Former WWF Wrestler Witnessed Potential Clinton Body Count Murders

Billy Jack Haynes might get suicided soon. He claims he witnessed the killing of two teens who stumbled upon a criminal politician's drug deal. Webm related. This is the fairly well known "Boys on the Tracks" murders. They occurred in 1987 and a cover up was attempted, but then autopsies showed the teens were either knocked out or killed before they were put on the tracks. A grand jury even concluded it was homicide, but the case went cold.
Here is more about this story
It's not even his gofundme, it's just one to fund investigation into the murders. The important part of the video is his confession.

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1:03 obvious duper's delight

I made a version of the webm with the gofundme shit edited out for fags like you. See

he says he worked directly with the criminal politician and names other names but does not name them… what is the point of that?



I wish it were a more reputable wrestler. This guy is a notorious liar even among people that lie for a living.



Given he has just admitted to a litany of crimes, it is hard to believe there isn't some degree of truth to this. And yet, at the very same time, given he talks about 'closure' for the parents, the impertinent question that begs to be asked is how has that closure not been a moral issue for the last 30 years since the crime?


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His story checks out with what I know.
He's become another resource, although a short-lived one. He has to know his time is short. Maybe he has a terminal disease, and doesn't give a fuck anymore. Whatever it is, he sounds like the real deal.

hm inderdasting. that eighties cocaine racket, some scary stuff right there. he's just e-begging for the P.I. no big deal. he said he's reached out to the family of the victims to clear his conscience. A case is built on evidence, you can't just throw out names willy-nilly.

Just thinking that the powerful fear not only the anger of the mob but also the wrath of their enemies. And they all have them. Will a small amount of justice be dispensed to them by one of them today? Stuff like this is a way it can happen. But no doubt if someone's breathing that can be a catalyst for that, suiciding himself in the back of the head or the old injection between the toes becomes a serious possibility.

Bumping because this could develop into something big if it gains traction. Everyone knows clinton was the DA of Arkansas right? Also it has long been alleged he was running a cocaine smuggling ring. This is at least cause to revisit the investigation. He claims he named his accomplices to the PI. I hope this goes somewhere.

This feels like controlled op.

He's ready to die and feeling guilty?

If he was serious he would turn himself in to proper authorities with a confession and names of others involved. While we all know there are fucking rats and weasels in the agencies, there are still good people that won't take this shit.

He's legit insane.

Since when did all of you become experts in sanity?

It’s every other dude I run into says someone or another is crazy and none of you are clinical psychologists.

How do you know you’re not the one that’s insane? How do you not know that you’re just losing your mind while being expose to media that is designed to mold your thoughts into a specific pattern?

How do you even know if your thoughts are your own?

By studying you reddit fucks of course.

Can this be called gaslighting? Im not questioning my own sanity. But this guy is trying to make me question someone elses sanity. Ive seen the effects of paranoid delusion on somebody before and it could definitely lead to this guys statements. However Ive met thousands of people in my life and have only met one such person. So I think its safe to say the odds are in favor of him not being insane. You should take him seriously until some significant detail of his unreliability comes to light. Dismissing him out of hand isnt exactly convincing.

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Try he ran cover for GHWB the VPOTUS

And this is where the 2 teens killed and stuffed on the RR tracks comes in, the state police ran security for the shipments into mena under the cia niggers.
For extra credit look up Barry Seel

There are battles worth fighting, this is not one of them. This guy is a known liar. Even if he finally decided to tell the truth about this he still has no credibility. If you are not already typing up your reply calling me a shill or jew go watch interviews with him on jewtube.

As if this confession is in any way binding.


Oldfags, would there have been cell phone service in rural Arkansas in 1987? It seems the first cell phone was

According to

Actually it is potential testimony if the video is used in a court of law and the maker states it's intention to be testimony.

Plus he is known to be batshit crazy too. Dont expect this to go far at all.

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