Kingdom Come: Deliverance is Pozzed & Video Games are Cancer

Well, looks like they just saved me from spending $60 on this pozfest. Thanks (((Warhorse Studios))). You know I haven't played video games since late 2014 and this was going to be my first since then, but I'm glad I saw this because I've realized during this time just how much better my life has been since I stopped.

Give up the video jew, lads. It only exists to drain you of your time and distract you long enough for the kikes and their pets to pull the rug out from underneath you, your family, your race and your nation.

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I just simply don't give a fuck.

Yeah give up on your hobbies, goy. Those devs that actually delivered something that makes you remember your history and told (((journalists))) to fuck off when there were no marxism in their product? Yes they are just as bad as Depression Quest and Far Cry 6, whitemenarebad edition.

Now go back to your opioids and never have good things ever again.

- (((OP)))

>(((Vavra))) just wants what's best for you. goyim.
Kill yourself.

Eh, enemy of my enemy is my friend. They will be dealt with when the overturn window fully shifts. If Hitler can do it with the Night of Long Knives, than so can we.

sage for offtopic.

Its like paying 2 times your taxes to the iron dome.

Wew lad am I glad I saw this before buying it
Thanks op.

We're you bullied in Holla Forums or something, OP?

Time to put the toys away nigger

I disagree with your ire, but that's mainly because I don't exactly see many redpilled games, even allegorically redpilled games, much less music or other media, even on relatively open platforms like Steam. Point me to where other games are being cordoned off from Steam or other platforms and I'll maybe give a shit.

That one employee is a libshit of a no-name company making some dumb first-person sword-pokey game whose main selling point is that it's set in the fifteenth century and is vaguely recalling Christian themes with effectively just its name says nothing to me. You were an idiot to think this game was even remotely exciting. I watched the promo vids since Steam is pushing it and this game is trash. No effort was made to make it historically accurate to any degree in any meaningful way besides the placement of buildings. Of course the game was going to be shit, Steam is fucking promoting it!
Yeah, I axed the video right then and there. I've never heard anything so asinine sounding seconds after it expounded upon its 'oooh, ahhh' historical accuracy. This isn't and never could be historically, and especially not thematically, accurate in any way.

Hah! Gay. Will not buy. Heard it's buggy as fuck too. Now I understand why. Kike puts out a sub-par product and has media dipshits claim it's revolutionary. Gaming has now hit the level of modern art.

.02 cents have been deposited into your account.

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Men allow themselves to be marginalized by this cunt as an after thought in parentheses without referring to them as what they are Men…. nu-males & feminists need physical removal.

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Never pay more than $15 for a single player game or $30 for a multiplayer game. You pay less and do not have to suffer through frustrating bugs. You may even get a full game by the time you buy.

As a commercial plumber, who on an average work day deals with things like name calling/banter between coworkers, no toilet paper in the outhouses, no power to the microwaves so you can't heat up your lunch, the weather, the dark… it really gives me some perspective when you see posts like this as to what I am going to have to deal with raising my two kids. Very glad my wife wants to homeschool.

No, I'm going to continue trying to find my Fathers sword thanks.


Let's stick it to the SJWs by making sure to get your copy of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It's available for PS4, Xbox & PC.

It's a great game. Don't believe the shills.

The game was amazing - and when the developer said there are different ethnicities in the game he meant like the difference between a German and a Czech.



Get a load of these cocksuckers. Fuck this jew game and fuck you.

To be fair, the dev sounds like he just doesn't give a fuck about politics and/or doesn't want his game to be seen as political. I don't know anything about the game though, maybe I'm not getting the full picture.


This game is going to continue to do well because it's fucking good. You're losing the culture war, yid. Stay mad.

In the marketplace a superior product will sell more. Apple not included.

I am loving at this game with a smaller budjet is crushing in sales AAA titles like Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 and such. What excuse do they have now? How can they say, "games are too hard to have them working correctly on release(I know KCD has bugs but nothing like backwards gun or my face is tired) or we were under so much pressure give us a break."

The market will choose the best product.

It's a game made by jews for retards like you.

You fucking mongloids. If a Jew shot another Jew you'd be be against killing Jews suddenly.

It's a game by slavs.

Well, it seems like a normal euro story. The only reason it's controversial is because there isn't any diversity.

Look faggot, how about you go back to Reddit with your "muh psy-ops" faggotry and let people enjoy their video games.

Will the shills ever learn? Literally all they do is accuse something of being Jewish and say that is the end of the argument. We hate Jews but we aren't stupid, we are able to think for ourselves and decide what is and isn't helpful to the white race. I don't play videogames, but even if the creator has Jewish ancestors it is easy to see how a historical game featuring Europe in the middle ages with only Europeans is helpful to the culture war. Also supporting smaller developers is almost always a good thing.

Do you even know what a "shill" is? This faggot ain't telling people to get - or pirate - it. He's saying not to because…………………………………I don't know has anyone figured it out this far. My theory is he's a faggot upset about the "no niggers" policy and thinks he can meme his way into convincing someone not to like it.


Go back, you're not wanted here, cuckold.

On a scale of masked wojack to angry merchant, how buttblasted are you, Ezra?

I thought it was pozzed when I saw unnecessary swearing in its trailer. I won't buy it because it's a waste of time. Maybe it's good for normies to be exposed to old White culture, but the company is clearly cucked and so does not deserve our shekel outreach.


I like it cause there's no niggers in the game

After all, no one ever swore in 15th century Bohemia or in Nazi Germany! Swearing is bad because my Sunday School interpretation of a jewish holy book tells me so!

I would never do anything that's a waste of time. I only eat, sleep and train for the coming race war. Nothing else!

Yes indeed. A company making a historically accurate game about European history and refusing to include (((diversity))) is CLEARLY cucked and pozzed.

6/10 bait
made me respond

Good day to you lovely Holla Forumsacks.
Sad to see this leddit tier shit, but I will give you something of value.
>Quick search finds publisher to be (((Koch Media))), or are they based Austrians? lel

I find it worrysome that this board has gone to such flaming garbage that video games are not only defended but also shilled for.
To the few good (non-MIGA pedes) take this opportunity and learn what shilling looks like, because they can't run now that they've outed themselves.

How can you at the same time be on 8/pol/ and consider buying games inCY+3,I always thought torrents is a good ,free anti jew way

Redpilled games most likely wont exists until Holla Forumsacks rule the word
Redpilling games ,this can be any game,for example "Squad"-using something as simple as flanking makes you the 1% of the top players it saddens me that those people are that stupid outside the game

I guess "we" might want to watch out for a wave of "super realistic" or not pozzed media because it might be jews trying to cash in ,luckly those thing are always easy to check for

On the game alone ,eh I am not sure what the idea was-that the player will be lazy?
I grinded stealth ,lockpicking ,and through sparing with the captain strength and agility to 14,I stole all the stuff from rattay armor/weapons sellers ,and now I ran around in 10K worth of gear after like 15 hours in game with a 1hit sword that the rng spawned on an npc .I once shot a chicken to check what happens ,the entire city went after me , and I killed them all because getting hit from a bow cancels enemy animation, GG

woaw woaw woah, let's not go TOO far…