Has anyone else noticed?

That the DNC has been using the (alleged) shooting in Florida as a fundraising op.
>sheriff (((Israel)))
I usually only post on 4/pol but every time I made this thread today I got shilled incredibly hard by multiple ppl and shortly after thread 404. Green text aside this was all I needed to confirm my suspicions. I think the gun control thing is extra for them, plus they know it won't ever happen but it gives their fundraising op cover. I guess it's hard to keep the dnc from dissolving entirely with no money, no assets. Their illegal funding sources are not available due to trumps EO on human rights abuses, Hell their own base won't even donate money to them.have to kill kids to drum up cash which they'll use to promote trash candidates who won't win
Also go fund me is perfect for them to obfuscate where the money goes after it hits the account of the person raising money.
Oh and benis :D

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You're a turbo faggot for not breaking that link, but still a good thing to be brought to attention.
Other things of note:

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It wouldn't surprise me In the least I'd all the other false flag shootings were done to raise money using the media to promote their go fund me. I'm sure they're being watched though Based on "liddle Adam" tweet.
Trump has always knows their criminal ways

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OP is not a faggot have a bump

I am impressed, OP. That is a very interesting angle that have not heard anywhere else before. Plus, it took place in the district of former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz. We have to get more people to recognize this.

I think this thread should be stickied so others can see this.

How did they get these signs out so quickly and have the marches ready to go? How did that shaved headed, loud-mouthed Gonzalez hag give such a powerful, well versed and put together speech with facts at her fingertips but in interviews sounds like the dumbass she is? What does a "survivor" mean? Were you wounded or were you in the bathroom and went out the backdoor and didnt see any bodies? The shooting was planned against Jews and lalalatinas to help them win Fllorida in 2020.

The false flag is such a (((bullshit))) narrative. No wonder its being pushed so hard.
A shooting happened and people are having normal reactions to it. Rather than let those conversations take place, and let dialogue occur between oppositely aligned entities, (((they))) would rather push people to either side of an extreme and destroy the conversation entirely.

Hopefully, user has not fallen for this divide and conqueror strategy.

when I mean planned against, Jews and lalalatinas were hit the most in this attack so they can secure those 2 groups in 2020 elections who didn't turn out like they were supposed to in 2016

Tone it down next time, you’re too obvious jew.

I survived:
Because I was in Minnesota the whole time.

I'm so stupid for not seeing this.

Damn op, good job. Going to pass this on.

this lads

Also someone tweeted to that guy Cameron who's the male (((activist))) with Emma asking why he needs money so bad? Just to march in the streets? He replied "I know! that's what I said but TRUST me we need LOTS of money.
Twitter has delete but the user who asked the question has screens I'm waiting to get them. plus the Cameron kid has twitter archives
"iPhone : TRUST ME. That’s what I said. Then we looked into the logistics of it… turns out we need a LOT. Thank you #NeverAgain #MarchForOurLives twitter.com/smokeydogg888/…
FEBRUARY 19, 2018

Nah your not stupid user I dunno how I caught it. I guess I keep wondering how in the fuck is there still a dnc? they have 6mil in debt only 6.5 in the bank (only valued at 400k with no assets and midterms almost here. Oh right murder kids and funnel the virtue signal money. I wonder if we did a coordinated effort to do the same. So we reduce the money they make off this shit. Then either return the money we raise At the end or use it to promote /ourguys/
If anything it willl siphon funds the dnc desperately needs. Food for thought

Like putting firearms and bow training back into public schools like they used to be? I could get down with that.

You're god damn right user. So we don't end up with one account with tons of money that someone ends up taking, we just each make a few different ones with different profiles that way it will dilute their market share on the shekels for sympathy.

Side note. Cameron and emma are sayin the money will mostly be used to SHUTTLE people to various (((marches))) around the us. Seems like dems need the money to bus voters into must win states otherwise the turnout will be so low it's obvious what they have been doing. No money. No votes.game. Set&match

There's another angle to subvert their movement right there. Many will undoubtedly resort to Uber. It would be a crying shame if there was a large influx of new Uber drivers in the area… even worse if they picked up fares and dropped them off not at the marches.

Saw this like 4 days ago. Why are yall cock sucking this newfag so hard? There's kikery afoot here.

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This is a uber idea user! Pun most certainly intended



Here friend have some oc from 2016

You don't need to break links here you stupid newfag fuck.

I like that you put the American flag in there. Here's a kek to you for oc.

Back on topic, this is a plausible theory. I'm aso annoyed how the media is shoving the whole 'boo hoo, look at us poor teens. We need more gun laws!' It gets old really fast. I bet none of those lost their gun virginity; after you shoot one you can never go back.

DEMS. trying new tactics "Maybe they will listen to shit head kids!"

Just for shits and giggles, just how many of these "charities" are based out of Wayne, NJ?

The picture?
A "merchant" in Japan.

user, the kike will do anything for cash.





You mean Alexis Miednik the crisis actor?

It just means you rose up and you're back on the street. You did your time and took your chances.

You went the distance, now you're back on your feet, just a man and his will to survive.


JTA - As he leads the police response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is likely enduring some of the toughest days of his career. And he's probably looking to his Judaism to guide him through it.

Israel is the county's first Jewish sheriff, and it's an identity he has embraced. A 2016 campaign flier reported on that year by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel centers on the role that faith in general, and Judaism in particular, plays in his life.

"My Jewish faith is a central part of my entire life," the flier quotes Israel as saying. "My late father Sonny Israel fought in the Korean War and became a police officer because he believed in the call from the Talmud that 'Whoever saves one life saves an entire world.' Those words guided my brother and I, as we also became police officers."

Israel is the sheriff in charge of the area that includes Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 faculty and students were killed by a gunman on Wednesday. Israel's children, triplets, had attended the school. In a video recorded by a local NBC affiliate, he called the mass shooting a "horrific, homicidal, detestable act."

"This is a terrible day for Parkland, Broward County, the state of Florida and the United States," he told reporters that day. "My very own triplets went to that school and graduated, in Stoneman Douglas. They played football and lacrosse at that school. It's just catastrophic. There really are no words."

He's also a vocal advocate for gun control. In the 2016 campaign flier, he mentioned fighting gun violence as one of his top issues. And speaking to reporters Wednesday evening, he said people who are being treated for mental illness shouldn't be allowed to buy guns.

"I've said this time and time again," Israel said in a video by NBC News. "While the people who are victims of mental health illnesses in this country are being treated, in the opinion of this sheriff, they should not be able to buy, surround themselves with, purchase or carry a handgun. Those two things don't mix."

Israel graduated from what is now the State University of New York at Cortland in 1977 with a degree in political science, and subsequently took a variety of courses on law enforcement, including a course of study at the FBI National Academy. He joined the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in 1979 and served on the narcotics unit and the SWAT team.

A Democrat, he was elected sheriff in 2012 and re-elected four years later. The county is home to a large Jewish population.

In speeches, Israel is known to quote the Bible. A 2013 Sun-Sentinel article about him quoted a speech in which he referenced "Eishet Chayil," the Jewish poem about a valorous woman excerpted from Proverbs and traditionally sung on Friday night, as well as Ecclesiastes.

"As Broward's first Jewish sheriff, I carry a heavy burden knowing I am making history," the campaign flier said. "That is why I always strive to do what is right, what is best, what will help people. This is why this message is important — regardless of your personal faith — because I want my children and grandchildren to always be able to look back with pride someday at my legacy as they continue to pass down our faith and legacy of public service."

Israel told the Sun-Sentinel that he attends the Parkland Chabad, and he is comfortable in churches as well as synagogues. His wife, Susan, is Christian, and they raised their children in both religions.

"I am Jewish," he told the Sun-Sentinel. "Susan is Christian. Like most families with parents of different faiths, we raised our children with extensive exposure to both our faiths. The triplets were all bar/bat mitzvahed. Now that the triplets are adults, they each have the free choice to decide their own faith."

It's kinda funny that they think we take orders from children. Children who have no life experience in the real world and who couldn't tell you what any of the constitutional amendments are. Like I said I think they are using this primarily as a way to crowdsource money so they can keep up their political scam. The gun issue is a ruse to divert attention away from the fraud.
Kek I just realized that with trumps tax break giving all the niggers more money per paycheck they won't be bought so easily. Trump made them realize they are worth more. So when auntie Debbie needs them on the bus to go vote, it's going to cost her much more. 200$more each paycheck is massive for these people. I wouldn't be surprised if the dens fade into obscurity before 2020 even

You know nobody here gives a flying fuck about Republican goals or candidates. Trump had to sign with their party to get ahead in this bullshit 2 party kikedom. We had to register fagpublican to vote for him.

Isn't the DNC out of money? Is the DNC being exposed for shooting up a school to drum up donations how it dies?


is that a dog painted to look like a cow? talk about chutzpah.

…my added thought,(((they))) can have money out of thin air anyway if they need it ,so it's worth double because they take it away from the people



annndddd checked
It seems likely this is what will happen. that and Seth rich's murder will likely be tied to them as well.
we haven't heard much lately on the 10k+ sealed indictments from EVERY FUCKING DISTRICT IN THE COUNTRY. that alone says something of tremendous proportions is coming down the pipe, albeit not all at once.
yeah though the DNC has 6.5 million in the bank, they OWE 6 million and they're only worth 400k, I think what we are seeing is the DNC's death rattle. won't be long now..

mmm but they really can't have money out of thin air anymore, see aol.com/article/news/2018/02/02/the-dnc-is-dead-broke-while-the-rnc-has-nearly-dollar40-million/23351693/

to whomever cross posted to voat thank you. I was too busy today to do it, 4/pol is basically useless at this point in time. I knew things were getting bad but fuck, this same thread was shoad faster than anything in recent memory

Kind of off-topic, but I've been arguing down the "not everything is a false flag" kikes on 4chan. Mods there banned for me saying this is a false flag. There really seems to be a coordinated effort to shut down any notion that this might be a fake event. It all stinks. Something is definitely rotten about all of this.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School False Flag Timeline
+Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Scott Israel want to have a second high profile shooting in their county and meet to select date/time. ( archive.is/hkpKO )
+Alphabet Soup gets a tip on a "suspicious comment" that N. Cruz made about wanting to be a "professional school shooter". They leave him in place to become the patsy. ( archive.is/eU9Az )
+Teachers receive training and are notified a simulated incident will occur. ( archive.is/pJeMy#selection-2671.0-2671.178 )

Feb 14
+Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have an evacuation drill in the morning. ( youtube.com/watch?v=OFly5Ut5Jag )
+Cruz shows up on campus via an Uber Taxi for unknown reasons.( archive.is/O0jbm )
+Hired team of 2-3 shooters goes into the school and kills kids with Cruz on campus. ( youtu.be/zlhMGWyT_uU )
+Alexa Miednik sees Cruz during the evacuation and speaks to him while hearing shots fired elsewhere on campus. ( youtube.com/watch?v=_R39tNfv_fg )
+For unknown reasons, hired shooters fail to execute Cruz and stage his suicide.
+Students are evacuated and Cruz leaves campus in the shuffle. ( See Alexa Miednik interview above ).
+Cruz does not know the police are after him and decides to go get something to eat at McDonald's/Subway without knowing he is the patsy.( archive.is/GOlmf )
+FBI/Police arrest him as he walks down a residential street on his way home. ( archive.is/8MfoN )

Feb 15
+Cruz is presented with a plea bargain that will let him avoid the death penalty and avoid and real investigation/trial. ( archive.is/uAhPt )
+Cruz pleads guilty to 17 counts of premeditated homicide even though he has not killed anyone.

Feb 16
+Demolition of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl is announced to cover up the scene of the crime. ( archive.is/p6UIl )

heres that tweet I was talking about and some gore to for you friends too!


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I don't think the shooting was fake, but I do think they knew it would happen ahead of time and elected to not stop it, much like the attack on pearl harbor

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It's like every other month there's a new retard brigade who thinks the way things were when they finally showed up is the way things have always been and should always be.

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The biggest concern with Link referrals was the alphabets, which is why anons flip their shit about it. all sorts of other sites do it too to track user traffic but however thats no longer a thing on Holla Forums and the links are deactive only text you have to copypaste with breaks the referral tracking. so he's right, faggot.



If you were not wounded, shot at or held captive by the the shooter, how are you a survivor? If the shooter intended to kill everyone, aren't we all survivors?


Well done now we need to find out proof and drop the nuke on the DNC once and for all.

the shooting lasted 4 minutes. 4 fucking minutes. he only had 3 minutes from entering campus to the 2nd floor bathroom(?). bullshit.

Which one? Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the Awan Brothers? General Flynn? Muh Russia?

It's so obvious this is contrived and a Hail Mary to get Joe Normie off the Trump train before they are slaughtered… at the polls, I mean. Yeah, right!

Live and in color right here on the internet.

Is 2014 not recent?