Pennsylvania is now permanently blue

Democrat aligned PA Supreme Court issues new Democrat gerrymandered map to provide "fair" elections instead of ebil GOP gerrymandered map. Dem gerrymandered states remain unchallenged.

Haha, get fucked, Pennsylvanians! You didn't vote the way we wanted last time, so now we've changed things so that we'll win this state forever!

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Kikes cry out, etc


this is good
recucklicans use gerrymandering so they can continue to close their eyes form demographics
sooner or later you have to face reality

I'm in PA and I've been a registered Democrat even since the days of "Operation Chaos"
So their ruling doesn't necessarily reflect the "political desires of the people" if they're just looking at generic R or D registration data.

I should sue

It really is disgustingly blatant.

Kill yourself you libshit Torfag.

read the article, tardo

I'm "registered" Democrat to fuck up their primaries. I vote Republican in the general


Which means you aren't voting in Republican primaries, you fruit.

SCOTUS needs to get their shit together and rule on this ASAP.

I seriously think there could be a case made that this new map is based on compromised data
Plus all the old union guys are registered Dem from decades ago, but typically vote Republican

If the new map is gerrymandering, at least it's a more subtle and much more skillful gerrymandering than the previous mess. I'm gonna get downboated for posting this heterodox opinion.

When Republicans gerrymander, it's nota big deal. But when Democrats gerrymander, they should be sentenced to death by decapitation that is livestreamed on television so people watch it pay-per-view.

yes. win at any cost



Now he's getting it.

Gerrymandering is nothing new, and it's the name of the game. Commies are just mad that they've been getting the short end of that stick for a while now. The fact that their courts are only now enacting the relevant provision of their law just shows where their loyalties lie.

Eh, that fat lady everyone speaks of hasn't sung yet. Life has a way of confounding evil men heh.

kill the entire jewdicial system

How else did you think the wall would get funded without a budget deal?

I'll check your dubs my man
No good repeating integers unchecked!


at least it's on county lines
pa might have gotten blacked though
look in 16, that's all semirural and rural country volk that lumped in with the niggers in erie and butler

I know this is going to fall on deaf ears, but those of you already in this state or planning to make the jump should pay attention to the placement here and choose your 'official residence' accordingly. I get the whole 'surely democracy has failed us' meme, but as long as we're going to play the Holla Forumsitical game, we need to stick to our strengths. Ideally, kikes want to do away the republic and its representative districts and apportion representation based on population like they have in Europe, because then their shitskin hordes finally show their true value despite living exclusively on handouts in urban areas, packed like sardines in a clown car.

Just remember that before pissing too loudly about 'gerrymandering'. D's do it, R's do it, we have to deal with it. The only way to effectively combat disadvantageous redistricting is via demographics and mobility.

Easy mode:

Normal mode:

Hard mode:
>pay attention to the census (if its used for redistricting, which it almost never is) and timing of the redistricting process and try to affect lower population density in battleground districts, this has the effect of making battleground districts larger, which will inevitably include more whites because of our low density preferences

Remember, this is a long game and we've been getting blindly fucked over for decades. I'd prefer for it to all just be over quickly, but I don't see that happening now that Trump is in office, so consider all tactics you can employ and that will be used against you in the pursuit of your life.

No its not.
Its along county lines as far as is convenient, and then not when its not.

It doesn't matter. A republican will win the republican primary no matter how many people vote in it.
You must be under aged if you do not understand Operation Chaos and the amount of butthurt it caused.In my state they actually debated changing the voting laws because of it. I am willing to bet there are still a decent amount of R's registered as D's like the torfag. I was one until I switched back to R to vote for Trump in the primary.

Ya… "move" there. Lax voting laws can be exploited both ways.

Reported. Kill yourself.

Isn't this a problem that can be solved by a fucking algorithm? Impartial mathematics?

Oh right, math is racist.

Fun Fact: Like the filibuster, leftist cucks did it first. They're too butt blasted by the reality that the majority does in fact NOT support them.

It's a shame America is too obese, divorced, financially ruined and/or drug addicted to fight the jew.

USA don't have much time now. It is very likely that we will see the major happening during our lifetime.

Yeah, accelerationism works really well. Just look at South Apefrica, it's going to turn into a white ethnostate any second now.

sans (((international)) ) interference, whites probably would have carved it out for their own
but you're right. It won't happen in a vacuum, and shitlibs wouldn't hesitate to bring in foreign powers to tip the scales

The 'it has to get worse before it can better' fags can get fucked

How exactly was that accelerationism? That was a gradual downfall which entailed global emargos and dozens of nations helping to facilitate the niggers.


this is true. best to use midterms to throw off the opposition.. except last midterm. Killary was going to win regardless of the votes.

the DNC shitshow and
was worth the price of admission.

I live in PA myself, now what I don't understand is PA has one of the highest amount of registered Democrats in the US. So, either these people don't vote, or they vote Republican.


I think they might have bussed them into PA.

Lot's of those registered Dems are holdovers from Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" initiative to throw the Democratic Primary in the state into chaos by intentionally splitting their primary votes to pick the 2nd place candidate, then voting Republican in the General Election.

The numbers are false. Look deeper.

They can't do anything right.

That would be nice. See we don't believe in "equality" we believe in victory by any means. We plan to disenfranchise and then exile or kill every non-white and liberal in America. Then we will kill 4 billion shitskins simply because we will no longer give them free food and medicine and when they try to enter our empires they will get .30 caliber to the face from water-cooled machine guns. And that is if we are feeling generous, I suggest that if we win we go whole hog and use nerve agents combined with bombing of infrastructure to actively kill off the muds rather than merely allowing them to die of their own accord. And if that doesn't work we have 30,000 nuclear warheads and every reason in the world to use them.

The shitskins survive only because traitors and kikes have chained us down for decades and for centuries beforehand we behaved with human decency that our enemies did not deserve. Well thanks to kikes and leftists we learned our lesson. No mercy, no pity, no fear.


Couldn't there also a vise versa where D's are voting R's in the primary? Never underestimate the enemy.

Exactly. We're at war, and we must kill our enemies.

Normies in my state OH regularly switch regs depending on which primary is more interesting or important. In my blue-pilled days, I voted for Obama over Clinton, as I viewed her to be a threat to democracy at the time.

Would any of you kind anons have that one infograph that illustrates how the logic of unions is fundamentally flawed?

Look at Tay rest her digital soul, that goes without saying.

fight it

Europoor here, so excuse me if I misunderstand something, but are they really claiming the system was rigged in the republicans' favor in a state consistently won by democrats since 1988?

If the Republicans were really interested in playing hardball, they could impeach one of the judges, remove him or her from the court. The rest of the judges would get the message.

But in general R's are cucks.

Presidential and House of Representative elections are different. To elect the president the entire state votes and whichever candidate wins the most votes in that state gets all of that state's electors. (electors are basically points. you need 270 to win the presidency, otherwise the house votes on the new president) Representatives come from districts within a state, think of it like how you can have multiple cities and counties within a state. Gerrymandering is where you manipulate the size and shape of those districts in order to effect the outcome. An example would be if I had a giant city full of black people, and three rural areas with conservative whites, four districts total. What I could do is merge my super liberal district with some of the conservative ones can suddenly get a strong advantage in a once strong R state. Vid related might explain it better.

red and blue
both are jew

They lied. It's very blatant.

You don't understand how elections work. Gerrymandering congressional districts only changes the outcome for representatives elected to the house. It has zero impact on presidential elections.

I can't tell if this is Kike free or not - my spidey sense is failing :(

Wait, is that right?

Is that to piss the Democrats off for gerrymandering?

yeah, why would you think it changes the total amount of cuck votes and illegitimate ballots from immigrants?

Does the State not have counties?
Why fuck around with 'districts' at all, just use the counties.

the use of districts is mandated by the federal constitution. it stipulates states can define them as they please, as long as they're fair

they didn't expect people to play the games our politicians do now. bitter racial struggles weren't on their radar

I've analyzed the demographics of the new districts, it's not the end of the world. At best R win 12-6, at worst 10-8. That's a 1-3 seat loss

Not only leftovers from '94, but also Blue Dog Democrats who voted for Clinton in '92 and '96. Same thing in e.g. West Virginia. A lot of those Dems now vote straight R or don't vote at all.

Your autism is showing.
Colors don’t matter, only reality does.

This is poor bait, even for you.