David Hogg

This kid is a Grade a Crisis Actor. Go check out his YouTube channel. All the kids they picked to interview seem to be in other older videos together.
From this video you can see his channel. He also has posted a livestream he did with what looks like a goddamn glee club after the shooting. This whole thing needs digging. Halfchan banned me so I had to come here. This is fucked up goys. And (((They're))) about to take out 2nd over it. Lawmakers already talking about banning semiautos and assault weapons here in NEWENGLAND. Dig fellas

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Imagine Moy SHOK when he's connected to local news aswell
And his pops is exfbi

Wew! They have no clue what is happening to them when USA collapse.

This fuckin shit is insanely staged. These kids were prepped and ready to go

Bumping. Good digging 'ere.

my jewdar is tingling!


Bump for exposure!
The absolute state of the fucky shit surrounding every fucking one of these "events" makes me sick.


Meth, what a true faggot


All the kids featured on David Hoggs (((YouTube))) Channel are featured in the MSM interviews. Wew. Now the part of the skool that was (((Shotup))) is being guarded and will be knocked down. Just. Like. SandyHook. Unbelievable. The (((shooters))) brother who lives in a completely different state was also committed just after the shooting took place. So he won't be speaking. I want to call the jailhouse where this kid is being held and ask to speak with him. LARP as a reporter. Or something. See what they say.

The school is over 40% kike. Probably more because the news reported that stat. This needs way more digging. (((they))) are really planning to enact some serious legislation. My state is already shilling a ban on semiautos and assault weapons

where is the photo from ?


fake boi, he's fucking a 28 year old fag actor


Sitting in a dark classroom "hiding", naming Cruz as the shooter before they even leave the classroom, and then a calm, collected, heartfelt platitude for gun control at the one minute mark

Scott Beigel was said to have a Home In Dix Hill NY. He was the geography teacher that opened the door and supposedly died. Could he still be alive and well?

No audio on that vid, was there audio for you ?

Who dis?


This guys has an interesting idea, it was David Hogg in the video that was supposedly Cruz with the MAGA hat and the BB gun.

Maybe a little bit more to the story of TRS kikes shilling him as a white supremacist? Yeah.

What the fuck is this shit. Do they think this is in any way believable? A nice calm chat about people not need muh salt rifles, while your school is supposedly being shot up is not natural in any shape or form.
The bots in the comments are a nice touch to, calling him brave and the video needing to be shared. I agree, share the video so people can see how acted this fuck is.

Yeah you have to enable audio

They knew he would shoot up but they didn't do anything because they need the people to die in order to exploit this for political gain. This is beyond evil. So evil!!!

EVILLLLLLL. This is why we shouldn't trust the commies.

and traitors

and jews

Keep this /thread alive, I almost want to make A / General. So much evidence all around. It's all scattered. We should make a good case an LARP like it's Q to hit normies

The mugshot looks like him but doesn't look like him; they have the same ears and you can see a relict texture of a fixed broken nose after he has reinvented himself as a student.

Also refer to my second picture, same hair line, eyes, nose, eyebrows, cheeks, and teeth. Yes that is crying girl, this is the level of jewry being dealt with and it can only go deeper!


He was interviewed prior to the shooting, hmm.

From Wikipedia:

>Creator of Congressional Hellenic-Israel Alliance

and. . .

Holla Forums is always right.

Wait, what was that again?

Yes, Kampfy. That's a very funny word filter you have on there, old boy. Quite keen how it changes material information in a post. Good thing his religion isn't Kampfy is a fag™, yes? Stout lad.

i wouldn't larp as Q that won't go over well here. present your findings as the truth, that will be better.

Checked, I also got a ban on 4chan tonight for something I didn’t do. Anyone else?

That's clearly not him, retard.

Same ears, now has a somewhat straighter nose, fuckoff boy

It's like you're trying to discredit this thread


Dude, no amount of proactiv could turn that methhead into Hogg. Stop. This is seeious shit. The propaganda has heated up, to the point where they are about to try and get reform by any means necessary. Over a false and untrue natrrative. We need to blow this open. This is either a high level of propaganda or all out fake. That's not this kid. 2 possibly innocent kids are being held against there will. We need to fix this and counter everything these kikes do

Yep, looks like the typical post quality coming from the cuckchanner electionfag wave. This board is shit and you're the flies.

I didn't mean to LARP as Q and shill this, I just meant to shill hard evidence once we have a case into the q threads. Those retards will spread anything. Atleast this would be something worth shilling. Also, www.MarchForOurLives.org/com not sure but look into when that site was created and who's funding it

Then dig some fuckin shit up and post it you concern faggot, anything is possible and they literally have the same fucking ears.

Jesus Christ. Just keep this thread alive and compile everything here, I'm at work, I'll be back when I'm done. Mossad kike CIA nigger

Good find user , kikebook has a lot check friends of this Hogg Kid, I think He, the "shooter" and shootersbrother hold the key to loving this is a hoax. Any Anons from nearby that school here?

the nose knows! hurry up with your shabbos fucking duties and do some real fucking work

Almost all the mass shootings are a massiv joke. It's a testament to their power that they can consistently pull these off. Now they are making the kids the front line actors shilling for gun control. Risky move on their part as their brains are not even fully developed and will be unpredictable assets. Won't be surprised if quite a few of them suffer misadventures when it's apparent they can't even follow a simple script.

This is what a shill looks like

Kek, not even close. An I work for myself i drive, not trying to die, Anyways, a counter March would be a great idea for when these faggots March. I'll be back in 3-4 hrs. Godspeed cucks.

That was quick. Be a Maverick, Buy muh mere bruh. This will be in every city btw, brought to u by the women's march. Oh and sheriff (((Israel))) has been accused of some shady shit (sexually) (could be being blackmailed) also friends with Clinton and Debbie wassermEn runs his district

Anyone else notice how the kikes were shilling the flu shot by reeeeing about the shooters mom dying from flu complications?

I found some more mugshots under David Guyton Hogg, all from Anderson SC. There are enough similarities between the two to make the noggin start joggin. Lets not forget they go by the same name.

>(((They're))) about to take out 2nd over it.
Haha no. If they couldn't do it after Sandy Hoax under Obama, they aren't getting it now.
But yeah I saw this kid for a brief moment on tv the other day and was floored by how overacted and fake he was. I honestly don't even think normalfags buy this shit anymore. Only leftists jump on any opportunity to push the agenda. Everyone else is like, "Oh it's about the guns again. Ho hum.. whatever." Meanwhile more people are arming themselves that at one time wouldn't even consider it.

Your better off looking into what sheriff (((Israel))) has been accused of and who he is connected to Than comparing methheads. The pics tyour posting are easily disproven by going to the kids YouTube channel. At the very least his dad is ex FBI that is confirmed and he's being coached. At the very least. This is a tight knit group. The kids MSM are featuring and that are very well spoken are also see together in multiple YouTube vids. This is a tight knit community full of kikes.

I don't know if it would be worth having a counter protest. Showing up armed and displaying that no one gets hurt but at the same time the Feds can insert a wackjob and have him open fire.. that would be very bad. I think FBI negligence and sheriff possibly under blackmail are two things to look into. Also, security cameras were removed from freshmen entrance in building where shooting took place. Keep in mind all these videos can be produced by AI. Never forget DeepFake. One kid actually used a line outta G Dubyas book. "your either with us on gun control, or your against us"

The title of the thread is "David Hogg" and I found his online methscapade trail. Contribute something you giant fucking faggot, oh wait you wont lift a finger to expose a jew and just have come to sow discord, evident in your first post.

See if there were any drills that day anons

Nigger, you glow real bright, or your just Autistic to the point of uselessness. I created the thread to compile shit from anons ALLOVER. Not pix of methheads m. Fuck outta here kike faggot. Your the only one bringing bullshit you. Nigger

You should go back to making Blacked threads on cuckchan. That's where (((You))) belong

And how do I sow discord in my own thread you absolute brainlet?

because the op has your post ID, hmm big think I'm still googling shit you fucking cock gobbler keep trying

Nigger, I made the tread. I'm trying to consolidate everything I can. That's hard at the moment while I'm driving. So eat a dick faggot. Keep googling methaddicts

I found something pretty damning

"David Hogg, a senior t Stoneman Douglas High. David is a student journalist who inter- who was interviewed his fellow classmates during the shooting"

Looks older than 17, has a 5 o'clock dirt stache, and I'm from Redding, Ca and I know a ex twack when I see one.


Hogg, a natural born agitator and Star.

Nice find Archive. I'm posting one more link. Check this out


I got banned on halfchan for making a thread with the image I posted.

This Cuck keeps referring to his classmates in a weird way. He actually corrects himself @3:40 when he starts to say "I wanted the voices of…." I wanted OUR voices". Like he's not part of the student body and he was just inside filming. After all he's An aspiring journalist. 1 more bit of 411x the blonde chick who claimed to have walked with shooter is 21 years old. And >>Picrelated, there's speculation that this could be a DeepFake or This Hogg kid playing The shooter

My theory is that the school was closed. Sandy Hook 2.0

Almost done at work. I'll be back. Keep going. Don't get derailed. This is big. One more time. Look into sheriff Israel.

I live in CT, and Sandy Hook was a drill, that the media presented as an active shooter.

Basically, drill commences, police show up, school locks down, media shows up, and portrays it as an active shooter.

It is possible. some of the teachers like that Indian math teacher one have no public records listing them as a teacher. She is connected to Ganini mobile which leads to some kooky stuff like jew summer camp in new hampshire

One of the male Victims I think the geography teacher guy, has residence in Dix NY, (upstate Ny) also is trying to find public reccord of allegations against the sherriff

This whole ordeal involves 90% Jew in a district Debbie Wasserman Runs, on the same day as NSA bullshit.

someone needs to find who who owned that house he shooting the bb gun at. 8442 lakeview trail. That is also where one of the Instagram photos is July 2017


Yes, the shooter should have (according to MSM) been living in a friends Trailer. I think begin vid is deepfake. I'd check Hoggs house, you can see his neighborhood on His YouTube channel

yea that guy was also counselor at Camp starlight for 5 years. For some reason they needed him to vanish. Maybe name change

Fugg good find user. Why a fake? Do the sites differ?

at first I thought he started living there when the Snead's took him in, but he was there since Summer. I think the truth is being twisted somewhere

Some anons on half found links to an elsagate tier YouTube channel one of the dads runs, and a shady private adoption center

Yes there are reports that don't add up. Timelines and such. I'm almost home. I'll put everything I have together when I'm not driving

check it out. Both these guys are the same. Linda bagels lives in PA

what kind of Uber driver let's a kid with an ar all vested up in their car? Then picks him up after?

That's him ascott beigel … his main res Is ny, he had apt in fla

The other well spoken kid >>pic related his father runs the OneWorldadoptioncenter

I'm confused. Clarify with example: Is there a new word filter? What?
test | Jew
test | De Jew
test | De is a jew
test | De is a fag
test | De is a muslim

test | Religion of Cuck™
test | muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker
test | gamergate

FBI was first on scene. How'd they get jurisdiction so quickly?

filter replace on is-lam and mu-hammad. known.

No otherwise new filters? What?

Wtf r you on about?

Seeking clarification of filter definition.


Starts September 2017 which would be his sophmore year, retweets boring normie shit, is retweeting uncle Bernie Sanders within a year, his Redondo beach viral video bullshit, and then the shooting.

Yeah he isn't the tweaker lol, he has however been involved in talmudic movie magic for a few years though

M8s Check this out? Arresting officer said in press conference "My instincts as an officer just told me to stop this kid I seen walking"
m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1865636213477666&id=118650831509555&_rdr Here's the arrest a passerby took video of. Strange how no one noticed an Uber picking him up and bringing him to fuckin Subway and Walmart. He had a lot of time out there while that shooting was happenin

I wonder how many mockingbird media kikes came out of that school?


"2 years ago when I was a JR in Highschool"
"myschool was shot up today"




good finds. bump.

Someone murk this little faggot

This is so fake it's not funny. No way these kids would have the presence of mind to create an anti-gun propaganda film - complete with a narrative and a call to action - whilst under lockdown with an active shooter in the school. Either there was no shooter and the whole thing was staged, or this video was produced before or after the fact. Just ridiculous. How the hell could they expect anyone to swallow this bs?

Stay safe out there, user.

is webm broken?

There were people on this very board reveling in sheer amazement at the "horror" pictures from inside while it was "going on". My personal favorite was the computer screen with "3 bullet holes" in it, that definitely wasn't mocked up on photoshop.


I'm sure he had heard his entire life all of the talking points and to "stand up for what's right" aka where his dad works. I wouldn't be surprised if his dad told him he should do an interview but I'd be shocked if he was only told how "horrible" 2A was as a high schooler. Maybe they try to get their kids to join.

Whenever we have a happening, it seems like there are group of shills that just go to every thread and assert that its real. Then after a few days they disappear and the consensus is that it was a false flag.

Yeah it isn't just here. Wherever anyone talks about how fake this all is there's always someone in the comments who personally knows x person involved so it's true.
And the rabid attack dog one accusing you of pouring salt in the victims families wounds by refusing to accept narratives from proven repeat liars. You mustn't investigate any massacres, they just happen.
And the one who associates your disbelief in the "attack" with belief that the earth is in fact flat and your tinfoil hat has a hole in it, and the 4g is getting into your brain.

Its the 5G thats going to destroy our brains. You should look into it. Its not like the 4G at all.

about as corrupt as democrats themselves.

It's no different. I'm old enough to remember when normal mobiles were going to give us all brain cancer. Obviously smart phones are a social cancer but nobody (or so few) is dying.
My point was there's always somebody trying to associate your disbelief in psyop false flags with other unrelated suspicions to paint you as someone unhinged, whose opinions should at least be taken with a pinch of salt if not outright disregarded as the ramblings of a lunatic.

It is different. Its fundamentally different in the way the towers work. It gets it "speed" because they put a transmitter on EVERY ELECTRIC POLE, then it travels through fiber optic lines. Its like putting a high powered WiFi reciever every 100 feet across the entire nation. Its going to cause health issues.

plastics in food
hormones in everything
everything is fucked up.

Doesn't mean we shouldn't inform people on how the jews are making us sick.

i dont follow you. where did i say that? i think we should let everyone know.

Oh she died. I remember when the idiot jewling took out the phone to film instead of applying pressure to the would.

I thought you were implying that because literally everything is poison that we shouldn't care about 5G disrupting our genes.

No it's the exact opposite of that. They need them to form a dense mesh network precisely because they are not high power.

says it is far more likely the thing that eventually sets off the "natural causes" that result in your demise will come from the (((ultra processed food))) we all eat.

sheriff ISRAEL and cpt GOLDBERG
pure coincidence right goys ?

Been thinking. The talmudvision series "21 Jump Street" and 'Beverly Hills 90210" were psyops designed to cash in no that generations children. Get the kids to suspend their disbelief that obvious young adults are actually teenagers in high school… then in future ops against their own children they will simply believe.



nope. if anything it should be us that bring the truth rather than the alexjones tier places that dilute it with their brand of bullshit.

Checked them out myself. The fake one loads extremely slowly but other than that they seem the same at first glance. I'm on mobile and don't have time to get to a desktop version right now, if anyone wants to check that out.

God damn they're so fucking ugly. Makes me want to cleanse these mongrels.

Proper language you cocksucker. It was a hoax not a false flag. False flags and hoaxes are both psyops but not the same, false flag are attacks that really get perpetrated upon people, hoaxes involve no one getting killed at the scene at all, this was a hoax. Get it fucking right or go back to hiroshimoots gay sex dungeon.

are you insane it looks exactly fucking like him lol

Anons… please do your thing an tear this up and get us those facts. I heard Hogg kid's dad is former FBI. Thank you Autists! We need you knwo more than ever!!!

OP HERE lol This cuck doesn't know how to use Holla Forums. Kike spotted

He is, we have to find a way to prove it tho. I think maybe combing thru aerial footage is where I'm headed next. Discrepancy aplenty there. Also, there's a video on CNN of a Nig CONFIRMING that swat was doing "Drills" nearby.

Those kikes are RIDDLED with scandal.

I ran the video at the slowest speed possible and not once can you see any features of that "person" either a dummy or A DeepFake

Every. single. Video. Has some type of "Politicians Dooo Sumfin" involved in it. All these kids the media are showcasing are part of some drama or TV club. We cannot sperg out over this one and ruin it tho, we need something solid. A timeline, discrepancy in witness statements to reporters regarding timelines, something. I just don't know what yet. Ffs, even kikeowars is saying it's shady when it comes to Sheriff Israels ties to Dems, Debbie Wasserman, and the fact he could be being blackmailed over those rape charges. Don't want to turn people off to how bad this reeks of fakery. Look at this bitch, 21 years old but a senior in Hs. Kek

It looks like there is no central thread about the shooting. May as well ask this here. Anybody see Cruz bought ten rifles in about a year but worked in some very low wage hourly job?

Collecting ten rifles probably would have been very noticeable to the "parents," also. Aside from that (and everything else bizarre about this), isn't it important to resolve the issue of exactly where the money came from to buy ten rifles in about a year along with everything else Cruz had?



Where did the data come from? It's possible she fakes her age so she can "party".

It's also possible she "parties" so much, that she's repeating a few years. Being 21 in HS seems too much though, even for a dumb kid, and I highly doubt a girl like her can't figure out how to get a nerd or even teacher to do her work for her.

It can very well be him
everything matches
eye colors hairline the smirk nose ears the dent under the eye
a junkie can easily look 10+ years younger if he clean up


Here's the website selling "Merch"
For the MarchForOurLives That's happening in March that these kids promoted since day 1. I wonder who runs the site. Or when merch was put onto the site.

Dude there is TONS of more legit discrepancies than that bullshit. Come on, we have pics of this kid going way back, drop it. It's people like you that fuck this shit up.

All threads on half get derailed quickly. And they are spread thin and invaded by autistic shit like user who's posting methheads.

Very odd, I work full time and can barely afford to leave my house let alone by 10 rifles, also why would an Uber driver let a kid carrying a gas mask vest an AR etc in their car, then pick em back up after shooting

I'm getting a very big "looks young but is actually older" vibe here.

She was the one who claimed to have walked with said shooter down the hallway.
Note: this school is very active politically


I'm just tryna figure out whether she is a slavette or Jew

sure like incoherent posts with circles and arrows without a single explanation
Im telling you its completely plausible despite the huge apparent age difference, thats the same guy off the drugs.

This thread needs to be cleaned up a bit, I'm a mobile shitposter and don't own a PC, can an user who's good at baking take althe videos that are in this thread and compile them all in a new OP? Maybe with greentext under each one. I don't have the autism for all that. And secondly about the two different websites for the school, they seem to only differ in style. We're onto something boys, I'm more of an Intel gatherer and screencapper, an internet historian if you will. I'm not so good at making threads look pretty. I think this deserves a /general

Ok user, FFS, it's him then. Are (((you))) happy. It's fuggin him. Your Right 100% can We move along now?

Learn what a fucking post ID is kike

Is it me or are their hairlines almost identical.

Also there's this that some user caught. >PicRelated

I thought you were crazy, but their noses look quite a like too. Still the bottom girl seems older.

Ok, Nigger faggot, you have not contributed ONE legit piece of anything. YOU seem to be the one who's having trouble here. I CREATED, STARTED, GAVE LIFE TO, THIS /thread. NOW FUCK OFF BACK TO PLEBBIT AND DIE.

Yea she'd be even older now since that's what she looked like at SandyHook.

daily reminder we've heard so much about these faggot "survivors" and next to nothing about the 17 who died except for 1 teacher being a "hero" and another dying after opening a door

you didn't create this thread stop flailing about you retarded faggot

You're the retard who claimed it was your thread, when you are not OP

reminder: This nigger is either dumb or just an agitator

This website is selling merch for the "MarchForOurLives" they are VERY supportive of every social justice cause there is, and are friends in social media with many "activist" hollywoodtypes.

I can assure you I am the op.

just calm your tits and stay on subject

is the same crisis actor
just as
is the same crisis actor

then why switch IDs?

For some reason my ID changed. Look, FAGGOTS, what's that say next to Op ID in the screencap I JUST TOOK

i dont know how else to share this but if you don't think these kids were reading a script, you are RETARDED


not the one you have right now, or the one you claimed you had as op so who knows what the fuck you're doing

I don't think either of those suggested same people are the same. I'm trying to figure out who's behind/funding this march for our lives, and when the idea came about, this Dave Hogg kid and his buddy were promoting since the minute they were being interviewed. The same group of kids have been shuffled from one news agency to the next starting with CNN. They are a tight knit group, Well Spoken, at times forgetting lines, and Hoggs father is ex FBI. The People who took in the shooter have military connections aswell, one of them worked in Intel. And their story has flipped since day 1. There's a lot here anons. I have to try an out all this shit in order.



Don't let this CIAnigger derail this thread with the bullshit methhead shit. Keep digging anons.

I am very awake right now. Aren't you?

That's not what the issue is. The issue is:
A. the screencap could be shopped {the (you) part}
B. why is his IP switching and he doesn't know why

regardless continue thread

Ask the mods. I don't know either. I was using a VPN last night, when I made this, maybe that's why.


There is a huge line between planting someone to sway opinion and pretending people are still alive because they have the same name and occupation.

The more you go one attack the more you bluepill the average person. You're attacking children who just suffered a horrific event.

Ask, questions first, don't put labels on someone, (((Think))) who does that. (((Think))) who drags debates down with labels?

(((Think))) before you act user. The world is more complicated than it seems.

Affirmative. Very awake since happening. Energized.

that would explain it

As long as you don't continue trying to discredit photos of obvious identical-crisis actors, we're good.

please continue thread

Guy claiming to OP has been getting paid by the post for over 12 hours now, hasn't contributed anything, and a thread just died because he advocated for to make a slide thread. Just read his retarded shit.

I didn't say you were a kike, faggot. I said you glow in the dark.

Fucking CIAnigger disinformation faggot. You are trying to derail it's obvious.

CIAnigger faggots go be glow in the dark somewhere else. This (((shooting))) is obviously another sandy hook, and the glow in the dark nigger deep state is trying to chip at the last bastion of freedom.

You fucking glowing nigger, I declare the immortal words of Alex Jones "1776 will commence again".

Need to dig in on the company making these, see if it's tied to the DNC. That just by itself makes this whole thing stink to high heaven.

Exactly, as soon as a kike like (((AJ))) or a Qtard starts sperging all over kiketube its over in the Normie sphere.

I saw a guy who pointed out that security cameras were removed from freshman building (area of shooting) on google maps. He looked at using different dates. Saw there was once a camera and then google had selectively and convienently added shone distortion over the area . I'll check google earth for a fresh screen cap.
Like I said if someone want to bake some fresh bread and consolidate all the best discrepAncies pls do. I'm a mobile user and do not own a computer so making a nice looking thread is difficult.

They make VERY politically charged shirts. (And not for The NRA types) I might add

Well suck me sideways
Instagram , Pics related, Following 61 people, here's a few

It's some real (((GLOW IN THE DARK SHIT)))

I completely forgot about the NSA event coinciding with this shooting. Really activates the release of neurotransmitters in my prefrontal cortical synapses.

Seems like a DNC fundraising shell company to me, figuring out the timing of the merch being listed and the #marchforourlives shit going live is clutch. All this looks like it was ready to roll out right after it happened.

Blanderson Blooper and Co. with Cameron Kasky. Digging on Instagram. There are like 50 accounts for #MarchForOurLives. I'm trying to see when created and who created them

It came out fast , they were ready to roll 4Days ago

It's almost like the kiked up local police, FBI, CIA are all working together to push this, really activates those almonds. This is such a glow in the dark nigger psyop it stinks like shit.

Also, this March4OurLives is an offshoot of Women's March and this New one I've never seen before.

All supported by MAJOR Hollywood kikes


Thanks user, I'm not savvy with all the webm shit. This women's march is a soros funded op, women's march set up #March for our lives atleast 5 days ago as far as I can tell, and sheriff Israel has been pictured with Hillary during her campaign. This is all Democrat backed and funded. I'm looking for the video from when sheriff Israel was running for reelection but had these allegations over his head and sent out other sheriffs on taxpayers dime to campaign for him. His wife name is indeed what victim above says, and she's right about the amount of children he has. He could have been blackmailed into this…


The founding fathers would have hanged him several times already for treasonous undermining of the constitution.

Save that, they will shoah it.


By acting like a kike. The term is called poisoning the well. You present cups of "water" the other needs in a manner that lulls them in then start sticking your dick into their cups.
It isn't the first time.

Could be nothing, she could just be a serious fuckup.They use credit systems for highschool in the US right? So you need X amounts of credits or you just dont get a diploma. Thats how it works here anyways.

They tend to push them to community college and night school for GEDS if they can't get out by 19. One of the issues they need to address is the potential for statutory cases because a 21 year old beer buying (((student))) can cause all kinds of problems so they don't want them sticking around for very long after 18. Special needs has a waiver to 21 in most cases before they are moved to a group home.
t. former teacher

yes but it's not at a level that would somehow have a 21 year old as a student in high school, you just have the option of picking certain classes that fall under the blanket of required topics.

Canadian schools are heavily marxist institutions designed to make white men fail. Its not that unfathomable to think of a situation where a white person could take I believe thatd be 3 years longer to finish highschool. It just depends on how long the administration is willing to keep them around despite their obvious age gap and failure to conform. Truancy alone could explain it, and failed classes as a result. It gets easier after 18, youre allowed to check yourself out and no one can tell you otherwise.

"So CNN's staff like HAND picked these jewish kids to put in their gun-violence awareness stories, apparently, and of COURSE the right showed up online to stir shit about it!"
"CNN pulled a weird move ONLY putting jewish students on TV, for gun-violence awareness, obviously that will trigger this kind of nonsense! What are they doing?"
"How many other kids were in that SCHOOL that the only ones they could find to speak out for gun control were the jewish kids? I HATE this media sensationalism shit, man, it gets in the way of the real issue every single time."

why don't more of you talk about stealthmode

Sorry skimmed your post before I replied the other guy, guess I should have finished it. Thats pretty much what I was describing, the alcohol thing is a big issue I hadnt considered. In Canada the age for that is only 19 and I believe 18 in Quebec.. so they have to deal with that already pretty much.

The “We”-People up to their usual tricks

Jesus kek you are reaching so hard kike. This is not allowed even for a nigger. Niggers don't even get to go to hs that ling, past 19 they have to go to special campus to get an equivalency degree. Face it kike you guys saw reciprocity coming and baked up an even worse hoax than usual. FFS couldn't even scrub everyone's social media first let alone get a coherent story for every actor. No wonder Hollywood sucks nowadays this is the level of Jewish writing.

I could been a screenwriter.

Im not reaching or a kike. When you do these kinds of things you have to account for the possibility that they just say failed to complete 4 years of highschool in 6 years and are on their 7th year, were allowed to remain in the school because they are a woman and get special privileges but still likes to skip and not manage to achieve a passing grade for failure to do homework.
I know people like that.

Usually by 18 the kid leaves HS and gets pregnant or parties themselves into oblivion. No kid in America willingly stays in dayschool after 18.

It is becoming more and more apparent that this was planned. I watched live the said shooters instagram go up and get SHOAD in live time

The real humans noticed. The junkies are a weakness obviously.

Canada is in on the March for (((their))) lives aswell by the way. The march is DEm funded no doubt.

Well thats what Im saying. They are technically still trying to get their highschool diploma, but are so unenthused that they dont show up for half their classes and get through with a few credits a year instead of full credits.

Over here theres also people being failed in grade 10 gym class for not passing the cultural marxist written section on gender and such, refusing to wear shorts/change in the nude around other men. That class being compulsory, and then how do you pass it afterwards with such an age gap?
Its just a ridiculous system.

They would do that at night school

And in CT after SandyHook this happened. Take a read. Still hasn't been resolved.

Now retired Lt. Paul Vance (sandyHoax goy)

Sounds like a deep state/shadow govt created "incident." Certain agencies create/encourage incidents in other countries to influence politics when needed in the course of psychological operations designed to shape politics. It isn't really much of a stretch to say deep state niggers would use crisis actors and stage an event here, where maybe they equipped and provoked someone already inclined to a violent act. It's just applying what they do in other countries to mold politics (often successfully) here in the US. Insane and illegal, but not that much of a stretch for these people.

Ignore the discord sowers. Good thread here.

What you don't realize is that this is the tip of the iceBERG.
All of the major "atrocities" in the past few years have been psyops.
If you'd rather pretend that kike psyops are real just because it gives you material to use against Religion of Cuck™ists, then you're already spiritually jewish.

Heh, what about Charlie Hebdo and that AK47 shot in the head with NO blood? Seems like many just don't want to see what's going on.

Oh, and for context, that's an official video from the "Manchester bombing" of Ariana Grande concert where (((22))) victims.
Notice the total lack of concern in everyone but the psyop actor, whose daugher Ellen gave scores of MSM interviews talking about her "serious injuries" after bomb shrapnel tore her legs up.
Of course she also has a background in acting and her father has been pushing her to perform in talent shows etc (their YT channels were found).
Never showed her injuries.

That's another good one, indeed.
They rolled out the (((attractive young jewish woman))) in video related, to shame everyone into shutting the fuck up about Manchester.

There's also the Westminster bridge "Pink Panther" lady, shown as a victim but captured on film recording the event after the car had passed.
That's if the photo of the MP Tobias (((Ellwood))) giving CPR to the "stabbed cop" while 20 cops and paramedics stand around fiddling with their balls isn't enough of a farce. Complete with "I'm doing dirty work" blood smear on his face. Look at the litter of equipment, it's like Glastonbury festival, totally unprofessional, totally unbelievable.
But kike shills will report you for "defending muslims" if you discuss these things.

messed around in photoshop comparing to the arrest record of him in south carolina. I also messed around in photoshop


Looks like he has makeup on, you can tell hes a fag too from his voice.

ok and this isn't a canadian school so that's irrelevant to the discussion, and you need to seriously consider how you think a 21 year old being in the same school as 14-18 year olds is ever a situation that can occur. truancy isn't a good framework for argument considering that if someone is never in school for extended periods of time on a routine basis there is clearly some other factors indicating something being awry.

I wouldn't put it past these kikes to have taken the kids from a drama or glee club. They all look like faggots. LGBTQIASTUVWXYZ

Seems to be a trend.

Ok, I'm going to entertain this for one post. What purpose does this little kike being a methhead serve? Why can't he just be who he says he is? Why do (((you))) need him to be this other guy so bad?

Mods r kikes over there. There hasn't been one thread over there that has compiled this much discrepancy and crowd sourced info since the day it happened. Everyone is too busy posting Anti2A and Niggerdick threads. I'm getting pissed. I really want to counter these marches in every fuckin city.

I think that Emma Gonzalez girl is definitely a lesbian. How many straight girls do you know shave their heads?


That's not Alexa Miednik.

They're not even allowed to. It's laughably made up. Whole thing feels like Sandy Hook 2: hard deadline boogaloo. Guarantee they cooked it up last minute for reciprocity bill.

0b7ff5 is a shill. Filter and ignore.

She is, she is pres of her glee club or lgbtq bullshit, that's confirmed. Here's a pic of entrance shooter used courtesy of google earth
Not3: White circle for Mounting camera

d79f70 is a shill too.

They're out in force because this false flag is collapsing hard. Filter and ignore.

Yeah, but is cooler and easier blaming the mudslimes instead of a secret agenda. Neocons in a nutshell.

Once more, consider this before you post. Get it right, avoid confusion.

Exspecially on the 45th day of the year. Hmm? Also the person the school is named after was a "Progressive Activist" who fought against Draining the "Everglades" a "Swamp" so to speak. REALLY RUSTLES MUH JIMMIES

>(((merch for the march)))

They're going overboard and this will be their downfall.

Filterman might be actually useful for once. Get that Molon Labe stuff going again.

It's almost like the Commies are exploiting every (((Tragedy))) to gather support for their main cause. Started with BLM and Women's March, Now there's COUNTLESS offshoots. (((they're))) grabbing people from every demographic. These niggers know what they're doing. At the same time they have farright kikes discrediting regular folks like u and I who see thru this bullshit, and we get called crazy and heartless while it couldn't be further from the truth. They possibly have 2 Innocent (definitely 1) innocent kid/kids locked up now. I can't imagine the torture they're going thru

Anons, I'm not savvy like all of you with all the filtering and all that. I'm just autistic af at investigating and compiling 411.
Is there a feature on applications like google earth to find the dates the images may have been taken? Or see older images of the same location?

Noticed the mods bumplocked her thread.

Wonder why?

Thread for that:

There has GOT to be surveillance video of the shooting, if Columbine had cameras way back in 1999, then this school almost 20 years later in an affluent area certainly will. Not that it would help us that much, they probably destroyed it the second after the shooting.

It might be a good idea to dig up info from normal students social media pages to look for discrepancies.it seems like this is very much a real school with lots of real witnesses, we need voices from normal students and not the (((witnesses))) that the msm gives us.

If the Feds were recruiting ex-methheads, don't you think they'd give them a new identity?

Nope. They fucked it up.

I've been digging thru Instagram and FB, I'm checking the outside of tHe school now for security cams. earlier an user noticed they made a new website, seen in first pic, earlier today this same webpage looked like this, the old site. That is now 404d

They've run out of road on that 1989 shooting by the Algerian with the French adopted name.

This. Once SHTF/WROL or Civil War 2 kicks off, it's DAY OF THE ROPE and every last one of them will hang for what they've done.

That's working exponentially less day by day. I really think this "march" isn't going to happen. Call it a gut feeling.


or maybe the methhead pics are propaganda as well.

Nice work thanks!

I posted this in the other thread, but I live in FL and I received word earlier on in the day that two high schools in my area were put on red alert following a credible copycat mass casualty event. I know this happened because I have friends at these schools. Make of it what you will.

Why did someone blank out the names when the tweet reveals who it is? Also you could find that verified fag just by searching the text of that tweet in any search engine. You newfags need to wisen up QUICK

If he is the meth head, he is 28 years old and not a fucking highschool student

K, Nowadays everybody has an online presence, ecspecially highschoolers. If you type into normiebook, "Photos That (insert name here) Liked" a series of fotos that said person liked in their FB lifetime will come up. When trying this method with a few of the (((Victims))) NOTHING comes up.
For any of them. >>Pic Related

It may have happened, but not like they said it did. And quite possibly not by who they say was the perp.

Here we go… Trumps gunna compromise.

Throwing them a bone to give them a false sense of security before the RICO indictments happen.

I don't know about funding but calling someone the "grand creator of the movement" would imply that she's behind it in some capacity (whoever she is). It's pretty brazen. But you and other anons are right about the coordinated hashtags, interviews, nationwide protests, walkouts, merchandise, and what I'm sure will be eventual congressional campaigns for the (((chosen))) ones. These things don't happen overnight, but they did.

It's almost like the Russia narrative is falling apart and Dems needed a platform to tackle the midterms so this is the best they've got lel. Not many people are biting and the narrative is getting torn apart faster than usual though, desperation is a bitch.

I’m not saying it didn’t happen, just that if it was another deep state gun grab, they are doing similar things around the state in the wake of the “shooting”. Also a lot of kids nowadays don’t have FBs, but they usually do have instagrams.

Tried to find (((victims))) there too. To no avail

I'm amazed how such a useless do-nothing group can organize this so well and so quickly while being completely unable to manage even the simplest of tasks that are actually their job.

Funny, he's not the (((grand creator))) and in glad they say that. Whoever funds and makes websites for the Women's March is the "GrandCreator"


kek the things I love most about this webm are

Fucking sad, and making the midterms about gun control is even more sad I don't think it'll have the effect they think it will.
Any idea on who the kikess is with him?

Did he have a trust or insurance money from his adopted mother's death? I haven't seen his finances discussed but even 10 cheap funs and accessories would cost a few thousand dollars.
To pull off a mass casualty event, one would need multiple magazines as well as all of the other gear that was reported (vest, smoke grenades, gas mask etc), and I still wonder how he was supposed to have gotten all of that to the school in an Uber.

I also brought this up before but the Talmud-quoting Sheriff Israel was also the face on the news for the Ft Lauderdale airport shooting a year ago. That was another one where a troubled/mentally ill/MK-ed young man literally went to the FBI and begged for help just before boarding a plane to fly across the country from Alaska to Ft Lauderdale for some reason to becoming a notorious mass shooter. But of course, that's merely a coincidence.

"Mr. Santiago had arrived at the FBI building asking for help," Anchorage Police Chief Christopher Tolley said. "Santiago was having terroristic thoughts and believed he was being influenced by ISIS."

>it's just a (((cohen)))-cidence, goguy.

Jesus christ, this is approaching sandy hook levels of fishiness.

kikes pose as muslim and fund muslims with money and weapons, it's that simple, the both need to go

Can anyone help try and pin point this location. I think it was taken in Parkview Trail neighborhood. That is the area Cruz was spotted & also on his arrest papers


I'll google earth The are in a minute Senpai, I am beyond fuckin raging right now because of the news. I WANT WAR WITH THESE FAGGOTS NOW

I would also like to add that there are a number of fairly common treatments that can reduce facial wrinkles and other signs of aging. A meth-head with a shitty diet who cleans up, starts derma-rolling, taking vitamins, and using retinol creams; with a close shave; could easily pass as a teen. Our adversaries are experts at manipulation of the human form.

thanks. I may also be Blue Isle Bay which is right next door.

Looks like a condo association tonstart because of the multiple did numbers for address

8409 lake view Trail Parkland,

Looks like there needs to be more shooting. Oh hai FBI, nothing Russian here so nothing to see. Go back to halfchan and look at lolis you pedo pigs.


Could be a mossad operation

One of the things that looks just as odd as the girl sitting indian style infront of the very door leading in. Normal people would have had that shit barricaded with every desk and chair possible to block the door in but she is sitting infront of it? So fucking weird….

Oh, I know.

Read more esoteric threads. The G stands for gay but it also stands for gang. This whole "tragedy" is a psyop.

so hard to tell. I check out the guy Jesse Pan who says he was the neighbor. He works as Real Estate agent for coldwell bankers & he has like all the peter wang pictures. something up with this guy

NO ITS NOT!! LOOK AT NBC RIGHT NOW. I couldn't get it fast enough but NBC is telling everyone that "Russian bots" are calling FLORIDA A FALSE FLAG AND SOWING DISCORD

I can't get a street view of that location, but from above the topography is VERY similar. ANONS we have a Huge problem, the MSM is showing all kinds of people cutting up there guns and saying that Russian bots are sowing discord when it comes to Gc. THIS IS NOT GOOD. I repeat. THIS IS NOT GOOD. ALL 2A. MUST COUNTER THESE LITTLE KIKE FAGGOTS WHEN THEY PROTEST. TRUMP IS COMPLICIT IN THE KIKERY it's been apparent for. While now


Thing isn't even an AR

Trump is going to ban bumb stocks

PETER wang and jesse PAN
The boy who'll never grow up.
This is the kid they were petitioning to have a full military burial, but it appears that he got a Jewneral at the Star of David cemetery instead.
But yes, very odd that Jesse would have all of those personal photos of the "neighbor" kid. Most of his other photos are of him with a gaggle of jewesses. More Chink-kike alliances.

I've never in my 30 years seen a propaganda push like this. The media kikes r insane… it's almost 1776 time bois YEEEHAW

I bet my AR that no one was in the casket… considering AI has the ability to create people out of thin air.

Shit, I used to live on LI and could have checked it out.

I now live 35 miles from Starlight, PA. If anyone has an address I can do some surveillance.

The Scott guy was a camp counselor at Camp Starlight

yea wang's JROTC group look like special needs kids. I also find this picture. CT has a reputation & check out the shirts! They say Wang's parents dont even speak English. Some weird stuff going on.

the scott beigel in Starlight had no address. I was also wrong about Linda Beigel. I was looking at the wrong lady. Correct one lives in NY

Yes he is. This proves he is going along with these narratives. People better wake up. And fast. The 2A is under heavy attack. This is NOT GOOD. Trump ain't who everyone thinks he is

Dix Hill Ny or something

Ohh shit I'm in CT. Right near WestHaven is Danbury and (((SandyHook))) and All the 3letter agencies… fugg goys we need to fight this fuckery

i've seen alot of autistic Trump fanboys here who calls everyone pointing this out a jew, when in reality everyone who still thinks freely knows that politicians and the state ultimately will clamp down of the freedom. With Hillary it would be a female rage, with Trump it's more subtle, curling for the next administration until nothing is gone and whites are too few to actually care about issues like freedom in the first place.

everything is gone

It stands for knowledge that is locked away inside lies. G = reverse Γ inside a C, which is a crooked Γ(crooked knowledge = lie). Γ is the symbol of ΓΝΩΣΙΣ(KNOWLEDGE). What the use of the G symbol in this case alludes to is "we hold knowledge and power only to ourselves". Such is the nature of the English and the other alphabets. It takes your power away and hands it to somebody else, twists meaning, impedes your ability to communicate effectively. I'll keep reposting pic related and let you guys figure this stuff out on your own. A lot of you should already know the significance of runes and symbology, so if you can touch this then you can make leaps and bounds in other areas.

I know next to nothing about guns, can you please explain to me how you can tell that it isn't an AR?

Wait, so Wang and Pan are the same person, they claim one was killed and the other has his pictures on his wall, but they are pictures of himself? And they are memeing Peter pan for pedo kicks? Sounds about right. Also west point just posthumously "inducted" the not real person, so glow worms being glow worms…

Anywho the full court press is truly on. My Google news feed right now:
(((Top Stories)))
- Trump stock ban
- muh Russia investigation
- shit
- shit
- west point posthumously inducts fake person
- Trump raped another girl

- scotus makes a pro gc ruling
- shit
- shit

- kratom causes salmonella
-why can't we offer more flu vaccines than we do now?
- drinking alcohol tied to long life, new study (not guns but all 3 lel)

Anyone who has experienced life at all and thought a little bit about the way things work knows the Government is NOT your friend under any circumstances… it's almost time to water the liberty tree with the blood of these kikes and traitors. This is not a joke anymore, first set of bump stock round ups, or arrests should trigger a Huge Haopening. It's long over due

So essentially get ready for major attempts at wiping out 2a this week

It's an M16. The only way I can tell is just by sight really.

You forgot the bit about how NK vows to preemptively strike Us somehow between the end of march and april.

Also wearing makeup



How fucking autistic do you have to be to believe that those two people are the same?

Really suspicious

In this case it means "this is approved by our club, shabbos goyim, so don't ask questions, even if there are mid-20's actors larping as teens and we're ripping off the taxpayer, because it's for a (((good))) cause."

It's a gang.

If you liked your yidlet, you could have kept your yidlet.

No, it proves he's a shrewd negotiator. DWS and the Awan blackmail is still being investigated. Wait for the OIG report.

Alexa Meidnik is from Skippak.


the people that don't bother looking through the moms facebook photos that go back years & have dozens of photos of the Hogg man

This is.

300+ posts in and nobody has posted this KWEEN yet?

Jesse Pan is some kind of handler or something. I think this photo is the Wang family, but something up.

boy this is some kike disinfo. trying to ass off Carlee soto as Alexa. what wrong with your brain?

someone need to find her parents!

Photoshop in Mein Kampf…

I'm on it user


Anyone got a source image for this?


UK has been a hotbed of bullshit lately.

That's really over the top, isn't it? Here's a webm for posterity.

Apparently autistic enough to post it 22 times

This (((shooting))) was in DWSs District. Imagine That.

What r they gunna do there? Invade your kitchens? Kek



I kek'd hard, thank you

Their tears nourish me.

A gay gang? Is their god gay too?

I'm not following this event closely so I shouldn't have posted in the first place, but, if facial surgery has gotten so advanced, anyone could be anyone else that looks similar within a certain margin. You should post those pictures from the FB you're talking about if they exist. Screencap, archive and disseminate.

It's making me think it's a derailment attempt but it could be legit. Anyway I'll stop posting and let you get on with the digging.

seriously UK has so much kikery. I wish I save all my manchester stuff


This communist needs to be exposed nationally.

Had an interesting conversation about this stuff with my folks around the dinner table tonight, they agreed that these four students are full of shit opportunists so that was heartening atleast.
Kind of killed the mood when they were both going on about how bump stocks ought to be banned, ITS PRACTICALLY AUTOMATIC WHEN YOU GET ONE ON DONTCHA KNOW

I think youre wrong. The kid in one of the OP pics is taking a shot. Looks over 21. I'd like to get a better view of the mugshot because its hard to tell, but I can't say they are definitely clearly different looking people.

Also - David Hogg the "kid from the school" has a youtube channel where he just so happened to be in CA until recently from what I've gathered so far. So him being in CA doesn't disqualify at all, in fact it makes me wonder even more.



SHOAD, CONFIRMED. FUGGG good thing I saved these. And look at the swede kike trying to shill the methhead hahahahahaha

top kek

The methead and U.K. Shit should be ignored. Proven disinfo. Keep on HoggWild. HE IS A COMMIE KIKE LIKE THE REST


This guy needs some acting lessons, also notice him fondling with the Gatorade bottle as if he's anxious.

Could be fake.

It is, but I'm laughing at the fact this (((guy))) has been networking with news stations like the kike he is.

Isn't this a troll twitter account?

He obviously has connection from his daddy.


I have a feeling that it is just going snowball down from here.


fake and gay, that's a troll twitter account

You could be a kike. Either way bump fugging kek. Called it earlier, they rushed this job.

is the new earlobe spacing, a derail tactic. It's pathetic. So is hogg, he's not a methheads, he's worse, a 22 year old glow worm.


I can't vouch for that twitter account or yearbook photo, but David Hogg definitely has been in that area.



that highschool is 8 minutes away from this address

He's mobileposting, user

Itsconfirmed he used to live in Rodondo here's the latest. It's catching on. THE MOST telling video is him at 930am interviewing during a "Drill" THE COPS WERE USING BLANKS AND SMOKE FOR REALLNESS!!!






Yes, yes, it's been posted more than once. Some webms for you.

fellas, youre doing gods work

Is it true that this guy graduated from another high school in 2015?

Responding to an important post.


Jesus Christ.

Yes, his twitter and YouTube show California posting still waiting for more confirmation

Google and MSM already covering ass by Putting blame on "Muh Russia" for spreading "False flag" theories.
>>(((They're))) fucked

He was on the news in Redondo Beach Aug 2017.
Just 50 miles away, supports Laguna High School theory.

Secratary was fired for this. Keep eyes on him for (((suicide)))

anyone know if that top pic is cali? probably is but just make sure

Yes that's Cali. Apparently these kids travel around to dif crises


We're making BIGLY waves lads. Ignore all Russian Shit. Disinfo is flowing like wild. Trying to disseminate. Archive And Save all Videos in this thread. I'm on mobile lads i cant. I been digging into this since it happened. There's something definitely wrong here… KEEP GOING. Ignore all Russia bs and be aware disinfo like methboy etc is being fed…
Even queen moloch is talking shit

Trump Jr liked one of the "Conspiracy Crisis actor " tweets and it got SHOAD. We're onto something lads KEEP GOING IGNORE ALL SHILLS. This is for AMERICA. FUCK RUSSIA AND FUCK DEMOCRATS.




His plebbit account

Hogg didnt witness shit. What a loser

Be wary of posters trying to bring the Russkies into this. That topic is important and complicated and has nothing to do with this thread.

Archive everything.

video of him reciting a script got taken off of youtube for bullying and harassment and added to the content id system for visual copyright block.

I'm just seeing MSM and a lot of 4Chan posts referring to "This could be Russia fucking with us" tier shit. So I'm just bringing awareness. I'm right here in CT, I created the thread.

Here's what Hogg the Zoggs father does for work btw.

They all do because they have incredibly dark pupils as well. Looks (accurately might I add) like they don't have a fucking soul. I literal NPC.

Good find fam. Jesus Christ this is Crazy.

It's all too perfect a coincidence.
Hoggwash probably did the shooting himself with his father's fbi access to guns and the other kid is a patsy.

One of us?

How come this isnt pinned ?

It's a Latina after all.

No clue. Half is being overran BIGLY right now. I'm watching a few threads this is crazy.

Well said brother. The time to rise up is coming ever closer. The day of the rope is coming.

Does anyone have this video? A friend of mine sent me the link, but by the time I went to check it it was already blocked.

100 years now. No one has done anything but collapse like a pile of dry leaves. You're delusional.

You couldn't be more right. The implications here are rise worthy.

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. The oven club is 2 blocks down.

Hoggzogg is on CNN apparently saying he's. Not a crisis actor lmao

This kid's plebbit account is absolute normie tier, don't know why they got him for this job. Dad obviously didn't beat him enough, and never taught him even the most simple basics of psyops.

Post tfw hoggzogg personally called Blanderson Blooper to come on and REEEE

You sick fucks


If you have to go on CNN to claim you aren't a crisis actor you might just be a fucking crisis actor


anons, always remember this is who you could have been had you never decided to go down the rabbit hole

The fact that they're having to do this shows how much their story is cracking. This is the kikes being scared shitless.


Kek, i just told my friends and family I love life and don't plan on Suiciding. FUGGGGG

This is fucking golden. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

About as low as using children who allegedly survived a mass shooting as mouthpieces for your political movements you aids riddled faggot

He literally says, " I went t… I go too That school"

you can see his eyes darting around during the whole interview
a sure fire sign someone is lying to you

I can't beleive this shit. FUCKIN BASED DON JR HAHAHAHAHA

Struck a nerve

Kek is with us



Especially from someone who's been interested in journalism and acting. You can explain it with him being an autistic faggot that doesn't have any social skills(his plebbit agrees with this idea) but, his journalistic background overrules this.

This one?


I didn't know hooktube could bypass their blocks. Nice.
I believe this was the video yes. Thank you.


Oh oyyyyy veyyyy not the hoolllloccaaaussst

The numbers… what do they mean?

Kek is blessing us in this thread, kikes are being BTFO by autistic frog worshippers

He also said he's "the son of an F- the son of a former FBI agent" as well. Daddy's still in the business.


No problem

Reality is just shitposting at this point.

This, for them to address it means they are sweating

You can see his eyes moving reading off a promoter like a fucking robot

I can feel an American Spring deep in muh Plumzzzz Woo


I know Holla Forums is a board of peace….but…..just…..fucking…..DOTR when?

Holy fuck I can't believe this.
How the fuck does he know at 3:13 that the shooter is Nick Cruz? The motherfucker wasn't arrested until 4:11, the sheriff's office didn't identify who he was until 6:29!!

Same fucking name and they just happen to look like fucking twins?
Bull fucking shit.
Deep state faggot crisis actor. Shit is fucking insane at this point.

If subway and McDonalds doesn't release security can footage of supposed shooter

Inside info lel

I love this timeline.

lel I didn’t think it was possible but the Jews are in a defensive position. Not nearly as bad as Sandy Hook and Trump makes himself look good with a limp noodle bone-toss.

You should already know anyone pushing this is a shill not worth listening to

Its an early AR-15, M-16s are AR-15s but not all AR-15s are M-16s
almost all civilian AR-15s are semi auto though, unlike M-16s which are all full auto/burst

May need own thread.


Actress/writer/chef/ IMDb

CNN vid:


(Now blocked) Grab from yesterday



26 year old meth head posing as a student.

If they would have just ignored it, it would have stayed a conspiracy theory.
Now its in the mainstream consciousness.

Emma Parkland and Emma NYU the same person? Certainly looks like it. Back to digging.

* look the same
* has the same name
* has the same model glasses

(((pure coincidence)))

Tradecraft 101 , light disguises , simple as a hat and sunglasses , facial hair , or a shaved head look different that other gigs.

Possible twin? Doesn't matter, I am already torching the normiesphere with this meme. Also she is at the forefront of this bullshit too. Her speeches sound script ready, she is definitely an actor. No (((coincidence))) at all.


We dun did it this time m8s (((THEY R PISSED)))

Best timeline

Crisis Doge

Yea her speech is way to rehearsed
just like hoggs CNN speech
and the words they use..

Half is doing serious damage…

Yeah never seen CNN in such a damage control mode as they are at moment. They know there is too much info out public for them to keep this up so are trying to get ahead of it. Seriously I have never seen them so turtle defensing like this before. Think we should tell them what we haven't made public yet and know?

Affirmative. Keep this /thread goin. I'll be back in a bit. Gotta wage Cuck for a few. Half is having a field day rn. I guess mom is FBi aswell. Be back soon

Checked btw. Kek has been here. Kekspeed anons

HEres link b4 I go

Find some classmates from that year and ask them on social media. Should be VERY easy to verify considering how big that class is and there is no way the media can silence that entire class.

Agreed. Don't fall for the disinfo the media is trying to push here (we see you). Stick with the facts and what we know/can prove. This is a knockout blow caliber issue here and even the Don's son chimed in. This is a good chance to land a massive uppercut to the cuckery that is the corrupt media.

Just wait one fucking second.

His parents both work at the FBI… and it's also been reported that someone close to the shooter reported him to the FBI.

Presumably this report would go to the same FBI field office that Hogg's parents worked at. So someone is threatening to shoot up the school their own son attends, and nothing is done within the FBI about this?

Something's off, very off

If someone can get multiple classmates on camera confirming this 17yo graduated in California 2015 THEY ARE SO FUCKED

Even the hooktube version is shoah'd. Any mirrors?

Easy there terminator

Will be easy to do as well. There is simply no way they can account for that entire class and the chances of yearbooks being signed by faggot mclovethecamera is immense as well.

gotchu fam

"One of them went into the same bathroom… as the shooter"

Dear God I swear I died and am currently in the Twilight Zone where stupidity rules the globe…

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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty - Coral Springs/Parkland
2015 to present · Coral Springs, Florida
Heron Heights Elementary School
Parkland, Florida
Norcrest Elementary School
Pompano Beach, Florida
Intervention Teacher

Kevin R Hogg
City: Parkland, Florida Age: 51

Relatives: Robert L Hogg, Katherine J Gonzalez, Robert L Hogg
Email: kevi**@cs.com, what**@yahoo.com
Addresses: 10950 NW 78th Pl, Parkland, FL; 7819 NW 112th Way, Parkland, FL; 4818 Reese Rd, Torrance, CA
Previous Locations: Mission Viejo, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA


funny how his programmers are coaching him on what to say
the guy tells him: "say i dont know how to put this into perspective"

Rare Pepe in the sky

Hogg's father FBI confirmed. From his Faceberg. facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000204064369&pnref=friends.search

The thing that I don't get is that if Trump Jr. and the POTUS know this why don't they put a stop to it right the fuck now, expose the issue, capsize the entire narrative, provide actual proof to us all and fuck over the corrupt media and remove some corrupt agents in the process. I just don't understand why he wouldn't want to smash with this issue given how much intel is already public… makes no sense to me.

Eagles shirt

The implications… idk, why didn't he call out Vegas. I feel like (((They))) want us to sperg out on em.

His twitter seems like its procedurally generated, very few posts with actual content salt and peppered, I think it was just that picture of him in a Tigger costume on that whole feed before the SoCal surfer viral vid.

This nigger is so fucking fake

The Gateway Pundit video got deleted by goolag. Did anybody webm it?


Because Trump is a narcissist and that would require him to admit he doesn't have 100% control over the people in the executive branch. The other angle is that he doesn't know that all this is bullshit jewish theatre to take guns. Both of these are equally bad.


I thought I'd scrolled the thread twice, and now I see somebody had actually posted it already. Sorry.

I think this is getting slid.

Big time

This pic from yearbook vid proving Hogg was enrolled in Florida. Halfchan arguing shadow cast shows the page out of alignment. Meaning it was a single sheet inserted.

Cant find the fucking original vid. I thought it was this thread damnit


How is it that these kids never have to be in school? Whats the policy on that? Do other kids get the week off for interviews?

perhaps, what she meant was

Not unless they also had a career in media planned for them.


I notice a lot of these groups are into movie making. The movies are always shit looking and are never released. Is that some sort of money laundering scheme? I remember that guy that shot up comet ping pong, his dad ran "forever young" productions or some shit.


So crisis actors do exist, right?


Whoever made an user.ib is a savage. (((they))) r obviously watching… out of all threads I've seen between here and half, this has the most legit evidence, all in one thread. We managed to rustle some jimmies. But what's the next step anons?? Are we walking into a trap that will fuck us forever? A lot of disinfo was shilled in a lot of Zogghogg threads. The only real telling shit is in the vids where he fucks Up script, the vid of him interviewing during shooting, and a few more vids of little kike tyrants saying it was a drill. We're under heavy attack. Wat do?

What the fuck is happening here?


typical incompetence from the son of an FBI dweeb

Lurk more.

Just wanted to say thanks for all your digging and research. Extra thanks if you're spreading info or memes about this kid. It's already breaking through the normie-sphere. KEEP PUSHING!

Just to be clear….they are removing this from youtube?

I believe we have a confirmed false flag on our hands everyone.

Yea, they are blocking it because it "Violates their policy on Cyberbullying."

He was searching for stock photos of teens with guns a few months back. Why?

Someone mentioned that he was in Model United Nations at Palos Verdes High School before he moved to FL. One thing the debate about is gun control.

Daddy's cup



Meant to reply to:


They look like members of the same, immediate, family. Like brother and sister and yes I know kikes are inbre but these two here, something's amiss.

Horee sheeeit
I don't usually believe in coincidences, but this actually is the mother of them all; I don't think it's him for the fact the eyes on no2 are further apart than no 1.
Saying that everything else apart from complexion nearly a doppelganger lol.

I am pretty sure that is bullshit meant to distract you user.

This is incontrovertible proof that this was a false flag.

The implications are that our own government sent a kid into a high school to murder 17 people in order to force gun control.

This is insanity.

Watch the truck in the background

This needs to be spread everywhere to everyone. This is the proof right here.





Wag the dog, so to say.

Wouldn't russia WANT less guns in america?


that'll go well

archive isn't working?



I knew I was on to something when all the Alexaposting was SHUT IT DOWN, GOYed.

DWS seems to just love cops now. Weird.




So what's going on with the "Dreamers"? Is this gun "debate" a distraction where we get a "victory" of keeping what we already have while (((they))) legalize millions of invaders?

lol holy shieeet

27 year old manlet meth head.
(((the tribe))) never gives up.

pdf of document listed in SH pic


Come and take them.

Calm down, Jesus. It's just a CIA agent. They're always fucking around.

So you're telling me a kike-ess shaved her head, took off her glasses and kept the same name, thinking no one would notice? Didn't even scrub her social media? Are kikes this damn insane?????


I know Clancy is hackish but wutevs

Oh shit my melanin enriched fellow can you crop and trace that? Am on phone

oh CNN

As far as I know, they were dropped like a hot potato after that (((bipartisan))) bill didn't pass and is set to be a non issue with gun control narrative returning.

The 'shooting' isn't even over and they're already going full retard.

It is without a doubt, 100%, no more shilling, definitely a false flag of sandy hook level or greater.

Many don't even look like high school students. just young adults.

underrated post

This is being said, sticky this mods

>moderated by (((Jake Tapper)))

No he fucking isn't. Grade D maybe. The dumbass can't even remember his lines.



They just shoahed the #1 trending video. This is BIG you guys. They don't want this spreading any more. This is the only video I saved before they took it down.

No clue how accurate this is. Found it on halfchan, but it might be a good point to start digging from.

Anyone watching cnn right now?

It's a parade of actors.

I feel like most people here don't have cable to begin with.

This is like something out of Wayne's World.

Fox News seems to be carrying the same shit.

Who the FUCK wears a CNN shirt?


what was that legislation that allowed for media consolidation into 6 companies again? that has to go back

Thank All of You anons, We are the Intelligence Network now. Fuck the FBI/CIA. Trying to use simulations and drills to infringe upon the god givin rights of citizens here. Maybe the shooting was real. But as this point I want to see bodies, bulletholes, spent casings, the perps weapon, SOMETHING. We never will. Givin what the HoggZoggs father does for a Living is say it was a preplanned drill where live fire simulation was used. At the very least if this Nikolas kid did do this these kids give no fucks about the dead and are being told what the narrative should be and just want attention. Either way it's sick. Keep exposing these glowing fucks… KEKspeed Anons. We do KEKs work.

They all have to double down at this point. People have memories of goldfish. Hopefully people can see how apparent all of this is… it's not even a stretch at this point

It's getting very cozy :^)

He's visiting CNN, though.

Fox News always has been pro-fag, anti-Christ, and kiked. ALWAYS.

I have one, from 20 years ago when I went to CNN Center and was still asleep.

This Hogg faggot does ASMR too?



Fuck. I just realized it. Hogg is a woman.

Crying girl is definitively not Alexa.

This is (((well poisoning))) since too many people caught on too early and now their only tactic is to muddy the waters.

0b7ff5 is a paid disinfo shill

A for effort.


At least (((PBS))) begs for their shekels.

We've known that since before 9/11.

Looks like kid from here

The filter in question is ve-gan -> fag


Am I the only one who thinks it would be the most delicious irony in the world if this faggot actor got shot?

Chances are pretty high he will get terminated now when his job is done and he is a liability, someone should mention this to him (he as a youtube) and maybe show him the clinton affiliate corpse pile.

I'm half-expecting a false-flag at their "March for our lives"
the anti-abortion activists probably appreciate that name hijack: March for Life


This yearbook is false. Disinfo to throw us off. The Hogg family lived in LA when the father was an FBI Agent. They moved to Florida sometime very recently. The father is now employed by a defense contractor that makes virtual reality training simulations in Florida.

Possible theory:
The Hogg kid has been preparing for this for a while. The family probably moved to Florida after Cruz was ID'd as the fall guy(He was possibly influenced/MKU'd to do the shooting or convinced he was guilty, orphan, mother died in november). Other Florida assets are involved. The FBI likely has some leverage over the Kassky family. Jeffery Kasky is an adoption attorney with a bad track record and connections to ElsaGate.

The shooting was real in so far as real children are dead. Trump can't come out firing on this unless all the ducks are lined up. Even once they are, its difficult to inform the public. It is hard to swallow that the FBI orchestrated a school shooting. That is Riot-Tier violation of the public trust.

The operation was a cluster fuck. The shooter is still alive. Anyone connected to it has no choice to go ALL IN on defending the narrative. They bet the farm on the kids convincing the public, but there is too much doubt. They were forced into discussing Crisis Actors publicly. A critical mass of people will find all of the old sandy hook memes.

Red team's play is to drop fake leads like this fake yearbook they can hold up and disprove to cast doubt on the body of valid evidence presented and create so much confusion no one knows what the hell happened. I'll bet no one is getting banned from twitter for posting that yearbook picture.

The bet the farm on these kids and it was a huge mistake. They have to have the parents 100% in their corner. Not all of the kids are in one the scam. Plenty of stage mom's out there who went their spawn to cash in on the publicity.

The hogge's are clearly in on this. The kassky family likely as well. The other kids we need to ID their parents. Remember, the shooting was real. 17 dead. 14 kids 3 teachers. 15 supposedly wounded. Were any teachers wounded and survived? I haven't seen any interviews with the kids or teachers who were injured. If you got shot, you could probably see the shooter(s).


This is what daddy-oHogg does for a living.


post them proofs, you know, for science purposes.

I can sense it too

Social media is shadowbanning anyone who mentions David Hogg.

These are all seditious communist kikes. I'm being very careful as to how I present this btw. At the VERY LEAST these kids are exploiting this tragedy and being told to do so. Going full Conspiracy right now would be very bad optics.

A couple friends I've said NOTHING too

The march won't happen. I'm willing to bet money on it.

The usual calling cards are present.
Ever wondered why (((they))) have their story straight without traceable contacts or visible conspiracy? They achieve this by inserting messages in plain sight.
22, 33, 666 and other key numbers warn and inform adherents.

YouTube comment sections are the best place to copy paste a well thought out sentence kek.
Lots of Hogg and CNN vids have people calling them out.

Oh, there's also another 33 at the end.
A two to double the 33 for another double 33.


Shooting happened on the 45th day in a school that is named after an activist that fought against draining the Everglades (swamp) imagine that


put a 0 in h0gg and defeat the trigger

Nobody should be countering (((they're)) bullshit protest. Too risky

it's just a cohencidence you stupid right wing conspiracy theorists

The best spies hide in plain site.

James Bond actually plays nickel slots with Grandma, not baccarat in the high rollers room.

No, I mean the lid will be off this psyop by the weekend. It's just waaaaay to sloppy. They'll make some excuse (if they're not in handcuffs).


Youtube is shoahing people who upload videos about this kike hard.

I'll put it this way, I wouldn't cry about bad things happening to ANYONE tyrannical enough to call for a revocation of our God-given Rights; whether they stub their toe, develop terminal ass cancer, ect… I'm good with it all.

Can someone give me a good explanation on why this is important so I don't get the facts wrong? I want to meme this shit on facebook and if I get anything wrong, they will derrail and niptick on it

yea, I wouldn't go anywhere near it. Let them make their own mistakes.

See the video in this post and it should become apparent why this kid is fake, phony, and gay.

Was there any proof that people actually died/got hurt?
I have not followed this nearly as closely as vegas, so it could be either a false flag or hoax, but this is indeed incontrovertible proof that it is one of these two

Yes, but how do I explain it to normies?

Other signs:

Words with double o's (Owl of Minerva) or that start with g (GOOD is an example - it doesn't mean proper) or C - (the crescent)

Use of the word "central" "circle" or anything kikel-related

Square or translations thereof (John Le Carre = John the Square) - most civilian intelligence services are masons

Backwards spelling

The word "rum" (referring to Capt. William Morgan, or "redrum" - murder backwards

If you want to stick with facts; show the video of him being coached. That's plenty damning AND factual.

We are talking about brazilian facebook, the closest thing we follow about the facts was whenever or not the 'killer' was a jew or spic
We didn't get the interviews on national television and shit, just some articles claiming he was alt-right-nazi-white-devil

Symbolism is big. Expand your thinking as muh larp people say… you really should.

If you get called a "schitzo" more than likely you've found a butthurt mason.

References to travel as well ("Fellow travellers" drifters etc)

Oh, and "kids" rather than children or students is a reference to the goat head of Baphomet. A big one. "Leave this mason psyop alone!"

We're over the target, boys.

What's the deal with that? Is he signaling that he is part of the lumpenproletariat?

There's counter-disinfo going on trying to discredit the discrediters (discredditors?).

They know when this blows up it's off to GITMO (and maybe their heads too).

It's just an algorithm a community guideline!

I've seen cabalists wear oversized, ripped clothing before.

bull = moloch

The double R in words means something masonic too but I can't remember it right now.

Seriously, how is this not national news yet.

Railroad! The paralell rails represent the two pillars Boaz and Joachim. Also see train accidents. That's a mason symbol too.

Excellent work. Saved.

Proving The MSM use some the Highest levels of propaganda on its own citizens and exploits dead children. They did this with (((SandyHook))) aswell here in Ct. didn't even wait a day, but those kids were too young to speak so it was lawmakers like BLUMENTHAL, Malloy , and Murphy. DO NOT DENY kids died. Yet. We don't have too much proof of all that. For now it's just important we stick to pointing out flaws with HoggZogg and CO.

That schizotype

Rickroll it. Upload a "cat video" with Hogg cut in the middle.

Those people are going full no kids died, we CANNOT push that meme yet. We have to look into that more. Let people come to their own conclusions based on the discrepancies we innocently are pointing out


Nice. We did strike a nerve and we did it from the shadows. The usual (((suspects))) are going full no kids died. DO NOT ENGAGE, that will turn the normie off VERY fast. Learn from Sandy Hook. Just point out FACTS when it comes to HOgg and Company and their connections and fuck ups. The fact they're exploiting a national tragedy so quickly etc etc

How many rounds were fired?
What kind of bullets?
What caliber of bullets?
Can we see pictures of the bullet casings and pictures of the ballistic damage?
Who was the dead black girl? 
What parts of the school specifically was the shooter in? 
What was in the bodybag being taken out of the school?
Why was there the instant call to demolish the school?
How come Browardschools.com was created in 1996, while Browardschools1.com was created last year? 
Are any autopsy reports going to be released?
Why did the ALLEGED shooters brother get sent to a psychiatric facility just days ago?
How did the laptop get shot and still have a functioning backlight? 
Why is there no transparency?
Where is the footage from school cameras?
What part "We don't trust you" does the media, the alphabets, politicians and LE, not understand?
Why are they so desperate to blame Feebs for Mossad' actions?
Why did he stop shooting? 
There was no one there to stop him. 
What made him stop shooting and "blend in" to walk out with the rest of the students? khou.com/article/news/nation-now/florida-school-shooting-suspect-ordered-a-drink-at-subway-after-deadly-assault/465-51e94074-994d-4a51-a05a-b739c7441f92 
And why did all the students start evacuating at that point in time? How did they know it was safe? Where did he go between the time he stopped firing and the time the students started evacuating?

The average norm that is seeing these videos on YouTube a normiebook are seriously questioning this kids sincerity. Just let it grow. Water the seed when u need to.

This. Don't be heavy-handed, just help along the distrust. This is what did it for me with Sandy Hoax… the whole "shut it down" attitude toward paperwork.

Also redpilled me in preparation for the Gamergate Zoe Quinn censorship… there was NO WAY that reddit and 4chan censorship was called for over that… unless they were hiding something.


Not yet, too early. We can push that once more are wondering. Excellent questions tho. Keep in MIND, right after SandyHoax, CT passed law that prevents people from trying to obtain medical records like autopsy reports etc etc. so we need to gain enuf momentum in the norm i.e. Sphere to start asking for FOIAS an sheeeit


Bees. Anything to do with bees or honey or hives are also a masonic "go along with it and stop asking questions" signal.

kys kike

Do not Let Niggers like Webb, Goodman And all the usual kikes start shitting this up. Thomas Paine is also scum.

Fuck you nigger. Your even worse than a kike. Probably Webb himself

Leafs might think back to the 1989 Montreal Massacre by Gamil Gharbi. That's what this reminds me of.


They went full-bore gun control at about this level, had a cuck parade (the white ribbons), everything, a gun registry (they couldn't go full Australia but they sure as hell tried).

There wasn't normie internet then but it always sat with me the wrong way.

Literally (((you)))
Enjoying my /thread? Nigger faggot? You glow

Prevent this by acting on it RIGHT NOW.

Maybe the NRA (or a similar non-cucked gun rights group) can start doing this RIGHT NOW.

There's a reason these crisis actors make us feel like this. Only a human can sense when another human is being disingenuous… or fake.

Yes, we need to be respectable about it. DO NOT let faggots hijack this. I can try and file requests myself, I just don't know where to start tbh.

what if (((they))) set up another false flag shooting at the 4/20 (kek) march?

My parents are both bluepilled boomers who practically refuse to use the internet unless it's to order part for a tractor or something and even they aren't buying the narrative. Conversation always goes something like this
Not exactly aware of the entire situation at hand but at least good signs that people aren't biting the sympathy bait as much as the news would like you to believe.


also, what if a small group of kids know this is a FF, but the (((teacher))) planned this as a (((social experiment)))

Fuck, meant to say "safe" not "sage".

Where's Wolfgang HALBIG when you need him? KEK. Oh nononono
If kike Jones and others like him grabs this and beats it like a dead horse or comes up with some wild theory we will know we are right, BUT we will look like assholes because he will be sure to make it so no one can mention it without looking crazy.

Was it a hoax or a false flag? Did anyone actually die?


I beleive it was drill possibly that was sprung upon the children that the teachers knew about.
Based on this video, (of what Hoggs Dad does for a living) an excerise involving real gunfire and smoke could be entirely possible and freaked out kids would not know the difference. Hence the pics of unmarked officers coming out a backdoor loading what looks like weapons in a bag into an unmarked white truck. That video was caught by helicopter and SHOAD Asap.

Absolutely definitely a false flag considering the (((white nationalist))) angle they tried to pull. Funny how literally nobody bought it either.

not sure
but msm is being eerily quiet about funerals and the (((victims))) and shit like that

Of course it is, read the fucking thread.

Not sure yet. Thats why we need as many normies questioning this as possible, but we have to ease them into those questions. (((LOOMER))) was already down there so you know somethings up.


of course they are, why the fuck you think they call us 'russian hackers'?

When normies start getting banned for simply asking questions on their beloved platforms they will naturally take the next step, anyone trying to force a narrative or claiming to know for sure should be denounced for now

ah, but what if the teacher knew that there would be a drill soon, seems to me something is wierd with hogg and friends in the dark room and they had the whole anti gun narrative and shooters name as it was happening

if we dont see it, its 100000000000000000000% BS, i mean obviously it is, but for the normies

Hoax not false flag perpetrated by the worldwide network of Jews and their helper white Freemasons. Notice and will respond to you but refused to answer your question directly. This is one of their last lines of Defense to confuse you as to just what it is you are discussing. Remember even Alex Jones refused to consider the possibility that the Vegas shooting was a hoax and not just a false flag. He did not even let the conversation happen on his show. We are at a critical juncture, the Jews are the Jews are clearly in panic mode and are pulling out all stops. Keep pushing the questions, The Narrative of hoax not false-flag will emerge organically from the evidence or lack thereof.

In the meantime while here, please use proper terminology. It is a hoax not a false flag as far as I am concerned. Both are forms of psychological operations or psyops. Neither or reason to get confused with each other.

That video he mentions the time of day, there are like 3-4 Videos in this thread that should be shown to the masses over and over. All the videos that are getting SHOAD of JUST Hogg. Not conspiracy vids and all that. Raw videos of Hogg that r Trying deleted should be forced out there so Normies start getting banned for it. That will araise suspicion BIGLY

How is "normies" not word filtered yet. Fucking normalfags.


i find it VERY WIERD how kids claim they didnt hear shots, i own an ar 15, you hear the shots down the road if he went ballistic in a school

lel same shit

When presented, all the extra muh Freemason Jew shit should be left out for now.
Teachers knew ahead of time, Kids are in class about to go home, Drill commences, police use the kind of training Hoggs Dad specializes in. SimFire, kids know no difference, and Media presents as an active shooter. It's that simple. That's what Sandy hook was

But but Goyim it does not work like that

It is weird. There's a few vids where they do, but if you listen to the Snapchat video from behind the chairs where you can see a girl sitting on the right of the screen in a chair, You can see a plume of smoke coming in thru the top of the door, and hear what sounds like banging on lockers.

Why do normalfags get shitfaced when told to read.





Eye color does NOT match. See
(Eyes: Blue)
You're either a retard or a shill, and need to fuck off with this methhead bullshit

stop being so autistic, 3e2311

Kikes never cease to amaze me on how low they are whiling to go. I guess the only question that remains is if this was planned from the start, or was it just kikes seeing an opportunity and taking it?

could be contact lens

horseshit theyre is no gore in it I DEMAND THE FOOTAGE

do these fuckin idiots realize there would be like no smoke? lel maybe if he stayed in one room and fired 1000 rounds

i just seperated the post numbers you fucking nigger semen gargling faggot

Its a pretty old kike trick but it checks out.

The Trump family is purebreed shitposters
God bless 'em

On a more serious note this is in my humble opinion in our favor. This sheer amount of exposure should make the sheep raise a question or two.
They are doing our work for us

That meth poster is an idiot. I've seen him shilling that everywhere. Disengage. Kek

If you notice then"I'm not an actor" vid last night with blooper, you'll notice (((cooper))) can't say that we're saying NO KIDS DIED. Once we go that route we're done. Just be patient anons. Trust. I've been studying this shit for years. 15 out of 3o to be exact. Let things keep gaining steam and donot I repeat DO NOT say no kids died.it will immediately be over as soon as that happens. Soon we can ask subtle questions. This i the one. We have (((them))) this is. Huge redpill op at this point. Please don't sperg this ain't a dick measuring contest like some want it to be

They absolutely are. And the fact DonJr liked one of the tweets is YUGE.

Personally I'm suspended indefinitely from twatter. I mainly shitpost here and lurk. I never really create threads, but this had to be addressed.

you did good

offical user IB thread any anons out there with photoshoping skills or deepfake skill post there lets make this a reality MAGA


Ty but without every anons autism this thread is no good. This is for Murcia, and to show the absolute leangths these kikes are willing to go to fuck us. So thank you all. Kek blesses us all.

I will post this here, too.

Redondo Union is the regular school.
Redondo Shores is for fuck-ups and pregnant bitches.

I can confirm
in addition to the video , that the students are not from Redondo Shores.
Not enough Mexicans and one too many Africans.

The actor is a tweaker, tho.
Not the pookie like that rat-haired tweaker from other threads.
Eyes don't match.
Even with head tilt.

However, the yearbook and/or the video can be faked.

you are glowing, hogg.
we can see you




Whats the tl;dr ?

Absolutely agree on the issue of not mentioning Jews or Freemasons. Use language such as conspiracy, admit it is a conspiracy theory but do not apologize for it. Also use their language against them, call it collusion and false narrative building. But in the end if you think it is a hoax as I do, do not be afraid to call it a hoax. And also do not be afraid to go into the implications of such a hoax. Shills will ask what is the difference? The answer is it's the difference between 50 people lying and 50,000 people lying it's everything.

I am talk to texting while working a job. You should try it sometime, a real job, not being paid by rabbis to lie to people who already know better.

(((they))) will publicize this asap. And trace it right back here.. probably not a great idea. Leave em alone. The masses know. This shit is everywhere user. No need to blackmail. This shit is pretty much trending everywhere. At 5oclock yesterday the MSM was already shilling the idea Russians were behind this. We need to keep it as innocent as possible for now.


I agree, atleast for now just stick to "MAYBE it was an intense drill where gunfire was simulated" just never say kids didn't die. It's obvious what people will think if it proves to be a simfire drill. We should look for evidence of that. Check timelines again, look more into (((suspect))) and brother who was UNLAWFULLY put away. Stuff like that. FOIAS requestninterviews with the brother etc

No that's not what I said. Call it what it is it's our time to push this hard. If you think it's a hoax say hoax. Just don't curse or say Jews or kikes or praised Hitler.

Imagine seeing this creature while you're driving.


SimfureDrill. = Media Hoax

Your right tho, just don't sperg. That's all. We need highground



niggers im really worried theyre going to stage another shooting at the anti gun march

They are gonna be in full panic mode, again. I'm loving this shit.

Don't comment on something you know little about. Plenty of AR variants come stock with carry handles, both A1 and A2 styles. I encourage everyone go to /k/ a few times and get familiar with firearms.

It's either is or is not a conspiracy. What the hell is a false conspiracy?

Nice try. Big tech has been criticized for spreading fake news and taking down those that expose the false flags and hoaxed events. This must be a good test run for google's "community guideline" algorithm that takes down pesky posts and videos.

Oh they will question is what they will shoot next.
My guess is some Black lives matter rally and blame it on the alt-kike and trump

can you imagine the ass blast if they choose an anti gun march though




Me too, imagine how it felt to inject the "Multiple Vegas Shooter theory" into the Minds of the masses… lol

I fuckin investigate and cap EVERYTHING. This tweet got picked up by some MAGA Head. I've since been SHOAD from twitter kek

You dumb glow-in-the-dark nigger.
No Holla Forumsack worth any salt will post on your pedo-intelligencebureau site.

good taste in music

tfw then #1 video gets shoahe'd and it's about a conspiracy theory.

Yup. Autism mind, Chad delivery

And you shill your false flag psyop.
That fag was an actor, too.


Ty. Really makes me feeeel nice. Gives me hope for us and healing.

Btw. Since we dah CIA an sheeeit now, we should have some legit operators on the ground irl. Unmarked Intel Special Autism Ops in every state .kek



Stop the Feinstein-Cornyn Gun Control Bill


A false conspiracy, or a poison pill, is a theory deliberately designed to poison the well of discussion related to said theory, due to muddling the waters.

A false conspiracy is something that is true. (((They)))'ve fucked up again.

Maybe he's just entertaining them. Humoring them. Hopefully. I personally voted for Trump for the keks and Lib tears but I also know GOV in any form is not my friend.
After he RE signed Legislation bush drew up after 9/11 i abandond my faith in him. Because that leg. Turns me and you and all Patriots into enemies of the state. NDAA AND PATRIOT ACT

Survivor David Hogg says he IS NOT a Crisis Actor - Trump’s son is called a “Conspiracy Theorist”


I don't really think it's going make any difference at this point about the narrative. Unless someone confesses no one is going to know the details.
This shit is going viral because of the uncanny valley of Hogg pretending he's just a super fucking precocious high school kid with a knack for organizing anti gun rallies while in the middle of a school shooting.
It's in the normie sphere now.
If you want to help these normies just point them to all the shit about Sandy Hook.

I personally think Trump running off to a disco party is a pretty big sign this is a sandy hook.

I think about the holocaust to lull myself to sleep each night too. It's gonna be great lads. Checked

Is this timeline official? I'm pretty sure the shooting did not start at 9:42 like hogge suggests

I try man, people call me nuts for it. Nobody here in CT even knew The town of Sandy Hook existed before It happened, but after EVERYONE in CT seems to have a cousin who died. It's crazy. The narrative does matter. Right now we're not being "insensitive" by pointing out Hogg and CO's insensitivity. We should keep it like that imho. For now, while requesting FOiAs publicly and publishing the results of being stonewalled around every corner. It will arouse suspicion, then people will realize these faggots are trying to take your 2A or regulate until firearms are useless over a false narrative.

Kikeaheal Savage is shilling gun control and talking shit about us right now.. nigger

I would check this against the broadcastify timeline. There's no fuckin way an UBer driver picks up a kid lookin like he's ready for war.

We need an archive of this thread

I miss Her :(

Here's the yearbook video.

I was watching coverage of the NSA shooting at 9:42am on the 14th. The Florida Story broke hours later. There is no way 9:42 is accurate.

Bone Broth Soup and Rifles

Exactly, plus all threads speaking of NSA shooting suspect "LEAVING" were shilled and SHOAD. Then "BREAKING NEWS" school shooting, and kids were already running out. Any Anons see the video of the swat or whatever removing something from back of building, throwing it into a white unmarked pickup and the driver of said pickup dropping shit out the window?

The onus is on them to prove it false!

It is On them. We need to demand transparency in return for their demands. Can't just ban shit based on allegations

Not sure how to archive with mobile. I'm not tech savvy user. Sorry.

silly goy, what did you think the #Metoo psyop was about?


what a cutie,I fell for Her bigly :P

She's not cute. It's all an act.

It looks like it's possible that the second website is a test bed for their new website construction.
Presumably, some time after the date where the second site was registered, it was forked from the other site as it's being constructed.
Here's the kicker, browardschools.com/stonemandouglas doesn't link to anywhere, this suggests that the school didn't exist before 2017.

eh school sites are shit.

The truck should be road hauling a nigger.

I don't care if it's real or not

Exactly, and this is no different, it's setting a precedent for "see something say something" and cops in schools. And social media being more monitored, in the last 5days here in SandyHook Ville (CT) law enforcement has already acted on 5 Grandmothers turning their crazy grandkids in for having bbguns

Also, it seems like a lot that's going on is just for the purpose of having an excuse to act legally and come "Check" on people who post edgy shit online. I'm still waiting for a visit for all my Kike posts kek

You know something's amiss when the teenagers are more intelligent than the host…

lol they are absolutely pathetic

I really hope no one in this /thread believes this methhead disinfo shit

Wouldn't doubt if him or his daddy had Blandersons personal cell and called, reeeeeing about "BLANDERSON DEH MEAN GOYS ON 8ch ARE CALLING ME FAKE NEWS LET ME COME ON NAUUU!! Reee"


That shit made me Kek out loud fugg .. that was great

Has anyone noticed something about Hogg? Is it the eyes?

she planted the little seed of doubt and destroyed the hoggs kid pr narrative…if your saying she's a fake blonde,then I could live with that :P

But anons, you are all HORRIBLE people if you think these things!

need more sauce on this video
the 9:32 drill came complete with actors and cops???
wtf this is the big red flag guys!!!

Hmm, perhaps.

that's some weird formatting.

Let's get out the limbo bar and find out

my pc is probably compromised.


Has anyone seen a list of names of people injured, but not killed in the shooting? I have only seen one name.

newsweek is embedded in the video and LA times hosted it.

and that's why I always IP hop

there's been a (((list))), but zero bodies.

Why the fuck is her name censored? If you did that, post it without it you fuck.

I find this unlikely

Need new bread.


Remember goys, believe whatever I say because I’m totally unbiased! Hell, I even own an AK-15 with high capacity clips and we should all just follow in the footsteps of the good goy who destroyed his evil gun. Now, never question these act- I mean, survivors because that’s just crazy conspiracy theories. Now let me tell you about Russia’s involvement in the conspiracy theories.

According to he says he's on adderall.

So dumb. This is a how kikes ruin the reputations of the right. They plant this shit here knowing full well you idiots will take the bait.

There are sooo many videos of kids recording the incident with their phones, along viewBle dead bodies. You have to be a grade a retard to believe this shit.

Sandy hook is a different story but this was real. Watch the videos.

New bread:

What a massive faggot. I hope he ends up in a shooting and is unable to stop it due to not having a gun and ends up being killed knowing he can't do anything to save any lives.


This guy has some things to say about this all.



Does anyone still have that short clip we mirrored from the helicopter shot where law enforcement (four of them) were carrying what looked to be a very heavy item out of the school? Given the 20 minute loss of footage I am thinking it has everything to do with that.

This is what I dug up. As much as it debunks parts of this theory, it is what it is. (prof gathered on 23/02/2018