User's View of the History between Aryans and Jews outside of the Lens of Ideology

user's View of the History between Aryans and Jews outside of the Lens of Ideology

Hebrews/Jews, more accurately known as Talmudists (Israelites, Judeans), are religiously obsessed with death and chaos. The new age jews will tell you that they are all about life with their 'Kaballah' worldview. This is the same deception we see on the level of politics, with the rogue nation Israel and it's great golem, the united States of America, tearing the world apart in the name of "Jewish Protectionism" and "Establishing Peace" (Moloch, Death).

Although commonly mistaken as caucasian or 'white' (an abstract term in european genetics), jews are neither indo-european, slavic, asian, but semitic. The closest ethnic group to [trigger warning] the jewish people are the Palestinians (Canaanites). Despite this, the jews are a nomadic, monarchic peoples who are constantly exiled and attacked not only by their arabian cousins, but literally everywhere they went. They aren't even supposed to be in Canaan (State of Israel) right now - They were supposed to be sent to Madagascar to be taught civil life by Germany and the west. Yet the zionist jews, who had subverted all the European Empires by this time, defied this peaceful future by engineering the Treaty of Versailles, WW2 and the Balfour Declaration. These zionist jews worked for the Rothschild Dynasty, the hidden hand of Moloch and "Royals" of the freemasonic, judaic, jesuit and judeo-christian society we often mistake for ancient European culture. The word 'Royal' actually comes from the 'Roy/Rex Holy Grail Blood' of the Davidian jews (Hyksos tribe out of Egypt) who descend from Solomon. This is a theological misinterpretation of what is really Aton's reincarnation legacy, the cult of Moloch, that actually lost it's blood link to Aton after they ritualistically slaughtered their own messiah Jesus/Baalim/Jehova/Yeshua/. The "Grail was lost", so to speak - yet it was in their prophetic destiny to have gentiles lead them into civilization, as Abraham (Moloch) is not actually God himself. Therefore, the jewish mobilization agenda to usurp the whole damned planet continued. Their jewish worship of Saturn and role-playing as roman-era occultists continued, and in exile and underground secrecy they collectively invented an entire world of their own on Earth.

Historically, the jews have mobilized, following their "Lords" or rabbi class, whom adhere to the ancient work called "the Talmud". The Jerusalem Talmud was compiled circa 300 A.D. and the Babylonian Plagiarized Talmud that the jews of today claim is the "credible version" was "compiled" circa 500 A.D. Only the Nasi priests of the Sanhedrin can truely know it's secrets, origins and age - which basically means they've made the whole thing up as they went along since their ritual murdering of Jesus. The word Talmud literally means 'Instructions', as if to elude to some occulted objective behind the 'various religious models' of the 'world' (Abrahamic Society/Culture). There are over 10,000 pages of 'instructions' contained within the Talmudic volumes. The god of the jews is Yahweh, also known as Moloch, and their symbol for this 'blood idol' is the star of Remphan (Hexagram). Arguments are constantly waged over the matter of the star's presented color, but the oldest occurances of this symbol were in the form of stone carvings and structures.


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The Crux of the Matter

The "Lord of Lords" or Ba'al' was the (apparent) Pharoah (((Aton))), the true ancestor of the Hyksos tribe (Jews/Hebrews/Israelites) and their modern Ba'al "Lord Jacob Rothschild". Aton is the man that created monotheism and converted Egypt into a jewish theocracy, inventing the monarchic model itself under which we live today. He exists allegorically throughout many mythologies and religions eg. Mithras, Melqart, Baal, Jesus (Baalim, 'King of Kings'), Wotan, Melqart, Bacchus, Apollo, Hermes, Moses, Abraham, 'God', 'Lucifer', eg. - and is arguably the true origin of the identity/ego/egrogore 'Yahweh/Moloch'. The gnostics and neo-platonists call him "Yaldaboath", the Demiurge and "Ruler of Rulers" (Grand Archon), as well as "Abraxas". In ancient understandings, he is by blood right, the inherit god of the mortal world (Sheol, the Abrahamic world), but not of Reality/Earth ('Anima Mundi', 'Asgard', the true United States).
When these figures reappear throughout history, it often corelates with some kind of emancipation and pardoning of the jewish people, and a great astrological paradigm shift relating to our solar system (particularly on Earth). Astrological researchers believe that Saturn has a hexagon formation at its north pole, and that within this exists a deep blue storm that "baffles scientists". The jews, throughout the ages under many identities (including their time as lords of the black land/Egypt, and further back into 'forgotten' history), have worshipped Saturn and claim to come from there. The Phoenician translation of the word Israel actually means Saturn! If you want to study more on that particular history of jewish origination please read "The Sumerian Swindle; 3500 BC to 1200 BC" and "The Monsters of Babylon; 1200 BC to 1000 AD" by Gregory Delaney (his book "The Blood-Suckers of Judah; 1000 AD to 2018 AD" upon release this June.


The Ancient Question: "Where do we come in?"

It is my understanding that there was a conflict between Aton and his father Ay (pronounced eye) who was either a head priest of the ancient solar-worship society (continuing today as Aryanism and the Holla Forums egregore) (Symbolized by "Sol Invictus" or "the Black Sun/Sunwheel"), or Heliopolis itself/himself incarnate - just as Aton was Saturn incarnated. This is the true 'God' of the gentile believers in Jesus and his judgment of the jews, yet Christianity is more philo-semitic than ever before and only a small ratio of us have left this jewish worldview behind. We mistakenly call one another, whom are "seeking the sun", 'white' and falsely attribute each other's cultural/ethnic origins to Moloch and ancient judeo-monarchy. We are Aryans, we created nationlism to seperate the specimens of men on earth, the jews came and hijacked the whole thing making us not only deracinated but put us in trouble with the All-Father. There is also a mother/bridal force somewhat 'involved' (The Sirius system), but I'll leave that one for you to look into.

This may only be mythological, or there may be scientific/cosmic implications about Saturn being a hazard to our solar system, that many ancient aryan ubermenschen perceived and prepared us futurefags for. In my mind, this 'event' is the very deployment of the jewish people (archons, nephilim in christcuck terms), from their Saturn-world to our Earth-world. We need to discuss this as a group some time. Let's get back to the political and psychological aspects of this whole topic, which I personally see as the two focal aspects of modern history and present repercussive circumstances.


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Jewish Culture & It's Genocidal, Dehumanist Aura

In various cultures, jews have adapted their abrahamic beleif/value system in varying degrees of historical similarity. Jewish men are to rabbis as christian men are to priests, or as muslim men are to the Religion of Cuck™ic caliphate. The role of the rabbi is homogenous - he must adapt his entire existent to the fulfilment of the will of Yah and enthrall himself to the trivially extensive instructions of the Talmud. He is a soldier in an amorphous movement that engulfs society, carrying out war by deception and manipulation. This is the purpose behind the whole agenda of religion itself since it's inception - to make history impossible to look at without theology/theocracy/ideology, and to control "the goyim" (humanity, "the cattle").

It is asserted by many historians, researchers and social scientists alike, that one of the most prominent models of social or political control is warfare, or simply put - genocide. Fear replaces respect, and the threat of death outweighs the reason of life, enslaving any collective that is economically/militarily unorganized or economically/militarily inferior. Whether as oligarchs, aristocrats, politicians, bankers, neo-conservatives, etc. the jews are economically/militarily superior through usury and dominion of the judeo-goyim world, and have been involved in all wars for the last three centuries. This is a study all of its own, but know that the ancient jewish spiritual and psychological intent to destroy reality follows them to this day. Death, the void, all vaccuums in reality - it is the very force with which Moloch (Morgoth in a Tolkienist sense) influences our Aryan reality.

These wars, upon world and mind, have resulted in unimaginable amounts of genocidal conduct that are becoming increasingly normalized by jewish society. We are today seeing a globally systemic 'holocausting' of the world's 'goyim' under the zionist political/psychological regime - as well as a storm of genocide throughout the middle-east by the hands of the terrorist Israel/MOSSAD elitists.



Genocide as Rule & Asgard's Children in the Hands of Moloch

There is no future without the passing down and institution of beleif/value systems to future generations. Therefore the family model is the fabric of society, and the society model is the fabric of the family. This is an old and respected tradition amongst all true Europeans. Furthermore, there is no future without children and the role of parenthood. This is not a "racist" or "hitlerian" ideation, but a worldview orientated around the human collective's interest to raise, develop and direct their children (themselves) into universal equilibrium. History amongst the Aryans is a matter of Blood versus Jewish Legacy, hence the ancient tradition of blood libel against child-sacrificing Moloch and purging of cannibalism/vampirism.

The 'family-society' model is based upon a sociological and perhaps psychological concept that society on all levels is designed or fashioned in accordance with the family model, and ultimately serves the members of the families that make up the collective/society. There are different family models to discuss, but what we are looking at here is the European nuclear family-society model that is responsible for the greatness of modern mankind, and the monolothic proliferation of civilization to different worlds.


The Jewish Problem in Sociological Terms

This ideal society is modelled identically to the nuclear, European-oriented family model, and the survival of any group orientated around 'race' depends greatly on this model (as has been clearly evident throughout history). Such models are reflected in the mythology, folklore, religions and culture of nearly all European peoples. Not only is racialism discovered at the core of many semantic belief/value systems (religion, cultism, communism, etc.), but so too is discovered the implementation of a family model upon the collective and it's culture/behaviourisms/traditions. It is even found (after arduos surveying) that women, during the phase of their menstrual cycle in which they are most "horny", find men of their own genotype significantly more attractive and "suitable for reproduction" than others.

This, in objective terms, is the idea behind many forms of control enforced upon 'the goyim' or modern Europeans living under the jewish-controlled system known as 'The British Empire'. Israel, the Rothschild Mafia's own personal Vatican, was born from this very idea of a theological-historical or family-society model (although in reality it is a foul attempt to implement one). Israel today, stands not as a bastion of war victims (oxymoron) and holocaust survivors (oxymoron) but a den of vipers and Talmudist agents.


Sociological Repercussions of "Talmudic Sexualization of Society" upon Jewish Sexuality

A majority of mischlings (peoples of European-jewish mix) take their jewish blood from their mothers instead of their fathers, which may appear coincidental at first but can be quite succinctly explained. Jewish women, whom have little roles in the Talmudist family/society model as mere objects for reproduction and racial permanence, are (statistically) more inclined to 'betray their people' and breed with men of other races (most oftenly the European alpha-male/ubermensch) whom would show more affection. Recent studies have indicated that a startling increase in jewish miscegenation has occured throughout Europe and America since the beginning of the State of Israel (14 May, 1948) and their cultural migration back into the west. Studies are showing this incline of 'jewesses' reproducing with africans, arabs, asians and slavs and refusing the orthodox or Talmudic family-society model for complete degeneracy. This is called "coming full circle".

Studies have shown that the jews of Israel, whom are heavily orientated around their Talmudic family-society model, are strongly xenophobic, ethnocentric and administer stringent forms of parenthood (that reflect the relationship of the rabbi to Yah) upon their children, so they may too be inculcated. Studies have also shown that men of jewish stock who do not particularly identify as jews (eg. Americanised jews, mischlings, persecuted anti-secular jews in Israel) are less inclined to reproduce with jewish women, and raise their children under the Talmudic family/society model. It appears that the Talmudic family-society model is not based upon any concept related to nature, but based upon an superficial and somewhat insidious set of psychological projections and distorted worldviews.


The Jewish Alpha-Male as a Psychopathic Omega-Male

A startling majority of jewish billionaires (cabalists, jewish and gentile/goyish zionists agents of the Talmud lead by the Rothschild Mafia) have either partnered with and bred with non-jewish & non-european subhuman women or have simply not raised families at all. We needn't look any further for a clear example of this trending reproductive behaviour amongst prolific jewish men than Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who married and bred with a rags-to-riches, vietnamese (((immigrant-turned-philanthropist))) woman named Priscilla Chan. Another example would be the former PM of Australia, Kevin Rudd (related to the De Vere Dynasty who have worked for the Rothschilds for centuries), who is married to and has bred with a chinese woman belonging to a powerful corporate family in Beijing (whom, you could say, have a little conflict of interest seeing as how the elite families of China are zionists). The Rothschild Dynasty is notorious for marrying out their daughters to powerful gentile bloodlines.

These Talmudist men are often polygamists, involved in political control through sexual liberation and surrounded by the most toxic kinds of individuals (prostitutes, drug dealers, federal agents, organized crime). Such control over 'the goyim', and even each other, may entale such conduct as: sexual blackmail, bribery, extortion, kidnapping, child abuse, paedophilia, Molochian/Dionysian ritual murder and other unmentionable behaviour. This is thouroughly explained and documented by Notre Dame University proffessor E. Michael Jones and many other researchers whom are racially orientated and, per se aware of the jewish problem despite their cuck status.


Conclusion: The Talmudic Family-Society Model & it's Failure to Apprehend the Future

The concepts of a majority of collective/societal models (such as Nationalism, Capitalism, Democracy, etc.) are racially explicit, revealing a clear tangent of racial classism throught (at least) the past two millennia. Through many avenues, such as Freemasonry, the Occult and open culture, the jew has been heavily involved in both the influencing (partial genocide) and controlling (whole genocide) of an anti-European and Talmudic family-society model. The result of the implementation and proliferation of the Talmudic family-society model amongst European society is European genocide, on one level in part (family planning, sexual liberation, etc.), and on the other level in whole (Genocide, ethnocentrism, societal domination).

It was an honor to bring you my discoveries, and may they help you to start seeing through the misdirections woven into kosher politics and history. Protect your psyche, contemplate the lessons of everyday life and practice rule without rulership. Detach from Moloch's hall of mirrors, and convert to/create a sustainable equilibrium in your local environment (With your own family or a community of Aryan families). Kinship is Kingship.


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Holohoax Reading

Collection - Holocaust Handbooks (73 Files) >>>/zundel/18

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Collection - Holocaust Handbooks (2/2) (73 Files) >>>/zundel/18

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Brandon Martinez (3 Files) >>>/zundel/1438

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David Irving (26 Files) >>>/zundel/1382

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David Lane (4 Files) >>>/zundel/2004

88 Precepts
Deceived, Damned & Defiant
Interview With Meredith Viera
KD Rebel

Dietrich Eckhart (1 File) >>>/zundel/1379

Bolshevism - From Moses To Lenin

Don Heddesheimer (1 File) >>>/zundel/1378

The First Holocaust.; Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During And After World War I

E. Michael Jones (3 Files) >>>/zundel/1358

Culture Wars Exerpts (5 Files)
L'affaire Williamson; The Catholic Church and holohoax exposure
Libido Dominandi - Sexual Liberation & Political Control
The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit And It's Impact On World History

Eckhart Verlag (1 File) >>>/zundel/1357

Jewish Domination Of Weimar Germany 1919 - 1932

Ernst Hiemer (deutsch) (3 Files) >>>/zundel/1353

Ernst Hiemer - Poisonous Mushroom (Illustrated by Philipp Rupprecht)
Fips (Philipp Rupprecht) - Les Juifs Se Presentent (Illustration of the Jews)
The Jew in the Proverb of the Peoples (Deutsch)

Francis Parker Yockey (5 Files) >>>/zundel/1317

Francis Parker Yockey on Racialism
The Collected Works of Francis Parker Yockey (13 files)
The Scientific-Technic World-Outlook
Imperium; The Philosophy of History and Politics

Frank K. Salter (1 Files) >>>/zundel/2048

On Genetic Interests; Family, Ethnicity, and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration

Fredrick Toben (1 File) >>>/zundel/1314

Fight Or Flight; The Personal Face Of Revisionism

Friedrich von Bernhardi (7 Files) >>>/zundel/2049

Britain as Germany's Vassal
Cavalry in Future Wars
Cavalry in War and Peace
Germany and England
Germany And The Next War
How Germany Makes War
The War of the Future

Friedrick Karl Wiebe (1 File) >>>/zundel/2042

Germany and the Jewish Problem

More at /zundel/

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Ethnicity Reading

Arnold S. Leese - Race and Politics >>>/zundel/1967!sF1RzbBD!kvaRs6Kp4k0ksBsWnfr4NH_2aDgayIxkAA00vXtTJqE

Arnold S. Leese - The Jewish War Of Survival >>>/zundel/1459!5Fk1FZjT!e89HU3AYEfvpV1B-Oa6DdoBusran_-5WZorNOeDd6TI

Arthur Kemp - March of the Titans; History of the White Race >>>/zundel/1971!IddijCRR!BksP24ejIh7uTaD9KFAasVYa-WYjAfUsbZkD4uEOdno

Bernhardt Klassen - On The Brink Of A Bloody Racial War; With the White Race Targeted for Extermination >>>/zundel/1977!cd0BSJzS!6Xf_xXEyEh-FO3Q2_vfeg0RNf2lW3NtPl_BtZEWmzcA

Bernhardt Klassen - Building a Whiter and Brighter World >>>/zundel/1975!tINQVb5K!JjUAQAotBuBvEEr1WUaOfy-JhIDpRr7HzyX4arelpro

Bernhardt Klassen - The White Man's Bible >>>/zundel/1443!MU9wxBQL!RRwEPz9qKIN1VzyvY1Pulog8PYy22aGQUJ9CffCbg_s

Bernhardt Klassen - Salubrious Living; A Natural Life Style for Achieving and Maintaining the Ultimate in Superb Health and Well-Being >>>/zundel/1978!ZM1QALIT!vKDACdPjiGoZDviRm2t8KYZc9Qt-trGBFtfhkXgcfv8

Caleb William Saleeby - Evolution; The Master-Key; A Discussion of the Principle of Evolution as Illustrated in Atoms, Stars, Organic Species, Mind, Society and Morals >>>/zundel/1980!RFMlQQqa!SAakTGAbfMqhMAPj3T8ib_Q2GoFMrCD7-jRXYP1rc8A

Caleb William Saleeby - Heredity >>>/zundel/1982!QVUxkBSB!Re4Axh3kXX0eGxk2xV8VCRGsYAboJAmjkg_1YLbTw6c

Caleb William Saleeby - Parenthood and Race Culture; An Outline Of Eugenics >>>/zundel/1985!sF9ATbAB!upgWIiIcSr4hkEl5qPES-KizyNwqoOD0fiPtGurfj0g

Caleb William Saleeby - The Methods of Race-Regeneration >>>/zundel/1979!0U8UzZCB!9-WJqb3lkGgSeJIWKUyOSBs4Zvo_93o6Vkgxk9uar6s

Caleb William Saleeby - Organic Evolution >>>/zundel/1984!4QMkmRhB!2MxAc-HoOlJ1Hb58yCjdyQPw6zBfb3hqpRvjQLYq4Os

James R. Flynn - What Is Intelligence >>>/zundel/1614!UA0WzaKQ!_bTv57q7SgIo2oPAsPmxH9Afx3g9-vblBOTHCb2sHuM

James W. von Brunn - Kill The Best Gentiles; The Racialist Guide For The Preservation and Nurture of the White Gene Pool >>>/zundel/1277!EYNWiD4Y!WgSWZp0l2LBK9gNRRQUucRx98Jh0bs09AcWvml_D_Sw

James W. von Brunn - Preface to 'Kill The Best Gentiles' >>>/zundel/1278!UZFQVbKT!gph6D53_f_NMhg35RYuQefAtm_XWA7VVz8wioSK-vKc

Francis Parker Yockey on Racialism >>>/zundel/1317!VB0U3TKZ!MBnM-iZ67EbEQlWByBACJoH-qmep_rXBwz-CDZ_R3Rk

George Whitehead - Mending Mankind; The Factors Of Racial Health >>>/zundel/2058!FM93mSRa!YmJIG2q7lzD-G-W-NEzgno9Vf4Y4BDbyi-Oikrym0eU

Gustave Le Bon - Applications of Psychology to the Classification of Races >>>/zundel/150!wYlHjJgZ!PheZapMljfg4lsnbuaKWAYJktkFYIp5P537W5SqGhac

Gustave Le Bon - How Races and Peoples Transform their Civilization and Arts >>>/zundel/151!FM0zjRTb!HT3x44zhojPAB1K693mxoAObX6I5dlifRgXMTJhWeH0

Gustave Le Bon - The Influence of Race in History >>>/zundel/156!sRVXzTBL!od3WF_RFg59jQ1Va_QURRqIZzSzXQCzz7euIYs1lR1E

Gustave Le Bon - The World Unbalanced >>>/zundel/160!gFcTjALL!DgM-kptu3PWI7RfNSWpNKGo6daKMRj-Ek4dD9BgeoX8

H. B. Isherwood - Race and Politics; The Myth of Racial Equality >>>/zundel/2062!lF8RBS7a!RArFgyBUb2RdOoNOr_MoThMZSJ4yawzo83z-iRCyW6c

H. B. Isherwood - Racial Contours; The Factor of Race in Human Survival >>>/zundel/2061!9AVBVIxA!zA1kc2HnfIpCwiYSM5eCkPy4tQihw4zpO9OVw_JN0Js

J. Philippe Rushton - Race, Evolution and Behavior; A Life History Perspective >>>/zundel/2075!JFVjhAjT!WN0JQ6bJ6kKltAvAYTUub2PD9lUTlF_TwyjtXaE5yYk

J. Philippe Rushton - Thirty Years of Research; Differences in Cognitive Ability (with Arthur R. Jensen) >>>/zundel/2076!kd912DYQ!gTjWzTAR7skN2Re0L1s3aX2uQVwvQu-6ybbLFQKTLZw

Jonathon Peter Spiro - Defending the Master Race; Conservation, Eugenics, and the Legacy of Madison Grant >>>/zundel/2083!8IciQAIQ!NsvgKLgYg_X-_ecGxlJK730AM5zvdn6ZPsRyE3-iDkg

Laurence A. Waddell - The Makers Of Civilization In Race And History >>>/zundel/605!dIt0WaKI!MZJ8tLj9yv4DFGqy-EQeYxq4FWXgWIMAIuQ3sMfc_M0

Madison Grant - The Passing of the Great Race; The Racial Basis of European History >>>/zundel/2091!kBVikDoJ!1-N6h2IX2zNNLtOh65XetKRPsSu-stTsjhQozKC__xk

Michael A. Hoffman II - They Were White and They Were Slaves; The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America >>>/zundel/1237!EEUnGYqJ!UMLjxni9AyzaR-1j7jtHLiRHLTQ2L_qcJKftj4E_Bmg

Richard Lynn - Race Differences in Intelligence >>>/zundel/2101!YUdVhBrY!9QjR8lsc1lbDOREW_lhjdf8IHtjLXMB7Zgc5uLMcFzI

SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines >>>/zundel/1929!tQtTkD4T!nSBZhDsLXNq29D-ccr77yhbNsVGrObW7ZnnP90rOA8E

Theodor Lothrop Stoddard - The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy >>>/zundel/2106!VMMEHSKT!JHn5PEObxpcZ_eSmLaiFD_WRznViXCq3Mz7vq4lyLy4

Theodor Lothrop Stoddard - Racial Realities in Europe >>>/zundel/1157!sc0EGKjC!R4AtiFMgbs7GhhYP750enYDVJOpd6x_9YqsZ_NggXok

William S. Sadler - Race Decadence; An Examination of the Causes of Racial Degeneracy in the United States >>>/zundel/2116!lZsVhRaT!cRdA-E7Ga2Y49222Svv_L0Af_1GKRumLrgXwqMISwdk

List of jewish books regarding Ethnicity to avoid

Eric Ehrenreich - The Nazi Ancestral Proof; Genealogy, Racial Science, and the Final Solution >>>/zundel/1945!AcM2VBAQ!3chefpp4ypnisKxO_LZrIZl24u7S4x2cNv-l8wJC_qs

Frank H. Hankins - The Racial Basis of Civilisation; A Critique of the Nordic Doctrine >>>/zundel/1946!NN8hnBgR!7i4f19unHP-GS-NP6jqH6ubg6ZD7Y4SAERfHfPq4hT0

Leon Stein - The Racial Thinking of Richard Wagner >>>/zundel/1949!gRl3GbKI!G45hre-xPXZ_-soMh6FDwS3oiLLE2CS4E6OC3nUmcXE

Anthony Walsh - Science Wars; Politics, Gender, & Race >>>/zundel/1940!RZsFEJYK!ul3HYtJLK0xuXV1_Be5bIaGVb5SBhs3qA4qpoj9_U_4

Christopher Hutton - Race in the Third Reich >>>/zundel/1941!xQ1xBZJT!miYjQmq0-FFjR6bfgV64-CMg02XXZ_E4A_tSRl3wJxI

Jonathan Marc Gribetz - Defining Neighbors; Religion, Race, and the Early Zionist-Arab Encounter >>>/zundel/1013!MZNxiYCR!5WqUHNJRibYJir3X1TsJ4QEGCHHfoNJo3aMfN8c1Umw

Karl Kautsky - Are the Jews a Race >>>/zundel/1017!QAFEkYAS!CIGWushcMQwo4H_U8Dg5_cWUelE_kZMmHbJCVLkGB1Y

R. J. Herrnstein - The Bell Curve; Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life >>>/zundel/1064!8IEHGDIQ!0eehE46KQLv7QZR049Y8tAdlsjt8Zj-ioOcn4MD8-bg

Redpill on Marxism

In the professional world, this Talmudic family-society model is overhauling the modern understanding of racial capacity and potential with a fantastical ideology based upon 'Anti-Capitalism' (Phony version of anti-Usury or anti-jew). There are two modes of the dialectic model of 'Racial Integration': Theory and Practice (Passive & Active).

Mode 1) You are to (passively) accept the theory that we are all human beans and that the potential in all modes of performance, whether physical or mental, are equal among every race. Yet, within this theory is implied a fundamental dichotomy of superiority/inferiority that must be harmonized with the application of another theory of ignorance.

Mode 2) In the practice of tolerating the ineptitude of a fellow workmate or colleague who is of another (lesser) race, or in the practice of recognizing your inadequacy to a fellow workmate or colleague who is of another (greater) race, the fundamental idea is to (actively) acknowledge that you are different. Just as you are supposed to theoretically harmonize this dichotomy with the application of the theory of ignorance, in practice your behaviour must be adapted to your fellow human beans (the inferior).

Now, we can see where this leads. In any analogy, it is clear that the inferior cannot spontaneously perform at the level of the superior, and that to equalize the performance of inferior/superior means to decrease the performance of the superior. This practice, for the means of enhancing the collective, is a kind of nihilistic relativism that leads not the enhancement of the inferior but to the degradation of the superior at the expense of the collective. In the application of the theory of ignorance, there is a complete annihilation of observation and eventually the very theory of the collective (the subject of this ideology) is abolished and replace with the fixation upon the inferior (Which superiority is being replaced with)'.

The marxist ideology of 'Racial Diversity' condemns racial superiority whilst promoting racial inferiority as a virtue. It cannot function as a practical or theoretical model for human behavior. Why? If it hasn't already clicked in your mind, allow me to condense it for you: Theoretically, the word 'race' implies genetic diversity, therefore Racial Equality (as defined by marxism) = Racism (as defined by marxism). Practically, each individual is identified with a race through the observation of his differences to others and what subcategory within the collective he/she falls into, therefore Recognition of Race (as defined by marxism) = Racism (as defined by marxism). The ultimate goal of this marxist (jewish) ideology is to destroy the very perception of race, and to erect a standard generalization (Human Being) that dehumanizes those who internalize this ideology in the practice of racial identity.

I would argue that marxism is a machination of the jewish social engineers who have simultaneously sown into the minds of the collective that judaism is a mere ideology instead of a gene type. I would argue that this is whole thought system (that marxism is only a component of) is designed to dehumanize the superior humans - whom orientate their culture, economy and continuity around their own racial merits - that the jews (as inferior humans) see as a threat. I would argue that all systems of thought ever created by jews have been based on the orientation of their culture, economy and continuity around the merits of other races, and that marxism (jewish) is a social engineering device injected into the lives of all races (by jews) except jews for the sole purpose of sustaining jewish parasitism of and promoting the racial integration of all other races whilst maintaining jewish isolation.

Unless you are an outright 'Racist', you can be 'pincer-moved' with this dual-mode dialectic - into either obeying this cognitive dissonance or outright rejecting it (which results in you being identified as a bad goy). Don't think that using their own arguments against them will work; they have internalized this thought system, their minds have been disabled with the application of the theory of ignorance and they will just project their insanity onto you. Either way your human rights will be sacrificed upon the altar of equality, and only the flexing of your superiority will save you from such a circumstance.

For some jewish reason, the Holla Forums mods are promoting a book by the nephew of (((Sigmund Freud))), and tavistock/frankfurt/bilderberg puppetmaster, (((Edward Bernays))) . This is an insult to Holla Forums. Secondly, mods have linked '200 Years Together' on /pdfs/ but it is the censored version, which has about a quarter of it's content removed (go here >>>/zundel/1466 for the full version and more works by Aleksander I. Solzhenitsyn). Thirdly, the mods are once again insulting our intelligence by linking us to kikepedia of all places to learn about forum ethics. I don't mean to complain, but I could go on about the obvious treachery of our mods and the slow death of the board. Even the ziocuck Jonestein crowd knows that Bernays is evil - COME ON.

Though, seeing as they were sensible enough to include Hitler's works, it might makes up for the clearly unironic stupidity in the rest of that sticky. Read Hitler's own words instead of going to outside sources. If you want to learn about propaganda, you can find many authors at /zundel/ who are legitimate and benevolent (look for eugenics-related pdfs there too). Holla Forums is always right.

Mein Kampf (Stalag Edition)

Mein Kampf (Colchester Collection Version)

Zweites Buch (Sequel to Mein Kampf)

Adolf Hitler's First Writing on the Jews

Adolf Hitler's Last Political Testament

L. Craig Fraser - The Testament of Adolf Hitler

Alfred Konder - Adolf Hitler's Family Tree; The Untold Story of the Hitler Family

August Kubizek - The Young Hitler I Knew

Enzo Collotti & Riccardo Mariani - The Water Colours of Hitler; Recovered Art Works Homage to Rodolfo Siviero

Friedrich Stieve - What the World Rejected; Hitlers Peace Offers 1933-1939

H. R. Trevor-Roper - Hitler's Table Talk 1941-1944; His Private Conversations

Joseph Goebbels - Adolf Hitler; A Chilling Tale Of Propaganda

Seeing as the Holla Forums HTML header is changed to "On the jews and Their Lies", I thought I might share this:
Dr. Martin Luther - The Jews And Their Lies (1543)




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say something of relevance as a retort or gtfo faggot cunt

I don't dislike Rosenberg and he has many points himself which I fully agree with, but he either didn't read Spengler, or did and did not understand him at all. The fact that you posted Yockey's works here in addition when he was directly inspired and influenced by Spengler's outlook is proof of that; if you've read Imperium. Spengler in his opus magnum in no way, while sitting there reading it, do I get the sense that he overlooks the organic/racial component, as well as its spiritual backing of a particular people? fuck no, he emphasizes that for the West and its various groups.

Sometimes when you get caught up in trying to expose lies, you become part of the big lie itself. The Jews of today are nothing but a bastard race and are not part of original creation. That they now have their unique traits is only a consequence of strict Rabbinical racial laws throughout the centuries. They do not worship Moloch or anything else for that matter, because that entity does not exist. They worship themselves, in all their egotism and selfishness, which makes them the exact opposite of Christ (anti-Christ).

Christ represents a bridge toward your inner Self, toward God. He as a spiritual concept is Divine Man, or Truth incarnated, of which all men should strive toward. How we interpret that today is wholly perverted thanks to you know who. The basis of Our worldview, namely self-sacrifice for our people, commitment to justice and truth, and the eradication of the most selfish and degenerate elements of this Jewish world is not only strictly in line with the teachings of Christ, but also was the basis of all Aryan tribes and peoples before his arrival.

Truth is lived not taught, user.


Oh, so it's a thinly veiled 'muh kike on stick' thread.

Yes, let's just casually ignore that jews persecuted and slaughtered Christians for hundreds of years. Let's just forget that these Christians weren't Edomites (today's jews). Let's just forget that jews were hunting down Christians on horse and chariot then, on combustion engines after and on social media and cable network now.

You know what? Let's even forget that Christians struck back at jews with The Inquisition, an organization tasked with detecting and dispatching crypto-jews. Let's forget Toledo. Let's forget Toledo x3. Let's forget Marthin Luther; "christcucks mirite????". Let's also forget that jews migrating to the New World refused to sign their forms and documents with a cross, because it reminded them of Jesus, and instead signed with a cirlce; the very fucking thing that earned them the name 'kike' (kikele means "small circle"). Let's immediately forget that Bolsheviks relentlessly persecuted Christians while not giving a fuck about anything else.

But why stop there? Why forget when you can also pretend? Let's pretend there is not even a single page in the talmud dedicated to describing how Jesus and Christians are in hell boiling in pots filled with urine, excrement and semen. Let's pretend The Book of Revelations does not mention "those who say they are jews but they are not, they are the synagogue of satan". Let's pretend The Holy Book of Christians does not tell of a hereric tribe hellbent on race-mixing, against God's command, and being Godforsaken for it. Let's pretend that this shit tribe never went to look for revenge against God or His creation.

You know what, let's take it all the way and just pretend Jesus was a 'kike on a stick', and then let's pretend that this isn't a meme from Something Awful before 4chan even existed.

I smell some prehemptive butthurt and damage control. This thread will be deleted because it's /zundel/.

Capitalists and communists also persecuted each other, does that mean one of them is /ourguy/? Jews hate christians, they hate muslims, they hate pagans they all the goyim. They are satanic creatures bent on destroying the world.

As Hitler described, too little, too late. Luther employed several jews on his translation of the bible, his actions caused religious wars that permanently divided germany almost, and he even sided against the German Peasants in their revolt. You may as well praise some japanese anti-semite if you're going to tout out a single christian for minorly calling out the obvious.

That's not true. Bolsheviks also persecuted nearly every other people in the Soviet Union. They killed entire tracts of Central Asian tribes, and cracked down on Religion of Cuck™ too. Meanwhile, the jews behind it even donated statues and artwork to the UN, filled with "biblical motives"…

And the talmud goes into even more lenght in mentions of even more gruesome things to gentiles. The very old testament has the commandment to "burn all temples of other religions", which the abrahamic religions carried to letter, even to this day sending "missionary works" to the far corners of the world, hand-in-hand with globalists.

Yes, because "not true jews" truly only refers to non-christians, thats not jews arguing over the correct interpretation of their traditions and sectarianism among themselves. If you mention some christian is "not a true christian" they are muslims right? Not just people in other churches that don't agree with you? If you call someone "not true national socialist", which "christian identity" shills who put denomination above their race ARE, that means they are not NS, but communists, right? You're being misled there.

Pretty far fetched invention there. "There is neither jew, nor greek"… And jews don't race-mix, or marry outside their group, the (((chosen ones)))…

Stop being a christian-identity shill and having a meltdown over every small criticism of your religion on a NatSoc imageboard

guize does anyone of you know where I can get the best and most objective history of babylon without going to the bible or the (((history channel)))? Are there other sources of that time or older than the bible describing it in detail?