Can Holla Forums redpill me on the isreal-palestine conflict?

Can Holla Forums redpill me on the isreal-palestine conflict?
I want to understand this conflict, because its interesting and everyone keeps saying its (((their))) fault.

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its my first time here and i really thought you guys could give me some insight about this sunject. Guess i was wrong.

Listen, if you aren't a kike, I apologize. We get slid/shilled to hell, can't be too careful. Check out the "QTDDTOT" thread and lurk 1 year before posting.

In a nutshell, both Palestinians and Jews are pieces of shit, Jews probably are Palestinian, both sides of the same Semitic coin.

Kikes say the land is rightfully theirs because their ancient holy books say so, but modern kikes aren't actually the jews to which their own holy books refer, so it isn't. It rightfully belongs to the palestinians. However, the palestinians are sandniggers. So israel and palestine should both probably be nuked tbh. After evacuating any whites that might be there for some reason, of course.

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Follow the rules. Lurk for 2 years before your next post.

Like what other anons said, lurk moar and avoid making useless threads like this. If you're new, read the sticky, lurk, check out /polarchive/ (for what didn't get deleted last April when the entire site went down for a week), and for God's sake learn to use proper grammar and spelling. This isn't cuckchan.

You are getting this hostility because you didn't lurk. There are rules here. You can't just post a thread on your first day because you don't know some basic facts.

Because the thread's getting saged to hell (as it deserves) already, I shall spoonfeed the baby.

After WW2, the (((allies))) gave Palestinian land to kikes. Kikes proceeded to bully Palestinians out of the country. Palestinians, being mudslimes, got their asses kicked and went around killing the kikes. (((Our Greatest Ally))) begged for USA shekels, which we give them so that we can profit off of oil in the middle east. This pleases cucks who love Israel, which has lead to a lot of profitable wars for the kikes and the US.

Israel knows this, and repeatedly threatens the US that it will nuke them if they don't keep sending them shekels. Moreover, it encourages degeneracy in the US so it never develops better energy sources. The kikes stand in the way of progress so that they can continue to live.

This is only one facet of it (there are many, MANY reasons the kikes are parasites), but this is an introduction.

I appreciate your interest in the topic, but this board is no place for random Anons to ask to be redpilled on ever topic. If we allowed this, the board would be filled with unproductive threads instead of discussing current events. The best way to get redpilled on Israel and Palestine is to read up on history and on israels policies. If american media reported on all of Israels policies, every American would be anti Zionist. Ironically, a good source of info is straight from the horses mouth, haaretz, Jerusalem post, etc.

Just like everything in the world, don't expect it to be spoonfed to you. It wastes other people's time, and the only way you can be properly informed is to make your own opinion. Sage.


I wish to append the following to this;

There is a sticky that will introduce you to some of the basics. Go read it, and do not make a post - any post - until you have read it.

Most people who are very critical about the Israel-Palestine conflict tend to be "anti-Zionist" Marxists, which is a shame because they're not even anti-kike like Holla Forums is. They just don't want the Israeli government to occupy more Palestine soil. They're against Zionist kikes like Bibi Netanyahu but they support pro-Palestine kikes like Noam Chomsky. They keep comparing Zionist kikes to Hitler and friends, comparing dead mudslimes to the Holohoax and they actually think Israel is part of the West, and think kikes are White just like niggers.

Anything else about them and they're nothing but your average "That wasn't real socialism." or "Stop the hate, also kill Whitey."-type Marxist who want Aryan culture to be demolished.

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