>POLAND To Cease Restoring Jewish Property. JEWS OUTRAGED

This is literally another shoah.

Kick the US out of your country and maybe I'll buy in.

theres already a thread on the exact same topic, from before the weekenbd

Reminder that the youngest human being on earth who could possibly have owned a single asset in 1945 and still be alive would now be around 89 years old.

Pay close attention, all. The Jews have a long tradition of eating others' seed corn, unto the seventh generation. They even have fucking Americans paying them.



Good thing they kept the gas chambers in good condition Post-WW2. I say fire those bad boys up and put them to use, and secretly expose that they never functioned to begin with. Break the Juden's back on two fronts.

It's kind of amazing to watch the kikes alienate what was historically the most pro-kike location in Europe to the point they are revving up the gas chambers.
Really makes me think

Wouldn't all that shit be reclaimed by now?

You would think that after 70 years everything "stolen" would have been "reclaimed" by now.

>Wonder how they'd expect you not to hate (((them)))

history repeating itself.

Aren't they led by a Jew? Isn't their PM a Jew?

Me-thinks the Jews are using Poland as bait again, if in a slightly different manner.

Like Strayan pm is.

>(((They))) call it 'Poland'
>Wonder how ((((they)))'d expect you not to hate (((them)))

Just jokes m8.

A shame it is.

There's a proverb
(A Pole gets wiser after a disaster) 70% of Central Committee of PZPR and 30% of UB officers (the #1 tool of terror in Post-War Poland) Being jewish is quite the eye-opening disaster.

Please check the catalog next time OP.

This will never end ,Jews like to count shekels for all that "could have been" , and Poland is still missing like 80% of it's Art and sacral items
(((They))) really fucked up this time ,going after the only other country that was involved in the holocost ,you can even argue that more so if you count jews as polish citizens.I understand why they do it-Poland is the only country that can say"Why are they allowed to get away with everything"
It made a lot of people think in very based very dangerous redpills
'Why Israel has something to say about our law"
"Why a country crated after the war gets money to this day"
"Why is Israel the representative of the Jews(and their bank accounts) if we consider the killed jews polish citizens"
"Shouldn't Poland get that money and not some newly made country"
"(((Who))) made that decision"
This is a really great redpilling path because the Why and Who question always lead to the truth


already a thread nigger


wtf. Friendship ended with America. Now Poland is my best friend.

It's time to me to return to the Polish homeland

Eat shit, kikes.

bump for being more based than america

That's the flag of Indonesia.

That's how Polandball always goes. Polite sage for offtopic.

Agreed, they fear truth more than death.