Mini chimp out coming for the UK

chicken shortage shuts KFCs across United Kingdom
Friendly reminder if emergency deliveries don’t happen soon. We could see a chimp out of biblical proportions. Every time a face food fried chicken place in the states or Canada runs out of chicken consistently Blacks riot over it.

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it wont happen. not in the uk. our "pets" are of the arab kind. Actual niggers are pretty rare here.

our nigs are too busy cutting the disc locks off of peoples motorbikes and stealing them in broad daylight (the bikes not the locks) to be worried about kfc

Are you not counting Somalis as niggers?

No he is right. Niggers are about one percent of the UK.

Also, please tell me someone has the BBC piece on this last night. Two niglets, one of them crying and clutching a closed KFC.

No more tendies?!


Do wiggers count as niggers? UK have plenty of those.

All blacks are niggers, but not all niggers are black.


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shut up you fuckin autist. He obviously meant that some white people = niggers. You spaz

No mini chimp out OP, the UK nog is a far more docile animal. Still dumb criminals but not a patch on the niggers in North America. Unfortunately you got stuck with a very rare breed of nogtard.

I’m shocked blacks didn’t take credit for inventing fried chicken yet


Why does everything have to be a fucking hashtag?



No chicken!?
Or dey jus outta chicken?

Please tell me that is real

A lot of them do, actually. Claim to have made it behind their owner's backs while they kraka asses ate nothin but shitty ass English food an sheeit.