Amish expose big city degeneracy

Amish expose big city degeneracy

This engrossing reality series follows a group of teens who are experiencing Rumspringa, a period when Amish teenagers are allowed to explore life outside of their closed society. Originally broadcast on Channel 4 UK 2010 as "Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers".

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A bunch of Amish teens go to London, befriend negro gangbangers, see sex shops, single mothers and bleak concrete shoeboxes.

So essentially they see one of the great capitols of degeneracy.
Doesnt change the fact that the amish are wannabe jews

What is with all these low effort threads today? What does this have to do with pol?

All the Amish boys in my community drink and screw just like the non-Amish if not more so.

It was an interestesting documentary, watched it a few weeks back, but let's be honest.

Sounds like bullshit m8 - they shouldn't even be mixing with your community to any significant degree, unless they're on that short part of their young adult lives where they're allowed to go off and do/see shit, like the kids in this documentary.

Honestly though?
You're probably not far off.
The guys in the show all seemed ready to become degenerates at the drop of a dime, and the girls each showed areas wherein they were susceptible to attack.

Anyway, the part where they get all uncomfortable and feel like whores for having their hair down in a night club was very amusing, as was watching the old bull dyke British aristocrat get cucked by her own daughter, as the Amish find the old INDEPENDYNT WOMYN detestable but like that her weird seemingly-mixed race daughter appears to be anti-feminist (or at least, lazy and stupid and prefering a lifestyle of getting fucked and making babies to working).

The weird hair style and facial hair bothers me most. They don't pose a threat now but it wont be long before they become the new mormons and we've seen how that's worked out. Religion will not save or change anything that's happening all around them from happening to them.

The bigger they grow the more it's going to unravel unless they take some hard steps now to emphasis race into the curriculum, which they wont do. They'll grow large and unmanageable and then cuck to the third world savages just like the mormons are doing now.

The fascist can not accept the Amish.
For the Amish have no ambition, they have decreed that their society must be almost entirely immobile and unchanging.
The fascist meanwhile is a revolutionary at heart, nothing is permanent, nothing is eternal.
Change is the only constant of the universe and he who refuses to adapt is doomed to extinction.

>(((they))) take sheltered Amish teenagers
>and then profit off of making a (((tv))) show about it
Top Kek.

Keeping the right vulcanized, are we?

I find them quaint. I can see why the old kings imported the dutch to work for them, leading to Germans in Poland.
They are insular by nature and that alone puts them good in my books. Been seeing them occasionaly as they 'colonize' my state.

Question, do they accept 'converts'? That's the real determiner of race mixing. Mormons were forced to open their doors after having converts and yet barring entry. I know Amish are able to choose their own teachers and most of their school curriculum, it wouldn't surprise me if they nonchalantly choose their neighbours as well.

I hunt with some Amish. Good people.

For some reason whenever a thread about the Amish comes up some guy always demands that we don't accept them. I don't see a problem with them. They are white and they have huge families. At the very least they are doing their part in preventing white genocide.

Becky, the blonde girl married a non amish guy.

u have autism

welcome to Holla Forums
theres a shill manual for every major topic

Whats worse is if you saw the documentary you'd note that they tell the castle dyke in pt3 that they are politically disengaged. They don't care for it and don't vote. He's demanding that we do not accept people that do not want to have anything to do with our elections and have no internet access for us to even reach them.

If you actually read your link you'd see its not even bad for her to have left the Amish:

Not having music is worse in my book. How fucking tragic is must be to live in a world without music.

but they DO vote, the amish voted overwhelmingly for trump.

They are a people that can only exist in a white country, with protection from modern white society. If they lived in any other country they would have been destroyed given they are total pacifists and shutskins would take advantage of that.

By which they are un-selfsustaibale without a society to live off.

Lazy? From my limited understanding the amish don't use electricity, so even if their women don't work outside the home they have a lot of work to do, cleaning, sewing, cooking. Try washing a shirt without a washing machine, they're not lazy for sure.

Not unchanging, but slowly changing. Some amish communities adopt tech others don't, for some it works (and so more communities start adopting it) and for others it doesn't. By delaying adoption when something fails it doesn't take the world with it, imagine if we had done that for allowing niggers in our midst, a few places would try and we'd know it costs a lot of blood and hopefully it'd stop there.


You misspelled "National Socialist"

Go read Mein Kampf again if you think he's wrong.

They're the last ditch hope for us you nigger.

As ordered to by the elders of the community. These are your people. They're us, how can people not see that? They just want to be left alone to raise their children. Is there anything else you really ultimately want at the end of the day other than a waifu, a farm, and a bunch of hard working children who will not succumb to the degeneracy of modern society, daughters who will not turn to whoredom? Come on now, user.

The Amish are worldwide, living in places such as South America, et cetera. Sometimes their settlements are slaughtered, but even the Amish have and will defend themselves it's human nature.

Do any of the Amish restrict themselves to hunting with old-timey weapons? For religious reasons I mean.

The last hope for, supposedly, the worlds only superpower with a nuclear arsenal and the world's biggest, most well funded army is: a couple hundred apron fuckers who left Europe because the Germans stopped sucking Catholic cock. Am I reading this correctly?

If that's the case, then there is no hope for America.

Have fun churning my butter while I fuck your daughter on her "month out" to see "how the city slickers live", peasant.

I support the Amish in as much as they are racially pure. However, you can't deny that there's just something off about them, much like the mormons and other whites that LARP as old testament kikes. It's that they've chosen to fully embrace a jewish spiritual outlook. They've chosen submission to a semitic god as their highest value instead of embracing freedom of conscious, honor, and duty. It's hard to imagine an avatar of the aryan hero archetype coming to existence in an amish or mormon community. They are a spiritually degenerate people.

They dont have any technology and no means of making any themselves. They have zero chance of protecting themselves from anything other then a roudy gang of thugs. Without the acceptance and protection provided by modern society they would be roflstomped.



>amish famine
*amish family

At least it's not another 15 hour dry spell of moderation, it's just a broken cuckchan fire hydrant.

ya, so tragic, it seems even hardcore mudshit had an innate sense that anything not god worshiping would be corrupted by (((them)))

she noticed right away that hip hop is evil

Actually there are Mennonites in less safe countries like Belize, South America etc. but idk if they're as against owning guns as the Amish.

Mormons are very off to me as they're very corporate cult like, but I can't find fault with the Amish, Mennonites etc.

there are Amish and Mennonite living in Mexico, Bolivia, Belize etc. and those aren't the safest places

they're wealthy in Children but otherwise don't have much to steal from aside from farming gear and they live far away from degeneracy

degenerates don't tend to travel to far flung locations to steal stone age tier farming equipment

cattle is more prone to theft, but so far they have been able to deal with it even in places where no reliable protection is offered by a first world state

see vid about amish living in mexico, they even travel to the city full of degenerates in the vid and are left unbothered

What there is left to expose? The degeneracy is there for all to see

What did the Fuhrer call for? A thousand year reich.
Not an eternal reich, not an immortal reich. Just a one thousand year reich.

Because nothing is eternal and change is constant.
In one thousand years the volk would not be the volk who founded that reich. In one thousand years that reich would not be anything remotely resembling suitable for them and if it had not already changed it would need to die so that a more fitting reich could be born.

The fascist understands the impermanence of life and that this is what makes it so beautiful.

It kinda bothers me that wherever I go, I can not escape the shit tier audio-filth from being everpresent.

Sometimes I go to the church in order to escape all the noise, but even there it seems like quiet is hard to be found.

Some retarded kids walk around blasting nigger music literally everywhere.


Do you think the Unabomber wants this?


t. Amish cyber-terrorist



Don't be so literal-minded. The phrase 'thousand year reich' directly implies eternal. It was an intentional allusion to the Second Coming of Christ. See Revelation 20:4-6. The secondary reference, to the thousand year span of the original German Reich (the HRE), piled on the sense of divine providence.


Maybe monnonites, but amish are a strictly US and Canada phenomina, maybe a handful in mexico but they are for sure not present in south america, europe, or asia.

I can't speak for the Amish, but as a Mennonite, we're basically anarcho-capitalists to the extreme. We don't even acknowledge the government…there's God then me, and whoever will stand next to me. The non-violence angle is literally ultimate strength… basically you have to either kill us or go fuck yourself. This is why there are so many Mennonite drug traffickers.

Who the fuck cares about the Amish?

I think you are right. While it may seem preferable to the rampant degeneracy that has enveloped our world, it will ultimately lead to our demise. Our destiny is to reach the stars, not to eternally enslave our volk to medieval farms.

back to t_d with you

Based Anabaptists

Its a sign that they're pacifists. It use to be mandatory for soldiers to grow a mustache, so its become a tradition to keep it shaved.

When the Jewvision program "Amish Mafia" came out a decade ago I knew instantly it was yet another Pedowood hitjob on good people and the very nature of being good itself.

They are generally very good and highly intelligent people. Educated also, but with books not the internet. Imagine what a few anons could do if they developed relationships with local Amish and were their bridge into the online memetic warefare.



Here's a great snippet.


Look at the glow on the faces of those girls. They still have life in them, because it hasn't been fucked out of them by drunken whoring and associated degenerate lifestyle practices.

What was your point? It wasn't clear.

I think we all just want a barn. Somewhere where we can do something productive. Instead of just wasting away.

Watch the movie "Khadak." It's about Chinese Communists forcing Mongols off the steppe and into block housing. It ended up driving them nuts.


Go read it for the first time if you think he's right.

It is boring living in the suburbs even. I have a neighbour who spends all his time indoors watching sports. His wife appears to be the one who talks for him. Seems like a sad existence.

This. Fascists understand change as a principle, but that doesn't mean that they don't wish the good times to last forever.

Amish generally have a merit-based system of conversion. They approach after determining whether you're a good person and capable of handling work, with a good head on your shoulders.

yeah, jews hate white conservatives, it's the biggest threat to them so they make shit up to destroy any conservative group

Another lobotomized baby boomer by the telejew.

Yes, you want a village, I was all alone and it turned me into an autist.

Gb2 slamming it to traps & don't be so butthurt faggot. I got a next ip to waste tomorrow so night lads (and fuck you)

Go climb trees all day, see how fun it is.

You don't belong here. Go read mein kampf summer child.

Good times?
There's no such thing. This universe is one of eternal struggle.

And if the fuhrer meant eternal he would have said so.
1000 was used yes because christcucks are a pox upon our societies but also because it's clearly impermanent.
Long enough that the individual normie unable to think beyond tomorrow thinks its eternal but clearly not so those able to think beyond the immediate are able to understand the intent.

Great post. Goodnight.

Amish chicks are HOT!!
even if they're a 4 on the beauty scale


revolution means going around in circles

You clearly failed at understanding symbolism even one as simple as the "one thousand", found in China also where 1000 men is a symbol of all of the chinese population.



The Aryan sunwheel turns backwards, not forwards, you American mulatto faggot.


spot on

Learn to read you fucking simp, I was talking about the daughter of the British aristocrat feminist the stay with for awhile.
She's a ditzy jabbering twat raised by an aristocratic independent womyn, and she just wants to fuck and have babbies and not work, and the amish like her more than her mum, which clearly frustrates the dyke mum who acts condescendingly toward the backward American peasants from step 1.


Amish teeth is very nice and straight.

again, i just went with the doc posted. if they do vote then even better because it will always be for the right since they will never vote for pro tranny pro sex and pro degeneracy shit. i don't see the point to advertising to them but if they vote for our side then thats great.

while nig hop is mostly shit, even white men can make rap anti degenerate:
sample lyrics:
Get some god damn taste if hip hop is your heuristic for music, instrumental rock, any form of jazz, funk and classical are fucking great and typically free of degenerate shit.

get into instrumental music and explore the more forgotten genres

/amishpol/ when?

I'm glad this thread got derailed because it's shit to start with.

You're literally actual drug addicts, aren't you? That any thinking user would go along with even the notion that the Amish are any kind of problem is hilarious. Fuck off and take your jewry elsewhere.

I get that your kike ass is hostile to the Amish in the US because they're one of the last few relatively unpolluted German populations anywhere. The Amish aren't a fucking race that they're born into, it's a lifestyle and philosophy, and Rumspringa exists so young adults (who are effectively the same as homeschooled or private schooled children) can figure out which world they should live in. If they turn into degenerate shitbags, we/they have only their parents and our toleration of (((you))) and (((modern society))) to blame. Most people don't even stick with Amish living unless they're pretending because they think they'll get gibs, but that's not as common as you might imagine, many have been persecuted and end up having their land taken by the government after they default on property tax.

That aside, the Amish, like other groups, have opted in to primitive living under the philosophy that technology affords men the time to turn their hearts and deeds toward sin, a philosophy which is manifestly true. Many people agree with this and this is a major contributor to why the innawoods meme rings true.

user, I…

Eastern Europe as well. "The grainery of Europe" . That's how our country was known. They destroyed the villages and moved us into commie-blocks, Many still long instinctually to return. You can uproot a tree, but how can you root it back?

Amish are avowed pacifists who do not believe it's right to take a human life even in self-defense.

Also, the best way to avoid crimes and theft is to not have easily stolen material possessions of value and build on and depend on a community with the same core values.

But the fact that even if they do almost live by what they themselves define as good and evil, or the bible has for them, they in my point of view most admirably have been shown capable of acting on what they believe is right and wrong. I think I've heard that some Amish took the jail time instead of being conscripted in war times.

is this meant to be a good or bad thing? what do you mean by using this soyboy scifi expression?

u wot
I dont think you understand what volk means

being at one with nature does not require being a savage primitive with no technology; the third reich is evidence of this

Such an amazing intro and the worst bait and switch I experienced in a game.

They really found the most pressurising MI6 agents to fuck with them.

Every single spot I have randomly selected out of the video has no white people in it. This is fucking london ffs

This fuckin game right here.
I remember when it got released and I binged the fuck out of it.
Only later in my life did I realize I was fighting for the (((extrasolar))) elites, destroying a rebellion against tyrannical power.
Still, it baffles me that a game released in '04 managed to look so good, especially compared to the shit released in the last few years.
Best graphics of its time, creative weapons/environments/enemies, charismatic/believable characters, decent online play (until gameshark released cheats).
Its a cryin shame you play as a zogbot killing le ebil ritewing space nazis.
This is a Holla Forums thread now

Fucking Jews just revel in taking people who were happy and innocent and turning them into degenerates for "entertainment."

As unbelievable as it the freak Mormons may end up being the last hope for us given they don't give two fucks about the PC shit, multicultural BS and so on. Unreal that a fabricated bullshit fest cult may end up saving the white race.