Holla Forums's mission statement

REPOST TO KILL SHILLS! Here is the mission of Holla Forums– always has been – always will be — no one will change this, ever…… as long as we fight for it.

1. Get normies to take the FIRST redpill, the holohoax. There is NO other redpill before this. ZERO. You cannot escape the modern matrix without removing the basic foundations of its reality. Anyone who says otherwise is your enemy.

2. Studies in the Process of Demoralization and Cultural Marxism. This includes the entire system and how it has affected your personal life.

3. Deep studies on the origins of your existence, starting with the origins of the Universe, moving to around 30,000 BCE with the Cro-Magnon, and finalizing to the age of racial suicidal. This is where most of us split on naturalism/philosophy-science vs. religion/esoterics. But it's still important to re-establish a genetic, historical relationship to life itself and know why the fuck we are here (why you are here!). We must re-establish the meaning of the Aryan spirit!

4. Deep studies in self improvement to become, "the higher man" and, "herald the coming of the Overman". We all know the meaning of self improvement… The Overman is defined as a form of Futurism and Eugenics for whites, not controlled by Jews or the Communist dystopian BORG. It is important to plan for the future even if you're not physically apart of it because that's what life as a higher man/woman is all about.

5. Volk

Anyone who takes you away from this set of goals is the enemy. PERIOD! No capitulation. No moderation. No fucking compromises. Just DAY OF THE FUCKING ROPE!

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Shitty advice. Trying to go against the holocaust conditioning as your first move, which every normalfag has received and digested since birth, is most likely to cause a strong reaction and refusal to listen to anything else you have to say.
Now, who would want to cause ideological inoculation as the first move?
tl;dr apply this highest suspicion possible to anyone who starts a thread telling you to attack the enemy at their strongest fortification.

You're responding to the "anything below the Holohoax is not a REAL redpill" poster. He's been trying to for over a year now.

trying this tactic for*

Making our goals official will make it easier for others to spot them.
We are chaos, that's our single advantage that made us relevant and that makes it impossible for others to stop us.

OP doesn't say slap people in the face with "THE HOLOHOAX!" as soon as you meet them. He's saying it's the first goal. Get to it how you will. He's right in that anyone who doesn't question the jewish narrative is not woke, and is still a jewish pawn.

Maybe reading comprehension should be the first goal.


I thought this was about gassing the kikes.

Reported. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That's a pretty fair mission statement actually.
A shame Holla Forums's actual mission statement at this point is:
1. Shill for Trump
2. Ban anyone who speaks out of line
3. Post as rach
4. Collect shekels

I have noticed that a common tactic is the attempt to associate a poster with a real or facetious 'character' of derision associated with a given board.

Anything less than a thermite suppository is not a "real" RedPill.

I don't give a fuck about Germany or Germany's guilt mate.

This. Making the holohoax the first redpill you hand someone is absolutely fucking retarded. You start off small, keep it casual, and undermine the (((narrative))).

Rinse and repeat, and then when you drop the bombshell and reveal the holohoax, you will have someone that's receptive. Someone who has come to trust your judgement and explanation of the things going on around them in the world more than the official narrative.

You can't just go around with a bullhorn screaming that the holohoax didn't happen, because you will achieve nothing but make yourself look like a fucking moron to those who are still within the grasp of the rabbi mind tricks.

Thanks for the heads up, no idea why I hadn't noticed him before, probably because I usually close such threads immediately without commenting, today I felt like it.

You're embellishing the post with things he didn't write.
What it actually says
No, he doesn't say anything about being gradual, subtle or gentle, just "get them to take it."
As I said, shitty advice, intended to be counter-productive.
The same reason e-celebs slather their "red pills" with pictures of alleged spree-killers, piles of dead jewish bodies being bulldozed and foul language. Their design is to repel, not attract.

This, but I'd add. You can steer someone towards the truth but the journey is always theirs to make. No one was ever truly awoken by having facts crammed down their throats. You can simulate awakening in a woman by cramming, if you're her boyfriend or she wants you to be, but all she is doing is parroting and will immediately drop her "new beliefs" if you ever fall from her favour.
A true awakening involves a gradual discovery brought about by noticing patterns in your surroundings. It's true that if the information is buried/censored then it can't happen, but it's equally true that even legit truths will be vomited back out if they're forced.
Even a 5 star meal prepared by a master chef induces vomiting if it is forced down someone's throat.

You prove my point about reading comprehension right there. I've not attributed anything to OP aside from exactly what he said, which is as you say "get them to take it". Sounds wholly reasonable to me. You'd have to be a kike to oppose that. In fact, I think I see something…

Another illiterate detected.

We are a wandering shitlord blob mass off pisssssss and shit
There is nothing to strike at for we are chaos incarnate

He's partially right. The only "redpill" is being jew-wise, everything else is bluepilled.

I agree that Holohoax exposure must be top priority, but you're confusing people by calling it the "first" red pill. It's the ultimate red pill, the only red pill in the sense that if you still believe it, the veil has not been fully lifted from your eyes.

There are many partial red pills, little pieces of truth that need to be fed to the normies first, before they are ready to swallow the big one.

Kinda have to agree. They'll go into a psychological mode there why deny it. It's best to start off slow instead of overdosing on the biggest redpill of them all.

So this is the new "You've been bluepilled"/"white meet up" thread? I mean to derail you should really try to mix it up a little.


If you think the Holohoax is the "ultimate" redpill then you haven't dug deep enough.

This desu gets it. Even now in this thread anons are trying to discourage from redpilling people on the holohoax. /r/the_zionald LARPers who think being a trump supporter is the be all and end all of redpills. But they've got the complete support of the mod team so it's only going to get worse.


Holla Forums is the darkness. Holla Forums is what it means to be on the utter brink of the outside. Holla Forums is where you fight your inner dragons. Holla Forums is where you stare into the abyss and Overcome. Holla Forums is where you win the treasure of truth. Holla Forums is where you find the fire in the dark. Holla Forums is where you leave once your quest is finished.

muuuhhhhhhh booooooooookz

I always thought step 4 was : draw swastikas on the moon

Holla Forums's goal is to act as a platform for online information communication, digging, and problem solving.

It's goal is the creation of something resembling a white national-socialist ethnostate, and more generally the survival of our people, culture, and natural environment.

The strength of Holla Forums is in anonymity and decentralization. Any organized, heirarchical, centralized, group can and will be infiltrated/coopted by alphabet soup spooks. To act IRL, you must assemble your own friends, your own group of men, and train together, spend time together, build trust and mutual-reliance. Do not post about IRL plans and activities on Holla Forums.

You. Can't.

Sorry, I just don't have any kind of faith in anything good. Kampfy runs this board; Jim runs Kampfy making the entire thing a MASONICNIGGER plot.

There will be no day of the rope. There will only be Eternal Misery and the promise of Samson.

There is No Future but Nuclear Fire.

Ashes. Echoes.

You. Can't. You're here forever.

No, keep spamming it, TRSodomite. We'll believe you eventually.

And that's because Jim Watkins is the BO and a MASONICNIGGER.


This user gets it

But does he get the futility of it all? Does he get that the gods have allowed these people to get away each and every time something was going to be done about them?

I wish you'd get some help, Ashes, and not the kind you want. I know you don't believe it, but you can get better.



There is no help to get. There is only Eternal Misery. There is no way it can ever get better. The gods themselves prevent it!


Do you fucking get it yet? What possible help could there fucking be? Especially when Samson. Looms. Ever. Forward and Every Effort Always Fails?


I'm right and you fucking know it! Kampfy runs Holla Forums, Jim runs Kampfy. Jim is a MASONICNIGGER.

End. Of.

You know, it'd be nice if you didn't associate truth like this with your well-poisoning kikery. It's almost as though every single person who does this (like faggots and enteman's, the "white nationalism" shill, etc.) is actually imkikey, purposely trying to detract from the fact that he's a nonwhite paid shill.

But he'd never be mentally defective enough to do that, right? Oh, wait, he spams thousands of gaychel faggow images and posts like this. So yeah, he would be mentally defective enough to be ALL of those posters.

Add a sudo to those. I'm not fucking doing every one of them.

How is it well poisoning to tell people that shit is fucked and the Samson Option exists? Its not kikery; it's true. Nukes are real and the kikes will use them as soon as they don't have the US military to stop an Arab invasion.


I'm not kampfy. I'd never word-filter my own phrase. I'd never use any word-filters.

Ashes. Echoes.

Stop using his name. Insult him when referring to him.

Okay. Turkroach semen-drowning faggotkike. How's that?

And the Turkroach semen-drowning faggotkike always deletes my posts, and always bans me as soon as I start talking to an user in earnest or I shit on a thread he's personally in.

Believe me when I say that I'm not trying to sound like a dick, but I'm going to call you naive if you think a full on natsoc organization 100% true to its unwavering servitude to the European man and its war against the kikes that it won't absolutely be infiltrated by glow in the dark alphabets. It will get sabotaged from within. If the filtration of intitiates is good enough to weed out CIA niggers, then they will falsify evidence that the group is going to plan a terror attack and we'll have a Waco/Ruby Ridge scenario. The only way to avoid this is to form a tribe.
Holla Forums is the hyperconnected hive mind. If you feel like we're not doing enough here to affect the real world then you need to take an hour to listen to Yuri.
It's time to get SUBVERSIVE

You hope too much.

You can't form a tribe. You can't get subversive. If you try, ZOG destroys you and the only IRL organizers or activists are ALL CIANiggers. If you do anything, it will fuck up on you because the gods themselves hate us. I just don't believe in good things. I can't have any kind of faith because my own life has never improved.

Creation is a Crime against the Created.

holy shit just fuck off my man

I'm not lying to you.

I am pretty sure that I do. I understand what you're saying; I just don't believe it to be absolute truth like you do. Grim possibility is only part of our reality. The rest is our great hope.
Most people would suggest that you either need to be institutionalized or at least get on a regimen of psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs. You could probably get some relief if you took pills every day, but that's not a true solution. I would suggest that you seek out the help of a shaman with experience administering entheogens. The ayahuasqueros in the Amazon do this best. There are still men in this world who can work miracles. The way our world approaches medicine is founded in lies, greed, and corruption. The old ways are better.

Also, I know Holla Forums moderation is fucked. Holla Forums is not everything.

Ashes is not a kike. He's just sick. He won't admit it, but he is a man with a sense of honor and duty, like all white men.


(Checked, but in Vain)

You are lying to me. You have to be. Nobody can ever have faith in me. EVER.

There is no great hope. It's a lie because the gods hate us.

All shrink pills are kike made. All shrinks are Jews, Marxists or Marxist Jews. They all hate white men. They all hate conservatives. They all hate southerners. There is no help to get. There is no institution that isn't kike run. There is no way to afford any kind of help. There is nobody to help me. There is nobody to help my family; my only reason for living. No National Socialist movement will ever accept me because I'm not good enough. No leftist will never accept me because I'm white.

The old ways are shit. They only resulted in what we have now. No amount of shrinkery or other kind of mental bullshittery can break a bloodline curse or Apocalyptic Doom. Do. You. Fucking. Get. It. Yet!?!?!

All shamans are degenerates. All amazonian fucks are shitskins who would poison a white man rather than help him. THERE ARE NO MEN WHO CAN WORK MIRACLES! ONLY LIARS AND FALSE PROPHETS!

Now are you going to come to Gadsden, Alabama and help me kill myself or not!?

Ashes. Echoes.

Nothing to that? Nothing at all?

Hold on you sperg I'm typing it up.

You type too slow.

I wasn't clear enough in my last post. I was not suggesting that you should see a psychiatrist or take shrink pills. I was saying that the stated intention of pharmaceutical drugs of all types is symptomatic relief. In the case of the psychiatric variety, they very often cause more problems than they help. I know this from experience and research. You and I are actually in total agreement here.

The National Socialist approach to Eugenics is actually the only point in which I divert. I don't believe mass sterilization and euthanasia is necessary for Eugenics to take place.
We have what we have now because we abandoned the old ways, not as a consequence of them.
You are correct that shrinkery and bullshittery can't do it, but it can be done. I have done it.
There are a great many charlatans who parade themselves around as shamans who poison people, and yes, they are degenerates. However, some Ancient Aryans saw it fit to share their wisdom and magic with the Amazonians, and there are those who have preserved it. They LOVE helping people.

But NOBODY will EVER help you until you become willing to receive help and help yourself.

Stop shitting up this board with your defeatism. You are not going to drag anybody here down to your state of hopelessness.

You betray yourself, Ashes. You say your family is your only reason to live. Your family gave you a screwed up life and a screwed up mind, and yet you love them. Why? BECAUSE YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT BLOOD AND SOIL MEANS.


Too bad. Because it's the only way. Good tings don't happen.

We only abandoned them because they failed in the face of the kikes. Anything that failed once, will fail again. No point in the risk when failure is assured. If it's not perfect and permanent, it's worthless.

How nice for you. Know that I cannot.

Not white people. I don't trust it. Ever. I cannot trust it. Ever. And I could never afford it anyways. So that's a non-starter.

I can't. So I'm doomed. Thus you should help me kill myself. Please?

No. I will continue to scream until someone helps me kill myself in person because nothing else works. Do you get it yet? I can't recover. It's impossible because it's not permanent. Only permanent recovery is worth it.

It means filth. All life is filth. Creation is a Crime against the Created.

It's a guilt trip. Nothing more. It's an act of cowardice; nothing more.

Why not? What else is there but defeatism for the defeated?

Isn't it funny how the mods made that exact line a banner, but without any of our input in any capacity… Really makes you think.

No, the piece of shit isn't white.

They said it was banner worthy when I posted it in the Roy Moore thread. I posted it just after going to the polls.

I missed you assholes and elbows
Where ya been? Be honest



I've been around. Mainly other places because Kampfy bans all the good vpns and the work internet doesn't let me post to any other ones.

Fuckin carry on then

Meh. I'll be around. Until I'm not.

All things must pass. You will end, your people will end, animals will end, the world will end, our universe will end. So what?

Meaning and fulfillment are found in shouldering the responsibly of your duty and striving for the fulfillment of your obligation through actual action. You have a biological mandate to survive and reproduce; you have the biological imperative to fight for the survival of your people.

There is no happiness in life if you set aside this task, so you must gladly and wholeheartedly embrace it. Live with a lightheartedness that comes from fulfilling your obligation.

I can't. Sisyphus cannot be happy. I don't have any biological mandate or imperative but the Voices in my head. They only scream about Omnicide; the Death of All Life.

That's what. I can't do anything. Every Effort Always Fails. Biology is filth. Burn them all.

There is nothing to fight for. It's all hollow.

What if your every action always fails? What then?

If you read your own posts, you may observe that you do not offer any refutations of what I tell you, only outright rejection. But likewise, some of the things you say are so sick and wrong that all I could say in response is that you're wrong. I'm not going to talk in circles with you. However,

With 5 or 6 grand in the bank you could spend several weeks in the jungle in a safe environment then go back to Alabama with money to spare. You could get that together. Look into Monero. It's on the way up and still relatively cheap.

You need to stop posting like this, Ashes. You're only embarrassing yourself with this attention-seeking. It's pathetic and disgusting. The weather's nice today in Gadsden. Go soak up some sunlight. Then come back and yell at some CIAniggers. I won't engage filth you spew anymore.

I outright reject it because I've tried that shit, of the things that I can afford to try. It all failed. Do you get it yet?

Such as? How can you prove me wrong? This is all I can experience.


No. It's not embarrassing, I don't care what you think of me because everyone has always hated me. No, I can't stop posting like this. THIS IS ALL THERE IS! THIS IS ALL I CAN BE! THE VOICES WON'T LET ME! DO YOU GET IT YET?

I can't. I don't live in Town. I have to sleep all day and work all night. I'm not even in town right now, I'm at my grandparents because I had to pick Mother and the Imouto up and I'm the only one who can drive. Sunlight is a cheap cop-out in the face of Eternal Misery.

Liar Liar.

I subtly shitpost that BCE means "Before Christian Era" anywhere it's discussed
it's been a long time nobody caught up on this, the meaning seems to have been completely integrated in normie culture


The jungle is never a safe environment. Every Effort Always Fails. I could never have that much money. EVER. Every Effort Always Fails.



reported for shitting up the board and derailing threads.

please don't an hero user. get help.


There is no help to get. There is only Eternal Misery. I'm too cowardly to kill myself by myself. I need someone to come help me in person.

Gadsen, Alabama. Broad Street Bridge. Bring a gun.

I will miss you, asses
livestream it faggot


are you the ASSES AND EGOS guy by any chance?

=Don't. Lie.==

The same.


Your pink pills and small dosesof e-celeb (((alt-right))) Jared Taylor bullshit has never worked and never will. The entire modern world isn't built on "le liberalism" it's built on Cultural Marxism and racial suicide and that came in post WW2.

You can't see through the matrix, then you're bluepilled. Watch the fucking movie retards.


We are a collective of individual's that dose not need a centralized mission statement given to us.

We don't operate on a single vector we operate on all of them and non of them.
Trying to give us a mission to follow just makes us weak by having a clear path to attack us.

Follow this guy's advice and take the blackpills out of your anus.

IMO this should include not fighting non white allies, as long as they dont try to join, subvert, or get involved with pol/etc or try to control the message. if they want to do their own projects without getting involved in ours, why get in their way? shills and controlled opposition will always try to get into a position of leadership or info access quickly, by doing something helpful, so they can prove themselves and get acceptance within the group. For instance a half Asian or Mexican, would never be part of the group but if they want to pull their own operations, those should be applauded…from a distance. They will never be directed to do anything but as a parallel entity, they should not be opposed. Those attacking them, when they pose no threat to or involvement with the group or its message and only fight our enemies, are probably shills.

Okay I'll bite.

I think what we've discussed addresses this implicitly, but I'll address it directly because you want me to and because I like you and I want you to get better. What you're saying here is, despite your corrupted thinking, fairly logical and sound. Another way of phrasing it in your case would be to say that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. I get it man. Your shit's all fucked up. When you've tried to get better in the past, it hasn't worked out. Simple pattern recognition has pushed you far beyond pessimism and even nihilism. You believe the entire universe is inimical to itself. However, I think you have made a leap in logic. You have demonstrated that you can conceptualize a scenario in which your life improves when you said earlier
You're saying that if you could acquire, achieve, or experience something which has the qualities of perfection and permanence, then you would be impacted in such a way that you could be said to have improved, or recovered, or whatever. Then you say things like
which indicates that you consider recovery to be outside the realm of possibility. This makes sense, but only inside of your framework, wherein the only thing which is permanent and absolute is eternal torment. As someone who has studied Buddhism and religion, you should know that many other things possess the qualities of permanence, such as motion, energy, light, life, birth, growth, death, dissolution, and renewal. Nothing human, at least as we experience humanity in the third density, is permanent. Certainly no amount of healing could preclude you from hardship or death.

When you say your every effort always fails, you're referring to your experience, so you have grounds on which to say it. What I'm telling you is that it is possible to enact profound, life-impacting changes which can free you from the cycle of failure you have lived for so long.

I hope I've convinced you that I'm not some dense mouthbreathing retard who can't comprehend what you're saying. I've known people who think like you before. I just do not agree with you.

This brings me to the point where we can't have a productive conversation.

Holohoax denial is pretty much mainstream at this point, have you seen the Gab communities reaction to it? Pretty much universal acceptance that it never happened.

At least someone here gets asymmetrical warf

Redditfag does not speak for Holla Forums

At the end of the day were semi-collectivists in our National Socialist ideology. We are not anarchists. There is plenty to be said for decentralized cell or even lone wolf activism, but at the end of the day we should have at least some vague common goals. Im not saying the OP is right, I took a quick look through his post and didnt really notice any propaganda narrative hijacking motive.. but I didnt look too close.
The stated goal of National Socialism according to Hitler when pressed on it was to smash bolshevism and unite the German people. That was the primary goal anyways.
Our goal is a bit different, we have a mixed race society, we cant vote for National Socialism.. and we dont want to unite the whole population. We want to stop white genocide, which is the result of all the non-whites in our society. Cultural marxism is also a cancer, and both of these are obviously caused by Jews.
So our goals are these: smash Jewish cultural marxism - and the Jewish white genocide agenda.
We believe 3 key things that other far right groups dont, also. Faggotry is white genocide, there are no based niggers - we can not live among them, they should not decide anything on our behalf, they do not speak for us and are not our friends. Thats number 2. Number 3 is that there are no good Jews, none.
No one can deny the things I have said, the OP on the other hand is a bit more wishy washy. These are the things which Holla Forums stands for, unambiguously.


I agree, and so do those Hitler dubs. Holla Forums is a really great place for finding new theories to explore and to share potent memes but it's not something you should get attached to or search for a consensus in- this latter point being the most important. The same goons who turned the rest of the web into a conform-or-die hive-mind are at work here. Be wary whenever you see someone complaining about board consensus because there shouldn't be one if this really is a bastion of free thought.


What other boards do you post/lurk on?

hey Sonny friend, I'm a certain researcher, care to email me again? I might have something for you to do…. And possibly some death in the cards….An honorable one, to be sure. Something your shizophenia can handle. Interested?
Also you should cleanse your gut with diatomaceous earth (a tablespoonful in a glass of water, twice a day for two weeks) and shit out the hookworms in your gut, sometimes that clears a bit of the voices up, also try eating the foods of your ancestors from 150 years back and purge all modern foods from what you eat., that seems to help a ton.

I hadn't seen it until today. I wondered what was up with this retardation. Everyone knows the pro-white/anti-white dichotomy is first. You don't touch any landmines to start with, but rather work off common ground.

You're both shills or retards. Fuck off. Whether the holohoax is the first redpill is what is being debated against. You are liars.

GTFO you fucking demoralization shill nigger.

Fuck yes. I am proud of the legitimate /anons/ here.

No, the mission statement is "Gas the Kikes Race War Now".

You don't get to decide that, not your personal army etc. Bye.

bye kike>>11284561

you must be referring to the rat faced pedo kike that owns the website the goldwater.com along with his turkic mongrel lackey who will never be white

This must be the genuine reddit feeling.

Your bot post was already used.

The real redpill is understanding kikes aren't as organized and influential as they're presented. Mossad themselves spread the protocols because it's in their interest to make their neighbours think they wield undue power over US policy.

No one believes you.

No. You have t convinced me of shit, you've only told me that I'm worthless. I can't get another job; that always fails. Ineven made the entire HR dept at the Army Depot I applied to fucking vanish into thin air for trying to hard to get a new job. I can't do investment options, everything is hand to mouth and all investments are scams.

None of it is worth it. It's all hollow. No reward in anything at all. If I'm crazier than Terry Davis then there is no hope for me and I should just kill myself. Do you get it yet? I have tried everything you've suggested before! Where do you think I go during my absence from his site?

There is no whitening I can trust, no way to ever afford it, no way to change jobs due to how Fate fucks me over and makes people, places and things just vanish. It's impossible. I give up. Please just help me kill myself.


DONNOT FUCKING LIE TO ME!! Nobody has ever liked me, ever. Nobody has ever wanted me to get better, ever!

No you fucking quarter shelek mischling fuck! The DarkResearch user who looks at tumblr because he's a sick fuck already confessed to being a quarter JEW!!

Why would I ever do anything you suggest?!?!

Ashes. Echoes.

ITT: Newfags make up shit about what is and isn't Holla Forums


No, I can't change my diet; I can only eat what I can afford. I'm not swallowing diatoms that's retarded. And why would I listen to a quarter kike like you?

9/11 is a much better baby's first red pill. Show them the truth about that then you might not get yelled down as a racist when you bring up WW2 and all that bullshit.

It's idiots like you that made Alex Jones worth 50million dollars.

thread got D/C harder than every thread on the board right now.

You don't get to choose, idiot. That's what the matrix was built on.

No, its too loaded of a subject. Your better off just ignoring it altogether.
What you should focus on is the low hanging fruit. Usury/debt/the federal reserve. Hollywood and smut in movies. Media conglomerates and the sick shit they push as normal. Communism, especially how McCarthy was actually right about U.S. being infiltrated.
All degeneracy that has fucked up America and its ultimate source.

2. Fuck all the stupid shit. Just focus on the solution. Voting is compromised. Fix the voting. Stop the fraud.

3. Once the fraud is stopped, start taking back America.




If the enemy's foundations rest on the Holocaust, then what was Hitler fighting against and what are its origins? What were the Hep-Hep riots and the Fettmilch Rising all about?

Was he fighting against being called a Nazi-satanist racist homophobia sexist fascist privileged culture-less white male? Was antisemitism not only frowned upon but illegal? Was most of the rightwing vets pro Israel because of the holocaust? Were most of the Christians in Germany pro Israel and jew lovers because of holocaust guilt? Was white "race-ism" the greatest crime one could commit among the general population, even in rural communities? Were the majority of Germans ashamed of the holocaust and saw themselves as needing to atone for it?
He was fighting old school Bolshevism and Rothschild capitalists you fucking lazy minded asswipe.

Aside from that, the culture shock of knowing the holocaust is fake is enough to send anyone into a fucking straight line toward sympathy for real white nationalism (not fake WN like Spencer). Unlike finding out about other redpills that Alex Jones has been talking about for decades that do nothing for the audience but to make them more fearful and helpless.

This is like saying the way to win a war is to start by knocking down the enemy's castle walls, then razing their crops, invading their villages, and then declaring war. Sort out your order of operations, son.

Global report for supporting spam from other websites.


posting in a gay thread

I would argue 911 should be the first. Its fairly recent, everyone has at east some memory of it, theres tons of video, and once a person realizes 911 was done by their own government they also realize everything else could be a lie

nigga plz




You are glaringly obvious, Smiley. Kill yourself.

stop being retarded. if it isnt the holohoax then it isnt considered a red pill. reddit has been taking memes from image boards and ruining them since before the dinosaurs around - it's just the natural way of things; this is what happened with the term "red pill". it used to mean knowing about the holohoax and now it has been degraded into being stuff like "letting former ISIS members become citizens is bad".

there's nothing wrong with giving people fact and telling them the truth. dont act like you have to pussyfoot around what's really going on. you would have it so people stay in the lolberg limbo forever