Do it faggots. Spread that shit around.

Expose, shame and put a spotlight on the indoctrination centres that the Western Academia has become.

Attacking the authority figures (professors) who encourage and endorse AFA in the first place is strategically better than focusing on a myriad of their mindless pawns.
It's an attack on AFA's rolemodels.
It's an attack on Academia's reputation and their wallets.

a) Students expose their professors and spread awarness in the country.
b) Besmearment of Universities' name, even if none of professors (somehow) get exposed. (I'm sure they will)
c) Parents stop spending a shitton of shekels solely to have their children braiwashed afterwards

Example of a commie professor being exposed that got HALF A MILLION views on normie-book:

Must-watch interview with the author of the idea Vincent Foxx on Red Ice:

Use special equipment, in case you don't want to get kicked out.

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FYMP in different languages

Other languages 2/2

Yid-free first non-OP post

This is fantastic, I would gladly do it too but I'm afraid I'm majoring in a field entirely devoid of political horseshit toxicology

Just spread those posters, you don't have to actually film them, even though that'd be great.
Read the OP.

You could always post in the location-based anonymous message board Whisper. Posts get huge view counts and you can Fake your GPS to post anywhere world wide.

I test posted on 2 campuses an hour ago and already got 1000 combined views, see pics.

It would be significantly more productive to assassinate them. That would actually get rid of them and put pressure on the system to exert resources, time, and labor replacing them and having to rely on replacements who may not be as willing to risk death.

You can fuck right off, Xir Fed.

Thanks for the tips, FBI but don't you have some more school shooters to ignore?

Why don't you start then, agent?

This user glows in the dark.



If you don't want to take that step, that's fine. It's a lot of risk to assume and people who are comfortable, but just a little annoyed, don't take those kinds of risks. Exposing these people isn't going to work, though, since they aren't ashamed of it and aren't at risk for losing their employment. They have the entirety of the zionist military industrial complex backing them up and a non-White youth majority already in their pocket.

It would be more intellectually honest if you just admitted you're generally okay with what America is, you just want those pesky shitskins to pipe down and be happy with a smaller cut.



ITT: anons who don't actually care about fixing the problem, just "mining salt" and inconveniencing the enemy instead

i dont want to bomb a building mr Alphabet.

checked lmao

bump for meme that scared mr abc shitless

why are you advocating that people break the law, practically goading them to do it?

if i was going to do something like that, you do realize i would hit a target of actual import, like the daycare at langley? you know, something that would actually hurt you people, not some dumb communist chucklefuck who will be out of a job in a few years anyways. not that i would ever do anything illegal. i would never break the law, or encourage any posters here to do so, but if i woke up one morning and a brain tumor was pressing on my moral compass, or spooks killed my dog or something, i would kill your children and let the whole world know why i did it.

you know, totally hypothetically speaking.

I almost wish i was still in college.
I had one prof who unironically shilled Dwarkin as the best philosopher of all time.
For those who don't know she is a fat kike who was "raped" and married a faggot. she says things like "all sex is rape"

Too bad Jordan Peterson abandoned this idea:


*Andrea Dworkin

You'll never sniff Langley, it is out your reach. That's genuine civil war territory, tasked to peer and near-peer agencies/branches/corporations. A regular person is well within their capabilities to put a marxist on ice with an 80% lower shooting .300 blackout through a can.


i'm not going to do anything, but if someone was going to, i think it would really get under their skin if it was a threat against the children of high level spooks. i mean, i'm sure you would feel nervous if people were discussing such things and you were a spook.

and there you go encouraging me to use a "ghost gun" and an NFA item in a serious crime.

nah. i think, even though i would never do anything like that, or encourage anyone to, that if you want to hurt the establishment


i mean it's no more objectionable than murdering college professors unless you have some personal connection to the spooks, right?

That's certainly another viable tactic and would yield definitive results. That said, they are likely concentrated in a few municipalities outside of DC and other secondary areas [Denver, Cheyenne, etc.]. Subversive college professors are within walking distance for like 80% of the population.

Oh my fucking god i actually got a spook to advocate killing his own kids.

Holy fuck you people are stupid. How did you fools ever get so much power?



I'm a social science education major. How should I film without doxxing myself?

Use a hidden camera like the one linked in the OP. Make sure you test your camera beforehand to ensure good video quality and audio. If you need a better audio recorder bring one and hide it in your backpack, or just leave your phone on the desk and you can synch the video and audio up later.

Once you've taken your video upload it here and to YouTube under an account not linked to you.

Send the footage to Red Elephants on normiebook (though a fake account if you want an extra safety measure).
They'll edit, crop, distort it in a way your will become untrackable.
Or you could just install a hidden cam somewhere beforehand.
Also, consider these little guys form pic related.

She looks like a (more) feminist version of Bellatrix Lestrange.

She looks like a (more) feminist version of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Postering another California university

I don't have normiebook

Interesting strategy.

Updated counts on 3 posts

The only argument marxists aka people trying to enslave humanity through the centralization of everything have is people get greedy as fuck and poor people suffer. Why is being profitable and also taking care of society so others can grow a bad thing? Half the country is on social programs. Eliminate every social program, create a UBI type safety net where people can make 1/10th of what a truck driver makes, create a shit ton of jobs building affordable cheap shit housing, then nobody can ever complain that the government is holding them back again. We already give billions towards minorities, foreign aid, feminism, all these parasites who want safety nets for their group only instead of everyone, so why not just do a one and done system where we never have to fucking worry about these people again? The current 40% of your paycheck going to pay 50 million government employees with an incentive to keep people struggling system is fucking retarded. A nice 10% flat tax rate could be a reality under this system. I'm serious, it would just be a basic fucking room , and some light meals, and after that you are on your own. You'd have a few months or a year to get back on your feet. Shit is fucking retarded now, and you spoiled prep school faggots who have never experienced suffering laugh at people asking for wage increases, but apsrtments are 1300 a month now after utilities and everything. minimum wage doesnt give you enough to live, then YOU get taxed so random landlords get to make bank with section 8. Give them communism, but 1% of economy will be communism, like literal fucking gay huts , and you will never fucking have to deal with anyone again. The final 99% would be libertarianism.

Renting property to people should be illegal. I don't know how the hell its justified that you pay for something forever and never own any of it. And they can tell you you can't do all sorts of things that a normal person does like own a pet or a fishtank or this or that, unless you pay them a thousand fucking dollars you'll never see again. It would be like if a rental car company charged you extra if you were going to take it on the highway and then you'd bring it back and they keep your money because you damaged the gas in the gas tank when you combusted it.

Most landlords are kikes too. I've never known anyone who owned an apartment complex who wasn't a perfidious little disgusting jew with nothing but contempt for their tenants. I once knew someone who's landlord made everyone living in their complex throw out everything they had outside their door like plants or their chair where they smoked or whatever because he wanted to buy everyone some outside furniture because he thought it would look nice, and then he changed his mind AFTER all their shit was gone. So they lost all their stuff and they got nothing.

If people bought their first apartments for the equivalent price of a few year's rent, then when they had finished college and were ready to get married they could sell the apartments to people starting school and make a down payment on a house. An apartment would be cheap enough that a student could pay one off with a part time job or help from his parents, and accumulate real wealth instead of accumulating huge debt like students today.

inb4 dumb lolbergtarians defend the jews right to use white men and women as financial cattle

Is the purpose of this to actually film the professors or is it to create a media backlash from having flyers about it posted all over. If it's just to generate video of the professors then there are probably more effective ways to promote it using the internet rather than by printing up and distributing cryptic paper flyers.


BTW great movie


bumping this. I'm not in school anymore but I wish I'd thought of this at the time. I went to a "prestigious" art school and the ((((teachers))) were about what you'd expect. even if you can't film anything, hanging up posters might freak out a kike professor or two.

Are you retarded?

Spoiler that disgusting shit you faggots.

This is a good op , if you catch them being full commie, you can send the footage to a state rep, and have the state sheckles cut. Most state reps lean to the right.

A spanish slang word that would also make sense is "grabar", to record, makes sense to me. "Filmar", to film just sounds outdated.

Dead marxist professors can’t indoctrinate youth

t. the fucking fbi


Hey Holla Forums, I know you dislike swarthy minorities (and for good reason), but I am one, and I have access to filming so many professors due to my social science education major. What is the best way I can use my minority status to film the most compromising shit available on professors?

It was inevitable that non White fifth columns were going to occur, so I'd like to help out in your struggle through any effective way that I possibly can.

Use a hidden camera like the one linked in OP.

excellent work user
we are at the cutting edge of weaponized memetics, never stop pushing the boundaries
this Movement belongs to us

This has legs


Hi, paid shill.

We need to be printing up 'card' size messages/notes that we can leave all over the place. And you can get alot more than 1 message per page.

We need to expand the message from "it's ok to be white" to more direct things which implicate (((them)))

We really need to learn and expand our knowledge on central banking. Because at it's very heart the thing is no more than a scam to steal tax revenue. The actual 'theft' is concealed in the legitimacy of government authority. But finding a catchy jingle or phrase to bring up the fact that (((The Fed))) has robbed the treasury. should be paramount. The central bank is the cornerstone of all of their power and to expose it and destroy it is the most important thing we can accomplish.


Do you need to use a lamp to read at night, Sir?

Might be time for me to go back to school. At least 10 or so across the country.

Warning: if this "operation" and its "results" have given you the warm tummy-tingle of righteous vengeance, if this "operation" makes you feel that "yes, something is actually being done to fight back against the left", if you still haven't figured out that no kike news channel or newspaper in their right minds would give free publicity to an actual right-winger, then just skip over my post, you won't believe anything written here and reading it will in likelihood just trigger anger because it's spoiling your suspension of disbelief (which is required for consumption of e-celeb garbage and jewish mainstream media.)
So, this is a classic controlled op.
Just look at who is behind it.
Nope, featured channels are not automatically generated.
Also directly promoted by CIA Lokteff and (((Red Ice))).
Funny how every project or incident involving these people instantly gains mainstream media coverage, when the group behind Cultural Marxism in universities also controls the media outlets giving this "right-wing racist" e-celeb/that video free airtime?
Funny that the kikes expose their own people? Well, not really.
As usual, the actors overplay their parts. Whether it's the shill and fake right-winger "Baked Alaska" being "blinded" by acid, oh I mean pepper spray, oh I mean mace, oh actually he isn't blind just seriously injured, oh actually he's fine and making videos again with no injuries at all but thanks for all the donations or the "Marxist professor" reciting a litany of trigger-words-for-the-right just to get the blood of the target audience boiling (anger is how they make their money, anger = threads, anger = like, share, subscribe, anger + a belief that "this guy is doing something" = you empty your pockets and fill theirs.)
The "lecture" was laughably overdone.
>spics are the real enemy, goy, don't worry about jews.
If the operation was being administered by the same group's European shills, and filmed in a British or German lecture theater, the "professor" chosen to play the role of the real problem would have been a towel head.
tl;dr honeytrap which basically reiterates the threat proposed in video related (they're forming an army to kill us), then accomplishes the demand that was conveyed in the same, namely the instruction to contact the controlled opposition persons with real name and address, which those, egged on by the popularity of this shill-made pantomime, by the notoriety, the air-time, the "discussion" and "helping the cause" they believe was spurred by the valliant efforts of the man doing the filming, will willingly and without even realising what's happening surrender their information for addition to a CIA database of domestic right-wing terrorists.
In addition to intel gathering, and a great source of publicity and shekels, this effectively steers upcoming right-wingers far, far away from the true source of our problems and the true threat to White survival.

How would individuals recording their professors and releasing the footage independently help Red Ice (which I agree is kiked) or jews in general?

what. the. fuck. did I just read? Are you replying to the right thread, user?

Marxists want you to break the law and hurt people, so they can paint you as a monster and go like "SEE WHAT RIGHT WING POLITICS IS ALL ABOUT?" and use that to push for more censorship, persecution of right wing groups and ultimately banning right wing opinions away.
If you weren't a retarded shill who's trying to make that happen you would know they employed that exact tactic right after Charlottesville.



Covert murder actually works, it is taking place in Western PA right now. The targets are homos, niggers, spics, and public officials involved with welfare but it is working. But it must be covert. The greatest fear that can be instilled is the fear of the unknown. Giving reasons for a murder is counterproductive.


Good idea.



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I sometimes wonder whether or not these are trolls baiting for replies pretending to be CIA. It's so obvious.