We nuked the Japanese for a provoked attack

We nuked the Japanese for a provoked attack.
We bombed every city in Germany because they rightfully declared war on us.
But Israel wasn't blown off the map after they attacked us.

Israel is our greatest ally and friend, we shouldn't harrass and bully them just because they made one tiny innocent mistake

And this is why the USS Liberty argument will fail to reach the bluepilled masses. Expose Israel for the current European Genocide and for Globalism. Those are recent crimes everyone is familiar with.


Plenty of oddities here.



Japan was under an american economic blockade
No, you declared war on them after (((they))) sunk one of your civil ships carrying ammo.
Agree on that one.

Big mistake was giving in to the demands of terrorist zionists instead of telling them to fuck off.




What a (((cohencidence))).

Japan was nuked to hopefully force them to surrender before US troops would have to make the land invasion on Japan proper. It worked, though of course the Japanese didn't realize that the US had already blown it's entire nuke arsenal. Had they known they would never have surrendered most likely.

Actually, Hitler's declaration of war on the US seems almost arbitrary. The US rightfully responded in kind hours later. Before that day (Dec 11, '41) the US was officially neutral in the war, though obviously aiding the UK with lend-lease.

I have no love for globalist kikes but it's highly unlikely the Jews realized for certain the USS Liberty was an American ship. It's much more probable they did, in fact, think it Egyptian. Occam's razor.

This is Holla Forums OP. Try to keep it honest.

I seem to remember one of the few U.S sailors lucky enough to survive claim he had no doubt Israel knew it was an U.S. ship. Look it up it's was on Judetube.

Guise? C'mon guise, this is Holla Forums jews wouldn't do something like that would they? Guise? Just keepin it honest.

Massively underchecked.

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what a fucking meme, the whole us involvement in ww2 was optional, just a jew golem
very dead jew in the usa should be worth ten dead jews elsewhere, thats how much force multiplier usa is for the kikes

Yes, and?


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Israel admitted they knew it was a US ship. Their claim was it was in the wrong place. Fuck you jew.

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We need the info thread back. Other than that ==QTDNA==

Without fail, every time a person unironically explains something with Occam's razor, that person is a turbo retard.

Japan won anyway after unleashing anime to the world.
Kikes fear it, nogs don't get it and normies can't grasp it.

No shit, mind blown

yes the Japanese were highly dependent on American imports for their campaign in China before the "sanctions" or whatever you want to call them.

Its and easy redpill that many anons lack the intelligence to manipulate use. Very little critical thinking on the boards today.

For some of you who have a Jewish obsession you seem to learn almost nothing from the constant amount of time you spend learning about your enemy.

So case in point USS Liberty. Most of you would it seems simply start out by screaming about the Jewish and the middle east and that bush did 9/11. You lack emotional control and the knowledge of how to prod. You have no impulse control and do not understand timing.

This was a gift. You just talk about how crazy the middle east is. How the Jews and Palestinians are at war. How the Jews have had to build massive infrastructure to protect them, and still to this day they are so hated people will blow themselves up just to get at them.

Then next week you bring up how clustered it is, how destablized, how poor libya was destroyed. You get agreement. You ask for theory and thought. You move on to other topics. Then you drop in the liberty in the context of what you built, that the middle east is so terrible the even the Jews, our allies, killed us because… and you let them sort that out.

It’s the same way the Greeks won, by spreading their culture.


And listen to the first half of this speech.

It is no coincidence that the Japs have been pouring out more anime than ever. I'm sure there are some fascists consciously supporting it. A lot of the recent anime is very clearly high budget. I would even go as far as to say that anime is more geared toward whites than it is towards japanese.

Don't forget (((WW1))) and (((Spanish-american war)))

The Spanish American War was just about grabbing colonies from a weakened Spain, the Maine's explosion being due to a boiler failure rather than a mine is just a convenience since they were trying to Provoke the Spanish to start with, I really has little to do with Jews as that was how America handled the conflict with Mexico half a century before.