Anyone else wondering if/when the 2nd American civil war is ever going to happen...

Anyone else wondering if/when the 2nd American civil war is ever going to happen? It feels like the country is more and more divided every day.

I keep hoping that something big would happen soon that would kick something off. Each time there is a school shooting or a chimp out I hope that we can finally kick shit off and purge the shit in our country that's gotta go.

At this point what would it take? Who would fight it and what would the endgame be?

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The plus side is that we end up taking over Northern Mexico and Canada. Possibly Cuba.

The downside is that in the entirety of that land, there will be less than 90 million people left. Because of mass starvation, war, and outright purging the traitors and the softhearted who give shelter to the traitors and enemies.

But hey, that means we can scale back food production massively and let the land heal and the underground water resevoirs refill a bit.

How long will the second civil war last for?

I this supposed to be a serious thread?
I think I smell dubs coming on.

I'm dead serious. Everyone jokes about they day of the rope but fucking when?

Honestly that doesn't sound half bad. One of the biggest issues is overpopulation of gibsmedats and degenerates doing nothing but being an absolute burden on society.

Underrated comment.

The United States will not be a thing within the next 60 years.

Soon. I predict that it kicks off by 2030 at the latest.

Going by the assumption of White victory, it'll take the better part of a decade. Look at Syria.

Look real fucking hard at Syria, because for the longest time, our enemies WILL retain control and usage of the oceans, so while the West and Northern East Coast will get isolated, they are also incredibly powerful port cities and will be hard to starve out, harder than you would think. All those toys and other useless garbage, can all be shifted to war materials and food relief. New York City is, iirc, mostly supplied by ports anyways.

The other reason to pay real close attention to the Syrian Civil War is to watch how long it took for the SAA to completely collapse and shed disloyal members, and how long it took for MSM to even say it was a civil war. We need, desperately need, for the US Military to break apart and disunite, a platoon of ATF/FBI/DEA with an APC or three is one thing, but a MBT battalion with artillery battery support is entirely another.

Good news is, it is likely to happen. Bad news would be why. It will take a severe and horrifying atrocity and warcrime, going unpunished, for things to truly fall apart. And much worse and bigger than Syria series of atrocities, since Syria was barely united to begin with anyways, while ZOG incorporated spends nearly as much time on indoctrination as the PLA, if not more if you count lifetime experiences.

For the first half of the conflict we don't need them on our side, just out of the way or disintegrating. If its just faithful Whites vs the Left and Federal Agents+hardcore pozzed up LEOs, thats a winnable fight in terms of naked force. But it will take a while.

Afterwards, after large swathes of the country are secured and made nogo zones for the wrong people, then the real fun can begin. Reintegration and restarting oil refineries for fuel, reintegration of surviving Heavy Metal Assets, AFVs, Air units, etc, and eventually at least a single Carrier Battlegroup, just one, to shutdown the relief efforts in the Atlantic.

Ten years minimum. My mother would be 60 about to turn 61, i'd be in my later 30s by the time the fighting stopped. My grandmother would most likely be dead, as would most of my Great Aunts and Great Uncles. Assuming I survived.

Also, you have to keep in mind White America's shitty demographic profile at the moment. Median age is 42, and a disproportionately large number of Whites are Boomers and the others over that age. The majority even. So a significant numbers of Whites are dead weight. Literally if war breaks out.

Also, keep in mind the demographics for fighting age males. Whites are already in the minority. Not will be, but already. Demographics charts like these don't count illegals, but for a war, illegals exists.

So straight up? We are already the minority, so 85 million post war is actually assuming significanlty positive k/d ratios across the board.

1. Secure the Rust Belt, it has the least niggers/others by proportion, but a large number of retarded traitor whites who could blend in, however a number of those are childless boomers. So securing the Rust Belt is first on the to do list, its the easiest place to build a base of power.

2. Invade and secure the South. It's gonna get hot and hellishly brutal, the greater Atlanta area is gonna be a brutal warzone, the fighting will be extremely intense and will last a while, so assuming the center North is secured first and it should be, secure the South.

3. Texas. Refineries and oil. I honestly feel worse for White Texans than White Californians, because White Texans don't quite realize whats going to happen. It'll be a charnel house, one bad enough that every military base in the state will be written off by the Feds and everybody else. We might honest to god lose Texas. New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Nevada should already be considered as loss the moment things go hot, but Texas falling is going to hurt everyone.

I'd expect any Mexican invasion, Mexican Army or Cartel, to focus there and focus on the refineries. And the spics aren't niggers, they are capable of learning to fight, at least as infantryman, and will be dangerous.

During all of this, there is Canada to consider and the outside world shipping fucktons of supplies to both coastlines.

Whites might honestly lose in that scenario, unless we suddenly become as heavily armed as the Taliban in terms of military grade hardware. Which we aren't.

Scratch that, if it happens in 2030 by current projections, we do lose, pure and simple.


Depends on how the mid-terms turn out. If the democrats rig the elections and turn the house/senate blue, they can and will impeach Trump. Remember, the president doesn't have to do anything wrong to be impeached. If this happens, we could see it as early as next year. I don't think the right will sit by idly if Trump is removed in this fashion.

If Trump makes it to 2020 and wins again despite all the vote rigging that is going to occur, you will see the left initiate the civil war.

We can not fix the problems in this country via debate any longer. We can not get rid of the spics without shedding blood. Its coming, so get prepared.

Agreed, most likely time is when he wins in 2020. If it doesn't happen then or before I think the lefties will have calmed down to the point they wont try anything.

Yeah basing on how much pure rage and anger came out of them from 2016, 2020 when they get 2 scoops of Trump…

I am in Arizona and I'll be damned if I and my family live under Mexican rule. Fuck. That. Also yes if Trump wins again in 2020 the Bolsheviks will definitely ignite a civil war, and the Eternal Reich.

At this point war is coming and there's not a damn thing to stop it. We can draw elections out for as long as we want, but there's no point of contention that has any avenue back towards peace. If Trump wins and civil unrest begins it'll be easier to mop up the mess before they're fully trenched in. If liberals win they'll get cocky like they always do and do something stupid that ignites a hellstorm. If for some reason Trump withdraws and some other republican wins, or any other non-dem party for that matter, the libshits will get yet another chance to sneak subversive policies, culture, and social decorum into the throats of exhausted normal people. All we'll be doing is buying time. Honestly, it's better to watch their feet kick now before they get a chance to really draw things out into a nasty 15 year collapse. Like any other time in recorded history, once again it'll be the humane "right wingers" fixing all the shit communism has destroyed like it always has where ever communism has been cultivated. Shit never stops.

You'll have them, my dear. You will have them.

So be it.

Prepare yourself.

You already do. If it weren't for the Snowbirds, you wouldn't even have McCain the traitor as a pretend white senator. When you excise the 50 and over segment of your population, Arizona is majority Spic. By far. Its almost as bad as New Mexico or California.

Canada would break down as soon as its biggest trading partner decides to have happy fun time.

(((they))) are trying to make "muh russians" the scapegoat for the very strife (((they))) have created.
The narrative has been whittled away to a 'bipartisan' one of "Russia wants America to be divided", rather than "Trump and Putin stole the election"

It's a trap for Conservatives eager to put the original narrative to bed because it sure as fuck isn't going to be the Progressive's message being branded (and silenced) as "foreign propaganda and meddling" going forward while their foreign (((financier) )) dumps $18 billion into their causes

Make hay while the sun shines

That's why they would mobilize, mass recruit and prepare for an intervention. Current Canadian military is about 25,000. Yes. Just 25,000. A wet fart basically. But they have the training cadre, and ports on both oceans, even though I think only the Atlantic one will matter.

The biggest problem Canada would face, is that nearly all Canadian integration is vertical, its with the US. so if things break down bad enough, Canada might falter as well before they can raise and arm enough troops to stop it, and if so, Canada is done for as a united country.

You're both assuming we'll stop after purging them from our shores, and be content just defending our lands. No. That will not be enough this time around. This is going to be a global effort. This will truly be a World War. We can not stop until we've purged our enemies from existence. That is the only way we can win. That will require wiping out all kikes, shitskins, niggers, and traitors. The rivers will run red with their blood, the earth will writhe as the maggots consume their flesh, and the air shall bear the fetid stench of their corpses. After we have killed every man, woman, child, and mongrel, shall we be free. It doesn't end until the only faces you see, no matter where you chose to travel in this world, are the pale skinned faces of your brethren.

I want less than 500,000,000 worldwide pop and all white. That's all I want

Given that I was talking about a civil war, you reach too far.

It would take another ten years to put the pieces back together and be ready to venture forth.

And honestly, we might not have a choice regarding Europe, because the Eternal Traitors, the British, and the French might point their nuclear weapons at us and threaten to use them in any sort of invasion. So the best we could do is offer immigration and hope they don't send over only the most liberal whites they have and keep the ones we'd want in Europe for the slaughter.

That still leaves South Africa and the Southern Cone left to be liberated though.

this guy gets it

that's too few
5 billion sounds about right to properly occupy the globe and have enough manpower to expand

conventional warfare is for cucks

Their country is already divided east to west, rural and cityfolk. Their rural/urban divide makes America look sane.

Yeah, look up Peter Zeihan for more information, its pretty insane looking at Canadian railways, 90% of the pathways are to and from the US.

But since it would take a year or two for everything to heat up properly, the Canadian government would have time to mobilize and recruit and import large numbers of weapons and equipment.

You may not know it but their armed folk heavily outnumber what is left of their army. The place is a powderkeg as is.

One side of your CWII would consist of cowardly niggers, cowardly spics, goat raping street-shitters, soyboys, and women.

Sorry, no Civil War for you. The Civil War was white males against white males for a reason everyone else is too weak and cowardly to fight

It has been happening since the creation of the federal reserve.
It is why Kennedy was assassinated.
It is why they caught that faggot in Trumps motorcade with a weapon.
It is why this board is mostly shill bots arguing for mass genocide while promoting degeneracy.

Brilliant! We don't even need to prepare, we'll just drive around in our pick up truck, skeet shooting all the random darkies, and we can do this whenever, so no worries about a time frame, or even worries about how many shitmigrants we let in.

Fuck off dumbass.

A situation could be envisioned like in the Turner Diaries where one group provokes all sorts of ideologically unaligned groups to take violent action against the system simply because they see other people getting away with it. This would cause a collapse of government devolving into a civil/race war.
In other words, as soon as the right or left starts fucking shit up, so will everyone else.

You sir, are a traitor. It's all or nothing. They have stated, and demonstrated, time and again that they are out to genocide the white race. If a civil war brakes out it is the duty of every user here to try and get their hands on the nukes available in their area. AND USE THEM!

These images always look like some spergtatsic sonic enthusiast made them, Jesus learn how to use lighting and depth correctly on photoshop.

What said.

It actually wouldn't do that. Most people are just law abiding citizens not fucking Hannibal Lectors waiting for their chance to eat their fucking neighbors.
Most of the violence and criminality in the U.S. is engineered by the deep state/illuminatti faggots. Import drugs, promote degeneracy,destroy families, et_fucking_cetera.

You sir, are an idiot, and anyone listening to you would lead to our extinction.

You are the same kind of idiot Hitler was. Instead of working with Stalin further, invading Spain, Portugal, and the Balkans+Turkey and then marching to the Suez in order to cut off the British and use Africa for Lebensraum, you wanted to immediately have it all.

And then lose it all.


go sit in the corner.

Mindblowingly ignorant post.


The only thing Hitler did wrong was show compassion to the enemies troops. When it was clear he was at war he should have obliterated his enemy. But time and again he chose to pull back and seek to make peace with the Allied Forces. And every time they spat in his face. He had too much kindness in his heart for his white kin to do his job correctly.

That kindness has been crushed out of the whites of today. The storm comes.

This. All that is currently missing is someone to light the fuse.

Most nukes are aimed at major cities, ours and Europe's. Most major cities worldwide are filled with the dregs of society, so as far as I see it we would be eliminating a large portion of our adversaries in one go.

I'd disagree about his compassion (Russian prisoners didn't fly so good), but it's irrelevant because this time you wouldn't be facing a white OPFOR.

This. It would save a lot of trouble, and so long as we don't see Cobalt bombs flying, the outlook is pretty rosy.

Why worry about it? If it starts, it starts. If you’re not really ready for it, then you’re not not ready. Wars do one thing very well, they weed out the weak and slow. Don’t want to be cannon fodder, get stronger and faster.

The alternative is to learn how to strategize and lead large organizations and become a valuable talent.

The former can chose the direction they need to go, the latter tends to be at the whims of the direction the former unless they have done or understand the former.

true, true, true, D&C blackpill. begone schlomo

no nukes. counterproductive. MAD and all that.

partially true, but we must take back White america. no question about it. also, that (((deep state/ illuminati))) you speak of is mostly the jews, so they have to go. no place for them in White America. indeed, they are the main force behind White genocide. bastards.

some truth, but the soviets were planning on invading Germany themselves sooner or later. also, what the Germans probably should have done was keep working diplomatically for the recovery of danzig, then sought peace with their neighbors while building up a more powerful military to deter jewish (soviet, US gov, british) backed aggression. then sought to spread the natsoc message to other european countries and the US. perhaps the jewish monsters could have been actually removed from power that way (since the world war technique failed miserably). finally, the Germans could have negotiated/ bought land in africa to use as lebensraum, such as recovering German east africa (after driving off or putting into reservations the natives).

yeah, because nuking people and their families (many Whites live in cities too) is a great way to gather strength for our cause. it's totally not a way to galvanize massive support against us across the entire world and give the chinese the perfect excuse to invade "in solidarity with the (((legitimate))) governement". anyone advocating for nuking cities (especially our own) is either retarded or a shill.

And you're wrong about the spics. It's damn near impossible to get these motherfuckers motivated to band together and do something for the greater good. Most of these shit-heads are cowards. They do not react or think like white men. Look at their country. Absolute shithole. Has been for some time and not likely to change. The few who had enough Spanish blood in them to be born a few IQ points higher than the rest of the herd learned that if they were vicious enough, often enough they could have their run of the place. That's what all the beheadings, mutilations, body dumps that go on down south are all about. The indigenous peoples of south america were ruled much the same way. Look at the Aztecs, Mayans, and the Incans. Mexico isn't going to do shit. In fact, it's far more likely that the people who have lived on the border and been shit on by the law as to dealing with the invaders might choose to push south and exact revenge. Cause why the fuck not.

Not to mention if this happens we will almost certainly be invaded. The rebels will need to have diplomatic ties with Russia, Iran and potentially China in order to deter this, but I would not trust any alliance with China.

NYC itself does not have a functional port, by the way.

There's no civil war left to be had. Whites fighting against anyone else is perma-heem guarantee. And there's not enough information gaps to make whites fight each other en masse anymore. The best you could hope for is patriotards going mercenary on real white separatists but even oathers and Zog army hq are crawling with 1488ers, and the rest who are worthwhile (white) are borderline there themselves, thus the desperate push for demographic replacement. Kikes really don't want a war until whites are sub-5%. Even then who knows we're just souch better it might not matter.

Tldr anyone who takes red team LARP seriously knows that yes bloodshed will be heavy but no those kid fucking kikes don't really stand a chance in open warfare and never have.


The Burgers are universally detested for having freed the shit out of about one country a year since the end of WW2. I cannot overstate the amount of Schadenfreude that would accompany a breakup of the US. The only hope you have of keeping the CW domestic is backing up the "A rifle behind every blade of grass" meme.

Fucking kill yourself, you insufferable retard.

To be completely honest though, I'd much prefer some user creating a genetic-marker based biological warfare weapon. Saves us having to kill them all by hand, just let nature take it's course. Capture a few "test subjects/pow" inoculate them and send them to their homelands as plague rats. They just drop in later and clean up.

And this everyone, is the hyper patriotic shill. An obvious idiot, he comes in to break up productive conversations.

And the rest are aimed at strategic targets like dams and such.

Yes, but gobbling up the Soviet forces within easy strategic reach and not being out at the end sof a 1000 mile logistics trail and not even having fuel to retreat with your tanks is better.

Yeah, but they work real hard for a greater evil.

They can mobilize armies in the millions and march them?
Which is it, dumbass shill?

Russia would be the best bet, the only problem is them getting to us.

The only way any break up would be permanent is massive longterm occupation. Europe is on the brink of collapse as it is and doesn't have the capability for a cross ocean invasion, neither the troop numbers nor the ability to move them.

China has the forces but lacks the ability.

Russia migh tbe able to send something, but very little.

All in all, it would take ten years for any serious force to even exist to invade the USA across the oceans.

All the aforementioned rebellion would really need is Vlad to be nice and send some containers of RPG-7's. Maybe some BMP's if he's really nice but said rebellion could easily acquire armor stateside.

D&C is saying shit that's so fucking outlandish no reasonable person will ever take you serious. It's like trying to be a CNN 'Alt-Rite' meme, down to the skull mask and fucking wife beater.

Most of the deep state aren't Jews, they are just fucking scumbags who'll do what ever is asked of them so they can secure some comfy position with a fucking pension for life.
Doesn't matter though. This is fucking hand holding, "please explain to me in every single tiny fucking detail so I can continue to pretend to not quite get it", bullshit.

not for you, sweetie.

Don't bump this shit.

bump :)

Leaf here. The east coast is fine. The west, not so much. It would be wise to invade BC and link WA to AK to provide a defense line against (((China))).

There’s that Jew still calling Whites kikes.

First graphic is depressing as fuck. The left has most of the underground items, we have shitposting on the internet.

Chug Wars on the Prairies (see the Stanley acquittal) are probably the best recruitment tool for militias. The RCMP are pretty useless.

Southern Ontario is effectively a US state, and remember this includes (((Toronto))). Quebec and the Maritimes are surprisingly resilient. I see them joining the US eventually once SHTF, or at least a northern regional nation-state. (The language thing in Quebec is a little more complicated than it seems, but at the end of the day they have more in common with Vermont than Alberta.)


But it does have a bus station run by a (((Port Authority))). There used to be a couple of office building as well, but there was a fire involving jet fuel and steel beams.

We also have Middle America and literally all of the guns. Sometimes, might just makes right.


We need to organize, but doing so in a way that won't be infiltrated seems impossible.

Dude you are so fucking retarded

Floating targets for subs. Once we gain one port, we spam uwv subs and some manned ones and erode the ocean passageways. With one entire coast of America faithful whites (only competent engineers on Earth) take the entire world's oceans in one year, or at least make them impassable for everyone else. East coast port cities are btfo if being sieged.

Get fucked. Spics are a step above nigger. And the cartels are all the cia's bitch boys. Prison gangs are informative. Generally one white AB member can control an entire cell block of hundreds through intimidation.

All population centers are fucked when you are on the defensive. If whites are advancing, cities are toast. Artillery barrage on all utilities and bridges, sit back and watch them eat each other. Move on to next city.

That's a good time frame for whites to take over planet earth

With what industrial capacity? This isn't an RTS. No (((country))) will be trading with us, and the infrastructure to pull the requisite materials out of the earth and fabricate military submarines en masse just isn't there. We will need to make do with what we have until the process of rebuilding is complete.

Nigger we have infrastructure out the ass. And what lies dormant only does so because of (((trade agreements))). Look what Nazi Germany did with almost no help, imagine us? You have literally no idea the size and scope of the us economy right now on its own. (and all that is because of whites, who we would theoretically have a market corner on).

You think all whites are suddenly going to understand racial loyalty? The majority of whites, especially those who have been through the academia required to have the knowledge to design and build submarines, are indoctrinated with every trick known to kikedom to either ignore race or hate their own and worship others.

America already has the best navy in the world by far, all we need to do is commandeer as much of it as possible in the short term.

Those who don't will be treated like shit by the kike-left. Defections will be yuuuge. And yes I do think most whites who matter already grasp racial concepts if not hold 1488 views. Silicon valley is full of storm Lord's, some waiting to happen, others already there. Can't study systems and pattern recognition for too long without putting it together yourself…

Agree with you though on commandeering. Classic stuff.