
An Uphill Battle for the Average Joe, maybe why a steep Pyramid is used?

They're delusional, low tier men who want to believe that they are depriving women of some great quality; the reality is they're the dregs. Whether their quality (or lack thereof) is thanks to shitty upbringing or genetics is hard to determine, but men who give up on achievement because it's too hard are not the kind of men we need in society. They should be exiled after a period of time too long to be considered redeemable.

It's counterproductive
Get married to a beautiful white woman and have white babies together
Otherwise you're no better than a common faggot

Supposedly according to mgtow logic feminist men , weak men are the weak link in society. So this weak link enables all of the feminists , all the degenerates in Hollywood and society , the marxists and jews. They are very much uncomfortable with calling out their own , so they settle for a hug box thats all about protecting all men from the evil women instead of weeding out the men who allow those bitches to act out. They expect women to go back and behave when Mgtows go on strike to show women what they are missing out on , but what in actuality is gonna happen is they are gonna let apu or pajeet come in on their refugee boat cause immigration is not a big deal to them either.

But your main biological drive is reproduction and to see yourself reflected in your son's face.
How could you deny such a deep, ingrained biological urge?

I fucking hate MGTOW. I mean being a little beta bitch who gives up on getting married is one thing, but these fucking faggots never stop talking about women. Seriously why don't you go your own way and stop complaining about woman 24/7, they're just whinny children who complain about things they chose to give up.

One MGTOW thread had some homo stating that all you needed to do was save your shekels so you could afford a surrogate and a nanny. He didn't seem to appreciate the irony when pointed out that this is how faggots plan their lives.

I do think they have a point about the court system favoring women and screwing over fathers. But mgtows just dont seem like the type that will even bat and fight for this , they just seem like the passive type who dont want to participate and fight for their beliefs.


losers that were sent their own way that try to make it look like they had a choice

You can't and that's part of the reason we have so many trannies and other mentally deficient people these days.

MGTOW is the only sensible option for most men in many parts of the world. Learn the truth about female nature, the divorce rate, the gynocentric world, briffaults law, for starters.

Are you the top 20% of men in terms of looks? If not, then you are actually undesirable to most women. They are far pickier than men. Some even want the cream of the crop, handsome, tall and rich. When they are not pretty themselves.

If you aren't good looking, you will never have a pretty woman love you for you. You may be able to earn money to attract a pretty woman but do you want a wife who loves you for your money only and would leave you for a better looking man? Even if you were handsome, a woman can divorce you and take half your shit and have sex with a fuckboy.

Why not fuck 10/10 prostitutes where it is legal instead of finding a woman who does not love you or want to fuck you? They all have to pretend anyway so why not get somebody who is good at it?

I am about 5'10, 170 lbs, 4-5 inch dick and normal looks. But I am invisible to most women because I am not rich nor am I handsome enough for their picky standards. Being a fit guy with decent looks, am I supposed to be with the fat woman who can't get with the top 20%? Why would I torture myself like that?

Don't get me started on how many crazy feminists there are. I haven't even factored in certain variables to cut out the amount of un-dateable women out there. The remaining number of women you will even consider being with will drop drastically. Women who have slept with tonnes of guys, women who are single mothers, women over a certain age, women who have certain beliefs, women who cheat, women who have serious mental issues, and more.

It is not giving up. Realize these things and then tell me you want to take the risk of being with another human who can destroy your life completely. And for what?

MGTOW addresses a legitimate problem with an illegitimate solution.

It is your ancestral duty to father children.

I wonder who could be behind the MGTOW blackpill shilling

Male equivalent of whiny feminists who shun the opposite sex.

Gay jewish hedonist garbage
Then lead them
Then convince them
Then control their urges by becoming alpha enough to make them fulfill their biological function

They're all soyboys or blackpill idiots.

"MGTOW" is a fake movement created by the same group which forged the "alt-right".
The same people run both sets of channels, invite one another on their shows, start contrived conflicts/slanging matches to get their supporters riled up and tribal, stage fake doxings/stalking/DDOS etc etc. And most importantly, both exists to shake you down for shekels.
The pure levels of attention which e-celebs give to "mgtow" when all they claim to be is a group of men who refuse to marry*, just doesn't add up. "Right-wing" E-celebs constantly bring attention to the "mgtow" channels, not because attacking a tiny, statistically irrelevant group of men is crucial to White survival, but simply because the boogey man of their own creation "mgtow" serves as a source of material on "dry" news days, or to motivate lapsing subs into emptying their pockets or lending "support" to the channel.
>your channel is flagging because your content sucks? no problem, have "mgtow" shill (your colleague) make a 'MGTOW OWNS ' video for no apparent reason.
Now you can run a week of "I'M BEING ATTACKED BY MGTOW, PLEASE HELP" videos and rejuvenate your viewership.

Another reason "mgtow" was created is that it gives a name to a variety of behaviours, allowing those behaviours to be commercialized under one umbrella. The term for a man who doesn't want to marry at the given point in his life, and has not yet done so, is, and always has been "bachelor". By conflating bachelorhood (which is a sound policy to follow until you've reached your peak sexual value as a man, in order to ensure the wife you attract is the best quality you could possibly hope for) with this made-up group "mgtow", and then having the "mgtow" e-celebs conduct themselves in ways which can be called "anti-women", the feminists, yes, the fucking feminists behind mgtow can conflate bachelorhood and sensible eugenic practise (not marrying at the drop of a hat, not marrying low quality women, understanding female psychology, being aware of the games they will play etc) with "misogyny."

tl;dr mgtow is a phantom and even if it were legit, Holla Forums's opinion on it is hardly relevant due to the misconceptions surrounding what "mgtow" actually is about, as the aforementioned and incorrect "anti-sex".

I realize this is going to fall on deaf ears and that all the majority of Holla Forumsacks need to see in order to be turned against something is a "pretty girl in a wheat field" poster claiming that X is "anti-women", X is "the reason for White genocide" etc etc.
It's tiresome and sad but to be expected.



What does that even mean?
My girlfriend likes to go out for a drink at the weekend with her female friends. Sometimes she comes back later than promised. How to I lead her to stop doing this?
Explain how, but don't recommend anything a mgtow would or else you're a hypocrite.

10/10 for being predictable as fuck.

MGTOW are a mix of anti-white jewish shills and weak white people that have become useful idiots helping those that caused most of their problems. they've managed to convince and be convinced. that (white) women are to blame for most of societies problems, not jews, so they convince them to not breed and try to convince others to also not breed.
dont make daughters that you can condition to fix the problem.
dont make sons that you can condition to lead and help solve the problem.
just stop breeding.
give up.

fucking disgusting nihilistic faggotry.

For all the talk of self improvement and broscience on Holla Forums I still don't get the feeling that people here are captain of the industry alpha chads. It's easy to tell people to just "become an alpha" when you don't have to lay your cards on the table

why are you still a virgin?

If she hasn't already she will probably cheat on you soon. Does she object to you going out with your buddies? I bet she does.

MGTOW are faggots. I can't wait to get married and have children. Even if she divorces me someday and takes my children, and I'm forced to live in my car, I'll know I did the right thing.

They have some kernels of truth about how divorce screws over men but thats not a issue exclusive to mgtow for them to solve.

user, you need to up your game or get a new girl that is more into you than doing suspect things on the weekend.

A bunch of shabbos goyim.

being a mother? being a wife? craving leadership and control?
most white marriages work. don't get tricked by cucked (((statistics))). with divorce statistics, if you had 10 married couples and 9 worked out, while 1 guy remarried 20 times and ended up single again, they would say "out of 30 marriages, 20 end in divorce"
no joke.
when men become weak, women fill the void. women want to be controlled and crave leadership.
"if men become useless, the men are no longer needed"

(((MGTOW))) is the male version of (((feminism))), and it's as gay as you can get without having sex with other men.

Live the 14 words instead.

Look at the divorce stats. More than half of marriages end in divorce. More than 70% of those are initiated by the woman.

Can you let her spend as much money as she wants so that she does not have to find somebody richer?

Do you think your wife will never cheat on you because you are so handsome and can satisfy her in all areas?

Are you even 30 years old? Do you know how long 30 years is? To be with the same person for 30 years?

Or how about this.. will you be able to fuck one woman for the rest of your life (be it 30 to 50 years) and never let her catch you cheating or she will divorce you?

There are numerous factors and we are only talking about divorce.

I'm asking the user how he controls this, because he claimed to be able to.

That's exactly mgtow advice.

White men are always to blame for any problem.
Sounds familiar. It couldn't be that kikes have created a situation where even the richest alpha is likely to be asset-stripped, no, he just needs to up his game. Running a multinational corporation with thousands under his command and being in peak physical condition is too beta.
Your advice is bent and useless, the truth is that there's no personal solution to the systemic problem of kike laws enabling women to asset rape. You can play and hope it doesn't happen to you, or you can actively minimize the risks (like mgtow), but what you cannot do is prevent it by "being more alpha".
tl;dr the problem isn't men or women, it's jews. Remove the incentive and the opportunity and men will start getting married again.


I'm out because although the issues can be interesting to discuss, the premise is false. MGTOW is a fake movement engineered by the same kikes behind the alt-right, and working with the alt-right.
If you want to investigate the "mgtow" channel with the closest links to the source kikes who created the movement, then look into the history of "Mayor of MGTOWN".
Very close links to V.K Clark and Renegade.

Female nature.. seeking men who are better than them. Not loving men but using men for their resources. Monkey branching.

I gotta look into that thing you said regarding divorce stats. Why don't you post some evidence that they don't use use first marriages?

What do you mean men become weak and women fill the void? Men loved women and gave them voting rights and look what they done with it. They let refugees into places like sweden. Those refugees now rape and destroy the culture of sweden.

Courts allow women to get away with less prison time. They let them take the kids in divorces. Most of the time they are given preferential treatment in many areas.

What you said "if men become useless, the men are no longer needed". Exactly. Chris rock said a broken man is like a broken hand. Men are only loved when they can provide something. Children and women are loved unconditionally. Even animals are given more mercy than men. How often do you hear people talking about animal rights and being fag when they don't even care about the homeless men and suicides and workplace fatalities and all that shit? www.realsexism.com

I don't give a fuck, only losers divorce. Don't think marriage is good, don't marry.

Females are almost all the same, with only minor differences in personality within their own racial and cultural confines. Even normies recognize this, as evidenced by the abundance of "basic bitch," "asian mom," and "noisy black woman" memes.

Therefore, differences in relationships within those confines can only be caused by the behavior of men, which means men have a much wider range of behavioral conditions and ultimately control of a relationship, whether they are aware of it or not.

A woman is at base a shallow, emotional creature who is obsessed with basic things. She cares about appearances, status among peers, material comfort, and emotional acknowledgement. Saying you are "MGTOW" because women are difficult is the same as saying "I like being weak because weights are heavy" or "I like being smelly because showering every day is tedious." You are only saying you are too lazy/inept to provide those minimal requirements, and thus unable to maintain your status as a man.

Men will never become "useless" because the massive differences in biology and psychology mean an average man will always be better at everything compared to the average woman.

Sage and report.

The minimal requirements aren't so minimal though and the more you provide the more they will take and demand from you. Right now, a relationship (NOT just a marriage!) can be a tremendous pitfall financially and socially. There are more than enough problems we have to deal with on a daily basis as men, so why pick up yet another burden?

i doubt this place is full of alphas. dont have to be in order to identify a problem.

mgtow dont minimize the risks, they remove themselves from the equation. they might as well commit suicide which helps jews defeat the whites.
what advice did i even offer in that post thats useless? to not stop white people from being born? are you jewish?

nigger, everyone wants to "trade up" people always want to do as good as they can. your other observations are just projections.
find me a statistic that does. then break them down by race. heres a chart i found in 5 seconds on jewgle to start.
thank weak men and jews for those

only by a gentleman such as yourself, right? women never love a shitty guy that doesnt return the love, right? or are you going to blame those women for loving a man unconditionally?

"When you come in later than promised after imbibing toxic conscience canceling juice, it highlights the lack of trust I feel in you."
The reply should help define your next move, but I think you already know your relationship is one of convenience rather than lasting love and friendship.

If you don't marry then you aren't you on your way to becoming mgtow?

Easy for you to say "oh I don't give a fuck, only losers divorce" Do you think divorce is your choice? It's the woman's choice if she wants. You will be screwed. Even if you don't get married, if you live with a woman together for a certain period of time in some countries, it's considered marriage and you can still lose your assets.

If a female is demanding more from you, it means you are failing to provide one of her basics. For example, if you play video games for 11 hours every night, you have neglected her emotional needs and lowered your status to "Complete Fucking Loser. " She needed your attention and for you to not be a game-obsessed nigger, but you fucked it up. You fucked it up, not her. She is only trying to cope with your pathetic behavior with her limited female toolbox. This is true for every relationship.

Relationships are not one-way-streets.

Thanks Dr. Kikenfag, for your "Men and Women Are Equal" bullshit.

Okay so you're just spouting random brainfarts now I guess?

Women are not children. I don't think that's true but that is what they all like to believe. I am not responsible for a grown ass person's needs. "Just give her MORE" is, at best, a typically feminine argument and at worst a way to shift all blame back to men.

Every woman deserves a good divorce or two. Don't deprive these women. Man-up, gents. It's your duty to get married and have kids. Otherwise you're a faggot.

They are retards who are led astray by the jew.


Hi, that'd be what he said, you illiterate kike. Try harder.

Neurologically they are.
Women are not men. You ARE responsible for her needs, you yiddish sack of shit. You won't trick us. You won't convince us of your lies. Go away.
It's also not what he said, YOU ILLITERATE FUCK.
You are 100% responsible for your relationship. If she cheats, it was your fault. Either you were too stupid to pick a woman who was virtuous or you were too lazy to be what a relationship demands of a man.

MGTOW is great resource for people trying to learn about all the ways women and system can fuck them.

It is also an amazing refugee camp, or hospital, for those already hurt.

But, I strongly disagree with MGTOW's notion that women are evil slave-masters, so the only way forward is to reject reproduction and remove yourself from humanity's collective DNA pool by not having children.

They call literal gene death a victory. You can't argue with insanity.

No, you fucking soy slurping dumbass, a mgtow would tell you to give up and go your own way. I'm giving you Chad advice, but to really benefit from it, you have to take some initiative of your own in studying the literature that is out there on this very subject. Initiative which, from your posts here, it sounds like you are completely failing to demonstrate. Have you even thought of just talking to your gf about what she's doing, or do you bottle it up like women tend to do and take that kind of emotional abuse because it's easier to just be passive about it?

What use are testicles if you don't use them and hide behind the "mgtow" insult instead so you don't have to take a hard look at yourself?


You're thinking TRP, not MGTOW. TRP is male sexual strategy. MGTOW is about rejecting "the matrix" of female relationship and social games, refusing any and all romantic interaction with female-kind, and checking out of the society.

Read the sentence. You were simply wrong about all of it. And?
You're the only one who has said anything about this, you yiddish motherfucker.

The "The man is 100% responsible for his woman" idea is exactly what White Sharia is about. Sorry you don't know that.

Whelp, halfcuck is spilling over. I hope this is shills talking to shills. Might as well put up a wh*te boi thread while your at it.


leftypol please go.

being responsible for a relationship and being responsible for another person are 2 different things.

Somehow I doubt that.

Fuck off OP. MGTOW is antithetical to what Holla Forums strives for. It is a suitable weapon as an anti-breeding tool that serves the jew. Whites having children and thus having women in their lives shouldn't have to be an issue. MGTOW makes it not only an issue but calls that and thus breeding, something men shouldn't be doing.

This applies with all watered down "versions" of other jewish tools. A MGTOW on Holla Forums might try to appeal to Holla Forums saying that MGTOW has uses for men if you ignore all of the other aspects except cherrypicked and re-phrased ideas. It's the same way a commie will post on Holla Forums suggesting that communism can work, but only if you do it in a certain style and have no jews involved. It's purely cherrypicked delusion made to make you compromise on MGTOW - aka anti-breeding for men - and communism. Then the "actual" MGTOW and commie posters start posting and going a step further. And before you know it they start infesting other topics in their warped good goyim minds.

MGTOW is an anti-breeding tool for men the same way feminism is an anti-breeding tool for women, made by and brought to you by the jews. MGTOW takes all of the worst aspects that jews have caused women to do in modern times and uses that as a cardboard sign that says, "See goyim, you waste your time - don't breed! That'll show those women who's in charge!" It's the missing prong to the two-pronged attack on white men and women.

Don't be a good goyim. Breed. All "actual" or MGTOW-lite posters are not your allies. They're good goyim. They make jews happy.

Sage for shit thread. We left behind this jewish trap in the trash dumpster called CURRENT YEAR. Anyone promoting is new, and/or jewish.

Go to white neighborhoods and poke holes in the condoms at Rite Aid stores. That way you don't have to get married and have kids running around.

Reported for spam.


what do you mean no? one of the main things about mgtow is to not get married. what else are you doing that mgtow aren't?

Buy it, goy. Buy it.

He's and incel. He would like to get married, but can't. Undatable, TFL etc… Men SENT Their Own Way, rejected by society before they had the option of choosing.

I have nothing against men going their own way, hell that's the way it should be. That said, MGTOW as a movement has grown into a meme.

Never let your movement become a meme, user, or you'll end up like the Alt Right - a club of overweight, unemployed homosexuals smoking in basements making passive-aggressive videos about all the niggers that have cucked you thus far.

Short-sighted and emotionally based ideology stemming from personal grievances. I mean, they don't seem to understand the whole picture and just blames women for how the world of relationships in todays world works.


I reported you 5 times already. And for posting CP in /hebe/.

Nigger, the FBI already raided it twice. What do you think /hebe/'s only purpose in existence is? Autists trading CP.

that;s what mgtows do, they;'re incels

Global report for hoax.

A bunch of faggots

They are like Communists; valid criticism, stupid solutions.

That is some irony, but at the same time, I can agree with the surrogate due simply to the fact that some men would rather work to have children, and not get screwed over due to the state of the government (actually almost encourages divorce). Frankly, it's what I plan on doing if I get to 28-30 and don't have kids yet, because I am actively trying to find a great white woman, but it is a bit of a "needle in a haystack" kinda issue nowadays.

Stepping stone. It's babby's first look into female hypergamous nature but instead of seeing a solution they see a raw deal not worth taking.
Either they get tired of it and see the error of their ways or they die alone.

Checked, it may make me sound like a newfag, but I literally have no idea what MGTOW stands for. As you said, I'm more of a bachelor right now in terms of I know I'm not as valuable as a man, so I'm waiting to find something serious for a few years. And on top of that, despite the faggots on this board assuming everyone who doesn't want women right now is anti-woman, but the intelligent, are only putting off women to make it easier for them to have a quality one.
And also, like I said in another post, finding a quality woman is a needle in a haystack issue. It doesn't mean one should just give up tho which is why I never understood this (((movement))).

Homosexuality rebranded, that's MGTOW for ya nigger

Aww the other MGTOW thread failed spectacularly so you're just dumping the rest of the folder? Fucking jews.

You know what it is? They're pissed we found out florida was yet ANOTHER one of their OPs but this time a psycho jew is at the forefront before they could shut it down.

Celebrate the dead jew kids. Celebreate their fuckup. They would be celebrating yours had they succeeded and not used one of their broken.

Not at all.
It is just the simple act of to refuse to play a rigged game.
MGTOW dislike homos with passion.
And the end goal is "Monk Mode" or Asceticism.

MGTOW is largely a self defense reaction to feminism. A bunch of the guys identifying it were divorced rape and lost their children. See video for an intense example.

The Red Pill (the reddit dating version) on the other hand speaks a lot of truth but is, imo, fitting the description of feminism for men. They had a bunch of threads recently about fucking other men's wives, justifying it because they're "amoral" and "traditional values were never desirable, and they're never coming back." They want to act super enlightened and realist, but never once to you see any of them think about what happens if you wreck a home with children, or how society is supposed to function with 100% fatherless homes.

Not everyone can win in life, but it's the committed losers of any description that I can't stand. If "mgtow" means "I'm so butthurt that I'm consciously rejecting success" then into the gas chambers with them.

Well, sorry to break it to you, but it's fucking terrible.

The male version of feminism, (((they))) created this so it could fit in yet another false dichotomy for men to choose

Hey Traddy, it isn't MGTOW that's lowering the birth rate - it's women's rights. If you want White babies, abolish women's rights and reclassify women as mens' property.

Enough cheap talk.
There are hordes of divorced MGTOWs.
Before you talk, get married and have children, then, in a few years, come back and describe you "successful" experience.
There is NO WAY you can be a winner, hypergamy have been set loose, the system and the laws are set against men, and the options to maneuver are extremely limited.
Everybody can see this but not some bigmouth NacSoc guys.
There is no a single commercial add, a school curricula, a single social program to encourage and support boys.
On the contrary, boys behaving as boys are blamed because they are too aggressive and the school prescribes them psychiatric drugs to keep them numb.
Wake up! Blaming, and shaming fellow men will not work. But support them might.

That's what I mean by "committed loser"- the people you can't support, because they don't want things to get better, either in their own lives or on the societal level.