I came up with a great idea

Do dine and dashing on local ethnic restaurants. Even better if you have no criminal record, just carry no ID and call yourself John Doe.

Also flood 4chan /ck/ with /polck/ posts, will be a hot meme

Fuck off back to cuckchan with your nigger tier bullshit.

T. Javier nguyen-santos, the kitchen goblin of long beach

I know you're a fucking wetback working at Starbucks


Just organize to patronize the correct places instead? It's legal and supports small business.

There aren't many options here, so I support the chinese instead of the nog employers. I take what I can get.

China men are spies
Paki 711 nigs fund terrism

Imagine d&d on a chicken and waffle joint and filming it

Obvious kike and provocateur.

Encourage strict enforcement of health codes, these minority "restaurants" will be history.

OR just kill them all
Ps you're an autist fag


Better yet, find out the names of local leftcucks and jews and use their names instead of John Doe

I'm pissed cuz I have zero criminal record but finally got my fingerprints in the California database for beating up a nigger cop justifiably, I had an id on me
T. Never done any crimes except quietly axing minorities

Go back nigger

You have to go back raoul

Wear gloves?
Also get the fuck out of California lad are you stupid?

I'm saying now if I get caught I'm not John doe

Maybe I could just mangle my prints somehow

Food and the volk are intimately related
We /polck/ now



BTW, nice timestamp.

This is truly some nigger tier shit. Here's a better idea. Don't patronize ethnic restaurants instead of engaging worthless petty crime.

This. A thread died for this shit..

sage and report. Keep moving

Or you can just grow your own food, learn a useful skill and not have to rely on the global supply chain to feed you?

Hello fellow Nazis. Would you like to commit some illegal activities with me?

Fuck you kike. Do your own dirty work. Ethnic food is shit.

The pol guide to discourse


< Is called a jew.
Fuck, off, jew. This is too obvious.