Trump Endorses Mitt Romney's Senate Run

“He will make a great Senator and worthy successor to Orrin Hatch, and has my full support and endorsement!”

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What I like best about this OP is that it doesn't need any additional commentary at all.

Who cares


Trump always endorses Republicans that can win.

1. Almost all Republicans are Communists

2. Trump always has a counter attack ready.

That includes Bannon

Trump 2015: Mitt Romney is a loser, he choked like a dog and has no place
Trump 2018: He's a swell guy and should be in the senate, he has my support

Something something something. In short, this is chess.

Oh, it's inter-dimensional chess. Thanks for clearing that up and setting us all straight.

(((Drudge))) really has no room to talk. When he's not busy pushing shit in, he's pushing Marxism.

He clearly just respects those who keep the pimp hand strong.


Oh look, they've learn to talk like us.

I never said anything of the sort. It's something everyone knows.

"I aways get revenge whenever I can."

What is that supposed to imply?

Please note in the attached jewtube link Rmoney - beyond insulting Trump's character - specifically mentions that Trump's policies are the problem. No one voted Trump because we just think he's great, we did so because of the policies he campaigned on. You piece of shit apologist.

This is on drudge right now.

He called Trump a racist and a con artist multiple times.

Trump doesn't need to pretend for votes anymore.

I don't want to live in clown world anymore…. so fucking demoralizing seeing the ridiculous shit like this get pushed everywhere.


well, we are still waiting for those undelivered campaign promises.
hard to lead to recession when we're already there.
continue using using the US military as the israeli foreign legion, yep, less safe.
yeah, it looks bad, but wtf giving a shit about shitskin opinions, and euros are delusional commies right now.

Take a few journalists with you.

I didn't mean it like that….



It's the Principled Conservative™ thing to do, user.
Like, literally who cares that Trump has softened, people change, let it just be, man.

He does in the Senate. Remember that, no matter how well things go in November, his party will only have a slim margin because of how comically fucking dysfunctional our government is. As a result, I see seven advantages to endorsing this cuck shit-sucker nao:
1) Mitt Romney literally can't lose Utah. He's Mormon Jesus. That was a meme with MacMuffin, but Romney's LDS buzz is legit. Every Mormon I've known has a massive hard-on for the faggot, and if it was possible to talk a Mormon out of an idea, they'd be Episcopalians. Might as well get in on the ground floor and earn some support in the inevitable floor votes.
2) Romney was once a potential (not actual, fuck him) primary challenger for 2020. I'm not saying he had a cup of coffee's chance in Mormon hell, but the distraction among the never-Trumpers would have taken a few hundred calories to deal with. Sinking Mitt into the swamp – where he's always wanted to be – saves a thimblefull of sweat later on.
3) Mitt has faults, but nobody ever said the awkward cunt doesn't understand quid-pro-quo politics. He knows he's a cuck, and this alpha endorsement wipes some of that away. He owes Trump now, though how much remains to be seen.
4) Endorsing Guy Smiley is a bone tossed to the Republicans who still have their heels dug in back at Mordor. Now John McCain sounds even crazier when he talks James Inhofe's ear off about what a dangerous radical Trump is. Moves like this further isolate the fringe of the Republican La Resistance.
5) Every once in a while, declare peace – it confuses the hell out of your opposition and keeps them guessing.
6) Mitt may have been actively campaigning against Trump within the party for whatever bizarre reasons only he and the cabana boy he confides in would know. This may be defusing a small, deeply inadequate bomb.
7) It's possible Trump has been told Romney is a Jew. Hi-ho!

Whatever the reason, until we can start shooting the bastards, this is how politics is done. I agree Trump should gas the kikes and race war this shit already, but he's the smart guy who won the election, while I'm the internet hothead with an empty bank account. I have to guess he knows something I don't. Pics unrelated.

Rolling. If dubs, Mitt Romney rises to the presidency in 2024 and somehow turns out to be actual-Hitler


This. Very much this.

Romney will do what gets him ahead, as will any politician. Why does anyone here need to be reminded of this?


^——-This faggot thinks first-term senators have power.

You're a moron. You even spell out the reason why in your post.

Yep, moron.

It makes sense. Romney's the best of a bad situation in a state peopled by a cult created by a guy who stole all his ideas from the masons.

Yes, quid pro quo. Fuckers like Romney learn that shit before their nannies teach them how to speak. Trump does a favor, Romney returns the favor, dems cry into their lattes when yet another Senate vote goes through replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a holohoax revisionist. That's how it works. What's Trump supposed to do here? Endorse the Democrat? Are they even running one?

I thought we wanted to drain the swamp, not encourage the swamp monsters to come back?

I'm sorry, but why? You said it in your post, Romney is mormon jesus. He could take a dump on the senate floor on live television and he'd end up getting reelected enough times to make John brain cancer McCain blush from envy. Also don't forget that Trump endorsed Romney in 2012 only to be stabbed in the back by the fucker.
Don't endorse before the March filing deadline. This announcement effectively freezes out all potential comers. Anyone running in Utah is 99% chance going to be a mormon so that might cancel out Mitt's advantage. All that would be left for a republican challenger to attack Mitt on is the fact that he's a carpetbagger 2 time loser.

Your two points are contradictory. Mitt is unbeatable, so he doesn't owe Trump, but he's also vulnerable without Trump's endorsement, so Trump should have held off?

Go rethink your life.

You're a dumb piece of shit. Mitt the incumbent in 2024 is a completely different animal than Mitt the loser never trumper in 2018. Kill yourself retard.


It's one more vote against funding for the wall or any other piece of anti-immigration legislation. Sick goalpost move.

What the fuck do you think he's going to do to repay Trump for the endorsement?

Vote against repealing Obamacare like McCain

Stab him in the back like he did in 2016 you disingenuous piece of shit.


He's about to fuck Romney.

Inb4 chess

Trump is already miles ahead of Romney, if you remember him getting trolled for Secretary of State. Romney has no charisma and is likely a legit sociopath, which is only tempered by his devotion to the man who came to earth from Kolob. However, he is a billionaire who still retains massive influence over the Republican party and he will be used to prolong the dying influence of neo-cohens. If Romney wasn't such a nevertrump faggot he could be a meh-tier conservative senator.

Expecting anything different from a jewish homosexual. There is a distinct pattern for conservative media, like all media, to be run by gays, jews, or gay jews.



Depends if McConnell threatened to give Utah to the democrats like he did it in Alabama.

Meh, I don't like it, but Hatch is a never trumper DACA lover who voted to expand H1Bs and bailouts for the banks. He also was instrumental in getting Ginsberg in. The other candidates in Utah are a spic, a Jew, and this low energy faggot whose website hasn't gotten out of the Lorem Ipsum phase.

Maybe Trump has something on Romney, or maybe he figures the cuck he knows is better than a wildcard. Or maybe he's just another zionist, or the representative of a group of Jews who would rather keep their host alive on life support than kill it off. Hard to tell at this point, but so far we haven't gotten v& yet, and G_d that's a joke for the autist who is about to call me a Jew. God. knows Hillary would have had us rounded up by now. Use this time to spread the redpill as far and wide as possible.



What is politics?


Boy the chess here is so good that Trump is not only endorsing a guy who scorched the earth with him during the campaign, but in Utah of all places where a hardline candidate could have won with enough support. Anyone else remember back when Trump was our proxy in the republican party instead of being their proxy to us?

Me neither.



A bunch of liars and pawns duping rubes?

I am literally shaking.

This cannot be


rename.your workfolder atleast.

Shitty.shill thread


Killary 2027!!




Remember when Trump not having touched the wall was the big talking point around here? Of course you don't. You were hired after.

Daily Reminder: Mitt Romney supports all of these statements by John KAsich, meaning Trump supports them via transitive property, and this user

is a fully legit redpilled oldfag.

WTF ???

Checked for dated mid-election talking points and boogeyman accusations.
I'm on board with President Trump in supporting Mitt Romney.
Mitt's a great guy, a true Zionist, a genuine son of the globl underpants cult, and a true friend.
He's going to win (((BIGLY))), and Shareblue can't do anything to stop us now!
Mitt/Ryan 2024, second times a charm!
Next year in Jerusalem!




Copy pase bot reply, lel its in every thread.

Observe Mormor cuck's views and policies, lets see if this cuck hasn't learned to bend the knee and support Trump, he and the other shithead mormon can do whatever they want in their state, let's see if they can manage to support a man they really hate for the betterment of America, but I'm not holding my breath.

Are there any good Republican candidates in Utah? Mitt is a traitorous, backstabbing operative, but I'd prefer a neocon who has to have at least some variation of appealing to Trump's base over a democrat who will oppose absolutely everything.

HA ! HA ! HA !
le kike zionald jejeje

OMG im

literally shaking right now

why won't you just stop supporting him?

Because consensus cracking shills always restart the discussion so they can perpetuate non-issues as issues. 5/6 Trump threads are always about this. It's the jewish tactic that made Hitler hate jews in the first place.

It's the exact same thing they do here but per thread. There is no next day to them. The next thread is another opportunity to ignore past results and try to avoid a poster who remembers what soundly defeated them the last time. This doesn't mean they go away as soon as they're proven wrong. They ignore points raised and stick to plausible deniability until banned.

Protip for those reading this that don't know. Jews always post non-sequiters in a vain attempt to avoid debate and frame their post as a half-truth. They utilize sophistry and try to post short posts that leave no loose ends to be challenged on. This is designed to fool people that are not informed on the topic or can't make up their own minds to think that posts like that are true. Dishonest posters are jews and don't entertain open discussion. Jews will rarely pose as someone who try to debate because they usually know they can't win. So they'll stick to drive-by style short posts that has little or no substance and are all claims and implications.

Does that include Moore?

>h-he was only pretending! zo-God emperor changed his mind and likes him now! I can't wait for BASED Mitt to (((MAGA))) with our centipedes!!11!
Reported and go back to the cuckshed where you belong.

Daily kike "hate trump" Thread?

It's almost like he makes a better servant of the people than a leader.

Utah fag here
Mad Mitt will win handily here.
The mormons fucking love the dude and he is legendary here for saving the SLC olympics back in ought two
Meh , better than a dem but still a neocuck

How's that working out? They can't even keep their tzitzits unknotted.

I feel so betrayed



this made me want to vote for the dude

Who else is he going to endorse? LDS runs that state. Sure as the sun will rise, they will vote for a Mormon

Oy vey!

Utah is cucked beyond belief. Everyone of these Mormon sheep do as they are told and dont even consider questioning it. Im sick of these neocon faggots. Where are the young white men running hardcore anti immigration, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-white family platforms? It's all so fucked. I dot see an easy way out this time lads.