Father turns in daughter after finding journal with plans of mass shooting at Md. school


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How lewd are female prisons?


Right after Nicky boy. Vhat a coinkidink! And Cevario? Oy, if only I were permitted to bet per the torah!

Very. Filled to the brim with dykes, including most of the guards.

God damnit, old news. The bitch got 20 years.
Fuck you OP

Holy FUCK she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.


No. Good riddance.

I'm sure 20 years of state sponsored "rehabilitation" is really going to do her some good. What a fucking waste of taxpayer money. Her cuck father should have stepped up and checked her in to a hospital.

I was doing my internship at a corrections facility. About 3 months into it I was asked to come to the female facility instead. I went in thinking "oh yeah, only man they've seen in months" but it was a nightmare
Imagine if every single PMS symptom was exhibited at once, by dozens of women, all taking out their hormonal frustrations at you. None of them horny, just crying or angry for no fucking reason and directing it all you.
I spent the rest of my time working at the mens facility.

it wasn't quite 20 years for writing shit down in a journal. for someone who "meticulously planned" the entire thing, she somehow failed to plan for someone finding her journal of plans along with all her pipe bombs

what kind of pos father turns their daughter in for something she hadn't even done without trying to help her first?

Funny, can't find any info on the father or mother.

Fuck off.

Don't forget the smell.

Yuge mistake. Quick trial, death penalty.

A good Soviet father, who sets an example of heroic informing on family to the State, comrade. The USSR had a kid who ratted out his father for being a Trotskyist on about a million posters in a big propaganda push during the Great Purge. This is pretty standard-issue, and now I'm convinced that shooting was planned.


Dropping a dime on a Trotskyist is a state service.

Bitch is ugly anyway. Society wins.

Oh, maybe not - seems she might be a spic.

>FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) - The father of the teen student who authorities say was plotting a mass shooting at Catoctin High School in Frederick County reportedly turned his daughter in after finding a detailed journal at home full of attack plans.

>The Frederick County Sheriff's Office said the father of Nichole Cevario, 18, told officials Thursday about a "potential threat of violence" against the school.



How the fuck do you 'make plans' for a school shooting?

Not ideal but not the worst outcome either

Or, you know, TALKED TO HER before calling the police while she was at school and IMMEDIATELY telling them to grip her up for questioning and more intense re-eductation.

But, I mean, its a non-White family, so I suppose that's to be expected.
Seriously though, story stinks of Jewry, and she looks Jewish. Its already too late though, everything of interest will have been scrubbed by now.

The FBI sure as fuck is conditioning you guys like little puppies to turn your friends over when they're thinking about doing wrong things.

Why are you guys so passive?

Garfield as a female human?

Not when it's for Comrade Stalin, Avram.

Can I add that
it needs work

Oh no, I surely believe your strawman now! Reported.

One of the weirder things about women constrained together for long periods – even in the workplace – is that their menses all tend to get in sync together. So when it's that time of month, going into a room full of these women can be rather foul.

This is the edgiest of edge-cases, user. If daughter were serious about committing mass-murder, what would you have done? Spanking? Therapy? Boot-camp? This is a nightmare scenario for any family.

Send them to a hospital, but they'd report you to the police. The west is fucked when it comes to mental health.


I would have disposed of all the materials and burnt the book. I then would have waited for her to come home and ensure she could not flee while I tell her what I had done. I would then ask her why she sought revenge and then offer to help her get revenge in a myriad of other ways.

Like, violent ways? Or peaceful ones?

What are you supposed to do with your unmarried daughter, (((fellow whites)))? Hang on, let me clear my throat. . .


And even if you're holding out until she's old enough for a husband maybe 16, 17 tops there's no way to "plan" to shoot up a school when you're not in school and have chores to do on a healthy white man's farm.

Fucking hell. I'll have to teach you 1+1 next, faggots.

So..family planning?

You. I like the way you think user.

You fucking pedo cunt, get the fuck OUT.

Depends on what the slight was to cause the offense.

ye m8, most things should stay in the family.

I would coerce my daughter into having sex with me or else I would inform on her.

Captcha: cplsmi


calm down, m'lady. i'm sure he was only pretending to be retarded.

In the context of marriage, it's not degenerate. You're just a kike.

You're a man after my own heart digits.


Digits confirm. But you're speaking more about how the world ought to be than about how to navigate the world as it is.

Digits ratify.

Yes the (((hospital))) would definitely help…


Kill yourself, tryhard.

I don't like sand


It sounds like she might have gotten a high score if not for her scummy dad. As much as we all hate women you have to admit the dad was wrong here. He should have taken her out of school and locked her in the basement

Probably the kind of father who would end up with a daughter who plans to actually blow up the school.



looks exactly like my ex gf. even has the same shades. she tackeled a fucking 6 ft dude through a coffee table at a party because he was talking shit about her brother. shit was cash.

So much for family loyalty. Fucking shit head dad.

You had a girlfriend? What's it like?


Good goyim, turn in your family to the State! Discipline is best left with the AUTHORITIES goy. Spanking is illegal, soon we'll make talking to your children a crime too!

Unbelievable that we have Holla Forumslocks in this thread defending this shit. Retards, the lot of you.

that is rural (and not modern rural, witch-burning peasants starving to death and dying when their cows ate bad mushrooms rural) hard times shit. one of the hallmarks of a wealthy, urban society at more or less any time in history is people who can afford do get married at around 24 or 25 after dating or courtship or whatever the fuck that society called a man and a woman spending time together to evaluate each other for marriage. exceptions are generally cases where the woman is offered in exchange for political leverage or a dowry or something.

Yer referring to Pavel Morozov? Well, he never existed, nor did his martyrdom at the hands of his relatives. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavlik_Morozov Theres even a little reference in Metro Last Light to him in a commie character of the same name that gains your trust and then betrays you to be tortured by communists. Its quite a redpill.

Spoken like a true cuckservative.
Why start that early friend? Aren't you missing out on the literal best years of your stronk indepyndynt career by entering into such a misogynist relationship so early? Or maybe it's just the gold-digging potential ehh?

Gotta love common sense gun control

16-24 is the ideal breeding range of women, 18-22 being the peak. 25-29 is the oldest acceptable range for breeding; 30+ is expired and unfit for reproduction. The marriage age should be 16, women should be married off at 16, and the legality of sex should be determined not by "consent" but by marriage.

Quit being faggots. Who the fuck wants a woman in her mid to late 20's that's already been fucked by 20 dudes that may or may not even all be white? Every hard working white man deserves a virgin 16 year old all to himself for life to bear his babies, cook/clean/etc. for him, and enrich his life with pleasure and comfort.

Yeah, that is seriously absurd. The proper approach would be to confiscate the potentially dangerous material and send her to a mental asylum.

look up the average age of marriage in any society. this is how people have lived for centuries. there is a middle ground between the two extremes.

dat 56% face

Hurr-durr, I pay for cable and watch the History Channel. . . that doesn't employ very many Jews. . .

here's a paper on women in nazi germany, it's obviously not written by someone who knows the truth about the holohoax but it's more or less accurate and unbiased. here's a goebbels speech on the subject of degeneracy. read it and then apologize to the fuhrer's soul.

Yeah, I'll need proof of that.

It's certainly much more likely that for literally 10's of thousands of years in the nearly entirely Patriarchal dominance of every successful society and civilization, that women were married while they were both the most attractive (ie, young) and productive as mothers (ie, young). Only with the advent of modern 'culture' in the last few hundred years have stronk, independynts been (((encouraged))).

Hey, as a person who deals with explosives the BATFE does not fuck around when someone has some not off the shelf bangsticks. Do I agree with her being thrown in the slammer for 20 years? No, I personally prefer the nuthouse for that sort of thing.

What part of '18-22 is the ideal baby-bearing age' do you not understand? I can see the logic behind marrying at 16-17 and starting to have babies at 18, but any later than that is retarded and a serious waste of woman. The ideal would be:

Imagine if every pretty, healthy and fertile white woman's life were like that. We could get the birthrate up to thrice the replacement rate and all the babies would be born to healthy young women, thus being tall with high IQ, genetic quality, sexual dimorphism, fertility, facial symmetry, low incidence of defects, etc.

I've read that post and it has nothing to do with what I'm saying. I'm not muh degeneracy-ing, I'm telling the truth about how we can best squeeze as many high quality offspring out of the few decent white women that we have.


the world is not so hard up for people. eight children per woman is absurd. the solution to demographic decline is less niggers, not more white people.

why are crazies so cute, wtf


No, I said proof. As in actual peer-reviewed anthropological and archaeological evidence, in particular un-pozzed civilizational studies prior to the 60's.

Alright, now you've outed yourself plainly as a kike. GTFO.

No it's not, that used to be normal for white people, particularly those that lived on farms. I think six is a more practical goal for the modern era, but more would be even better.
The former is the essential solution, but more white people is and will always be a good thing. As is, our birthrate is extremely low, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that the best white men mate with the best white women and have lots of babies that are given the best development and upbringing possible.

She is not attractive. Go outside.

Does that include people in the military or just civilians?

Wonder how she'd have ranked on the leaderboard, coulda ruined the "Hurr only white dudes shoot school" talking point. Shamefu dispray.

The reason she should be in an asylum is because she wrote in her diary that she wanted to harm people, not because she owned supplies to make explosives. Her mental instability is the reason why the stuff should be confiscated, not just because it exists. Honestly, non-nuclear explosives should be covered under the 2nd amendment and completely unregulated.

was meant at
but still, rude as fuck

wikipedia is sourced i'm not gonna fucking spoonfeed you

you're also ignoring the study i posted about women in nazi germany. i skimmed through parts of it, it's a little pozzed in that they aren't outright pro-nazi but it is accurate.

because depending on when and where you were living up to half of them were likely to die before 16, because rural people needed them as farmhands and because in the cities they could be sent to work to make extra money for the family. wealthy people would almost never have 8 children, nor would they start having kids at such a young age. we can strive for a higher quality of life than that of a gong farmer in 14th century london.

as it relates to demographic decline, the future of the white race depends more on a protected enclave where non-whites have no rights as citizens and miscegenation is seen as disgusting and shameful, and mixed-raced children are stripped of rights and deported. you could go to more extremes but really that plus lots of pro-white propaganda in the media and providing a quality of life that encourages people to settle down and have kids would be enough. jews are a very small percentage of the population and they get by just fine.

at that point, with foreign aid cut off to shitholes around the world, their populations will begin to self-regulate and after a bloody couple of years, helped along by chinese and arabs looking

Okay, which one of you had been hooking up with her?
In all seriousness though,
Why didn't the father take care of this?
Why did he report her to authorities?
She probably had some issues and wasn't listened to so she decided to take matters into her own hands because nobody would listen to her or help her.
Now she's stuck doing 20 years.
This is the Father's fault.

Nice thinking there user…

The future is being locked up in a mental institution and reprogrammed for 'Wrong-Think.' Possibly medicated to the point of permanent brain damage.

I own an assault car…



Women will and have always been biological trash

*They should all be replaced with sexbots.*


transhumanism is jewish as fuck, get out

Think before you speak.

When I was a kid I knew one White family deep in the hills that had 15 kids, with one miscarriage. Our own family has typically had 3 or 4 kids for each woman in the family, with a few exceptions either way.

Now, this kind of traditional White family life doesn't tend to lead to lots and lots of money. So if love of jewgold is all that drives you (as with the kike shill that outed herself here) then by all means don't breed goyim.

If, on the other hand, love and kinship surrounded by many volk that love you and vice versa is a higher goal, then you absolutely have to start the marriage cycle for women when they are still young. We have a yuge White extended family, and almost without exception we're all very close.


Definitely not violent, Mr agent.

fbi pls

tfw when I'll never have a Brenda Ann Spencer raifu waifu

on Holla Forums you subhumans say moralfags and newfags. On Holla Forums you say Holla Forums

Girls don't run amok. They are emotionally and intellectually incapable of doing so. All they do is bitch and maybe try a deliberately unsuccessful suicide to gain attention.

How many comments discouraging white men from marrying are you required to post, kike?

The fuck are you talking about? Did you drop out of 3rd grade or are you just a nigger without reading comprehension?

I'm guessing nigger. Or white knight. Or maybe even nigger knight.

It would be more accurate to say that it is jewed as fuck. They corrupt anything they see as a threat, and any form of eugenics that isn't breeding mud people is seen as a threat to them. White people with good diets is as terrifying to the Hebrews as white people with seven robot arms or electromagnetic astral forms. If you're white, love yourself and your family, and want to be the best you can be, you are a hebrew's worst nightmare. They'll lie awake worried about your pinky finger implant lighter just the same as they'll lie awake sweating bullets about white parents pushing their white children on the swing.

That said, the body is within the mind, and it is much more than just a temple. You should treat yours with respect. Mistrust any aspect of transhumanism that says otherwise.

Says horse fucker sodomite

Lies invented by liberal literature professor from California.

Thing is that during Middle Ages in EU spread in the age of menarche between nobles and common falk was about 4-5 years. Common folk girls had first blood in 18-19, noble girl in 13-14 (like white modern girls). Makes you think.

seems like mass shooters always have distinctive faces

>(((psychological evaluation)))

< not being redpilled
< not knowing these are all set piece operation

Normalfag signaling.

He is right.

Our population needs to be kept stable.
Endless growth is neither possible nor desirable.
Earth could use a massive depopulation (of non-whites)

Fuck off kike, few here are brain dead enough to fall for this level of shit-posting.

The resources on our rock are very finite. A degree of social as well as natural conservatism is necessary unless you plan to fly around the great expanse of nothing looking for more.

What's wrong with women having lots of kids?

The white population is not what is causing resource depletion. Now fuck off leftypol.

Just like 99% of Holla Forums

I'm sick to hell with you mindless shitposting newfags that eat up easy to digest rhetoric and spew it out all over yourself to fit in. It's disgusting. Stop putting words in my mouth and read the fucking thread.

You're just like the morons who scream "A WHITEY DID DA SCHOOL SHOOTING"

Fucking imbecilic hypocrite.

If you actually followed the chain of replies and the conversation taking place you would realise that your posts are completely fucking incoherent. But you already know that because you are a leftypol kike trying to derail. Fuck off retard.

Oh look another (1), some sort of raid you guys conjured?

The damage you instigate over shill propaganda has done more damage than any actual shilling. You're a useful idiot, and you know that. It's why you do it in every thread, you have nothing else to offer. Mindless newfaggotry from a fearful newfag.
Kill yourself.

At some point you're going to need to change up your game and stop repeating the same buzzwords. It fucks with your facade a lot faster than you would otherwise be capable of.

Old news

First one is 14, the other one is 12. Enough said.

where do you think you are?

estradiol in the water supply from birth control pills did that. also, probably genetics, some people develop early.

the reality of life has changed. there is absolutely no reason for people to have 15 kids. 3-4, fine. 10 is nuts. i don't care if that's what people want but that should be the expectation. I think that whites have a duty to breed at at least replacement for the time being given the circumstances we're dealing with but once we've secured our genetic future there is no reason to return to the lifestyle of the rural peasantry. some people on this board really take traditionalism to too much of an extreme.

yeah let's be like the niggers and just flood the planet with an undending torrent of human trash. educational standards would plummet as schools struggle to accomodate such a huge ratio of teachers to adults. The abundance of cheap labor leads to declining wages and living conditions. you are advocating for policies that lead to industrial revolution england and i am advocating for policies that lead to pre-war nazi germany.

Holla Forums wants to help people, not harm. Subhumans are not people.

Meant for


Saving that image as "ice picks are a hell of a drug".

How did her dad find this anyway? Knowing wymin she probably wrote it hoping he'd find it but show some affection and disbelief that she'd be "driven" to this, she's basically attention whoring to the max. Like how most women attempt suicide in the least deadly ways. Could be wrong, though.

That's sexist! Women can be mass murderers too!

Did she acquire these materials on her own or did an FBI informant provide them?

Dont they sell gunpowder at walmart?


This thread is full of spics

and dick

The Jewish Sackler family that kills 110 daily caused the Opioid epidemic got maybe a smallish fine. He knowingly misrepresented his product and now the equivalent of 6 school shooting happen every day, totally ignored by the media.


Where can I find moar of her?

Noble girls had better food and more of it. Peasants would often eat very little meat, their diet consisted of mostly grains and vegetables, with some cheese and occasionally lower quality meats, and never enough of anything. Better nutrition combined with hormone buildup in the biosphere (the biggest problem in the world right now tbh) is where this is coming from. That girl's diet would make an English princess turn green with envy.

Can I get a quick rundown or a link to the thread discussing this?

That's just due to women instincts, user. Remember, regardless of the modern day (((feminism))) and neon colored dyke haired cunts, even when trying to go against their own instincts, there's still some instincts that creep through the marxist jew barrier. A gathering of women having their menses sync up after spending long periods of time is basically because the prison is established as a "society" to them. When a large gathering of women spend a lengthy period of time, whether in prison, village, or etc. It essentially becomes the "society", and their menses syncing up is their own body following herd mentality in expectation of being able to find a mate.

Why do you think they crack so hard? No matter how much pretending they do in their bird brains that a 6' 2" aryan Chad with thick shoulders and a book collection is their enemy, ultimately their need to be vigorously spread apart and hammered with purpose overrules them.

lol why isn't she part of the Holla Forums pantheon?

My cover has been blown. Alright fags, you win this time

"shit was cash money nigga muhfuggah yould've seen it!" gtfo here stupid nigger and take your limited sub iq vocabulary with ye

I'm not going to lie. A female shooter sounds hot as fuck. Of course, this is bad.

What's her shit father like?

This thing is not white. It is a race-mixed, hybrid chimera bipedal animal. It should be put down like any rabid animal for the safety of all humans.

GTFO. I know a family of 11.

no strong male to dominate, guide, and provide a nest and purpose to breed and raise your children. non-whites die as they are not human


It is a sad time we live in, when even blood relatives rat on each other to daddy state.
Truly dark times.