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sorry, this is the current extent of my energy

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Here, choke on it

This thread never had a chance.

You tried. Granted I didn't effortpost, but the person who needs to see this will.

Teaching NatSocs to "remote view" is my major transgression. But it's so much more interesting than that. Someone will bother to read the articles, I assure you.


America is the most anti-white state in history. They aren't helping Nazis with anything.



Where are they all hiding? I can’t find any, just Mexicans and Mestizos LARPing.

No other actual Germanics.

You’re a degenerate homosexual Mexican. Get off my site you shyster.

The new Nazis are coming from a different calling called Equity.

anti-slide bump


I don't know where the hell you two jokers came from, but you ought to have a listen to this to widen your horizons a little bit.

They are called The Third Riech, Reich Germans, NSDAP, NatSoc, Swabians (in this case), or simply Germans.


can you put my music as theme songs on the nat soc news network?

for listening to it I bestrow upon you ultral rare hitler

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Daily reminder that National Socialism failed and has been stigmatized to the point where people will shut down if you mention it. We must look the future, forge new leaders, and create our own ideology if we truly wish to save the white race. Living in the past will not save the future.

Wow. Your sentiment organically lines up with the themes pushed in the OP. Nazis were bad and now only exist to share secret space tech with niggers.

Idk Ill check it out, maybe NNN should be an actual thing. Honestly I was three sheets to the wind and coming off a taxing, uh, meditation session you could say when I felt the urge to post this. One of the major points in there was how Tillerson and Bezos were down in Argentina recently though.

Im not convinced that's the best final analysis. I do think that coming off as "sympathetic to nazis" is something most public figures try to avoid, so thats worth factoring in. Anyway we are the 'radical' arm in this engagement, and our propaganda is proving quite effective

It's just bone throwing for the portion of the conspiracy theory arena that has accurately sussed out the bad guys won WWII.
Pretty crude, really.

No, National Socialism as destroyed by massive external force.
Communism failed, capatilism failed, egalitarianism failed, liberalism failed.
They failed because of their own internal inconsistencies, from their own inadequacies.
National Succeeded brilliantly.

Meant National Socialism succeded brilliantly. lawl.

if there's a highly technologically advanced nazi faction in antarctica they have nothing to gain by giving away their technology to cia niggers.

also noticed this.

Yeah, went something like:

Why do don't you try using your brain for 3 seconds before you start rattling of your conditioning like that?


I miss our Antarctic threads.
I am still in the market for a good diesel sub as it were

I held intense rituals for all 3 super moons, and I prayed for the Return. This is it. Read between the lines - they are coming to take those who are worthy and destroy those who are not. The White Ones return.